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    Is doing the thing you will not do a major sin--that is, in the unmarried couple living together example, is entering the house of an unmarried couple a major sin according to your beliefs? Not is living together unmarried major sin. This matters. Jesus did not himself commit sins, but he also did not hesitate to enter the homes of sinners or eat with sinners. He was not sullied by relationships with imperfect people, nor was he concerned that by interacting with them he was condoning their sins.
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    Am I the only one who thinks we need a pinned thread called the "Quotable Rosie"?
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    Like the OP, I find the notion of cultural appropriation confusing. I've been to many cultural festivals - Greek, Chinese, Polish, Japanese (the town I grew up in had a huge Obon festival every year and I attended many times, despite not being at all Japanese). People are encouraged to eat the food, learn how to cook the food - I've bought a few cookbooks at festivals such like this - buy the traditional clothing, enjoy the dancing and even partake of dancing lessons... people are not turned away because they are from a different culture. In my experience, people are more than happy to share their culture. I loved this line from the linked article: A strong argument can be made, after all, that stigmatizing the sharing of cultural elements only creates more distance between us. Of course there are ignorant people who will be disrespectful, but (again) in my experience, those people are in the minority.
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    Professional help is much more likely to help your son than redecorating. If he really is getting worse and worse and this is his senior year of high school, please get him help yesterday. You do NOT want a depressed young man going off to college. I cannot stress this enough. Please get your ds to a professional. Redecorate if you’d like, but please take him in. Start with your regular doctor, get some names of good therapists and make an appointment tomorrow.
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    Then they are likely as mistaken in that belief as public bakers who refuse to make wedding cakes for gay couples and public employees who refuse to issue marriage certificates. They are playing God and imposing their beliefs and standards on others who may believe differently about an issue that causes no harm to anyone. And acting like doing it is condoning or participating or enabling the marriage, when it is not. And I’m sure feeling morally superior at the same time. They should probably worry more about their own sins and shortcomings and less about those of others. Of course if you are being invited to rob a bank or murder someone with your adult child, then obviously they shouldn’t be mad or surprised when you refuse.
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    Affect mood? Sure. Cause clinical depression? No. Definitely not.
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    Have read the whole thread: I like big family weddings, but I am increasingly convinced that people put far too much emphasis on this stuff. Not just spending a lot of money or other silly things, but the idea that this is your one big day, and that if someone, even your mom, can't come because of religious convictions, it is ruined, your relationship is ruined. If you really want someone there, you make it possible for them to attend, you find a way. And if you really, really can't, you say, oh well. It's one day. We plan to be married for a lifetime, there will be plenty of times for mom to show her support. Somehow we have come to this social approach that says that people have to affirm us, like we think we will melt if they don't.
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    Same here. If cake will be served afterward, I will be there. 😉
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    I think he should move out ASAP. I feel for you. I have an angry (with me) 20 year old son. He moved out recently, and that’s a very good thing. I love him, but I don’t miss him living here. When he’s not angry, ready to follow our house rules, and not miserable to be around, I’d welcome him back if he needed/wanted to be here. But, I hope he never needs to move back, because I think he just needs independence from me and living with me = failure in his mind, which makes him mad, and me miserable. So, I’d suggest moving up the move out timeline.
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    Well, if even your ex-husband is going to bat for you on this, I think we can all assume that whatever happened, you are not the one at fault here. I hope your ex can talk some sense into your son. Sending you lots of hugs.
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    I know that people are young at 22, but by then I’d been married for 3 years and a homeowner for 1 and had held down a full time job for 5 years. So, on one hand, yes, he’s young. And on the other, he’s a full-fledged adult. There’s a bit of tension at that age about how adult we all are. I was doing all those adult things and handling them (showing up on time, etc.) but I also remember a number of jerk-moves I pulled. I remember one time that I was going to give away my piano. A mother contacted me and we set up a date for her to get it. But then she forgot the date and didn’t show. She called and asked for a new date and I flat out refused. I was so offended that she wasn’t reliable that I said, “No. You can’t have it now because you left me hanging.” She said, “But my kids were looking forward to it! I can’t afford to buy one!” And I stood my ground and was proud of myself because I wasn’t going to suffer a fool who couldn’t show up to her appointments. Oh, what a jerk I was! I can assure you, I would never in a billion years do that now. I would absolutely hate being around my 22 year old self. I can barely believe I’m the same person today. I mean, what a rotten, judgy jerky-jerk I was. Just mean. If my mother had had a board like this and found out I did that, she’d have been on the board despairing of her horrid daughter. Again, I can assure you I’m about as opposite of that now as you can be. I did finally grow up which happened after marriage and house and full-time job. I’ve had very unflattering feelings/thoughts about my sons from time to time. I’ve noticed issues in their character that I feel a burden to try to correct. However, mine are 14 and 17, so it’s still my “job” to try to correct them, or at least provide strong guidance. If they were 22, I don’t know if I’d have a chance to try to help or not. When I was around 22 and horrible to that piano woman, I’m not sure anyone could have convinced me I was wrong. She was clearly wrong (I thought at the time), because people are supposed to be good for their word and she wasn’t. (That was my thought process—very black and white and no mercy.) So, I understand why the OP would say the harsh words. Sometimes the observations the parent has are just true. But at the same time, that has to be balanced out with not forgetting all the very, very good qualities of the person. Sometimes when it’s our job to zero in on the problem areas and clean them up, that’s all we can see and we forget the good qualities. I mean, my mother never knew how I treated that piano woman, but I’m sure she’d have been aghast that she’d raised a person who could be such a jerk and for a bit of time afterwards, I don’t think she’d have felt lovey-dovey around me. I think she’d have looked at me every time we were together thinking, “What a jerk person I raised! Why was she so mean to that poor woman?” OP, I’d be pretty upset. But I do think it’ll blow over. I think in a few months you’ll still be a little hurt, but not to the point of wanting to cry and feeling as raw as you do now. And you have all learned lessons. You might have to back off a bit from him and let him grow a bit more on his own.
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    Is the same son whose girlfriend broke up with him and he has to see her every day in school? And who has a very heavy homework load and is applying to colleges? If so, I think those things might have lots more to do with feeling depressed than bedroom color, although I’m not totally discounting that it could be a minor contributing factor, depending on how much waking time he spends there. Is he getting enough outdoor time, exercise, and sleep? Eating a healthy diet? Socializing with friends? If not, I’d work on those things first before changing room color. Although if it doesn’t cost much, it might be a fun project for him.
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    I'm now back from the snack aisle of the store. I actually am not crazy about the hot ones. But I love the jalapeno ones.
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    Because if you don't agree with them on that belief and it effects your relationship with them than it can be incredibly heartbreaking to realize that the relationship with your parent will be changing. It is completely natural to be angry when something like that effects you personally for the first time
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    For me, yes. The relationship is the important thing here. They know your beliefs. But they aren't accountable to you for their beliefs - they are to God or to their own sense of self in the case of someone who doesn't believe in God. I only see the parents as being responsible for enforcing beliefs corporately as a family while children are under-age. So I can retain my beliefs and still show grace and tolerance (not compromise) in my relationships. But for me, attending events with someone that doesn't require participation is not equivalent to participating in something I am morally opposed to. (Now gong to a KKK rally which I would be morally opposed to would be equivalent because my being there at all is a form of participation.)
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    Ok I was wrong, Buttermilk is definitely a boy.
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    Why? It might seem this way if you are accustomed to family expressing an opinion on all of your decisions, but I promise you no pretending is needed. My brother leases a car when I think it's really stupid for him to do so - I don't need to pretend I approve, I simply don't need to comment on it! I can say "wow, nice!" without adding "but I disagree with leasing it" and no pretending is needed. People don't have to say everything that comes into their head, that's why we have thoughts. And why would my brother care if I disagreed? I'm not paying for the car!
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    Good morning! Home day today, but I'm hoping to get to the library later. The book I've been waiting for is in. Squee! Today we're house cleaning, doing a half day of lessons, and (hopefully) getting some prep work done for next term. I hope if I do it a little at a time, it will actually get done before the term starts! I think I want to do an Advent thing for the kids this year, too, but I need to keep it simple. Any ideas? I want to prep it well ahead of time, so it will a actually get done. Maize, how's your husband? Whitehawk, how's your ds today? Junie and Jean, how are you today? Slache, do we get snacks when Matt leaves, too? I scowled at my kids and said, "It's Talk Like a Pirate Day! AARGH!" Runner turned away. SuperDude and Squishy ignored me. Reader rolled her preteen eyes and said, "Aargh, me hearties," in the most teenager-y voice I've ever heard. Oy vey.
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    I don't disagree that sometimes people express themselves over the top and emotionally when they're mad. That said, I have a feeling that the 22 year old felt misunderstood and pressured or something by this trip. Like something he mentioned in passing suddenly includes an extra sibling and I need to produce money right now. I wouldn't encourage that kind of spending in a young adult especially on a sibling unless he was living independently and had 3-6 months of savings in place just in case and was otherwise financially responsible. I doubt he woke up and decided to be a huge jerk and disappoint everyone. I think it's an unusual situation made even more so by the fact that the parents were doing the booking. I just wouldn't get into this situation with him again. I suspect there were errors made on both sides of this. I have a hard time thinking really horribly about a young man who was willing to be a chaperone for 2 teen siblings for 6 weeks. As a parent of 2 teens, taking them on the road for 6 weeks sounds really daunting. LOL. This kid is NOT a parent with many kids and it's not surprising he doesn't act like one.
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    Morning all! today's list: make a bigger pot of coffee (didn't sleep well last night) start laundry morning dishes start school with younger ones switch laundry school with older ones lunch and afternoon dishes make birthday cake for dd school stuff make birthday dinner for dd relax tonight with family
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    Expect Barbarella's story to hit the bookstand soon, lol. Poor woman! Between her son and her daughter, she can't win, lol.
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    Meh. He's old enough to do it himself and he should have. Mommy shouldn't have to hold his hand and give him a ride for this.
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    Or it's evidence that they are disregarding your established moral convictions and manipulating you into a position they know you find morally incongruent, and asking you to cave on your long held beliefs...... Which is a totally and full violation of respect and boundaries, manipulative, not to mention narcissistic.
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    I took what she said to mean that she would go forward...because what other choice is there? Of course it would break a parent's heart to have a child cut off contact. But if I child did--and it wasn't the parent's fault--that parent still has to be able to build some kind of satisfying life despite the heartbreak. Doesn't mean it doesn't hurt every day.
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    No, it didn’t. You know, this is so frustrating. So, last night, we’re watching “Ant-man” and he starts complaining that his stomach aches. No fever, no malaise.... he just alternates between laughing at the movie and saying his stomach aches. Well, there are any number of completely benign reasons a kid’s stomach can ache - gas, constipation, muscle strain. Or, it could be appendicitis. And do you want to sit in the ER for hours on a Friday night all for the doctor to tell you it was gas and to go home? I was so upset, I didn't know what to do. Fortunately, DH had had appendicitis before and he just said he was taking him to the ER. They took him in right away because about an hour after they left DH called and said he was being seen and they did tests and were waiting for the results. And then at 1:30am he called and said they were taking him by ambulance to Children’s Hospital. They gave him a painkiller and an antibiotic at the ER, too, so I guess in case it did rupture between then and when they could operate he wouldn’t die. #parentingisnotforwimps .
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    I firmly believe that personal boundaries are rules for how you conduct yourself - not rules you put on others. I had a mother who was extremely boundary driven and conflated her personal boundaries with my growth as a person. Guess who I don't talk to? Ever? What I needed was love. What I got was conditional acceptance. You, as a person, can choose not to do something because it goes against your moral code. If you don't believe in living together before marriage or whatever the issue is, then you really shouldn't live with someone before marriage or whatever. BUT, if you choose not to show love to a human being because they don't meet your moral code, then your code has failed you entirely and completely. If you blame it on religion, your religion has failed you and turned from the commandments it follows. Christianity talks quite a bit about love- love your neighbor AS yourself, it comes right after love the lord God with all your heart. This is it. Not punish, not set rules upon. Love. If you cannot love another as you love yourself, you failed.
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    Nice post. At 22, I was also married for a year and had a baby on the way who arrived just shy of my 23rd birthday. My high school aged brother lived with me and not with our parents from the time I was not yet 19-22ish. I’d worked steadily for 10 years and been out on my own while also providing financial support for my parents at times. I was simultaneously still growing up. I was closer to a child in so many ways. I had some needlessly terse interactions with my MIL. I was so direct and matter of fact that at times I had made multiple college students who asked me for help and at least one assistant at my office cry. I still wince when I think of that. I was hopelessly flawed (and remain so in different ways). I was also hard working, a diligent student and very generous with both my time and money. I was much loved by my husband and friends. Good and bad traits exist simultaneously in the same people.
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    Dh finally ate something late last night and is doing better today. Eating is often the turning point in these episodes, I'm always scared when he is in food refusal mode, it correlates with serious irrationality.
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    Good morning! Had a wonderful trip this past long weekend in the Hamptons and NYC. Got to see my aunt and uncle, my best high school guy friend (who we haven't seen in 10 years), and two wonderful days to myself. I didn't realize how much I love the city (actually, I thought I hated it LOL) but now I'm wishing I lived there. I've also decided I want to travel alone regularly. DH says go get a job, LOL. Anyway, back to the grind here. -coffee -DS18 off to school (not sure i should add this to my list as I slept through it, LOL) -school with DS14 -eyelash appointment at 10 am -workout (leg day) -laundry -vacuum downstairs -really should go to Publix but will probably not... -do some research on end of season care for several shrubs/plants (never lived in this zone before so unsure of when I have to do certain things) -one outdoor yard chore -dinner (no DH tonight, so something premade)
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    At least she is going to jail. Everyone seemed pretty sure that she was going to escape that- pleading guilty, being contrite, etc. All of these entitled criminals are contrite that they were caught. Personally, I think her community service should be getting trained as a Barton or OG tutor and providing dsylexia tutoring for poor kids for free for the rest of her life. These people hit our family right where we live: dd2 is an athlete with dyslexia and slow processing disorder. I am still enraged by their attempts to downplay their actions and their pleading that they are sorry.
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    Our new fridge is being delivered tomorrow! Finally!!! We went out to dinner at Olive Garden (ds's favorite) and I had a pina colada. I'm feeling relaxed and mellow, which is good because it was a loooooooong week.
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    The kids practiced their quartet music - with a couple more practice sessions they should have Danzon No. 2 and The Sound of Music Medley ready for the next Old Lady Party. Ds14 just left for the canoeing trip. (I want to go, too! Sniff sniff) We're on our way out the door to Hobby Lobby. Gotta go potty first.
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    I've been thinking about this today. Julia Child wasn't French yet she was an expert on French cooking. Diana Kennedy is considered an expert on Mexican food, yet she is English. Paula Wolfert has won awards for her books on Mediterranean, particularly Moroccan, food, yet she is from Brooklyn NY. All these women lived and/or traveled extensively in the countries whose food they studied, but... they were not part of that culture, or at least not from birth. Not the same as opening a restaurant, but they all have published numerous cookbooks in their areas of expertise. Was it cultural appropriation for them to learn about these cuisines and write about them? Not arguing, just pondering, ya know? ETA: thinking more... should people not use their books/recipes and rather seek out books/recipes from people who "own" (for lack of a better word) those cuisines? Or should they be applauded for seeking excellence in cuisines that many people had been unfamiliar with?
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    I'm stressed because of all the provider issues but as far as I know the pregnancy is going well. Passed my blood glucose test, nausea is gone, feeling baby move most days, blood pressure is good, and I'm not anemic yet.
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    Happy Nirthday to SuperDude! 🎉 We're just going along and doing our thing; school takes longer than DS wants, but he likes to take his time getting started and also to take breaks, so 🤷‍♀️. We're going to a climate strike event Friday; my sign will ask legislators, "Didn't your mom teach you not to leave a mess for someone else to clean up?" but I'm thinking of adding a second one: "Don't tell me your room is clean when you've been letting your friends leave coal ash on the floor." I missed the dinner posts last night. We had maple Dijon chicken (plain for DS), brown rice, and strawberry-spinach smoothies. Tonight will be a veggie Mexican thing (read: something to eat guacamole with 😉). Happy Wednesday, ITT!
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    I need to decide what to do today. Obviously, school. But I am thinking about stopping by one job after, and going over some things with them before heading to the other job, which I absolutely have to do because I told someone I would cover. I'll probably pick up lunch for dc and me. Leftovers for supper.
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    Howdy. I had a rough morning. I had not really felt good going to bed last night, then I did not wake with my alarms. By the time I got up, I still needed to review homework and pack gym bags (I had to wash the gym clothes overnight). Boss telling me that it's better to be a morning person did not help. There was no chance to meet the bus, but I drove them and they were probably not tardy. I don't understand why this is so hard for me. It takes me forever to get going. Yesterday was a pretty good day after I got revved - I got a lot of work done and got my tax estimates out - but many days, I take so long to get going that by then, the day is pretty much over. So despite some productive days, I am always always behind. Looking at the symptoms of ADHD in women, I pretty much have all of them. But knowing that doesn't really help. I'm not about to go get medicated. Drugs scare me. Plus, I believe some of it is hormonal, and the drugs mess with the hormones. (I am thinking of posting about peri/menopause and mental management for discussion.) So anyway ... I want to be excited about all the fun and worthwhile things we have coming up. I was up in the wee hours looking for an "owl prowl" to meet a scout badge requirement, and I signed us up for one on Friday night. The kids have TKD, sports, social, and life skills stuff coming up. We have tickets to several concerts/theater performances. Yay! I look forward to all of this, but I am also dreading the work deadlines and losing stuff and wondering what I am forgetting. (I found my lost credit card - my kid had it in her pocket - but now one of my checkbooks is MIA. Searching for it reminds me of how much organizing I need to do. (I did figure out where I used it last, and maybe it is still there - in a vehicle I still need to search.) And the health stuff - I was doing OK for a while, then fell off the bandwagon. And every time I think about it - should I do that, or get one more work report out first? Oh now I'm hungry, but I don't have a taste for leaves, and here are some snacks that are easy to eat ... well now that I just ate I can't exercise .... And the kids - they are a disorganized mess, and I don't have the energy to be consistent with them - I call it "choosing my battles," but sometimes the battle is me vs. my tired ass. Well anyway, here's where I am right now: Done: Finished up 2 loads of laundry in the wee hours. Signed up for Owl Prowl Friday night. Slept too long. Reviewed math and grammar. Walked kid through corrections. Packed gym bags. Drove kids to school. Got cash for cash-pay helpers. Some emails re personal stuff. Caught up on social media, emails, news. 2 cups of coffee. A little reading. A little tiny bit of housework. To do: Many work reports. Call the IRS for a client. Very stressful! Try to get some housework and personal organizing done so I can feel better. Kid 2 has horse riding. I am driving today. Kids' work - test study, homework, music practice. Try to follow up on personal habits e.g. laundry in the bin etc. Would like to do some running / conditioning with Kid 1. Pizza night. Might do another load or two of laundry. Read-aloud? Whatever else gets done.
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    His behavior and going back on his agreement/disappointing his sisters and jerking around his parents are all not ok. Whatever his issue, he owed everyone better and earlier communication. That said, like Farrar, I am having a hard time understanding this gift. I don’t know any 22 year old bank employees who can honestly afford to give $1000+ birthday presents to their sibling. Entry level management at a bank just doesn’t pay enough to make that a financially prudent gift and I assume that’s the highest level a 22 year old could be at. If my son suggested such a gift at that juncture in his life, I might have suggested a less expensive alternative instead if it were appropriate for me to do so. Or else just bite my tongue hard and let him make his own terrible financial decisions in the hope he learned sooner rather than later. None of that makes his shitty behavior your fault though.
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    First full day of school and I did all the things. Even a science demonstration, AND I refrained from biting off a single head. All science demonstrations end badly, so this is a positive step forward. It won’t happen again until March, of course.
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    Good Morning! Coffee! Happy Sunday!, Happy Nirthday! Thankful for successful surgery! No more blueberries for John!, Yay for Ikslo and Renai stopping by on the same page!, Yay for Twizzlers! Boo for Taxes and Wild Boars! 🤣
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    I think the hardest part about the wedding example is that it's viewed by many people, including myself, as a religious ceremony. A covenant ceremony. That elevates it above just an interpersonal/relational decision.
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    Okay; I feel like maybe we are talking past each other. The sort of help our developmental psych gave us was very similar to some of what @PeterPan recommended to you, but targeted to the specific issues they noticed in my children. Neither of mine take meds for behavior, just seizures and gastro fun. For example - today we were at an OT appointment for a communication device and the OT brought up a diagnosis we had originally shelved - CVI - as being responsible for why my son wasn’t following 2d pictures in books but could handle them when backlit or moving on a screen. Pediatric ophthalmology cleared him of this initially but recommended following up, and we had mentally checked that off our list. But the therapist proceeded to explain several red flags she saw in his reactions and ongoing behaviors that made her think that could still be in play - and gave me a new referral to pediatric ophthalmology to investigate. Nobody recommended we put him in a school to solve it, or that it could be medicated, it was a “Hey! Given what you’ve told me and what we are seeing in these frustrations and ‘inabilities’ in this area, we should look into this again because it could be what’s causing this.” Super helpful, very low key, something to look into before we just throw up our hands at a barrier we are hitting in school skills that could, in fact, be worked with and aided if that is the cause. Another example - my other kiddo, who struggles with back talk and focus on written tasks, coordination. The back talk is him trying to get out of difficult tasks and his lack of focus and skill in writing is actually an attention issue - When we limit the size of the paper and give him some pressure input, keep his eyes from wandering, give guide marks on the paper, etc, suddenly what was a bad attitude and refusal to do work is a successful task with no attitude or markedly less, because we have accommodated and found a solution to his specific problem that helps him feel like he isn’t having to fight and struggle for something too difficult for him to accomplish. It looked behavioral but NONE OF IT WAS. It was specifically the way his brain was coordinating the tasks, and after educating four older children I still wasn’t able to target his issues and solve them without an outside expert giving me tips and working with him to see what clicked. This kid does have a diagnosis, but it literally just gave us access to these therapists and to work through practice strategies, strengthening weak areas, and patterning through the missing skills until they clicked. No meds, no IEP needed. Just someone doing what I, as a layperson, wasn’t able to accomplish on my own. My son is the one who won, but it had the awesome tradeoff of making this whole writing task less odious for me as well. That’s what I was trying to say. If your husband would object to your kids and you being given practice help to make homeschool go better, targeted to each individual child (may be meds, therapy, pressure suits, occupational tasks, executive function workarounds, what have you), then I would seriously question the dynamic going on here and if he really understood what it was like each day. This is a TOOL. An evaluation is a starting point for a conversation and a treatment plan to help your child get where they need to be, or even to rule out whether they would benefit from a given therapy, augmentation, medication, or routine.
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    So, done with AM walk, school drop off and got a start on that tax form. Now I have: meeting with client A meeting with client B schedule younger son for pediatrician stock car “emergency” bin School pickups Curriculum night at high school more work. Blergh.
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    (((Jean))) I hope you're sleeping soundly right now and that today will be a better one for you.
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    human care done pet care done medical care done including filling pill boxes that include my med tweak. It's raining but not the big storm that was forecast. Which is fine by me! graded and recorded American history. graded and recorded American literature. looked over Algebra 2 (but assignment not totally finished) looked over Physics (but assignment not totally finished) helped with Japanese. went to pharmacy but they don't seem to carry my shampoo any more! went to pet store. Got something that hopefully will help the cat with hairballs. TMI I know! went to the grocery store. Had fun chatting with my former neighbor as I went to his checkstand. Oh and the grocery store had my shampoo. So happy. 🙂 Fitbit seems to be done for other people. I'm glad that it isn't just me.
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    Just throwing this out there-In our Episcopal marriage service, the congregation does vow to support the couple in their marriage. "Will all of you witnessing these promises do all in your power to uphold these two persons in their marriage?" I suppose you could just not say the above, if you didn't want to support the marriage. It is kinda assumed that you want to, if you are there. I'll bow out now.
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    I was reading somewhere that Felicity Huffman already does a ton of community service and that she really enjoys it, so it’s not a punishment for her, and there wasn’t really any need for the judge to mandate more hours of something she would be doing on her own, anyway. I am more interested in what eventually happens to Lori Loughlin and her husband, because they have been so arrogant through all of this. At least Felicity Huffman was smart enough to apologize and appear contrite. (Maybe she actually was regretful, but I can’t say for sure because, let’s face it, she is a pretty good actress! But at least she said and did the right thing when she got caught, while Lori Loughlin and her husband are still acting like they are innocent of any kind of wrongdoing.)
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    I came across this blog post today and enjoyed it. I thought others here might like it, too. The writer of the post is an author and a homeschooler. The post is from early 2018. 10 Rules for Parenting Without Regrets by Lydia Netzer "My son just turned 18, so he is no longer legally a child. I feel a sense of accomplishment in reaching this milestone without killing him, or having him kill me. He can vote and get his nose pierced, buy cigarettes and get a full time job, sit on a jury and get married. I celebrate that sudden incursion of liberty.Feeling introspective, and retrospective, on this auspicious birthday, I put together a list of ten rules for parenting without regrets. These are NOT the guiding lights that kept me on some noble path of righteousness for eighteen years. In fact, if we're going with a "path" metaphor, I have been in the ditch, off the cliff, driving backwards at a dangerous speed with a baseball cap turned around backwards on my head and my grinning face sticking out the window, and sometimes sitting in the middle of the road crying and picking at my cuffs. But having come this far, and making many mistakes, but coming out at the end with a lot of pride in my kid, here are the hard lessons that I've learned: ... " [click on the link above to read more] Regards, Kareni
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