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    My oldest dd is an aspie. She is the reason we homeschooled. I remember crying one day when she was in 8th grade after she asked me what a 'frak-T-on' was (she was finishing pre-algebra at the time-- she had a partial seizure and had completely forgotten what a fraction was). DH actually over heard the conversation and wondered if she would ever be able to support herself as an adult... DD is now 28 and has lived on her own (with a bit of parental support) for the past few years. Today she found out that she is now the official studio manager at the photography studio she has been working at since she graduated college (she did that with honors!). This is her DREAM JOB. She will be 100% financially independent-- has insurance benefits too! I'm so proud of her!!!
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    I have a small flock of Silkie chickens. Now that they are grown I had waaaay too many roosters so I put a "Free Silkie Roos" ad on craigslist. Tonight Pepper the silkie hen came out to my house with her "mom" to meet the roo of her dreams. Pepper lives inside, wears a diaper and a pink polka dot hair ribbon. (feather ribbon??) Anyhow, apparently the roosters were so appealing she could not decide, and ended up taking home seven. So, a chicken version of the Bacholerette?? You can't make this $h!t up.
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    This is our first week back and it's been a hit or miss week. DH called in one day, I was struggling to wake up on time, or the kids were. And, approaching the end of the week, we are looking at half a foot of snow tomorrow, plus, well, being female stinks. All of which adds up to a Friday that had me just like "OMG, I have to FEED you all and TEACH you all, and DRESS you all....AGAIN?!?!?! Why and how did I get signed back up for another round of this crap?!?!?" Yeah. We managed some math, phonics, spelling and there was more I wanted to do but I was done. And the kids were done. And we are staring down the barrel of at least 2 days inside most likely because we don't have snow gloves/boots/clothes. Lunch time rolls around, guess what, it's Friday, and most of our lunch foods are gone. All the bread, nuggets, cheese, bananas, etc etc etc. And that's when my brain kicks in. They have been asking to play at Chick Fil A forever. Guess what....lunch at Chick Fil A. But we are NOT going to waste this either. I bring our box of flash cards and while they eat lunch, we go round the table working on basic facts. DS6 is LOVING it, the whole idea that he doesn't have to draw it and count...that was really cool for him. DD8 really just wanted to play but I had set a specific number of cards before play time and she REALLY wanted to finish. DD10 just thought it was fun and when we left, I said " how was that for school?" And she was like " WAIT.....that was SCHOOOOL?!?!?!?!" Like I had created some elaborate deception lol. Um, hello kid, you carried the box of flash cards in the building yourself lol. SO, we got out of the house, I solved the "WTF do I feed these kids for lunch" AND...we still did some schoolwork that I often feel like I otherwise don't have time for. Yep, I am a genius!
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    DD received her first acceptance: Texas Tech University.
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    Well, they cultured the bacteria causing the pneumonia (legionella) so they can target it with the right antibiotics. I haven't spoken to the cardiologist yet. The renal team are deciding in the next day or so whether to do emergency dialysis or start preparing for elective dialysis. It will be dialysis, sooner or later. My kids just put me to bed with a cup of tea. They are the best.
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    I feel awful for you. Last winter, I injured my shin at the grocery store parking lot and it hurt so badly I sat in my car crying for a while. I thought I broke my shin bone and I was going to ask someone for help but I hadn't shaved my legs in so long, I was too embarrassed. It hurt so bad I was afraid to look at it at first. I had a bruise and dent that took months to go away. The dent was a line, though, and there is no fat on the front of my shin, so not the same as yours. But with that being said, I would be happy to donate fat ass cells to you in your time of need. Or would it be ass fat cells? Either way, I would do that.
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    I have to admit that I saw she was a nut, I mean a softie, right away and let it slip that any leftover roos where going to be sacrificed to the coyotes. She started picking them up as fast as she could and loading them into her car.
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    ICU is full of machinery, equipment, nurses, doctors, checks and obs what feels likes every 15 is sleeping in there or staying for much longer than an hour at a time - it's a masked, gowned, gloved environment with a single plastic chair. ICU staff does not expect patients to have someone with them at all times - in fact, every time I see an ICU nurse they tell me to go home and get some rest. So I do. I trust the staff and the hospital - it's a good one.
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    She wanted to know if the roosters were "really loud??" "Heck no!" I said, screaming over the crowing.
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    Even if she was somehow conspiring with this guy to run away with him, she is thirteen. A child. Her reasoning is not mature and she isn’t culpable for an adult male working out logistics and murdering her family to run away with her, even if she has talked herself into thinking she loves him and running away with him is a great idea. I’m not convinced that is what happened, but even if it did, she isn’t anywhere near old enough for me to hold her culpable in any way, shape, or form for the murder or her own abduction/disappearance. Could he have been luring her away and then used force when she decided not to come? Maybe possibly. I still think it needs to be made clear that she holds no blame in this EVEN IF SHE HAD CONTACT OR A PLAN with the perp. That sort of suggestion is insidious and destructive and reeks of victim blaming.
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    I sure hope not, I've stalked way too many people to want that to be possible
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    I do this with my kids all the time myself, so I don't see it as a generically inappropriate way to interact with a wife or mother. I don't do it with Dh because he wouldn't like it, he's a very non physical sort of person in most ways. That's where the respect for others bit comes in. Your son should stop not because he shouldn't interact that way with his mother but because he shouldn't interact that way with someone he knows is bothered by it.
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    My DD has two acceptances so far: Rowan University with merit scholarship University of Southern Maine with President's Scholar Award
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    No, you're not missing anything. Your daughter gets enough schoolwork done while still having time to be an interesting person and have an actual life. I call that a win.
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    My son is a poker. He pokes. I hate it and it annoys the tar out of me and I told him to stop it and he finally did. He pokes his girlfriend and she pokes him back and they poke each other and dissolve into giggles. So he should marry her. Ds and I do fake girl-fight where we wave our hands at each other’s faces about a foot away and we think we are hilarious. (We are!!!) Dh and Ds do “movie stunt punching” in slo-mo and make noises like bears and lions and think they are so tough but they are just ridiculous so I go pour myself a proper cup of tea and mock them in my heart. It never crossed my mind that we needed to be concerned that we were expressing subconscious feelings. Now that it’s been brought up, though, I’m not the least concerned about it. If it annoys you, he should stop it. That’s just common courtesy.
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    Why make accusations toward a child without even looking up the known news about it? According to authorities she was ruled out as suspect due to evidence at the home early in the process.
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    It sounds like she is a broken person who is unable to see and relate to other people as fully human. So she treats you as not fully a person but as a sort of cardboard cutout placeholder for a role she assigns you in her head. You of course are a real person and expect to interact with her as a real person and have a true reciprocal relationship and she is incapable of being part of such a relationship. Of course you are hurt because you are not actually a cardboard cutout. Maybe thinking of her interactions as happening not with you and your sibling but with what to her are two cardboard cutout characters can help you let go and allow yourself some room to heal?
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    7 sons. I just had 6 juniors in college (only one is my child) at my house who broke my sleeper sofa wrestling around in the living room. Seriously. That happened an hour ago. 🙄 Now a theatre, a music business, a game theory, a biochem/psychology, and cyber security major are trying fix a sleeper sofa. There's a crowbar, a hammer, and lots of muttering that a combined approx half a million dollars in education didn't teach anyone how to fix a sleeper sofa. 😆 I have no issues with young folks doing good natured rough housing. Good natured ends when anyone says it isn't funny to them. Full stop.
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    I say to ds ‘ why do you pretend to hurt your mother.....? ‘ and he says ‘why do you refer to yourself in the third person.?’ that makes me laugh.
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    6 Chicken dinners and one wedding.
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    And I spent 2.5 hours in the dentist chair this morning getting 3 x-rays, a crown, and 3 fillings. My portion was so high! Yikes! I have to go back next Thursday for the work on the other side of my mouth. Today I'm having lunch with my oldest dd and DH, ds and I are going to dinner at a good restaurant, so the day isn't all bad. 🙂 My mom gave me some Clinique lotion and my sister gave me a $25 Amazon gift card. DH didn't know what to buy so promised me a full body massage tonight. Woo! Today is my day off work so my coworkers celebrated with me yesterday. They got me a decadent chocolate cake with huge chocolate covered strawberries on top, a vase of flowers and a balloon. Then in the afternoon, one of our regular volunteers came in with 2 boxes of deli cookies. I left it all on the break room table and told everyone to please eat all they wanted. I did bring home the rest last night but it's not so much. We'll have it gone in a couple of days. 🙂
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    Little over a week ago, I had to put my dog to sleep and I'm having a really tough time with it. I feel so broken. We've lost pets before and I've lost family members before too but this one has cracked me wide open. So anyway, I now have an empty lap but since nature abhors a vacuum, this monster of a cat has taken residence in this new empty space. He's much more finicky about what I do while he's there too but hopefully we'll work out the kinks soon.
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    Please don't let it be a "deep cut" that you keep inside yourself. Share with your husband. Perhaps seek out a counselor so you can let her go from your life! I'm sorry!
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    Your mother's terrible, and you're the lucky one. She's stuck with herself her whole life. Even your brother is stuck with her. You got away, and one day you'll be able to get her out of your head too.
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    Oh dear. I wasn’t trying to make the thread about the American hospital expectations. I was just trying to explain the cultural norms of Australia, where Sadie lives. So people wouldn’t continue sort of guilt tripping her for not being there 24/7
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