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    That's not a blanket right. If my religion required human sacrifice, I can't practice it. If my religion required sexual assault, I can't practice it. Freedom of religion isn't a blanket right to do anything and everything with regard to other laws or the possible harms to other people. We certainly can't say that religiously motivated terrorist attacks are protected religious practice, right? -------------------------------------------------------------- I'm a deeply religious Orthodox Jew. Our faith requires men to pray three times a day with a minyan (10 guys bar mitzvah age or older), there are some prayers we can't say without a minyan. Those mourning the death of a close relative have an obligation to say Kaddish for them at these daily prayers - and Kaddish can only been said with a minyan. The Torah readings done on Shabbos from the Torah scroll can only be done with a minyan. ...and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Communal gathering is intrinsic to our faith. In every generation over multiple countries we've experienced government laws & policies criminalizing the practice of our faith & have have had to struggle to keep our people & our practice alive in times of great persecution and difficulty. The current shut down orders have non-trivially impacted our communities & the practice of our faith... but the shut down is **NOT** analogous to the religious persecutions we've experienced - and it's upsetting to see attempts to pretend it is. There are real harms happening right now, real persecutions of fellow humans, though not through government policy, rather from human actions and bigotry. My first amendment rights aren't being violated. No one is singling out my faith, or faith in general, and establishing policies aimed at preventing my free choice of faith and observance. There are public health rules for everyone that impact some areas of my observance, but that isn't the same thing, legally, morally, or practically.
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    It’s “negative” to talk about deaths, equipment shortages, leaders who have fumbled the ball on this and who urge us instead to talk about “all the recoveries”. That seems like so much Polyanna nonsense to me. And for any of us in an area still on the upwards side of the curve, recoveries are not very meaningful because the bulk of the cases are still in the active phase. Maybe I’m unusual but I would rather deal with the facts, however crappy they may be. I think minimizing the potential of CV19 was one of the biggest mistakes, right from the top, in the US. You can’t be prepared for battle if you just whistle a happy tune and say it’s gonna be fine.
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    You all are about to be WTM Great Aunties! I know I took a bit of a board break when a particularly difficult time in my life coincided with a particularly contentious time on the boards, but I have practically raised my kids here and I am still homeschooling the last two. So I thought I’d announce.......... My oldest dd is due in July! And it is twin girls! So excited and a little bit scared for them. She lives in another state and the “shelter in place” is making me craaaaaazy. Anyway....feel free to be excited with me 🤪🥳 Amber in SJ
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    Bingo! To all of these! And the others I didn’t quote, because I’d already quoted so many. I started reading this thread when it started back in January and I know EVERYTHING about this stinkin’ virus now. My poor Dh. For the past 2.5 weeks, he’s been learning new things and every time he tells me something”’new” I’m like, “Oh yeah, I already know that!” I didn’t realize I was doing it until after about a week in and thought I must have sounded like such a jerk. No matter what he told me, I already knew it. When I realized I was sounding like a know-it-all (even though I DO know it all!), I would just reply, “Oh yeah...” when he told me something “new”. We talked over two months ago on this thread about the numbers in China and how they were wrong and why people thought so. And now there are articles saying, “Gee...we think China might have been lying about the numbers! Gosh, if only we’d have known, we might have reacted better!” Rolling my eyes really hard. Anyone in a position of authority had to have known. Pretending they didn’t is disingenuous and it irritates me, mostly because people will believe that no one knew. Hogwash! If a bunch of moms on the internet knew, then the people in authority knew. I wish I had told a few more friends to prepare, though. I told one friend back in mid-February that I’d stocked up on about 2 or 3 weeks’ worth of food, TP, tissues, soap, hand lotion, vitamin D, etc, and she burst out laughing at me for being so “silly.” And then I didn’t bother to tell anyone else, but I kinda wish I had told some of my more thoughtful friends so they could have been ready. Honestly, back then, I was preparing in case they shut down my little town and the odds of that happening were small (so I thought), but I still figured it didn’t hurt to prepare. I did NOT see it coming that entire states would shut down—cities, yes, entire states? No. So, I guess I didn’t know everything. I have a nurse practitioner friend who is working in the tents around our local hospital taking care of non-Covid patients. I was talking to her about everything and it turns out I know more than she does. It’s a little awkward. I tell her things, but I can tell she doesn’t believe me, because I’m just a mom getting my information from a bunch of homeschoolers and she’s a medical practitioner. Whatever. I’ve told her. She’ll know that she heard it from me first when my information is confirmed to her. At minimum, I read this thread every morning over breakfast to get the overnight updates, read a bit at lunch, and then catch up on it before I go to bed to see what happened that day. It’s been my ritual for over 2 months. Some days I wonder if I should let it all rest for a day and think about other things, but I can’t seem to let it rest. I’m not anxious or scared, but I also feel like I can’t look away. A boardie on this thread or maybe another thread said that reading about Covid is like being a cat watching a laser pointer—just can’t look away! So, a big thank you to everyone who posts so we can all be informed.
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    People have to do what has to be done in a crisis. This was true in WWI and II (and every other war) and the Great Depression and in famines and plagues. We don’t have the luxury of saying “I’m tired of this so let’s stop now”.
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    I had a bunch of face masks to hand off to a friend who lives 20 miles away. We met midway between us at a park, parked our cars nose to nose, she called me and we talked to each other on the phone for an hour through our windshields. For the handoff, I got out of my car, put the bag of masks on her car's hood and got back in my car; she got out of her car, and put the bag in the back of her car and will let them sit there for a day or two. It was SO nice to see a friend's face, watch the hand motions, and be somewhere NOT HERE.
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    Don’t feel bad. It’s not just the toilet paper. It’s the strain we’ve all been under. Hugs!!
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    Silly response to serious question. But really, this sums up my thoughts on the topic better than I can write them out.
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    It's not a funny meme but I thought it was lovely.
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    It is not the *religious service* he's been arrested for - if he were holding a concert, or a political rally, or a mass algebra class, he'd be just as liable. That in this case it was a religious service doesn't make his actions constitutionally protected under freedom of religion. My right to practice my faith doesn't give me immunity from breaking laws or harming others, nor should it. He was arrested for *violating public health protections* and endangering not just those who attended, but everyone those people have contact with afterwards.
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    We know. But we love you, so that's why.
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    A research fellow at a Melbourne university came up with the idea of a necklace that would buzz if you moved your hands too close to your face. Unfortunately, he didn't think it through very well and "accidentally invented a necklace that buzzes continuously unless you move your hand close to your face," said Reardon. While playing around with the tiny neodymium magnets he planned to use in his device, a couple of them got stuck up his nose, and things only got worse from there...
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    This was posted on the Dallas County FB page, but it really applies nationwide: "I urge everyone to avoid grocery shopping on April 1-3 unless you have a critical need. WIC benefits come to low-income families at the first of the month and there will be a surge as these families redeem them. Many of these families' benefits were depleted more quickly because children are staying home from school and some families are going hungry right now... Give these families space to shop and please respect their needs by not buying items with a WIC shelf tag unless you absolutely need them."
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    This forum works like I think NASA did in the 1950s/1960s: curious people from varied backgrounds bringing information from diverse sources, sifting it, criticizing inconsistencies or dubious conclusions, bouncing hypotheses off each other... it's not surprising that it would work better than the straight line of single source to journalist to news consumer.
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    I swear every single time I go somewhere where I need to stand in line, the jack ass behind me is practically breathing on my neck. Not six feet, not three feet, shoot I doubt if it's even two feet of distance behind me. I'll move and the jack ass will shift right along with me. It's so frustrating. So I made a shirt for me to wear whenever I go out. I wonder how many people will actually read it?😆
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    Stronger actions mean less deaths. You can't wait until there's an impact, because then it's too late. Canceling school for the rest of the year is not drunk with power. You should not let your kids play with other kids right now.
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    Gosh darn it! I have been saying and saying this to people - there have been tons of reports of asymptomatic spread, reports of how long it stays in the air, etc, and yet the official stance is STILL - it is droplet spread, wash your hands, etc. Wash your hands and stay home if sick is not enough, and those pushign for people to go back to normal life and just take "precautions" need to see this. It chaps my rear that the CDC and others, rather than err on the side of caution and say, "might be airborne, stay home" were for a long time saying, "wash your hands" and were saying to stay home when sick rather than emphasizing over and over that asymptomatic people could spread it. Good. The one persecuting Christians is HIM for putting them in harms way. A leader should LEAD and protect his flock, even if they don't like it. I find it sad and scary that people are willing to be so cavalier with the very lives of others. And that Christians seem to have forgetten that they ARE their brother's keeper, and they are told to take care of the least of these - in this case the vulnerable in the population. What we do or don't do for them is how we treat Christ. Pretty sure we are also called to sacrifice our own wants and desires for the good of our fellow man. Sure, but the people they will then come in contact with in the community, buying groceries or at a medical appointment, don't get that choice.
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    The fact that so many people describe their mood as good while simultaneously being very worried about getting sick/having financial problems. I mean, it makes sense when you think about it, given circumstances here, but it was striking to me nonetheless. Also, the very restrictive measures are super popular. 93% of people (!) either like them or want them to be more stringent. Only 7% think they should be relaxed. As a matter of federal constitutional law, the current judicial test for a law that abridges the free exercise of religion is whether the law is a "neutral law of general applicability" -- i.e., it applies equally to both religious and nonreligious actors. If so, the law need only be "rationally related to a legitimate state interest." A law that prohibits any gathering of more than 20 people (or whatever the relevant number is here) would actually be a classic example of a neutral law of general applicability, because it obviously applies to everyone and bans all kinds of gatherings, religious and non. And a temporary ban on people gathering in the middle of a pandemic easily meets the 'rationality' requirement. In response to the 1990 Supreme Court decision (written by Justice Scalia) that established this standard , a number of states passed laws enshrining the older, more protective constitutional standard for free exercise of religion. In states that have these kinds of statutes, the test is whether a law abridging the free exercise of religion is "narrowly tailored to achieve a compelling state interest," This is a high standard, but an order temporarily prohibiting gatherings in the middle of a pandemic would certainly meet it.
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    This is my daughters birthday cake. She turned 15 today. It’s a Neapolitan cake, with a chocolate strawberry and vanilla layer. Chocolate filling inside.
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    Regarding home remedies, I'm becoming a lot more skeptical of the claims taht garlic is antiviral, given how hard Italy got hit. I mean, I'm not going to outgarlic Italy, so if it didn't work for them, it can't be that great.
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    Every couple days someone pops into the main thread on this pandemic and gets upset that someone's religious rights are being infringed. So I'm just starting a new thread on this topic. Quarantines and social distancing orders infringe on almost ALL of your constitutional rights. The laws and orders are still legal. Your rights end when you endanger the life and rights of others. And your rights are greatly abridged in times of war or emergency. This is why so many states have declared emergency. You can practice any religion you want. You don't have unlimited right to assemble and endanger the lives of others during a pandemic. If a religious leader chooses to do so (s)he can be arrested. And a church or other house of worship that causes an immediate danger to public health can be closed forever and the property sold. This should not be news. We've already done it to many mosques in the name of fighting terrorism. Your rights to believe whatever extreme thing you want does not give you the right to willingly and recklessly endanger the lives of others during a pandemic. Here's a bit of easy reading so those that disagree with me can have a clearer understanding. Note: I am not talking about the way YOU WISH the constitution was interpreted. I am talking about the way it is actually interpreted. CDC- Legal Authorities for Isolation and Quarantine Vox- Coronavirus: Your legal rights in a Quarantine, explained
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    Um? Why are you letting her kids play with your kids?! I tell them to go home. I’d say it with such emphasis and language they wouldn’t want to come back. And if she didn’t like it, I’d have even more emphasis and language for her. This is just as much on you as her. Every time someone acts okay with it, it sends the message that it is okay. I’d be livid.
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    Sounds like a self absorbed quack who feels the need to draw attention to herself and how special she is and uses spirituality as her preferred vehicle for extolling nonsense nobody cares about. Some people are absolutely sensitive to the moods and social energy of other people, and it influences their own mood and health very much. That is real and documented and not about them woo wooing over others to make completely random life events all about them and their ‘specialness’.
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    And this is why math education is so important for non-math majors! 4.24 ft apart
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    It really does seem like this thread on the Chat board of the WTM forum had more idea of what was going on than just about anyone and any country!
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    It's not for holding services. It's for holding services IN PERSON. He could have done it online.
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    As others have already pointed out, they did not find live virus on the cruiseship after 17 days, but just the RNA. The director of the German institute cited in the mail article explained (in German media today that they did detect virus on those surfaces (door handles, cell phones, remotes etc) but were unable to culture the virus from these samples and concluded that they found RNA but no live virus. He said they tested households where highly infectious people had lived and were not able to get live virus off surfaces. ETA: The source I quoted is the German public radio, equivalent to NPR. In my decades long experience, they have balanced and rational reporting, and I would consider it trustworthy.
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    Possibly OT but if anyone doubts the value of the former CO of the Teddy Roosevelt’s leadership, this is the send off he justifiably received. Going out like a boss.
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    And if everyone is wearing those masks then you have filtering going on both sides which would limit the particulates even further.
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    Yep. YOU GET A MASK! You get a mask! everybody gets a mask!! The Chinese may have lied about a number of things but their citizens, even the kids now allowed out, are still required to wear masks. I always watch what they *DO* not what they say.
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    "The virus sets the timeline." - Dr. Fauci
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    I view so called religious leaders who are telling their flocks to come worship (and of course fill the offering basket) in the face of this illness are no different than cult leaders telling people to drink kool-aid in faith.
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    Apparently, NZ is making N95 masks out of sheep's wool. That did give me a smile this morning. And we are apparently exporting because we have 80million masks in our reserves (surgical and N95) , and are making more than we need. Most of the world is dependent on China for its air filter media for all of its masks and we've been making an indigenous supply of filter media based on what we grow here in New Zealand, " said Nick Davenport, chief executive officer of Lanaco. The company's making N95 respirator face masks using specially developed New Zealand sheep wool. They've had inquiries from around the globe, including the US, Hong Kong and Australia. With demand so high, they're ramping up production from 400,000 N95 masks a month to 1.5 million.
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    The economic impacts of *not* shutting down will be as devastating, if not more so, than of the shut down. There is not a way through this that does not involve social and economic costs. We can't just go back to normal life and lock up the elderly and immunocompromised (and diabetics & folks with high blood pressure, etc) and have our social, economic, or medical systems hum along as normal. (and there is no one who isn't at risk from this - children have died, young adults have died, healthy people with no underlying health conditions have died. And some survivors are dealing with serious long-term health impacts) We can take stringent measures now & pay the costs necessary to keep everyone fed & housed and things functioning. Or we can have this sweep through our country and devastate our medical systems, wreak havoc on our economic stability, and kill a staggering number of people... We need to start focusing on how we can deal with this difficult reality as effective and speedily as possible, and part of that involves accepting that we can't just rush back to normal life, we need to figure out how to mitigate the costs of what needs to be done. It isn't helpful to lament the costs or the inconveniences as if by objecting to them enough we can escape from them. (Absolutely there is a place for grieving and venting and such! But it isn't part of solution finding, it's part of coping with the hard stuff).
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    I just want the truth. Talk about the risks, talk about the deaths and recoveries, give me the best case scenario, the worst case scenario, and the most likely scenario. I think the mixed messages we have been getting creates way more anxiety than one consistent, honest message would.
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    I know all lockdowns are different, is anyone else in a lockdown with a 'bubble' concept? NZ has asked each of us to identify our bubble - a small group of people who physically interact but don't come in contact with others. So our bubble includes our family of 4 and our 65 year old neighbor, but not his partner who lives across town. The Prime Minister's bubble includes her partner, toddler, the Finance Minister, and 4 staff members. The Finance Minister and staff members' families are NOT included in this bubble, so they will only be interacting by video. The Nursing Homes are considered a bubble, so staff have moved in voluntarily and are only interacting with their families by video. I've also read about a group house for 22 university students acting as a bubble. If they are dating anyone outside this bubble, they can only meet by video. Basically, bubbles do NOT overlap. This seems such an obvious idea to us since it was implemented 10 days ago, but when we have discussed it with family living in various states in the USA, it was not a concept that they were familiar with.
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    "The good old days" are a myth. There are millions of people soldiering on through this situation, putting themselves at risk in medical settings, in grocery stores, and in other essential businesses. Many more are stepping up to help friends and neighbors who are at risk. Are there idiots among us? Of course. There have always been the selfish, the foolish, etc. and always will be. They didn't suddenly just appear today because we're so weak. (This next statement isn't a slam at you, Quill, honestly. I think it's more proof that I need to stay offline for awhile because I'm reacting to something I'm seeing in a lot of places.) I'm getting pretty fed up with the not-so-veiled insinuation that today's folks just don't measure up. Most of us are doing our level best to keep things going despite overwhelming worry over an immediate, direct threat to our families. We're extending ourself to help those around us against real isolation. We're pushing forward, each in our own way every day, despite dealing with the major crap that's already on a lot of our plates. I admire the greatest generation deeply. We can learn things from them, yes. But underneath it all, we're really no different. We, too, shall persevere.
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    And all the Americans chuckled. 😉
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    We are adults who can take responsibility for how we process information.
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    I just listened to a radio interview with a highly respected [big] county health official with some No Big Deal radio personalities (RP). The Health Person (HP) was emphasizing that there are too many people going out unnecessarily at places like big box stores. The RP protested that people weren't close together so why was it a problem? It reinforced to me that the HP have not done a good job getting across that this is a aeresol virus & spread in enclosed places - on contaminated surfaces & possibly in the air itself if you are not wearing a mask. The RPs were told that many of the cases the HP was seeing were in their 20s, 30s,and 40s. The RPs asked if those were vapers. The HP did not know and didn't really address the RP brush-off. (The RP consistently insist only the elderly & sick experience complications -- and "sick" to them means anything they want it to mean. I wouldn't be surprised if they said the 20 yr olds don't get enough sleep & thus have underlying health conditions of "lack of sleep" to explain the younger deaths.) The HP also pointed out only half of new symptomatic cases have fevers. I wanted to shake them because those of us who have followed this know this but apparently the HPs didn't acknowledge it until recently. I think the lack of clear & consistent message on how this is spread, (lack of) symptoms, and what the stay-at-home rules are supposed to do. On a humorous note, my youngest kid have me a new title of President of the Covid19 Operations Force (COF) - pronounced /cough/. Y'all are the reason I keep up on the latest. Thanks for helping keep my family safe.
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    This is my feeling exactly. Experts are telling us that the more strictly we isolate, the sooner the "Hammer" phase of virus control can be over and we can all start getting back to normal. My family is REALLY struggling with mental health and destruction and violence during this lock down, so gaining access to therapy and other in-person medical care again ASAP is a high priority to me. I will happily go years without going out to eat or getting my hair cut if I can just get my son in to see his psychiatrist again. We are doing our part by staying as isolated as we possibly can...and it makes me so mad when I see people flouting lockdown orders. On a large scale they are risking the lives of thousands of vulnerable people in their communities. On a small scale they are forcing me and my family to live in this incredibly traumatic, stressful, damaging situation longer than is strictly necessary. All because they want to go to the beach or they want to worship in person at their church or they want to play basketball with a group of friends. Their wants do not supersede the law, and I am not in a place that I can cut them a lot of slack just because they are young or lonely or having trouble adjusting. I fully support enforcing lock down orders through police intervention, and then fines, and then arrests as necessary.
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    I like the to go drinks because I feel like restaurants don't feel as strongly that they should stay open illegally and they are making more money. I can't imagine how devastating this must be to all of them and I'm sure it's a huge help. #toopregnantformargaritas😭
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    Saying half measures don’t work is a lie. That we can’t do everything or that we can’t save everyone is zero excuse for doing nothing to save anyone. We can do much to save many and that’s worth it.
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