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    Juliet is now ringing the outside doggie doorbell! It’s so annoying. Now I have to get up and let her in. 😉
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    Ok I was wrong, Buttermilk is definitely a boy.
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    Our new fridge is being delivered tomorrow! Finally!!! We went out to dinner at Olive Garden (ds's favorite) and I had a pina colada. I'm feeling relaxed and mellow, which is good because it was a loooooooong week.
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    The kids practiced their quartet music - with a couple more practice sessions they should have Danzon No. 2 and The Sound of Music Medley ready for the next Old Lady Party. Ds14 just left for the canoeing trip. (I want to go, too! Sniff sniff) We're on our way out the door to Hobby Lobby. Gotta go potty first.
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    We spent an hour at Hobby Lobby. Svengo. Ain't nobody got time for that.
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    Forms cause me ridiculous amounts of stress and angst. I picked the wrong week to give up sniffing glue.
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    We had a stray cat come by when I was a kid that figured out how to ring the back doorbell. It wasn't stray for long. And my father permanently disengaged the doorbell.
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    Girl, I think, if she would spread her wings I would be more confident. Males have narrower black lines and a black spot on the lower wing that females lack.
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    We implemented morning showers because we are teaching necessary hygiene as both a health issue and a social courtesy issue. Health-wise I doubt it makes any difference when showers are taken. But Peter gets very sweaty at night (just like DH) so when he was showering before bed he would then be sweaty and stinky again when he headed off to art/Spanish/therapy...right when he was going to be in close quarters with a group of people. Now he takes a shower first thing in the morning 5 days a week. On the other two days he has a morning gym class, so he showers immediately after that class instead.
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    By 11, DS1 definitely needed a shower and deodorant every day, but he's a kid who plays hard. He's always dripping in sweat. I have him soap up his face in the shower with the regular soap that's in there, and then use something like this in the a.m.. I am not very brand loyal, so I just pick up whatever is on sale or generic, but that's the basic idea. So, far it's been enough. DS1 just turned 12.
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    This is what we got for my girls and I use it during pregnancy when I can’t use retinoids. CosRx BHA Blackhead liquid Wash face with a mild cleanser, like neutrogena, and pat dry. Rub one pump of this on before bed, no need to moisturize unless his skin is really, really dry. The BHA works inside the pores to loosen junk and really helps with oil production too. Plus it’s very gentle. LOVE. Here is a review from one of my fave beauty bloggers. The Skincare Edit I figure “wash, dry, rub on one product” is about as easy of a routine as one can have when treating acne. This one doesn’t bleach sheets or take any sort of time consuming or careful application either.
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    You know what? I don't believe it is that difficult of a concept to understand or to go research and educate oneself on. Don't ask me to draw the lines for you. Figure it out.
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    So we just throw it all out the window or do we learn to be aware of context and cultural understandings? It seems like there is a whole group of people that believe it should just be ignored, excused, or thrown out the window.
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    DH and I are going tomorrow afternoon and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I loved, loved the show and never have movies I want to see at the theater, so this is a real treat for me. I’m so excited to be immersed in Downton again for a couple of hours!
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    Asking people to recognize the existence of white privilege is not a demand for "obligatory guilt." Guilt doesn't solve anything. What matters is acknowledging that racism involves a lot more than just loud-mouthed bigots and outright discrimination; those are just the most visible tip of an iceberg that includes far more subtle and covert aspects of systemic racism. What is happening in Western culture right now is that people are trying to expose the part of the iceberg that has been invisible to people for a long time. Some people respond with "ooooohhh, I had no idea, how can I do better?" while others continue to insist it doesn't exist because they still can't see it.
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    There is cultural exchange and then there is ripping off. Look up the difference and the history. Is each case identical? No. I used an example that had been used for me before when learning about amautik. We had someone that made amautik on another board I was on long ago. There was this exact type of discussion.
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    That's interesting that you say that, because "You wearing that headdress is exactly like somebody wearing a rosary as decoration" has got to be the most common explanation I've heard.
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    I'd like to elaborate on the canoe/kayak example. My modern kevlar canoe, and modern fiberglass/plastic kayaks are inspired by indigenous watercraft, but no-one would really consider these modern craft as indigenous products, hence not appropriation. But, if a white-owned company manufactured and sold indigenous-style birch bark canoes and skin kayaks, that would be considered appropriation, I think.
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    Like the OP, I find the notion of cultural appropriation confusing. I've been to many cultural festivals - Greek, Chinese, Polish, Japanese (the town I grew up in had a huge Obon festival every year and I attended many times, despite not being at all Japanese). People are encouraged to eat the food, learn how to cook the food - I've bought a few cookbooks at festivals such like this - buy the traditional clothing, enjoy the dancing and even partake of dancing lessons... people are not turned away because they are from a different culture. In my experience, people are more than happy to share their culture. I loved this line from the linked article: A strong argument can be made, after all, that stigmatizing the sharing of cultural elements only creates more distance between us. Of course there are ignorant people who will be disrespectful, but (again) in my experience, those people are in the minority.
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    Congratulations to the rest of you too! Sorry, should have included that above!
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    My family lived in Rancho Cucamonga in the early 90s, as exurban as you could get at the time. You'd have to be a fool to come to EHS, RCHS, Fontana, or any of the other schools in the area in black face. Even the cow country townspeople that routinely played our local schools would not have showed up to games that way and expected to walk away unscathed. It's not as if there was zero interaction between these places and the rest of America. It was also decidedly NOT ideal. There was tons of tension between students of latin American descent, black students, and anglo students. It wasn't out in the open but it was absolutely there.
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    Yes, but he didn't live where and when I did. The 90s, at least where I lived, was a world away from those decades. Arctic shades similar experiences in a similar timeframe and location as I have, and those are likely the limiting features. That area, especially particular areas of that area, really were different worlds from the rest of the U.S. in many ways.
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    I wonder about the logic on morning vs. night? To me ds seems dirty at night, after a day in the woods. But in the morning would be kind of a relaxing way to wake up, hmm. See that's perfect, just about the amount of routine he can handle. I had completely forgotten about this! Like the others, I'm not sure he'll be willing to soap his face. I think he might use a damp rag if compelled. He currently uses zero soap. THAT is an insightful point. I had been sniffing, but you're right if he's getting some later but not scrubbing his scalp then that's why he smells again. Ugh. More instruction might help that. He may just be rushing and I probably made assumptions like that he was actually scrubbing, lol. That is hilarious. Who knows with ds, he actually might too, lol. Yup, I think you're right that a light solution is sufficient, something I can actually enforce. Well that's a good point that I could split them. So here's the irony. His FATHER does that and grandfather did that, but he disappears to his room. So you're right, if I got dh to tie returning from outdoors time with showering for ds, like he does for himself, the showering would be done, boom. That's really SMART. Absolutely! I took it more as the realization that I wasn't requiring ANYTHING and that I probably needed to start SOMETHING, lol. Yup, I like this. A rag in the shower and a wipe in the morning or when brushing teeth. That could get done.
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    I am sure you have tons of experience building a routine, so this might be too basic, but our routine is that you come home from school/after school activities, shower, and change your clothes before you do anything else. So no TV, or video games, or snacks, (or homework, but my kids usually do that after dinner) or whatever until you're showered and changed. We do it for other reasons, but it's also been a pretty effective routine for us, because they come home hungry and ready to chill out, so they're motivated to hit the shower.
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    I think every other day is okay unless he's an athlete. I don't think most people, even smelly teens, really need to take a shower daily. That's so American of us. Deodorant every day though. Wash his face every day. As for the zits... unless it becomes severe, just get a basic acne wash. There are products galore, but I don't think you need to bother unless a) it gets so bad that you're concerned about scarring or b) he himself begins to feel self-conscious about it. In which case, get things, definitely.
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    Quick! Delete the thread because you know in a minute someone is coming in here to disagree!
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    Sometimes the hiring committees I sat on went through hundreds of resumes, so I saw how various schools were viewed. One of the first things people were eliminated for was not having the right degree(s) and not going to schools that were viewed positively. Schools like Wheaton, Brigham Young, and Notre Dame were fine, but Liberty and BJUP were not. That was awhile back and in a limited situation, but I've heard similar stories that are more recent including some who leave off the name of the undergraduate school on their resume and LinkedIn because of issues that way. Mine are still active in the church they grew up in and live at home and commute to an excellent four year after having gone to the local community college. That combination has worked very well for our family, not just because of finances. They have college and work friends from a variety of backgrounds and viewpoints and have adapted well to state schools. I had people from the local homeschool community who were so shocked that mine went to state schools, but no regrets.
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    Houston is a weird agglomeration that includes many suburbs. My area of Kingwood is about 25 miles from the skyscrapers of down town, but we're part of the City of Houston. Sylvester Turner is our mayor. We have HPD and HFD. Oddly, Humble is it's own city with it's own mayor and police. Atascocita is unincorporated Harris County. All three go hit with a ton of street flooding yesterday, so our different local government structures didn't make a big difference. What does make a huge difference is development. Many of the hundreds of houses that flooded in Kingwood are in one subdivision, Elm Grove. They didn't flood during Harvey but they flooded in May and again yesterday. Their specific problem is an incompetent (or unscrupulous?) developer that clear cut a large area in the neighboring county (Porter, unincorporated Montgomery County) and didn't create proper drainage while they work constructing houses. They were sued in May and that case is working through the courts. I imagine they'll sue again. The frustrating thing is that the people of Elm Grove in Houston, Harris County can't really pressure the politicians in Montgomery County to control their sprawl and enforce construction standards. The other major area of flooding is in Woodstream where Caney Creek flows into Lake Houston. Those people probably need to raise their houses because of their location. They were flooded in Harvey and again yesterday. Flood insurance is a federal program so repeat flooders aren't dropped and their rates are capped. This clearly needs to be revisited because it encourages people to build and stay in unsustainable areas. Street flooding is a pain, but it doesn't flood houses or kill anyone who doesn't drive into it. It can flood cars if you're caught unaware and parked on low ground which happened yesterday. 9" in 90 minutes is just not an amount that can drain down storm sewers. We have to learn to live with that and, unfortunately, so will many other places.
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    I haven’t even upgraded to an iPhone 6 yet. By the time I get to an 11 Apple will be up the iPhone 20. 🙁
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    At what point though does it stop being an extension of the original problem? Of course, we are talking about canoes here, which aren't exactly something a single culture invented. And it's not like white Europeans had never ever seen such a water craft before the colonial period.
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    My girls and I saw it last night. It was exactly what we wanted it to be, and we loved it. It was so nice to visit Downton again!
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    One of dh's young (under 30) co-workers got a red one. Today. I want the yellow one. I currently have a SE which is small. I like it being small because my hands are small...but I am also old and can't see the little I am ready for a big one.
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    Lori D.! Thanks so much for the encouragement and tips!!! Juggling the swim practice 6 days a week is daunting too, but we are working it out :-). At least they love swimming, it is great exercise, and they are sleeping well :-)!
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    Very Entertaining and so much fun. Ready to see again!
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    I use Spelling Notebook (iOS app) for quizzing and practicing the kids’ lists. They can email their results to me. Very handy. Set up your own lists; the app does the drilling and quizzing.
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    And there are people that would argue that what you have is NOT a canoe or kayak. That said, just because someone modernized it long after the initial appropriation, doesn't negate the fact that it was appropriated. The modern version may be common use now, but it doesn't change the fact that something was appropriated in the first place.
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    I sent in an application to VIP Kids yesterday. I am near Chicago, and they are having a coaching day the first Sat in October. We will see if I like it. DH used to have a job where he could work from home, and we set up an office in our absurdly large closet, and it's still there, so I figure I can use that space. I just don't know if I can hack the hours - it's awfully early, and I am so not a morning person. But I applied to a few places in the area and haven't been hired yet (4 interviews though), so I guess I'll pursue this. It's been a pricey month here, but I'm beginning to think this is the new normal, and I need to adjust (hence the applying for jobs). Cat needed a vet visit, TaeKwonDo tournament for daughter, college application fees, a couple of doctor appointments, ugh. It's always something. I did get a new cat litter that I got for a bargain - Pretty Litter had a Swagbucks rebate, so a month's supply for 2 cats cost me about $17 after rebate. We looked into it due to the cat's potty issues (that she ended up at the vet for). Now we know the amount of Miralax to give her if it recurs in the future. We have only eaten out 1x this month, and it was on our day to the local apple orchard (We also got the last dozen of discounted day old donuts for takehome). I recently won a $25 gift card to a tavern/restaurant for the library's summer reading program, so DH and I are thinking of giving it a try for a long-put-off date night.
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    edpo/ So, youngest dd has, in the past, been fairly successful with CLE. This school year, not as much. I have a Course 1 textbook from Dolciani we're thinking about trying for a bit. I think this will probably also require more one-on-one time. So, we're also going to move math to first thing instead of whenever she feels like getting to it. I'm hoping that switching to an approach that's more mastery (i.e. staying on the same topic longer) than spiral might be helpful. I'm usually in favor of switching at pre-algebra, but maybe we need to do it sooner. If you hear screaming at 8:05 on Monday morning, you'll know it didn't work. lol. end edpo/
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    Interesting topic. The thing is, isn't so much of the stuff we do taken from other cultures over time? I have a rug that has an Aztec style print on it. I wear a turban-style headband to keep my hair and sweat out of my eyes on hot, humid days. I cook lentil soup -- surely this wasn't originally from my family's culture. I have a kimono-style robe I wear with pajamas. I know a lot of people who wear cross necklaces who aren't Christian, and who celebrate Christmas. I drink Chai tea and I sometimes wear Turkish-style pants to lounge in. We're a hodgepodge of cultures and styles and tastes, and it seems natural to me that these traditions will cross borders over time. To me, that actually seems like a positive thing, a sharing of lives. But, I also want to remain sensitive to this, and understand how others might be offended.
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    I scooped kitty litter, started the Roomba, and started a load of towels. And sent dd's update pictures to curology.
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    School: Skill subjects are done daily but content (Bible Timeline, Geography, Astronomy and Literature) have not begun yet. I spend hours every day with maintenance (this has been going on for about 2 months) and hours every night awake with Matt snoring so I'm very overwhelmed.
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    I've been thinking about how my parents do the "adult offspring" thing. I know there have been many many many times when my folks have had an opinion and kept it to themselves. Sometimes they mention things to me about my siblings. "But I'm not saying anything." I recall my mom telling me the time my dad's mom informed my mom that her firstborn "doesn't want" a pacifier and took it out of his mouth. My mom (age 19) said "yes he does" and put it back in his mouth. I think she got her point across about where the line is drawn, LOL. I know my mom did tell us plenty as long as we were in her house, which for some of us was well into our 20s. Also, if one of us brings up a topic and indicates we aren't sure what to do, she will start with "well when that happened to me I___" or "I would ___." However, if someone is clearly going down the wrong path, my mom will sometimes say in a more urgent voice, "Kid, you need to do xyz." (And there have been times I have said the same to my siblings.) I am not aware of any of us siblings having to tell my mom to back off. I think her boundaries are relatively healthy. I think if there's anything she does too much of, it's saying yes to things my siblings should not be asking from her. My dad is even less likely to say anything, but when he does, it is important advice. You know that if Dad said something, you have really screwed up, LOL. Last night my dad called me to ask about his tax return which I am working on. It's a good thing he did, because honestly, it slipped my mind that I had to research something before I could finish it. He had been very hesitant to call me. He's that uncomfortable "telling" us what to do. I don't really even know why. I told him I'd much rather he called me than sit home and worry about stuff.
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    Yep 🙂 Even my high schoolers listen and enjoy it!
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    I'm glad you are feeling better! Berries are very delicious, I just have frozen this time of year Spring is when they are in season here. I think I'm getting more energy although I'm still needing more sleep. I did get 10k+ steps the last 2 days and lifting last night. Today I'm going to the zoo, no official exercise but lots of walking.
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    This is me. I really only heard of this whole concept of blackface in the last year or two.
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    I got in some walks to and from buses, and a very nice bike ride through the local park. It's getting dark so early now! My weight is way down now and my clothes are fitting much better, too. Being on this gluten- and dairy-free diet is awesome. I feel so much better, have way more energy, and don't miss any of the old foods. It's wonderful to eat without fear of gut pain or head-aches. It's been a real treat to have all the berries and veggies from the farm I visited earlier this week. They have so much flavour!
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    If you have pre-e, there is nothing you did to bring it on and nothing you can do to improve it - it is entirely a fluke of the body, placenta, genetics, etc. NO GUILT, this is not your fault. They can manage symptoms and try to keep you pregnant as long as possible and many ladies can make it a few more weeks, but the average time from diagnosis to delivery is generally two weeks. There is a WONDERFUL Facebook group for pre e and HELLP syndrome survivors that is full of information and @happypamama can tell you more. They have been a wealth of information and support for me with this post-HELLP pregnancy. The good news is that 28-30 weekers have really great prognoses these days compared to even ten years ago, and you could certainly remain pregnant longer than that. Also, lots of symptoms of pre e and HELLP are also normal pregnancy symptoms, so it could be that you have some symptoms clustering for other pregnancy reasons and NOT develop into those metabolic conditions. Knowledge is power though - I really recommend researching in the group and keeping up with your doctor on any new developments.
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    It can be very scary. The hardest thing about parenting is that you don't know whether you've done a good job until it's too late to do anything about it! I think women often struggle with how complicated parenting can be. It's not as simple as : do a, b, and c and x, y, and z will occur.
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    Found out one of my children has mild hearing loss today. Wondering if it relates to dh's hearing loss. It has gone downhill since I last took him to the audiologist five or six years ago, then it was still within the normal range though hovering a bit at the lower end.
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