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    When I was into my homeschooling journey people told me over and over "You need another interest, you can't make your kids your whole life, what will you do when they are grown? How will you let them go after centering your whole life around them??" Years after homeschooling is over the answer is easy. Grandchildren. Grown children. I am blessed enough that our three boys live within 2 minutes or 20 minutes down the road, and our two daughters 90 minutes away. My "other interests" are things that include the kids. Horses, gardening, living on a farm. We have big family dinners once or twice a week for anyone who can make it. I have the grandkids as often as possible. I do things for the grown kids when they need me, whether it's help finding a lost kitty or cooking dinner for 20 people because you lost a poker game. I'm not trying to brag on myself, I just want to encourage young moms who center their lives around their family. Keep it up girls. There's nothing better. Relax and enjoy.
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    Oh my goodness, you all. I inadvertantly found a way to get me from the mental note, “Next time I do a declutter, I’m taking that Guitar Hero thingy...and that clock we all hate because it ticks so loudly...and that spare landline telephone...” to actually stuffing it all in my car and driving there immediately. We have a HELOC that came due; we had to either pay it off or refinance it, so I have sent paperwork in to refinance and dh has spoken to the loan officer there several times. Well, last night, dh starts a discussion with, “Now, don’t freak out...” Due to cancer treatment and the slow yet relentless tide of stuff, I feel as though my house has never been a bigger disaster. That was his reason to warn against freaking out. I freaked out anyway. An assessor is coming here next week. AAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHH! Luckily, I had already nagged my kids while they were all home to go through certain clutter nooks, and I serendipitously just put my home office in order yesterday. So I had a jump on it. But still. ALL the junk - in the car you go. No more dithering about where the optimum declutter recipient shall be; I’m just getting rid of it all. No more waffling about whether that read-in-bed prop thingy should really be kept or decluttered. Out it goes. And I hear a beautiful sound coming from the basement stairs - ds vacuuming.
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    “Honey, where are my snow skis? Matter of fact, where are my fishing rods and my tackle box? And, now I think of it, I haven’t seen my tennis raquet, either.” ” was a big box the elliptical came in...I made a rule...”
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    DD received her second acceptance: Texas A&M University.
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    I love threads that go in interesting directions! My older boy is amazing at violin. Only 12 music scholarships were offered for 2022's for all instruments, and he got one. However, this child was diagnosed at age 6 with an auditory processing disorder. He had a major speech impediment at the time, which caused him to map half of the letters to the wrong sounds because he learned to read while mispronouncing most words. Talk about the worst spelling disaster ever! But then there was the violin. He could NOT process the sounds. He could not play his notes in tune. Every teacher pulled his hair out trying to get him to play in tune. Scale after scale, ear training, tuning. And it was just sheer persistence and struggle that allowed my ds to dig his way out of a serious lack of raw talent. When people hear him now, they just think that he was born with the skill. And I will tell you, having listened to a dying cat that was his music for 10 years, he was NOT born with skill.
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    I'm impressed with how your dh is handling his brother, and how you are both handling the whole issue. Gold stars!
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    In office. Dr not worried about it but is removing per my request and because of pain/annoyance. It will still go to lab. Just waiting for them to come back in. Thanks!!!
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    Thanks for the input everyone 🙂 To clear up and update, here's what's going to happen: DH will handle the issue directly with his brother, no involvement from me, so I'm not sure exactly how he'll do it. He'll tell me about it but I've given all my input already. There was no alcohol at the event, no prior run ins between any kid and BIL. We've never had a reason to have to police interactions before. Previous issues with BIL's behavior have been between him and DH, and obviously not of a type we were concerned with how he would treat kids; sometimes you just have annoying people in your family who aren't a threat. Going forward 1) BIL will never be alone with our kids. We can't be with every kid every moment (4 kids, 2 of us), so DH will stick to his brother at family events to make sure he's there for any and every interaction. This is not a happy prospect for DH, which leads to point #2: 2) We will probably limit family events to 1 or 2 a year, maybe Easter and Christmas. Or Thanksgiving and Christmas. Or just Easter. We will give kids option to not have to go, if they take this option I'll stay home with them. We'll be out of town or obligated somewhere else for other events. In the case of Mother's Day, birthdays, etc., DH will go alone if anyone goes. He's already told his mom this (since attendees at family events have already dropped to basically her, our family, and BIL's family) so hopefully there will be less pressure to schedule things. She'll still pressure, but DH can remind her of the reasons and that we are not really interested at this point. 2.5) Family events may not happen at all after DH talks with BIL. While I don't know exactly when/what will be said, DH has seemed pretty firm on the idea of an apology. Not to demean or humiliate his brother, but because he thinks that in relationships there are expected ways you treat others and apologizing when you hurt someone is one of them. Especially since the person hurt is a child. This was not modeled in their FOO at all, so he knows his brother won't take this well (in case you didn't get that from what happened in the first place, lol) but doesn't think this negates the need. He's trying to figure out how to do it without it coming across as a threat, but still making it necessary to resume any type of normal relations between the two families; maybe that's not possible, but his intention is to model functional relationships to DS, NOT to punish BIL. Also, DH thinks I should get an apology as well, though I told him I'm more concerned BIL realizes that badmouthing me to DH will not fly. DH said that both issues will be addressed. 3) Events with just the kids/cousins are not really going to happen without BIL, so this move means little contact with cousins. That's just a cost of how this will happen and the current family dynamics. 4) As for the kid involved, when we told him to immediately find a parent in the future, he said that's exactly what he did and that I took care of it. Kid feels I stood up for him and he left mid-conversation because it was being handled. While I still think I could have done more (though perhaps not without starting a real drag-out fight), DS was happy with what I DID do and knows DH and I will stand up for him.
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    One of my goals for this year is to take every Amazon Prime box or Sam's Club delivery box and fill it up and take it to the donation center...BEFORE I can use what just came in the box. Hopefully it'll stick but so far, it's both made my house less cluttered AND saved me money since I have a chore added to ordering things online now 😄
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    It’s SO SATISFYING! Like, really hard work but when you’re done it’s like having a whole new space and fresh eyes on it. A big re-arrange or move is one of the most convenient times to do it, but I honestly find its a major cure for me when I get a case of blah/depression/ungratefulness and am just stir crazy. Tossing my possessions and house on their head and getting rid of what doesn’t fit anymore while intentionally appreciating the remainder? Life changing.
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    I didn't do any of the things I claimed I was going to do today. I did do other things.
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    My overall reading goals are to take in a mix of fiction and nonfiction, spiritually enriching, informative, and fun selections; to keep up with the Druid book discussion/study group I'm in, to put eyes on words not related directly to work more often than last year, and to read books that I bought ages ago and still haven't read. My currently reading list: The Stand (unabridged) by Stephen King (on audiobook; it's over 48 hours long, so this will definitely take me more than a week, as I listen to audiobooks on my commute and when driving for work, about 6-10 hours a week). Update: I'm now on Chapter 45, 35 hours, 34 minutes to go to finish it! The Táin translated by Ciaran Carson (have to read this one on paper, it's not available on audiobook, more's the pity since I'd like to hear the Irish names and such pronounced correctly!) Update: I've read the introduction/foreward etc. and the first chapter. This fits the Something Old challenge! Odin: Ecstasy, Runes & Norse Magic by Diana L. Paxson (this is one of those "bought ages ago and still haven't read" books) Kindle says I have read 21% of the book. The Stone Sky by N.K. Jemisin (third book in the Broken Earth series) I'm 8:07 in, with 6:11 left on audiobook. American Like Me by America Ferrera. I checked this one out for a car ride with a co-worker. 2:56 read with 6:36 left. I'm going to finish it as soon as I'm done with The Stone Sky and before I go back to The Stand. Books I've read for the 52 books in 52 weeks challenge this year: The Sky-Blue Wolves by S. M. Stirling Next Up: Akata Warrior by Nnedi Okorafor (I checked it out from the library on e-book, haven't started it yet). My 10x10 challenge categories: 1. humor 2. science (nonfiction) 3. fantasy & science fiction by new-to-me authors 4. LGBT 5. classic fiction 6. folklore (The Táin will satisfy this) 7. religion (nonfiction) (Odin: Ecstasy, Runes & Norse Magic by Diana L. Paxson will satisfy this) 8. law (nonfiction) 9. modern fiction in translation (i.e., originally published in a language other than English) 10. books by women of color (Stone Sky and Akata Warrior will both work for this) The books must of course all be separate selections, though they may fit into more than one category, they cannot be used for more than one, so that I read 10 books for it.
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    OP, does his discomfort or fear often cause you to curtail plans and not do things you'd like to do, or is it really only hiking and camping?
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    I would keep the appointment. If something happens again, she will then be an established patient and hopefully will be able to be seen much sooner.
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    Really? The nurse forgot to apply band-aids, which were called for and which the doctor always applied. This was part of the treatment I was paying for. There the band-aids were, there we were, there the nurse wasn't, having disappeared to some other exam room, and so I took and applied them myself. I have a pretty tender conscience I think, but I can't see it as stealing.
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    Some bookish posts: Neil Gaiman Reads Ursula K. Le Guin’s Ode to Timelessness to His 100-Year-Old Cousin 10 LOVELY LITERARY CROCHET PATTERNS ON ONLY READING NONFICTION IN 2019 BOOKISH PARENTING: EXPECTATIONS VERSUS REALITY Regards, Kareni
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    I would post a sign saying that the house is inventoried and anything missing will be billed to the renters. And put that in the agreement to stay there. But seriously, what's wrong with people... 😞
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    $375 spent today on the home inspection. 4.5 hours of inspecting revealed nothing major. A few simpe electrical issues need to be addressed and some loose siding. Other than that it looks good. We also met with our lender today to go through all the details and sign things and I may have gotten a bit dizzy with the cost of settlement and just the idea of having a mortgage again. But I got over it quickly
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    Using a spell checker doesn't mean he didn't write the article himself. It mentioned his emotional intelligence is also very high. I find it baffling that the primary reactions to this article are to bash his parents. Good grief.
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    I know theft isn’t funny, but I’m imagining vacation renters, relaxing and binging on Netflix, running across Marie Kondo and taking the owner’s stuff to a thrift shop because it didn’t spark joy.
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    Did you read the article to the end? His parents forced him to take Intro to Algebra, even though he tested into Calculus. He was doing Linear Algebra on his own. I think he did write it. It sounds like most of the profoundly gifted kids I have met. I'm sure his parents regretted that choice. I wasn't one to make a big deal out of censoring my kids reading, but it was hard to find challenging reading material for my precocious reader. I often found out that he read certain "mature" things well after the fact. Since this kid is very aware of politics and current events, he doesn't sound like it phased him much. Some kids are just like that. They can be dispassionate about certain things that others find horrifying. That is probably what he deals with every day. No one taking him seriously because he is 9. Not many 9 year olds know where Syria is, let alone who Assad is. Heck, not many adults in this country know that. He sounds like a kid. And he has some really exceptional abilities. I guess I was impressed with how relatable he seems.
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    The house is inventoried. I'll be watching to see how the management company handles this one...they HAVE to know who was staying in the place when the object disappeared. And do I trust the housekeepers? Yes, I do. There is *relationship* there, in ways you wouldn't believe (attending the funerals of the spouses who have died, for example) and they have been with the place for more than 30 years. It's the renters. And it is up to the management company to do *something.* They get paid a BOATLOAD of money every month.
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    Hindsight is 20/20, and I can see why you didn't react in the way we all think would've been optimal. Honestly, hardly anybody would have! However, I want to go back to how you feel now. You say you feel this is a small thing. If I'm understanding this timeline correctly, this man grabbed a toy out of your son's hands without asking, manhandled him, hurt him, and then pre-emptively told you that your son was a liar before your son could make his complaint. He then continued to assert that your son was lying, threw a tantrum, and got mad at you for trying to establish the facts rather than taking his word for it as an adult. And when he didn't make any headway with you, he went and tried to gaslight your husband about what happened as well. Nothing about this is "small". If your husband considers this a dealbreaker, I think he's right. YOU aren't breaking up this family, neither is your husband. His BROTHER did that when he decided to bully your child. Even if you and your husband ultimately decide to keep lines of communication open, I'd pull back dramatically and set up some serious, non-negotiable boundaries, such as: BIL is not allowed to correct your child or touch him unless it is a legitimate safety issue and you two cannot do it, your children are not to be left alone with BIL unless another trustworthy adult (preferably you or your husband) is there, your family will immediately leave any gathering if your BIL starts to throw a tantrum or starts insisting that your son is a liar (massive, massive red flag there), visits are strictly limited both in frequency and duration. If you suspect alcohol or drugs were involved in this incident then you might also decide that you'll leave when he becomes visibly intoxicated, whether or not he's gotten aggressive with anybody. If you have a primary interest in keeping your son in touch with his cousins, and you live close enough, you could start inviting them and possibly their mom to meet up and do things but not their dad. The trick is to "organically" schedule all such outings on days when she's available but he's at work or otherwise occupied. (You might also talk about signing the kids up for shared extracurricular classes or school break camps, if you live close enough to do that. Voila, now the cousins can all interact and nobody has to worry about crazy Uncle Bully. Plus they learn how to swim/paint/fence/rock climb/whatever!) Edit: To make this more clear, because I don't think I can possibly say this strongly enough, I think the fact that your brother-in-law followed your son into the kitchen to do damage control by questioning your son's honesty even before your son had said anything or you had reacted is extremely worrying and raises more red flags and alarm bells than I can count. Everything else is bad, but that's REALLY ALARMING. Just reading that makes me concerned for his own spouse and children, because there is absolutely no situation where this behavior is normal or acceptable. That right there is what makes me think that maintaining a relationship with this man may be impossible. This is the huge thing that overshadows everything else.
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