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    Ds22 got his drivers license today. A huge step towards independence. He asked me to drive home though because he was still feeling anxious. 🙂
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    December 2018 The annual XXXXXXX Family Christmas letter……one I wasn’t sure I was going to write this year. Christmas letters are where you are supposed to showcase all of the wonderful things in your past year, brag on the kids, etc. To be honest, 2018 was a very tough year for our family. In September 2017 Sandy (now Ex H mom) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Due to her kidney transplant they could not treat the cancer and she was given 6-9 months to live. January started with her health failing and in early Feb I helped her move to a care facility in town. The end of February I got a call at work telling me that I had 45 minutes to bring (now ex husband) in to the local sheriffs department as there were federal warrants for his arrest. After he was transferred to custody of the federal marshals I learned that he was being charged with 4 federal felony counts of manufacture and possession of child pornography. This, of course, devastated the kids and turned our lives upside down. In April Sandy passed away peacefully and we had a beautiful funeral service honoring her life and faith. In her journal she had written, “When people think of me, remember my smile and my love for Jesus and my family”. While missing her greatly, we try to do just that. XXXX has remained in federal custody and later in the spring state charges of child molestation were added to the case. In August our divorce was finalized. After several postponements, in September his case was heard by a jury in federal court. Sadly the evidence was overwhelming and he was convicted on all 4 federal counts. Due to those convictions the local charges were dropped. In January he will be sentenced and faces up to 70 years in federal custody. The kids and I have been through a lot of changes this past year. We sold the horses in the spring, and then over the summer more and more stuff culminating with the selling of our home in October and an auction to sell off XXXX’s tools and the rest of our belongings. In mid October we moved into a small 3 bedroom ranch in a small subdivision closer to town (and the beach 🙂 ) where the bus system can pick up the kids and help ease the burden of transportation for me. I had been working 1-3 days a week as a substitute teacher for severely multiply impaired students. I have now increased my hours and am working nearly full time along with learning to be a single parent and managing the needs (and endless paperwork) for the kids. I still enjoy walking/hiking and kayaking with friends when I can get a few moments away. 30DS is still working 2 days a week in the pizza shop. He washes dishes, cleans, takes out the trash, and jokes around with co-workers. He bought a drone and has high hopes of creating videos for you all to see. 23DD is sill in school full time. She volunteers as Dominos pizza, Chow Hound, and the local humane society. She LOVES the freedom the transit bus provides and often spends her Saturdays riding around town from store to store. 22dd is now working at Walmart and loving her new job. She can ride the Harbor Transit bus back and forth which is great. She and Alex are now engaged and planning a fall 2019 wedding. Throughout the past year, my friends have really demonstrated what the body of Christ is to look like. They all have different gifts but have ministered to me and my family in many ways.....from meals to transportation for the kids, sitting (or walking) with me while the tears flowed to giving me a much needed whap to do the next (hard) thing, from providing a place of refuge for the kids and I when we needed to get away to fixing the lights on the wave runner trailer so Louis didn’t have to lose out on yet another thing, from helping us move and do the final cleaning of the old house to providing wise counsel from experience. THANKS Still, we have hope and a future. The Lord has been with us through it all. We were blessed with a beautiful home that meets our needs. We have jobs that meet our financial needs. We have health. We have a huge support network of friends and family. We have a new year ahead of us. Because of the Lord’s Great love we are not consumed, For his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; Great is your faithfulness………..Lamentations 3:22-23 We covet your prayers as we move into 2019 and adjust to our new normal. If you are going through a tough time and life doesn’t seems fair, check out this book. It’s not Fair: Learning to Love the Life You Didn’t Chose by Melanie Dale. It is a real, raw, encouraging book that is even laugh out loud funny at times. I have read it several times over the past year and each time find new encouragement and hope.
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    We had a kindness shown to us today I thought I would share. We went into Houston today to take MIL to lunch and braved the Galleria traffic to go to a restaurant dh loves. Everyone was more than ready to get out of the car and sit down after all of the crazy Christmas traffic, as if you're familiar with Houston, I know you can imagine. As we were waiting to be seated, an older woman my MIL's age, who was waiting ahead of us, turned and complimented my two youngest kids on how nicely they were waiting and asked them what grade they were in. This of course got the homeschool kids "deer in the headlights" look and "uuuuhhhhhh" response (even though I've told them both to say 1st/2nd- they forget) which is always a bit embarrassing for me. Dh told her we homeschooled so they were all over grade wise and she smiled and said oh but they look like such good students and told us she was a retired public school teacher who had taught 1st and then later 5th grade. We chit chatted a couple of minutes and then everyone was seated and went on our way. Later, as we were eating, she stopped back by our table and gave each of the kids a Christmas card with a fresh $2 bill in it. She told them a little about $2 bills and how money had changed over the years and some history stuff, then said they were doing great jobs as students and to be thankful they had such a good Mother to teach them so well at home, to keep working hard, and then wished us Merry Christmas and left. I was so surprised and so happy and the kids were thrilled! It was just such an awesome, unexpected blessing in our day. With all of the horrible news and so much hostility you see online, it's really awesome that there are people like her around and to experience just such a random bit of generosity in our day. Anyway, just wanted to share. Hope y'all had something blessed in your day as well.
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    Update: She let out a gasp as she pulled it out of the packaging. My heart grew three sizes today. I'm posting this not because I'm proud of the quilt but because I am proud of how much I learned. There are so many mistakes but I learned from each one so now I will feel more confident making future quilts. I even got past my fear of machine quilting. Does it look like a seven year old did it? Sure, but it's a present for a seven year old so that's okay. The little girl is my newly adopted grand niece and she is Frozen crazy. So even though I have other gifts for her, I still wanted something to show how much she already means to us. Something she can wrap around herself and know we care.
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    Support your dh. I agree with him that it is a deal breaker. The issue is not whether the pinkie was hurt or not (especially since the injury was a minor one anyway). The main issue is that the BIL was being a bully. He did not use his words for the controller. It doesn't matter if he surprised your son or not - BIL should not have just grabbed it out of his hands unless it was a safety issue. And when he did use his words, it was to get in a shouting match with a five year old.
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    Mines has 2 career days a year where a number of companies come to campus to market/interview. Ds had several on campus interviews, several away from campus interviews (including one an airplane ride away), declined a few airplane rides away interviews (due to rural locations), and was rejected by a few companies he wanted. Two days ago, he was offered a job at a company that he likes that is local to him. He is happy to stay in the area. The salary is average for someone with his degree (mechanical engineering undergrad and engineering and technology management graduate) according to Mines salary outcome report. The offer comes with all the standard benefits. He accepted today. He will start in June after graduation in May. A terrific Xmas present for us all. I was a little worried because he never worked a summer internship, so I'm relieved it all worked out. For those who have followed the ups and downs of basketball over the years, he made it through to Xmas with no injuries. Yay! (2 of his 5 years, he did not) I really need to change my signature. I hate to give up my beach gal, though.
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    I live way up in the mountains, and drive a LOT for Scouts and sports. I wanted to share my "commute" with you.This is Blue Mesa--the largest reservoir in Colorado. As you can see, it's very low, but it's still gorgeous!
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    My 11 year old made presents for his siblings. He was so excited about giving them, he could barely sleep, and then woke the entire family up at 4:56! I sent them back to bed until 7. His excitement was contagious and so sweet.
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    I would be extremely uncomfortable with this during puberty.
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    I got a mug when I was in 3rd grade or so. I used it up until about 3 years ago when ds broke it. I'm 45, so it had a long, loved life. He found another one and gave it to me today. It was seriously the most thoughtful gift ever and I am so happy. I don't know how he found it as it seemed pretty hard to find. I'm pretty much a person who uses things rather than collect and display them so I'm torn on what to do. He put so much thought into this and I dont want it to break. Maybe it will be my "Christmas Day" mug.
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    My oldest turned ten today and we've spent the last 3 days at Universal Studios Orlando. It has been fantastic but today one stranger made ds's day ten times better. Disclaimer: the man didn't know it was ds's bday because he left his pin at the hotel. Ds, my 2 youngest and I we're waiting for the rest of the family to finish their ride on the Simpsons ride. We decided to not wait int child swap because the 1 year old wanted to run around outside. So, we sat outside the ride next to the whack a mole game. Ds wanted to spend his own money to play the game and found out it would be $12 because he'd have to pay for himself and someone else since we you need to people to play. After realizing it'd basically be paying $12 for a short game and a small stuffed animal he decided it was a waste of money. Especially since he just wanted to play the game and didn't really want a stuffed animal. I told him we could find an arcade with it when we got home and he was fine with that. Then the man sitting next to us, who was waiting for his 2 young adult children to get off the Simpsons ride asked D's if he wanted to play the game with him because he was looking for a partner. Ds was over the moon and started to pull $6 out of his pocket when thean paid for him. He then offered to pay for my 3 year old dd as well. It was such a wonderful thing for a stranger to do. It made ds's day and reallt warmed my heart to see such generosity at such an expensive resort. Just wanted to share a happy story.
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    My grandma is in her 90's. Since Mom died and Grandma sold her house and moved even further away (she used to be a 12 hr drive away and now is a 24 hr drive away) I figured I would never see her again. Well, she showed up! Just like that! To surprise us! I was so happy I broke out bawling. I am going to start crying again just typing this. I am so happy to get to see her.
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    I gotta share these when I can. 25 years ago, I had this large, custom roll-top computer desk made for us. It was a well-loved, beautiful piece of furniture that was in beautiful condition. But, it no longer met our needs, so I listed it for sale on a couple of local Facebook groups as well as some yard sale sites. That was 6 months ago. It sat in our garage all this time. I've had several nibbles, but people often flaked on me. One even had me leave dh's hospital bed after his heart attack to meet him and he never showed. Today, I had two people interested! And 15 minutes ago, I helped this couple load it onto their truck! Not only did they pay me what I asked, but they seem thrilled with it. And I will have room in my garage to park one car soon. Just my little happy moment for the day.
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    She posted on FB that they made it home this evening.
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    "And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth." John 1:14 Merry Christmas to those who celebrate (and love and good wishes to those who don't)! So good to be back on the board with you all. ❤️
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    Thanks for all your prayers.
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    I am the opposite of Scrooge. I know that not everyone celebrates and I respect that. But I love the family time, I love giving gifts (I think giving gifts is my love language and I have an excuse to give, give, give), I love baking, decorating, planning, cooking, etc, etc. I just love it. DH has had to put up with it and get used to. He would rather not even have a Christmas tree but he knows that it is a must with me. After 21 years of marriage, he just goes with it 😂 Either way, I just wanted to say that I LOVE CHRISTMAS.
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    With everything going on with DS6, plus holidays, plus work stuff with DH, I'm fried. Add in my SAD and I'm Really overwhelmed. And my friends know I'm struggling, and wanted to offer support. Now, typically they might suggest a mom's night out or drinks or whatever. But, these friends know me so well that they know I hate going out at night, and instead they casually started a group message suggesting a kid free meet up, in the morning, at the DOG PARK!!!! I mean, that's perhaps the most sensitive, wonderful thing anyone has done for me. Nothing I like better than sunshine and dogs, and fresh air. And they tried to be all casual like it wasn't specifically catered to me, lol. Between them and a DH who wouldn't think of complaining about how much I've spent on take out the past week and a half, or the random cold meals he's been served, or the laundry piled up and the sticky floors, I'm just so incredibly blessed.
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    Success, Monday at nine pm! My wonderful sil made eggplant parmesan for me for lunch Monday, I enjoyed a nice hilly walk, and soon went into labor. The midwives arrived in plenty of time, my mother in law wasn't obnoxiously early, and my husband was able to get back just a little before midnight. It didn't go exactly as planned due to the two year old waking up and needing cuddles while I was nearing transition.It all worked out, though, and no children were traumatized. They enjoyed being fascinated/grossed out by the placenta and all stayed up way too late. Baby boy is nine pounds even, 21.5 inches long. My due date is tomorrow, I feel ready, and having the baby now would mean dh being home for about two weeks before being shipped to the middle east for nine months. I'm not going to do anything crazy to make it happen, but I want this baby to come soon! Any funny or helpful suggestions are welcome. This is baby four, and probably last. The previous labors were all very different from one another, so I don't really have any way of knowing how close I am, not that anyone ever does. Really I'm fine with any time this weekend, but I don't want to go late!
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    Hello everyone - just reporting that I've regained my sense of humor about this. I've already acted out Anne's tearful "he positively assured me it would turn my hair a beautiful raven black" while throwing myself down in a dramatic heap. That was fun Then I cracked myself up by remarking that "it's growing on me" I hit it with some purple shampoo and conditioner to no avail - if you listened closely you could hear my hair laughing at the idea that such things would have any effect. So right now I'm stuck with what is really shiny and decidely bright and very yellow hair. Like a demented christmas angel fairy godmother crossed with Tilda Swinton. Ds says I look like Tintin (I even have a silly cowlick on the front) which I leapt on to suggest that it meant I needed a small white dog in my life but the rest of the family ignored that idea. I've almost convinced myself it's a festive 'look' that I should just embrace. It's definitely not....boring.... Thank you for all the support and the hugs.
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    An amazing letter. not an ounce of self-pity or judgment. Just the facts, ma'am. Well done. Well. Done. And may all that is done be DONE. Mercy and may God bring you great blessings starting right this square minute.
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    Before I was on OCD meds, I hurt my husband by rejecting a rather expensive gift he had bought me because it caused me anxiety. People are more important than things. My advice is to be gracious, be thankful he loves you, and let him be giddy. :)
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    In countries where everyone is in the same room, there is still same sex sibling/parents sharing a bed instead of opposite sex siblings. And there is often a curtain hung up to divide the room for some privacy. Also- having more people in the room is actually a deterrent for inappropriate sexual situations. Though even in those countries there is abuse and incest. As a pastor's wife who has dealt with more than one troubled family, I have never met a parent who knew that abuse was happening before it was way too late and even then they were terribly shocked that something happened. A lot of unhealthy situations develop where unmedicated anxiety or other mental health issues were untreated or treated inadequately. The anxious person can inappropriately attach to someone as a way of coping and that is not healthy. I apologize for being a bit blunt here. I am not saying that anything is happening in the OP's situation. What I am saying is that it allows for unhealthy dynamics to be present which could result in unhealthy and in some cases inappropriate relationships.
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