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    Dd21 has a major nursing skills test today and is feeling anxious - if you are so inclined, she and her fellow nursing students would appreciate prayers!
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    Meh, I don't know. When the kids were little, I worked only part time, so of course I would be responsible for most of the parenting and housekeeping. That was a fair division of labor for our family. Nobody was sitting on their butt while the other person worked, be it at home or at the job. I think many men would be able to handle things just fine - but the would do them differently and not the same way the women expect them to. They may have different ideas about meals, cleaning, tidying, how to interact with the kids, but in most cases, they would be fine if left to their own devices. They would eventually empty the dishwasher, do laundry, fix food - it may just look very differently. And we need to step aside and not micromanage HOW they do stuff. Because it sucks being told (or made to feel) that you're not doing stuff "the right way". That turns you off doing anything. ETA: My DH, for example, does not cook. He has managed to feed himself a healthy balanced diet while he was living on his own for years, and he would be able to feed himself and kids if I weren't cooking. Now, if I expected him to cook, that would be asking for conflict. I would have to be ok with him feeding the family foods that do not require cooking. That does not mean that he is doing things "wrong". He would just be doing things his way.
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    A 9 pound cheeto. That would probably win a prize!
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    Good morning! finish up menu plan & make shopping list get groceries stop at UPS get gas unpack produce box unpack Chewy & Boxed orders vacuum main floor a little bit of office work (finish up tax stuff) water plants dinner: leftovers
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    I agree. Move to the couch or somewhere else. Get sleep. (((Slache))) Here, it's coffee time!
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    I plan to make a better one but here's a start.
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    Also, I have never had any interest in cleaning house. The idea that females are born with a liking for picking up and cleaning other people's shit is gross and reactionary. When I've been running the house, working, doing all the kid care while dh has been writing a fricking novel, that isn't because I am genetically wired to love to cook freaking three times a day and do laundry. It's socialisation - it doesn't occur to dh that he should do all that running around and let me write my book. And at the time, the cost to me of challenging that socialisation was too high. Yeah, yeah, boo hoo, whatever, first world problems - but there is no inborn female attraction to dirt.
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    hand washed dishes, pans and knives wiped down stove, counters and microwave talked to a good friend who prayed with me
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    I want to encourage all--that holidays CAN work! I have kids currently in CO, TX, VT, IN, SC, CA, and at Pearl Harbor emailing back and forth, working hard to get Christmas to come together. We might have one coming in the night of the 25th, one coming in the night of the 27th, and one heading back to DIA the night of the 28th to Colombia, but the kids are working diligently, trying to pull it off.
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    Youngest is in bed for the night. Now if I can just get Oldest moving in that direction.... I didn't get to the curriculum stuff today, but everything else I hoped to do got done so I still think the day was a success.
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    Sadly, they're probably statistically more likely to have a teacher initiate an inappropriate relationship with them at the school than be kidnapped at the public library, but guessing the school board wouldn't be thrilled with that observation either...........
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    She called me and right as we started talking, the doctor came in to discuss, so hopefully we will figure out soon what the next step is.
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    In the past few years I've read quite a bit of French literature/literature set in France. (In English -- my French is still at the beginner level.) The Three Musketeers The Man in the Iron Mask The Hunchback of Notre Dame The Song of Roland -- ancient French poetry. I enjoyed it, but I realize that many won't. Cyrano de Bergerac -- a French play -- highly recommended, especially for anyone who likes Shakespeare. The Phantom of the Opera Les Miserables Scaramouche -- similar to The Three Musketeers, but it much shorter and I found it more accessible. The Scarlet Pimpernel -- on my list to be read
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    Good Morning! Happy Thursday! I should probably get out the Thanksgiving decorations today.
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    One thing I will say about Lange is that IME she is uncanny about identifying what’s lacking in a piece of writing and **providing the exact feedback** necessary to move it along. I’m an excellent writer myself, but I don’t know how to work with a piece without just re-writing it. I’d just tear it apart basically but she works with whatever little is there 😂. I’ve not encountered that sort of thing anywhere else.
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    His pronunciation makes me want to slice off my ears.
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    She's 12. Puberty, brain fog, low processing speed, needing more food and sleep (like Rosie said). So are you changing what you're doing? How are you modifying your instruction to make it go better? Of course the school doesn't give a rip. In a class it wouldn't show as much, because she wouldn't be on the spot. In college, she'll find herself avoiding classes with heavy language demands, things that put her on the spot with discussions or that require a lot of processing speed. It's not your imagination that it's an issue, but it's *more* of an issue in your homeschooling than it would be at school, hence no need to identify on their part.
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    It does sound like she is doing well! Seriously I think a lot of kids get away with staring into space and then being left alone in school. She sounds like she is learning a lot and nobody is giving up on her or losing patience.
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    I've enjoyed starting a thread like this in past years. From 2018: Here we go again .... Have you encountered a unique gift? Post it here.. From 2017: Encountered a unique gift ? Post it here. From 2016: Have you spotted a unique gift? Post it here. From 2015: Have you encountered a unique gift? Post it here. You know you want these .....Shoes with rubber duck heels Please post your finds. Regards, Kareni
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    Another vote for black flats. I can't imagine why flats aren't dressy?
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    I do the same and use 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1/2 cup white.
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    This is developing science, the interactions between human genetics and epigenetics and environmental factors such as diet are not something we are yet able to parse in detail. Some information though has proven useful to my family. Learning, for example, that someone has a mutation in a gene that codes for proteins that help recycle vitamin D for re-use means that person may want to pay attention to their vitamin D status and supplement if necessary. Knowing you have a homozygous mutation in a gene that codes for the proteins that convert tryptophan to 5HTP (the molecule that is the precursor for serotonin and melatonin) can suggest a possible route for treating symptoms of serotonin and melatonin deficiency such as anxiety or insomnia--low serotonin is even implicated in impaired hearing and scoliosis, suggesting to me that my family member who exhibits all of these symptoms and carries two copies of the problematic TPH2 allele might well benefit from 5HTP supplementation. It is still very imperfect science but to me it seems like a significant improvement over the shot-in-the-dark approach that is what doctors and individuals have to rely on otherwise for addressing many symptoms.
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    I have a lot of concerns on every level, including if the suggestions for supplements are accurate.
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    Ok, so if you know she isn't an auditory learner, why are you using this geography course with her? Is there something else you could use that would work better for her? I'm not a great auditory person, and my daughter definitely is not. She does that double blink "huh" thing a lot. I have to say one bit, ask a question, say another, etc. Or say it three different ways at one time, etc. She does SO much better if we use a video, visual, etc.
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    One of these meat choppers... there are other brands, this is just one I came across... Pan scraper... spatulas... These cutting boards...
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    +1 on the suggestion about looking at any undiagnosed LDs. If you say overall things just don't click for her in anything. And that would be my highest priority in ruling those things out before moving forward with high school. And I would rule out any possible vision issues as well.
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    I completely agree! Also, make sure that whatever the heel type, it's not slippery and will stay put. If your piano in your home is on carpet, you might want to have her try "air pedaling" on a wooden floor just to make sure. Classy dress flats should be formal enough. People will be watching the performer's hands and face, not the feet. Good luck to your daughter in her performance!
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    Come on over. We love bread, meat, dairy and still use sugar. Lol.
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    Regardless of the exact circumstances, yes it would bother me. I dislike the whole "house tour" thing. I had an acquaintance stop by the very morning after we returned from our honeymoon expecting to tour our tiny little rental. And a relative whose idea of a house tour included opening closet doors, etc. In your case, no, I don't want people poking around before I've even had a chance to settle in. My parents are really the only exception to that, although there are a handful of our closest friends that I wouldn't be too irritated about stopping by. Anyone else, I'd be pleasant just because, but I wouldn't like it. 😬
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    I had a strange problem yesterday. This is what I told a friend: I'm doing a presentation for the online mom conference again (January), putting in a speaking proposal for the NMAEYC (March), and the state homeschool conference (June). I'm also writing the brand book, the family language course, and a workbook for the course. I have so many words in my head, I can barely communicate verbally anymore. This can't be normal. Is this normal?
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    I have been trapped in family obligation for Christmas Eve forever. I see no real way out of it. We go to my mom's house. She likes to spend money on presents (but she wants me to tell her exactly what to buy- sidestepping the whole effort of getting to know your grandchildren thing- the nagging commences in September). My sister comes- though she spends the year refusing to talk to me and my brother is there, he doesn't care- he has no children. It is so frustrating- like a command performance and the kids (who used to love it) are less enamoured now as they have more perspective on family life. It is frustrating because we live 25 minutes away and somehow all of our worth as children depends on showing up on Christmas Eve. And she does not come to our house or kids' activities even when invited. It has taken years for me to break the passive agressive chains of every single holiday spent at her house. But Christmas... we tried to plan a vacation this year- but it was too expensive for all of us to go away. So far, all my kids want to come home for the holidays and we help them out with flights to do so- but when they have families and demanding jobs- I will be flexible and loving and NOTHING like my mom.
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    I disagree with this. I think it is completely reasonable to never travel for the holidays even if that is what your extended family wants. My sister lives 1000 miles away from the rest of the family. She came to Christmas once after having kids and it was just not enjoyable for her in many ways. Her family decided after that to never travel at the holidays again and that is perfectly acceptable. She still comes for 2 or 3 weeks every summer and brings Christmas gifts then. It has been a wonderful tradition and would likely never happen had anyone put expectations on a her family to visit every few years.
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    Strength yoga takes my heart rate pretty high. So long as I am fighting and shaking, my heart rate is high
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    Finished the tea towels The snow has let up, so off to the PO and to walk! I fielded a complicated call from our district exec down valley.
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    You're not coming across as a jerk. You're coming across as a mom of one. 😄 There's a difference. Sometimes, it's not all it's cracked up to be when others do know of a child's skills. It bothered me a little when I walked down to the locker room and heard other members of the team popping off math questions at my kid. They had tapped into his calculation skills one day and it became a party trick. Our kid is sheltered quite a bit. We've never told him 'no' when it comes to letting him explore something, but he's never been in a classroom and rarely has had a text with a grade level on it. We've stressed to him that he is X grade. X grade looks different for all kids because each school or teacher has a role in determining what they need to work on and there's no such thing as even, steady learning. He's sheltered. He doesn't know some of his things are unusual and we'd like to keep it that way as much as possible. Regardless, I think my most important job is to help my kid advocate for his own needs. He needs to speak up if he wants to try something, or if he's feeling uncomfortable. I want him to feel confident enough to do that if he's in a setting without us. On feeling comfortable, a little story. I help a kid who is strong in a lot of skills. However, while his younger brothers worked on multiplication today, do you know what I had him do? Leap down number lines with a pencil. Not because he's not capable. Not because this was his best work. But today? He was tired. He had a rough lesson earlier with me. He needed to find the joy again. Watching him smile and enjoy himself was just as good for him as tackling those pesky fractions again. We'll get back to the fractions but having the brain break did him good.
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    When we lived in LA, I saw statistics from a homeless shelter for moms; they stated that 75% of their women had been raped while homeless, they made this shelter to keep the women and children safe. I taught their kids to read, and also worked with some of the moms. Some of the formerly homeless moms helped as volunteers in my group reading class. The kids actually learned faster than my inner city and middle class students because they had little to no guessing habits to overcome because they had spent so little time in school. I had originally thought that because of the trauma and little time spent in school that it would take much longer for them to learn to read.
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    Oh and I am committing the sin of buying gravy from the butcher shop.
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    And if your DH has ADHD, this is an exponentially bigger problem, including making sure what's asked is done correctly and without creating more trouble. Sigh.
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    I’ve been thinking I may have that now. Not found anything to help. Let’s share if any of us do!
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    You could show her a little video about the country or mountains? You could have an easy children’s book and have her read over a page about Sweden or mountains? It would be easier to do it orally but if you know she doesn’t do as well listening, you probably do want a picture or video, or something written, I guess? I think it is good to do oral questions/answers, though, it is good practice. But if she does better with written directions maybe it could be less of the time, or it could be moved to the end more. You might try to use an easier map too, if that might make a difference. Or go over the same map more than is called for. Or review the exact same information more than with your other child.
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    Has she already read the Asterix books? I remember enjoying those when I studied French. Books I've enjoyed: French Milk: Lucy Knisley My Grape Year by Laura Bradbury Paris Letters by Janice MacLeod Is she a Harry Potter fan? If so, Harry Potter a l'ecole des sorciers Regards, Kareni
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    Not piano, but I do use a pedal at work all day. I can wear a block-type heel, 1” to 1.5”. But there are lots of black dress shoes that are flats!
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    Eventually, a craft closet and a good table for handling those crafts. (A sink nearby is helpful if you go this route.) Open-ended supplies of construction paper, markers, glue, craft sticks, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, pompoms, safety scissors, tape, drawing and painting supplies, etc. Then add some drawing books plus books with paper craft ideas. Our kids spent hours on projects they found in our supply of idea books.
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    Oh brother, THAT lady. There are always a few of them.
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    I love, love, love my Roomba. Yes, I do have to empty it. Yes, I have to protect the piano from it (it tends to scrape furniture legs as the plastic slides across). Yes, sometimes I have to rescue a curtain or a charging cord I forgot to move before starting it. Still, I love it. We have Liz Claiborne Egyptian Cotton towels from JCPenney and really like them.
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    IMSIlver still has time to get things done for Christmas! She's currently in OK at World's but working away. The deadline IS close however! On the hair collection--don't comb it, but snip underneath the tail where it won't show. She's made many pieces for us--they're beautiful. For a necklace, she needs about a pencil's thickness of hair.
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    Yes, everyone is so busy, and if your kids don't do things togetehr it is hard to get the time. You are a fast walker, I'd not want to race you! I've never had it think I was running but I'm not that fast. Oh, that would be bittersweet, I'm sure it will be hard to let him go. I did get a little nap today and had a great workout. The gym was extra hot (no clue why) but I still did not overheat, I'm very pleased with that. At the end I walked 1.3 miles at an incline on the treadmill as I started early and worked pretty fast. I'm annoyed with the resting heart rate. It went up with the flonase and then went down 10 bpm after going off and I thought that was due to more cardio work and wearing it through bedtime but now it has been going back up. I don't get it. My endurance is improving. I'm tolerating higher heart rates. Pfft. I don't know if it is related to my sleep not being good. I'm trying something new for sleep tonight, fingers crossed.
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    I would love to, but it is $2 to send a postcard, and last time we tried, only a couple got thru. Please know I wish you all a happy holiday season!❤
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    They've actually brought in several humanities people at the main office in the past few years! They don't teach in the online school, but they are teaching and developing curriculum for the brick and mortar centers. 😊
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