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    After 9 years of homeschooling, I'm throwing in my hat (for now) and enrolling my 5 school-age kids into a really good charter school next year. At this point I feel like they will get a better education there than what I am able to give them. We'll see! I'm sad and excited.
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    I start nursing school on February 1st. My first pair of scrubs arrived today. Size medium! And they weren't even tight!
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    Well, I've finally reached veteran homeschooler status. I just bought a set of curricula that was already on my shelf. 😩
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    What I am most looking forward to about tomorrow is NOT being told to go vote. Or how to vote. Or what my vote means. Or how lucky I am to vote. I'm over it. I voted a week ago, leave me alone.
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    When my kid is on a stage, if he doesn't pick his nose it's a victory. He might be disassembling the microphone, but at least no fingers up the nose.
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    Just mailed DD's Governor's School application for this summer. Now, we wait. (The deadline isn't until December 5, so it will take months to get a yes or no back-but it feels good to have it DONE. And good practice for college applications.)
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    I love that we are a board where a mom posts a newborn picture just a few hours after birth. How sweet to be a part of a place where people know they are so loved, and want to share such a sweet moment!
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    We are DONE, people! Graduated the youngest on Saturday.
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    Yesterday, I submitted our education plans for next school year, for the first year we've had to do so, and they were already approved! What a relief to get such a major stress off my shoulders!
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    Woo I love this site. Much better and lots more information than the facebook groups I've joined. 🙂
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    Good luck with the start of nursing school SC! I would say knock'em dead except it turns out we nurses are supposed to knock'em healthy 😄
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    Proud of myself-I am a nervous driver, especially for interstate driving and unfamiliar places. Today, I drove DD to visit a college an hour and a half away-in a place I'd never driven, and interstates all the way. ?
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    I had to change my display name On sonlight, user name was catbrown here it is catsue Thanks for the link and the invite
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    Hiding in the corner with my chocolate......
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    DD13 is presenting her talk on Online Herpetology Instruction today at the state conference. ?
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    Hi Lori, We have been doing school for about two weeks. I continue to be so grateful for the help you gave me. History is so much more enjoyable and I also feel like we are both learning. I just ordered four of the Kids Discover Magazines which you listed as a resource. I think he will enjoy reading these on his own. We have enjoyed re-watching some of the Great Courses Ancient History & Decisive Battles lectures with Gregory S. Aldrete. We love him :) Thanks Again! Paula
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    Survived my first day of homeschooling two kids!
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    Hi! I see you stopped by to visit. Hope to see you around here, at least every once in awhile.
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    Aww you Girls! You sent me a showbag! ❤️❤️
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    Year-round schooling is really great....until you have to actually school year-round!
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    Squee! I got to see Bernie Sanders speak in person today!
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    I am hanging in there. Mourning the death of my oldest son.
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    Isn't it lovely when life starts falling to pieces right at the time you're already dealing with a bit of depression...
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