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    After 9 years of homeschooling, I'm throwing in my hat (for now) and enrolling my 5 school-age kids into a really good charter school next year. At this point I feel like they will get a better education there than what I am able to give them. We'll see! I'm sad and excited.
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    I start nursing school on February 1st. My first pair of scrubs arrived today. Size medium! And they weren't even tight!
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    Well, I've finally reached veteran homeschooler status. I just bought a set of curricula that was already on my shelf. 😩
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    What I am most looking forward to about tomorrow is NOT being told to go vote. Or how to vote. Or what my vote means. Or how lucky I am to vote. I'm over it. I voted a week ago, leave me alone.
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    When my kid is on a stage, if he doesn't pick his nose it's a victory. He might be disassembling the microphone, but at least no fingers up the nose.
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    HSBC has a Father's Day freebie (pick from the list). Go get something! 🙂
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    Just mailed DD's Governor's School application for this summer. Now, we wait. (The deadline isn't until December 5, so it will take months to get a yes or no back-but it feels good to have it DONE. And good practice for college applications.)
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    I love that we are a board where a mom posts a newborn picture just a few hours after birth. How sweet to be a part of a place where people know they are so loved, and want to share such a sweet moment!
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    We are DONE, people! Graduated the youngest on Saturday.
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    Yesterday, I submitted our education plans for next school year, for the first year we've had to do so, and they were already approved! What a relief to get such a major stress off my shoulders!
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    Headed to Gameschool Con 2020 tomorrow. This is our second year. We had a blast last year, so the kids and I are very excited! Come join us next year!
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    Video for DD's WCH talk up on the AL board thread 🙂
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    You know it's a good trip when, mid-water slide, your 8yo screams, "I love spending time with yooouu!" 😂
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    The community center officially opened registration for my Fall semester piano lessons today :)! It’s getting real...
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    Please keep DD’s cheer team in your thoughts this weekend. They are going into their last competition of the season, and one of their primary bases broke her arm yesterday, so they have to completely rework much of the routine. They’ll be working tonight, and then most of the team will be immediately leaving to drive to Destin.
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    Hey! Would you delete your quote from my post? I'm going to address this situation in my usual way and don't want it to get any nastier than possible.
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    Woo I love this site. Much better and lots more information than the facebook groups I've joined. 🙂
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    Good luck with the start of nursing school SC! I would say knock'em dead except it turns out we nurses are supposed to knock'em healthy 😄
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    Proud of myself-I am a nervous driver, especially for interstate driving and unfamiliar places. Today, I drove DD to visit a college an hour and a half away-in a place I'd never driven, and interstates all the way. ?
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    I had to change my display name On sonlight, user name was catbrown here it is catsue Thanks for the link and the invite
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    Hiding in the corner with my chocolate......
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    DD13 is presenting her talk on Online Herpetology Instruction today at the state conference. ?
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    Hi Lori, We have been doing school for about two weeks. I continue to be so grateful for the help you gave me. History is so much more enjoyable and I also feel like we are both learning. I just ordered four of the Kids Discover Magazines which you listed as a resource. I think he will enjoy reading these on his own. We have enjoyed re-watching some of the Great Courses Ancient History & Decisive Battles lectures with Gregory S. Aldrete. We love him :) Thanks Again! Paula
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    Survived my first day of homeschooling two kids!
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    Hi! I see you stopped by to visit. Hope to see you around here, at least every once in awhile.
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    Aww you Girls! You sent me a showbag! ❤️❤️
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    Year-round schooling is really great....until you have to actually school year-round!
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    Squee! I got to see Bernie Sanders speak in person today!
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    I am hanging in there. Mourning the death of my oldest son.
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    Isn't it lovely when life starts falling to pieces right at the time you're already dealing with a bit of depression...
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