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    Home. After 4 weeks and 5 days in ICU, my child is in his own house, where he belongs. Thank you for everyone who was praying for him or thinking of him. I'll update more later.
  2. 13 points Effectiveness of face masks - Florida Atlantic University study Importantly, uncovered emulated coughs were able to travel noticeably farther than the currently recommended 6-foot distancing guideline. Without a mask, droplets traveled more than 8 feet; with a bandana, they traveled 3 feet, 7 inches; with a folded cotton handkerchief, they traveled 1 foot, 3 inches; with the stitched quilted cotton mask, they traveled 2.5 inches; and with the cone-style mask, droplets traveled about 8 inches.
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    You can do it. And you should absolutely take the financial assistance that your parents are offering.
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    Mine takes one piece of kibble to the living room and leaves it in the middle of the floor. Every day. What's that about?? What does your dog do?
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    re paying for the manpower to implement resident-only restrictions Right. That's exactly what I mean by "will." If there's a will, there's a way. But at a cost. (It needn't not be police officers that do the enforcement, of course. But additional security costs, yes.) We want to re-open. But we also want to do it on the cheap. And we also want no impingements on personal liberty. And ya can't have it all.
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    My girl buries her (pretend) bones in weird places. We’ve found them in the couch cushions, in the nook of her dog bed, and even under *my* bed pillow once. 😂 Oh, and she buried it in my potted pepper plant...not the dirt in the ground beside it, but IN the pot. 🙄 and if my other dog is sitting in a spot she wants, she will start barking—not at him, but like something major is going on outside that he needs to check out—and sure enough, every.single.time. he jumps down and runs to the window to check out. She will immediately dart over and get in his spot. It’s hilarious to watch because we all know exactly what’s going on. She’s quite cunning.
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    Or people can just stay home and NOT get in big groups. Given the spike, that's the goal.
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    One of our cats and one of our dogs have a funny little partnership going on. There is a baby gate at the top of our basement steps, so the dogs can't go down there but the cats can. Athena (kitty cat) will go downstairs to the laundry room and get a sock, then carry it up the steps while meowing at the top of her lungs. As soon as Ollie (goofy lab) hears that meow, he drops whatever he is doing and sprints over to the baby gate. Athena then sticks her head through the gate and gives him the sock. He runs off excitedly to play with it, until I grab it from him and take it back down to the laundry room. This happens many times a day.🙂
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    And without masks. I don't wear a mask when I walk on my quiet street, and I've even met a friend on my porch where we sit more than 6' apart. But a crowd of people like that? Masks, people, masks. I am very much of the opinion that outdoor risk of spread is much lower than indoors. But it's still far from zero, and the whole time + proximity thing when you're just standing around like that... outdoor air is also not magic fairy dust that renders you immune!
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    Also, just because a university is good doesn't mean what's going on in the athletic department has anything to do with the culture of the rest of the university. The other scandals of the last decade have proven that. Penn State, the USA gymnastics program, all the crap that happened at Baylor... None of the completely immoral crap happening in the athletic programs had anything to do with academics. I'm under the impression that generally athletics programs bring in so much money that there isn't much oversight from the universities at all, unless and until there's so much bad press it can no longer be ignored.
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    My dog likes to sit in baskets (like a cat). She has one particular basket she sits in and instead of facing towards the room, she faces the wall, and licks it. I'm not sure why that particular part of my wall is so tasty
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    The issue I see is not when the person who makes choices for themselves to not be in situations like that is that it's fine if they are equals, but if they are higher ranking in a field, saying, "I have this rule for myself" severely limits women's progress up the corporate ladder. For instance, Vice President Pence has that rule for himself. I'd be fine with him making that rule for himself if it didn't impact women working around him. But because of his position and the sensitive nature of much of the work, a heck of a lot of women are being denied job opportunities that shouldn't be. The Billy Graham rule doesn't just impact the man. It has real, severe consequences on women around them, who are limited by this arbitrary rule in a way that just isn't fair.
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    Upper body PT exercises call compound pharmacy go to compound pharmacy? 20 minute gardening work on camp lesson 3
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    Edpo! I ordered the last of the curriculum purchases today. I can’t quite get my brain into school mode yet, though, so I’m giving myself three more weeks of “maternity leave” before I finish planning.
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    Deserted island where you get to control who comes and goes. Since you will own said island you also get to be the Queen or president or whatever. Oh, wait! You said where should you live not what are my plans for 2021. My plans are the deserted island away from everyone except those invited, personally.
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    I think there is a difference in grasping the idea that bad outcomes can happen and putting rules in place to try to control and prevent those things from happening. I don't not fly because I might have a bad outcome and be stuck on the tarmac. I don't make sure that I have a tool box with me and personal mechanical training so that I can fix the plane if there is a problem. Yes, I take a bag of almonds with me when I fly because food service might be disrupted, but I don't travel with the ability to fix a complete meal. I accept that there are some things out of my control. I weigh what is a reasonable plan, based on the probability of something happening, and how much a plan will weigh me down. To me, putting rules in place of who my spouse or I can work with based on physical attributes or gender in order to reduce the chance that there was an extra-marital affair, thus perhaps preventing my spouse from developing a successful business, would be akin to not flying because of the low probability that I will sit on the tarmac without food because of mechanical problems. There is a difference in acknowledging, and accepting, that something COULD happen and it is out of your control and taking draconian measures to prevent it from happening.
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    Our Shih Tzu often (about 50 percent of the time) won't eat unless I put his bowl on the couch and sit down beside him. Our newest addition, who weighs 15 pounds, seems to think she can't fit through a doorway unless the door is as wide open as it can be.
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    My princess diva of a dog tried to thoroughly rub herself all over a dead frog this morning. 🙄 Also, she refuses to bestow nose kisses on me if I have displeased her in any way. And she touches her nose to mine and pointedly turns her face away to make sure I notice. 😆
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    One of my dogs does that, takes one piece of kibble to the living room. Drops it. Will then eat it from the carpet. Returns to his bowl and proceeds to eat the rest of the food w/o the need to move any of it to the carpet first. Maybe it's like that first sip of wine when you swirl it around and such?? I have no idea. We had a dog early in our married life who used to require her own chair when we sat outside. She was not allowed on furniture in the house, at all. But if we went camping, or sat in our yard chairs (those foldable camp chairs), she'd hop in one, every time. We ended up buying an extra rather than fight with her over it. Same dog as the food story likes to be toweled off after a bath. Whether he is the one getting the bath or not, he loves being toweled off. So, our other dog gets into smelly stuff.....a lot. She gets a bath. Both dogs get toweled after, because the first dog will stand there looking at you until you towel him. This started when our previous dog (a different one than the chair dog), who he grew up with, had bad allergies and needed frequent baths. She was a golden retriever, so had to be blow dried or she wouldn't dry fully in the humidity, and it made the skin irritation worse. This mutt LOVED that and would come and stand, waiting to also be blow dried and toweled off. He's ridiculously goofy like that. Same dog also can/will only enter through whatever door he exited. We have a dog door via the garage, which is open during the day. He uses it at will. But, if he follows you through the regular back door (in the living room), he will not return into the house on his own, and will instead sit at the door waiting on you to open it for him. He's a real weirdo of a dog.
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    Dh is bald and the only one in the house who uses a hairdryer. On his beard. 😁
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    I would wonder if you pulled a muscle in some area and it didn't hurt until inflammation? Maybe ice and heat would provide some relief? Chris - a thought - you might really prefer a rollator. I have one I LOVE. A walker is so difficult to maneuver and it has no place to sit. A rollator has hand controls to slow you down and provides a lot of control as well as smooth movement. It also has a seat. 😉 My insurance did cover mine. (I needed BIG wheels - we live in the country where uneven ground and gravel reign.)
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    Gorgeous day here and other than a sore throat, I feel fantastic & a high of 82. Coffee Garden Bible Make a landscape plan for the patio area for this weekend!!! (SO excited!) Home Depot for some roses Call EKO and get a replacement garbage lid. (Sigh) Laundry Repair the towel rack in the bathroom. Find my spring/summer wreath - really WHERE could it go?? Order a world map Repair a gorgeous frame I found on FB for a steal! I love summer. Love. Have I mentioned it lately? (Cold hits my spasticity making me practically useless. We raised my garden beds to my walker height so no kneeling and the summer makes me SO loose and comfortable.)
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    I did some things in my absence. I've set up a drive by baby shower for my daughter, and created a FB private group for attendees and non attendees (like family out of state) for live gift opening. I ordered some things. Dh teased me and said I was grandmothering. Or at least, that's how I interpreted his Spanish. Work has picked up. I opened up a couple of online immersion Spanish prek classes for summer camp, then opened a couple more, then a couple more...and a couple more. I can't meet the demand, and I won't wear myself out though. Gymnast wants to help me when I do the lemonade and the ice cream classes, too. That should be fun! She doesn't know that I'll pay her as my assistant. 🙂 I should go to bed now.
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    I don't think it's necessary to attribute Chinese failure to report to anything malicious (although there is clearly a track record of covering up mistakes on other issues, so I can't discount it either). A large city with multiple hospitals would need thousands of infections and dozens to hundreds of deaths in a short span before people put two and two together and got beyond "flu season starting early??" and realized this could be a new, unknown virus. It would easily take one to two months to get to that point--likely more if people wear masks, less if they're jammed into public transit unmasked. Wuhan is markedly larger than NYC (11 million vs. under 8.5 million people)--presumably with many hospitals & not necessarily with somebody scrutinizing respiratory emergency visits any too closely. It's a manufacturing area, so the increase might be at first attributed to air pollution. Since it's normal in many Asian countries to wear masks especially if you may have a cold, the R-naught could have been kept lowish for some time. So it could both be true that it was going around for a few months and that the medical establishment didn't notice.
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    That has to be someone accidentally putting the denominator in the numerator or vice versa or some other mistake. Given that the test gives false negatives a fair amount of the time, there's just no way that that can be true.
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    No I would not. If they were really quarantined for those two weeks ( not leaving the house, not having people come over, etc), then no I would not.
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    This. And just to say it bluntly, it may be that she had intended to stay in touch but is finding that she has energy only for the people who will be continuing in her life. I've had that happen with a couple of friends in the past--it made me sad, but I kind of understood it, too. It was like this: "I've moved away, and I'm establishing my life so it can be lived where I am. Between work and other responsibilities, I just don't have time to keep in touch with everyone in my past. I'll always hold you fondly in my heart, but I just won't have the time or energy to keep in touch." It was a little off-putting, but as I have gotten older, I have realized they they just had the guts to say what others effectively DID by ghosting or just letting things wind down gradually. It's hard to say what goes on in other people's hearts; I have trouble enough figuring out my own.
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    I used to have a job where I managed to go through 300 emails a day and not miss a beat. hahaha, now. This exact scenario you mention has happened to me a LOT during this COVID thing because so much more is being done via email than in incidental conversations after church or in conversations during a walk. And the other thing that I have found in myself is a fatigue in responding. I WANT in my heart to respond because I really do care about the person but with the shutdown, all that's left to talk about is the shutdown and I am sick to death of it. I have a phone call with a friend every week and we instituted a new rule about 3 weeks ago: NO COVID TALK. But then we sort of had to fish around a bit to start up again. And frankly, I am tired. This thing is wearing me out. So I just don't have the energy to respond to emails when I get them....and then they get pushed to the next page and ugh.
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    Wadley's complaint about his meal ticket is minor, though, compared to the complaints against Doyle and a few of the other coaches, which included frequent remarks implying that all the black players were "ghetto" or had been living "on the streets" before coming to Iowa, "joking" questions about them being gangmembers or criminals, mocking black players' clothes and speech, black players receiving MUCH harsher punishments for infractions that were either ignored or punished much less harshly when committed by white players, and the merciless bullying of a student with LDs, who was given a derogatory nickname and constantly called stupid until he gave up and quit the team. And to be clear, Doyle was not "fired" — his contract was bought out, and he will receive $1.1 million in cash plus full benefits for 15 months. Not exactly a "punishment" for 20 years of bullying and racism.
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    Still scrambling to catch up on my June work. I did get a couple of big ones done so far today. Kid2 finished her horse riding. Kid1 was woken up.... The kids' confirmation questioning has been postponed by the pastor until next Tuesday. So the kids don't really have anything to do, but I am too busy to do anything about that. Oh well. Still hoping to get to the laundry. Folks are working outside, tearing down our old shed that had been taken over by raccoons, and disposing of the huge amount of stuff that was in the shed, maybe planting some shrubs? I can't focus on that right now. Really need to make that to-do list I keep talking about.
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    Coffee! Just hosted a county road crew here--dd is working on our road, doing cold patch and delineators Did NOT pet the dog--she got skunked AGAIN! Laundry started mask sewing to do, but instead, I spent an hour looking up Chinese jump rope rhymes for our LEAD program need to walk--got in 13 miles yesterday! Dinner--thinking enchiladas need to defrost 3 refrigerators--I hate that job Sent a parent handbook to a prospective hs mom for LEAD Found out that Denver is still going to try to have Powderhorn for Scouts, so I paid my deposit
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    forgot to log fasting bloodsugars even though I washed my hands and then sat down with my meter. Sigh. My brain sometimes. . . fed Neko and Juliet premedicated Load #1 is already in the washing machine fed myself medicated myself medicated Juliet called compound pharmacy - they do have my prescription ready. (Phew!) did PT exercises - upper body made bed showered and dressed brushed teeth Load #1 in the dryer
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    Of course people (individuals and corporately) take certain precautions. This is why most businesses have big windows on conference rooms and even offices. But examples - from this thread - are things like not driving somewhere with a male coworker, and not starting a business with a female partner (are females only supposed to start businesses by themselves or with their spouse or with another woman?). Yes, creeps are everywhere. I have met my fair share. And I dealt with them. I told the person who would spank my bottom every time he went by, VERY LOUDLY to get his hands off of me and that the next time he did it, he would need hand surgery. (My female boss defended him and told me that he was from another generation and that I should put up with it. I refused.) I told the guy who used to comment every time he saw me on my bust size that unless he wanted me to go to HR AND make a phone call to his wife (who I knew) that he'd better knock it off. (He blustered about how I was too sensitive and I didn't back down and he did. And while I was at it, I told him to lay off from harassing other females in that office. And the other females thanked me for it.) I quit the job where a male boss kept propositioning me because in that situation I didn't have any leverage at all and retreat was the best course of action. Maybe now I would have more options but I didn't then. Marriages are built on trust and caring and attention to each other. A man can spend all his time at work with other men and still neglect the wife and family. And a man can choose to honor his vows even if he's working with women in the workplace - even if that woman is gorgeous and has risen in rank and experience and skills to be business partner material.
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    @Arcadia @square_25 @mathnerd @dmmetler My Happy Mask came. I like it a lot. I ordered two for my mom (most vulnerable of us so she could switch it out if needed) and one for my son. I think they would be especially helpful for people in a big city or with underlying health issues or both. In addition to maybe being light and comfortable for kids. the filter membrane must be directional , in breath is easier than out it seems to me ... I hope they are as protective for wearer as the site says!
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    Our dog leaves her back feet on the couch as long as possible when getting off. It looks like she is a slinky she has no mobility issues.
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    My brain just does not make the leap from 'it's not impossible for dh to cheat' to 'therefore dh should never be alone with a female.' By this reasoning, your dh should never be alone with anyone, because if you accept that anything could happen, you have to accept that he could have a fling with a male coworker as well.
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    I live by the concept posted above, but I detest the Billy Graham rule. I think the Graham rule does nothing but hurt and demean women. I can’t imagine not meeting with men 1:1 in a work setting. Not only would I not be able to be successful in my role, but my male coworkers wouldn’t be successful either. Not to mention, treating a males differently than females is illegal. But, anyway, I think the way to live out the philosophy above is to mitigate the impact of bad scenarios, not to focus on eliminating the bad scenarios. For instance, how to mitigate the impact of a marriage ending. What do I do? I make sure I can support myself and my kids, know our financial resources, and am capable to live independently if I ever need to. Marriages can end for so many reasons. Living the philosophy means I am set up to recover from my marriage ending or my spouse being disabled or dying.
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    Our dog, Winnie, likes to wear clothes; DD15 in particular often likes to dress her in a sweater. Right now, since it's been hot, the dog has been wearing a bandana that DD tied around her neck. If we take the clothes or bandana off, Winnie will get very excited that we have taken it away from her and will carry the item around in her mouth for awhile and will be very pleased if someone puts it back on her. Sometimes she will hold the end of her bandana in her mouth even as she is wearing it, which makes me laugh, because she looks like she is wearing a coronavirus mask. A few months ago, Winnie started a new tradition. After a walk, when she is ready to come back inside, she grabs her bandana or the neck of her sweater in her mouth and unnecessarily "carries" it back inside the house with her.
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    Good morning! Today is my oldest's birthday - ds is 25! Svengo! We had birthday breakfast and played the Epic Birthday Song. I need to make a Tackle List for the day. Think I can find Jeanie's post? Probably not - I'm too lazy. Finish meal planning grocery list. Put away jam in pantry (this involves some shelf organization and pantry tidying which is why I have been avoiding it). Practice mandolin. Sneaky Edpo - Avert yer eyeballs: Start Literature planning. Call horse camp place. Coffee!
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    Making part of the garden like this for me is on the many list of things to do. I really wish we could get our at least 6k back that we spent on the Reformation tour (with Oberammergau passion play that only happens every 10 years) which was our original 35th year anniversary trip (we really did nothing for our 30th), That way we could spend some money on hiring some people to do more work for us and things could happen faster. Although my dh is still in denial about how much I have declined.
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    Hey, just an interesting update from something I was listening to yesterday. If was on my Calm app and it was a class about Stoical Philosophy. The instructor was saying equilibrium is improved when you accept all things could happen. He gave the example of going on a trip; your flight may be delayed, you might get pulled out for searching by security, the food might be suspended, the plane might wait on the tarmac due to weather or mechanicals, etc. It is better, he was saying, to embrace and acknowledge that any bad outcome might happen. People who grasp onto the idea that bad outcomes can never happen in their case experience much greater instability when bad stuff happens. I thought about this thread and infidelity in that light, and I think, that’s how I think about it. I don’t think it’s likely but I don’t think it’s impossible for me to be cheated on, or for myself to be pulled away. We do know that external structure helps people do what they mean to do, and not do what they don’t mean to do. Seen in that light, self-parameters, like someone upthread called the Billy Graham rule (never knew people called it that, but it suits), are a good idea. I don’t think it’s wise for any rule to be upheld no matter what, like in the example of giving the woman a jump in the parking lot. That’s gettin’ a bit hair-splitting to me. But I can see where the general rule would be more helpful than not.
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    Well, but if people can't go to the beach, then out of towners aren't going to go to FL at all, and then partying at home isn't FL's problem. I wonder if they could limit beaches to locals. Require ID or something. Because I agree that generally opening up outdoor recreation for the people in a community is good, but encouraging people to travel to an area, and stay in hotels, and eat in restaurants, and use rest stops, isn't. Loudon County, VA just had an outbreak of kids coming back from beach week at Myrtle Beach.
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    It was on one of a zillion threads, how could you have possibly missed it???? You must be ignoring me on purpose :-P.
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    I think it was very brave of you to say anything. You were polite and direct, and she won't forget what you said. Well done.
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    Very possible. Neither my friend's work situation, nor my specific concerns, are about books becoming unobtainable or coercively removed, and it's unlikely (I opine) that they'd be deleted from electronic devices from a distance. Possibly altered; but I think not. What I think will happen -- is happening -- is that to purchase, search for, own, read, discuss, publish certain writings will be considered prima facie evidence that this person (and his family) is unhirable, unfriendable, unmarriageable, in all ways cancelled. On the heels of this is the day when this won't even be a problem, because it wouldn't occur to any good person to publish, read, etc. such writings. Nobody has to ban [writer] from libraries or bookstores: what place fit for decent people would carry [writer]? What fringe publisher would publish [writer]? Who would want to brazenly bring [writer]'s book to the counter, or put it in her Amazon basket? The only thing better than the Angry Mob coercing your behavior, is you coercing your own behavior. I've seen on TWTM people who considered themselves "liberal" in the non-political, genuine sense of supporting personal freedoms, say things like "It's only censorship when the government does it.... You have the freedom to say what you want, but nobody has an obligation to keep you on their payroll." How easy is this to transfer to our reading, especially when there's literally no way to obtain reading material now that doesn't involve an electronic record? I think I agree with everything else you say in your post (I feel like I should quote each of your sentences and say, Ed McMahon-style, "You are correct, sir!"), so I've just pulled out the only one I disagree with; and that only on the technical grounds that I don't think writers should be examined at all. I mentioned Edmund Spenser earlier. He literally, seriously, advocated genocide. I don't care. The Faerie Queene is beautiful and important and should be read. Ezra Pound was a literal (not the new sense of 'literal' but the old one) Fascist (not the new sense of 'Fascist' but the old one) and was nearly hanged -- probably should have been -- for his acts of treason. I don't care. His Cantos are genius and should be read. Louis-Ferdinand Céline was a Nazi (not the new sense...) collaborationist. Don't care. Jean Genet was a sexually depraved criminal. We have evidence that Chaucer was a rapist. Don't care, don't care, don't care. I think it's time we stopped examining the writers, and we know it's time because the examinations are becoming so silly. I advocate a salutary return to the "Well-Wrought Urn" school of criticism, until we all come to our senses. ETA: I see a literal guillotine was placed in front of Jeff Bezos's house. What fun! ETA2: Actually I also disagree with you that I know more about O'Connor than you do. Most people who read and enjoy O'Connor don't know anything about the IWW. Hey! FO'C trivia! Name a book written by her that doesn't show up in the Library of America Collected Works. Googling permitted.
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    I saw Andrew Cuomo on Meet the Press the other day, and he was talking about how the surge in cases in other states may delay opening in NY and other places. It only makes sense... but I wish we had a national response to this! If NYC is doing really well and is capable of opening restaurants, but they can't because they're afraid people from Florida will come spread the virus, it's just nuts. Perhaps the governors will create a national plan on their own.
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    Yeah, but trust me, a lot of people use "going to the beach" to mean driving an hour to say, Cocoa, hitting the beach, hitting restaurants, shopping, maybe even getting hotel rooms and crowding into those, etc. Not just families driving 10 minutes and spacing out. And the way the beaches are in a lot of places, it's all or nothing, no on there to check ID on the hundreds of people going in and out, plus that would cause lines/crowding which is what we are trying to avoid. Just closing the parking lots works better with way less manpower.
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