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    Update: This week has been a vast improvement over last week. First, her cat had 6 kittens yesterday, all fat and healthy. Second, she heard from the tea shop and they want her back next week. They're going to try an open the dining room up in a limited way. Apparently there was some kind of brouhaha at the shop and they'll give her as many hours as she wants. Who knows what happened and my dd doesn't care, she stays completely out of workplace drama and apparently management appreciates that. Third, she found out that her college gave her a $1000 a year scholarship for the Fall! It's absolutely amazing how fast things turned around. Last night she cried herself to sleep because she was so at a loss for what to do over the next 2-3 months, and now the path seems clear. YAY!
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    Colin Kaepernick tried. "They" told him he shouldn't protest like that. 'Cause you know -- peacefully, respectfully kneeling to bring attention to an issue is (somehow) wrong and unpatriotic and all sorts of other stuff. (Sigh)
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    MLK was vilified and shot dead. It doesn't matter who the messenger is. The message is what's objectionable. "ALL PEOPLE ARE CREATED EQUAL" remains a radical and unpopular idea. There is no 'right' way to protest. There may be one that leaves less property damage, and one that leaves less human damage (ironic that these are not the same thing), but there is no protest that receives universal praise/support. I can tell you, however, with certainty that our current 'leader' is ill-equipped to offer anything helpful or good.
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    Apparently there are enough differences between the brontosaurus and the apatosaurus that they are different species. I always liked the brontosaurus. . .
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    I don't know. I think the tendency (at least it is for me) is to assume that if one had chosen a different path things would be better now, even if you're already at least relatively happy with how things are. But of course that's a very risky assumption.
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    My post was from this morning before I learned of today's protests. I saw many videos on Twitter of people quietly standing/protesting when the cops suddenly start in with the tear gas and rubber bullets. 🤷‍♀️ I think today's protests are awful. But I completely understand the outrage people feel to see one innocent person after another be murdered without repurcussion. Then they try peaceful protests. That gets them nowhere. The protests escalate, and then they're told they should protest peacefully to get people to listen to them. It never changes. It never ends.
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    If someone came into your community, and knelt on one of your loved ones's necks, or friends or neighbors, and that person died. And the police came that very same day and arrested the person. Would you argue that they were rushing to judgement? Or would you agree that it was sensible for the person to be kept in jail while the investigation was ongoing? The protests aren't asking for Chauvin to be executed. They're asking for him to be arrested. Arresting someone when their identify is known, and there is videotape evidence of them killing someone, isn't rushing to judgement. It's the way it works in every crime that doesn't involve a cop. The standard for arrest in this country is "probable cause". Are you arguing that that standard isn't met? That based on that video you don't think that there was probably criminal wrongdoing?
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    My manager contacted me and asked me to return as the current cashier is not working out. She said no one can match me and she wanted me back. So I decided to give it a try. I'm not going back as a manager, only a regular employee. I'll be working on Saturdays 9:30-5:00 and 2-3 weekdays 3:00-5:00. I'm in my ED treatment program until 2:30 pm every day so I can't work more than 2 hours. She said she would take what she could get. I told her the topic of my ED was off limits and anyone who brought it up, I was going to just tell them I don't want to talk about it. I'll try to stay away from the one person who bothers me the most. So with that, I'm willing to give it a try. DH's work is reducing his pay from July 1st through October 31st so any income I can bring in will be helpful. I just hope they don't extend it past October. We can handle the paycut but not for long. Then we'll be dipping into our savings and I really don't want to do that.
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    My dd sent me this. Pity they stopped the video so soon. This is what happened after the video:
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    I'm so saddened by this. I grew up about a mile from where this took place and am now out in the 'burbs, but it is awful to see the injustice and pain in a place that is home. Waking up to news of many more fires and looting spread out over the city: large businesses, small businesses, apartments being built. Such devastation and so much hurt. “A riot is the language of the unheard.” MLK "King’s point, though subtle, is clear. He does not support violent tactics, including riots, but he argues that the way to stop citizens from rioting is to acknowledge and fix the conditions that they are rioting against." (Time Magazine Article)
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    I *do* want to know (not rhetorically) why an arrest is being delayed. It seems like the most normal next action to be taken after evidence of a crime is submitted, right? Is there some sort of due process going on? An assessment of who was/wasn't involved other than the kneeling officer? Time gathering of evidence? Paperwork? Warrants? Subpoenas? Is there a task force (we have one) that takes over the investigation of 'police serious incidents' -- who needs to proceed according to a procedure? Or is it really that someone is unclear whether criminal charges are the right thing here? That there is some appalling grey area around whether kneeling on someone's windpipe until they die might be considered some sort of non-criminal thing? I too want to know what the officers were thinking -- what beliefs and 'permissions' underlie these decisions, how they defend themselves to themselves -- so that those specific permissions and beliefs can be targeted and eradicated: if not from the whole human population, at least from LEOs. I too will refrain from claiming moral omniscience here. I too will welcome all of the information I can get. But I don't feel that I need to base all of my opinions and decisions on moral omniscience. My decisions are "Can I support or remain inactive if this does not lead to an arrest? If so, for how long?" / "Is this offense, based on our current understanding, egregious enough to engender public protest? If so, will I voice support? How? Will I participate? How?" / "At the next opportunity can I support or remain inactive while these forms of public governance and public service remain the same? If so, for how long? If not, what actions will I take?" To refuse to take moral actions based on a lack of a flawless data set is an ethically intolerable conclusion. It is right to blend anger and passion with reason and wisdom to arrive at an active, highly motivated, moral choice for one's self. It's not about judging an empirical sense of guilty/not for a specific crime. We exist in societies that have highly trained and nuanced systems to take that task out of the hands of mobs informed only by news media. That's well-and-good. It isn't the average citizen's job, and we don't need to rush to do it. But we have other duties. To confuse the burden of proof required for a legal conviction with the standard of evidence that ought to motivate our own moral conduct is a trap that leads to immoral inactivity. We are allowed to participate in public opinion. Our voices are a part of our agency. Conflating 'I can't judge flawlessly' with 'therefore I can't act on my best judgement' a temptation to evil. We should resist it just as firmly as we resist the urge to bay for blood without due process. The correct course is somewhere between the two.
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    We've seen the same thing in our small town, too. My husband went to Walmart early in the morning last week and even overheard one masked senior man say to another masked senior couple "I appreciate what you're doing" as they crossed paths in the parking lot. 😍
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    Goodness! I come on and there are babies everywhere! Congratulations to all moms and expecting moms! (Also, I really hope this isn't catching, because all I want to give birth to are books.) But in the spirit of that feeling, my sequel and I are through the first trimester, I think. I should hit 50K this weekend. I'm hoping for a 150K on this draft, so two more months to go!
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    I don’t think it’s true that most areas were prepared to open up after a month in terms of adequate PPE and testing. Heck, by that point here the largest hospital in the state couldn’t even test for flu, let alone the virus, due to a shortage of swabs, and we are a low case/death state. Now, had the federal government taken it more seriously and had their act together from the beginning, perhaps then the initial shut down could have been much shorter in many places or even not necessary in some pretty rural areas. But we started so far behind the curve in the US that there was no way it wasn’t going to be incredibly painful on multiple levels. And all the divisiveness now is likely also going to cause more pain and suffering of all sorts, compared to the alternative of having unifying leadership. Also, shutdowns varied greatly by state. For instance, manufacturing and construction never shut down in my state, as long as safety guidelines could be followed. A fairly wide variety of retail businesses were also allowed to remain open. I’m not sure I understand your point about work and contact tracing as people would still need groceries, household items, etc. Plus, prolonged exposure in indoor work environments is generally much riskier than being a store customer.
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    When the president of the US says that football owners should throw the son’s of bitches out if they kneel, and his rally goers there freak out in ecstasy, do we really think that we, on the whole, want true justice? I think we are screwed almost beyond repair, and will take so much more revolutionizing than this country experienced during the Civil Rights era. Why is the man who killed Floyd not in jail? The same reason the killer of Eric Garner walked free.
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    Well, I think the problem is that sometimes people just want to feel like they are being heard. This isn't a court of law. That video is horrifying. That is really all that needs to be said at the moment.
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    Did Mr. Floyd get a fair trial or was he given the death penalty after a mere accusation? Meanwhile...the killer(s) walk free. Did Mr. Cooper get a fair trial? Or was the hysterical caller given the benefit of the doubt? We can make judgments about who to believe while upholding the rule of law.
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    I'm too young to be a grandmother.
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    Dd17 was clinically diagnosed with Covid toes by her symptoms, and we're still waiting on two lists for antibody testing to confirm. What our doctors told us was that by the time you see the rash, the infection has already progressed for several weeks. That means the person is likely beyond the contagious stage and will probably not test positive for the virus. Reliable antibody testing (which may be hard to find, depending on what's available in your area) would be more likely to be positive. Not enough is known to confirm this for sure and studies are ongoing, but we were told we didn't have to do any more than the usual social distancing. The reassuring thing is this often appears in healthy teens who have no other symptoms. One possible etiology is that micro clots gather in the toes (or fingers, for some people) due to gravity. My dd's rash appeared at the end of March, and we believe she was exposed 2-3 weeks earlier. This also means we were living in close quarters (small dining table, sibling in a shared room and bunkbed). Dh had a month-long respiratory thing around the same time that required inhalers (he has asthma, but has never needed them for that long since I"ve known him) and dd14 and I had short, low grade fevers, sore throats and very mild coughs, really more like a recurrent, very minor choking feeling. I wish I could tell you if it was Covid, but since none of us can get testing I don't know for sure. Treatment was just steroid cream to reduce itching and inflammation. Some people have a lot of pain, but for dd17 the worst thing was being so itchy she couldn't sleep. The steroid cream did help with that. After the discoloration spread to its maximum extent, her skin began peeling. Her dermatologist said based on what they see with other viruses (since Covid is so new) she'd expect all the symptoms, including the discoloration, to resolve within three months, so it does take a while. Mostly I want to reassure you that your family is probably just fine, that the contagious stage is in all likelihood past for your son, and basic social distancing may be all you need to do. What your doctor says and how things are managed in your area will certainly impact the recommendations. I know your boss has not complied with basic social distancing. It's such a pain being around people like that, since we're all more protected when everyone's doing it. ETA: dd17 had telehealth visits with the pediatrician and a dermatologist. My other daughter's allergist did not want to see us in the office while this was going on, so if teleheatlh is an option I'd probably go for that.
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    You are aware that this standard is for a court of law, not for the court of public opinion, yes? Or the court of "the cops wanna take you down", for that matter. Worst that happens to these murderers is they get locked up. The man they killed is already dead.
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    This is everything that's wrong - what possible explanation would make this ok for you? I don't even want to know honestly.
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    I was wondering how you were feeling about the situation. I'm glad you are focusing on your age and not hers, though. ♥ Just think, you will have the energy and body to be the "fun" grandma. You won't be remembered just by your old people smells and walking cane. It'll be your great-grandchildren who remember you that way! FWIW, I had two great-grandmothers who were alive until I was in my 20s. They were both great and spunky. I think being young grandmothers made them spunky great-grandmothers. So you model your future on that. You're on your way to spunky greatness! ETA: Oh, I see now you think she is too young. Put that out of your head. For most, a baby is the impetus to grow up, and they do so in grand fashion. She'll be fine. She has you!
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    My area is pretty much business as usual and there is a pretty low percentage wearing masks. My family and I are being careful so in some ways are probably low risk to others, however I do work in a hospital, with covid patients when they are there, so from that point of view I may be higher risk to others. I would like to participate more in supporting the economy. but honestly I just don't go anywhere or buy anything unless I absolutely need to because so many are not taking any precautions at all. An example of this was the ice cream shop. My dds and I wanted to go get ice cream so went to the store, and I was going to go in by myself with a mask on. When I got to the door the place was completely packed, no one wearing a mask, including the person serving the ice cream. I decided to wait outside the door so that maybe, as people came out, it would be less crowded and I could go in and order. As I stood just outside the door a number of people came up and just went past me and crowded in the small room. I left because it seemed there was no way of buying anything without waiting cooped up inside the small room, and it is tiny. I just wonder if there are other people like me, who are just not participating in the economy as much as we could be because it is not really possible in a sensible way. Could it make economical sense to do things carefully so that we would, or does enticing the more cautious to participate not make enough difference in terms of numbers? Wondering what others think about this.
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    Oh, that's not way too young. One of my aunts had a daughter at 17 and then my cousin also had a daughter at 17. My aunt became a grandmother when she was 34!
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    Just pick out a cute chic name. ❤️ She’ll learn. ❤️ She’s had a great teacher.
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    I've wondered about this question over and over again over the years because my decision in the 20s was such a fork in the road that changed my life dramatically. I chose to immigrate here and I was lucky I was able to. This was the only other place I have ever wanted to live even when I just had a hypothetical idea of what living here would be. It was more a wish and a hope. The first reason I even thought about it was incredibly naive, but put it down to an idealistic, book loving teenager ☺️. We had a British and an American consulate in my city. You had to pay for membership for the British library, the American library was free. In my mind, any country that had free books was magical, it just built from there. It sounds so stupid and simple, I just never thought I would ever get here but I wished just to visit. I never thought I would be living here for almost half my life now. The reality has been less than magical of course like real life is. A lot more complex and a lot of loss as well. I always struggle with missing my parents and brother. I don't think I will ever get over that. But if I could go back to that book loving teen who sat on the floor of that library and read those books, I would still make the same decision because it has given me a different life than one I ever imagined. Better in some ways and not in others. But I still love the library though I now know it is not "free". 😂
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    6 feet has never been the "you are totally safe beyond this distance" level. It's been a reasonable compromise that minimizes chances. Not eliminates it.
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    One big thing I wish I would have known/done differently was to INVEST starting with my first part time job at 16. Even small amounts 30+ years ago would have really added up. I did great at the Dave Ramsey stay out of debt and have an emergency fund (and those things made going through the arrest of my then husband, divorce, moving, etc all so much easier) BUT no one really told me about investing.
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    Was this the phone appointment or did she actually see his toes in person? If not, I hope someone tomorrow actually gets to see his toes to make sure nothing else is going on. I would hate to think the kid could have something else too going on and not be able to get someone to see it in person and check it out for another two weeks.
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    DD14: "So what exactly do governors do when there isn't any coronavirus?" 😄 (Lots, certainly, but not much that she hears about).
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    I just hate stories like this, both because the poor children deserved so much better and because homeschooling is a complete red herring 😞
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    Ok so the court had a tent set up out front where they took everyone's temp and exposure history and then sent the three of them packing to come back again next month. So that's all good. Now we are patiently waiting for the phone call to let us know if they are positive. Luckily we are pretty well stocked here so we can quarantine with maybe one food delivery in that time. Otherwise we will pretty much take things one day at a time.
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    That is very fortunate. You understand that’s not at all how it was many places though, right? This is why opening is happening in different places at different times. At the start, we had little preparation and no plan, so the blunt instrument of closing everything was all we had. We will never know how it would have been different in places that ended up with low numbers if there had not been stay home orders. As they said at the start, if it worked, it would look like an over reaction afterward.
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    Reserving judgment is the job of the judge and jury and deciding what charges to file is the job of the prosecutor. Everyone here will concede to the murderers the due process and fair trial that they denied their victim. The chances of them being lynched by some vigilante are infinitesimally small. Again, unlike their victim. Claims of dispassionate fairness that overlook the very real power differential between white police defendants and the typical client of the innocence project are staggeringly off-kilter.
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    You'd have a pretty far drive to get to the action. I'm glad, by the way, that you can be so dispassionate and certain that there MUST be another side to the story, every time, even though the story has been told the same way over and over again for the past hundred years and change, and always to the same blasted tune. I'm all for keeping an open mind, but that doesn't mean we have to let our brains fall right out.
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    There are additional videos from local merchants and the officers' body cams showing more of what happened before and during. It is possible for reasonable people to render a judgment based on history and observation. I do trust what I see with my own eyes. Sadly, the side that "ALWAYS SEEMS RIGHT" always seems to be the LEO. Why is that? The other side is DEAD and cannot speak. No one is asking anyone to join a mob but to exercise some discernment.
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    And honest to god, how often do the cops that act like this actually end up in prison? I’d guess that a big portion just get a job in a different city. And how many times have they gotten away with atrocities because they weren’t caught on cell phones or body cams( which amazingly often aren’t turned on or working when things get iffy) But I totally agree that we should give everyone a fair trial. Even child molesters and serial killers. We do that because this is the USA, and it’s an integral part of us. It’s not for them. But I also know that it’s also ingrained in us as a nation that POC aren’t as deserving of the same things “we” are. When skittles, hoodies, sitting at a lunch counter, loose cigarettes, and fake $20 bills can get you killed in America and we debate it over and over.
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    (((Renai))) we will pray for God's provision in all the ways. The Lord will provide booyah!
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    Those cops and the man they murdered do not deserve your reservation of judgment.
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    Coffee! Trash out talked at great length with a Scouter friend. We're trying to help a low income troop down valley, and deal with a Scout who is trying to bounce between troops rather than actually do requirements. Grrr.... laundry started need to water seeding need to walk need to write kids need to sew--some ironing of masks is done dinner is going to be a collection of the PILES of leftovers in the fridge! may get brave and plant the petunias. It MIGHT stay above freezing at night??? drag myself through more lonline Scouting training--ugh!
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    Last year at this time, we were visiting our oldest who is a PhD student in Connecticut. He was fascinated by dinosaurs for much longer than your average kid ... he planned to be a paleontologist until he was 14 years old and would (daily) keep me abreast of all new developments in the paleontology world. Well, he left that behind and moved in a different direction in evolutionary biology. While we were visiting, we took a trip to the Yale Peabody Museum as a trip down memory lane. M became so excited when he read about this debate and the rebirth of the Brontosaurus. My then 25yo son was back like his 5 year old self (who used to school the docents at the Field Museum.) I thought he was going to join the school group's field trip. 😁
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    That's not true! You're both!
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    Your son’s doctor thinks that? Or your doctor? If it’s not your own doctor I would still contact him/her because they might have a different opinion about testing.
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    Continue deep cleaning kitchen clean floors dust bathroom buy paint dinner ? exercise move Drive stuff to usb port devotions read
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    And let us not forget January, which felt like a million years.
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    Remember a couple months ago there was a study saying that people with blood type O were less likely to have Covid symptoms (or less likely to have severe symptoms)? I was wondering if any more research had been done on that (not really) and came across info that people with A and B blood are around 50% more likely to have blood clotting issues than those with O blood. That’s a big difference! And since they are finding blood clots in the lungs of Covid patients, and with the Covid toe thing possibly being clotting-related also, maybe there is something to it?
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    I’d see if you can identify the pattern and then look on eBay to see if the pattern is in demand. We do a lot of antiquing and it’s shocking to see full sets of china for like $50. Which means they probably paid like $25 to acquire it- at the most. But there are some patterns that are collectible that are worth the effort to sell. If your pattern isn’t collectible, I’d either donate it or yard sale it. I hope it’ll be one that folks still like to collect.
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