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    I have been absent from the boards so much, and I've really missed keeping up with everyone, and the general chatting. I feel like my life is insane right now, and I just don't have much down time. We have had so much going on - some good, some not so good. I hope to get back in some sort of routine of visiting the boards again. It's that time of year when I need some Christmas ideas! 😜
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    NOW is the time to break out your therapy light box!!! I've been more and more exhausted, grumpy, and plain miserable lately and finally realized that although it is still super hot and humid here in florida the days have already gotten shorter. Yup, my SAD is flaring up, bigger and better than ever. So I half heartedly got out the light box but forgot it has to be within 2 feet of your eyes, and so just set it on a shelf in the kitchen and it didn't do squat. Today is day 2 of having it in the right place, and I'm hoping the end of my "must hibernate! Leave me alone so I can eat ALL the food and then hide under a blanket until spring or I will bite your head of" phase.
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    I’m half the woman I was a year ago. Well not exactly. I was a size 16/18 this time last year. Today I slid on a pair of size 8 jeans and packed a size 8 swimsuit for vacay. 210lb down to 153lbs. All I need is 9 more pounds to win my HealthWage. I think I’m going to just barely skid across the finish line on time if I stay on track. But regardless, I’m very happy my hard work has paid off in better health and a better self image. I’ve learned a lot about food, exercise, metabolism, and friendship this year. It’s been hard as heck but worth it.
  4. 9 points I thought many here would appreciate this article, yes, our bodies change in menopause, as with any other menopausal symptom I'm sure it affects some more than others. After my last baby weaned it took years for my cycle to line out(could have also been related to the effect of thyroid disease and getting doseages correct) and I thought it was perhaps peri but it seems I'm fairly regular now so maybe I've still got awhile. However, I like to keep a mind to what is coming so maybe I'm a little more prepared. Bottomline you will have to eat less, strength training and high-intensity training can help. Strength training is so important anyway as we age, we naturally lose so much muscle mass as we age that we have to work to stem the tide.
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    👋 One-and-done makes the baby stage shorter.
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    It's okay - I was just coming to announce that if there's going to be this many of us, we should just go to the island. I'm a terrible hostess and we're going to need staff. So, the more the merrier! (Plus, there's always the cave of isolation for those of us who need it from time to time....)
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    Good morning! We got second sleep, then the kids gave us eleventy billion cards that they made for us for our anniversary. Hafta go grocery getting, then we're going to spend the day playing board games in our pjs. It's going to be a good day.
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    Honestly, this just annoys me. I guess it’s based on some website algorithm or something but here’s what happens: I go to Thred Up (or Shutterfly, Michaels, whatever; lots of retailers do this) and I make a purchase. Might even be a fairly large purchase. In the case of Thred Up, I wanted to get some office clothes without spending a fortune, so I bought several items. But now that I have done that, they are *bombarding* me with deals and emails! Shutterfly also famously does this. Like I said, I’m sure it has to do with the way the marketing algorithms are designed. But it gets on my nerves. I want to write back, “I just spent $XXX there and I’m *good* now for a looooong time!” It’s kind of like the Kohl’s cash or CVS’ Extra Care Bucks. Same thing...”now that you’ve spent money, please come back and spend more money!” 🙄
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    Yes, and I love how Amazon thinks that since I just bought something, for instance, a toaster, I must now be stocking up and so they show me every other toaster, too. Nope, Amazon, I’m good for toasters now.
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    So.... I’ve been the boss in this situation. My team moved up two floors a couple of years ago. It was a sudden relocation and happened while one of my employees was out on sick leave. The construction guys were building cubes right up until the afternoon we had to move and yes - you guessed it - they ran out of walls to finish. Because my employees are important to me, I did exactly what happened to you - the employee out on leave shared my office when he returned for about a month while we waited for parts to show up. It wasn’t always easy, but it was better than putting someone on a folding table in the hallway, which was out only other option. Just to say - your boss is making room in their space for you because YOU are important to them. I guarantee there were other options that your boss found unreasonable (that folding chair!) for a valued employee. I am glad you are feeling better!
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    I already said I"m in NJ, but I'm also originally from NJ and have never lived more than 30 miles from where I was born in NJ. Except 3 semesters of college in Fort Worth, Texas. And sorry ladies, but I have NOOOOO desire to ever go back to Texas.
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    From, originally? Wareham, MA From, most recently? York, PA Currently reside? Tampa ❤️
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    I was talking to my doc literally the other day about my weight goals and she told me point blank that if I want to look good and have muscle tone - my clinical ideal weight no longer accurate in her opinion & is not actually ideal or realistic. That if I want to do cosmetic things she can make it work looks wise (to reduce the aging appearance) and will be glad to take my money, but the better thing is to be okay adding 10lbs to my weight bc it will do more for making me look and feel good. My goal is 130/135 and she says I can get it, but it won’t look as good on me as 140/145 and it will be a constant battle to maintain that 130 AND have muscle tone. antidotally, myself and several friends have taken care of older people somewhat frequently in our lives and will say maintaining the lower ideal weight line is no longer ideal starting at about 55ish in our opinion. We’ve seen many older people, especially women, who with a bit of cushion room would have been better able to handle physical therapy and illness but when a 60 yr old gal comes in with the flu or bc she broke her hip slipping down the step into her house and she at 5’6” and 120lb - she’s likely going to lose 10lb. And she literally doesn’t have it to spare and no muscle tone either. It just adds one more negative factor to recovery. She’d have been far better off to have 10 or even 20 lbs more weight, preferably muscle, but even not would have been helpful. Otherwise she has no fat stores to work from and no muscle tone to protect and assist those more fragile bones.
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    Bottom line is that deregulation killed PGE’s incentive to be proactive and even to serve ‘difficult’ communities. For some essentials we actually do need regulation to make sure that health and safety are preserved and that ‘difficult’ communities are served at all. I’m fairly conservative, but free markets are red in tooth and claw at times, and that makes them inappropriate for some essentials.
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    I am home. Four hours there. Two hour meeting. Four hours home. I love camp.
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    I am back. I have not ketchupped, but it looks like a good time was had by all in my absence, Book club went well this morning. I made yummy pumpkin bread and was a good girl and kept my snarky petty comments to myself. Took the girls shopping in the Big City this afternoon. Got some long sleeved stuff for them and boots for the little girls. It was a nice afternoon. I enjoy spending time with them. They are really sweet.
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    Poor Lynn - wondering how on earth she got herself into this massive ITT Retirement Home situation!
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    Morning, Happy Sunday. Dh and I both were feeling icky yesterday so we didn't do anything for our Anniversary. I ran out and picked up food from Applebees for dinner when I had to go take care of the animals at the science center. We'll go out to dinner next week when we feel better and more able to enjoy it. Today it's is raining buckets. It actually woke me up, but not until later in the morning so I still feel like I got a decent amount of sleep and I feel pretty good. Hopefully the massive amounts of emergen-C, Vitamin D3, Elderberry gummies, and fluids I'm taking will kick this cold fast. I have to run out to the AFSA today and possibly a grocery store as well. Work on classes for tomorrow, plus 4-H Robotics. I have to do a presentation on record books for the new club.
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    Central North Carolina (for 20 years, but I'm a Connecticut Yankee by birth and it seems to be permanently embedded in my constitution. [Get it? 😄]) Take a number, darlin'.
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    I love everybody’s successes! We took what felt like a big step here the past few days. We are working with DS on tolerating a different set up for his vent that would be better for his heart and lungs. But it means he can’t talk once he’s plugged in, and that feeling is very triggering. So, he and I sat together and built a vocabulary set in my favorite AAC app that has all the things he might need to say when he wakes up in the night. Making it was fun, my kids were, for once, impressed with my skills! And he’s been using it, even in the night! For now we’re just pretending he can’t talk, we haven’t made the changes yet, but his pattern right now is he sleeps about 2 hours then is awake about an hour, then sleeps again, so we have lots of chances and he’s been using it! Interestingly, there are things I have encouraged him to say for months with no success, that I optimistically put on buttons and he’s said them too. Somehow maybe it sunk in that I really do want to know about these things if I made a button
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    Good morning! I got second sleep. I think I will watch church online today. I really want to go to my friend's church and check it out, but I haven't even gotten off the couch yet, except for coffee. Lentil tacos for supper. I should stop by HEB sometime for some produce, but I don't know if I will.
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    Good morning! Happy Reformation Sunday! We got to church at dark o’clock because dd16 & ds14 are playing in services. Dh and dd13 are probably backpacking out by now. Hopefully their stuff dried out a little overnight. Ds14 has orchestra rehearsal this afternoon. Coffee!
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    I actually think there are some benefits to having a small toothless monarchy also, and although I voted for a Republic in the referendum decades back, did not like the Presidential options on the table at all. Maybe if we could thin the monarchy right down - Elizabeth, Charles, Wiliam, Kate and children, and treat them as a sort of Governor-General or Governer-genera (plus family)l in waiting. Idk. But yes, I do see where you are coming from - I don't want to import US style Presidential politics into the AU system either.
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    It was a rush job. Might make some modifications before our Halloween party. Sonic and Tails. I made the pants & hat on Sonic. I made the chest on Tails, ears, and tails. I didn’t have time for boot covers and I ran out of blue fabric. Unfortunately Tails looks a lot like Pokémon but Ds didn’t want the version that wears googles. I might add some whiskers and we need to add more filling to the tail if possible. It was a huge pain with the narrow opening. Kids entered a costume contest at the comic store. I signed them up for the team category but they said they could enter individual as well. I’m not sure when they reveal winners but it was just fun to enter.
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    I adore the Sansone programs. It’s very effective and low stress (both physical and mental). Also, just walking is effective. Doesn’t have to be a race. Just walk.
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    I am struggling with my weight a lot at 51. I am working at being consistent with yoga and strength training, but I also need to work at acceptance. I do notice that a lot of women my age who lose weight and are thinner, they do look older in the face and especially the neck.
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    I weeded. I swam. I’m drinking coffee.
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    If you think that Republics are the same as Dictatorships, you don't know much about either one. As far as the U.S. is concerned, the president has far less authority than people think he has. The authority he has is nowhere near the power that a dictator has, and to say otherwise is extremely disingenuous. If you think a monarchy is a good thing, than live with it and let them live their lives. Don't say that some monarchs are OK but those you find annoying should leave the country and get on with their lives. I think monarchies in today's world are crazy, but I'm not going to pick and choose those that I like and say that they can stay.
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    Even if you were a home owner that decided to opt out and go only solar and alternative energy, your home would still be at risk if you are anywhere near a fire zone. You wouldn’t be able to get fire insurance since many insurance companies are dropping people in those areas. Your neighborhood grocery would have no power whenever the wind blows. Your schools would be closed. They are essentially forcing people out of the area to the point where PG&E won’t have any customers in some areas. And then go ahead and try to get them to maintain their equipment....won’t happen. What benefits the people as a whole is not the bottom line. Look at insurance companies and pharma. The patent for insulin was $3 total because the scientists that discovered it knew it would benefit everyone. What’s happened since then is what the same thing that happens to college textbooks. They tweak it slightly to get a new patent so that they can control the price. Capitalism is the best system out there, but it requires constant checks and balances and lobbyists are ensuring that doesn’t happen. At this point, people need a lobby.
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    Me. I’m in the middle.
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    They sell Godiva chocolate. I’ve used my Kohl’s cash for that on more than one occasion.
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    THe thing about how the weight looks is interesting - I really notice it with actresses, they get to middle age and they clearly have to make maintaining a very low weight a priority, but to me it makes them look old. I think it was Zsa Zsa Gabor that said women in middle age have to choose between their face and their figure - maintaining a low weight to stay very thin means they will look older in the face, and maintaining a weight that looks younger in the face means they won't have the figure of a very young woman.
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    True. I thought I was going to be one-and-done after dd25. I had no intention of ever getting married again. It's kind of weird to think about what life would be like if that were the case.
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    I’m so sorry, Jenny. I think most people would be uncomfortable with that arrangement. 😞 But maybe it will work out great in the end, and you and your boss will end up becoming great friends as a result and your boss will see up-close how smart and competent you are. It could be a blessing in disguise! 🙂
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    I feel better but I do wonder if I may have a fever because I'm sitting here sweating. Hot flash maybe? Yuck. I find it fascinating that about 1/2 of us on this thread are in the hot flash/peri/menopause stage and the other 1/2 are in the pregnant/breastfeeding/newborns stage. Anyone here not in either of those? Maybe just the - my kids are slightly older but not so old that I'm old yet - stage? That stage was really short for me since I had the last two in my late late 30's. Does any of that make sense?
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    I'm dressing Christmassy for church this morning because Fall isn't stretchy enough.
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    I think the other thing you need to realize is that the more you disengage the more he will deliberately try to get you to engage in unhealthy ways.
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    Time to make the coffee.....
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    Dave and I have insomnia. Or maybe what we have is interrupted sleep. Seems we both have had nightmares the last two nights, the kind where you wake up and try to shake it off, then fall asleep and it continues. 🤨 So tonight we didn't fight it and got up to have a shower and some tea. (The beverage. Chamomile, to be exact, you dirty-minded folk. 😁) I think this might be my body's way of beginning to prepare me for surviving on snatches of sleep once there's a newborn in the mix.
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    It is. Thanks to the springboard @Kareni and yourself provided with that elusive letter 'e' vintage author, I think I'm going to try an Edmund Crispin and E.C.R. Lorac I will do. Yes, we're staying in the same town (makes things so much easier). Adding my thanks here too, for the links you share each week; and, for mentioning that book, it has become one of my favourites for this year. You're review is just confirming why I don't feel inclined to listen to that book in the series. Here's my review for At Home in Thrush Green Bk8... Dorothy Watson is not a favourite Thrush Green dweller for me, and she features quite a bit in this book along with her annoying brother and his wife, so that made this a barely 3 star read for me.
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    We are at the awards ceremony for the kids' Martial arts tournament; lots of folks from Texas here.
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    To start with I did not track calories as I ate or weigh my food. If I was eating the right thing, that was good enough for me and saw results. I did keep ballpark track via My Fitness Pal and my calories were always 1000-1400. Keeping in mind that menu doesn’t show the use of coconut or olive oil, real butter or Avacados - which packs a lot of good fat calories. After my plataeu, I sat at 165 for a month without weight or inches change, and I have the wage timer ticking, so I kept up my walking but removed all muscle training and cut my fat. For the last month my calories have been around 800-1000, I added B12 and Bcomplex shots every week (which is added to my daily supplements like C, D, multi) and made sure I got more sleep. Which for ME is not harmful in any way and only temporary. This broke my plateau and has gotten me on track to at least have a chance to win my healthy wage. Without the wager, I would have taken a slower approach and I’ll revert back to that slower approach once I win it next month. Keep in mind that: The menu doesn’t show added fats like the olive oil the mahi is pan seared in. Or that I could pour butter on my broccoli. Likewise it was no big deal to adjust it without those fats to trim cals temporarily. You cannot muscle train and lose weight on calories less than 1200. It takes fats and proteins to build muscle and it weighs more per inch. So if you try, you’ll plateau just like I did. Without the wager issue, I’d have instead added calories to accommodate the added muscle needs. Which is what I’ll do after I win. I’m no expert, but I think good supplements are vital to anyone. If you body is getting plenty of water and plenty of nutrients, it is a lot easier to manage cravings and reduced calories. And it helps with mood and stamina. And again I am no expert but I’ve spent a lot of time with them this year. Seek good ones who care about your health and your goals, in that order. The second I went in with a deadline, they came in two deep to discuss my mentality behind it. LOL Nothing I’ve done is without the guidance of a reputable doctor. I highly recommend seeking the advice of several for your own situation bc what works for me isn’t for everyone. It wasn’t even something that would have always work for me. I try to always eat a little something when out if possible, but yeah even not eating everything attracts attention no matter what I do. So does not drinking alcohol or not eating desserts. I just change the subject and move on asap.
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    While we don't do 🎅 related stuff, to show you another example of my love of all things Christmas, here I am at our work trunk or treat. Guess who I am!
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    I hope you'll enjoy the book, Negin. There is also a blank map form at the end of the book if you wish to make your own map and send it in for possible inclusion to the associated website. I was surprised at the variety of maps-- some were quite simple, others were works of art! Regards, Kareni
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    In a general sense, I think this is one of the problems of capitalism and free market systems. They prioritize profits in the moment without considering long term needs and public good. And we've pushed for more and more things to be run this way. And things like this are one of the results. Lots of things are cheaper now... but less sustainable, borrowing from the future. Obviously, if the investment in the future is so high that it wrecks the economy, that's not going to help anyone long term. But if all we do is allow these immediate profits for the investors and the cheapest prices for the customers, then eventually it will crash in various ways and we'll pay for it then - possibly catastrophically. Maybe this gets too political, but infrastructure was the *one* thing that both sides of the aisle have promised and not fully delivered on at all. So yeah, no one wants to pay for the new bridge, but you also get angry when it collapses or closes. If we don't make our grid more capable of using alternatives like wind and solar, we're going to be screwed long term.
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    There are two ingredients in NyQuil that help you sleep. In the liquid formula, there is alcohol and the antihistamine doxylamine succinate. The capsules just contain the antihistamine. This antihistamine is also found in sleep aids like Unisom. I believe NyQuil also contains a painkiller and a cough suppressant, neither of which make you sleepy. The ZzzQuil liquid also contains alcohol, but a different antihistamine, diphenhydramine HCI. The caps just contain the antihistamine. This antihistamine is also found in Benadryl, which makes some people super hyper and some people sleepy. Antihistamines affect everyone differently. There is no guarantee that you will react to the antihistamine found in ZzzQil in the same way you react to the different antihistamine found in NyQuil. Make sense? If you want something similar to the antihistamine in NyQuil, I would try Unisom or (better yet) a generic equivalent containing doxylamine succinate. Or an alcoholic nightcap. 🙂
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    Wow. That is a whole lot of judgement and negative assumptions about people you don't know.
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    I think this is a gross generalisation. A good friend of mine is a professional actor of great skill. He seeks no more publicity than is required for finding work. He is one of the kindest, most sincere people I know. His livelihood depends on his portrayal of other people, not himself.
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