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    The idea that millions of people — people who are working 40-60 hours a week, not lying around doing nothing — should be forced to live in abject poverty, go hungry, and forgo needed medications and medical care, so that businesses don't have to cut their profit margin, is a concept I have a hard time wrapping my head around. If the only way a business owner can earn a comfortable living is by exploiting the labor of people living in poverty, then maybe that businessman is the one who needs to "find a better job," not the poor guy who's working for $7.25/hr and depending a food pantry to feed his kids.
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    My assumption, when we talk about a "living wage", is that we're assuming a 40-hr work week. So no, your college freshman, your SAHM who wants a little extra cash, your granddad wouldn't get a "living wage" because they wouldn't work that many hours. But if you DO work that many hours, then you ought to be getting enough money from your FULL TIME JOB to live off of.
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    Dd8 asked for a piece of chocolate after her spelling test. When I asked her why, she immediately said, "Because one of my words was 'hungry'." Makes sense to me. I let her have a piece of chocolate.
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    Really push on her that since what she is looking for is social opportunities, the closer school gives her a better chance of making friends that live near her, that she can hang out with on the weekend, go to their house after school to study, etc. The further away school that won't be nearly as much of an option and she risks being left out of a lot of stuff. I think if you explain it that way she's more likely to be okay with the closer school.
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    I wouldn't feel bad about the fact that some of your credits are old. I'm sure there are plenty of college students who can't remember large chunks of what they learned just a couple of years ago, and they're not questioning whether they "deserved" their degree. If you feel like you need to update your knowledge, buy a cheap used textbook and read through it, instead of going through the hassle and expense of retaking a course you don't really need.
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    I would not bid more than my dh set as his budgeted amount. And I would definitely wake him up to let him decide whether to bid higher. My relationship with my son is very different than the one I have with dh. Our ds is an aspie too, and still needs scaffolding. When I am getting involved, I try to ask myself whether what I’m doing is helping him move forward or whether my actions are mostly for my personal comfort. For instance, ds still needs help prepping for a job interview. Helping him moves him forward. His identity was recently stolen and we had to help him navigate the steps to take. One step was filing a police report. I went with him, but he did all the talking. Then he went alone to get the report and followed the steps to shut down the bogus account. It was hard to let him do all the talking because he didn’t recall every fact they were asking him. And hard to let him handle closing the account because the fraud representative was not nice. It would have been easier for me to handle it, but it’s not about what makes me feel good. Hope your son finds the item soon, and at a good price.
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    Where are these millions of unfilled jobs that pay more money??? Do you know what percentage of the American workforce earns less than $15/hr? 42% And it's worse for women — 56% earn less than a living wage. The average low-wage worker in this country is not a teenager — 46% are 35 or older. Saying all those workers should "just find a better job" is basically the 21st century version of "let them eat cake."
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    I am living dangerously and swimming in the sea. No worries, though. I am obeying all ITT regulations regarding dying.
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    According to this data, the living wage in the Washington, D.C. area is $84,000 a year for a family of four. That equals $40/hour! If everyone at McDonald's is going to be paid $40/hour so that they can make a living wage, the other salaries in the area will go through the roof. As will the cost of everything. Which will raise the cost of living. Which will then increase the living wage. It is a never-ending cycle than can never work.
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    In common parlance, I think it's obviously true that the terms "skilled" and "unskilled" have to do with formal training - whether through a licensing process like a plumber or through higher education. In that sense, being a housecleaner is definitely in the unskilled category. However, I think it's fair to object to the idea that housecleaning requires no skills or that people can't be better or worse at it or that experience level doesn't matter. And perhaps the very terms as we use them aren't so great and don't honor the fact that there's skill and improvement involved in a whole host of jobs that don't involve any formal licensing or education. In the other thread, I agree with Mergath that the primary objection was that people said that because it was unskilled labor, the lowest possible wage should be paid. Lots of people wanted to rightly dispel the notion that all housecleaners were created equal simply because there's not a formal process of acquiring the skill set to do the job and anyone can hang a shingle and do it.
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    Except our kids. Our kids are awesome. 😏
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    leave earlier than usual for coffee shop school call chiropractor and pray that I don't get the "bad" receptionist. yard work laundry paperwork send out camp meeting notice
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    I want to report that my 17 year old daughter, who I had to bring kicking and screaming through very gentle homeschooling, purchased Japanese and precalculus workbooks to do over the summer- all on her own.
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    Prayer request. I might get more hours as he's been misbehaving at night. I'd much prefer the morning gal take the evening shift and I work 6 mornings a week, but I'll take what I can get.
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    Good morning. Drinking massive amounts of magnesium (basically twice the RDA) is helping. Less pain and cramping. Better sleep. Better bloodsugar control. But more running to the bathroom. But that’s ok.
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    Amen. That how well your teachers are paid or the quality of the books used, etc etc is based on which school district you happen to be born in is ludicrous.
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    Well, we could stop funding schools (and related pensions) via local property taxes and instead fund them nationally (or at least state-by-state) by... oh, idk, taxing capital gains or moving the highest marginal tax rate back to where it was in the amply-lauded 1950s.
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    The other girl is sick, but yes, Thursday through Saturday.
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    That gymnast is such a sweetheart! ❤️
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    Gymnast wants to know what she played in your dream so she can start practicing it. 😂 I thought you go in tomorrow?
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    Good morning! Lots of things from yesterday's list that didn't get done... get morning chores done early leave for vet at 8:30 (one of my dogs is having some bleeding when he pees - hoping it is nothing major) school w/dd office work - I am way behind coffee date w/dh this afternoon make menu plan & grocery list order dd birthday presents dd violin lesson dinner: ?? maybe leftovers watch hockey tonight
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    I would call it helicopter parenting even for an early teenager.
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    I've been a community college professor for 21 years. I've taught scads of students from all walks of life and all types of education. I've taught students 15-75 years old. I've taught students who lived in their car, and students who were wealthy. I've taught dual enrollment students and hardened vets who have saw the ugly side of war. You name it, and I've taught a student like that. And the homeschooled kids are pretty much no different than the rest of my students. Really. Just as many of them fail, aren't focused, are rude to me, come to class drunk, etc. etc. as any other type of student. In my experience, they really don't stand out. And that's the consensus among the faculty where I've worked. I realize that there are all kinds of homeschoolers out there, and that community college is a different population. But it's a myth that homeschooled kids universally do well in college. Not at the two community colleges where I've taught. There I said it.
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    Remind her how left out she will feel if her school friends decide on the spur of the moment to do something together, even just hang out at someone's house, and don't bother to invite her because she's too far away. Seriously, it will be too hard to maintain friendships that far away, and if friendships are her main reason for going to a brick and mortar school it makes no sense to go to a school that will make friendships harder.
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    I would just cold call the dealership and ask to speak to the Sales Manager. Tell him your story, and tell him you want B to get full commission. If you feel this is a deal breaker, say so. B may be in training under T, and that may be why they're sharing commission. Even if the manager can't or won't change the commission policy, your positive call will draw attention to B's excellent customer service. That will help him in the long run. Just keep it positive. You don't want to bring him negative attention.
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    Took care of some summer camp registrations / payments / changes.
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    I´m pretty sure magnesium is why my headache didn´t escalate as it usually does into a 2-3 day migraine like it usually does. It was a full day long, but it stayed low-key.
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    We had them in my house while growing up. They are not harmful, but are super creepy, in my opinion. I hate them. I once had one come out of the wall where a tile was missing and skittle over my toes while I was taking a bath. I think I went from sitting in the tub to standing beside it in one impossible leap. #scarredforever When DD17 was about two and saw one for first time, she shrieked, "Too many legs, too many legs!!!" I had to agree!
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    Hi guys! Happy Wednesday! Lots of May 15 deadlines and I'm stressed out, but I did get some big stuff done. Done: Slept more or less like normal people. Kid 1 up to study for math quiz. Kid 1 fell back to sleep, so I gave her some advice for turbo studying .... Kid 2 up, kids fed, packed etc. Took out the garbage. Had to drive the kids to school again because they are putzy! This time they got a tardy for sure. I don't care! Some yard work. Mail brought in and processed. Cleaned the kitchen, bathrooms, and some clutter. Caught up on social media, news, emails. Prepared my bag & my kids' bag for our next TKD class. Completed 1 load of laundry. A little reading. Placed an Amazon order. Contacted kids' friend's mom re attending a summer camp with my kids. Completed 1 government report, 6 wire transfers and several emails. 2 coffees. Probably some other stuff. To do: More coffee. Pay annual tax for 1 entity. File nonprofit returns for 2 entities. Complete a number of financial reports due today. Complete registration for summer camp due today. Pay a payment for a July get-together that is due soon. Whatever else I'm forgetting! Get some other reports out / onto other people's desks. Kids' work. Maybe today they will have time for cleaning their rooms??? Cook dinner. I want spaghetti, but I don't know if my kids will eat it. They are crazy not to like spaghetti! Maybe do some more laundry? Kid 1 has gymnastics. Whatever else gets done.
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    Ha, we have them too! I squash them with no remorse if I can, lol. I've never seen them before in other states, but they seem to be all over in Ohio!
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    I will try that. I need something. This aging gracefully thing is going to be the death of me. Or, shall I say, “near death of me.” ITT rules and all.
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    Es.Tro.Tone. Seriously. (Helps with some middle-aged pee issues, too. But not infections.) (Oh, and it's "Estrotone, by New Chapter Organics. I was just using my "omigoshtheseessentialoilscureeverything cult-like voice." Except there's no essential oils. Just herbs.)
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    Good Morning! Happy... Wednesday! I woke up from a dream which included turkeys invading my sister's bathroom. :svengo: It was kind of wild.
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    Well, I've noticed recently that most of the doctors at our local clinic are now younger than me! And I remember when that peacock used to come on TV before a program and spread its feathers while the announcer said "In living color!" Only ours was not in color and I could never understand why!
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    Drop LEGOManiac @ work & PonyGirl for AP exams Wait for Gardeners to arrive for major work on trees and 12' bushes (they just arrived) Take my Kiina dog to the vet to be spayed, and have her rear shaved, to continue treatment for anal furunculosis, Work with kids on various projects, clean a bit, a bit of laundry, talk to my husband and try to figure out moving stuff (most of the day) Pick kids up... dinner... bed.
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    That’s pretty nervy.......
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    I haven't read the entire thread but I so agree with the sentiment that some people need help to see the possibilities in a visual way. I say this because a friend was house shopping. She looked at two houses in the same neighborhood. Both by the same builder, both with *exactly* the same layout. First one had the front room being used as a living room (there was a separate family room across the back of the house). Friend wasn't interested because she didn't want/need a living room. The other house had that front room used as a home office. Bingo! She needed a home office & could see the set up. Guess which house she bought? (It boggles my mind because I can imagine possibilities without seeing them, but her looking/buying was a lesson for me in that some people need an exact layout/staging to make them want the house.) For the quirky area, could you have one of those computer programs where you put in the room, then decorate it different ways? Then print it out each one & put them on a display board in the room to show the various possibilities like wilrunner has mentioned?
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    Where I live, adults supporting families have all the jobs. When I lived in a less populated area with a lower col teens worked fast food and some retail. Around here every job *does* need to be a living wage.
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    I was eating. And then cleaning up the kitchen. Glad concert went well. Glad surgery went well. Talking with Some People?? Svengo. You need some chocolate and a foot massage, Rocco, hop to!! I ate a lemon bar. maybe two.
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    I think you could just bring over a pot of dinner and tell them you heard there was an accident and you wanted to help out. It will be appreciated, either way. Even if you discovered there was no accident, it's still a nice gesture and will be meaningful to the family. I think it's very nice of you to want to do this.
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    Here in Aus the minimum wage for someone age 20 and over is just under $20/h. There is a scale to work out the wages for people younger than 20. Many jobs have an award wage. People can look up their job and check they are getting the correct wage. this system works fine. Sure things cost more in Australia than in America but mostly that has to do with location/transport not only around Aus but around the world and population numbers locally. I think it fine if we have to pay slightly more for things like clothes if it means that the people who make them get paid enough to live off. and it is good to buy a little less anyway - much better for the planet
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    Which jobs are specifically set aside just for people who don't actually need a job? Which jobs only hire college students whose parents are paying for tuition, or SAHMs just looking for a little vacation money, or retired people with well-funded 401Ks who just want a little something to do? You can't say "it's OK if some jobs pay ridiculously low wages, because some people don't need the money" if most of the people doing those same jobs need the wages just to pay for the most basic necessities of life.
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    The chart you linked specifically says those rates refer to TWO working parents, not one — so $20/hr, not $40. And you picked the highest COA in the chart. That same website lists $15/hr as the basic "living wage" in the US, and that is what most people are referring to — raising the minimum wage to $15/hr.
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    I'm sorry you're going through this. I had a few extended family members die in a house fire recently. They ended up cremated. Close family members were given key chains with their ashes. Another family member wants to be cremated and turned into diamonds. I'm very much a bury me facing Jerusalem sort of person so I really don't understand, and I find the idea of diamonds with the plan to be worn every day a little grotesque. I honestly don't think anything helps with death and grief except time. You never get over it, you just get used to it. Even when it's a family member dying of an extended illness and they haven't been the person you grew up knowing for ten years or more. And even when you've seen the body and someone's been dying for a while you still have moments when you forget they are gone. Something happens that would normally prompt you to call or text them and you then remember you can't. It's terrible. I wish grief wasn't like that, but I think it is for almost everyone.
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    Night Elf, I think you're sweet. I know the auction is over by now, but I'm going to agree with @gardenmom5 and say that it's always better to bid odd amounts, a little over the maximum you want to spend. So, say, if I was willing to spend $50, I might bid $51.67. Also, it's definitely advantageous to put in your bid in the last few seconds, but I always use for that. It will automatically put in your bid for you at a time you specify. I usually choose 4 seconds before the auction's end. It's worked very well for me. It ends up costing about $0.25 per auction, I think. It's worth it to me for the money I save and the time I don't waste sitting by the computer.
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    I would not do 3 hours in the car each day for a 6 hour day of school. I am reading that right, correct? 45 each way twice per day.......1.5 hours in the am and 1.5 in the pm. That will get old really fast, and then you will need to do it for 4 solid years. And it isn't just about the cost of the school, but transportation, gas, wear and tear on the car, and then all the extra things......Christian school means Saturday volunteer opportunities, events up closer to school (evening drama performances that the English teacher assigns to go watch and write about) any activities she wants to be involved in......and then her friends will all be up that way. Friday slumber party starts at 7pm? She gets out at 3pm? What does she do? Do you want to add another 1.5 hours for that day? That wears me out just thinking about it! (can you tell?) Can I ask how you know about the local PS? I can tell you that I have heard our school has a drug "problem." It doesn't. Are there some kids on drugs? Yes, mostly pot, but it isn't a huge issue, unless you are the parent of the kid doing it......then your glasses are colored to think it is "everyone." I personally would go meet with the counselor, the AP, or someone, get a tour, sit down and ask some questions, share concerns, etc.....before I would just assume it is all like that. I would do the same (tour, meet with) the school that is 15 min. away.
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    Do you think it is fair that when two people are doing the exact same job, with the exact same experience and the exact same work evaluation record, the one that "has a family" makes more than the one that does not? What makes the person with a family more valuable to the employer than the one that does not? Wages should be attached to the job that is done, not to what the employee does in their personal time. Thinking otherwise is why there is still wage disparity between men and women in the workplace. Your daughter that is saving money for college - will she not spend that money to support her education and herself in the near future? Why is her work less valuable to her employer simply because she will be spending her money at a later date instead of right away? This makes no sense to me. You seem to be promoting workplace discrimination. That has no value to me or to any worker. It only benefits employers.
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    It turns my stomach honestly. Sure every person has a story and some are in poverty from poor management of resources and or addiction or mental illness....but there are plenty more who are doing the very best they can and still don't have a living standard of dignity. Disparity of income and living standards has bothered me since I was a very little girl. Like 7. I asked my mom if all the food in the world was divided by all the people would everyone have enough to eat. I still often think of that same concept.
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    I have to go to work. Who's idea was it for me to get a job?
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    how old is your daughter? is she still in her teens. $9 per hour for a few hours work for a mid teen seems OK but not for an adult. My DS15 works on a production line 2 days a week canning beer- he earns $14 per hour. people on the same production line who are age 20 and over earn $20 per hour. It is expected by the community as a whole ( therefore the AUS government that sets the minimum wages ) that a mid teen is still being supported by family but an adult has bills to pay
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