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    My assumption, when we talk about a "living wage", is that we're assuming a 40-hr work week. So no, your college freshman, your SAHM who wants a little extra cash, your granddad wouldn't get a "living wage" because they wouldn't work that many hours. But if you DO work that many hours, then you ought to be getting enough money from your FULL TIME JOB to live off of.
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    leave earlier than usual for coffee shop school call chiropractor and pray that I don't get the "bad" receptionist. yard work laundry paperwork send out camp meeting notice
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    I would call it helicopter parenting even for an early teenager.
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    Hi guys! Happy Wednesday! Lots of May 15 deadlines and I'm stressed out, but I did get some big stuff done. Done: Slept more or less like normal people. Kid 1 up to study for math quiz. Kid 1 fell back to sleep, so I gave her some advice for turbo studying .... Kid 2 up, kids fed, packed etc. Took out the garbage. Had to drive the kids to school again because they are putzy! This time they got a tardy for sure. I don't care! Some yard work. Mail brought in and processed. Cleaned the kitchen, bathrooms, and some clutter. Caught up on social media, news, emails. Prepared my bag & my kids' bag for our next TKD class. Completed 1 load of laundry. A little reading. Placed an Amazon order. Contacted kids' friend's mom re attending a summer camp with my kids. Completed 1 government report, 6 wire transfers and several emails. 2 coffees. Probably some other stuff. To do: More coffee. Pay annual tax for 1 entity. File nonprofit returns for 2 entities. Complete a number of financial reports due today. Complete registration for summer camp due today. Pay a payment for a July get-together that is due soon. Whatever else I'm forgetting! Get some other reports out / onto other people's desks. Kids' work. Maybe today they will have time for cleaning their rooms??? Cook dinner. I want spaghetti, but I don't know if my kids will eat it. They are crazy not to like spaghetti! Maybe do some more laundry? Kid 1 has gymnastics. Whatever else gets done.
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    I haven't read the entire thread but I so agree with the sentiment that some people need help to see the possibilities in a visual way. I say this because a friend was house shopping. She looked at two houses in the same neighborhood. Both by the same builder, both with *exactly* the same layout. First one had the front room being used as a living room (there was a separate family room across the back of the house). Friend wasn't interested because she didn't want/need a living room. The other house had that front room used as a home office. Bingo! She needed a home office & could see the set up. Guess which house she bought? (It boggles my mind because I can imagine possibilities without seeing them, but her looking/buying was a lesson for me in that some people need an exact layout/staging to make them want the house.) For the quirky area, could you have one of those computer programs where you put in the room, then decorate it different ways? Then print it out each one & put them on a display board in the room to show the various possibilities like wilrunner has mentioned?
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    I think you could just bring over a pot of dinner and tell them you heard there was an accident and you wanted to help out. It will be appreciated, either way. Even if you discovered there was no accident, it's still a nice gesture and will be meaningful to the family. I think it's very nice of you to want to do this.
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    Back from the vet and all went well. The vet thinks the blood I saw yesterday was from some external irritation - a scratch or a scrape - and not a UTI or anything of that nature. So we are just keeping an eye on him for now. Dd and I got coffee. The dog got a McDonalds hash brown as a reward for being so brave and not biting the vet while she poked and prodded him. Came home and did horse chores. No migraine today - hallelujah! I need to get a whole lot done this afternoon.
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    I admire your restraint in that you were able to moderate your response and rehome it! Reminds me of the "I thought I saw a spider on the carpet but it was a piece of yarn. It is dead yarn now," meme.
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    human care done pet care done medical care done exercises done dishwasher rebooted all kitchen hand washing done
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    Since JJM has gotten all bossy with the Es.Tro.Tone, may I suggest magnesium for the headache sufferers? Not a quick fix - esp. if there has been a long time deficiency but there has been an established link between headaches and low magnesium.
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    Good morning! Get milk. ✅ Math and writing with ds. ✅ Desk work! Huge amounts of paper and computer work to do. Must make some progress today. RA and history after lunch. ✅ Piano lessons. Vitamin Shoppe AHG work Dinner is chx tortilla soup and quesadillas.
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    how old is your daughter? is she still in her teens. $9 per hour for a few hours work for a mid teen seems OK but not for an adult. My DS15 works on a production line 2 days a week canning beer- he earns $14 per hour. people on the same production line who are age 20 and over earn $20 per hour. It is expected by the community as a whole ( therefore the AUS government that sets the minimum wages ) that a mid teen is still being supported by family but an adult has bills to pay
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    Thanks for all the replies so far. It’s helping me think this through. The closer private school is better academically than both the ps and farther away private school. We would apply for and hope to get at least some financial aid from either private school. Neither is ridiculously expensive, but will still be a stretch of our budget and require me increasing my work hours. Another piece of the puzzle is ds who is taking dual credit classes at the CC next year. He just has his permit now and won’t have a license for at least 6 months, and we don’t have a third car at this point anyway. So, I will also be driving him to school (in the complete opposite direction of the farther away school for dd). As much as we like it, I think the farther away school needs to be off the options list. I have spent the last couple years searching high and low for opportunities for my ds who homeschooled 9th/10th grades. We did a couple co-ops, but there were only a few high school aged kids. He’s thrilled to be going to college in the fall. Dd is involved in dance and would like to do cheer at the private school. Another strike against the farther school. Practices, games, etc. would mean even more commuting. As for work, I’m not sure I could work at the farther school. I’m not a certificated teacher, and there’s only a couple admin people there. (School is only about 150 students K-12). I currently work remotely, so do have a lot of flexibility with my hours. We’re in a suburban area with literally no public transportation available. Dh and ds will be in the city north of where we live for work and CC, and the farther school is in the city south of where we live.
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    I wish that ALL workers could be paid a basic living wage of some sort. This is off on a tangent but I think we could go a long ways as a society but having people earn a living wage and giving them the power to then decide where to live, how to spend their money, etc. I work as a special education substitute teacher (with a 5 year degree) and I make less per hour than my special needs daughter does at Walmart. Neither of which is a living wage.
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    I am sorry. I would reconsider not going to say goodbye now. It will give you some peace. If your children are old enough to understand, they can say their goodbyes as well. If they are too young, are there relatives or friends near your mother who could watch them for a few hours a day while you visit with your father? Having her grandchildren visit might bring some comfort to your mother as well.
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    There's a freaking galaxy of difference between teaching your own preschoolers at home and teaching an actual preschool class in a school. I homeschool my kids, no problem. I couldn't even begin to teach my toddler's ECFE class because holy migraine, Batman. You honestly think it's no big deal for qualified preschool teachers with degrees to make minimum wage???
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    Good morning! It's almost lunch time! Yikes! I had dd10 on the calendar to get a check-up at the eye doctor and realized that they never sent a reminder email like they did for all the other kids. So then I wondered if I had it down right. Tried to call the office but they didn't open until 8:00 and we had to leave before then to make it on time. So we left anyway and I called on the way and she had her appointment and her vision and eyes are A-OK. Then we went to Aldi. Got plenty wet from all the rain. Bought some camping foods along with regular groceries. Now tired. Coffee!
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    Finish Phase 2 of cleaning the sewing room, since dh's early arrival yesterday interrupted that go help clean out closets at the place where we hold our hs enrichment program thing (leaving now) apologize to DS about something from last night, once I'm home - knowing when to speak and when to shut up is not my strong suit. take DS shopping for stuff he needs for his summer job figure out if we are protesting our property tax value or not, and find supporting documents if so, and get that done TODAY (deadline is tomorrow....) dinner....???? look at all the calendars for the year and get things figured out, planned, etc. go to the bank, deposit checks make shopping list for school stuff for teaching for next year
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    LOL, I wouldn't do it for my husband either, unless there was some reason it made more sense for me to be the one up early watching an auction. But if it was something he wanted, and he had no compelling reason to stay in bed? Nope. I get it that you were probably up anyway. And I think you are a very nice person - nicer than me, no doubt, and I mean that with no snark, seriously - who cares deeply for your family. I care for mine too, it just doesn't come out in the same ways.
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    The ceiling on wages is a company's ability to make money. Many (most?) small business are not operating on a margin where they can just give everyone a $5-7/hour raise. They raise prices, lay people off, or the owner takes a salary cut. None of that really helps the economy in the long term overall. Maybe some large companies could survive that kind of wage increase, but not most local mom & pop businesses without serious modifications to their staffing. The companies that I know of that pay unskilled workers higher-ish salaries are very, very choosy about who they hire and they don't give any slack as far as being late, not doing the job well, etc. People are competing to work for them and they have a business model that supports that. Otherwise, I see a lot of businesses moving to automated checkouts and kiosks, which I prefer to use anyway as a customer. Along the lines of the OP, I have to say that a good, reliable house cleaner or lawn person in almost any place I have lived can make waaay more than $15/hour. The times I've hired someone to clean my house it has never been even close to that low of a price.
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    The people that are currently making $15 an hour can also get a raise when minimum wage is increased to $15/hr. if their position/experience/performance/etc. calls for it. There is no "ceiling" on wages, so nothing preventing companies from raising wages overall.
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    Those are common here in Indiana! Thank you for being kind and compassionate and relocating him! ❤️ For bit of trivia for anyone dislikes spiders: house centipedes eat them. I actually prefer spiders, in terms of predictability and aesthetics. 😉
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    Trumbo. Good Night and Good Luck The Post We watched these with dd and her history club when studying modern history.
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    In some areas, there is nothing to step up to. Small communities only need so many HVAC techs, lawyers, teachers, or phlebotomists, or welders, or whatever. There are many areas of the country where populations aren't growing and skilled jobs don't open unless someone dies or retires. So, in reality, what you are describing as a stepping stone job can last 10-15 years or more. Why should people have to seek a "better/more difficult/more rewarding job" in order to pay their bills? What if they like being a cashier at McDonalds or WalMart and don't care to do anything else? Additionally, no one is saying that jobs that require training or skill shouldn't make more money than entry level jobs. We are saying that those in entry level jobs should make enough money that they can make ends meet. You are assuming that only people in entry level jobs would be the ones to see wages increase. That simply isn't accurate. Anyone can get a raise. There are no wage ceilings.
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    Competition is everywhere. I suspect for the Service Academies it is not as hard as being chosen out of a very large pool of applicants to be an Astronaut, but it is extremely competitive. However, as I always tell my DD, if one does not apply, there is no possibility of being selected. If one is interested, they should give it their best shot.
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    NO, I would not take a class again, I would want to propel forward, not backpedal. These are gen eds? What you need to do it get finished with your AA and then get on with what you really want to study. (and I am a school counselor FWIW, so there, you have another school counselor's opinion!) 😏
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    Are you saying you think that people who currently make $10-12/hr should get a raise first, while people making $7.25/hr should stay at that level for longer? Because letting the very poorest people work themselves out of poverty isn't fair to those who are already above the poverty line? I'm not following the logic here...
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    I am so sorry. What a difficult time for you. My DH’s grandmother lived in Canada and when she passed we weren’t to go to the funeral. We had a “Memorial Time” with family and friends here. We had a meal together, went over pictures and told stories. It was nice. I am not sure what to tell you about any other kind of closure. There is something to be said about a burial that helps with that.
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    I agree with all of the ideas for injecting extra language into his day. I was thinking back to when DS15 had speech delay as a toddler. The early intervention speech therapist told me to talk less. This seems counter to what I just said about agreeing with adding language. But the Talk Less idea, as I remember it, was specifically for encouraging conversation. Don't fill all of the space with your words; leave time for him to think about what you have said and to respond. So I think do both. Be deliberate about adding language to his day. But also be careful to use simple language that you know he can understand, to build comprehension. And leave some silence for him to respond. (If he does not respond, you can prompt him). Also, for responses, observe his nonverbals as well. Make eye contact with him, smile and see if he smiles back. Nodding, shrugging, frowning, laughing, etc. Nonverbals are important for communication. I understand that it's hard to find time and to do things in many different ways when you have so many kids to take care of. I have only four, and I found it hard. But if your kids are willing, I like PeterPan's idea to assign each of them a time to talk and play with him during each day, one on one. When DS received early intervention, a lot of it was through play -- the interventionist would get down on the floor with DS and the toys and work to engage him. At some point each day, it might also be good to pair him with his three year old sister in some kind of deliberate play, where they take turns and interact. They may do this naturally, but if not, you could pair them. I like the My Father's World preschool things, too. It's different now than when we used it -- some of the items are different, and they have split it into age three and age four. But when we used it, we received a very nice list of all of the ways one could use the puzzles, and many of the ideas I would never have thought of. It was not a curriculum back then; just a little brochure, but I bet they have included all of that information in their new format.
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    My favorite restaurant experience is Sunday Champagne Brunch. We used to do that maybe three times a year when I was a older kid. One year we went on Mother's Day and it was HORRIBLE. There was literally no food left except for dessert when we got there. After that we always did the Mother's Day meal the week before or the week after. Totally wonderful. That might be an idea for the OP. She can call a family meeting and declare that since Sunday was Mother's Day for the Grandparent-generation, this upcoming Sunday will be Mother's Day for you.
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    I know many of you have read the Tana French series (Dublin Murder Squad). Should I start with book one? Is there a better place to start? Your DD might like the Miss Silver books. Similar level of violence and smut to Agatha Christie (almost none) and time period but they have a different feel to them. Don't start with book one. Check out @tuesdayschild blog for her reviews. I agree with everything she says.
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    I still can't believe the school year is almost over. DS had to tell me he was out of HSA classes this morning because I apparently didn't realize it was May. We had such a funky year. I had to sit with this for a little bit and really think about where we were in August to where we are now. My 8 year old twins are finishing up their semester at PS. (3rd grade) It was very validating as far as homeschooling goes. DS qualified for the GT program, and DD ended up with some 2E diagnoses. Needless to say they will be back home in the Fall. I'm very proud of how they adjusted and opened themselves up to a new environment and new friends. I think we will all have a different perspective going forward with homeschooling. The grass isn't always greener. 🙂 Oldest, the 12.5 year old, has matured SO much. He's starting to see his path, little bits at a time. He put himself out there to do a comedy writing club for teens and did a great job. His work ethic is slowly coming along as well. We are considering a DE at out local CC but I missed the college credit plus deadline so I have to see what our options are. I guess our brags are mostly emotional intelligence related as opposed to academic achievement, but I'm very grateful for these advances!
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    I've known for a while that my ability to read what I type is going really downhill - IOW, my brain will still read a sentence how I meant it to come out even if what I actually typed is completely wrong, especially if I read it again while the information is still fresh in my brain. Anyways, I went back and re-read a final report I wrote for a class (because I'm stalking the website for my final grade). For context, this document is going to be shared with every professor in the department because it's dictating my projects from now until I graduate. I meant to say Large Hadron Collider (the particle accelerator)....but what I wrote was Large Hardon...
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    Old enough to make hard decisions based on right and logical reasons rather than on who I’m trying to keep happy, and children old enough to do the same. Old enough to feel a little scandalous when wearing a cocktail dress and heels without sheer stockings, but also old enough to go without them and not care what my age mates and grannies think. Old enough to consider my personal physician a knowledgeable collaborator in my health care rather than an unquestioned dictator. Old enough to serve the church family with quiet joy by coordinating funeral services rather than baby showers. Old enough to know when and where and why and how to speak a “no.” Old enough to win by a long shot when family game night is the original edition of Trivial Pursuit.
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    How do you know, like, everything, @Lori D.?!
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    I've got one lefty. If your dc is a left definitely gently try to coach using right-handed scissors. It's just so much easier in life to not have to hunt for specialty scissors. It really is a right handers world out there.
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    Thanks, Lanny. I’m going to check this out a bit more since it’s fitness oriented. Normally, I would not do yoga because of its Hindu/New Age teachings and practices. I did not mind his personality. I’m happy for your wife.
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    Yoga was great for my health when I was doing it daily. I really need to get back to that! Thanks for the reminder!!
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    This thread is one of my favorites, too. There's a lot of truth to the saying that laughter is the best medicine. Any turtle people here? They're all hiding their heads so are a little hard to see. elderberry recommendations please I prefer something less dated. Have you tried Youngberry? Regards, Kareni
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    Thought of another one - The Young Victoria - 2009 - the one with Emily Blunt
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    The Yellow Fever vaccination they give now is good for life. I don't know if that has always been the case, but that's true now. Here in Colombia, the Yellow Fever vaccination is required for people arriving from Brazil and (I believe) from some countries in Africa. I have read in a travel forum, that the Yellow Fever vaccination in the USA and Canada might cost $350 to $500 USD and is very hard to find there.
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    I am one of those people who needs to see the person as weird as it may sound. When FIL passed, one SIL and I went to see his body before he was cremated. The funeral home offered this anyone who wanted to see him as it was known people were coming from out of town. There was a time limit, of course. It was a way of saying good-bye. If you cannot get there soon, could you get there within hours of his passing and ask the funeral home to expect you? Does this sound like it would be helpful in the closure process? Everyone is different. Also, is Skype an option to talk to him or see him now?
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    Yep. Homeschoolers cover a whole gamut. I've been around some homeschoolers who are doing amazing things. Some who are struggling and don't know what to do next. Many who are in between. One of the more corrosive attitudes I've experienced is the one that has contempt for college and as a corollary thinks that their precious ninth grader is ready for college courses, just because a day doing nothing in homeschool is better than any day at a public school.
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    DS has survived the AP Calc exam. 🎉🎉🎉 We have also had our last piano lessons of the school year! 🎉
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    Girls are working on Spelling. After that is Lunch
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    Right. Which brings us full circle back to SPELL-Links 😁 I am curious to see what the tutor feels she needs. I am hoping she can address the writing too.
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    Thanks, all. He seems to have made peace with it and resolved to do better going forward. He has two tough ones first summer session so we’ll see. I think what happened is this is his first semester that not a single teacher curved or bounced up the grades at all at the end. In most college classes he has had (including de) grades took a trend upward at the end, whether a grade was dropped, a higher final substitutes for a lower earlier test, a slight curve was applied or whatever his grades have generally come back a bit better than he calculated. This semester every single prof gave him exactly what he had calculated numerically. The 93.6 remained an A-. The B- actually were B-. The C came in as a C. Most classes he has had the minuses would fall off for final grades. So every single class was without this little bump he has become accustomed to. Which is fine, and actually good to learn that not every teacher will do that. He just ran into a whole slate of them at one time. Of course in the long run those (-) make very little difference in GPA especially because he sometimes benefits from a (+). He says he is over it and is glad he is being challenged. We’ll see. It was one of those things that my smart mature kid was saying things that made him sound like a teenager. 😉
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    Programming for the Clueless Clue can often be found at local stores or purchased online. For example, Clue. I hope that once you're no longer Clueless, programming will be straightforward. Regards, Kareni
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    Ds14 was discussing school next year, mainly to delay working on school this year. Ds14: Why are we studying ancients next year? Me, confused: What? (While my brain was screaming, "Do your math!" Ds14: Shouldn't we keep progressing? (We will end our year with current affairs.) You know. Study the...future. LOL I think Dd15 and I will be the ones to flesh out our history plans for next year.
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    Some years back, when I asked where the pilgrims came from, one child said "Czechoslovakia". :leaving:
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