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    I have a friend in one of those communities who is part of a group of Orthodox Jewish nurses working to counter the anti-vax propaganda in the community. Here's an article about her.
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    This is her info - she's officially up for adoption in case anyone is looking for a sweet but energetic weimaraner 🙂
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    In 2007, we lost our three yr old Lab to Osteosarcoma. We had moved 1500 miles from where we got her...and my parents had gotten her brother. My parents offered us him, as he was too much for my mother and her arthritis. A friend on a Lab forum I was on, unbeknownst to me, made a post that I couldn’t see. Something like 13 or 14 people offered to drive legs of a trip to get him to me. She did transports for a rescue, so she knew what to ask. It ended up that the one leg not covered was in the area a friend of mine lived, so she was able to cover that leg. Over 2.5 days, he made a 1500 mile trip with some amazing people. They documented it with pictures and updates, and thinking about it today still gets me choked up. ❤️
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    Horse chores done Kitchen is clean Made a menu plan and a grocery list Dd and I are off to run errands
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    Ds has started his 1500 mile drive home.
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    Agreeing with mum and hopefully these aren't too fluffy for you - Danse de la Folie The Parfit Knight A Little Folly and An Accomplished Woman both by Jude Morgan are very Austenesque, Indiscretion is another of his written in the same vein but I recently re-read it and found it s l o w. Frederica and Venetia are two Georgette Heyers that might fit the bill.
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    Good morning! It's Friday! I have to take ds14 grocery shopping again this morning and do a little work at the church. Dh took the day off work so he can get some scout things done before the camping trip, though he'll probably nave to work from home quite a bit which is typical when he tries to take a day off. He and ds leave at 6:00 tonight, I think. Coffee!
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    I also think freezing up can just be nerves. In an ideal world, the more nervous partner feels empowered to say stop. But one of the good things about insisting on active consent is that it should be like a check on that. And it's a needed check.
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    I agree with @ScoutTN Unless you have a specific science textbook requirement, middle school is a great time to just let them explore a wide range of science topics of interest. She could read books on oceanography, meteorology, geology, marine life/insects/birds/horses/dogs, etc, husbandry, ecology, and the list goes on. There are innumerable science topics outside of traditional school textbooks.
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    (I thought the post said "Easter Gras" like "Mardi Gras" and reminded me of my 10yo's calling Easter Monday "Fat Monday" instead, for obvious reasons, lol. ) Yes, hate it and don't use it. Tt is a gift that keeps on giving. On the same level as Christmas tinsel. It is only surpassed by glitter.
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    sorted bills and other mail. watered death plant
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    DS15 has been doing really well, over all, at school this year. But we didn't know how he would do, because it was his first year at public school, and it was a big change for him. One of the things they told us is that they have a counselor who has office hours at the school, but who does not work at the school, who will work with students who need help in certain areas. Not the guidance counselor, but someone who works with students, counseling them for their anxiety or social issues, or whatever is needed. I think I was asking about social skills intervention at the time, because I was trying to figure out how the school would meet his IEP goals for social. As it turns out, the school SLP handles that part of his intervention, and DS hasn't gone to work with the counselor. But there is this kind of extra help available on the school campus here. You might ask if your school has something like it.
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    I think those things would be great! You can ask if they offer them. They might say "not yet," because they want to see how she functions in the classroom first. If she holds herself together in class, they likely won't want to offer specific instruction as a service. We've been told in IEP meetings that we can't have something we are requesting, because the teachers don't see it as a need in class. When DD13 was first getting evaluated for her IEP for dyslexia, we had a whole stack of documentation with her diagnosis, suggested accommodations, etc. And we were actually told by that IEP case manager that something recorded "on paper" was not significant unless it had an impact in class. That comment made me angry (that meeting, overall, made me angry, but I won't go into it here). But I realize now, after several years of dealing with IEPs, that she was right, legally. She wasn't nice about it, but she was right. I hope you are able to get that kind of support for her in class. If not, it may be something that you will need to pursue privately. We have had caring school personnel tell us that if we learn techniques that help with certain things, to let them know, and they will try to remember and use them. They might use a phrase to remind the student to use their self calming techniques. DS14, for example, was to think about whether something was a big deal or a little deal, to help him gauge his responses (this was in his private psych report). A teacher can easily ask a student this question, if they know that it helps.
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    I think a lot of schools block out a time for “team meetings.” Do you think your daughter might have a bus aide? Or ride a bus with a bus aide? My younger son does. It is a block on the IEP (transportation). I don’t think they need to come to a meeting either, but if they were needed (because of an issue) it’s good to know they “could” be requested. Sometimes there are things like PE where the teacher doesn’t normally come to meetings but the parent can request it when they know there is an issue with PE. A lot of parents will not know that is possible. I kind-of don’t think they would go along with it if there was no particular reason, but I can imagine times it could make sense, too. I think a lot depends on how things are set up and what goals are. The thing is — there can be classes with a teacher, and then there can be teachers that go into classes, there can be pull-out, etc. There can be different ways to meet goals or address goals. There can be goals that need a teaching/skill component, and then there can be goals that are more about practicing a skill in context. So someone who has goals about being taught a skill, might have something for being taught it. If the skill is to practice in context, then that is going to happen in the context (with support or observation). But a lot of times the teaching part and the practice part (or generalizing) are set up differently. If you think she does know or has been taught things, that she doesn’t do in practice, then that is different from thinking she has been taught/exposed but she has not picked it up and does need continued instruction. I don’t think there is any one way it typically works. They can have things set up different ways. The thing about the support classes is they may be set up primarily to support a class, with the teacher knowing what the main class is doing and having a plan for what to work on extra or review. That is the goal of that class, probably. Then can that teacher also address some other goals that several kids in the class also have or would benefit from? Maybe, maybe not . Or, can another teacher “push in” to work on the skills in that class, for the kids who have related goals? That can be a way things are set up. There can also be just a “study hall” period where generic things are worked on, but they assign kids into that study hall who have related goals and that study hall will work on them in some way. I think that might be more likely, but — it is just how they have things set up. They do also do things like look at the kids they have and decide how it makes sense to arrange things with the actual kids they have that year.
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    By resource periods, I'm guessing you mean an assisted study hall? Our school calls that "academic assist." We've found it hard to balance DS's schedule. He's a musician, so he has to be in band, which then gives him one less free period for scheduling things. When we registered him for high school, we found that he had only one period during one semester when he could pick an elective. They have seven periods, plus lunch -- math, English, science, social studies, band, academic assist, and health (one semester) were all required for him. Some schools have students take multiple study halls per day. One might be to work specifically on math, and the other to work specifically on language arts. Our old school district would have had him in one math class, one math study hall, plus time in the resource room each week to work on math, and I thought he would absolutely hate that. He needs time for electives in school, because they are what will make school enjoyable and worthwhile for him. Also, DS15 is not productive with study hall time. He uses it to play on his phone, mostly, according to what he tells me. He will study for a test or complete a class assignment if it is due (again, I don't know how well he does with this, since I am not there), but he is not self directed to work on anything that he doesn't have to. So for him, multiple study halls per day would be a waste. With one period, he does have some time to do school work if needed, and it allows the intervention teachers time to work with him on things when they need to, without pulling him out of other classes. They do pull him out of jazz band, which is the second half of his lunch hour, sometimes, and he resents that. He tells me that he would refuse to go, but I don't think he has ever actually refused. For some students, having two academic assist (or resource) periods would be beneficial, and for others it would backfire.
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    I figured out that she is basically a vegan for baked goods now. That is not too hard. When I was altering my diet so severely in the mid 90s, there wasn't the internet to the extent we have it today. Also, vegan was practically unheard of. So much easier now. Honestly, there's not too much I have to change around here other than looking at labels a little more closely. I don't buy a lot of pre-made items anyway.
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    Super strange! I'd be very suspicious and would probably be on the phone with both the police and Amazon.
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    Yes, I too still write some letters and many notes. I buy notecards at nice bookstores, museum shops or stationers. Occasionally I get greeting cards at Trader Joe's for birthday, thank you, or congratulations cards. I do have an all-purpose set of Crane's staionary too. I use that for more formal writing. Dh used it for ty notes after job interviews.
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    Yay! Congratulations! Perhaps i can interest you in some shiny, new-to-you curriculum? Haha!
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    This is kind of a side note, and kind of not. As part of your daughter's IEP, there is meant to be transition planning, which is preparing for life after high school. At our IEP meetings, I make sure to talk about social skills during this section, because they will affect DS's employability. As part of this transition planning, our school case manager connected us with state and county services that will help DS in areas beyond the classroom and into adulthood. Some schools are better at this than others. This was a specific thing we looked for when we were choosing which school district to move into. So at the IEP meeting where the goals are set, you can and should bring up the question of how the school will help you with preparing her for life post-graduation. This should include some career planning, but also social skills can be brought in. This is also the part of the IEP where we added goals for counting money, since that is not covered in 8th and 9th grade math classes. We also talked about things like vocational school, including the possibility of doing a vocational program post-senior year instead of doing it in 1th and 12th grade.
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    I think the tutor is an awesome idea. If she is able to do more than twice a week, I would jump on that, since the tutor is not available during the school year. If she can only do twice a week, I would still do it but would ask her for homework for the days off. When my kids have had tutoring in my home, I let the tutor work in the dining room, and I took the other kids down to our basement and did some summer school work with them. So everyone was working on academics at the same time. If you plan to watch the tutoring sessions, that won't work for you, but I'm sure you will figure it out. Did you ask if you can observe the tutoring? Sometimes it can change the dynamic, and tutors don't want parents to watch. If you can't watch, perhaps you can listen in from the next room. I would request for the tutor to reserve the last five minutes of the time to confer with you daily, so that you can be briefed on what they worked on and see what homework you should do. I'm glad you figured out a plan! That reminds me that I need to check with DD's tutor to see if she is available this summer.
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    I like HAVING my own small part-time side business, but I would not like RELYING on it for our family's survival / support.
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    Size down is accurate, I think. I wear an 8 or 8 1/2 depending on the shoe and an 8 fits me with plenty of room.
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    Like — my impression for Story’s son is that it’s an extra math class for anybody at all who is doing poorly in math and needs an extra session, plus her son gets some push-in help because of additional needs. But maybe there are also some class periods that are all kids with IEPs and they have 12 kids and a special ed teacher? Or maybe her school doesn’t so things that way at all? When we moved here my older son was in a study hall that was a higher level of study hall than just academic support. But here academic support is pretty common, especially for math, because they are very strict about having to pass the Algebra test for high school graduation (supposedly the strictest in the country!).
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    I think going barefoot will make it worse & don’t recommend it at all. I used to be a barefoot 24/7 gal, with flip flops in the summer. With plantar facitis I can’t imagine doing either. This will be my second summer in shoes and I find it very uncomfortable, but not nearly as uncomfortable as going barefoot with plantar facitis.
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    Every little old Southern lady I know has a house cleaning compulsion. I've heard some of them discuss at church that they HAD to keep their house clean because what if they died in their sleep or got in a car accident or something and people came over with food for their husbands, saw a mess, and thought they actually lived that way? Oh the horror!
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    I might add some interest based science.
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    Yes she did. I was wondering when we would be getting off that page.
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    Your presence at the ceremony is the best gift. Possibly an REI card, or something that is meaningful to you. My son received a knife from a relative, interesting story and well presented - most memorable gift.
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    Yes. In fact I was on Amazon searching for stationary last night and trying to decide which one to get. (After going to Half Price Books AND Wal-mart and striking out on true stationary) I have sponsored children all over the world so I write quite a few letters still. I write letters less often to people that live in the United States.
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    Did they, the organization, make it political? It sounds like it was the invited speaker who made it political.
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    That is really odd. Call the police.
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    OH she is adorable. I love Weims. We have one and she is amazing.
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    Earth Balance for butter. Ener-G Egg Replacer or Bob's Red Mill Egg Replacer for baked goods. Most pizza places you can order no cheese, and their crusts are often safe. The internet has all their ingredients. Best of luck!
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    Hope your day gets much better. Not sure if your family can eat ice-cream cake with the current illness but my kids is happy with Cold Stone Creamery cake for family celebration.
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    What I have tried is the ones for kitchens. The Williams Sonoma ones are absolutely fantastic--so much so that I bought a very large one to use as an exercise mat. The Costco ones are cheap knock offs and don't work. Massive difference in quality.
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    We have universal PreK4. There is a seat for every 4 yo in the district. There are fewer PreK3 seats, but still a lot. Getting in via lottery to the school you want is another matter though. The bureaucratic elements of getting in are fairly light on the front end. Once you get in, you have to prove eligibility in person.
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    I have seen a presentation about the program they used for a lot of kids with autism and anxiety, but I don’t have any firsthand experience with it. For kids that did it they would have a laminated anxiety scale and check it as part of a schedule, with varying amounts of independence. My son who has autism does not have anxiety, knock on wood. But I know there are some kids where that is the main thing they have as an intervention/support because otherwise they are doing well.
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    Congratulations! Enjoy your new little blessing.
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    I keep checking this thread obsessively for updates 🥰🤣
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    I always download everything immediately and put it in my drive.
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    Alright guys, you sufficiently scared me. I’m not shredding the old ones. I am going to shred the investment papers and such extraneous stuff, but @Wildcat wigged me out and appealed to my obsessive-compulsive side. So - I’m going to buy a new file box for all the older files, organize seveen years into a different file box, stick it in the basement and hope it never matters.
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    DS has been doing some of the testing. The first version was a bit ho-hum but I really like the second version and would pay for it.
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    Figuratively Speaking is a good introduction. There's a list of short stories posted on the Logic board that can go with each chapter. Honestly, I haven't seen anything better. There are some good lit guides out there though to allow you to do this with individual books.
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