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    We have a new little DD! Labor was fast and my blood pressure spiked but then dropped which made for some kinda hairy moments but we are both doing well and I'm so happy to not be pregnant anymore! Woo hoo! @RootAnn my age made it harder for me to push as effectively I think but that's all 😉
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    After a lot of discussion and prayer, we decided to take our dog’s breeder up on her offer. DS8 has had an extremely difficult week with struggling at a new school(including being suspended on day 3) and losing his beloved emotional support dog unexpectedly. So meet Snoopy, the newest member of our zoo. As soon as DS8 said, “This is my Snoopy,” his whole body relaxed and he just held his puppy.
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    Way ahead of you - Momto6 *is* the new name and my signature is updated to boot! 🤣 I'm sure I'll crash soon but right now postpartum euphoria is still giving me energy 🙂
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    Why are you having to search for coffee?!?! They should be handing it out every 5 yards down the hallways like water at a marathon - these are homeschoolers, for heaven's sake!
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    I have a friend in one of those communities who is part of a group of Orthodox Jewish nurses working to counter the anti-vax propaganda in the community. Here's an article about her.
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    This is her info - she's officially up for adoption in case anyone is looking for a sweet but energetic weimaraner 🙂
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    "It's not related to how smart a candidate is, what degrees she has, or which top-tier university he did or didn't go to." I sure agree with that, but it's tough to get employers to not use those things as a first level method of quickly filtering through a pile of job resumes.
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    How long have you lived there? Dh bought new underwear and a few things online last year. About a week later he checked on the package status and realized that it had been so long since he had used the website that he sent it to our house 3 addresses ago! 😄 He was pretty disappointed, but I'm guessing so were the owners of that house when they opened a box full of men's underwear.
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    Worked in the wee hours. Got up late tho after only about 4 hours of sleep. Have a headache and stiff neck. Checking emails, social media, etc ... need more coffee so I can do a little work. Kid 2 is swimming, kid 1 is playing on her phone. To do: Take a shower. Some work. Get dressed up and go back to Dubai for more sightseeing and fancy dinner. I just realized I will be in heels all day. Ugh!! I am not looking forward to any of this. I don't like fancy, restaurants, dressing up, or heels!! (And my kids will be a pain about it too.) And frankly I've had enough of "other people" for a while too. Not sure what else ... it will still be Friday work day when we return. I suspect I will be exhausted. I hope nobody needs any work from me at that point.
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    This seems to be a different scam- in the link, when you, a legit customer, order something, the third-party seller you order from (not knowing they're going to scam you) ships an empty box to the wrong address, where someone (who is in on the scam) signs for the package. Because a box was delivered and signed for, Amazon takes the side of the seller and refuses to compensate you for your claim that you never got your item. I think the OP got a phone that someone bought with a stolen credit card. And that she should definitely call the police so she isn't somehow implicated.
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    The errands are done including picking up ds from staying with a friend. So I bought sunglasses that would fit over my glasses, and I've never bought polarized, quality sunglasses before. I LOVE them! The sun seems brighter to me now that I'm "aging" and these are so nice! Now to get a game plan together for the cleaning out this weekend...
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    human care done pet care done medical care done dishwasher rebooted I think that I can get in a weed whacking session before school. . . In other news, ds has started his 1500 mile drive home.
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    I forgot to check in! Good morning!
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    Morning. Still waiting on a phone call. The side of my neck was a little swollen last night after a long day, but after sleep, everything looks almost normal. Then by afternoon, everything is puffed up again. In other news, I got a huge file cabinet in which to keep my character work. I'm turning my less than used clothes closet into my writing closet. Other than that, writing today, and trying to push myself just a little bit. I want to write a whole four book series in a year. Two books are already done since November of 2018, and my goal is to finish the third book by June, and the last book by August, and have the first book polished and ready to go on submission by November. So a whole series done, and one ready to see publishers inside a year.
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    In 2007, we lost our three yr old Lab to Osteosarcoma. We had moved 1500 miles from where we got her...and my parents had gotten her brother. My parents offered us him, as he was too much for my mother and her arthritis. A friend on a Lab forum I was on, unbeknownst to me, made a post that I couldn’t see. Something like 13 or 14 people offered to drive legs of a trip to get him to me. She did transports for a rescue, so she knew what to ask. It ended up that the one leg not covered was in the area a friend of mine lived, so she was able to cover that leg. Over 2.5 days, he made a 1500 mile trip with some amazing people. They documented it with pictures and updates, and thinking about it today still gets me choked up. ❤️
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    Good morning! Coffee, breakfast Medicines, Pets fed Buy tickets to art/music weekend show investigate and cancel certain charges call rheumatologist set up doctor/test log put away laundry one load laundry evening out
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    Good morning! Ds spent the night with a friend after swim last night, so I slept in this morning and have had my coffee. I have some errands to run, so I'll be out and about in a bit. Today sign on to a classroom online to help a group try out a new format errands out begin a big clean-out weekend (go through a lot of school books/papers/etc); My curriculum lapse in memory this week has motivated me! take ds to an overnight thing at church dh and I go out to dinner for a date night
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    And here I was, unhappy that it's not sunny for camping. At least it's warm here. Sorry about the snow, Selkie! Today is crazy busy! Got dd up early to work on her paper. Breakfast is cooking. Finish packing! Some school things with ds. Drop him at tutorial. Take dd to class. Run errands - make copies, get pencils and pens, get printer ink and print handouts. Remember lunch for everyone! Pick up ds, then dd. Drop her at home, him at the pool. Remind dh to pick ds up! Well, kind of. Both picked up, but mowing the yard instead of swimming for ds. Last roundup on camping stuff and head out. Leaving extra early bc of traffic and bc this is a new site for Camporee. I have learned to expect the unexpected when camping. Easier to be flexible and cheerful when we have more time.
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    Good Morning! Happy Friday!! I enjoyed my day off yesterday. :) Back to testing today... We might finish today, but I think it's more likely that we will need Monday for the listening tests.
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    It's growing so quickly.
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    TGIF everyone! school pay bills weed whack
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    DD got into: Calvin College (Merit scholarship) University of Minnesota (Merit Scholarship) University of Oklahoma (Merit Scholarship) *She has decided to attend U of Oklahoma on a full 4-year Air Force ROTC scholarship to study Physics. Her Merit aid will cover room & board 🙂 University of Michigan (Merit Scholarship) Missouri Science & Technology (Merit Scholarship)
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    Horse chores done Kitchen is clean Made a menu plan and a grocery list Dd and I are off to run errands
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    Algebra done and graded geometry done and graded literature done and graded world history done and graded
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    Ds has started his 1500 mile drive home.
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    I finished the Teagirl of Hummingbirdlane (in Dutch), I really liked that book. Relaxing but not too fluffy. It might only make you not doing your householdtasks in time
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    I need to figure out a transcript and put together grades for this last year. Mostly, we homeschooled with wolves, and it was a fantastic year, with the boys being self-starters in everything, and studying additional things on their own because they had plenty of time to pursue stuff for themselves. But I somehow have to put grades for this weekend, maybe. Pull out everything and decide how I want to document it all for later. I need to do better this coming year.
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    I love fluff 😉 is there somewhat well-written fluff? Lol. Will look at that list! Yes to ❤️ Rebecca and Jane Eyre 😉 the dystopian book I’m having a hard time reading is Parable of the Sower. It’s a good book, supposedly a classic in that genre but I’m not in that frame of mind, ever.
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    Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!!!~D Friday!!!! Today is my Dad’s birthday. He is 82. We will be bringing him Taco Bell for lunch. School today. Allergy shots for DD1. That is all.
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    Good morning! Sorry about the snow, Selkie! We are supposed to have a few flurries next Monday or Tuesday. Colorado gives you weather whiplash. Today, high of 80, Sunday high of 73- low of 32. What? I have all the things to do in the house today- Saturday is going to be an outside day- a shipment of plants is coming at some point. coffee/paper write laundry-sheets/towels school with ds3 bathrooms kitchen chore list dust/sweep/mop ds3 to tennis read a little/jen things No idea on dinner- dh mentioned stir fry Have a great day!
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    Good morning! I’m in search of coffee! (At homeschool convention!)
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    I still love, buy and use stationery! I like writing thank you notes and condolence notes and get well notes and thinking of you notes. Nowadays I usually just buy blank foldover notes from Michaels or Hobby Lobby and draw a little picture on the front of the notecard. I buy the boxes that have a bunch of different colors in them. My Mom gave my 9yo daughter her own foldover stationery with her name in pink. She loves it and writes notecards a couple of times a week. I also buy a lot of postcards and participate in writing postcards to send internationally through Postcrossing. I love that. I've got an album to put all the postcards I've received through that program.
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    Pretty brazen of them to knock on your door and ask for a package. Because in a non-scam, how would they have known (within 20 minutes) that their package had been misdelivered to your address? I think it’s kinda scary.
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    I think you should contact the police! Use the non emergency line if they're already gone.
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    Oh I have both side by side. I mark up a section at a time. Perennial, like I said. I’m going to die before the old man😂
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    So tired tonight. Day two of waiting to get scheduled for an appointment with the CT scan. I rattled the cage today to no avail. Maybe tomorrow.
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    Girl! She's adorable! Welcome to the Hive, little one. All your Hive aunts (and maybe a few Hive uncles & some Hive cousins) are excited to "see" you. I hope they keep an eye on your b.p. I'm sure that complication was scary.
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    Well, school went well today. My husband called the plumber and the toilet is actually functional, which is a massive, MASSIVE relief. I've combed and combed my hair with the lice comb and I haven't found more than the one louse that I found yesterday, nor have I found any nits. I got prescription shampoo from the doctor and will apply it and continue combing, but I'm hopeful that maybe I caught it before it became established. I'm less freaked out about the need to burn all of our belongings. The university in San Antonio actually has a sane online transcript request thing, so hopefully that will actually not be as much of an ordeal as I feared. Still stressed, tired, and getting over crud, but less stressed than I was.
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    I am so happy that rheumatologist okayed me to go up to 8mg Medrol (equal to 15mg Prednisone).
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    Something had possessed me to order this for DS a couple months ago...Maybe I should pre-read 🙂 🙂
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    Agreeing with mum and hopefully these aren't too fluffy for you - Danse de la Folie The Parfit Knight A Little Folly and An Accomplished Woman both by Jude Morgan are very Austenesque, Indiscretion is another of his written in the same vein but I recently re-read it and found it s l o w. Frederica and Venetia are two Georgette Heyers that might fit the bill.
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    Good morning! It's Friday! I have to take ds14 grocery shopping again this morning and do a little work at the church. Dh took the day off work so he can get some scout things done before the camping trip, though he'll probably nave to work from home quite a bit which is typical when he tries to take a day off. He and ds leave at 6:00 tonight, I think. Coffee!
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    John gave me the birds and the bees talk today regarding chickens and I just kind of smiled and nodded along. The "white gooey stuff" was definitely my favorite part. He never mentioned how the white gooey stuff got into the chicken even though it came from the rooster that the chicken was married to. I'm curious to see if that was the end of this conversation.
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    Someone from our home town is hoping to make first round.
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    Howdy guys. Busy day today here in Abu Dhabi. Breakfast at the hotel. Kids went swimming. Ferrari World Park - rode the fastest roller coaster in the world among other things. Visited a mosque that allows tourists in - they lent us proper covering so no worries there. Dinner at a Persian restaurant at the hotel. Took a walk after dinner. Back in the room, got sucked into a dumb movie my kids were watching. Kept checking work emails throughout the day. About 2am here, logged into my computer to do some work. Now it's 5am and I still have more to do, ugh. I will try to do it in the a.m., otherwise on the car ride to our next group activity.
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    She's liking posts! I feel an announcement is forthcoming!
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