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    My longest friendships are roughly 20-25 years. 11 years ago, I made some new friends. (changing states/churches) 3 years ago, I made a few more. (changing churches) TODAY I MADE A NEW FRIEND ALL BY MYSELF! My son was playing with a kid at the trampoline park last week and today I went with him and totally hit it off with the parents, esp the mom. Brand new experience and I'm kinda excited. She seems really nice, and tattooed like me 🙂
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    I am probably not the person to ask because nightly baths/showers were a non negotiable requirement in my house. I would allow her to wash her hair twice a week only but nightly showers would happen. Period. Buy her a shower cap so that when she doesn't have to wash her hair it will be easier.
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    For someone who frequently posts #noh, she certainly is talking about h a lot...
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    Did I mention that I got mine filed already? All by myself... (Note: This is the first time in YEARS that we did not request an extension or use an accountant. So I'm bragging. Excessively. And will likely continue. At least until we get audited.)
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    We hit a milestone at our house yesterday. Dd8 is finally able to buckle and unbuckle herself without assistance. Hooray!
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    Can I be really nice here? I was really slow on the draw too. We'll pretend it was that I was busy with ds, but reality is I didn't realize how this is supposed to work. My mother was always busy and I was left to fend for myself. Maybe I missed the mothering model? Like you I was leaving my dd to figure stuff out. Then she made this friend who's mom was like UBER-MOM. This lady was taking her kid to the Brow Bar and to the make-up counter to learn to do make-up and this and that. Why are you letting some other kid teach your dd something as important as eyebrows????? Hello, hygiene. So one, your dd clearly has some social delays and is not picking up the clue phone. All your kids have some, seems like and your dh is a little clueless too. But this girl clearly is going to need more DIRECT INSTRUCTION to figure things out. She's not going to get it done on her own. And really, she's growing up with this scad of boys and a ton of distraction. It's ok that she's been doing whatever in the past, but now would be a good time to step that up and focus on her as a young lady provide direct instruction. Take her to the Brow Bar yourself, take her to a make-up counter yourself. You do it. Take her to a good hairdresser who will spend time with her. I'm clueless on hair too, because my hair just does it's thing naturally, being wavy. My dd needed direct instruction, so I took her to the top person at the JC Penny salon, paid a stupid high amount ($50 with tip) and the lady TAUGHT her. And I kept taking her in. So I'm frumpy, but my kid has highlights and knows how to do all this stuff because I paid someone who DID know to make it happen. If you're busy, pay a professional, someone really good, and have them teach her. As she's finding, not being as expected for hygiene, dress, etc. will affect how she's received. That's really dangerous for her self image if she thinks dressing more tightly would gain her social approval. You want to be on this PRONTO getting her help with hair, hygiene, a proper eyebrow job. Get her nails done. Maybe even find her someone to help with clothes! That could be a slightly older teen if you had the right person. My dd is that way with clothes. She literally takes people shopping and redoes their wardrobes, lol. Unfortunately, the teens are kind of external years. It's nice to think people should look at the inside, but they don't.
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    Well, I think you need to say that stuff to her. Kindly of course. People are turned off by lack of personal hygiene. And it could make a big difference in how they treat her.
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    I think Thursday is going to tackle me! Never mind that's 3:30 am here..... Coffee Bible Speech x 3 Meeting with our homeschool coordinator/friend Work on a paper School for kiddos Piano lessons Supper Poetry Recital for 6yo, 7yo, 9yo, and 10yo tonight.
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    Please read this with a gentle tone. I'm going to be blunt in my word choice because I think a lot of people are responding to the "would it be terrible to pull her from a school that is making unreasonable demands" without really having the back history of how you got here.... Homeschooling didn't work for you with her. It really didn't work. You posted a lot of threads about specific concerns that you felt you could not resolve, so you put her in public school. Public school didn't work out for her either. I can't remember if you pulled her or not. I seem to think you did. You were concerned she wasn't fitting in socially/was being bullied, and rather than really working with the school to address those issues, you pulled a kindergartner from school last year. Only bringing her home didn't work out so well for you. You struggled to teach her and she spent a lot of time on the iPad and making mischief with the toddler. You put her into a rigorous classical private school this year. And, having followed your threads for several years now, this in/out/doesn't work for me (I'm thinking of your oldest son now and other siblings who you've had issues with) dynamic seems to be a constant issue....whether it is school, extracurriculars (ballet, gymnastics), etc. You seem to have a really rigid idea of how things "should" be and when that isn't met, everything falls apart and you reflexively pull them from the activity after a lot of angst over what you should do. Does this school seem to have unrealistic and developmentally inappropriate expectations for first graders? Yes. Given all that you have on your plate with all of your children, would I pull her? If you consider getting up at a reasonable hour and doing commute pickup a problem, I don't know what to tell you. Honestly. A lot of us are up at 6, or beforehand. A lot of us do school pickups. It's just part of life. If you're struggling with waking and feeding and dressing your kids at reasonable hours....?????? The sun is too bright in the pickup line and that's a consideration for pulling a kid from school????? Those things are kind of baseline parenting standards and not really good reasons to pull a kid from school. The fact that the homework is developmentally inappropriate and your kid is emotionally unwell as a result....that's a big problem. I'd consider not doing the homework, really creating a movement to push to developmentally appropriate homework, or examining why the homework is an issue for my child particularly if others aren't struggling. Those are reasonable things to evaluate and pursue over a homework issue. Given all of the issues you've posted over the years about school fit, and given all of the shuffling you've done, I don't know that you're going to be happy with anything that you choose so I'd keep her in school just to make sure she has some sort of consistency in her life. If you are going to bring her home, I'd really give a hard, serious, honest look as to how you're going to adequately educate her and how you're going to address the challenges that are naturally going to pop up in household management (balancing toddler, her, and your older kids that are still schooled at home) so that she isn't stuck in front of an iPad all day.
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    Ok, I am back from dealing with some FIL-related drama this morning. As expected, certain people who have been suspected of dipping into FIL's money are very, very unhappy that dh is now his guardian and will be overseeing all financial transactions, signing all checks, and holding the credit cards. It is an ugly situation and I very much wish that FIL would have gotten his affairs in order years ago so that dh didn't have to bear the burden of cleaning up this mess. The weather is lousy here today - snow, rain, thunderstorms, and heavy winds. Planning to stay inside as much as possible... finish my morning chores that didn't get done school w/dd office work (banking & a few bills) vacuum main floor figure out weekend plans laundry - wash blankets dinner: ?? dh has a golf lesson tonight, so it might be frozen pizza
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    Happy almost-Friday! I have to buckle down and get to work so I can do TKD with my kids tonight. BUT I was just informed that my housemate is having someone come over to do some work for her at 4:30, and she won't be here. So I am supposed to let him in and supervise him until she gets here ... she says she will be here at 5:00, but she almost never arrives when she says she will - especially if she has someone like me to cover for her. So I hope she doesn't nix my plans to finally get my butt to TKD after years of missing it due to work and health. Plus, I think I may be starting my P... which could be a problem for TKD ... but I must think positively! Done: Laundry in the wee hours so kid could have a clean gym suit and white shirt. Kids up about 7am. Reviewed / corrected math homework. Kids off to the school bus just barely on time. Only 28 more school mornings!! Coffee. Processed the last load of clothes from the dryer. Sister called and we had a nice chat about raising tween girls! That makes 3 girl chats in 2 days! Yay! Cleaned kitchen, bathrooms, and some clutter. Caught up on news, emails, social media. Some calendar work and filing. To do: More coffee. Work. A couple deadlines and a lot of other stuff. Put away laundry. A little reading, exercise, and housework. Bills & more filing. Box some hand-me-downs. Deal with housemate's packing helper. TKD - 5:45 or 6:30 class. Kids' work - whatever homework / quiz study for tomorrow. They only have a half day of classes tomorrow though. Choose 4 board games for kids to take on Friday field trip to nursing home. Play the games so we know / remember the rules / make sure we have all the pieces? Make sure kids have $$ for lunch after field trip. Read-aloud(s). Whatever else gets done.
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    Morning everyone! (that was my attempt at being a happy morning person... I'm not a morning person at all. Really. Even after coffee. ) Start laundry, fold yesterday's loads throw some chicken in the crock pot, so I can think about supper more later school, school, school. quick pick up downstairs before early lunch, laundry in dryer everyone in the van to take older boys to class come home and put preschooler down for nap, do lunch dishes, finalize supper direction afternoon school with younger ones and fold laundry pick up older boys from class finish supper and gobble it down clear table and rinse dishes quickly Bible Study group come home and grade geometry proofs--I'm a few lessons behind in grading.
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    Good morning! Glad to *see* you Kelly and Amy! Today: Drop Ds at umbrella school for standardized testing Whole Foods Talk with Dd about her plan for today. Check math. Deskwork! McKay's? Pick up Ds. Ds to an evening activity. AHG with Dd. Dinner is chx stir fry and potstickers.
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    Good morning! We are up early, dd2 has a makeup test before school, and then a couple of classes and then a trip to the airport. We got almost 3 inches of snow yesterday, but the temps should get above freezing for most of the day. I hope ds3 is better- he is sick, but wow, a lot of complaining happened yesterday. coffee/paper call attendance office again- really getting silly now emails, other calendar things school with ds3- if he is better, a little even if he is not. write dd2 to airport home to chores, tennis? read and write some more Figure out dinner- just three of us Have a great day!
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    call pediatric cardiologist depending on how that phone call goes. . . school? library? taxes? chiropractor?
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    Neither h nor Pluto can't get no respect.
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    When my dd is at that point, she needs to go to bed for a month. Put them to bed, feed, watch a movie and talk, then back to bed and repeat. No school, nothing, till his smile comes back. He's doing DE this year, as a 9th grader? Or is he a 10th grader? Either way, am I reading the sig right? Why does he need to do school work this summer? My dd is in college and the things I'm really glad we did were talking, cooking, being together. All the rest was so peripheral. You're about to lose him, so make sure you're doing what's most important. He's going to get into the same college, irrespective of what you do this summer. He's going to graduate, irrespective of what you do this summer. Is there something he really wants to do? Maybe put it on the table? Camp, do a volunteer project, something low key? He could do that and sleep. You wouldn't regret it. It would give you time to talk and be together before he leaves.
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    I was not above being absolutely blunt with my kids for hygiene matters.
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    1. I wouldn't worry about getting a hotel unless you *want* to stay overnight. It's a 2.5 hr drive each way, easily made in a day. We preferred staying at the Hampton Inn > Best Western, but we did snag a $60/night at BW in the off season. Most of our trips were day trips, though, and it worked out just fine. 2. You drive through Corpus Christi to get to Mustang Island. Mustang Island is a barrier island protecting Corpus Christi Island. Part of the island faces back towards Corpus Christi, and part faces out to the ocean. If you continue straight on the road you enter the island on, you end up at the Padre Island National Seashores beach. You can buy a year pass to the beach for $20. If instead you turn left a bit after crossing the bridge, you travel several more miles and you end up in Port Aransas. You can buy a beach parking pass (which they DO ticket regularly!) at the local grocery store in town or at a number of other places. We always found it easiest to get it at the checkout at the grocery store. The grocery prices are HIGH there, so we tried to always travel with a cooler. 3. Corpus Christi discharges sewer and factory chemicals into the bay. Don't ever swim on the bay side of the island. If you are concerned about fecal counts (and you should be, IMO), know that the water at Padre National Seashores is MUCH cleaner than the water at Port Aransas. It doesn't matter as much in April, but it matters a LOT in August when the water really warms up. Counts also go up after heavy rains (due to overflow). Always check here before you go: 4. Padre Island Seashore also has beach access showers. I highly recommend rinsing the kids off and scrubbing their little bodies down before the drive home. Not only does it cut down on sand, but it also greatly reduces bacteria issues. For one of my kids, they got rashes sometimes from the ocean water. Once we started washing them with soap before we left the beach, the rashes stopped. 5. The stripes gas station just as you come off the bridge is the last/best gas station before Padre. The Sonic nearby has good ice cream. If you need to make a major stop, the main highway strip through Corpus has HEB, a Sam's Club, and the other things you'll need. 6. ETA: Sneaker waves aren't really an issue, but rip currents are. If you go out to body board (and they sell body boards for CHEAP at HEB), make sure you know how to handle them as I often felt weak ones where the drop-off started to happen. Learning not to fight them but to go parallel to the shore isn't intuitive if you aren't in the ocean much--it's something I really had to teach my kids.
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    I really should finish our taxes.
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    I agree! My shower will almost peel your skin off but man I can wash my long thick hair very quickly.
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    Snuggle with boys in bed ✅ coffee ✅ order dd13 ballet slippers for play costume ✅ read ✅ shower✅ Supper in crockpot (porkchops)✅ laundry (ongoing) school boys ✅ lunch✅ work on supper ✅ Girls one-on-one (with one; ran out of time for both, though I did help her through some sticky geometry) out and about: dd13 to play practice; dd14 to get her dress hemmed for the upcoming co op formal; ds8 to soccer practice ✅ home to supper ✅ figure out SAT stuff (I’m the co op testing admin this year 🥴) and send emails whatever else I manage to do
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    Good morning! Just dropping in for a quick hello - I have an early morning meeting, so will be back later with my list!
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    Good morning! Nice to see you here, Kelly and Amy! Well my goal is to clear out some of the junk mishmash of plantings done on one side of my property. I told DH what I planned to do and he thinks it is too much for one person. Hmmmm. Plus, DS14 saw a snake outside the other day (I am deathly, irrationally pertrified of them - doesn't matter if it is the size of a worm or an anaconda). DS17 and DH have no doubt seen others but know better than to tell me about it. 🤣 Maybe I should stick to indoor projects. But if I wait around for DH to do something about it I'll be here forever. -coffee -DS17 off to school -school with DS14 -laundry DONE: 1 -continue my quest to find an eye doctor that takes our insurance (for both DS17 and DS14) -either do outside or inside work (no shortage of either, unfortunately) -bake a quiche around 2 pm -run to subway to get DS17 a sandwich for between games -double header baseball for DS17 today - games at 4:30 and 7:30 (supposed to rain tomorrow so the games were put back to back today)
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    Good morning! The usuals are done. On to the rest of the day. meals breakfast and lunch done school with ds errand out to go to the bank actually forgot to go to the bank! while out: pick up a presentation board for ds, supplies for my classes tomorrow, some things to give as gifts to co-op support staff tutor 1 student finalize everything for my 2 classes tomorrow take ds to swim pack up co-op
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    If h was a vowel you would have to buy it on Wheel of Fortune. #freeh
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    Oh sure. There goes my weekend. Dh is going to love this. 🙂
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    I am back from Art. I did not art. My brain is completely submerged in words. All the words. I might hate words. I think I need chocolate. Somebody send Rocco with a bucket of fudge.
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    We solved the problem by joining swim team! Tada! Showers 5 times a week!
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    We have found the following books to be helpful for kids/young tweens who are socially aware and want to know how to do more: The target range of this last book is ages 10-12. It does discuss how to insert a tampon. If you are aiming for younger children (like ages 7-10) the book for younger girls is more appropriate. A 13 yo should know about tampons, though, even if it's her preference not to use them. I think PP's suggestion of heading to Ulta and paying to work with an aesthetician for a one time consult on skin care and makeup is a good one if you aren't hyper aware and actively teaching this yourself. Kids who aren't naturally aware need explicit instruction....both stating the problem and what is causing it as well as how to resolve it. And, likely, they will need a few repeats of that info as they work through the process.
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    Did some desk work and checked Dd's math. Not going to make it to the bookstore today. I have a cold and my sinuses are hurting. Took 1 benadryl. Two would knock me flat and I need to drive this afternoon. Next up: Ibuprofen and a power nap.
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    Selkie, I'm glad your DH was able to get guardianship of FIL. What a load off your minds that must be. Worked outside for about 2.5 hours and you can hardly tell I did anything, LOL. Now to get a handle on laundry, shower, get ready, make quiche, etc.
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    I'd also be super blunt about hygiene. We do our kids no favors when we don't coach and support them appropriately. Please don't quote, as I will take out personal details later. Is this your kid that also has sensory issues? Or anxiety? There's another c-name poster, and I don't want to mix up the stories. Things that help at our house: 1. A shower head with a detachable head and hose. We had tight water restrictions where we lived, so we got a 1.5gpm one, but with REALLY decent pressure. The handheld shower allows our children to direct water where they need to, iykwim, even if they don't have a good body awareness/motor control. For our kids that REALLY hate getting water in their faces, they wash their face in the sink and can direct the shower water through their hair. 2. For our kids with severe ADD and no brain functioning left over when meds wear off, we got a wall-mounted chamber dispenser. Rather than fumbling with various bottles in the shower, they pretty much can do 1/2/3 (shampoo, conditioner, body wash) and it has cut down on the amount of executive functioning required of them. It seems really stupid to people who don't have ADD/ADHD or processing issues, but it's been a game changer here. 3. If she doesn't have good body awareness and motor functioning, washing long hair can be tricky. We actually had our dd put on a swimsuit recently so I could work with her on appropriately washing her long hair. She was blobbing too much shampoo on the crown of her head and then not rinsing well. We practiced over and over how to shampoo and condition appropriately (right amount of product, correct application, correct rinsing). For kids with really long hair, or super curly hair, teaching them to condition and then wet brush comb their hair while still in the shower really helps with the tangle situation. If she struggles with a lot of tangles, she may be putting off showering to put off having to deal with her hair. For my dd, teaching her to wet comb and then to just squeeze her hair with a towel afterwards has cut down on the amount of tangles.
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    Somehow I managed to get involved in helping dd14 bake about a million frozen cookies for a church event. 😅
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    Hi Kelly, I have been praying for you especially lately because a member of our church has ALS and his wife is on Facebook and they had an interview on the news last week too. it reminds me of you (and my mom). I know you aren't sure of diagnosis and other than stress kills, my other slogan is Nobody knows nothing( and yes, this is a scientific statement as they are considering whether Einstein\s general relativity is actually true everywhere). It sure is so hard getting proper diagnosis and who even knows how everything is related. but more importantly, how are you doing?
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    Update: my dad made it through surgery ok, but 10 days on is still have complications. Some degree of this is brought on by his bullheadedness in not changing his diet/lifestyle and some degree of this is just other medical conditions flaring. My mom is both worried and uber frustrated, iykwim. My elderly relative made it out of the post-ob rehab hospital and is back home. She is also being stubbornly bullheaded about a number of things and really, truly ought to be in assisted living and not at home. She is the same relative who almost canceled her shoulder replacement/reconstruction surgery even though her arm and shoulder were in many pieces because she thought she didn't need it. 🙄 She has similar stubbornness about an endless myriad of issues that need addressing. I'm flying back to help deal with some of this and to say some goodbyes to other relatives in hospice 🙁.
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    Oh, and nice to see you, Kelly! Prayed for you and your family yesterday.
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    Hugs and prayers for you, Chris
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    Good Morning! pick up medicines at Publix and take bp med (of course, they didn't call in one medicine correctly so I have to drive to show them box)Super yeah- phone system working (power was out yesterday for a large part of the city and everyone has been having issues with phones. computer system switches, bladdy b;ah) and got it done by phone laundry trip planning talking to pharmacists (1 down), making appointments, (picking up more meds/// if in, dropping off dead meds, returning library books, pick up debit card -tomorrow10 take shot at 11am try to find someone to talk with (psych, Stephen Minister, etc) what the hell is wrong w/ my brain (print out article) and print out what it wrong with liver too and genetic test results questions, etc, etc. check if my doctor responded to article request or how to get access to JAMA article dinner/ stress kills What kind of hepatitis do I probably have- drug induced (which one) or autoimmune or fluke of testing/? (So happy we are moving along. Rheum isn't too worried because not that elevated. I am very happy because I got some answers, finding more of them, and next step is my primary tomorrow who can order the liver antibody tests,etc, and referm to gastro)
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    Isn't the long shower thing just part of them being teens? LOL Seriously, my dd totally does this in spades and I remember doing it as a kid. Now I have stuff to get done, so I set a timer. On the intervention-y side, meds can up processing speed. Having more to do, somewhere she wants to go can motivate her. If she wants/needs to go faster, some people will do like a sound track where she knows wash hair through this song, detangle through this song, shave through this song, out. I set timers because otherwise I have no clue. On the shaving, is there anything sensory going on? Took me a lotta years to realize they make razors with lots of blades that don't hurt so much. You have to go to like 4-5 blades for that. Another tip I read recently was to change the routine to showering every day. Sometimes it's the transition, the lack of habit. Given that she's 13, it's probably time for that. So she can shower every day but alternate which days she shaves and which days she washes her hair, something like that. And I'd definitely use some kind of timer. The other thing you could do, if the wet hair bothers her, is get her one of those hair turbans. Or I will go to bed with a hand towel on my pillow. Or I'll pat my hair with a towel and then let it air dry 30 minutes will doing my final reading or whatever. She may not realize she has other options. As far as the hair length, I mean how long are we talking? Waist or mid-back?
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    R is said with an open mouth and no closing, and is a consonant. Why are there no R-as-vowel arguments? #rhaters
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    A school librarian rewrote the entire Hunger Games series (including some prequels) from Haymitch Abernathy's point-of-view. I love her stories even more than the original series. They are smart, fill in so many gaps since Katniss is an unreliable narrator, and are more mature. Fernwithy, the author, posited that religion would have to go deep underground in Snow's Panem because he wouldn't tolerate loyalty to anything but himself. She also had this whole theory of Deistric 4 having underground Catholisism and District 8, deeply committed to Judaism. I think she wrote an essay on it. I adore what she did with the series and am still in awe of all the work she put into it. The rewritten Hunger Games and prequels: Her essay on the History and geography of Panem (but alas, sans religion theories) Her LiveJournal Page:
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    Ancient myths have become pervasive enough that authors may use them without implying their own belief system. A Sisyphus character doesn't mean the author subscribes to ancient Greek religion, for example. I think David and Goliath is as present and available to Western authors as the Greek myths, and possibly more. I saw Rue as a straightforward martyr on first reading. "Unless a seed falls to the ground and dies..."
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    David and Goliath is by far the most significant sling and stone reference in Western culture. For an author to use that imagery accidentally would surprise me.
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    Honestly, I'd just tell the teacher that we were not going to do any more homework for the rest of the year. Perhaps a gently-spoken "heads-up" to the teacher, along with a signed/dated letter to the effect of: "DD is melting down, no learning is happening with the work being sent home to do at night, and the added stress is negatively impacting her mental and physical health as well as that of the rest of the family. I take full responsibility for the decision to stop all homework for the rest of the year, and will not hold the school accountable for any consequences as a result of stopping. signed ________, date_______" If it helps, try "channeling" (LOL) SWB in her book Rethinking School and be polite but firm. If the school gives you major push-back, then at that point I would consider politely withdrawing, without burning any bridges.
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    A vowel is a necessity to have a syllable. The only time I can think of when H does that job is the second syllable of rhythm. Another test: a vowel can be used to sing a note. So when it comes to Y, we could sing its long I, short I, and long E sounds, but not its consonant sound. We can sing all the sounds of A. And so on. Thank you! "An historic ____" is correct in British English but not US English, because Americans pronounce the H. Likewise an [h]otel and an [h]ospital. But we do say an hour, because it's not pronounced a HOW-er. #teamH
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    I’m sorry you’re struggling, Chris. Are you the Chris who lives in north Alabama?
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    That "explanation" doesn't explain anything to me. I refuse to call it a vowel. That's just stupid talk.
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