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    Thanks everyone! I walked to the clinic down the road and they got me in right away. Thankfully I got the doctor who has been practicing for like forty years and has treated several bat bites. He said bat bites tend to be the same size as mine but look like two distinct punctures, whereas mine looks more like I was attacked by a baby bunny. 😂 His guess is that I scratched myself the day before, didn't notice, and it became irritated overnight and that's why I noticed it in the morning. He also said that with four cats, if a bat had gotten in it would have been mass chaos and there's no way none of the cats would have noticed, lol.
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    Maybe don't think of the kid as lazy--think of them as having an immature brain. As an adult with a mature prefrontal cortex you are in a position to look at the big picture, see more of the road ahead, and supplement the child's immature executive function abilities with your own. You can provide the mature direction their own brain isn't capable of yet. Where and when you are able and it seems to be truly in the child's best interest. Sometimes a thirteen year old just needs to focus on eating and sleeping and growing for awhile and other priorities can wait.
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    You are clearly a most intelligent woman. You'll fit right in. 🙂
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    With a child who seems completely without motivation, is withdrawing from activities, socially unengaged, and expresses lots of negativity I would worry about mental health. Those are all classic signs of depression.
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    So, I was re-reading the Hunger Games today. I've speculated a lot about the total absense of religion in the story (I mean, not a mention of any god, prayer, afterlife, or anything even remotely supernatural). It definately seemed intentional. I've wondered her reasonings: whether she just didn't want her main characters to have to wrestle with spiritual questions on top of everything else, if it was for practical reasons like feeling like a religionless book would be more likely to be used in school, didn't want to alienate religious or non-religious readers, etc.. I've even speculated on the back-story of how a place that derived from the US could be so completely void of any trace of religion (my imagined explanation, the one I like to play with, is that the capital, like some other authoritarian regimes, hunted down and killed believers because, to quote something I can't remember exactly, "a peasant who believes in God can stand before a king un-afraid. But, I just actually found a subtle Biblical reference in the text (something I completely missed during my first read through). It was something Katniss says about Rue while they are training for the games. It doesn't seem from the context that Katniss herself is referencing anything, but Collins certainly is. "She can hit the target every time with a slingshot. But what is a slingshot against a 220-pound male with a sword." Since I found that today I've been pondering the meaning here. Rue, unlike David, dies in her fight against "Goliath." That itself could be ironic comparison to show the hopelessness of their situation, reality vs. myth. But we all know that the "Goliath" in this story isn't the boy who ends up killing her, but the Capital itself, and the system of oppression that keeps the Hunger Games going year after year. And Rue's death, and Katniss' response to it, is largely what sets in motion the wheels that lead to revolution. So in a way, Rue WAS the stone that brought down the giant. My take on it, anyways. Would love to hear yours.
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    I'm brand new here. Hello, fellow classical educators! This is clearly the most important thread, so I figured I'd start by posting here. 🙂 I have a 5 year old daughter. This morning, she donned a Gryffindor dress and robe, grabbed a wand, and proceeded to be the most focused homeschooling version of herself I've ever seen. Hermione gets stuff done. We took breaks for spell lessons here and there, during which I was schooled in how to properly pull off the "swish and flick" for Wingardium Leviosa (among other magical tasks). She was an excellent teacher. I hope Hermione shows up again.
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    All kids are different. I have had 3 boys go through the 13 year old phase and I work with 13 year olds right now. Oh, and I was a 13 year old once!~ 😂 Some kids are just natural achievers and have an intrinsic desire to achieve for personal merit. My youngest is this way. Some kids need constant prodding and nudging and lots of accolades when they do something. My middle is this way. Some are very insecure and afraid to try things and fail. And too much kicking in the pants makes them shut down. My oldest can be this way. I try to see each child for who he/she is, what motivates them, what goals they have, and work from there, because the truth is, depending on the personality and background, each child will react to "kicks in the pants" different ways.
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    The young man sounds like he's been coddled (maybe I'm reading too much into the "mother allowed him to bail out of scouts" portion). But, there are elements of personality, and what motivates the child. Finding the motivation is the hard part -- but in dealing with my own malcontents, it takes listening and using their own words to guide/push them. The young man needs to be shown (led) to the correct conclusions by starting with (1) he is miserable because no one wants to be around him (2) Why does he think no one wants to be around him (most likely will say "I don't know"), and be guided through how he would feel IF situations (how would you feel if you went to a camping trip and you had to ... set up the tent yourself, do all of the cooking, do all of the clean up, etc. while Joey got to lay in his hammock?" Have you ever done anything like this? (kid will probably say "no" -- because kids like this, ime, tend to be REALLY not self-aware), so you would need to have specific examples at the ready. Role play situations where the young man can make a different choice. Set conditions -- not allowed to quit until X is accomplished, or X amount of time, etc. Set conditions for other rewards -- must volunteer at the food pantry X hours with a good recommendation from the supervisor (sometimes it means the parent has to go and volunteer, too -- not just drop off). before child can go to the amusement park or get a new game. My soon-to-be 13yo Blondie is a totally different kind of lazy than her soon-to-be 16yo brother, PokeMan. and Pokeman is wholly different from LEGOManiac, and PonyGirl. I nudged (pushed) a lot, and continue to do so -- but my pushing is borne from the following: Child without a plan has to follow my plan until they can articulate their own. Talk to the child regularly about what they like/don't like to help them learn to articulate their own plan. Research opportunities gleaned from discussions in #2 to help provide ideas/opportunities to help them discover their own plan (goal is to move child to learn how to research/discover their own opportunities, but at 13, this can be hard -- because they don't know what to look for). Create coursework/school opportunities to help them explore the things they feel they might be interested in. Reward their taking on challenges, finding things they are interested in with additional opportunities -- often which hinge on fulfilling responsibilities. Go over responsibilities to make sure child understands every part that is required. It is not enough to say "the kitchen is clean" -- because that leaves too much room for interpretation of the word "clean." Detailed checklists -- including specifics about supplies & tools to be used -- are very helpful. Continue building upon previous conversations, checking in with responsibilities/opportunities how things are going, what they like/don't like -- adjust as necessary and continue moving forward. There are no easy answers here. And remember, 13-15 year olds are dealing with a lot emotionally they often can't articulate. Frustration at not being allowed to do adult things they feel they are old enough to do... increased responsibilities they don't want because they still want to be a kid... often new romantic feelings/bodily reactions sometimes they might not even realize are normal... not having the vocabulary to deal with any of this... feelings of shame, confusion (they don't want to admit), insecurities, lack of control -- all of which can come out as anger. When we've reached points with each child entering this phase, I've pulled each one aside into a private space and laid down rules for engagement. At times, it has also included a journal to write down all of that (knowing I would not read it). My soon-to-be 16yo is finally on the other side of that mess (still needs a proverbial 2x4 to the head now and then, but so much better). But in the middle of it -- there were angry, tear-filled moments of poor-me-isms, and this notion that he should be able to do whatever he wanted without any consequences (said much less politely...) I have many rambling thoughts about this -- because I've been through it differently with 3 kids, and have #4 to deal with next.
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    IMHO, 13 is a hard age, and they need a lot of support. Once they come out of the fog at 14 or 15, things generally improve. Keep in mind that everyone doesn't have strong enough internal motivation to take a task to completion on their own. Just because they don't get things done doesn't mean they don't see the value in those things. Procrastinating is often because of perfectionism - fear of not doing it right, so therefore not doing it at all. Feeling overwhelmed because of not knowing how to break an activity down into manageable chunks can be a big part of it, as well. Also, not having a good sense of time can be involved - both in not realizing how much time has passed without starting the task and also in not realizing how long something actually requires.
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    I am up early. Coffee Put away dishes and put the newly dirty dishes in dishwasher Make bed Put dirty clothes in the dirty clothes drawer (yup, have a drawer now to keep it put out of view for potential buyers) Shower Pack some lunch and snacks that are healthier (meat, veggies, and fruit) Work Do a couple more small things to tweak my resume and resubmit to the neighboring district Email the in-district school I would like to work in (even though technically I can't jump ship for another year, I am going to try)
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    Take DS to dentist (they are talking root canal -- he woke up on Saturday with throbbing, sharp pain that grew worse over the weekend -- went to the emergency sick call yesterday, no sign of infection, tests inconclusive, asked to come back today -- running tests again). Laundry (ugh) Get ready for the landlord's workers to show up and take stock of what needs to be done (they realtors want to show the place, but there is a serious lack of maintenance that's been done -- major landscaping (dead tree removal, bushes, fencing that's rotting, the outdoor kitchen roof rotting, the tile falling off the walls), so they are coming to make their list... because mine isn't good enough 😉 ). Continue packing and cleaning Swimming Movie Night (going to see Shazaam! -- going to miss the $4 movie tickets). Virtual House Hunting work (we have a list of 7 houses, going to make an actual list of the homes pros/cons to compare).
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    Off to check cows! Tomorrow's plans consist of cleaning up the mess from the Scout awards dinner. I just dumped everything in the kitchen. I have all the candles, holders, and tablecloths to deal with. Bless LDS ladies--they jump up and wipe everything down before it's all packed away! I think I'm walking with a friend tomorrow. And checking cows.
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    What makes you think that? And, why would that be relevant? If you think you know personally identifiable information about me, I’d appreciate it if you would keep that to yourself and PM me. It is highly inappropriate to use personal information on a message board. I will say this regarding statistics. Whether or not substance abuse is “lumped in”with mental health disorders doesn’t change the number of people in our area needing access to mental health care, The size of the hospital doesn’t change the number of people in the area needing mental health care. None of these statistics change the fact that mental health care is under funded and that there is a severe shortage of mental health providers & beds. These problems are nationwide. My area is not unique. What is also not unique is the stigma mental illness still carries in our nation. What is not unique is that there are people who would rather lock up people with mental illness than provide appropriate care and integrate them into the community, when appropriate. The primary reasons for this, IMO, are a combination of fear, lack of awareness & appropriate information as well an unwillingness to spend money on meeting the needs of others. Unsinkable, I have no idea why you are fixating so much on the numbers I provided - do you doubt the fact that so many people in one area that need mental health care? That’s the only thing I can think of. If you doubt it, there’s really nothing I can say to change your mind if facts don’t do it. If there’s something else you’d like to discuss, feel free to PM me and I’ll consider it, but I’ve provided all of the numbers I have available to me. Many hospitals, states and advocacy organizations make census statistics & provider information available, feel free to do additional research on your own. Mental health is an area where I have done a reasonable amount of research and have taken care to find out what is happening in my community, state and the nation at large. I advocate, I donate and I am in favor of higher taxes, if necessary, in order to pay for mental health access because I think it’s important.
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    Honestly, I'd just tell the teacher that we were not going to do any more homework for the rest of the year. Perhaps a gently-spoken "heads-up" to the teacher, along with a signed/dated letter to the effect of: "DD is melting down, no learning is happening with the work being sent home to do at night, and the added stress is negatively impacting her mental and physical health as well as that of the rest of the family. I take full responsibility for the decision to stop all homework for the rest of the year, and will not hold the school accountable for any consequences as a result of stopping. signed ________, date_______" If it helps, try "channeling" (LOL) SWB in her book Rethinking School and be polite but firm. If the school gives you major push-back, then at that point I would consider politely withdrawing, without burning any bridges.
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    My dd found this dress on clearance back in August-- pretty-- but the lace 'blobs' were tattered and just did not look right. We found some silk hydrangeas, pearl beads, gold ribbon and some tiny gold butterflies-- and she LOVED the result! I used the scraps to make a headpiece and her date's boutonniere too... Prom was this past Saturday-- my oldest dd is a professional photographer and took the prom picts! Not a bad dress for just under $100! First picture is trying it on at store... notice lace 'blobs'...
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    Call chiropractor and reschedule call vet offices school airporr school reunion night (need to bring my own food)
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    How do I sign up to be on this list?
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    How do you know when they aren't a little boy anymore? When they get their first man cold.
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    And we issue hearts for things like hugs and support. If you say "My child is in the hospital" we will like for support. It's an ITT love BOOYA!
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    Talked to sister. Talked to mom. Bought tickets to a community theater play for Saturday night.
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    Laundry started--lots of bloody towels, because a new set of twins! New calf last night, and another this morning. Can you tell the storm is arriving??? trash out--made it! talked to Scouter down valley--still no info on WHERE something is happening next month and I need to know photos to the newspaper--I made the deadline FB photos from last night, and posted to the Wood Badge group too. sweeping done--the first of 4 times no doubt with all the mud walk--its a treadmill day. Well, it wasn't. I was worried about getting my miles in. And then we had 3 new calves and it started to snow. Idiot heifer mom left her calf, 156 black cow tried to kill me, and a brockle face was just nuts. Everyone is in the sheds for the night and I'm hoping the yellow heifer hasn't torn down the shed yet. Cute grey calf, but I think mama cow may have bought herself a trip to the sale ring. Two and half hours later, I have my miles in! Dh went off to dinner in town and then came home and told us how we did it all wrong. As usual. read write kids mail letters--dh will take them. It's snowing, again. So I'm not walking in town today. Dh couldn't be bothered to take them. laundry put away--let's just say, it's not. All done for now. All done--oh wait, had to wash towels again. candles and holders to go to the cellar. I have to find a new system--this isn't working. Holders are in a sturdy plastic box that used to have ski bibs in it. We haven't used them in years, so I just cut off all the ties, and gave a pile to dh for shop rags. They're just the right size. tablecloths washed--the plastic ones got wiped down last night. Thank you LDS ladies! And they have a new home in a nice box, along with the PILES of Scout candles! All neatly labeled. dishes are waiting from the potluck. After getting done with cows at 0200, I wasn't doing them watered upstairs--still have the greenhouse today, but I did dump the mousetrap
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    The purple flowed plant is the common (culinary) sage that I planted this fall after rooting some pieces I purchased from a market. Sorry, the lighting doesn't do the plant justice. Bill
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    Signed kid 1 up for a 5K in May. Texted 2 moms about taking their kids to dinner & ice cream with us Friday.
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    Happy Wednesday! Still not sure why this is my favorite day. Is there something to the "hump day" mentality? Slept like normal people! Yay!! I woke up with a sore back, but it is better now. Kids up, ready, and off to the school bus with their instruments. Just barely on time. (I did wake them up late, so my bad this time.) Gathered garbage and took it out, cleaned part of the garage. Cleaned kitchen; washed a lot of dishes; cleaned bathrooms and some clutter. Coffee. Caught up on emails, news, social media. Checked out a few things about kids' school and sports. To do: More coffee. Work - just a couple of "pressing" things and a bunch of longer term / minor / cleanup things. I'm feeling motivated to do some exercise today! A little reading. Bills, calendar, filing. Might do some work in the kids' rooms, or make them do it, or both. Laundry - 2 or 3 loads. Should contact family about plans for the April 15 taxes and upcoming travel / pet sitting. Schedule chiro and dental appointments. Kids' work - whatever homework and cleaning their rooms. Not sure if they have any difficult tests / quizzes coming up. Might go running with Kid 1 if I find she doesn't need to go to gymnastics. Read-aloud(s). Work or sleep. Whatever I'm forgetting.
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    This very much depends on your gender, the sport, and your talent level. And your decisions in recruiting. Girls in swimming with sectional times and above can find serious money. But they have to look around for it and work for it and make compromises on schools. Major conferences have many people swimming for a pittance or "books" (think under $500)- but they made that trade-off. Of the girls we know personally, scholarships have ranged from 100% to 0% at major conferences, 100% to 40% at mid-major conferences, and 100% to 75% at D2 schools. Academic money goes on top of those percentages if available. We never thought of a return on investment- merely following children's talents and passions. But frankly, it has paid off. One child with a serious scholarship helps everyone in the family. And she is graduating without any debt. The next swimmer coming up has taken note.
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    Good morning-- brain fog much better so too much to do. Jean, i hope your pain subsided and you got to sleep Hope- sorry about your uncle Pink and Green- hugs to you w/ dealing w/ bureaucracy with honors classes take shower and dance (already did meds, coffee, and breakfast) call coumadin clinic go to primary care (another day) either go to store or order food Youngest insurance/grad stuff- (Some Done) October trip planning and reservations lots and lots of insurance paperwork (not done because office is closed) continue w/ pursuing all kinds of disability stuff laundry DON't overdue (reminder to me)
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    Good morning! One more children's choir rehearsal tonight and singing in church Palm Sunday and then we're done until fall. Maybe permanently. Not sure if we want to do this again. I have to go to Aldi. Coffee!
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    Good morning! I slept well, although I got up to use the restroom and remembered I hadn't started the dishwasher. So I did that and went back to sleep. I don't remember my list from yesterday, but I think today will only consist of work, school, workout, housework, make grocery order. I won't need to cook tonight, either. Ds32 moved April 1 and I think I have cooked once, and that was only a pack of pork tenderloin. Oh! I did cook the bacon for broccoli salad and dh made the rest of the bacon breakfast for supper by cooking sausage and eggs. I still need to get to the DMV and get dd an id.
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    Jean, I hope the pain is lots less today. Praying for you this morning.
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    Good morning! School Get milk and bagels. Buy tickets for the musical Dd is in. tomorrow, tackling a mountaain of deskwork tomorrow! Buy next year's math books. Phone call Reserve library books. tomorrow! Piano lessons (remember the check!) ✅ Trader Joe's Church
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    . . . . and I just lost my post. Ugh. 😵 Up and at 'em. ✅ Coffee. ✅ Work on CC class prep (because I passed out last night in the middle of trying to prep) [to be continued. . .✅] Shower and get ready✅ School with boys✅ Lunch✅ Get ready for funeral✅ Attend my uncle's funeral✅ Run out and visit my mom? (may do this after class--she is unable to attend her brother's funeral due to being housebound/unable to walk due to her hip not healing properly after surgery)✅ Finish CC prep✅ Teach CC class✅ Go home and have my midweek "Oh my goodness! Where has the week gone? The house is a wreck and I have so much laundry to do and stuff to put away and and and and" freak out
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    Good Morning! Happy Wednesday! I had a difficult time getting to sleep last night. I ended up popping in a movie to try to get myself sleepy enough to get to sleep. I got about a third of the way through The Hunt for Red October (in French) and crashed. I would really like to go back to bed, but there's too much that needs to get done before lunch.
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    Good Morning. Coffee's up. I woke up at 3:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. Got up for a bit and then went back to bed at 6. 🙄
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    Good morning. Lots of little things to do today. Busy trying to get my paperwork together for the State of SC homeschool "authority" proving the courses we took do indeed rise to honors level. So much info to gather, standards to check, etc. So that is where my time has been going - gathering up enough info to make my case. For every single high school credit earned thus far (there are nine). -coffee -DS17 off to school (half day) -school with DS14 -library (pick up, drop off, search for book) -find dermatologist for DS14 (no one is seeing new patients) -find eye doc that accepts our insurance (DS17 running out of contacts, DS14 needs stronger prescription) -laundry -grocery store for a few things -homeschool paper chase -meet DS17 at tux place in Greenville at 1:30 -be home by 4 pm for exterminator -dinner (cilantro lime chicken and I've been promising DS14 for days that I will make spiralized potatoes with them) -watch Falcon Heavy launch with DS14 (asprining aerospace engineer) -watch and episode or two of 24 with family
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    We went to the almost big city to see "Unplanned. " I am emotionally drained. Imma gonna nap now.
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    You might be interested in looking into the cognitive science of religion. What its researchers have found is that the human mind is predisposed to think in ways that essentially ensure that religion will develop.
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    This is the thread that never ends Yeah, it's superior to other trends Friends start out scratching their heads in confusion, perhaps But then the laughter strikes and they gratefully tip their caps... 😉
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    Fencing is a sport where there are very very few scholarships (and very few varsity programs at all), yet so many parents with young kids in the sport are convinced they're going to get a full ride somewhere. There is a graphic floating around that I see reposted all the time that shows how many HS students there are in each sport and how many college scholarships there are, and it makes fencing look like a slam dunk for sports scholarships. The problem is that the graphic only counts students who fence on a high school team, which excludes about 90% of actual HS-age fencers, who fence for a club. It also assumes that all D1/D2 fencing programs are fully funded and offer the maximum number of scholarships that the NCAA allows, which is far from true. But there are a lot of parents of 12 year old fencers who think their kid is either going to get a full ride to Duke or Notre Dame or they're going to be a shoo-in at an Ivy. The mom of one of DS's club-mates always used to tout fencing as a great way to impress colleges and get sports scholarships, despite the fact that her kid was really not that into it, and she was really angry when he eventually quit. I think anyone who isn't absolutely passionate about their sport in HS is just not going to be able to keep it up in college, because the sacrifice is so much greater in college. There's no surer way to make a kid hate a sport than sending them to a college that's not a good fit, that was chosen purely for the scholarship money, and then forcing them to keep training 30 hrs/wk at something they no longer care about just to be able to afford to stay there.
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    ds3 still under the weather, no school or baking. dd2 left for a study group. It is starting to rain and the temperature is dropping.
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    Sorry to keep posting, but here’s one argument against it being a bat bite... When could it have bitten you? It’s cold outside, so wouldn’t you have been under the covers all night? A bat would have had to crawl under the covers and all the way down to the bottom of the bed to have bitten you on the foot. That seems highly unlikely.
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    Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Good grief, I didn’t even know which day it was for a minute there. Wednesday. Yes!!! Humph Day!!! Kids have Enrichment Academy. Older three are still testing there, Baby just has regular class. Since I got all my errands done, I may find a nice place and do some Latin, read a book and .... oh, I din’t know what else. The wind from yesterday is gone. Tonight is the last Awana. I am glad. I get tired of it after a while.
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    Susan, we have a wren nesting in a chair on the front porch. The chair belongs to DH. I asked him if he wanted to clear out the twigs when the birds started building. He said no. Let them raise a clutch--but only one! What do you want to bet we'll have baby birds all over the front porch this year? She has five eggs now and is sitting.
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    Sophie and Mr. Sassy, the local cardinal couple, are building a nest in the shrub outside dd's window. Very exciting. Not sure if we'll be able to get any math done with all this excitement going on!
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    Thank you. We were not close, but it is still a sad reminder that my own parents are aging.
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    Oh, yes, that's what I was going to do today. License renewal. Hmmmmm, I think I'll try it tomorrow.
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    Personally I don't care if substance abuse is lumped with mental health illness. It's often a chicken vs egg as to which came first scenario. Self medication is often the only treatment or the first treatment many people get for their problems.
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    Since this is a spinoff from my post, I want to explain that this young man takes the lazy route to everything. He said, and had said about everything, that it was just too much work. He is quite content to let the other boys set up the tent, cook the meal, pull the sled, etc. He doesn't want to harness the dogs, haul the water; he doesn't want to hoist the "victim" in first aid, carry the flag, and on and on. When the mother allowed him to bail out of Scouts, he then rejected 4-H because he would have to do record keeping. Sports? No. School work? No. He can not conceive of why others don't want to be around him, as he won't pull his fair share. Sure, kids are tired and growing, but when they are miserable because NO ONE wants to be around them, I DO think they need more than a nudge. This has been going on for a long time, not just during a growth spurt. And the whining begins when others are recognized for pitching in. I fear the man this boy is growing up to be.
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    And they have the gall to call you in for jury duty? Uh. Please. Give me a break.
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    And those stats are artificially high because they lump together the "headcount" sports (football, basketball, and women's gymnastics, volleyball, and tennis) where D1 scholarships are all full ride, with all the other sports, where the vast majority of athletes get partial scholarships, many of which are just a few thousand. If they separated out the head count sports, and just averaged the other sports, it would be more obvious just how few full rides there are and how small the average athletic scholarship really is.
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    I just finished a pre-read for the kids - a "retold for younger readers" version of Virgil's Aeneid. I knew nothing about the Aeneid beyond the fact that it was written (a) by Virgil and (b) in Latin. So I was very surprised to find that I was reading, basically, Homer fanfiction. 😄 (It was this version, in case anyone's curious. Should work fine for my kids to read next year when we're doing ancients in history, though I will need to tell them that they're allowed to skim the sections describing deaths.)
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