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    UPDATE: Greta has beat the odds and has had some reduction in the size of her tumors. She had her husband have had a wonderful second honeymoon to the most romantic of cities—Paris—and have found the way to love one another and life while squarely facing this serious illness. She’s connected at her parish with frequent gatherings, and, of course, connected with her medical community with frequent meetings. Greta calls herself most blessed to have this time with her husband, daughter, family and friends. Recently, she has developed really loud tinnitus, so she has joined me in the hearing-aid-brigade, which lets her play white noise into her ears that at least distracts from the tinnitus. And podcasts too. :0) It's not curative but it does help. Going into this diagnosis, 9 months ago, the "expectancy" was stated as 12 months. Without raising her hopes or projecting doom, her doctor told her that she is healthier now than she was 12 months ago, and recent tests revealed "nothing new." (That's called "good news" in this milieu.) Please keep praying for her. She is going to try to read the posts here, so if you want to chime in, feel free. (Just between us chickens, Greta has found and displayed amazing grace in a most unexpected place and experience. We should be so happy to call her one of "ours." )
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    It's been a long haul, with two extended periods of absence-on-leave due to illness. He will graduate in three weeks. He is job searching - he has found one part-time gig already and has been invited to interview for a full-time position. Onwards and upwards. Very relieved.
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    Today was the first day of recitation for Intro Chem which is a required class. The instructor started pretty basic, and the kids behind ds in the class were making somewhat-loud, rude comments about the class being useless, and why did they bother to show up, etc. After class, two of them went up to the instructor and said to him "next time, why don't you just tell anyone who knows anything about chemistry to leave. This class just wasted my time. etc" He said it went on for at least a minute or two. DS waited for the kids to leave the class and went up to the instructor and said "Thanks so much for teaching this recitation. Looks like you have a pretty tough crowd here, but I appreciate you being here." The instructor then asks his name and they get to talking. DS has been working in a chemistry lab this summer and apparently they have been doing the same type of research in materials science and really hit it off. DS came home and called me to say not just how he couldn't believe how rude the kids were, but that he felt good about making the effort to fix it.
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    It is so much fun! I had a lovely lunch today with @Penguin. She gets around and has met with other boardies on other continents, but I am privileged to have her living practically in my back yard. 😊 So here we are together today.
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    I can't believe our little rainbow baby is three months old already! He is the sweetest. He has recently started giggling at us, and he shoves burp cloths into his mouth. We adore him so, so much. Mr. Five cannot get enough of him. A thousand times a day, he comes up to say, "I love this baby too, too much. I need this baby. Let me hold the baby." A few weeks ago, he told me, "This is the baby I always wanted." Baby gets covered with a lot of kisses. (And in true Mr. Five fashion, he still very often reminds us out of the blue that he is a double big brother.) It is such a beautiful gift to have him and to be able to pick him up and cuddle him whenever I want. His little face smiling at me in the morning lights my world.
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    funny story. DS17 took the ACT and got a great score. You can tell he is different from me because 17 yo me would have said 'woo-hoo I'm done w/ standardized testing for college entrance forever'. DS though ''s good, but what if some college likes the SAT better so I should ALSO take the SAT.' Wishing to avoid hearing him be all stressed out for the next month while he preps for this exam I don't think he needs, I suggested he call the admissions board of a few colleges he's interested in and just ask them. So he did. Discission w/ CMU's admission person went something like: DS17: Hello. I'm very interested in attending CMU. I'll be applying this fall. I just took the ACT and got a 35, but I was wondering if you have a preference for SAT over ACT so maybe I should take that too. CMU Admissions: that's a very good score. congratulations. No, then don't care. Wait....what department are you interested in? DS17: Econ CMU Admissions: nope, they don't care. DS17: and Musical Theater. CMU Admissions: <pause> oh honey. They SO DON'T care. <snicker> He was honestly pretty insulted. 😛
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    The wedding went very well. Since they hadn't thought about ushers or seating parents, dh and I started out the wedding procession by walking down the aisle and seating ourselves in the front and the oldest brother was grabbed to escort the bride's mother to her seat. My son asked the photographer to get a photo with all of our family including dh and I, grandparents, and all the siblings and their SO. It was interesting because my son and his new wife spent much of the evening having a good time hanging out with his brothers (instead of his groomsmen) and he even danced with his little sister. Overall, it was a very nice evening.
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    Back in 2017, I asked for help naming our boy Max. Unfortunately, we lost him suddenly this February to acute hemolytic anemia. I was devastated...he was my shadow. A couple weeks ago, I mentioned to dh that I was finally to a point where it didn’t hurt to think of losing Max, and occasionally I would glance at the shelter sites. Wednesday I saw this guy, and I fell in love. I showed dh, and it was the same. We brought him home Wednesday evening, and he’s made things interesting since. 😆 Meet Jukka...pronounced “you kuh”. Dh wanted a name that meant gift from God, and something about that name stood out. He’s a 9 week old Australian Shepherd.
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    I've known for a while that my ability to read what I type is going really downhill - IOW, my brain will still read a sentence how I meant it to come out even if what I actually typed is completely wrong, especially if I read it again while the information is still fresh in my brain. Anyways, I went back and re-read a final report I wrote for a class (because I'm stalking the website for my final grade). For context, this document is going to be shared with every professor in the department because it's dictating my projects from now until I graduate. I meant to say Large Hadron Collider (the particle accelerator)....but what I wrote was Large Hardon...
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    So the update: It went way better then could be expected. My 3 yo napped through the whole thing. The big boys were great---vibrant, happy, obedient, and obviously smart. They nicely played mouse trap with my mother. We invited her right in she sat on our couch and talked to us for 1/2 an hour. Mostly she was satisfying her curiosity about homeschooling, and commiserating about how stupid the complaint was. She asked us a rapid fire list about risk factors: drugs, alcohol, spousal abuse etc. We talked briefly about rules & discipline. She never had any interest in leaving the living room. She only talked with the children when they initiated conversation. She was fascinated by homeschooling. This is the text of the complaint in red, to give you an idea of how truly stupid it was: Caller reports that dh (34) & Ananda (33) are parents of ds9, ds6 & ds3. According to the caller the children are homeschooled. The caller reported that ds9 wears a pull up (like this is a habitual thing). The caller stated that they believe ds3 also wears a pull up, but it is unknown if ds6 wears pull ups. The caller did not speak with the parents as to why ds9 wears a pull up. Why is this person so obsessed with pull ups? When the caller was asked if they had any other concerns, the caller stated that the children have difficulty listening to directions, which is typical for children who are homeschooled; (You guys are going to love that.) however, the children exhibit behaviors of not following directions beyond the norm. The caller stated that they didn't have any other concerns at this time. Then they provided mangled DOB's for the children. Based on the complaint, I am certain this is someone from the YMCA, probably an employee, but maybe another parent. So . . . that is a thing. I am just so flabbergasted at the stupidity. You can see why she wasn't at all concerned. Apparently, nothing about the call concerned CPS. She said they would have told off the caller. But they emailed the state department of education just to close out their file. The department of education replied, in blue: I do not have a filing under the last name (dh & dc's last name). Basics such as potty training would be considered child care and parenting responsibilities, not a curriculum choice. That is the best part. The department of education being like wtf! She said that she had to follow up & do the whole she-bang because the department of ed didn't have a record of us. This is because the YMCA mangled the DOB's and our homeschool is registered under my (different) last name. Apparently, though, most people cooperate with her. She seemed really taken aback when I told her that many people would have refused to talk to her, to allow her access to the children and to enter the home. She said that she couldn't get a court order, but it would raise her suspicions. Apparently the only people who have reacted that way have been horrifically abusive or drug addicts. She would have kept coming back until our case expired. Anyways, 5 days of torture because someone at the YMCA is weird about pull-ups. Thanks. Ananda
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    UPDATE: dd’s bf, who is like a son to us, got the fees reversed! He got an Affidavit and stood in dh’s place at the Show Cause hearing, and, though he reports the hearing did not go well and they rushed him and acted like they didn’t understand, nonetheless, they sent him a message that they were reversing the fees! I feel like this was an unlikely outcome and I am just electrified that it turned out so well!
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    Well, I think the girls were right to speak up, and the counselor was wrong. Unless the girls did it in a mean way. The boy with autism probably didn't realize that he was crossing boundaries and making the girls feel uncomfortable, but that doesn't mean it's acceptable for him to keep doing it. Someone needed to tell him to knock it off, and it was within the rights of the girls to do it. I would want the girls and adults to tell my son with HFA to cut it out, if he were the one doing it. Instead of reprimanding the girls, the counselor should have worked with the boy to help him understand expected boundaries of behavior. There is often not a way to tell when someone has HFA, unless they reveal that themselves, so I don't think teaching them to look for signs of autism would prevent this kind of thing. Instead of talking about autism (though I realize it has been brought up in this situation), it may be more helpful to explain that some people have trouble understanding social boundaries. If they are in such a situation, again, and telling the guy to stop does not make it stop, the next step is to ask an adult for help.
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    Is doing the thing you will not do a major sin--that is, in the unmarried couple living together example, is entering the house of an unmarried couple a major sin according to your beliefs? Not is living together unmarried major sin. This matters. Jesus did not himself commit sins, but he also did not hesitate to enter the homes of sinners or eat with sinners. He was not sullied by relationships with imperfect people, nor was he concerned that by interacting with them he was condoning their sins.
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    Am I the only one who remembers being a teen and lying to my parents, and it not being because I was on the fast track to Hell? I was a really good kid, good grades, no drugs, tried alcohol once in high school, etc etc, and I still lied to my parents. Heck, even on Leave it to Beaver, with the "perfect family", the kids lied and deceived their parents. And I'm pretty sure ALL kids break house rules at some point. So not freak out worthy to me. Just a normal teen parenting issue. I also wouldn't sit around waiting for her to come to me, that feels like playing games, not like direct, healthy communication that I want to model.
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    I am so excited I am shaking. Some of you may remember I have been working on Ancestry . com to find my former MIL's birth family. She was adopted in 1930 and did not have a birth certificate. Through DNA and a lot of detective work and a lot of help along the way from helpful relatives we have been able to positively identify both her birth mother and birth father. She has 3 living half siblings on her birth father side. Neither mother or father or any of their family are people my MIL has ever heard of. In 1930 when she was born the birth family lived in TX about 90 miles away from where my MIL was raised up in LA. It was a long journey. I have been working on it for almost a year. I just can't believe it.
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    DD14’s talk on “Online instruction of Herpetology for gifted students”, about her classes at Athena’s Academy, has been accepted to the 2020 World Congress of Herpetology. This is her first major conference acceptance, and it’s for WORLDS! Thanks to all the parents here who have let their kids take her Herpetology classes the last few years, and who have given permission to let her share your kids’ work, survey responses, and your responses. (And there are still seats available in this fall’s class :))
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    Over the last few weeks, as my DD10's GS troop has gone back to (B&M) school, as we have engaged in the community a bit, I have been experiencing feelings lol. In our previous location, I knew we were there temporarily and much of the stuff we did regarding kids activities and social engagements was done with full knowledge that all that stuff was temporary. We intend to stay here permanently and are therefore engaging with the community more. And I am realizing how different we are. Mostly, I don't care about differences. I know what my goals are regarding parenting and education of my kids and I am ok with going against the norm. But, because we were.............not isolated, but isolated? from most folks not family, plus so much else going on like dealing with family estates from afar, long distance home owner crisis stuff, etc....I guess I didn't realize just how different our philosophies regarding parenting and education of my kids really is from so many others. So, being society (for lack of a better phrase..........I really felt pretty isolated being in the rural/semi rural location we were) has shown me a lot and made me question myself. This weekend, I was out of town, and visiting family I don't see often. So, not the closer family we are usually working to maintain relationships with but cousins and great grandparents and second cousins etc. People who know me but don't know all of the struggles we have like the ASD diagnosis and such were telling me how awesome my kids were. Public school teachers were telling me how impressed they were with my kids. Random people who are like cousin's fiance's sister's kid were telling me that they loved talking to my kids. And then, family who I know better, some of whom have had struggles with their own kids, actually said things like "I wish I had done that." And THEN, when some of these same people are reminded that I have an older kid who is 23 and doing ok......really, I won't lie, I was feeling some love. I know full well that there is a measure of my kids success and behaviors and so on that really have nothing to do with me. But, this weekend,, after seeing so many things that are so different, that so many people recognized that the children who are at least in part products of the parenting decisions I have made, really are great people.............yeah, I am feeling a bit validated. Maybe, just maybe, I really am doing the right things for us.
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    because I request that they NOT open a package of something perishable when there is already an open one. Like shredded cheese or sandwich meat. OK...I admit there are days when the request is LOUD. Every person that lives or has ever lived in my house is pretty smart. But they don’t see an issue with three open bags of sharp cheddar cheese. They definitely don’t understand that I would appreciate them using up the medium cheddar before opening a mild cheddar. That is absolutely unreasonable. I actually have to limit the variety of cheese available. If something in there says “Mexican” there is no way they will use cheddar on their taco. So purchasing both mozzarella and pizza cheese is just asking for it. I have a system to help them out even. Once something is opened it goes in the deli drawer. Look there first! Then open another package if there isn’t one. This problem is only getting worse as people fly the nest because now it takes alot longer to use up those open packages and they go bad. If only one person is a cheddar fan, multiple open bags won’t get used up. I have let go of an awful lot of things over the years but I’m never going to get over having three open packages of sliced turkey. (Related rant...once you open the sliced turkey that is a commitment! It has to be eaten before it goes bad. So don’t open it for a slice and not make a sandwich again. You open that package it is a commitment!!)
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    Said with an indulgent and superior smile, “You have to cut the apron string someday, you know.” As if I was keeping the kids home for selfish reasons. Homeschooling is one of the most unselfish things I’ve ever done in my life.
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    We have a local farm that I am quite positive has a number of illegal immigrants working on it. I’ve been there with the ambulance and when we show up with red lights flashing, people start running into the woods. Instead of arresting them, I’d rather see the owners and managers of the farm arrested. I’ve been inside the “housing” they provide and it’s incredibly overcrowded—14 or 15 people in a single wide, one bathroom trailer. I’m sure they aren’t paying legal wages either. Of course they aren’t offering benefits either, but since these are illegal immigrants none of the workers are going to complain. My personal opinion is to arrest the hiring managers and anyone else facilitating the hiring or poor conditions. Then find a way to offer a path to legal immigration or citizenship, pending a background check. But I don’t run the world.
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    Yes, I do. Having friends in the car is one of the variables that leads to wrecks. Using cell phones is probably the other big variable. If my teen lied to me about following the law or anything else driving related, the wrath of God would descend and that teen wouldn’t drive for a long time. — signed someone who has pulled a number of dead teens from wrecks over the years.
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    Yesterday I finished piecing the quilt on the left- it was a year long Block of the Month program and it took me a bajillion hours to piece it. It’s for the guest room our grands will sleep in when they visit. I’ll quilt it on my sister’s long arm machine. Usually she does it for me but I have moved close enough that I can visit and learn to do it myself. The shoes will be painted to be my game day shoes. I put the gesso on the canvas today and roughed in the drawing/lettering. Luckily the opening game is an away game so I have more than a week to finish them. I’m not a painter at all- I have no drawing or painting talent. But thought it would be fun to try something new. Can’t wait to hear about projects everyone is working on. I’d love to try some new crafts!
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    Dd accepted to Boston University, Connecticut College and Vassar😊
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    It’s a California thing. I would totally ignore it unless you plan on grinding it up and eating or breathing it. They have put labels on literally almost everything, including coffee, to where it is now a meaningless warning. It’s honestly ridiculous.
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    DS accepted to Oberlin with John F. Oberlin scholarship (and very, very nice need based aid, too). His dad went to Oberlin, so that would be cool. We just rearranged spring break next week so we can make one of the accepted students days.
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    Man, that list of addresses in the NPR piece: Greenwich, Atherton, Newport Coast, Beverly Hills, New York, Menlo Park, Del Mar. I mean, if you can't legit get your kids into fine schools with those addresses, and the concomitant advantages that come with that kind of privilege, you either have some dumb a**/f**k up kids or you really aren't trying very hard as a parent.
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    I believe it. In that moment, I didn't care one whit about my rights. I totally understand and agree with the argument that if I let her in and cooperate openly and so do most everyone else, then her experience will be that only very bad people exercise their rights. It has a definite societal cost. I played my part in eroding all our rights. If it is any consolation . . . she was young and eager. I explained the position of hslda & many homeschooler would be to cooperate only as compelled by law. I explained why. I briefly outlined the history. I explained why I chose differently. We were the first homeschoolers she had met. She wanted to know why people homeschool. Not why WE homeschool, but why people in general homeschool. I listed off reasons rapid fire. She actually read the FAQ from the department of ed's website. She was really interested. So it is my belief that she learned from our case. I know she at least learned state homeschool law. I think she heard me. . . . maybe I am thinking too much of myself. Sorry, I am still euphoric from the relief of it all. As to why I chose as I did. MY CHILDREN. I think the calculus is entirely different when it involves your children. I genuinely thought my children were at risk. I didn't know the specific allegations against us. One poster speculated sexual abuse! I would and did compromise my scruples to protect my children. I also joined HSLDA to which I was strongly opposed. That is a separate discussion. I called them planning to ask them for a names of local lawyers that I could call. They told me that I could, in fact, join with my case in progress. I didn't even stop to think, I joined immediately. I was impressed that their legal council moderated his response when I told him that I didn't care about my privacy or my rights. I just wanted this closed as soon as possible. He advised me to act as I did. He also incidentally told me to stop taking legal advice from the hive mind. We secretly recorded the conversation, our state is a one party consent state. We had decided to tell her she needed a warrant if she tried to leave the open area of our living room, dinning room & play room. She never left the couch. We had decided to allow her to "set eyes on" each of the children and exchange pleasantries but not to interview the children. She barely talked to them, and didn't even set eyes on my napping 3yo. We didn't plan on cooperating with anything and everything. She never asked of us something we weren't willing to give.
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    Rejoice or head scratch with me. I think I’ve figured out why non-home-educating SAHMs get made fun of for sitting around watching Netflix and eating bonbons. This is so easy!!! So background - my oldest four just went up to Alaska last night to hang with the grandparents for a few weeks, so I only have the two little boys. That’s score one of ‘life is so easy again’. Two special needs little guys is just not that hard. Score two? Older little guy is my only non homeschool person and just hopped on the bus for his morning preschool program. Baby is still sleeping. NOW THAT PRESCHOOLER IS GONE I HAVE SO MUCH SPARE TIME?! Like, on a normal day I’m rushing my older kids to finish eating and do their cleanup chore so we can start cramming on school. I spend the entire preschooler’s time gone working with the third and first grader and trying to not ignore the toddler (who is usually playing and watching cartoons). Then as soon as the preschooler comes home the youngest four are done-ish and watching movies while I finish up with the older girls and make food. Then usually I’m rushing off to therapy anywhere from 3-4 days a week, plus IE here at home and such. So I don’t have time to relax, let alone do actual chores, until about 6:30 each night. Which ain’t happening most days, if I’m honest. Just the basics to keep things functional. Less kids and not homeschooling is such a CAKEWALK?! How did I not know this? Like, I wouldn’t trade my life for anything but it feels remarkably sedate and relaxed and not scheduled right now, even with therapy and little kid needs still in place. This is just laughably chill. I feel like I’ve been missing out on all the benefits of being a SAHM by homeschooling 🤣 Like, I’m not really a SAHM so much as an educator who works at home. Because this is such a vacation it’s not even funny. Not in the same universe of comparable. I totally get the allure of shoving the kids in school now. I’m never usually without students, so this is honestly a novel experience. Wow. End joyous braindump. I big puffy heart love my vacation from all the hard of many kids and many grades 🥳
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    Do you know her? Is she from a city and has had very limited access or knowledge to small town life? Why would you ignore her questions? Maybe she doesn’t have a lot of people in her life who have been married for very long or who stay married. Maybe she was genuinely curious and didn’t realize her questions were inappropriate. Maybe she’s from a culture where openness is the norm, even if it’s a family culture and not societal. Maybe she just hasn’t been taught better. Maybe she isn’t neurotypical. My point is that you don’t know. I think, honestly, you were rude to a stranger and your niece’s friend. And I dare say most children don’t go from small adults to big adults as yours did.
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    I hate to be so paranoid, but I have watched a lot of situations like this play out on these boards, and I'm hearing warning sirens loud and clear. And what they are tooting is 'Divorce Planning'. The pattern is, husband starts by trying to convince wife that she is mutually to blame for their marital problems, even though they are mostly in his head and/or/likely he is seeing someone else on the side. Then he gets her to agree to send the kids back to school. Then he gets her to get a job. THEN he blindsides her with a divorce filing after having established a 'norm' of the kids being in school and her being employed, that significantly reduces his financial obligations once they are through. I would like to emphasize--this is not something that I think you should discuss with him. But I do think you should quietly investigate it on your own. Make sure you have copies of your family's financial records, preferably in a location outside of the home that is not known to him. This means credit card/bank/mortgage/investment/retirement accounts statements, tax returns, and anything else that establishes what you own and what you owe. Also, maybe even talk with a lawyer about the laws in your state. Sorry to be so downer about this, but I'm seeing some sadly familiar red flags.
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    It seems to me that a Royal sitting in a box at Wimbledon and not wanting to be photographed is far different from someone being hounded in a moving vehicle. Permit me to think that is crass of you to equate the two.
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    In this case, Garga, I think that saying over and over again that they wanted their kids to move out, couldn't wait for them to leave is the symptom of the dysfunction, not the cause. It's not so much that they said it, it's that they meant it. Even if they hadn't said it, the kids would've known
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    He seems a classic narcissistic p. d. Time for some CBT for you. Repeat after me: "I am safe. I have built a successful new life that I am enjoying. He cannot hurt me any longer." Wishing you well for your day in court.
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    I truly think military service needs to be far down the list of options, if it even makes the list at all. There are too many red flags out for me to believe that military service is a good option in the near future. This young man needs psychiatric assessment and help and basic training is not an appropriate place for such a person. I know people think that a life in the military has the potential to “turn a life around,” and I’m sure there are situations where that is true. However, keep in mind that military training & service is emotionally and physically taxing for the healthiest of people. It very well could cause someone a lot of problems if they do not go into it from a position of physical and mental health & stability. Additionally, the purpose of the military is to protect our nation, not to act as a therapeutic environment for troubled youth. They simply are not equipped to do that.
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    DD accepted to NYU Liberal Core Studies program! So excited for her - NYU was the first school she fell in love with!
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    Yeah, that happened here too. Eldest told me that she didn't remember anything we did during our 9 years of homeschooling. Me: Really? You don't remember raising silkworms from eggs, or building a pyramid out of little mud bricks that we made from the dirt and grass in the backyard, or the human body we built piece by piece as we studied the systems, or all the hours we spent reading aloud, or any of that? Her: No. I don't remember anything from that time. Me, to myself: Ouch. Well, that was 9 years wasted. I could have been working all that time. I'd be making six figures by now. We'd be rich and I'd have a fulfilling career. Fast forward a few years, and now she's having happy little memory flashes. "Remember when we made little bricks and built a pyramid with a little mummy inside?" Me: Yes. I remember... (sigh)
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    As someone who has run camps for kids with disabilities, I think you should message the camp director. I'd want to know if a parent is worried, either because parent instincts are good and it would cause me to look closely and maybe see something I missed, or because I could easily reassure you. I have plenty of experience with "that mom", and this would not come close. I would welcome that message.
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    May is ALS Awareness month. Doing my part. 😉
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    Please, please do not encourage him to try to enlist. Basic training is psychologically difficult for a stable person, never mind someone with the symptoms your DS is exhibiting. The military can teach a lazy person how to have more self-discipline, but it CANNOT cure or treat mental illness. I don't know why so many people think it can do that. When I was in basic training, one of the guys I was training with snapped and attacked a drill sergeant. Thank god it happened in the first phase and not when we were doing rifle training. During AIT they had a special mattress near the main stairwell where they could keep an eye on the soldiers who were suicidal. There was at least one every day. Your son needs to work with mental health professionals. Drill sergeants are not mental health professionals. ETA: I should clarify that I'm bringing up the mattress thing not to tell you that they have a lot of experience dealing with mental illness, but to say LOOK HOW WELL THEY DON'T HANDLE IT. Suicidal? Spend the night on the special suicide mattress where a couple of exhausted teenagers on fire watch can make sure you don't kill yourself when they aren't mopping. It's horrifying.
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    So you took away the keys, right? The reason for the law is the data on teen accidents. We had a mom around here lose a REALLY BELOVED CHILD due to this. Not as if you don't love all your children, but this was just a horrible, tragic loss. My own dd did her first totalling over her car when she violated this. He's an ABSOLUTE IDIOT if he's violating the law, and I hope for his own safety he gets nailed.
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    One of my favorite comments was completely unwitting. When DD did state history in 4th grade, she wrote rather long, drawn out proposals to name the Timber Rattlesnake the National reptile. She sent these to our senators and congressmen, as well as Obama and Biden. She got, mostly, form letters back, but Lamar Alexander (or, more likely, an aide) wrote a very nice response back praising DD’s research and education and commenting that her writing skills were a credit to the fine education she was receiving and the quality of TN schools. 🤣
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    I would, quite frankly, get a new phone and phone number. Change her email address and only add contacts she wants. Make abundantly clear to everyone in her circle that she is NOT to be tagged in any photos they post or have her activities or whereabouts discussed with this young man or posted online. Ensure the location settings are NOT turned on with her phone, including (sadly) find my iPhone and "Find Friends".
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    I find it really odd, on a homeschooling board with lots of very high-achieving kids who get into top schools, that the idea of homeschooling a really smart, talented student who desperately wants to be homeschooled would be seen as a last resort — only acceptable if she can't be medically/psychologically "patched up" enough to tolerate being dumped back into the extremely competitive, pressure-cooker environment that destroyed her love of learning and sucked all the joy out of her life. That sends the message that following her instincts, choosing the environment she feels is best for her, is a sign of weakness, a failure, evidence that she's just not good enough to handle the "best" education. How is that not going to increase her anxiety and her feelings of failure and self-doubt and worries about the future??? Homeschooling is not something you "settle" for only if you're not good enough, or smart enough, or strong enough, for a high-stress private school. For many students it is the best way to get the best possible education. No college is going to look at a really smart, talented kid who took control of her own education and can write about it in a passionate and articulate way, and think "oh no, we don't want a mature, self-motivated kid with national writing awards, we'll just take another one of those nearly-identical valedictorians with 14 APs and 3 club presidencies who founded a fake charity."
  45. 21 points
    Anyway you slice it, this is a ridiculous proposition to accept from someone who hasn't been married and has zero stats to back it up. I never understood the popularity of this (and it was WILDLY popular) when I graduated HS in northwest Arkansas. ETA: David French had really good piece on this today from a conservative perspective ( The passage that stood out to me was: "This is what writer Katelyn Beaty called the “sexual prosperity gospel,” an “if/then” transactional relationship with God that manufactures a series of promises from scripture and then creates a form of Christian entitlement and expectation. “I did what you asked, Lord, now may I see my reward?” The supposition was that if/when these rewards fail to materialize, it can cause a total collapse of their faith.
  46. 21 points
    Ooo, I love magic! We are starting high school next year (sans Latin.) I wonder if it will work in the imperfect tense, "we've studied Latin!" I wonder if it will work in other scenarios? "Why no, officer, I didn't see that stop sign. Have I had a chance to mention that we study Latin?" "What's that you say? My electric bill payment is late? Shall I tell you how to say that in Latin? Anyone can learn if they put their mind to it, we did!" (Emojis omitted due to the possibility that they will appear gargantuan with no warning and little recourse)
  47. 21 points
    I may get flamed for this but I find women’s volleyball outfits to be worse than gymnastics.
  48. 20 points
    And we made an offer on a house. Waiting on written offers/contracts, but yes, I believe it is a done deal. Update: Ugh. Buyers are flaking out on me. They are trying to strong arm me for some closing costs. We said no. Now they are 'thinking about it'.
  49. 20 points
    Ok, they are floored. They have no idea what happened. There is plenty of money in that account. They will get it taken care of Mon. It must have been a bank error.
  50. 20 points
    The first article makes it seem like police tried several things before breaking into the house. They had a signed warrant. They knocked. They called. They knocked some more. Then they broke in. You really can’t just refuse to deal with the police when they have a signed warrant. They aren't just going to shrug and leave.
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