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    I am going in the middle of the night tonight. I am going to be kid-less and DH-less for 6 whole days 🙂 I am going to look after my grandmother for 6 days while her partner has surgery and is in hospital. I am so excited. I have only had in the last 25 years overnighters away from everyone (not including time in hospital) and that has only really been for specialized training for the twins My grandmother is pretty excited as well.
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    Did you actually read it? Because that is not what it says.
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    The accusations of cheating generally depend on a combination of (1) a significant score increase plus (2) "similarities" between the accused student's answers and answers of another student who happened to be sitting nearby. The suspect scores are flagged by an algorithm, not by a human proctor who saw actual evidence of cheating. Even if the similarities in answers were based on copying from a neighbor (which is pretty hard to do if seats are as far apart as they are supposed to be and the proctor is reasonably observant), automatically assuming that the student whose score improved was the cheater, with no other evidence, is ridiculous. Students are not only being accused of cheating based on nothing more than a statistical algorithm, they are for all intents and purposes being convicted of cheating with zero actual evidence. The "appeal" process is a joke — no one has ever won on appeal, no matter how much evidence was presented. Not only is there no presumption of "innocent until proven guilty," it's not even a matter of "guilty until proven innocent" — because there is literally no way for students to prove their innocence. And as if that isn't egregious enough, the ACT often waits as much as a year after the test was taken to inform the student that their scores are being invalidated. Given that most students take these tests as juniors and seniors, by the time they're informed that their scores were thrown out, it's often too late to retake the tests for admissions and scholarship purposes. And at the same time, both the ACT and College Board knowingly ignore the HUGE problems with blatant cheating by international students, because they make a ton of money from international tests and don't want to lose that revenue.
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    I read the article--some last night and the rest this morning and I am going to read it again. I forwarded it to dh. I liked it. A lot. I would say what he described is definitely reality for an entire demographic. I have been leaning toward this line of thinking for a while. My brain keeps saying 'there has got to be more to 'this' than meets the eye.' I found it helpful in that I can reframe my opinion of 'choices' people make. I have been so thoroughly disgusted by some in poverty before--and I don't want to be. I have slowly been working toward understanding and this article helped me toward that end.
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    They did have that choice. Oldest ds was gone for 10 years counting college but eventually moved home with my darling dil and three girls. Youngest dd lived in Alabama a while then Idaho a while and made it home. Thankfully right now everyone is nearby. Who knows if it will last, but I'm gonna enjoy it while it does.
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    Hope little Emma has a smooth recovery. Can someone tell me what a "sip read" is? In the last couple of days, I finished The Prophet of Yonwood and The Diamond of Darkhold (pre-reads for kids) - didn't like book 3 at all, but book 4 was fine. I'll have the kids skip book 3 when they read the series. Next up, I'm leaving the kid lit behind and going to a Puritan: John Owen's The Mortification of Sin. I also finished my devotional commentary, The Victory According to Mark. I disagreed with the author on a couple of things, but in general it was a pretty good book, and there were some points he made that I found really insightful. My next book for personal devotions will be 2 Samuel: Out of Every Adversity. I read the author's commentary on 1 Samuel and really liked it, so I'm looking forward to this one.
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    And then many of the same international students continue to cheat at college and the schools ignore it because they are also big money makers for American universities.
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    I love decluttering! I love finding things to get rid of. It is such a good feeling! My daughter and i just took a huge bag of stuff to Goodwill today.
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    Just so you know, I watched that whole thing waiting for a laugh track. It never came. This was supposed to be a serious piece of performance art. 😱
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    This. What about a few natural items? A large, interesting rock in one cubby? Some pine cones or cool branches in another? A clear glass frame with a pretty leaf displayed? I'd still leave empty cubes too. To me, those types of items provide less visual clutter (vs. a colorful, busy photo, say...), are simple/plain, & can be soothing if you like natural items.
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    Do they realize if they only provide very limited food that guests might not stay very long at the reception, especially if the reception starts right after the wedding? Do they expect guests to stop and get dinner before going to the reception?
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    “Honey, where are my snow skis? Matter of fact, where are my fishing rods and my tackle box? And, now I think of it, I haven’t seen my tennis raquet, either.” ” was a big box the elliptical came in...I made a rule...”
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    Yes. Shocking that it does not merely happen in exotic places. And the contempt people heap upon that lowest class is very alive and well. Including in places where people try to diagnose what, exactly, is wrong with them in the hills and have theoretical discussions about how we (by which they mean, universally, the government) might help them. By all means, lets NEVER EVER STOP talking about poverty and trying to do things about it. But let's quit pretending that we've traced the root cause to the impoverished themselves. I couldn't care less if your uncle Jim and your cousin Janice is poorer than they have to be because they made choices. Jim and Janice are completely irrelevant to the systemic problems at hand. Gene expression therapy isn't going to cut it. Those of us who have had the luck (and don't ever let anyone tell you it's anything other than luck) of ending out somewhere else can tell you better than anyone else that whatever personal healing we get to have (medical or otherwise), it does absolutely F-all for everyone back home. By definition, and, again, design. People can do things like wrap their heads around micro-loans to women in other countries and the good they do very handily. But here we come up with convoluted ways to convince ourselves that poor women and children need something other than money and the opportunity to put it to good use and strong support systems and protection from what amount to very powerful bullies, in both the acute (abusers) and the otherwise (greed) sense.
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    Ugh, nevermind. So much for productivity. I have to run to the AFSA on my break for paper towels. I'm down to the last roll and we go through a lot here. I have a stack of cloth towels that I use when I can but dealing with all kinds of chemicals and goo, sometimes I just need something I can throw away.
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    I'm not sure I'm brave enough to listen to this, especially not this close to bedtime.
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    Ran and emptied the dishwasher. Got some more paint for Dd's art project. Packed Dh's lunch for tomorrow. Took Ds to his activity. Talked with Dd about her plan for tomorrow. Going to read some here for a bit, then go read my book.
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    ...I'm going to do it for her... Jackie's daughter (3rd grade) won our charter school regional spelling bee today AGAINST EIGHTH GRADERS! She was adorable and inspiring and the whole school erupted into cheers when she won. People all had their camera phones held up and were recording the event. It was great. Sacha was very proud of his good buddy (he placed 7th -- knocked out after inverting two letters by accident). Now she will go on to the school-wide bee. Fingers crossed!
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    We have a circus school not that far away from me. They offer all kinds of homeschool classes. My kids don't want to try it but I have some kids in my classes that go there. It seems like a lot of fun (if you're young, strong and flexible. I'm none of those things). I did a More Than Just the Dinosaurs workshop today. All about the creatures that came before the dinosaurs. I used my Charlie's Playhouse timeline and Critter Cards and it was a ton of fun. Three boys between 6 and 8 years old so a very compatible group. Over 7,000 steps even though I only had one class plus the workshop. I don't usually hit that many when I'm teaching three classes. I'm tired and ready to just veg out for the rest of the night. Dh invited my mother over for dinner tomorrow night. We're supposed to get a ton of snow, she doesn't have a car with 4wd (she has a Honda Fit), our street is a hill, and she doesn't like to drive in even a little snow. If she gets stuck here it will not be good. I think we need to call her tomorrow and make sure she really wants to come.
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    DD17 is now unschooling. Next fall, I'll also have an 11th grader and a 9th grader and they're switching to unit studies. I'm putting them together myself (again *sigh*). I know for sure they are doing Human Anatomy and Chemistry.
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    Dd1 and I are going nuts about all the angry articles about MK. It's even clearer in the TV show than the books that she doesn't want you to get rid of anything in particular - she just thinks it's helpful to enjoy, appreciate and look after one's items. I could imagine a huge library being totally in the spirit ( as opposed to my single shelf, totally not boasting #MKisnotacompetition sport - or so dd keeps reminding me!) Anyway, this one sounds OK. She really doesn't want you to throw away your books, not for the sake of it. I watched the last episode last night, the two young women. I don't have a thing for shoes, but I was impressed at how good the shoe shelves looked at the end.
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    We kinda have similar issues. I think you all need to get up and start your day earlier. Our schedule has everyone up by 6. If you had school starting at 7:30 or 7:45 you would have a solid 3.5 hour block before you need to do the college drop-off T/R. Your kids are totally capable of making sandwiches for lunch while you are gone and could eat and goof off during that time. If they save you a sandwich, you could eat and be back to doing school at 12:30 and that would give you two more hours until everyone comes home...a solid 5.5 hours is more than enough for kids that age. As far as your MWF days go, if you start at 7:30 you have 4 hours of working time until lunch at 11:30. If you need more time for them to finish open ended projects, great, but if not, you could just do shorter days.
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    Human care done ✅ pet care done ✅ medical care done ✅ card put in mailbox ✅ algebra done and graded ✅ geometry done and graded ✅ helped clarify world history. ✅
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    Russian conferences and “outreach” efforts by homeschooling evangelical organizations aren’t new at all. Right wing homeschooling has been very active in Russia for decades. As a specific example, Bill Gothard’s ultra conservative homeschooling organization is/was collaborative with his “Institite of Basic Life Principles Ministry” (which purportedly focuses on ‘character’ and not home education or Christianity). This article (2000) references conferences in Russia as early as 1991.,amp.html
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    Yep, I know when I hear my 3 year-old pull his Nerf guns out of the bin that sumpin's goin' down...
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    I had a space that needed some kind of furniture, so we put a small book case there. I filled it with pictures of family members we have lost and special things that belonged to them and some that belonged to me and my husband when we were children.
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    This is exactly how I feel about it. And yes, I am running out of stuff to declutter as well. It should be a good feeling but it is actually frustrating me.
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    Has your store been remodeled? If not, maybe they're getting ready to do so?
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    So true. Nobody was the Doctor like David. He is just an outstanding actor in everything I have seen him in. Plus he is a really nice guy to his fans. He had a darling conversation with my DD at a comicon that made her giggle (I think she has a bit of a crush 😂)
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    I agree with staying ahead of the pain,esp the first 4-5 days. Give the pain meds AROUND the clock.....yes, set your alarm. That was one key. The other key was to DRINK DRINK DRINK. It didn't seem to matter what/if they ate but staying very well hydrated helped. I didn't care what they drank just so they drank. There was a direct correlation between how much they drank and how fast they healed (I did 4 of this surgeries).
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    Can you guys Air BnB for a month or two and put your stuff into storage? Most storage facilities have a first month free deal (ours did). It would allow you guys to really get a sense of neighborhoods and it would allow Matt to get a couple of paystubs to show as proof of income. I'm really nervous for you renting an apartment sight unseen in a town that you've never been to that is much rougher than Portland. The area around downtown is in the process of regentrifying. Parts of it are still super, super sketchy. I think people have a false impressions of SA sometimes. The area immediately on the riverwalk is all hotels and restaurants and convention goers, very Laissez les bon temps rouler, but the vast majority of tourists to SA never go beyond the Missions, Alamo, and Riverwalk and don't really ever experience SA. San Antonio is a town with a lot of poverty, a lot of drugs and a lot of violence. Portland had 27 murders in 2018 total. San Antonio had 10 in the first two weeks of January. I don't want to be overly alarmist and down on SA because I think there are really great things about it....but you need to be very careful where you choose to live.
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    Good morning. 🌞 Good morning ☀️ I’m glad to be alive. Good morning. 🌞 Good morning to you!
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    We plate or bowl for soup in the kitchen then place them on the dining table. I generally don't transfer food to a separate dish just to then transfer to our bowls. It saves dish cleanup for me. I will if we have company, but not for daily family meals.
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    Excellent point. I read about inner city issues and I have No Idea how people ever get out of that sort of poverty. Where as in my rural world I do have suggestions.
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    The re-write is awesome! Great job!
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    It looks like the average science/math sequence that most college-bound public schoolers follow. Just remember not to stress if your kids throw wrenches into your plan and it ends up looking completely different (that's why I refuse to plan anymore beyond the current school year - my high schoolers trashed my original plans). Also, we really liked AOPS prealgebra and Beast Academy, but I didn't like the looks of the AOPS high school books. They are very, very wordy. Also, stories of people spending two hours a day on math deterred me from buying it after prealgebra. We like math, but not *that* much. I mean, I want time for great literature, writing, art projects, musical instruments, the kids to have free time, etc. And my kids #1,2, and 4 are wanting to go into medicine, too. The oldest two (age 17 and almost 16) decided they want to go into nursing (after spending several years wanting to be doctors - lol). #4 insists she wants to be an orthodontist. Do you wanna see dd17's science sequence, just for fun? 6th grade-8th grade: interest-led science and unit studies 9th grade: Astronomy/Earth Science 10th grade: Biology with Lab Also 10th: Forensic Science with Lab *outsourced 11th grade: Chemistry Also 11th: Genetics & Development *outsourced - was told this is actually AP Bio Plans for 12th: Botany and possibly another outsourced science class (she really likes this one teacher and will just take whatever courses she teaches) I know we're supposed to have Physics, but dd17 absolutely refuses (she says she will be miserable and not remember anything), so I'm letting it go. It's her transcript. What do the rest of your plans look like? Do you follow TWTM? Or something else?
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    My younger kids are definitely gamers and I have heard of Fortnite but neither of them like it. They think it's stupid (too random?). I'm not sure what to think about the article. It came across arrogant but that may just be that the kid is 9, the sentences fairly short, he was writing about himself, and I'm reading it first thing in the morning. I very very rarely censor what my kids read but I would definitely hesitate with Game of Thrones and 1984.
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    I think it's a great first try. The concluding sentences of the body paragraphs seem to have the most room for improvement. Have her forget the idea of a concluding sentence on these paragraphs. Just get rid of it. It's not adding anything. Instead, focus on the transitions. I like the way lively art of writing does paragraph hooks. In the opening sentence of the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs she can echo one of two words or ideas from the of the preceding paragraph. For example, the paragraph 3 first sentence might read: The beasts aren't the only elements of Greek mythology to appear in Harry Potter. The teacher, Alecto.... That's just an idea from improvement, but she is probably already meeting the 5th grade standard with this essay as it is.
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    I’d teach her a couple of the rules for opening and closing paragraphs. Start with a little hook (a sentence that gently catches the reader’s eye), talk a bit about the topic you’re writing about, then end with the thesis. As it is now, she starts with the thesis, talks a bit about the book, then ends with a sentence that’s completely unrelated to the rest of the essay. (She mentions Voldemort later, but she doesn’t need to mention who he is until she gets to that later part, when she could write, “....supporting the evil Voldemort...” and that would be enough.) For the closing paragraph, usually one doesn’t add any new information to the essay. Usually one reiterates what one already wrote and reiterates the thesis. If she wants to discuss the other books, that needs to be mentioned in the thesis, and then she needs to add an additional closing paragraph. Having that opening and closing is (to me) what helps make things less stilted. It brings the reader alongside the writer and then sends the off with a thoughtful farewell.
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    Target just totally remodeled my store. I was in there last week, wandering around trying to find things because they moved EVERYTHING! There was a sign saying they're remodeling all the stores. I would guess that's what's happening at your store as well.
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    I read this article the other day and I love this boy and his personalities. Amazing chup! I m planning to give it to my eldest kid to read and he will definitely enjoy it as much as me🤗
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    Wearing swim trunks with a shirt is okay when walking around the ship during the day, but I would not plan to have your son wear that all day every day. Generally, he should wear shorts or long pants unless going to the pool. Definitely no swimwear in the dining room in the evenings, and I think it's frowned upon at lunchtime. However, if you plan to eat at the buffet, which is usually near the pool, just having a cover up is okay; people come and go through the buffet while lounging around the pool, so swimwear plus a cover up is okay then. Find out if your cruise has a formal night for dinner. If you don't want to dress up, you can go to the buffet that night. No one will care if your "dress up" outfit is a nice pair of pants and a nice shirt or sweater, but it should not be jeans and a sweatshirt that night. You will see some people really dressed up in evening wear, and others in kind of business casual wear. If there is no formal night on your cruise, you won't see formal wear, but some people will still choose to wear nicer things for dinner. I took khakis and polos for my boys, generally.
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    Fortunately the milk bfg half magic My 6yr old listens to the Henry Huggins and Ramona books all the time. You can get the complete collection on audible.
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    That's pretty cool! I like that they are forced to write in full sentences as well: frankly, our standard math curriculum would do well to adopt that kind of writing. This certainly seems better than dropping math for non-mathy kids. It also seems a lot better than the kind of understanding lots of kids wind up getting out of the later grades of math. It does seem a little like throwing the baby out with the bathwater, though: I think a "qualitative" course that also involves familiarity with algebraic reasoning is entirely possible, as well. I suppose it depends on how you define algebra, but I just think of algebra as "knowing what an equation is and that you can do the same thing to both sides of one" and that's something you can teach even to fairly non-mathy kids (although of course, not ones with serious dyscalculia.) Anyway, this is getting off-topic again, I apologize! Let us know how she does on the first practice SAT. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed :-).
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    I think *a lot* more people are decluttering (not "fluttering" autocorrect!) because of the show. Also, "sparks joy" is a translation. I've read that the concept is more along the lines of a strong reaction. Americans tend to think "sparks joy" is a giddy happiness. An intense, sad novel may not be a joyful thing but it can spark a strong reaction, kwim?
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    No inspiration here, I'm afraid. I was rather successfully ignoring this issue until your thread. I'll have to figure something out for dd#2 who is not mathy. We've done conceptual physics and are doing Guest Hollow' s kitchen Chem this year. Biology is up next, but heck if I want to mess with that! (I successfully skipped Bio with dd#1 but won't be that lucky with the rest, unfortunately.) I'd love to have her do ornithology or meteorology but I haven't even started looking around for materials. She's my no-(live-)online-class kid. I'll keep watching y'all for inspiration.
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    All of you who don't like black walls are probably the same people who like Lisa Frank LOL And glitter...
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    Long long ago I wrote a thread called "my evaluation of numerous writing curriculum". There is lots of stuff in that thread for 6th grade and up through high school. There is a post on the 5th page that has a list of books with example essays of different sorts.
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    I binge watched episodes 1-6 today while I was bulk cooking/freezing meals.
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