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    I am up and will try to tackle. I really want to go back to bed 😴 ds to appointment bake cookies wrap presents straighten house
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    I survived dd8's recorder concert. Yes, I have a headache. :svengo:
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    Good morning! Feeling very Eeyore-ish this morning. But mostly from still being tired. Bible, prayer. ✔ Chickens out and fed. ✔ Clean up shampoo spill (cats!) ✔ Everyone out the door with everything. ✔ Work til 6ish School Workout Budget and bills Check on car rental for Saturday. RENTED. ✔ Find six flags printouts. PRINTED AGAIN. ✔ Supper--tacos. Meat thawing Advent stuff Wrap presents? Find lancets that I like somewhere. ORDERED. ✔ Buy a couple of presents? ORDERED 4 Stop by mall to pick up orders from game stop and if penneys. Send more Christmas cards? Not sure of the rest
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    The problem is between you and DH. if you and DH were on the same page, you could remain serene about the outside drama. Talk to your husband. See about getting on the same page
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    Their was an announcement today, of funding for phase 1 clinical trials. Of a new treatment for Alzheimer's, which uses Ultrasound to trigger natural mechanisms. That remove 'Amyloid Plaques', where trials have shown restoration of memory. Importantly, it is 'non-invasive' and the equipment is low cost. Here's a link to an article about it:
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    Dh had his vasectomy reversal in Houston. We found the guy on a billboard while driving to Padre Island. Dh's vasectomy was fourteen years old when he had the reversal. Ds11 is here as proof that the guy is a good dr. (Reversals that are that far out have a very slim chance of working) I absolutely loved our week at Rice! Dh had continuing education there so dd and I went with him. While he was in class we went to every museum we could get to, and when he was done, we went to the zoo and some other places. Ds32 hated living in Houston. And I thought the drive from there to Galveston was horrible.
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    I was sent to my room and told not to come out. I feel like this should be an every day thing and not just a birthday thing.
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    (((Chris)) Dental office call to say our insurance changed and they don't take it. So appointment canceled and morning free! When it warms up a little, I will head out to the garage to search for missing Christmas items. Time for a few emails/texts etc.
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    What you don't ever want to do is pop some popcorn, melt some white chocolate (or candy coating), chop up some Oreos and mix it all together. Don't ever do that.
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    I don’t know why the vegans are arguing about Oreo ingredients when there is such an obvious and simple solution. Send all of the Oreos to me and I will eat them, and there will be no Oreos for the vegans. Problem solved. You’re welcome. 🙂
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    So, first, I LOVED the doctor. She was highly recommended by a friend whose son has IBD, and I see why. She was great. Wish she was my doctor! She said that basically, the only things that will cause elevated TTG IGA plus his anemia plus low D are Celiac (most likely with his symptoms), Crohn's Disease (less likely without abdominal pain or bloody stool but still possible) or an active infection (very unlikely but will check stool for parasites/infection to be sure). Pretty much she thinks 60-80 percent chance he had Celiac, otherwise Crohn's. So we are hoping for celiac. Have a kit to collect a stool sample, and an appointment for more lab work tomorrow morning. Depending on what those show we will either do just an upper endoscopy or that plus a colonoscopy. Any scope will be after the holidays, so he is to enjoy the heck out of any and all christmas treats and hopefully fatten up a bit. She'd like to see him gain back the pound that he's lost in the last month, or a bit more. And even though his lab work says he isn't super anemic she thinks he LOOKS anemic. She also thinks my DD8 looks more pale than she should, so if/when we check her for celiac we will check her iron levels too. My son was FREAKING OUT over the idea of the endoscopy but my good friend's son has had it done multiple times and has offered to talk to DS about it and give him a pep talk, which made DS happy. Hearing that it is very quick, and that I've had one, Grandma has had one, and his older brother has had one (sort of, he swallowed a coin at 18 months and they used a scope to grab it out of his esophagus where it got stuck), and that a kid his own age has had it made him feel much better. Now he's fine about the idea, thankfully. Oh, and she said she's not an expert, since she's in gastroenterology, but she does think he has PANDAS on top of the celiac, given his history/symptoms.
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    Wait, you forgot the assigned lab report comparing different kinds of rice environments and their results. Not a good homeschooler at all.
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    My favorite by the ocean restaurant is getting sprayed by water from waves hitting the seawall. There's been heavy surge for a couple of days and there's a new storm blowing in tonight. The water has been going past the sea wall into town at a lower elevation. It's kinda surreal to watch. Please, little restaurant, stay strong!
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    There is nothing grammatically incorrect about starting a sentence with a conjunction and most style guides accept it (Chicago, MLA). With inexperienced writers, a conjunction at the beginning of a sentence often signals a fragment. "Never use conjunctions to start a sentence" is simple and leads to fewer fragments; that is the main reason it is taught (and then almost everyone mistakenly remembers it as a rule of grammar). Some will say it is too informal for academic or professional writing, making it a matter of usage rather than grammar. But this style note rarely holds true across the board for all of the conjunctions; it is most often and or but that get the red pen. Even when a teacher or editor tells you to to never begin a sentence with a conjunction, those are the only two they reliably notice, with yet almost always getting a free pass even in the most formal of writing.
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    Gymnast is over here on the small keyboard figuring out how to play Silent Night. (from the songs it plays) She's so proud! Welp, gotta go declutter something. It's the Christmas gift I'm giving to myself. Besides the LWSL planner and stuff I bought the other day...
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    Well, that adventure sucks. 😉 If I was a keep-the-peace type and on normal speaking terms with MIL, I’d probably be inclined to call her directly (omitting the middle man) and tell her that of course I’m not mad at her!, and gently remind her that you’ve ALWAYS planned to stay home for Christmas and will be sticking with that plan. If that’s not a path you want to take, then I’d do my best to ignore the drama and let DH handle them all...they’re his family, after all. 🙂 I’m a big proponent of ‘no holiday plans get changed in the week or two before Christmas’ though. I am sorry for the drama though and hope you find the peace you crave for the season.
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    My personal vent - that I guess because the day Christmas falls on, activities and classes and performances seem to be continuing right up to it with little break beforehand. On the tail end, there’s more time off after New Year’s, but that’s not when I need the time - I need it now, before Christmas! And then dc will be bored and wanting to get back to a regular schedule long before it’s actually time to start back. So, waaa waaa waaa 😕
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    Because it is a problem when you are telling your own kid they are not allowed to play Fortnite because you don't think its appropriate, but you are spending money for a friend to play the game.
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    Hmmm, well.... my favorite team is the Raiders, and my second favorite team is the Rams and my third favorite is the Chiefs and my 4th favorite is the Steelers. But, I guess we can still be friends.
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    Why wouldn’t you buy a Fortnite gift card for a kid whose parents allow him to play Fortnite?
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    Had a really productive day today w/school. Doubly amazing since it is a Monday and those are always bad. Going to try to go through Thursday . . . Full days. Just call me The Grinch! (But DH ok'd a treat/break in mid-January, so I'll just bank a few days for then. Kids don't know about it yet. It'll be a surprise. Shhhh!)
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    I'm going to shut up and let Peterpan talk. I will say, though, that I am highly motivated to do things I enjoy or to get rewards I like, especially immediate ones, and it ups whatever chemical in my brain that allows me to stay on task and focus and comply with what I know is the right thing to do. Without that chemical boost I'm not as responsible.
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    I’d call MIL, assure her I had no beef with her, and make plans to have dinner with her soon. I’d continue to ignore SIL and block her number if necessary.
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    The new Daiya Cheddar Cutting Board Shreds are pretty decent IMO (but I didn't hate the original Daiya either so...) They do melt nicely. But nutritional yeast will add the umami flavour and might be a better choice. You can cream it up by cooking extra potato and instead of mashing, blend with immersion blender and the soup broth & then stir back in. You may want to use a couple different types of potatoes - waxier ones to stay chunky in soup, and the starchier ones to be cooked and blended for thickening. You can also thicken with the vegan sour cream or very soft tofu (which then also increases the protein count)
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    Yes. SIL is looping you into the drama triangle instead of dh is very much getting a free pass emotionally. My best advice, if you think dh can see it, is to point out that SIL is stirring the drama pot. You're cool, SIL's crazy, and it's sad she's looping MIL into drama. He needs to recognize the behavior AND be able to appropriately label it. SIL is trying to drive in wedges wherever she can. I'm sorry.
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    So your MIL has the same instinct about SIL - that’s a good thing. Remember that you aren’t compiling a list of grievances. You are trying to establish a pattern of behavior. Try to keep your own emotions out of it as much as possible. I’d wait til after Christmas, though.
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    Some bookish posts ~ A Love Letter to Murderbots, Hamster Princesses, and Other Cute Reads by Ellen Cheeseman-Meyer 7 Books That Helped Me Survive 2018 by Sarah Gailey -- an interesting list; I read one (Fortitude Smashed by Taylor Brooke) and put one aside unfinished (Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik) Best Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy of 2018 by Alex Brown Five Books With Distinct Flavors by Cassandra Khaw Regards, Kareni
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    I have made my own custom frame before using a poster frame. It's terrifyingly simple. All you need is an xacto or craft knife and a steady hand. The knife cuts through the frame pretty easily and it's not too hard to match the corners. *careful here--- cutting yourself is highly possible so go slow* For the plastic cover, it's a bit more tricky and is where the steady hand comes into play ---- place painter's tape along where you want to cut and cut THROUGH the tape. This will require several passes. The tape helps prevent the plastic from splintering. It won't be a perfect edge but once the frame edge is in place, you won't see it. *the edges will be sharp!* Practice on a spot close to the edge that you know will be scrap so you get the feel for it. Essentially, you'll be heavily scoring the plastic and should be able to carefully bend & snap along the score line it if it doesn't cut all the way through. Once the print is in the frame, I used tiny duct tape pieces on the back side to hold the corners together. I also got a large piece of colored paper and made my own "mat" to set off the print I was framing so I actually ended up with a bit bigger frame than just my print--- if you do this, just adjust your measurements accordingly. Protip: use the 40% off coupon or wait for a 50% off sale at either Michael's or Hobby Lobby. There may be a simpler/better way of doing this and/or with different tools, but this method took me about 10 minutes, from start to clean up and the result looks fantastic. Good luck in finding something that works for you! It sounds like a lovely keepsake.
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    Oh no. I’m sorry about your mother.. Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) is also showing promise. Scientist Rhonda Patrick has a lot of information on her website, Foundmyfitness, including interviews with some of the best Alzheimer’s researchers. Rhonda herself is at risk for developing Alzheimer’s so she is doing everything possible to prevent it. Lots of fantastic info.
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    I would not expect the plain yogurt I buy at the store to have gluten contamination - or, indeed, any additives at all, but certainly not that one. And you might say that a container of plain, unflavored yogurt from the store is technically a processed food, but I would never think of it that way. Even if I made my own yogurt, I'd use the starter from a live culture yogurt I bought at the store. I mean, now I'll expect that my yogurt might be filled with gluten, because I've read this thread, but if I hadn't? Never in a million years.
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    We bought regular Carcassone for my DD (but now I'm reading this thread that maybe we need the expansions, too? Hmmm. Not quite yet in the budget - we'll see.) DH is getting a Catan expansion in his stocking. Pandemic & 7 Wonders are also coming to my house this year. BUT . . . for my birthday this year, I got my VERY FAVORITE GAME from my own childhood: 1979 Stop Thief. Oh, I spent hours and hours playing that with my siblings, and the thrill was real when I broke that baby out to play with my own kids. We actually wore out the crime scanner (and I'm desperately hoping one comes in my Christmas stocking) - I have no idea why Parker Brothers has not remade that game. We *love* games here (and yes, we probably have way too many, too!).
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    My aunt makes these for our family holiday gatherings and people seriously stampede to get them! Fudge Puddles
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    I think it is also keeping in mind that while applications might be if similar quality, they may not actually be identical. Essays, activities, and recommendations may make one student stand out from another.
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    Lol! There's another Slash! I need to meet this person.
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    I do this, but not for weight loss. It helps control acid reflux and IBS symptoms at night. Usually I have breakfast and lunch and occasional grazing (hello Christmas cookies!), but I generally don’t eat after 3:30ish, other than taste testing dinner to make sure it’s properly seasoned. They say to eat at least 2-3 hours before bed, but it needs to be more like 7-8 for me. Eating too close to bedtime means dry heaving in my sleep. What throws things off is lack of sleep. I had a sick kid last night keeping me awake, and another kid started coughing and shivering a little bit ago. I ended up eating a piece of cornbread for dinner because I need the calories in case I’m not sleeping again tonight. When I get decent, quality sleep, I just don’t need that much to eat. I haven’t looked into IF for weight loss, but I suspect proper sleep really makes a difference in adherence and results. In full disclosure, I am a pretty small person (I buy sweatpants in boys sizes), and ironically unwanted weight loss is one of the IBS flare-up symptoms I try to avoid by eating this way.
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    I have taught flipped classes and as others say, the time commitment should be the same. It often ends up being more because in the standard lecture model, many students simply do not do the pre-reading. This means they get less out of lecture. I noted with flipped sections, time in class was more productive. I have kept data on outcomes and have noted better outcomes with my flipped classes. My in-class time was mostly hands-on and a good chance for students to get help right away. I know my university is going in this direction for more and more classes each year so I suspect it will become pretty common.
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    I have zero issues with you (or anybody else) eating whatever food they want, be it for medical reasons or simple preference. It's exactly what I think everyone should do! I don't think that I was putting words in your mouth; your attitude about their food seemed clear. You said, and then on the side have the junk food that the inlaws restrict their party diet too and the inlaws eat the carp. To me, calling it junk food and crap while you and the other guests eat well shows clear disdain, but of course I don't know if that was your intention. I do think it would come across that way to the majority of people. The phrase poverty culture, as widely used by sociologists, anthropologists, and the general public, does in fact mean poor. If that's not your intended meaning, then it's not a good phrase to use. People will misunderstand, plus it's not like using the secondary meaning of poverty (a state of scarcity or inferiority) to refer to their culture is any improvement. Culture means social behavior and norms, so 'in their culture' works just fine imo.
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    A lot would depend on the backstory. Had the person been told not to bring anything? Had they been told that there was a menu concept that was different and wasn’t potluck? Do they have a history of trying to take over events? Do they cross boundaries? Someone with no weird backstory would not irk me half as much as someone who has had a history of trying to take over events despite being asked not to do so.
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    Well, of course we don't have to memorise everything. Everything is a lot. The number of people who think or thought that is necessary is zero. However, you need information that you know in order to be able to understand what you see around you, evaluate new information, make new connections. One of the things that strikes me when I talk to people who know nothing is that their world is very small. They don't even know what they don't know. They say things that are really dumb or naive because they have no content. And they don't look stuff up because they have no reason to. Or when they get information, they are vulnerable to manipulation. Anyway - I don't think we are suffering from a rash of perfectionism in our culture. I think, on the contrary, that we've dumbed down education to the point that it is almost meaningless at times. I see this as a dangerous message, even if the person who originally says it is quite knowledgable in general.
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    We also don't own a TV, or any small electronics at all. We have two computers; DH and I work from home and use them off and on all day. The kids get a turn on them occasionally when we're not using them; total kid electronics time is probably 2 hours a day, split between or shared among 6 kids. Often it is not that much, if we're super busy or if the weather is nice. When we did have tablets, for a short time, I realized one day that I couldn't find any of the kids anywhere. I went looking for them - every single one of them was sitting in dark closet using a tablet. I gave them all away that day and they have not had them since. They're fine.
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    I’m so sorry about your mother’s diagnosis and your own possible chances down the road. Hopefully modern medicine can find a way to slow or reverse the process in the coming years 😞
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    EMU even has performance scholarships for non-majors for their top 3 choirs 🙂 They look to have some decent merit aid overall. To get some idea of the reputation of EMU (and the affiliated high school) when I started at a college halfway across the USA, the vocal director of the college tracked me down because he’d noticed I was from Harrisonburg and immediately assumed that I could sing, and sing well-even though I’d applied and auditioned as a saxophonist/clarinetist.
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    I also did order my Mom a couple of NYT crossword books too last night. I forgot to list that earlier!
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    Since they let you stand in line and told you you would be the last one, I would file a complaint. The Santa crew needs some serious retraining about what customer service is. If they really weren't going to let you in, they should have made that very clear so you didn't stand in line. Then you could have told your son a reasonable explanation rather than how it went down. 😕
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    Is it possible that if you send a letter you can totally leave your suspicions out of it. Just leave it that you are researching family history and you believe that the woman’s mother lived with your sons grandparents and you wondered if there’s was any possibility she had photos that may be of interest. Then if she wants to share more she can, if she wants to leave sleeping dogs lie she can ignore or send a picture or two without telling stories or if there’s no story to tell you haven’t made any speculative guesses that will make you look stupid. For Myself I would leave the whole thing be but if you have to make contact that seems like the gentlest way to do it.
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    I'm gonna write my real one here, to cheer everyone up. Y'all are gotta be doing better than us! Well, 2018 began in the fine tradition of 2017 and 2016, with dd1 fresh out of the psych ward. Dd2 left home for another city in February, where she found both her aunt and uncle, and her paternal grandparents, were bat shit crazy and impossible to live with - she got great grades in between the crying fits. In March, dh fell over and broke his collar bone in three places. It only took till July to heal! and the nights he couldn't sleep due to pain were fabulous for contemplating his still unfinished PhD. April saw us investigating a new to us psych ward - nice rooms, very modern. And by May, ds had developed a trauma based anxiety and low mood response, AND dh has been diagnosed with possible kidney issues. The middle of the year hummed along quietly with our screen door falling off, and the ll refusing to fix it, and the back step tile cracking, so that every trip to the clothesline was a death trap adventure! I continued to develop my research skills the mental health and community challenges of young gay teens, dialysis, kidney transplant, kidney diets, shoes for kidney patients whose fit don't fit into their real shoes, and how to homeschool a teen who won't come out of his room while also running a small business and taking on a larger financially responsible role in preparation for taking it on fully. What a year! PS. Oh, and the rent went up. Of course it did. ~ OK, feeling better ? Here's the positive spin. 2018 was the year dd1 finally got into a form of treatment for her mental illness that is helping; she's completed yet another year of her nursing degree and is looking forward to paid work in the near future! Dd2 went interstate for university, made many friends, loved her course, developed a lot of independence, displayed an admirable work ethic and smashed it grade wise. Ds had a few challenges, but he also wrote a number of plays this year, and performed on stage, on film and in comic/dramatic monlogues. He's had great feedback on his talents in this area, and he's continued to refine his baking skills also. I set up and ran a small business which I hope to grow next year, and which helped us meet unexpected expenses, as well as continuing to homeschool ds, who took classes in chemistry, essay writing, literary analysis, Big History, and drama studies. Dh had a difficult year health wise, with some challenges yet to come, but he is days away from submitting his PhD. We were able to stay in our convenient house/suburb this year, and spent a lot of close family time with maternal grandparents, aunt and cousin. I guess what people would prefer would be a mash up of the two. Acknowledgement of the challenges might make the successes easier to deal with.
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    This is getting ridiculous. It’s starting to seem like feeding our families a diet of Hostess Twinkies is safer than giving them vegetables and salads. Thanks for posting this — I hadn’t heard about it until you started this thread.
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