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    Success, Monday at nine pm! My wonderful sil made eggplant parmesan for me for lunch Monday, I enjoyed a nice hilly walk, and soon went into labor. The midwives arrived in plenty of time, my mother in law wasn't obnoxiously early, and my husband was able to get back just a little before midnight. It didn't go exactly as planned due to the two year old waking up and needing cuddles while I was nearing transition.It all worked out, though, and no children were traumatized. They enjoyed being fascinated/grossed out by the placenta and all stayed up way too late. Baby boy is nine pounds even, 21.5 inches long. My due date is tomorrow, I feel ready, and having the baby now would mean dh being home for about two weeks before being shipped to the middle east for nine months. I'm not going to do anything crazy to make it happen, but I want this baby to come soon! Any funny or helpful suggestions are welcome. This is baby four, and probably last. The previous labors were all very different from one another, so I don't really have any way of knowing how close I am, not that anyone ever does. Really I'm fine with any time this weekend, but I don't want to go late!
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    I was surprised to see in the other thread that using purchased stock means you’re not cooking from scratch. Yeah, no. Not in my book.
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    Update in op to say that our baby is here. Getting lots of love and attention, though at the moment lots of sleep.
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    I think that insisting that “cooking from scratch” has to look a certain way or it’s not really cooking from scratch is like the discussions over the years about who is “really” homeschooling. You know, like how if one used textbooks and prepared curriculum one wasn’t really homeschooling but just doing school at home. Or, if one outsourced a class for their child they weren’t really homeschooling because they weren’t teaching the course him/herself, etc. I think that we all know that none of us is going to go out and milk a cow in order to make all of our own dairy products “from scratch.” That goes for many of the other ingredients we use. The important thing is that we “from scratch” meal makers are not just opening a box and sliding something into the oven or microwave, or buying something like fast food because there’s nothing prepared to eat at home. We are standing over the sink pealing our vegetables (that we didn’t grow,) standing at the counter putting together ingrediants for a recipe (although some ingredients are from jars or some other container, and packaged meat that we didn’t butcher,) and then cooking it all in the oven, or standing over the stove for 30 min. making sure that it doesn’t burn. Then we get to clean up the mess in the kitchen resulting from making dinner. Cooking from scratch looks a bit different for all of us, and that’s okay.
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    This will give our young whippersnapper Hive members 😄 an idea of why she was important. She was a trailblazer among women in her profession but often doesn't get credit/noticed for it.
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    But, is it a from scratch hockey rink if you use the hose to flood the yard? Or do you need to tap into an underground spring to do that.
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    I live way up in the mountains, and drive a LOT for Scouts and sports. I wanted to share my "commute" with you.This is Blue Mesa--the largest reservoir in Colorado. As you can see, it's very low, but it's still gorgeous!
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    You said twice it's a character issue, but it's not. He has special needs. From what you said, he can't self-regulate screen time. Expecting him to, and then punishing him when he doesn't, is cruel and you're just setting him up to fail. It can be hard to see that when you're within the situation, I know. Like someone else mentioned, you can't take someone with an addiction, put the thing in front of them, and then get mad when they give in. My dh is forty-eight years old and he's a recovering alcoholic. If I put a bottle of booze on the counter and he drinks some, it's just as much my fault as it is his because I'm demanding something of him he isn't capable of giving. Don't give away the tacklebox. Giving away your son's things isn't going to magically give him the power to self-regulate his addiction. Either keep him with you at all times so he doesn't have the opportunity to access screens when he shouldn't, get rid of the screens, or try to let it go and pick different battles. It sucks, but those are basically your options. You can mess around with passwords and such, but it's going to end up being a battle of attrition.
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    Assuming it's not a week when a lot is going on, I generally cook from scratch 6 nights/week. Cooking from scratch to me means not using any pre-made boxed mixes, and using/starting with basic ingredients such as meat, vegetables (fresh when possible), flour, eggs, cheese, herbs, spices, etc. I do use canned beans (legumes) sometimes instead of cooking my own, canned tomato sauce, store-bought bread, and sometimes go with pre-made pizza dough. BUT, I have more time now too. When all my kids were home and life was a little crazier schedule-wise, we had no problem eating frozen pizza and fish sticks from time to time. 😄
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    I don't know. I cook for my family almost every night...and if we're having lasagna, I'll make it instead of serving a premade one from the freezer section. But I use canned ingredients; I don't make my own tomato sauce or noodles. How far are we taking "from scratch"? LOL.
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    Dd8 once gave me the "what for" because I made homemade pad thai (instead of a box kit) and I used a box of rice noodles. Apparently "homemade" to her means nothing purchased from the store: flood the backyard to grow rice, harvest it, make homemade rice noodles...
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    DS leaves to fly home in 5 hours! He has never gotten to an international flight on his own, so we are hoping that he has his alarm set correctly and can make the train then the bus then the plane to start the 30 hours home! His first semester has been a huge success. His classes have gone well. He thinks he got an A, A+, A-, and B+, although it is a pass/no record semester so it doesn't matter what the internal grades are. However, how you start is how you expect to continue, so I'm proud of him for giving it his all even though only we will know his true grades. He has made some wonderful friends and finally feels like he doesn't have to hide who he really is so that others don't feel awkward around him. He just found out that he got the top grade in his honors physics final exam, so he is really over the moon. He was lucky to get a single this year, and has loved the freedom and independence of living on his own. He told me that he really feels like he has matured into an adult this last 3 months as he has had to completely rely on himself. There have been a few hiccups, but he has managed some difficult situations with grace. I am more than a little pleased that sending my ds half way around the world to a competitive school has not ended in disaster. You really never know until you just do it. Can't wait to have him in my arms for a big hug and 2.5 weeks of rest and relaxation. Christmas BBQs in the sun here we come! 16 hours/day of sunshine will do my son well! Ruth in NZ
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    No, it isn’t that easy. Some plain flavored yogurts contain starch that has gluten. Some cheese (like the pre shredded kind) have starch to keep them from sticking. Sometimes that starch is corn derived. Some times it isn’t. Some soup stocks contain gluten. I even saw some canned beans the other day that had gluten in them (as part of spices). Now I get gf versions of all of those and they aren’t hard to find. But it can be hidden in categories of foods where you wouldn’t expect to find it. This is one reason why when someone tells me “I just avoided grains- it’s fine.”, I still check. (Not commenting on your brands since I don’t know what they are and of course you could be making your own stock etc. ).
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    So, plenty of us have had frustrations with package delivery (non-delivery, mis-delivery) this season already, but I wanted to share the USPS's latest in my inbox. They couldn't make up their mind when this package was going to be delivered. I erased the last four digits of the tracking, but take my word for it that this is the same package with each email: Note, it was delivered this morning (Tuesday).
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    Since taking away the tacklebox isn't changing the behavior, you need to stop doing that kind of punishment. It's clearly not working. It's possible you don't have the correct diagnoses on him. My ds is that way (extreme internal entropy, using screens to self-regulate) and he has ASD2. I'm just saying what if you stop assuming it's a character/volition problem and bring in some stronger tools meant for people who have more serious self-regulation problems? Number one thing I don't see happening in the list you gave is EARNING screen time. He can have all the time he wants, but he has to EARN it. If anyone sees him on, oops he forgot to earn it. If he watches without earning it first, no biggee, now he does DOUBLE to earn it. And earning needs to involve pairing, tomato staking, him doing things WITH someone, because right now he sounds really internally dysregulated. That's why he's waking up and going to the tv, because it's there and no one is intervening to offer to help him self-regulate. If you are in his room BEFORE HE GOES OUT and you start reading him a book, will he stay? I have to get my ds BEFORE he goes to anything else. Also, think through the arguing thing. You seriously need some better strategies here. In our house what happens with that is people are afraid of the behaviors he'll have so they don't confront. That means arguing gets him what he wants. Your "punishment" based on cause/effect (he did something, he lost something) isn't clear enough that he's picking up the clue phone. So it's going to be more direct, more guided, higher support, more explicit. First/then, that type of thing. How old is he? I also don't buy the concussion thing. I've had two concussions. Have you taken him for cranial sacral? You're saying he has TBI and his cognitive processing is affected? Or you're saying he is dissociating and not connecting well to people from trauma? THAT I buy. I just went and got more cranial sacral yesterday, highly recommend. There definitely is this theory that trauma causes dissociation and disconnect. I would definitely take him for cranial sacral and see what they find, sure. I think you could also stand to step up your tools. Some mindfulness, instruction on social thinking (group plan, etc., like in We Thinkers 1 & 2 from the site, etc.) would be FABULOUS. You could do interoception (Mahler) work with him. You need better tools, because calling it a character problem and punishing isn't getting you there. He probably has a mix of social thinking deficits (common in ADHD) and a need for help with self-regulation. That's going to take explicit instruction and higher support. For earning time, what do you want him to do? He could earn by doing school work with you. He could earn by reading silently or aloud to you. You want positive, self-rewarding things he can do to earn time. He could earn time by playing games with you. (Play 2 rounds of Uno, then you may have 20 minutes of Tom & Jerry.) The other thing to nip that time is to use streaming or subscriptions so you can cut out the commercials. That way you know how long it's going to be and don't feel badly about time lost. I would UP the screen time but control it better. Work with me on this worksheet, another 3 minute episode of Tom & Jerry. Now another worksheet, now another episode. That way you're getting back in control. If you want mornings in control, go in before he gets out of bed, as he's clearly not yet ready to regulate himself and be on the plan without someone co-regulating and getting him on track.
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    I am up and will try to tackle. I really want to go back to bed 😴 ds to appointment bake cookies wrap presents straighten house
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    For ds's upper-level maths class, the last problem-set was crazy hard last week, so a few of the mathy kids were working together. DS got the solution first, ahead of even the perfect-scorer mentioned above! Giving hints to solve the problem and then mentioning some missing cases has really increased ds's confidence. DS has decided that he is a better problem solver than competition-exam taker! It is tricky being surrounded by amazing kids and takes time to find your place. DS has found some wonderful friends and study partners, and definitely does not feel like the slow, stupid second cousin. 🙂 Also, DS just found out he got the top score on the final exam for honors physics! Homeschooling has clearly not been a negative, and this first semester's outcome has relieved this mama's worry.
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    We celebrated my birthday for the first time in at least 8 years. This is a good indication of our financial state. We didn't even do a box cake mix because he couldn't find what he wanted so he got Redmill and all necessary ingredients. And for the first time in 8 years my birthday money went towards a gift and not toward buying other people Christmas gifts. My birthday never mattered to me, most people forgot it anyway, but I'm so grateful to have the ability to waste $10 and not feel guilty about it.
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    If I ask, as a guest, what a dish is made of, I get answers like chicken stock, chicken, vegetables (perhaps with individual names). I don’t know from that who has made stock from scratch, who might have used bouillon cubes (which often contains gluten) and who might have bought pre-made stock. And as a guest, I am uncomfortable giving my host the third degree. But I am also uncomfortable with being sick for three days. I am not interested in arguing with you on whether you can cook safely for me. Since you don’t know me, that’s kind of a moot point. What I am interested in is explaining here how it is socially awkward to go to dinner parties. Honestly, I prefer less intimate gatherings like potlucks. I can bring one or two dishes that I can eat and limit myself to those. Or I eat at home and just socialize without eating. It’s hard to do that without giving offense if it is a sit down cooked dinner.
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    I survived dd8's recorder concert. Yes, I have a headache. :svengo:
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    And this faulty belief is why, as a celiac, I cannot eat food prepared by others and typically take my own meals to cook outs, family dinners, etc. Even though it's well-intentioned, a simple mistake will make me sick for days. A friend made me rice crispy treats. Unfortunately, rice crispies are made with malt and malt contains gluten. She also sprayed the pan with cooking spray containing flour (another source of gluten). There have been many times when the only food I feel safe eating is potato chips (that I have opened myself to make sure they haven't been cross contaminated by hands that had touched bread, brownies, or other gluten containing foods).
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    No fever today, but one heck of a sore throat and a sleepless night have me down on the couch. Still, I wrote 1500 words and played with my website. The boys are managing to entertain themselves.
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    Don't give away the tacklebox. He is addicted and he is a child. If your husband were an alcoholic, you wouldn't keep a bottle of wine on the table at dinner and a case of beer in the fridge and then sell his nice stuff when he can't help it anymore and drinks it. If I were you, I'd get rid of electronics. No one needs them. Many generations of kids grew up fine, and adults entertained themselves fine, without TV, much less tablets. Just don't own them.
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    This right here is your weak link. I had to really work with dh on this. And the point is NOT, “I shouldn’t have told you.” The point is, dh should be on your team and actually handle it. As in, “Mom, I don’t know what SIL told you, but my wife is not in fact harboring ill will towards you. We made Christmas plans based on SIL traveling; her changing her plans will not now cause us to change plans we’ve made. Sorry, love ya, buh bye.” In the absence of a steely response from the guy who could nip it in the bud (which yea, I realize is actually challenging for him after early childhood conditioning), I would respond ONCE to SIL’s texts. “We made our plans based on the fact that you would not be in town. They are firm and we will not change them at this late date. Y’all have fun!” Then BLOCK HER NUMBER so she cannot continue to text bomb you. Maybe unblock her after New Year’s. If your boundaries are firm, you don’t need to hear anything from her. I know exactly how receiving texts/emails from such a person feels, I have one of those SILs myself. Don’t jump her hoops, no matter how high you jump, you’ll never get it right. Just saying, I totally empathize with the accelerated blood pressure and mental tornado that ensues in the process. FWIW, we planned vacations around Christmas several years just to have a valid reason to not participate in the command performance game. It became easier as one of more went to school and our travel dates grew limited anyway. We’d take off the evening of or day after Christmas Day, so we could have Christmas Eve with church friends and Christmas morning at home.
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    Hypothetically speaking, I may ask dh what MIL said so I got it straight. Then I would call MIL and talk to her personally and assure her that there is no ill will in case that had been suggested to her but for other reasons - whatever those are - you are not able to come. Manipulation is the most common method used by boundary pushers. I wouldn't be surprised if she tried another tack. If things get too crazy - hypothetically speaking - I may even speak to SIL herself and assure her there is no strife or issues with anybody but AGAIN, for other reasons, we are not able to come. You could subtly or not so subtly say something like: "When I chatted with MIL, she seemed under the impression that you thought I had some issue with something MIL did/said. I just wanted to assure you that is not the case. You must have misunderstood something." After you all that, let the chips fall where they may. One thing is crucial though. Don't let your dh be caught in the middle. If he is not 100% on board, then he may have to handle it himself - hypothetically speaking, of course.
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    Thank you all. I may briefly put up a picture later. We typically don't share kid pics on social media, but I would like to show of the cuteness.
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    Ok, I will credit Houston for MD Anderson + The Homeschool Store. And they have a Torchy's, so it can't be entirely bad. 😂 My aunt and uncle lived in the Katy area for a time, and loved it. Ds's leg is looking much better. +10 for Manuka honey. I've got to stay focused this week and knock stuff out so I can enjoy Christmas break. I am hoping to spend a few days sewing. I've had some fabric in my stash since 2012 (when I was pregnant with Youngest) that I'd love to turn into a snuggly lap quilt for the couch.
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    Relax, read, make pancakes. Read Christmas books. Dd to/from a social event this afternoon. Take food! ✅ Return a library book. Get wrapping paper. Budget/bills. Meal planning and make a grocery list. Wrap a few gifts? Try to put some of our Christmas cds onto itunes? Dinner is flank steak, green beans, salad, and potatoes.
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    In a lot of circles "from scratch" would still include packaged broth, or canned beans or whatnot.
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    Good morning! Feeling very Eeyore-ish this morning. But mostly from still being tired. Bible, prayer. ✔ Chickens out and fed. ✔ Clean up shampoo spill (cats!) ✔ Everyone out the door with everything. ✔ Work til 6ish School Workout Budget and bills Check on car rental for Saturday. RENTED. ✔ Find six flags printouts. PRINTED AGAIN. ✔ Supper--tacos. Meat thawing Advent stuff Wrap presents? Find lancets that I like somewhere. ORDERED. ✔ Buy a couple of presents? ORDERED 4 Stop by mall to pick up orders from game stop and if penneys. Send more Christmas cards? Not sure of the rest
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    Good morning! I just wanted to stay in bed this morning! ☕!! Working til 6ish. Tacos for supper. Not sure of anything else.
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    Good morning! school w/dd office work (needs to be my main focus today - no distractions!) catch up on laundry order prescription refill order supplements order phone case - since I've already dropped my new phone about ten times unpack Chewy order and assorted other boxes in garage take dog to vet for Adequan injection at 2:00 dinner: veggie burgers & oven fries finish up Christmas decorating tonight
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    I've made two - four more to go. I got this book to go with them -
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    Hello everyone - just reporting that I've regained my sense of humor about this. I've already acted out Anne's tearful "he positively assured me it would turn my hair a beautiful raven black" while throwing myself down in a dramatic heap. That was fun Then I cracked myself up by remarking that "it's growing on me" I hit it with some purple shampoo and conditioner to no avail - if you listened closely you could hear my hair laughing at the idea that such things would have any effect. So right now I'm stuck with what is really shiny and decidely bright and very yellow hair. Like a demented christmas angel fairy godmother crossed with Tilda Swinton. Ds says I look like Tintin (I even have a silly cowlick on the front) which I leapt on to suggest that it meant I needed a small white dog in my life but the rest of the family ignored that idea. I've almost convinced myself it's a festive 'look' that I should just embrace. It's definitely not....boring.... Thank you for all the support and the hugs.
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    As I was driving...somewhere I don't remember...yesterday, I realized that the initials of my company are ASFA. 😐
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    We're good. We just hit the one-year mark on our latest relo, and it feels like we're settling in, finally. Dh says we're done moving, but I'm hesitant to believe that quite yet. The girls are off at public school, and are enjoying it. Having them out of the house during the day frees me up to work 1:1 with the boys and to take care of my medical appointments. It's a more sustainable pace for me, and I'm needing that right now.
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    I saw this on twitter the other day and it cracked me up!
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    The problem is between you and DH. if you and DH were on the same page, you could remain serene about the outside drama. Talk to your husband. See about getting on the same page
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    I thought that is why we all have our denim jumpers....and sturdy rubber boots when you hike out into that field or barn. 😄 PS: If Colleen was still here, she'd beg to differ. They run a dairy farm for Organic Valley.
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    I missed the other thread but I'll chime in here because I love cooking from scratch. I voted that I cook from scratch daily. I have a kid with major food texture issues and one with ADHD that responds well behavior-wise to a diet free from artificial ingredients. So I've forced myself to make cooking my hobby. I actually really do love it now. 😊 Yes, canned broth, beans, and tomatoes are allowed. In fact, I have read in more than one reputable cookbook, that canned tomatoes for salsa, spaghetti sauce, lasagna, and the like is recommended because you get reliable consistency. I can't imagine using the anemic looking "fresh" tomatoes available 1/2 the year in the Midwest in a lasagna or anything else! Blech!
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    Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!!!~D Tuesday!!!! I slept so much better last night. I actually feel like a normal person this morning. Today... school. I guess I will do more work on Christmas cookies. Take the cats to the vet to get their stitches out. Only a week after the vet said to come in.🙄 DD was not feeling good yesterday. She slept better last night, so hopefully she won’t be sick today. She’s not exactly a hypochondriac, but she tends toward the dramatic when she’s not feeling well, so I never know how bad things are.
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    Their was an announcement today, of funding for phase 1 clinical trials. Of a new treatment for Alzheimer's, which uses Ultrasound to trigger natural mechanisms. That remove 'Amyloid Plaques', where trials have shown restoration of memory. Importantly, it is 'non-invasive' and the equipment is low cost. Here's a link to an article about it:
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    Day 328 steps Day 200 hips Day 98 bird dog. Day 18 bone broth
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    most commercial yogurt is full of additives. even "plain" commercial yogurt has a ton of additives. (i only use plain greek yogurt) have you read the label for sour cream, or a carton of whipping cream? they're full of stabilizers. because most people don't realize how pervasive "grains" are in foods. to say "avoid grains" is naive about the depth of what is required. even foods most people would think are plain and don't contain "gluten" - contain gluten. you have to know how to read a label. just becasue it doesn't say "wheat" on the label, doens't mean it doens't contain wheat. that modified food starch? can contain gluten. those labels - it's not just what it contains. was it manufactured in a factory that also processes grains? many labels will now say that so people know the risk of cross contamination is there.
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    I think the time has come to wean the lemon from Lynette. What should we do with it? I'm thinking we should just peel and pass around sections like an orange. We could have a ceremony and festive lemony music. #whyaminotasleep
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    I’m totally game. We can start a social group here- maybe after Christmas when things have calmed down for everyone?
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