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    Bye, bye breast cancer. I had my last radiation treatment today. Let’s hope cancer’s butt is sufficiently kicked that we don’t meet again for many decades, if at all.
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    Hi all, I have not been around much anymore, but I wanted to post an update because we had this looooong thread three years ago when I was trying to figure out what to do with my life and how to find a new calling (not just something to keep me busy). This one: You all had so many interesting suggestions, and several commented that they were in a similar situation. So, I figure I owe you an update on how it all turned out: As I had posted towards the end of that thread, about 8 months after the initial post, I have gone back to writing. I am still working in my regular job as a physics professor, but have focused the remaining time on poetry. I have - completely accidentally - found community in a very unlikely place. Remember me talking about how this is a small town with few opportunities? I found a cluster of people in an even smaller town near here! I am regularly participating in live events, have gotten work into a few journals, and my first book has just been published through a small independent press! I feel like I have found a new direction and calling, something that defines me and goes beyond merely filling time. I want you to know that life post empty nest can be wonderful and fulfilling, and also that it took me several years of deep searching to figure out my path. I hope this is encouraging to those of you who are starting on that journey and are facing the end of the active parenting years. Best wishes to you all. ETA: Because people asked further down the thread: if you are interested in my book, please pm me. I won't post an advertising link in the thread.
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    My 19 year old Aspie got the kennel job he interviewed for! He's there now filling out the paper work. He'll be working "close to full time" and his shifts start at 6:45 am. He woke up at 11am today, this will be interesting, lol. But good for him!!! So excited for him!
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    My oldest dd is an aspie. She is the reason we homeschooled. I remember crying one day when she was in 8th grade after she asked me what a 'frak-T-on' was (she was finishing pre-algebra at the time-- she had a partial seizure and had completely forgotten what a fraction was). DH actually over heard the conversation and wondered if she would ever be able to support herself as an adult... DD is now 28 and has lived on her own (with a bit of parental support) for the past few years. Today she found out that she is now the official studio manager at the photography studio she has been working at since she graduated college (she did that with honors!). This is her DREAM JOB. She will be 100% financially independent-- has insurance benefits too! I'm so proud of her!!!
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    I got to spend my morning today with a WTM member who lives not very far from me. She helped me restore order to my homeschool room. She is also terrific company! She didn’t even make fun of my disembodied manequin heads for displaying knitted baby hats, although I think she did agree they are more pleasant and less Stephen King when they actually have a knitted hat on. She didn’t criticize me for having 900 colored pencils and a lifetime supply of Sharpies. Everyone here should be so lucky as to get to know a Hiver IRL. I know she would not seek accolades, but I just want to thank @Garga publically. She’s a gem!
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    We have a new little DD! Labor was fast and my blood pressure spiked but then dropped which made for some kinda hairy moments but we are both doing well and I'm so happy to not be pregnant anymore! Woo hoo! @RootAnn my age made it harder for me to push as effectively I think but that's all 😉
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    If you remember I started the thread saying I was considering doing childcare to bring in extra money. Well, I wound up responding to a Craigslist ad about an 88 year-old man that needs help with cleaning and food prep 3 days a week and I got the job. This is a much better situation for my family and I am very happy with it. Thank you for your ideas, encouragement and prayers.
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    DS8 has a placement!! For those who don’t know, DS8 is on the spectrum with some associated behavioral challenges. He’s been in a self contained, small classroom all along and done fairly well. This last year his teacher, psychologist and counselor all left over Thanksgiving break. This was deeply traumatic for him and it didn’t help the new teacher didn’t understand or know what to do with behavioral kids. The school has eliminated all but one self contained classroom so there was nowhere else for him to go. He’s been on homebound since February and is very, very lonely. I tried to make inroads in the homeschooling community, but it’s not very inclusive here. It was clear they weren’t overly welcoming toward a SN kid who flaps his hands and says things that sound mouthy and disrespectful(though it’s just his awkward way of communicating) and occasionally refuses to do anything. Poor kid of mine had struggled so much the last few months—but we have a new class in a school about 40 minutes away. We went and visited and it’s absolutely perfect for him. I have such complete peace and know it’s a great fit. He’s excited about going too. In other news, I’m packing three little kids in my car and going to Washington DC for a week. Two of my kids, including DS8, are in the middle of an obsession with American history, so I’m making the most of it. Wish me luck.
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    “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Thomas Edison
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    When I was into my homeschooling journey people told me over and over "You need another interest, you can't make your kids your whole life, what will you do when they are grown? How will you let them go after centering your whole life around them??" Years after homeschooling is over the answer is easy. Grandchildren. Grown children. I am blessed enough that our three boys live within 2 minutes or 20 minutes down the road, and our two daughters 90 minutes away. My "other interests" are things that include the kids. Horses, gardening, living on a farm. We have big family dinners once or twice a week for anyone who can make it. I have the grandkids as often as possible. I do things for the grown kids when they need me, whether it's help finding a lost kitty or cooking dinner for 20 people because you lost a poker game. I'm not trying to brag on myself, I just want to encourage young moms who center their lives around their family. Keep it up girls. There's nothing better. Relax and enjoy.
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    Sharing because I think sometimes the difficult in-laws get more than their share of radio time 😄 Thanksgiving wasn't easy this year. My dh's depression has been in a flare up all month and he crashed completely the day before Thanksgiving. Not a holiday triggered thing, just the way the timing worked out this year. Thanksgiving morning it became clear to me that I wasn't going to be able to get him out of bed let alone to his family's Thanksgiving gathering (unfortunate as he always perks up around them). I didn't feel it was safe to leave him alone but I also didn't want my kids to miss Thanksgiving dinner with the family. I contacted my sister in law who was hosting and also dh's dad and told them what the situation was. My father in law drove the hour to our house so he could sit with dh and the kids and I could go to the dinner. SiL told me just come, don't worry about the dishes we were supposed to bring (that weren't ready). We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, lots of family, kids enjoyed time with their cousins. Pie was supposed to be at 7:00 but I wanted to get back to bring food to FiL and dh and see how he was doing so they served pie early to just my family and sent us home with extras. I'm always so sad when I read about hard to get along with in-laws, I wish I could share mine with everyone.
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    I've been here a long time, and today, I just feel like calling out another long-time poster, Lori D. I go on a lot of the boards, but esp college and chat now. I frequently see these truly helpful, amazing posts by Lori D. She gives incredible lists of literature, movies and even games, tailored to people's requests for their children. She has a scholarship list and a list of schools that give 100% merit aid. She is, quite simply, one of the most useful sources of homeschooling info, and beyond. So I wanted to say, THANK YOU, LORI D, for all you do for us boardies. You bring light and cheer, information and peace, and you are just a wonderfully supportive member of this very special community.
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    Your wish is my command! ? Initial pathology is very good. For those who like the technical details: Stage 1, Grade 1, ER+ and PR+, HER2-. For the layman: early, slow-growing, most common profile, 95% remission outlook. Still on the docket: sentinal lymph biopsy, MRI, genetic workup. Of these, the genetic workup is the slowest report and treatment partially hinges on that. That is a two-week-wait and it hasn’t been done yet. IF those workups don’t reveal unpleasant surprises, I can skate out of this with a lumpectomy and radiation. I’m hoping for this outcome; I do not want to go double mastectomy and reconstruction route unless the baddies lurking in my genes strongly suggest that route. Lots of appointments coming up! Feeling positive though and and SO relieved to hear the “slow-growing” and “early” parts of this report.
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    I love being a grandmother. It's totally living up to the hype and she couldn't be more perfect. This picture shows her on her quilt I made for her. I'm a very slow hand quilter so it took me over 200 hours just to hand stitch swirling hearts.
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    Sharing some of my excitement and a bit of my anxiety as I leave tomorrow with REI adventures for Kathmandu for 3 weeks including travel time to trek Everest Base Camp with a group of 8 others. Reaching 50 and Empty Nest is excitedly sending me out the door to see what life has to offer me and what I have to offer it:) Updates and pictures upon safe return-Lord willing! My adventure was incredible. I found my stillness (in yoga-ese) but more importantly God revealed Himself to me every step of the way as in Psalm 46:10-Be still and know that I am God. The Psalms came alive to me in so many aspects of my 19 day sabbath/sabbatical and I am definitely restored and revived. I have experienced much and have much to share, but mostly I was so encouraged by the sweet and complete care and love of the Sherpa people and the peace and contentment in the simplest of lifestyles. The joy of s hot water bottle in my sleeping bag when all my layers (3-4) of wool and fleece were still not enough. The assistance to reach Base Camp and then to achieve 18,400 feet for amazing views of Everest and the surrounding peaks. The refreshing rest of 10 hours of sleep a night and lots of food after a day of vigorous activity. Not showering for 14 days and very primitive facilities:) The sweet jingle of Yak bells to lull me into contentment and bliss and of course the awesomeness of God's majestic power and beauty. I only have some pictures to share as I was to absorbed in soaking up the experience than in recording it, but others in my group took copious amounts of pictures and will be sharing them and then I can share them with you-if desired. God has given me the vision of a children's book from the perspective of a Yak as he conquers Everest and more importantly fear. I am excited to have a creative work to share my experience-hoping other's hearts will be blessed and graced the way mine was. Always attempting to be featured in a yoga calendar someday😊 IMG_3292.HEIC IMG_3292 2.HEIC
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    Last week my oldest ds's college called my dh and invited us to an awards ceremony at the school. They told him that ds would be receiving some kind of award but didn't tell dh what when he asked. I decided to drive the two hours and go to the ceremony and take ds out to dinner as we have not seen him this semester. The awards ceremony was mostly for graduating seniors and looking at the program we couldn't figure out what ds (a junior) would even be up for. Turns out they award a few scholarships to upcoming seniors that were not listed in the program. My ds won two of the four scholarships awarded! The first he was aware existed because he applied and interviewed for it. It was an endowed scholarship funded by the alumni association of the accounting department of the school. It is substantial and the letter he got explained that the alumni association stipulates the award be stacked and not reduce any other offers from the school. The other scholarship he didn't even know about and did not apply for. It was one of two endowed awards given to rising seniors who have demonstrated excellence in the classroom and in contributing to life on campus and in the community. He doesn't even know how much it is, but it seemed like a big deal! He has gotten smaller endowed scholarships from the school in the past without any notification or fanfare. They just showed up in his account. So, the assumption is this is substantial as well. He is anxious to get over to financial aid this morning and find out the details. Ds has paid for his own school. He got a good financial deal going in, then won a large scholarship from my dh's employer that the college allowed him to stack without reducing their aid. He has worked long hours at miserable jobs in the summers and taken a few loans (not even to the max of the federal limits) and taken pride in carrying the load of financing his education. He has scrimped and saved and lived in the oldest junkiest dorm to save money. Now, it looks like he has a full ride for his senior year. Tuition, housing, etc. everything should be covered. I am just so happy for him to get this sweet unexpected reward to go into his senior year for free. He already has a professional internship and a side hustle lined up for summer so he will make a good chunk of money and for once actually be able to keep it and not pay for his school. He has worked so hard and with such a great attitude. I am just so proud of him and happy for him. Ds introduced me to the husband/wife couple that presented the award. They are both accounting alumni and have worked in the "big four" accounting firms and are active in giving back to the school. The told me they are already working on getting him lined up for jobs and they both told me that he is graduating into a powerful alumni network and will always have a job. It was an obvious point of pride to them that they claim 100% job placement for accounting grads. My ds has already been to multiple recruiting events for one of the big four firms as well as smaller firms and banks in the city. Such a nice night for ds. He is bright and hard working but he isn't ever the smartest kid anywhere. He has never had a 4.0 and isn't even the top of his accounting class in GPA. But he works hard and is humble and a good leader. He's just a good kid. He could have gone to higher ranked schools or schools with more amenities but he went to tiny Oglethorpe University in Atlanta with a 76% admission rate. People in Atlanta usually have not even heard of it. LOL. He got a fantastic value, has had a nice experience, and it looks like he will actually have a job in the end. Another kid not ruined by homeschooling!
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    Ds22 got his drivers license today. A huge step towards independence. He asked me to drive home though because he was still feeling anxious. 🙂
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    Dh and I have spent most of yesterday and likely today rearranging and getting rid of crap. I’ve been slowly doing it all year but hitting it hard this weekend. Moving beds and furniture and going through every bit of clothing and toys and STUFF. Ugh. It’s frikken everywhere. Five black trash bags of boys clothing that isn’t used for whatever many reasons. If my youngest boy outgrew it, I’m no longer keeping it for any next kid. Same for baby girl. 42 pairs of boys shoes donated. Probably double those trash bags in stuff thrown away. Furniture I don’t want around anymore. I’m just tired of all the stuff that needs cleaned or put back or doesn’t quite work right so has that not really a big deal but always a minor irritation to deal with stuff. I’m not selling much, I just want it gone. So donations. A few things I might sell on FB. The children are disgruntled but not complaining too much. Dh is none too happy since he is tearing down beds and rearranging them in different rooms according to my requests. But whatever. It’s the first thing he’s done around the house in years bc normally I do literally everything house and kids and errand related. I’m going minimalist. Not because I care about being minimalist but because I’m just tired of dealing with it all and frankly I’d rather spend the money on a vacation. And because while I hope I live at least another 50 years, reality is I probably won’t and I for sure won’t take all this crap with me for most of it. It’s just stuff. It’s not important to me so I don’t want to spend energy and money and time on it. Anyone else spending this week jump starting new year goals and plans?
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    It is so much fun! I had a lovely lunch today with @Penguin. She gets around and has met with other boardies on other continents, but I am privileged to have her living practically in my back yard. 😊 So here we are together today.
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    Thanks to all for your support over the years. I just popped back in to answer a question on the chat board. While I'm here: Hobbes got into his first choice university. It was a bit of a drama because his results were not good enough to study English and French (his school was pretty rubbish at foreign languages) so he had to decide whether to try to go to another university for English/French or drop the French and go to his first choice. He did the latter and they let him in. I'm really happy - I don't think he has a good foundation in French and it would have been a struggle. He's been at university for a few weeks and seems to be doing well.
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    I got an email from Greta this week...she's been battling an infection, which is difficult when you are already undergoing cancer treatments, so recovery is slow and energy is low. Still, I sense strength through fatigue. She was moved to know of so many messages and of the continued caring people have for her. :0)
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    December 2018 The annual XXXXXXX Family Christmas letter……one I wasn’t sure I was going to write this year. Christmas letters are where you are supposed to showcase all of the wonderful things in your past year, brag on the kids, etc. To be honest, 2018 was a very tough year for our family. In September 2017 Sandy (now Ex H mom) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Due to her kidney transplant they could not treat the cancer and she was given 6-9 months to live. January started with her health failing and in early Feb I helped her move to a care facility in town. The end of February I got a call at work telling me that I had 45 minutes to bring (now ex husband) in to the local sheriffs department as there were federal warrants for his arrest. After he was transferred to custody of the federal marshals I learned that he was being charged with 4 federal felony counts of manufacture and possession of child pornography. This, of course, devastated the kids and turned our lives upside down. In April Sandy passed away peacefully and we had a beautiful funeral service honoring her life and faith. In her journal she had written, “When people think of me, remember my smile and my love for Jesus and my family”. While missing her greatly, we try to do just that. XXXX has remained in federal custody and later in the spring state charges of child molestation were added to the case. In August our divorce was finalized. After several postponements, in September his case was heard by a jury in federal court. Sadly the evidence was overwhelming and he was convicted on all 4 federal counts. Due to those convictions the local charges were dropped. In January he will be sentenced and faces up to 70 years in federal custody. The kids and I have been through a lot of changes this past year. We sold the horses in the spring, and then over the summer more and more stuff culminating with the selling of our home in October and an auction to sell off XXXX’s tools and the rest of our belongings. In mid October we moved into a small 3 bedroom ranch in a small subdivision closer to town (and the beach 🙂 ) where the bus system can pick up the kids and help ease the burden of transportation for me. I had been working 1-3 days a week as a substitute teacher for severely multiply impaired students. I have now increased my hours and am working nearly full time along with learning to be a single parent and managing the needs (and endless paperwork) for the kids. I still enjoy walking/hiking and kayaking with friends when I can get a few moments away. 30DS is still working 2 days a week in the pizza shop. He washes dishes, cleans, takes out the trash, and jokes around with co-workers. He bought a drone and has high hopes of creating videos for you all to see. 23DD is sill in school full time. She volunteers as Dominos pizza, Chow Hound, and the local humane society. She LOVES the freedom the transit bus provides and often spends her Saturdays riding around town from store to store. 22dd is now working at Walmart and loving her new job. She can ride the Harbor Transit bus back and forth which is great. She and Alex are now engaged and planning a fall 2019 wedding. Throughout the past year, my friends have really demonstrated what the body of Christ is to look like. They all have different gifts but have ministered to me and my family in many ways.....from meals to transportation for the kids, sitting (or walking) with me while the tears flowed to giving me a much needed whap to do the next (hard) thing, from providing a place of refuge for the kids and I when we needed to get away to fixing the lights on the wave runner trailer so Louis didn’t have to lose out on yet another thing, from helping us move and do the final cleaning of the old house to providing wise counsel from experience. THANKS Still, we have hope and a future. The Lord has been with us through it all. We were blessed with a beautiful home that meets our needs. We have jobs that meet our financial needs. We have health. We have a huge support network of friends and family. We have a new year ahead of us. Because of the Lord’s Great love we are not consumed, For his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; Great is your faithfulness………..Lamentations 3:22-23 We covet your prayers as we move into 2019 and adjust to our new normal. If you are going through a tough time and life doesn’t seems fair, check out this book. It’s not Fair: Learning to Love the Life You Didn’t Chose by Melanie Dale. It is a real, raw, encouraging book that is even laugh out loud funny at times. I have read it several times over the past year and each time find new encouragement and hope.
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    So my CA ID expired on my birthday at the beginning of July. CA is attempting to align its standards with TSA standards by 2020, so you can either renew the easy way & go in to the DMV with your old ID and get a new one that will not be TSA compliant by 2020, or you can renew the hard way and go in to the DMV with a stack of documents that ID you as you and get what is called a REAL CA ID. I decided to get a REAL CA ID, so I looked at the list and gathered my birth certificate, my SS card, a bill in my name that shows my current address (this was difficult,) my expires in 3 days old ID & off to the DMV I went. Apparently if you are a married woman you can not get a REAL CA ID without a certified copy of your marriage license even if you didn't change your last name. After 3 hours at the DMV I got to go home. At home I couldn't find a copy of my marriage license anywhere. Not in the fire safe with the other documents or the file cabinet with the copies. I went online to the website of the county recorder's office, I downloaded the official form, took it to a notary to be notarized (did you know your license is expired, Ma'am?) and sent it off with a check and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Three weeks later I received (in my self-addressed stamped envelope) a letter which explained that no record of my marriage or my having applied for a marriage license could be found in the year that I claimed to have been married. They would be keeping my payment because they tried. Because I indicated that I had been married in a different county, perhaps I should try that county. I went to a different website for a different county recorder's office, downloaded the form, took it to the notary who looked at me with suspicion. Why did I need another copy of a marriage license from a different county? Why am I trying to get multiple marriage licenses with an expired ID? Again with the self-addressed stamped envelope and check payment. 5 weeks later I received a call from that county because they also have no record of my marriage. The lovely person I spoke to is someone with whom I attended high school. She informed me that she looked in the month before and after the date I put on the form, but she just couldn't find it. She told me she found all 3 of my sister's (not sisters') marriage licenses, but not mine, which was so strange because she thinks that her cousin was at my wedding, or at least at the reception. She remembers that I got married to that boy I was dating in high school, right? The one on the football team? And am I still married to him? She asked me who was responsible for turning in the paperwork after I got married. I told her it was my mom. She told me I should ask her if she hand carried it to the recorder's office in the county where I got married or if she mailed it to the county where I was living at the time. I told her that would be difficult because my mom is deceased. She blessed my heart and let me know that the county would be keeping my check because the payment is for the search and by golly she had searched. I was at a loss. I started having dreams where my Dad called me to say, "So we finally moved the furniture out of the bedroom and you'll never guess what we found in a big white envelope behind your mom's nightstand!" Maybe I wasn't even married. Maybe these past 28 years of "married filing jointly" taxes have been a lie. What now? Should Dh & I have a re-commitment ceremony? I think I have seen this sitcom. Four months after my ID expired, I received a letter from the county I started with, saying a clerical error in the spelling of my married last name at the time of the search caused my record to not come up on the computer, but now it has been found and if I would like to submit another notarized form and payment I can get a copy. Maybe I will find a different notary..... Amber in SJ
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    Y'all. I'll never be able to look my mailman in the eyes again. If you read the stunt panty thread, you'll remember I ordered several of which finally arrived today (a month later, courtesy China post). Honestly, I'd forgotten about it. So the (very tiny) package arrived today. Like literally a 6x6 square envelope. You can feel there's not much substance in there. And it required a SIGNATURE! And not realizing what it was, I was like "what is this?" and Mr. Postman said " says women's pajamas." Oh...ooooooohhh. So I sign. I get the tiny package inside, and no, what the package *actually* says on the customs line is "women's SEXY pajamas!" OMG, hahaha. With that teensy package, and I'm a bigger gal, haha. How deliciously awkward. 😄 I'm still giggling.
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    I posted awhile back about my decisions to stop being a grumpy Christmas lady. Umm. Something weird is happening. I bought a tree the Monday after Thanksgiving. In the past, I'd always waited because we do a real tree and that's a long time to keep it alive. That meant that in the two weeks before Christmas, when we have 2 birthdays, I was also trying to shop, celebrate birthdays, and buy and decorate a tree. So I thought if I get it done early, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. So I bought the tree and put it up in the sun room (this makes me happy because it's not hogging up major space in the corner of my living room. ) We took our time decorating the tree. It's a big tree and it took 3 days to finish but that's okay. We worked a little at a time. I found Christmas music that I didn't hate before Thanksgiving. This is big. It includes lots of Pentatonix, and Piano guys. Instrumental is good. I also prefer Christmas music about the religious aspects over other more cultural celebrations. No I do not want to Rock around the Christmas tree, nor do I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. I figured out several nice gifts for my dh. I also found some simple gifts for my dad and brother. Each year, I stress out looking for the PERFECT gift when I just need to find something nice that says I thought of you. My kids are NOT IN THE HANDBELL CHOIR this year. I had no idea how running back and forth to rehearsals and performances was sapping my joy. I also declined to participate in our church Christmas program. The last few months have had some major stressors (not related to holidays) and I just don't have the energy for it. All that to say, I'm not dreading the holidays. At least not entirely. Yes, there are still aspects that I won't enjoy, but I'm digging deep to find joy in some stuff. So yesterday, it was icy and cold since we got some freezing rain. We were looking out the window at the ice and it began snowing, large fluffy flakes. I said. "Oh look! Snow. How pretty!" My dd looked at me and I clapped a hand over my mouth. I said. "What just came out of my mouth!" Dd said "You don't sound like yourself. What in the world? What's the matter with you?" So my Joyful Christmas Project is doing something. Strange things are happening around here.
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    I can't believe our little rainbow baby is three months old already! He is the sweetest. He has recently started giggling at us, and he shoves burp cloths into his mouth. We adore him so, so much. Mr. Five cannot get enough of him. A thousand times a day, he comes up to say, "I love this baby too, too much. I need this baby. Let me hold the baby." A few weeks ago, he told me, "This is the baby I always wanted." Baby gets covered with a lot of kisses. (And in true Mr. Five fashion, he still very often reminds us out of the blue that he is a double big brother.) It is such a beautiful gift to have him and to be able to pick him up and cuddle him whenever I want. His little face smiling at me in the morning lights my world.
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    I got the writing gig 🙂 Just that little bit of stand-on-my-feet is helpful. I'll take all the other help though. It's just easier when I feel like I'm also doing something to help myself.
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    I have been avoiding Worship after Sunday School because I feel self conscious sitting alone. I mentioned that here before and the general advice was to just ask if I can sit with my class at service. So today is Easter Sunday and my church had 3 services. The first two were contemporary which I don't care for, and the latest one is the traditional service. I decided early on that I wouldn't go even though it's a huge church holiday. The idea of sitting alone is bad. The idea of sitting alone in a HUGE crowd of people is even worse. I prayed about it and asked God if He thought I should be there to help me feel convicted to do so. Well, I woke up this morning feeling the need to attend. So I went. I sat down in the back. Alone. I was texting DH, not a church goer, to give me something to do until service began. After sitting there for about 5 minutes, I saw two of my Sunday School classmates come in and sit two rows ahead of me. I mustered the courage, got up, and went to them and asked if I could sit with them. They seemed genuinely pleased to see me. Then two more classmates came. One sat next to me and the other on the other end. So I talked with the one closest to me and learned her name was Sandra. So now I know 4 people's names. I explained to her my dilemma of avoiding Worship and she said she used to feel the same way and that's one reason a group of our class sits together for Worship. She told me to join them every Sunday and not feel a need for an invitation and that I was always welcome. So now I can start attending Worship every Sunday which brings me immense Joy. 🙂 Happy Easter!
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    On his kindle google search I did find “can u win Nobel if xplled frum skol” and “Nobel winners homskol” so at least he’s got a plan. 😂
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    My dd found this dress on clearance back in August-- pretty-- but the lace 'blobs' were tattered and just did not look right. We found some silk hydrangeas, pearl beads, gold ribbon and some tiny gold butterflies-- and she LOVED the result! I used the scraps to make a headpiece and her date's boutonniere too... Prom was this past Saturday-- my oldest dd is a professional photographer and took the prom picts! Not a bad dress for just under $100! First picture is trying it on at store... notice lace 'blobs'...
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    Why is there a random nicotine/drug test at school? I honestly can't pick what to be furious about first.
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    GUESS WHO FINALLY LEARNED TO SIT AT 22 MONTHS OLD?! Oh yes, Benjamin baby did! He also managed to break his hearing aids two days ago but we will take what we can get ?
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    Part of me would say to you, as I would to any parent, don’t do for them anything that they can do for themselves. But the other part of me thinks, just baby them. Brush their hair. Let them feel their mama’s hands against their scalp and her voice behind their ear. They will adapt as needed. They’ve already shown you that. So don’t worry about that part.
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    UPDATE on genomic testing: NO GENETIC INVOLVEMENT! ? So “the girls” will be staying put although Lefty gets a penalty (lumpectomy). Also very happy that this will not be passed on to my kids!
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    Some good news. A friend got me some work over the next couple of days and the pay is good, and will provide a much needed bump to the account. I made a plan re ds. My dad went to the hospital for me so I don't have to go today. And my mum cooked me dinner. ~ I feel really ashamed to need so much help, but it's better than no help. I just want to get on my feet and independent again soon.
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    Navy boy comes home Friday for the first time since he left for boot camp Oct 1. He'll be home 2 weeks!!
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    Potentially, ya'all will think I'm crazy. However, I loved this. 😉 So, DH is taking this class. And it's often faster if, while he works, I read the text aloud. So, yesterday we're working through this grad course on logistics, quality, and capacity. The question is that if this line is supposed to produce only 1,000 widgets, but it's continuously maxing out at 700 widgets, what's wrong? Well, obviously there are ways to seek improvement. However, it is not realistic that the machines will ever consistently produce at maximum capacity. "The term capacity implies an attainable rate of output, for example, 480 cars per day, but says nothing about how long that rate can be sustained" (Jacobs, p.112). Further, "To avoid this problem, the concept of best operating level is used" (Jacobs, p.112). Definition of best operating level: The level of capacity for which the process was designed and the volume of output at which average cost is minimized. At which point I shouted, "Oh my gosh! This is motherhood in a nutshell!" We get so irritated with ourselves because we don't perform at maximum capacity. So, while on our best days, our output might be incredible, the fact is that it simply isn't sustainable in the long term. We need to learn to congratulate ourselves on a stellar day, but not raise our expectations that tomorrow will be a duplicate. Just simply revel in the day, then move on to accept the next day's mediocrity. Motherhood is not lean. Moreover, the capacity for which we are designed is not at maximum capacity. It's at best operating level - and the amount of output we produce has cost and while it would be lovely to minimize the costs (to ourselves and our families) while producing maximum output, it doesn't work like that and we aren't machines. Geek time over. But you get a pass at taking a day off and having mediocre days!
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    funny story. DS17 took the ACT and got a great score. You can tell he is different from me because 17 yo me would have said 'woo-hoo I'm done w/ standardized testing for college entrance forever'. DS though ''s good, but what if some college likes the SAT better so I should ALSO take the SAT.' Wishing to avoid hearing him be all stressed out for the next month while he preps for this exam I don't think he needs, I suggested he call the admissions board of a few colleges he's interested in and just ask them. So he did. Discission w/ CMU's admission person went something like: DS17: Hello. I'm very interested in attending CMU. I'll be applying this fall. I just took the ACT and got a 35, but I was wondering if you have a preference for SAT over ACT so maybe I should take that too. CMU Admissions: that's a very good score. congratulations. No, then don't care. Wait....what department are you interested in? DS17: Econ CMU Admissions: nope, they don't care. DS17: and Musical Theater. CMU Admissions: <pause> oh honey. They SO DON'T care. <snicker> He was honestly pretty insulted. 😛
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    Back in 2017, I asked for help naming our boy Max. Unfortunately, we lost him suddenly this February to acute hemolytic anemia. I was devastated...he was my shadow. A couple weeks ago, I mentioned to dh that I was finally to a point where it didn’t hurt to think of losing Max, and occasionally I would glance at the shelter sites. Wednesday I saw this guy, and I fell in love. I showed dh, and it was the same. We brought him home Wednesday evening, and he’s made things interesting since. 😆 Meet Jukka...pronounced “you kuh”. Dh wanted a name that meant gift from God, and something about that name stood out. He’s a 9 week old Australian Shepherd.
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    We're back. Dh ended up seeing my GP, who is very good. He did a thorough check. Blood pressure was high, but on the low side of dh's high. Pulse and blood sugars OK. Lungs sounded clear, and the GP wasn't worried about heart either. He was concerned about general debility, which he explained was partly due to symptoms of long term high dose prednisone, some of which I didn't know about before, and also the not eating due to the ulcers, also due to steroids. He was able to prescribe various things for troublesome symptoms, and tweak some meds which will let dh eat (hopefully) and be generally more comfortable as he waits for his specialist appt. He also probed into mental state, and I was able to have a frank discussion with GP about that; he said the renal nurse will be able to link dh to psychology dealing in kidney disease. I felt much better being able to share all my concerns, ask questions, and get the GP to address everything I was worried about. Dh has agreed that I will come to the appt with the renal nurse. I have an if-then list to tide me over till dh sees the specialist again. So, goodish news. I am just about to ring around pharmacies; the mouth numbing liquid isn't on the PBS, and is $100 plus! Ouch.
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    We had a kindness shown to us today I thought I would share. We went into Houston today to take MIL to lunch and braved the Galleria traffic to go to a restaurant dh loves. Everyone was more than ready to get out of the car and sit down after all of the crazy Christmas traffic, as if you're familiar with Houston, I know you can imagine. As we were waiting to be seated, an older woman my MIL's age, who was waiting ahead of us, turned and complimented my two youngest kids on how nicely they were waiting and asked them what grade they were in. This of course got the homeschool kids "deer in the headlights" look and "uuuuhhhhhh" response (even though I've told them both to say 1st/2nd- they forget) which is always a bit embarrassing for me. Dh told her we homeschooled so they were all over grade wise and she smiled and said oh but they look like such good students and told us she was a retired public school teacher who had taught 1st and then later 5th grade. We chit chatted a couple of minutes and then everyone was seated and went on our way. Later, as we were eating, she stopped back by our table and gave each of the kids a Christmas card with a fresh $2 bill in it. She told them a little about $2 bills and how money had changed over the years and some history stuff, then said they were doing great jobs as students and to be thankful they had such a good Mother to teach them so well at home, to keep working hard, and then wished us Merry Christmas and left. I was so surprised and so happy and the kids were thrilled! It was just such an awesome, unexpected blessing in our day. With all of the horrible news and so much hostility you see online, it's really awesome that there are people like her around and to experience just such a random bit of generosity in our day. Anyway, just wanted to share. Hope y'all had something blessed in your day as well.
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    This is our littlest (and I mean little...1st percentile for weight) guy, Felix Wilder. He'll be a year old at the end of this month...went by in a blink. Funny story: My water broke right in the middle of a high school co-op class I was teaching! I kept giving instructions to the students but no one was paying attention as they were shocked by what was happening (excessive fluid...Niagra Falls). Fun times!
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    Aurora is thirteen months old now. Holy crap. I can't believe I already have a toddler. I swear I was pregnant yesterday. ETA: This is from a couple weeks ago. Obv. Because it's like forty degrees here now. *grumble*
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    I don't think I ever posted the baby here, though I meant to basically every day in the early days ? She's 19 months now! I have pictures of her clean, lol, but I think this captures her full personality ?
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    Y'all, this has been going on for months (which is nothing for most PANDAS people) and right now, I honestly can't believe we have a real diagnosis! We got up at 5am and drove 3 hours each way to the Rothman Center for Pediatric Neuropsycholoy yesterday and it was totally worth it. Such a difference! An ACTUAL neurological exam, huge history, multiple people working together (saw the resident who I loved, and the professor/lead researcher who I also liked, and a med student tagged along who was awesome as well). No one thought I was crazy. No one dismissed me. My questions were respected. We have a PLAN! No one just shrugged and said, "maybe he got late autism or something". You don't realize what not good care you are getting until you get good care. Makes me want to cry. Thank God for respectful medical staff. Thinking about it as I sit here and cry a bit, some of my most intensely grateful moments have been interacting with truly respectful medical staff. Ones you recognize how vulnerable you are when seeking career nd don't abuse that. I can remember several specific instances that are burned in my memory for the way I was treated: A nurse when my 19 year old was born. I was in pain and exhausted after 45 hours of unmedicated labor and then an emergency (I thought) c-section. I burn through pain meds fast (ultra rapid metabolizer) and earlier that day a bitch nurse wouldn't give me my meds so I'd gotten behind the pain and ended up crying and in tears and emotional. I got the meds, and shift changed, and that night in the middle of the night I woke up soaked in sweat from post partum sweats, and uncomfortable, etc. An angel of a nurse came in and offered to change my sheets. It was 2am. Changing sheets was not her job. But she saw me so uncomfortable and like it was nothing got me up and while I used the bathroom she put on cool fresh sheets and a fresh pillow case and got me tucked back in with a drink. Such a freaking simple thing but it is almost 20 years later and I still tear up at the sheer kindness of it. Another time when my daughter had a broken arm from me falling while carrying her. The doctor I am sure knew how guilty i felt over injuring my 9 month old, and told me that a broken elbow was fixable, a broken head wasn't. Id' held her in such a way to protect her head as we fell, and he flat out told me "good job mom". That simple sentence took away so much guilt. Again, such a tiny thing, and 9 years later I remember how it made me feel. When I had my first bariatric appointment and realized for once no one was blaming me for my obesity. In fact, EVERY time a doctor calls it a disease, not a moral failing, I want to kiss them. I spent my whole life blaming and hating myself for my fatness, and here was someone coming along side of me to help me, rather than shame me. Who saw ME, not my fat. And yesterday, when the resident told me that he can't see these kids and NOT believe in PANDAS. Respectful care that treats you as a valid human is so special. (also, they loved my binder of all my info - medical records, test results, insurance information, address and phone number of every doctor we have, pharmacy info, etc)
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    Update: She let out a gasp as she pulled it out of the packaging. My heart grew three sizes today. I'm posting this not because I'm proud of the quilt but because I am proud of how much I learned. There are so many mistakes but I learned from each one so now I will feel more confident making future quilts. I even got past my fear of machine quilting. Does it look like a seven year old did it? Sure, but it's a present for a seven year old so that's okay. The little girl is my newly adopted grand niece and she is Frozen crazy. So even though I have other gifts for her, I still wanted something to show how much she already means to us. Something she can wrap around herself and know we care.
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    Oh, when I got back home FiL told me what a nice day he had had sitting quietly and reading. You would think I had offered him a nice vacation instead of taking him away from Thanksgiving with the family.
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    Im home from surgery. Everything purportedly went well. Sleepy now.
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