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    Today I am 26+4, which is when Nate was born. Such a big milestone!! And, now that I've gone public, I can tell the Hive that this is another BOY!!! That is some crazy odds!
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    If you or your son respond to her (I probably wouldn't waste the time to do that) a one word message is more than sufficient: ALOHA
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    Thanks. I have a few people that can come and look at the tools, etc and advise on those. These are high end precision tools, not just random wrenches, etc so I would want someone who knew what they were doing to handle the estate. The new house will have access to door to door public bus system for my kids (for 75¢ a ride) as well as access to kayaking where I can put my kayak on a bike trailer and pedel down. Bike paths just a block away lead to big box stores, a nice small park with beach, etc. This will allow my kids to be much more independent.....and a lot less driving for me.
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    I have more boy baby clothes than Babies R Us, but this little guy picked a good way to get a new wardrobe. We are anticipating that he will be at least a few weeks earlier than my others and so probably a bit smaller. So I got him a few things in the 6-9 pound range. I had to restrain myself though and not go too crazy. The boy clothes have gotten even cuter in five years since DS4 was born. Our family isn’t really into sports, and I’m a little tired of trucks and vehicles. But now there are onesies with tacos and pizza on them! That fits our family! LOL!
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    I hope I haven't over stepped, but I know many of us have hoped for great news! Her last post on her blog was about a week ago (+/_). She should be done with rad treatments a bit earlier than mid-Sept. If I read the posts correctly, she was one-quarter of the way done with the rad treatments at the time she wrote the post. Her biopsy had come back benign! (Hooray!) Several things were showing improvement, her heart rate, her sense of taste beginning to return, and so on. I hope she is just too busy living a great life to post here often. :-) She'll be starting her next school semester in a few days, hooray!
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    I’m only in my 6th year (though I was homeschooled for 7 years), but I love education, educational pedagogy, and all things curriculum and techniques. I also really enjoy trouble-shooting with people (about their issues or my own), so I’m definitely the weird mom at homeschool meet-ups who is trying to talk about homeschooling. ?
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    I wouldn’t have told her I would ask him; I would have told her what I thought of her for having the nerve to ask.
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    I don't know what to do to cure the toe, but I think you need to get a pair of steel toed boots. Ouch!!!
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    Eternal Father, strong to save, Whose arm hath bound the restless wave, Who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep Its own appointed limits keep; Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee, For those in peril on the sea!
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    Awww ... you guys are so sweet to ask! They did an hcg check and said there was a definite rise, which is a good sign but obviously not a guarantee. So she wants to see me in 2 weeks for an ultrasound and at that point (8 weeks) if they find a heartbeat then miscarriage will be "unlikely".
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    Oh, that is so awful. I'm so sorry for your son. I'm glad he has you to help him navigate this.
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    It's easy to get free just have to put it all together yourself. What's changed? The internet. Open Source. Coursera, EdX...etc. So many educational options people can't be bothered to inform themselves and instead want others to inform them. My FB Keto group has the same basic idiotic questions constantly. People who don't do any research and want someone to tell them what to do.
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    24 hour shifts running an average of 14 calls a shift is getting really old. My company is filled with young guys who love the 24 on/48-72 off schedule so I don’t see it going anywhere, but I’m almost 37, have 12 years in and I’m tired. Even with a couple days off between shifts I’m not bouncing back as quickly as I did in my 20s. When the local CC announced they’re trialing a paramedic to RN bridge I jumped all over it. getting older sucks too. :)
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    I put up a sad face, BUT I wanted to put up an angry mama bear face ?. If your son is old enough to drive....he is old enough to text her the number of a moving company? and tell her that he hopes she has a fabulous time in Hawaii. Brenda
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    Day 217 steps. Day 88 hips We are home - exhausted
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    We listened to an audiobook in the car today....and fought over whether we should listen to it at regular speed or 1.5 speed. We sat in silence on the return ride home. ETA: 5/7 car occupants fell asleep on the ride home before we were a mile from the beach.
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    We are back from the mountains. The drive is always a nightmare and somehow, tonight it seemed worse than ever. Narrow and extremely curvy roads. Ugh!! But, we had a great day. Had fun at the Silent Auction. I bid on and won a lovely nectarine cobbler for DH. And some decorative lights for girls’ room. And some frozen lasagna. Homemade. My friend makes them as a fundraiser for this orphanage in Thailand. She used to make them every fall and I’d always buy one because they are amazing and it’s nice to have something in the freezer. But she said she wasn’t going to make them this fall because she had too much going on. But she did make them for the Silent Auction for the Fall Festival. So, I got them there.?
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    Sometimes you don’t.
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    At 8–10 years I still had some enthusiasm about discussing curriculum. At 17? I just can’t anymore. There’s nothing that I haven’t discussed hundreds of times. I’ve hit complete saturation and have senioritis worse than my child. This year is our last push and we’re finished for good. I value our friendships, but we’re in another phase now and the conversations have moved on.
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    Since only my oldest and youngest are home tonight, dh thought we should go out for dinner. Sal's Family Pizza. I ordered an Italian sausage roll, which turned out to be an entire stromboli. I shared and brought some home. Then we walked from there to my town's bicentennial park where we climbed around on the rocks by the river. I am eager to hear about Jean's return home and new grandbunny.
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    Ahem. whitehawk, on 22 May 2016 - 10:38 AM, said: ITT rule Section WTM-4.6J, No ITTer shall die for any reason. Awesome! A rules and regulations reminder booyah! Here are a few more, in case Some People need reminding: 1 hour ago, 30 May 2018 - 3:13 PM ikslo said: One can say yes to mint juleps. ITT rule WTM 56.96. ------------------------------ ThatBookwormMom, on 19 Jan 2018 - 6:56 PM, said: There need be no valid reason for chocolate. Chocolate is its own reason -------------------- 5 hours ago, Susan in TN said: No one should ever turn down pie for any reason, except certain death -------------------- Cough drops are not an acceptable substitute for pie. Junie, Thanksgiving Day, 2017
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    You are a classier woman and better Christian than me Katie. I would have asked her what the hell is wrong with her.
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    OH, and this is the same person who right after my ex died, she offered to take DS to Boston, on a trip that she was going to take with his father, to go to a baseball game of ex's favorite team. Only, less than a week before the trip she decided she couldn't afford to use the refund she got from ex's ticket to pay for DS's ticket after all, so he'd have to pay for his own flight, several hundred dollars. DAYS before!!! I get that finances are tight, but then don't offer! So that was two weeks ago, now she wants him to come help her move furniture. I replied that I could ask him, but that maybe instead of having him drive 7 hours round trip she could have a donation center come pick the furniture up, for free. And I included a link to one that was local to her. The nerve!
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    Good morning! I promise to check in tonight to prove I haven't died. Submission day is tomorrow, and I have to add a quarter cup of drama to one chapter, a pinch of clarity to the same, two tablespoons of sugar to another chapter, and finish the lot off with a dollop of whipped cream in the dessert chapter. See y'all later!
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    Yup. I don’t do keto or low carb forums anymore, especially since LCF shut down. And aside from here and AmblesideOnline, I don’t do any online homeschooling groups, either. Not worth the headache. It’s like research isn’t a thing, even though it’s half the fun and CRITICALLY important to really understanding and synthesizing the core principles at hand.
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    It is live streamed and my boss was kind enough to make sure I was scheduled to dispatch tonight, so I’m guaranteed to be able to view it. but it’s not the same as being there.
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    Happy Sunday and welcome to week thirty-five in our Open Roads Reading Adventure. Greetings to all our readers and everyone following our progress. Mister Linky is available weekly on 52 Books in 52 Weeks to share a link to your book reviews. Sigrid Unset, born May 20, 1882, won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1928. During the presentation speech, by the chairman of the Nobel committee, Per Hallstrom said of Unset's works: Unset wrote a number of historical fiction novels including the Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy - The Wreath, The Wife, and The Cross. Which are available individually or in the complete Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy edition translated by Tina Nunnally A number of Well Trained Mind 52 Books readers are taking the plunge with Unset's Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy and we will begin on September 2nd. Grab your hubbies and get them reading along as well. Tyler Blanski of the Catholic Gentleman in his enthusiasm for the story asks "Are you Lavrans, or are you Erlend?" We're going to take it slowly with plenty of time built in to talk about the story. Each book has three parts and vary in length from 92 to 160 pages approximately. We'll read one part a week with an extra week or two thrown in for variations in chapter length in Book three if needed, plus reading speed and discussion. Book One -The Wreath Part I – Jorungaard Ch 1 to 7 ( 92 pages) Part II – The Wreath Ch 1 – 8 (92 pages) Part III – Lavrans Bjorgulfson Ch 1 – 8 (100 Pages) Book two – The Wife Part I – The Fruit of Sin Ch 1 – 6 (114 pages) Part II – Husaby Ch 1- 8 (158) Part III – Erlend Nikulausson Ch 1 – 7 (126 pages) Book Three – The Cross Part 1 – Honor Among Kin Ch 1 – 6 ( 116 pages) Part II – Debtors Ch 1 – 8 (160 pages) Part III – The Cross Ch 1 – 7 (140 pages) Join me in reading Kristin Lavransdatter. ***************************************************** Our Brit Trip continues on Akeman Street to Oxfordshire. One of the most visited counties in England. It’s home to Oxford College and a place we literary ladies can all be jealous of – The Eagle and Child, famous for being the meeting location of ‘The Inklings’. Rabbit trails: Bodleian Library, Uffington White Horse, Blenheim Palace – Winston Churchill What are you reading this week? Link to week 34
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    Now the trick will be to actually use it to educate the kids... ? The spreadsheet making is probably my favorite part of homeschool. A big thanks to Mystie Winkler for her inspirational "dashboard" task management sheets! ETA: I moved my screen shot to the OP to make it easier. ? It has worked for two days so far... is that a record? ?
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    I posted yesterday asking for help washing my daughter’s white softball pants. Thanks to those who contributed - I’ll be working on it today. That thread reminded me that I have a laundry hack of my own. I have a laundry tip to share for moms of children who wet the bed regularly. Sometimes even if sheets and bedding (and pajamas!) get washed right away, a urine odor lingers. I’ve noticed this especially with fleece blankets and pj’s made of synthetic fabric. I read somewhere about something unrelated to run a load of stinky items with a cup of baking soda (must go in the drum if it’s a front loader) and a cup of vinegar (in the detergent dispenser) on the highest temperature and longest cycle available. I decided to try it on the clothes affected with the urine smell and was amazed and continue to be amazed each time I get fresh, non urine smelling laundry. I’ve heard not to use vinegar in the washing machine because it can be corrosive to machine parts. That hasn’t been the case for my machine. I’ve used vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser for at least 8 years, and it hasn’t affected my 11+ year old LG front loader. But if you don’t feel comfortable putting vinegar in your machine, I wonder if soaking the items in a sink or bucket would work similarly.
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    That would not be the case even for elementary school in my district. Whether I’d agree with their curriculum choices or not doesn’t negate the fact that they implement rigorous programs here. Also, make-up work at home doesn’t replace classroom discussions or lectures. It’s a bandaid so you don’t slip TOO far behind while you’re ill.
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    Ya know, this is expensive. It's a lot of money. BUT when you're considering whether to home school to avoid public school, this is a bargain compared to an elite private school. (And I know that even good private schools are not always the best environment). Just considering that, though, makes a good video program like Chalk Dust and others seem like a bargain. At least to me. ? ?
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    I read Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story - 5 Stars - I’m so happy that I read this. Carson’s story is wonderful and uplifting. He experienced so many struggles and yet became a better person and his faith in God has been strengthened. I love how grounded he remains despite all of his incredible contributions to the field of neurosurgery. He attributes most of his success to God, his mother, and his medical team. His perseverance and humility are truly admirable. To me, this book should be required reading for all high school students, as well as all those who like to focus so much on blaming one’s circumstances and personal situation. Some of my favorite quotes: “I have strong feelings on the subject of American youth and here’s one of them. I’m really bothered at the emphasis given by the media on sports in the schools. Far too many youngsters spend all their energies and time on the basketball courts, wanting to be a Michael Jordan. Or they throw their energies toward being a Reggie Jackson on the baseball diamond or an O.J. Simpson on the football field. They want to make a million dollars a year, not realizing how few who try make those kinds of salaries. These kids end up throwing their lives away. When the media doesn’t emphasize sports, it’s music. I often hear of groups – and many of them good – who pour out their hearts in a highly competitive career, not realizing that only one group in 10,000 is going to make it big. Rather than putting all their time and energy into sports or music, these kids – these bright, talented young people – should be spending their time with books and self-improvement, ensuring they’ll have a career when they’re adults. I fault the media for perpetuating these grandiose dreams.” “I came to realize that if people could make me angry they could control me. Why should I give someone else such power over my life?” “Success is determined not by whether or not you face obstacles, but by your reaction to them. And if you look at these obstacles as a containing fence, they become your excuse for failure. If you look at them as a hurdle, each one strengthens you for the next.” I also read The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise - 3 Stars - A while back, I was watching a well-known travel show on You Tube about the Andalusian area of Spain. Once they started going on and on about wonderful it all supposedly was under Muslim rule, I was about ready to pop. My blood pressure went up a couple of notches, I’m sure! I kept mumbling to the screen, “Brother, please!” I’m tired, so tired of hearing the same old narrative about that period of time, the supposed multiculturalist paradise, the so-called “Golden Age”. I’m just not buying into all that political correctness. As a Persian, I know what they did back in my old country. I recently read “The Force of Reason” by Oriana Fallaci. While reading that, I became interested in reading this one. Oriana addresses the truth about history in Europe during the time of the Muslim invasion and the Crusaders. She says it like it is, as opposed to some romantic version of a time when everyone supposedly lived in a time of tolerance, harmony, and peaceful coexistence. “Whoever believes in the myth of ‘peaceful coexistence that marked the relationships between the conquered and the conquerors’ should reread the stories of the burned convents and monasteries, of the profaned churches, of the raped nuns, of the Christian or Jewish women abducted to be locked away in their harems. He should ponder on the crucifixions of Cordoba, the hangings of Granada, the beheadings of Toledo and Barcelona, of Seville and Zamora. (The beheadings of Seville, ordered by Mutamid: the king who used those severed heads, heads of Jews and Christians, to adorn his palace). Invoking the name of Jesus meant instant execution. Crucifixion, of course, or decapitation or hanging or impalement. Ringing a bell, the same. Wearing green, the colour of Islam, also. And when a Muslim passed by, every Jew and Christian was obliged to step aside. To bow. And mind to the Jew or the Christian who dared react to the insults of a Muslim. As for the much-flaunted detail that the infidel-dogs were not obliged to convert to Islam, not even encouraged to do so, do you know why they were not? Because those who converted to Islam did not pay taxes. Those who refused, on the contrary, did.” This book does a fabulous job of setting the record straight on all the propaganda. The amount of research and evidence is amazing. I only wish that it had been written in a more engaging style, and definitely with less repetition. This book is not an easy read, but I don’t think it was meant to be either. It was written by an academic and is quite scholarly. Some of my favorite quotes: “Professional self-preservation as well as political correctness and economics has affected academic research in certain fields of study, in contrast to the fearlessness demonstrated by professors when unmasking horrors in such dangerous areas of investigation as Christian Europe (the burning of witches! colonialism!) and Catholic Spain (the ubiquitous Spanish Inquisition!). Islamic Spain is no exception to the rule. University presses do not want to get in trouble presenting an Islamic domination of even centuries ago as anything but a positive event, and academic specialists would rather not portray negatively a subject that constitutes their bread and butter. In addition, fear of the accusation of ‘Islamophobia’ has paralyzed many academic researchers.” “Those who portray Islamic Spain as an example of peaceful coexistence frequently cite the fact that Muslim, Jewish, and Christian groups in al-Andalus sometimes lived near one another. Even when that was the case, however such groups dwelled more often than not in their own neighborhoods. More to the point: even when individual Muslims, Jews, and Christians cooperated with one another out of convenience, necessity, mutual sympathy, or love, these three groups and their own numerous subgroups engaged for centuries in struggles for power and cultural survival, manifested in often subtle ways that should not be glossed over for the sake of modern ideals of tolerance, diversity, and convivencia.” “It is significant that Muslim leaders punished their own if they suspected a lack of Islamic zeal. Muslim warriors could be punished with death for apostasy, which contributed to the fervor of the invaders. According to al-Qutiyya, when Musa Ibn Nusayr’s son was named governor, he married the wife of King Rodrigo and began adopting Christian ways—and military leaders cut his head off in the mihrab of a mosque and sent his head to the caliph.” MY RATING SYSTEM 5 Stars Fantastic, couldn't put it down 4 Stars Really Good 3 Stars Enjoyable 2 Stars Just Okay – nothing to write home about 1 Star Rubbish – waste of my money and time. Few books make it to this level, since I usually give up on them if they’re that bad.
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    I'm in the middle of Life of Pi which is my youngest dd's summer reading for her English class. Enjoying it. I read the whole Kristin Lavransdotter series a few years back and enjoyed it, but I think I did a book a year, so good luck to you all!
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    About 2/3rd's of the way through Burn Bright by Patricia Briggs Slow progress lately as diverting reading time into writing time. ? Just started YA paranormal ebook Intraterrestrial by Nicholas Conley. "Adam Helios is a bully magnet without many friends. When he starts hearing a voice that claims to come from the stars, he fears he’s losing his mind, so he withdraws even further. On the way home from a meeting at the school, he and his parents are involved in a horrible car crash. With his skull cracked open, Adam’s consciousness is abducted by the alien who has been speaking to him for months.After surviving the wreck with only minor scratches, Camille Helios must deal with her guilt over the accident that left her husband badly injured and her son in a coma. When the doctor suggests letting Adam go, Camille refuses to stop fighting for her son’s life.Lost among galaxies, Adam must use his imagination to forge a path home before his body dies on the operating table. But even if he does return to Earth, he may end up locked inside a damaged brain forever."
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    I’ve only talked curric a few times lately. For one friend I told her about the online class we had for my son for Chemistry last year that was $260 for the year and her mouth literally gaped open and she said, “That is SO expensive!” So...I didn’t even bother telling her that I spent about $650 for Spanish and $450 for Algebra in the same year. I was telling her about the $260 class because I thought she’d be relieved to know of an online option that was so cheap. I didn’t know that she hadn’t priced anything yet. Online classes are usually in the $500-$750 range. I thought I was doing great with my $260 Chem and $450 Algebra (not counting books and supplies.) But the $260 was already well out of her price range, so we changed the subject because talking about money gets awkward. The next conversation with some homeschoolers had them asking me what we use and I mentioned what math my son is in, and the mom whose son is in the same grade as mine looked worried because her son is 2 years behind mine in math (and mine isn’t particularly advanced. In some homeschool circles, my son is lagging behind.). It was awkward. The other mom’s son is in 8th grade and she just looked terrified at what I said I use, though they’re pretty normal and standard things. I think she’s just scared of high school in general. It might be nice to get her alone and talk, because I think she’d like to know how it all works, but doesn’t know where to start. I need to send her to this forum. So, while I was ready to jump right in to the conversations, they were both awkward and kind of ground to a halt because I startled the other homeschoolers so much with what I’m using. And when I read what other homeschoolers are using, I know I’m middle of the road. Not the easiest stuff, not the hardest. Very, very middle of the road. Oh, and I have another friend who uses a cyberschool and she loves it, but gets a bit defensive about it when she talks to me about it. And I absolutely don’t care one whit what she uses for school, but I think she thinks I do. So, I can’t really talk to her about what I use just in chit-chat, because they she starts defending what she’s using. Like if I say, “Oh, we read a fun thing in history the other day...blah blah...” she won’t talk about the fun thing we read but will say, “Oh, we learn fun things in our history, too!” And she’s normally a very sweet and caring person and not competitive AT ALL, but somehow talking curric brings out a weirdness in her. Edit: There’s a hiver that I know IRL and we can talk curric. I think it’s because she’s on this board, too, and knows how to talk curric without being shocked or comparing. We can talk about why something works for us without being upset if it doesn’t work for the other one. She’s the only person I talk to about curric IRL, but I think it’s because from being on these forums we understand how to give and take and keep our emotions out of it.
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    Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Sunday!!! Church!!
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    It is so nice to be in my own bed. It is also nice to put Benadryl gel on my hand that swelled up from a bug bite.
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    Ds18 bought his textbooks this afternoon. He stood in line for less than 5 minutes. I remember buying books my freshman year. The line was something like 5 hours.
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    This is why I had so much respect for him (most of the time - I confess to getting really upset at some things he did but usually that was when he did something that seemed out of character for him). He was a true statesman, he spent his adult life in service to his country, and respected those who differed with him. I was surprised it was so soon. I had been watching streaming shows all night, so no live tv. I just went to do a quick facebook check and saw the news.
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    This week I went to an actual meeting for something *I* wanted to do for *me*. It involves other adults with whom I interacted! Woohoo! Aaaaannnnddd, during the meeting my kids were texting and calling me from their respective towns, going NUTS needing things RIGHT NOW. It was crazy! It was like a flashback to trying to go to the bathroom by yourself and having everyone pound on the door. I had the phone on silent, by the way, but it was making a vibration whenever a new message came in. They were actual, legitimate concerns (well, sort of -- one had to do with either dd or her broker not keeping track of emails and thereby thinking paperwork was missing). But, sheesh, my first week of *thinking* I was going to start living my own life, and it turns out I'm still on call 24/7. When I got home the cats started yelling at me for being gone, which was just sort of the icing on that cake.
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    My hunch is that the Swiss people you talked with were either not native Swiss-German speakers (e.g., perhaps they were native-French-speaking Swiss living on the German side of the Röstigraben ?), or they were native Swiss-German speakers who were just really good at interacting with non-Swiss using what they call "Schriftdeutsch," which they learn in school (since Swiss German is only a spoken language(s)). (One of many ways to write "Swiss German" in Swiss German (phonetically) is Schwyzertütsch.) Germans (from Germany) require subtitles if watching a video or movie in which people are speaking Swiss German (!). It really is a different language. ETA: I had studied German in college and lived in both Austria and Germany (speaking only German); I found Swiss German impenetrable at first. I thought it would be just a matter of learning a few quirks, like with the Austrian dialects; no ... Swiss German friends taught me (or tried to teach me!) the conjugations of common verbs. Totally different and rather wacky ... but fun ??
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    Against the law! Um, I mean rules!
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    If there is a technical university or college nearby, you might call and ask them if there are students who would like to come by and take a look and that you are selling the tools at a good rate. You can help a young person get a good start that way. My BFF's dh died unexpectedly at age 54; he had a fantastic collection of the tools that MAKE the precision tools...a rare set. I had a contact in Indiana who is one of the last individuals in America who uses these tools and we were getting ready to do a sale, when it occurred to me that the son of a friend was starting down this path of loving precision tool-making. He is a remarkable young man. He got the set. Now he sends regular updates to my BFF to show her what he is making with the tools, and describing the envy of his classmates at (unnamed) Institute of Tech. She is delighted that the love of the interest lives on and that she has given this young man a fantastic start--he could not have afforded these tools for many years to come, IF he could find them. :0) Happy story.
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    That was a consideration :-). I would have loved to have been directly on the water (we have waverunners as well) but that would have meant moving 2 hours north to find an affordable area with good amenities. I will only be 10 minute from Lake Michigan beaches and just a few blocks from other water so I will be OK.
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    You guys, if you don't hear from me it is because I died of school shopping with an indecisive little bird and her friend. You will hear of them excavating my corpse from under a clearance rack of underpants at Target.
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    I don't even know my sibling's spouses birthdays. Are we supposed to know those things?
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    I think you’re right. High school isn’t just a little bit more expensive. It’s a huge leap. MAYBE if you are so well-rounded that you can teach every high school subject without a curriculum AND you happen to already own a lot of lab equipment AND you can find inexpensive books you can make it cheap. It would take so much work to truly do it all justice by yourself.
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    What I've learned: The house is way too quiet. I miss the connectedness. I miss her coming home from work or school and talking with all her animated energy about her day. Even if she is not talking to me but rather on the phone or with her sister, I can still hear and enjoy the sounds and laughter. I miss the sounds...the laughs, the music, the talking and playing I miss my companion. Dd and I used to do quite a bit together. Even if it was "just" washing the dog, it was a time together. I am so proud of her. I am so glad she wants to move on and out and be a strong independent woman. I raised her that way. I raised her to have a voice and be strong and explore. And I love that she is all those things. I miss homeschool. My education job is over and I really, really miss it. It was my job, my calling, my focus for nearly 20 years. And it is gone and I miss it.
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    Hi, chiming in late again. I will be traveling for the next 2 days and leaving my kids with a caregiver, so I have a lot to do but not sure how it breaks down between tonight & tomorrow morning. Done: I woke up late to get the kids from the lock-in. Arrived 18 minutes tardy. I was the second-last parent and I don't care. Drove Younger to a horse jumping clinic. Hoped her 25-minute power nap was enough to keep her from falling off her horse. Let elder sleep a bit in the car and then charged her up with some frappe. Elder to math tutor. Walked. It was a great day for walking! Total walking so far today was 4.6 miles. Took kids to saddle shop. My 11yo now wears size 10 boots. This is ridiculous. Also ordered a new helmet. Went out to Indian buffet for lunch. Indian puts all of us to sleep on a good day. My youngest could barely survive the meal. Worked out scheduling for the kids for the next 2 days (activities, caregivers/drivers). Dropped friend off for ethnic singing event. Back home, my kids and I all collapsed into bed. The kids are still sleeping. (It's past 8:30.) Yoga. Coffee. Need more though. I finally got online, checked all my email accounts, social media, bla bla bla. To do between now and noon tomorrow: More coffee. Lots of "work" work. Do all laundry. Contact volleyball coach to request early dismissal for 1 kid due to schedule conflict. Clean my bedroom as the caregiver will be sleeping in it for 2 nights. Clean out pets' cages. General house cleaning for a casual houseguest. Shower & Hair wash - all 3 of us. Church Sunday morning - the kids and I have to go up front as part of the confirmation program kick-off. Groceries. Get cash, pay bills, mail check to niece. Clean out my car (it's still full of kid mess from the overnight & before). Kids must finish their homework and pack backpacks. (Need to know their schedule e.g. do they have gym on Monday ....) Don't forget to pack school forms in the backpacks, or they won't let the kids play sports. Kids need to lay out clothes for Monday. Pack up the van to be driven to the conference - we will have presentation stuff as we are hosting the conference. I hope we don't have to bring the big mega screen again .... Pack up my clothes and work stuff. Give detailed instructions to the caregivers. Try to work in some yoga / exercise somehow? Some reading?? Whatever I'm forgetting. Drive away.
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    if it's real wood - what about refinishing it? (most engineered would should take at least one refinish. check the thickness of your wood layer) it will have to be sanded, which should cut down the bevel, then you can stain it a color you like before putting a finish on it.
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