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    I don't know what to do to cure the toe, but I think you need to get a pair of steel toed boots. Ouch!!!
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    My hunch is that the Swiss people you talked with were either not native Swiss-German speakers (e.g., perhaps they were native-French-speaking Swiss living on the German side of the Röstigraben ?), or they were native Swiss-German speakers who were just really good at interacting with non-Swiss using what they call "Schriftdeutsch," which they learn in school (since Swiss German is only a spoken language(s)). (One of many ways to write "Swiss German" in Swiss German (phonetically) is Schwyzertütsch.) Germans (from Germany) require subtitles if watching a video or movie in which people are speaking Swiss German (!). It really is a different language. ETA: I had studied German in college and lived in both Austria and Germany (speaking only German); I found Swiss German impenetrable at first. I thought it would be just a matter of learning a few quirks, like with the Austrian dialects; no ... Swiss German friends taught me (or tried to teach me!) the conjugations of common verbs. Totally different and rather wacky ... but fun ??
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    Hi guys! We are 2 hours late leaving for DC, no surprise there. I have accomplished the following so far today: Nearly finished the laundry. About a half a load is still in the dryer, dry but not folded. Good enough. Church. Filled out forms and wrote a check for kids' confirmation stuff. Helped the kids finish their homework & get bags, sports stuff (2 sports), and clothes ready for tomorrow. Made a small afternoon meal for aftercare tomorrow since they are not getting dinner until very late. Cleaned my room / changed out the bedding so the caregivers can sleep in my bed for the next 2 nights. Did some other house cleaning. Packed my bag for DC. (I hope I'm not forgetting anything.) Got caught up on electronic media stuff. To do: Some "emergency" work that my boss just asked me to do before we leave. Give more detailed instructions to the caregiver / driver. Work while driving to DC. Work after arriving in DC. Help set up the conference room (or this gets done in the early a.m. - or both). Yoga. Whatever I'm forgetting.
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    That woman is a horrible excuse for a human being. It’s good that she’s moving far, far away. I like Lanny’s suggestion. One word... aloha. Because it would be rude and vulgar to use the words we’re all thinking of! I am so sorry for your son. ?
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    Yes, you will. It isn't that hard, especially if you know that someone **coughcoughmecoughcough** will nag you about it remind you, lol. You lie down. Your child lies down. The dog lies on the floor. The blanket lies on the sofa. You're going to lie down and take a nap. "Lie" has no direct object. You lay your book down. You lay your child down. You lay the laundry basket on the floor. "Lay" has to have a direct object.
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    Good morning! Had a very hard time falling asleep last night. Time for Pantz. And COFFEE!!
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    if it's real wood - what about refinishing it? (most engineered would should take at least one refinish. check the thickness of your wood layer) it will have to be sanded, which should cut down the bevel, then you can stain it a color you like before putting a finish on it.
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    Still keeping up the 4 miles per day of walking (sometimes a little running), and daily yoga. Not sure what I'm going to do over the next two days. I have to drive to & from Washington, DC and sit in a business conference there. On breaks, clients want to talk to me. I doubt I will get much walking in. ? Tomorrow I have to go in front of the church with my kids. I am pretty sure none of my church-worthy clothes fit me. For that matter, neither do my conference-worthy clothes. Still, it's better than it would be had I not been walking lately.
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    Good morning! I didn't see a tackle thread this morning, so here ya go! Jean is probably busy with her new bunny.?? usual morning chores go out for Thai food for lunch take kids to classic car show & try not to keel over from the heat - it's a scorcher today plan my week, figure out what we're doing and eating, etc. read dinner: probably just a salad or something easy
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    No; I am The Keeper of The Birthdays around here. I do know most of the birthdays of all of my spouse’s siblings mates. There’s only one I can’t say exactly, though I know the month. I even remind dh of his own siblings birthdays.
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    Oh my gosh! If it's the same Sal's we used to have in Lynchburg, it is the BEST! I LOVED THAT PLACE! Didn't mean to yell.
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    Plan a bonfire where you intend to burn any unclaimed books an hour after the festivities begin. Advertise this bonfire to local homeschoolers. Problem solved.
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    She went to school last year also. She’s a good student and obeys in class. She usually winds up loving every teacher she’s had to the point where I wonder if it’s healthy on her side. Last year she came home frustrated or crying almost every day but I could actually work through it with her because I hadn’t been with her all day. Some of it may have been a very weird social policy that the school set up—we’ve switched schools this year so that should help some (not all) of the issues she had last year. I stopped homeschooling her because if she didn’t understand a new concept immediately, she would shut down and start yelling at me. I was shaking from stress and knew I couldn’t physically do it any more. I don’t always feel like I need therapy. I feel pretty upbeat usually if I sleep. I’ve been battling insomnia for a while and trying to get a handle on it naturally before I go to the doctor for prescription drugs. I’ve given myself one more month of trying. I guess sometimes I need permission to distance myself from dd and not feel guilty about it. It’s not how I want to parent, but she’s offering me no choice right now. We think a sport would be a good thing, but we’ve maxed out on outside stuff. Her older brother who is borderline autistic has karate and it’s been very very good for him and is helping him break out of his social awkwardness. Ds needs a break from her also so we don’t want to put them in the same group. For the sake of our sanity, we can’t run two kids all over the place. After school stuff works better because it’s just picking her up instead of driving somewhere, waiting, and driving home.
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    No. Just no. That would be the last time I attended that church.
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    I’d be pitching a fit. Truly. And what is it with pictures, anyway? Maybe 10% of the stuff I see for local listings has decent pictures. The rest really seem to like close ups of the inside of (builder’s grade) showers and (builder’s grade) closets. @@
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    I hadn't considered this option either but sounds like another great option.
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    Yikes! I have never seen that, not at any parish I have belonged to, nor at any parish I have visited while traveling. That is appalling. Every parish where I have been a member has made it a point that the priests do not know how much each parishioner is giving. That is handled by a separate committee (with safeguards in place such as no people who are related or married can count the money together.) Having gone to a Catholic church all my life where a basket is passed during every Sunday Mass during the offeratory, I don't remember paying much attention to who puts what in there (except the person who decides to write out a check when the basket comes to them and the usher seems a little annoyed at the hold up and messing up their routine ?.) Most people use sealed envelopes. These days, most giving seems to be done online, which seems to make the basket seem emptier. Online giving is a regular thing that comes out of our account so there is no forgetting (which happened often when I relied on writing out a check.) When I go to a church that is not my home parish (either need a Mass at a different time than my parish offers or we are traveling), then we put in some cash. I don't think the basket is more coercive than a donation box, but it can just be a reminder to reach into the purse for the envelope that I would most certainly forget to put in the donation box. Online giving seems to have helped the bottom line with more regular contributions and less forgetting. But, the basket can be a reminder to people who are not doing online giving. Since it is a regular part of the mass and not something out of the ordinary, it is a subtle reminder about supporting the church's mission. We have used credit cards before, but we pay the full balance every month so it isn't that much different than using a debit card. But the church started getting higher fees for this so we switched to a direct debit from our bank account.
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    DS#2 has stealth dyslexia (not full-blown dyslexia). We went for 2 semesters of dual enrollment ASL at the community college in 12th grade for his 2 credits of foreign language, and it worked fine. Waiting until 12th grade gave him the most time for brain maturing to have the best shot at learning a new language. Doing it as dual enrollment let him dip a toe in the water of college and reduce overall time of completing 2 credits into 1 year. And the choice of ASL, what with the finger-spelling aspect of signing, actually helped him focus on/improve his spelling overall. So it ended up being a winning choice here, but it could also have been a crash-and-burn situation if circumstances hadn't all come together well for DS.
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    Ok, I think I've attached a screen shot. I changed my kids' names to their ages for the shot. They each have an additional checklist with their independent work and reading lists. Our Enrichment focus for the next six weeks is theater, so the bubbles at the bottom will have hand-written: Read Bard of Avon Watch "Animated Shakespeare Midsummer Night's Dream" Discuss MND 4 plots Begin Memorizing "I know a bank where the wild thyme blows..."
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    Same thing here. It was also the first UTI where I tried D-Mannose (bearberry?) so I won’t repeat that experiment. I never even had the tell-tale back pains that they look for. I’d never been in the hospital except to have a baby. It was not a good time. I shouldn’t have put off the trip to the ER for so long. You can buy a test kit at any pharmacy.
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    I found jcpenney online to have men’s jeans and dress pants for cheap on sale. They are the Arizona brand pants. I got my Ds a 26 waist with 34 inseam kakis for about $15 each. I would never be able to find that in a store!
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    The other thing I'm not fessing up on here is I don't have a GP. I picked up the paperwork for one in town that is accepting patients, but things were so crazy I didn't get it filled out. So if I get that done, I'd have more options. Ok, I just checked and the practice now has *2* GPs accepting patients, boom! Guess I better get the paperwork done. Man or woman, any opinions? I'm clearly not crazy about doctors anyway, and they're not welcome to stick fingers or tools where the sun doesn't shine. What do GPs in a family practice do? Do they even do that? I just assumed a GP, someone who weighs you and says eat better and maybe checks your thyroid or something could be handy. So man or woman? The man has been the practice a year, is married with two kids, did his residency at a university, and is board certified in family medicine. The woman is new to the practice, did her residency at a major hospital in the big city, and is also board certified in family medicine. I have no clue.
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    Litter box cleaned! Animals all fed and watered!
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    See my user name for my credentials. ? I can't help much with the moving aspect... My husband is Swiss, so totally different process for me. I remember the US Embassy in Zurich had a list of banks they recommended, as it's true that Americans do get hassled quite a bit about our accounts. For the Swiss banks, you'll need to prove yearly that you are submitting your FBARs and filing your US taxes. Do you know roughly where you would be in Switzerland? The homeschooling laws are vastly different from canton to canton, with it being illegal in some cantons. There are occasionally work-arounds for ex-pats, or living in one canton and working in another. The cantons are small, so this is a lot more do-able than crossing US state lines, for example. Everyone (practically) speaks some English, but of course the main thing to do right now would be language lessons. I would not attempt to learn both major languages, just the one for the area that the company is located. I travel regularly to Zurich and am embarrassed to say I know about 5 words in German. Never been a problem. But I'm very happily fluent in French, and we live on the French side. My observation is that if I go over to the German side and ask "Could you speak English of French with me, please?", they always, always, always prefer English. ? The quirky multiple-language thing is part of the weird charm of Switzerland and I'd say as a general rule the Swiss are way less annoyed at having to speak in another language to a visitor than, say, the French. I'm happy to answer any and all questions, you can also PM me if you'd like.
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    We moved to England 11 years ago so we spoke the language, sort of. ? We moved on our own so no corporate moving specialist and no desire to pay for shipping a container. One of my closest friends was moving to an Asian country at the same time with the help of a corporation. She moved way too much stuff because she could and was overwhelmed by it when it all arrived. Her new home was much smaller and some what she brought did not fit. Her already old couch had to sit almost in the middle of the room because it was too long for the walls. She apparently could have negotiated a furniture allowance but chose the larger container instead. We rented a furnished flat and moved with 8 bags initially. We went home for Christmas and picked up 8 more bags of stuff. Eventually we moved to an unfurnished flat and IKEA did our decorating. Neither way was perfect. What I would do right now...... 1. Passports for the whole family. Friends whole family actually visited first I think, so you want to be ready just in case. 2. I would start studying both German and French on Duolingo at a minimum. So you can at least read things, sort of. ? 3. De clutter so moving will be easier. 4. Start thinking about things that your family is totally brand sensitive to. You will need to verify these brands can be purchased in your new country. My friend had to have contact solution mailed to her at great expense. When my BF came to visit she had to bring me tampons and packages of the underwear my son liked because he grew out of his old unexpectedly. Yes, all of those things can be bought on the economy but when your family is already under the stress of an incredibly major move being physically uncomfortable is too much. I have allergies to many hair products and did remember to bring my own from home, after we got settled I worked on finding British brands that I could tolerate. The humorous thing is I now take my new brand with me when I return to the US in large quantity, my son didn’t know that I needed my shampoo rationed one trip and was using mine so I ran out a week before departure.
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    That is so true about people only looking at the same listing once! In addition to getting the information corrected and new photos posted, I think Annie should also make sure the main photo on the listing is changed so people will take a second look (because it will look like a different listing if the new picture shows the house at even a slightly different angle or in different lighting.)
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    Wellllll..... (whispering) we don’t name the boys. usually I call them things l come up with on the spur of the moment: bubba big boy junior and if they’re being a pain: knucklehead Numbskull nitwit if he’d been a girl, he definitely would’ve been named.
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    Not to disagree with ay above suggestions, because I don't, but it is not abnormal for kids at that age to find reading a lot of work, and for them to have a short attention span. It's also normal for kids that age to vary a lot in reading level, so I'd not worry about comparing to other kids. Just meet her where she is. So - make sure your expectationsaer in line with her development.
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    I am wondering if Old Navy might have any that work. I think they do have stretch in them though. It seems like when we were at the store last year they didn't start the long size until size 8. Online looks like they may have a 4 or 6 tall though...hmm... Never mind- the tall inseam is only a 32".
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    Urgent care looks at your symptoms and urine dip and prescribes the best-fit abx. I don't know if they also do a culture. They should, but I haven't used UC in forever and I imagine they're all different. Last time you probably had E-coli. It's the most common and does respond to D-mannose. This time? Who knows. The virus weakened your immune system. It's not necessarily the same bacteria. My ds has chronic UTI and kidney infections (to the point where we have a standing order for a dip and culture). He's had at least 4 or 5 different bacteria over the years. He's even had back to back infections with 2 different bacteria. Last time we got him going on an antibiotic and had to switch after the culture came back. That doesn't happen often, but it can. ETA: I didn't answer your question. The urine has to be sent to the lab for a culture. You get the results 3 days later.
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    Or you can buy mine when I'm done. I definitely think it's going to be fine. Solid research behind it and evidence base, and some big name, well thought out SLPs really like it. So I'm not worried about whether it's good. What I don't know is how much it overlaps with other stuff and how worthwhile it is. I also want to know whether they've got some kind of turf war going with the MW/SGM people, because they had such an odd slide in their powerpoint. But I'm sure it will be fine. It might even be amazing. Or the pace might be too fast. We'll see.
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    I had never heard of this so I googled. Which brand do you take?
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    I'm in the midst of a UTI right now, too, and those are my symptoms as well. I don't have the burn when peeing, although when I finish up peeing, I get an intense pain/urgency to pee, and that lingers. Meh. This is the first serious one I ever had, where I had blood in my pee. (I know, TMI) . The infection came on fairly quickly, and the first night is when I had the blood, so I was planning on going to the doc the next day. Except the next day, the blood cleared, so I thought I was getting better. Put myself on a regimen of echinacea and Vitamin C. Every day I seemed a little better, and yesterday I felt about 80%, But last night it came back in full force (minus the blood), so I'm probably headed to the doctor today. I hate to go, in case I'm beating it, but I don't want another night like last night. Since I haven't had a serious UTI, I don't know if the healing process ebbs and flows. Today will be my 5th day, but like I said, yesterday I felt almost fully recovered, but then it started bothering me again in the early evening. I hope you get some relief! And me, too. ?
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    My kids have just started reading some Mercedes Lackey. Many are too adult for them at this point, but some are fine. My kids both just read the Joust series, which has a loose Egyptian history feel.
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    That cracks me up, that she is against bd celebrations so she won't tell you her date of birth. I have this annoying thing where even though I have never celebrated bds I remember the birthday of anyone I have ever known.and wedding anniversaries ( which I do celebrate) and dates of death. Since there are only 365 days in a year and I am 53 now my head is about to explode with dates and I am tired of it. I also remember my XHs SS number. And my own, and my sons......I almost have dhs memorized.....I also remember the birthdays of XHs mom, and his 3 brothers. I do not however know any of dhs siblings or their spouses birth days. dh, who lost his dad when he was 12 does not know the date of death. He said he never wants to be sad about his dad.
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    DH remembers his Mom and Dad's. He ought to. He's had to say them about 40,000 times to medical professionals/government officials. I don't know what other dates he remembers...probably his own siblings', but that's not that hard--two born on the same date and one on February 29. He only has to remember that one every 4 years.
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    Ha, last time I got together with homeschool moms we talked chemistry for 5 min, and sour dough bread baking and life after death and politics the rest of the time! After 16 years, there's not much I want to talk about homeschooling anymore, lol.
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    Baseball season = oxyclean season here, seriously, start of practice was when I bought a fresh large tub. Muddy pants soaked in a bucket overnight in a strong oxyclean solution, the next day it all went into the washer on hot. However clean it got was good enough, for practice pants anyway, they were ok a bit stained. Actual uniform pants always seemed to be made from more tightly woven fabric and better at resisting truly ground-in dirt, and getting them into a soak right away was always successful. Just don't let a dirty pair sit in a gear bag overnight. They get nasty fast!
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    I resemble that whole paragraph and I’m over 20 years in — all in the field. And you’re over a decade younger than I am. I’m glad you’re putting in the work now to have better shift work as a nurse. Unfortunately for me at my pay grade (I work for a government third service agency) and experience moving to nursing or other healthcare related field simply doesn’t make financial sense. Unless, I guess, I went for NP or PA or something similar. However, I can’t afford to go back to school. So, tomorrow I’m back on duty.
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    It's funny, I voted 10-19 myself then realized I had forgotten to count my own kids, which puts me well over twenty. I hate it whenever I have to tell someone a child's birthday (at the doctor and such) because it always takes me a minute to pull up the correct date and year for a particular child. I have to close my eyes to remember most of the time.
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    I don't even know all of my own siblings' birthdays, let alone in-laws and spouses.
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    A couple other ideas: Your body produces less of the digestive enzymes needed for vegetables and pulses when not exposed, but can ramp back up over a few weeks, so just give it time. If you are still having issues after this, you can look into a FODMAPs elimination diet to see if you can narrow down which things are causing issues.
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    We are home from the state fair. We saw horses, cows, pigs, sheep, ducks, rabbits, photography, art, sewing projects, insect collections, hay, other stuff, lego robotics competition, rides, funnel cake, etc. I am utterly exhausted (ha! we saw udders too). I will try not to die from exhaustion, being a rule follower and all.
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    My mom grew up on a farm until she was about 8, then her parents moved into the 'burbs. I did live rural for a few years growing up, but not on a farm. Loads of small family farms and hobby farms here. Fairfarmhand lives a little over an hour from me. We've never met irl, though. We shop as much as our budget will permit from local farms - meat, poultry, eggs, honey, CSA plus other fruit and veggies. Sometimes soap and other non-food items. Backyard chickens are common here and we are taking care of a neighbor's this weekend. Never been to a dude ranch, though I think it would be fun. Our vacations are of a more limited nature: within a day's drive and inexpensive!
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    So she delivered exactly on her due date. More pics and video on my blog. let me know if the link doesn’t work. I’m on my phone.
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    Good Morning! It's Friday! I have zero places to go today! ? Just regular lessons and supervising the kids mowing the lawn. It looks like a jungle out there. The weather is going to be gorgeous - 85*, sunny and lowish humidity. Ds23 and I saw the prettiest itty bitty kitten on the sidewalk across the street as we were leaving for rehearsal last night. Long haired gray and white. I wish we could have a kitteh! Coffee!
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    My kid decided on his own what went on his (I am not a spreadsheet person; he is). He's got average SAT, admission rate, whether being male gives him an advantage or disadvantage :), location, whether they consider demonstrated interest or location, whether we have a visit scheduled, any special application requirements for homeschoolers, whether they require subject tests or the SAT w/essay, need blind or need aware, net price on the NPC, and he's adding a column now for application deadlines.
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    It would be incredibly difficult for me to homeschool my kids because of temperamental differences on top of parent-child dynamics. I think for many people homeschool is very hard work. Though I am happy for you that it is your vocation. That is a blessing.
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