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    You probably shouldn’t have emailed her at all. There’s nothing she can do after the fact to rework the schedule and questioning how she runs her business isn’t very helpful. Still, it sounds like you’re reading hostility into a message where non is intended. She probably just changed the way she sorts business and personal email. It sounds to me like you’re spinning yourself up for no good reason.
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    I truly appreciate the parents who coach their kids “If anyone asks, you’re in X grade. That’s all you need to say unless there’s a follow up question.” It really does help us appear more normal and socialized as a group. Convincing people we’re not weird is tricky enough without launching into a homeschooling manifesto in reply to a common question.
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    How much help a family needs isn't the deciding factor to me. I have the general opinion that control is an illusion and that none of us make it through this life without a lot of help. I do want to dispel the theory that having a large family that functions very well doesn't mean the mother hasn't had all the problems any other mother has had. I've had PPD with two. I've been overwhelmed. I've had difficult pregnancies and I've had hard delivery recoveries. I've miscarried 1/3 of my pregnancies. I've been pregnant and thinking about divorce. Don't presume that because they smile and seem to cope well that they aren't suffering same as anyone else has. There's a LOT that mothers of many don't feel comfortable discussing with other mothers or sharing socially. Often because of threads like this. (Which has actually been rather kind for the most part.) The reaction a mom of 1-3 might get is usually just... not the reaction a mother of more than that tends to get. When feeling like crap and wondering how to get through the day, a mother of many isn't any different than a mother of a couple kids - she isn't likely to have the energy or emotional fortitude to deal with judgements about her intelligence, character, bad marital choices, foolish faith, ignorant motherhood or lack of feminist ideal conformity.
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    Guys, really no to the staging - as a renter who is very experienced at looking at rentals. It doesn't help. It really doesn't. I don't want to see signs of othe people living there. In fact, it puts me off. I want to see a place empty as possible, and not be distracted by 'decoration'. Tips on getting a good tenant - make sure your place is secure - window locks etc. Make sure everything is in working order, and the paint looks fresh. Give the tenant enough time to inspect the place. Find the rent sweet spot - don't charge too much for the area, but don't charge too little. Offer a decent length lease, and security of tenure. Plenty of storage is always a good thing.
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    This isn’t an impulse purchase. Your son has thought it out and saved his money. I think he should be allowed to buy the sneakers.
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    Your anxiety is making you feel like this is a big deal. Minor reprimands or corrections from a boss do not need to strain a relationship. Recognize that feeling reprimanded hurts, remember that you know the boss values your work, and try to not ruminate on the interaction. I think things will be fine.
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    Little girl upstairs: Hi. Me: Hi. Little girl upstairs: I'm a bat.
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    This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad!
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    Well a WTMer has made it into my dreams for the first time. I guess that just goes to show me not to read threads in the middle of the night after the dogs have woken me up. Quill, I had a dream where I was touring your rental. It was interesting what image my brain used for your dh, actor Patrick Wilson because I just finished watching the season of Fargo that he is in. But you were you since we've met and my brain could picture you. In my dream, a curtain did NOT matter, ha. But nothing was saving the scary house in my dreams.
  11. 7 points Memphis Cheer made the top 5! Thanks, everyone! I’ll post when I know when they’ll be on!
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    If you want good, reliable tenants, you're probably going to want to do some updating. Old appliances, old fixtures- You aren't going to attract the kind of people you want, but rather people who don't care what the place looks like and as such, won't take care of it. If you want people who will take care of it, it has to look like you as the landlords take care of it and keep it updated and functional.
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    So I see it’s a quiver full thing. Her and her Dh have both drank the kool aid and aren’t really thinking about what they can logistically, emotionally, and financially handle. They believe they’re Doing The Right Thing. Fortunately for them, the church that SERVED them the kool-aid seems to be offering back-up. That seems a bit better than pushing this lifestyle in very young, impressionable couples then offering no support when reality sets in. Honesly the woman seems ill-equipped. I think women should ask for help when they need it, but they shouldn’t NEED help to get through an average day alone with their children. Also, if the dad is disengaged this early on itcdoes not bode well for their future.
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    I haven't read all the replies so forgive me if the thread has moved on.... Grades are easily relatable. When I think back, I can't remember what was going on when I was 6 or 12 or 15. But I sure can remember 1st grade and 7th grade and 10th grades. Those grades are the anchor for my memories, and I'm sure most people are just using that to find commonality (i.e. when an adult asks "what grade are you in"). I totally have a 5th grader reading 3rd and 4th grade materials. Do I tell people that? No, it's none of their darn business. We say she's in 5th grade (with her same aged peers) and move on.
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    ???? That's why dh and I make a great team. We both give up together. ?
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    Happy Sunday and welcome to week thirty-three in our Open Roads Reading Adventure. Greetings to all our readers and everyone following our progress. Mister Linky is available weekly on 52 Books in 52 Weeks to share a link to your book reviews. This week, we are celebrating the anniversary of the birthday of Hugo Gernsback who was born August 16, 1884. Hugo Gernsbacher was born in Luxembourg and immigrated to the United States in 1904. He was fascinated by electricity and invented a dry battery which he patented upon arriving in the United States. He established a radio and electrical supply house called Electro Importing Company and developed a small portable radio transmitter called the Telimco Wireless Telegraph. He went on to patent 80 inventions. Gernsback published a magazine for electrical experimenters called Modern Electronics which was later taken over by Popular Science. To fill up some empty space in the magazine, he decided to write a futuristic story which ran in 12 installments. The story named Ralph 124C 41+ was later published in 1926. It was set in the 27th century and is still available today. He started a number of magazines including the first magazine dedicated exclusively to science fiction called Amazing Stories in 1926. Hugo coined the term scientifiction which later went on to be known as Science Fiction. He unfortunately went bankrupt and lost control of Amazing Stories. He quickly bounced back and went on to publish three more magazines: Air Wonder Stories, Science Wonder Stories and Science Wonder Quarterly. Air Wonder and Science Wonder were merged into one magazine Wonder stories in 1930 and sold it in 1936 to Beacon Publications where it continued to be published for 20 more years. Digital copies of Amazing Stories, Air Wonder, Science Wonder, and Wonder magazines are available to view through the Pulp Magazines Project. Gernsback is lauded as one of the fathers of science fiction. In 1960 he was given a special Hugo Award as The Father of Magazine Science Fiction. The award were unofficially called the Hugo's until the name was officially changed beginning in 1993. Hugo Gernsback died in New York on August 19, 1967 at the age 83. ************************************* Our Brit Trip is continuing in Lincolnshire. Sir Issac Newton was born and educated in Lincolnshire at Woolsthorpe Manor. Rabbit trails: Harlaxton Manor/College What are you reading this week? Link to Week 32
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    Things are tight here now since the beginning of the year. Dh's pay peaked about 4 yrs ago and has been steadily decreasing. That was fine at first because that year he worked way too much. This year we are to the ouch point. We're at the point we've been discussing whether or not we can afford to carry on as is. His job is supposed to pick up at the end of the month but they've been saying that for awhile, sales have been horrible. So, we are in limbo land. We're crunching numbers and trying to decide how tight do we want to let it get before changing things up? When is it no longer worth it? Do you have a line in the sand? If we can't afford X / If we have to do/ I'll go back to work? ------------------------------------------ So, after much discussion and going back and forth several times we decided to put all the kids into school this year. With everything going on and the kids begging to go it only made sense. School starts this coming Thursday and we just decided Monday night, it's been crazy hectic getting it all arranged. As of now all of the kids are enrolled and everyone has school supplies and clothing. Dd1 still has to do a placement test, her counselor isn't going to be in until tomorrow so I've cleared my schedule so we can get that done ASP. Dd3 is going into K so I didn't have to do anything but paperwork for her, dd2 had a placement test too- she did great and now has a crush on the school counselor, she can't wait to go back and see Mr. Gabe. Dd1 and 3 had a couple of shots to get but we got that taken care of, even with a snafu by the clinic that meant an extra visit. Open houses are on Monday and Wednesday. Dd1 and Ds will ride the bus together and DD2 and Dd3 will be on the bus together. I'd hoped to be able to work online but have had one glitch after another so I don't know that will work out at all. I'll be focusing this first month or so on getting into a routine and catching up around the house in any extra time that I have. After that, I guess I'll look into subbing (assuming work at home doesn't work) until I can figure out what I want to do. I need a job but I want to keep as close as I can to their schedule if at all possible, even if that means making less money. Any money I make is more than we've had and I'd really rather not go from being with them 24/7 to hardly seeing them unless I have to. We'll be saving all that I make plus whatever we can squeeze from dh's check. Dh's work has done a HUGE lay-off about 1/3rd of the workforce. 90% of employees were affected in some way, dh was extraordinarily blessed to have fared very well. (all those times over the years when I would get on him about doing too much extra and being so much of a yes man he would say if anything goes wrong I want to be one known to do a good job- it has paid off for him in a big way) He is still on days, making the same pay, and is in a better position. He has even been able to work over-time, as some of the work he has to do has to be done when production is down. BUT we are still uneasy with the long-term prospects at this point, not unless things turn around. It doesn't matter how good of a worker you are if the place closes down. He is going back to school between his work and Pell Grants it is free for him and we think some education could only be beneficial if things were to happen. He could transfer if he wanted- they have a plant in another state that is doing great (and in a much more secure section of the market), pay is a bit higher, COL about the same, and the plant manager is his old boss (he transferred there 6 months or so ago). BUT it is 10 hrs away from all our family, that would be more of a last resort for us, our lives are here and his FIL just passed away a few months ago, it would be very hard on MIL if we moved, not that we wouldn't if it was the only option but it isn't the first choice. So, we are still in a bit of a limbo but we're moving forward in some direction, who knows where we'll end up, we will just have to see how things go, we are open to just about anything at this point. I have hardly had time to even think about it all, I've just been getting everything done. I think it will hit me like a ton of bricks once they are all gone. Dh is taking a vacation day their first day of school to see them off and to be here to support me.
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    That Penguin edition with the Nunnally translation looks like the one to get. I figure I'll do both print and audio, which I find the best means of tackling these chunksters. Which means, oh by the way, count me in! Last week was a fairly quiet reading week. I read Silent Voices by Ann Cleeves, one of the Vera Stanhope mysteries. And I'm tempted to quit the stupid fantasy Black Prism, but after investing 15 hours in the audiobook already, I feel I should just plow through last 5. I've got enough driving time this week to finish, I think. During some recent sleepless nights I've been enjoying a re-listen to The Ionian Mission, one of my favorite of the Master and Commander series.
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    Hello everyone! Limelight by Amy Poeppel - I really enjoyed this! When my library request came up on this book, I couldn't quite remember why I had wanted to read it. It's not usually something that interests me - a contemporary New York city setting with a fluffy problem ain't my cuppa. Well! I started reading and was a chapter or two in and even though the writing was good, I was really starting to wonder why I ordered the book. But the character of Allison had me hooked and I decided to keep going and wouldn't you know it? I fell right into the story and was completely enjoying myself. 4 stars Dracula by Bram Stoker - I finished listening to the audio version and loved it. I've been listening while following along with Heather Ordover on I had no idea the story of Dracula would draw me in like it did. Because this was written in 1897, I wrongly assumed it would be ssllooooww and take forever to actually get going with the story and be rather dry. So glad I was wrong! 5 stars Robin, I have a copy of Kristin Lavransdatter and will check the readability of it for you. Be right back!
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    I read: I Heart Rome: Recipes and Stories from the Eternal City - 4 Stars - We visited Rome a few months ago and while there, we went on an evening food tour, something that I highly recommend if you do get the chance to visit Rome, or really any destination. Food tours are such fun. You not only get to go on a tour of places that you may not have found otherwise, but you also get to have some amazing food. Our tour stopped at a “biscottificio”, a biscuit shop. The people here are as sweet and lovely as their biscuits. While sampling all their delicious goodies, I asked our guide if he can recommend a good Italian cookbook. He asked the owners. They happened to have a whole stack of cookbooks piled up on a stool. After much animated Italian back-and-forth, they reached for this book and told me that this is the one that I should get. We took note of it and ordered it later. When the book arrived, while skimming through it, I was thrilled to see a recipe for her “Brutti Ma Buoni” (“Ugly but Good”) biscuits, which are just the best. There’s also a double-page spread on her and her shop. This book is nostalgic for me and it’s also gorgeous. The photos are incredible. If you’ve been to Rome or are about to go there, skimming through this book and reading the stories and quotes is an absolute delight. I tried out a few of the recipes, since I don’t think that I am in any position to review a cookbook if I don’t try out at least one of the recipes. I tried the Mascarpone Mousse. This recipe was an absolute and utter disaster. I think that it’s either missing some ingredients or some steps. The following evening, I tried the Cacio e Pepe (spaghetti, cheese, and pepper). I was the only one in the family that thought it was okay, not good, just okay. No one else liked it. Finally, I tried the Stracotto (slow-cooked Jewish beef stew) and the Pollo alla Romana (Roman-style chicken). Everyone liked both of these, much more so the latter. As far as cookbooks go, it’s not the most practical. Many of the recipes have ingredients that are hard to get, at least hard for me anyway. That is disappointing. For example, I cannot get cured pork cheek or calf intestines. Many other recipes have far too many steps and look quite intimidating. As far as attractive books go – beautiful photos, stories, quotes, layout, and recommendations for the best places to eat in Rome – I would give this book 5 stars, but since it’s a cookbook and not the best when it comes to recipes, it’s a 4-star book for me. I also read This is Rome - 5 Stars - My daughter and I often joke that although we love visiting museums when we travel, one of our favorite parts are the gift shops. When we were in Rome recently, I came across this book at a museum gift shop. Although this is a children’s book and my children are now young adults, I took one look and knew that I just had to have it. I wish that I had known about this series earlier. I would love to have the entire series. Yes, they are children’s books, but adults can enjoy them also. The retro illustrations are such fun. The text is superb and quite informative. I just love this delightful book. And finally Fatwa: Hunted in America - 4 Stars - This book is an eye-opener. The only reason that I am not giving it 5 stars is that it is quite repetitive and reading it after a certain point becomes tedious. I really can’t say much about it, other than sharing some of my favorite quotes. “America is not the only good thing in the world, but it is the best thing in the world.” “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man.” “The media operate under the narcissistic assumption that if they don’t report it, it didn’t happen.” “Freedom of speech doesn’t apply only if you like the message; it applies to everyone. And if it is gone, so is a free society.” “The United States of America is the most charitable nation on earth.” “While Islamic Spain is held up today as a proto-multiculturalist paradise, in reality non-Muslims there suffered under the discrimination prescribed in Islamic law for dhimmis, non-believers who were subjugated as inferiors and denied equality of rights.” MY RATING SYSTEM 5 Stars Fantastic, couldn't put it down 4 Stars Really Good 3 Stars Enjoyable 2 Stars Just Okay – nothing to write home about 1 Star Rubbish – waste of my money and time. Few books make it to this level, since I usually give up on them if they’re that bad.
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    Awesome! September is great and part a week sounds good. I'm trying to decide between e book or physical book. Does anyone have a copy of Penguin's big book with the whole trilogy? Is the font readable for older eyes? I'll have to check it out in the bookstore. Always a good reason for a book excursion. ? I'll come up with a reading plan in the next couple weeks
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    I'm currently reading James Rollins latest chunkster in his Sigma force series - Demon Crown. Also reading an ebook - Roxanne St. Clair's newest Dogfather book was just released - Double Dog Dare. Continuing Twyla Tharp's Creative Habit which has my creativity on a roll. Writing and editing away!
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    Yes, I'm confused. Bosses count on employees to be independent, do their job, and leave the boss alone to let them run the company. It is not your business to keep emailing her about minor details or to give feedback. Would it work for you to ask other employees about your questions? It is great that you are so efficient at your job, but your boss probably does not appreciate you pointing out inefficiencies. That is not your job. Also, I would not be using a personal email about business matters at all, unless it is related to an emergency about why you cannot come to work (flat tire, severely ill family member, etc.). It is professional to use business emails about business matters. It sounds to me like your boss needs you to be more self-reliant, get questions answered another way without emailing often, and stick to the established duties of your job without commentary. I don't think you have majorly damaged the relationship or anything, but I think it is important you understand the boundaries of your role as employee. It's one of those social code things.
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    Giving her feedback on why she suggested the 5 hour shift didn’t come across as you think. Feedback can be great but this was not the time to provide feedback. Especially in email it probably came across as judging and kind of condescending. This is nothing I would have emailed about.
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    It's raining in here, too. We are not so desperate for rain, but it's August, and we will take whatever comes. DH did some concrete work on our bridge today. Should be well hydrated. My boy has outgrown his shoes. Again. Third time this year. I really have to stop feeding those turtles. They keep growing. I had a good day yesterday, but emotionally a little tough. Didn't get much editing done. I have to double down this week. Also got school planning to do. But first, caffeine. Second round.
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    My kids went from public elementary, and they're going back into public high school. So there's really no benefit in us dropping grades for the few years of middle school. Besides that, though, I just don't... care that much? I'd rather say "Yup, sixth grade" (or whatever) than be That Person who has to get into a long, involved conversation about how homeschooled students don't really belong in grades per se blah blah blah every time. If you care a great deal, good for you, I respect that but... I just don't. I don't think it's that big a deal. (And even in classrooms, children don't work in lockstep. Every elementary classroom with more than three students has "math groups" and "reading groups" and "spelling groups" sorted by ability. Older kids have individual programs.)
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    Wow, really ? Our car is old and falling apart because we don't have a lot of spare $ to replace it. Doesn't stop us from being good tenants who pay on time and treat the house as we would our own home. I'd suggest people actually rely on prospectve tenants references.
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    How about this one, guys? ??? This is what I got for “modern clean style”.
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    Honestly, leaving dad with the kids for a weekend and not calling it babysitting isn't really enough. I have done that as long as DH and I have been married. But DH didn't really get it until he had been doing it for more than a week or two. He totally had things well in hand when he first started. It was about week 2 that things started to fall apart. That was when he realized that it's not just a lot of work....but that it's a lot of work that DOES NOT END. It doesn't matter if someone isn't worn out by day 3. It matters if they hit day 14 and then realize that they have to turn around and do the EXACT SAME THING on day 15, even if they are sick. Even if their spouse has to work extra OT. Even if their spouse has to go away. DH spent years going to school full time, and even working full time, plus OT. And, I worked part time during that time. And we had babies. And he knew that was hard....and as someone who has been a single parent while doing school and working, I know it was hard and don't discount his hard work. But when roles switched, and I was working a full time job, plus a part time job, plus he was also going on interviews out of state, that he realized not just that the SAHP gig is hard, but that it actually really truly is AS HARD as doing things the other way around. He realized that just because I don't have to punch in at a certain time, that doesn't mean that having a kid wake up screaming and crying because of a bad dream is easier on the person not punching in a clock. He realized that just because I am not being yelled at by someone with a title, it doesn't mean I don't get yelled at. And that just because it's not earning a paycheck that doesn't mean it isn't a really big deal.
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    I think this conversation is getting at the root of the problem when it comes to sexual assault in our country. The topic immediately veered off of the inappropriate comment made by the person going over the rules with the team to encompass the swimsuit, the suitability of wearing the swimsuit outside of the pool area and looking for any exceptions to a dress code. The problem isn’t the swim suit. The problem is the mindset of the person who would place responsibility on the girl wearing the swimsuit for a sexual assault. People who are sexually assaulted are victims. That is not a popular word, but it is the truth. Hopefully they will one day be survivors, but they are not responsible for the actions of the criminal - ever! That's the mindset we need to talk about - not whether or not it is appropriate to wear a swimsuit in a training area.
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    Why have ages for that matter. age designation too is in many ways a social convention to categorize people by years alive, while real people can be quite asynchronous. Dc if asked, “how old are you?” could say: “Well, I love a board game in a box that says it is fun for age 9 to 99, and another that says it is for age 14 and up. I play chess which is a game that can be played by people from 3 to 113. I’m in a beginning swim class for 5 to 10 year olds. I’m in a home school co-op class with mostly 14 to 16 year olds. ...” ”...on average I guess that makes me around 70 years old, more or less.” ?
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    Y'know, I know people with 1 or 2 kids who whine and complain and get tons of help too, so I don't think this is limited to large families. I suppose its more a personality thing than a large family thing.
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    @Negin I love how you are trying some of the recipes as you review the cookbooks! The children’s book series looks wonderful and I plan to search for it when I have a chance. I love the cover you posted. @Mothersweets I am going to have to read the third KL in hard copy because my library doesn’t have the Kindle edition. I now know which cover to try for with my next purchase since I am afraid of tiny print myself when I have to just read the print. I bought a copy of the first part from Amazon last night. I just bought the 1p very good used for my extra copy to go with the audio, when I have both I don’t worry so much about print size. As the Brit Trip bus pulls into Lincolnshire I am going to remain in Derbyshire and finish my Stephen Booth mystery. I really haven’t let myself get caught up in it yet.....I think I am at 6% still. I have already visited Lincolnshire with a trip to the town of Market Rasen when I read The Secret of Chimneys by Christie earlier this year.
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    I have been in a book club for several years now where we take turns hosting and moderating. People suggest books they want to read/discuss in the coming year, we vote on the choices for the year, discuss a schedule (longer works after summer and winter break, shorter works towards the end of the semester), set the dates (this often happens closer to the actual date). One person is in charge of sending out the schedule and the reminders, but that is not a big chore. Each person whose book was chosen hosts that book club meeting, prepares some information about the background or poses discussion questions or adds whatever content he or she feels is valuable. Each person is "it" max once a year. ETA: Last year, we read a piece of Islandic modern fiction led by a lady who lived in Iceland for decades and is fluent in Icelandic, a novella by a Kirgiz author led by a person who grew up in the Eastern block and studied that author in school, a story by a 17th century female author moderated by an English professor who studies the period, an anthropological essay about Balinese cockfights moderated by an anthropologist who studied the author in college.... For the coming year, we are thinking a chines sci fi moderated by a political scientist with China expertise, an East German author moderated by a person who grew up in East Germany, Milton moderated by an English prof with period expertise, and I forget what else
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    Starting school tomorrow. And I am almost done with the lesson plans!
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    So I went over this morning to put the board dogs back inside before going to church. And they were inside the dog room! This confused me because I had gone over earlier to feed and potty the dogs but had left them in the fenced area outside after breakfast to let them potty etc while I ran home and finished getting ready for church. As I was leaving, the downstairs boarder (human!) stuck his head out his door and told me that he had put the dogs in because he had thought that I had left the dogs out all night.
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    True story. This morning there was an old car parked between our house and the house next door with a guy sleeping on a towel In the grass next to it. Dh went over to look at the guy and said he looked pretty rough, but just sleeping. So we left for church (I had to be there early for nursery) and we called dd20 and said she could pack a bag of food and water and set it next to him in case he left before we got back. So dd20 said she had gone outside with the bag and the guy was sitting there talking on his cell phone. She asked if he'd like some food and water and he explained that he wasn't homeless, he just got there too early to knock on the neighbor's door. And I guess he must like sleeping outdoors? But he said it was nice that she was kind enough to offer food. Awkward.
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    Wow. How about the minister/priest counseling daddy spreads his seed to man up and accept being celibate then, if birth control is against their religion? Keeping it in his pants may sound extreme, but certainly less so than death! Love your wife as Christ loved the church, not use her into an early grave!
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    Good morning! ☕!! Church, and dd's bio grandma, aunt, and uncle will be here sometime after. Nothing really planned for today. I'll make spaghetti and we will just hang out, probably. Aunt and uncle are spending a night or two, but in a hotel. They want us to go with them to Austin one day for some surfing place. Grandma, dc, and I will just hang out and watch. Not paying $60 each for an hour of surfing, which I'm sure I can't do, anyway. It could be ugly if I try! Lol! Then grandma will stay at least the week with us.
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    Good morning! Hope your head is feeling better, Junie. Church and afternoon concert today. COFFEE!
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    I was reading The Phantom of the Opera. I finally finished it. I finished reading The Song of the Lark a few days ago. So now I'm only in the middle of one book -- The Good Earth. Maybe I'll get that one finished next week.
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    Ds's ballet studio has a strict cover up policy regarding leaving the studio in tights/leotards/etc. They send periodic reminders to the boys and girls. Not once has the wording or attitude about it ever been about the dancers' bodies being distracting. They just say, here's the policy - you should wear street clothes outside and not your dance uniforms, which are not street clothes (most kids just throw on athletic pants/shorts). End of policy. No shaming needed. No "modesty" talk needed. No singling out one gender needed. Just a clear, blanket, common sense policy. In this case, the policy doesn't even make any sense though. If this is where they go when injured, they should go there regardless. Otherwise, the implication is that only fully dressed, modest girls deserve needed medical treatment, which is the most shocking, offensive load of crap I've heard from a school in awhile, and that's really saying something.
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    To note... I've never seen a study about renting, but homes that are staged sell significantly faster than homes that aren't and for a little bit more money (I think the amount of time on the market is easier to quantify for the studies?). I really think this is one of those things that we think doesn't matter, but actually does - at least for the majority of people. If the property has flaws though, I don't think it'll hide them. It's more like it highlights it, makes it more appealing if people are on the fence or choosing between different options. ETA: I think this board in general has a lot of rebels though. We homeschool, we often don't buy into things that others do. It's possible we're more immune to this dress up business than the average person? But I can't even begin to name how many times I've watched HGTV and seen people make a dumb choice over something cosmetic. You know you have too.
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    I’d do a light, solid-colored curtain (pale blue or green) and towels to match and maybe a gender neutral coordinating (but cheap) pump soap. That’ll give your white some color. If you close the curtain, the bathroom will look even smaller.
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    Absolutely they should get more than a weekend. Mine did several times due to having to take medical leave from work for two if my pregnancies that were significantly worse than the hypermesis I had with the others. But I hear women talking all he time about how they can’t go for coffee or what all else bc they “can’t just leave the babies/kids with dh”. Yeah. Actually they can and should. If they don’t want to, that’s fine by me but I wish they’d quit whining about it then. And quit talking about fathers like they are idiots too incompetent to be left alone. Yes, this is hard work but there’s no moral high ground to making out like a martyr by making it more difficult than it already has to be.
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    I firmly believe the best thing every woman can do for themselves and their family is to leave the kids with dad for extended periods of time and do not call it babysitting. Go away for a weekend. Seriously. And no crap about dh leaving everything for her as some kind of passive aggressive punishment upon her return. He doesn’t have to do things like mom, but it should still get done. If it doesn’t - go away for a week next time. ? And if a mom literally cannot leave her children alone with their father - they need to give serious thought to the implications of that. Ask if it would ever be okay for a man to say that about the mother of his children.
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    Because it’s a conversational shortcut. It’s the same when a polite cashier asks how you’re doing. You just tell her fine without launching into the details of your life. It’s a greeting of sorts and not a real restriction. It’s the same with grades. If you coach your kids to give an awkward answer to a common question you may end up generating weirdness that you don’t want.
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    I started greying in my late teens. In my 20's I was highlighting my hair to blend the grey. In my 30's I colored. When I turned 40 I had already been disguising it for 20 years and I had enough of that bullsh!t and went completely grey. I'm 46 now and I love the freedom.
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