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    I've never posted pictures before, so I'll give this a try. This is my youngest and me yesterday morning just before marching in the parade. eta: It worked! Edited again. Wow! It's a huge picture on the computer! Learned something new. I wrote the reason for the edit/removal of the picture in the "reason for edit" box, but it didn't show up in my post. I wonder what the purpose of the box is. Anyway, I removed the picture because I thought I'd removed location identifying info, but it was still visible.
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    Second sketch done. I'm doing the same photo for both grandmothers. I have a special photo I want to do just for myself. My art teacher encouraged me to get a little impressionistic with it, and I'm looking forward to the experiment. But for the grandmas, a close up portrait is perfect.
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    Cool! You are all so photogenic! I am NOT! Lol. I will try sharing my most recent sea glass picture to see if I can actually figure this out... ETA: I did it! I am amazed!
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    Mostly I'm not reading much as life is busy, but I did finish Major Pettigrew's Last Stand which I enjoyed. I have Ta-Nehisi Coates' Black Panther comic book from the library to dive into next, and then possibly back to Middlemarch where I'm close to half way through.
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    Good morning! church lunch with dd help her pack to go back to school grocery shopping laundry clean kitchen and living room clean bathrooms pay bills plan school for next week
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    Mayor of Casterbridge looks really good, too. And meeting up on the windswept moor to compare notes sounds great! But I'm such a pokey reader at the moment, I hate to commit to anything!
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    We watched four minutes of the Kentucky Derby. The important four minutes. We did not wear hats. We did not drink mint juleps. We did not win $200.
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    Good morning! clean wood floors on main floor continue working on pantry organization get rid of the pile of books, magazines, and papers next to my computer order a few more Yeti cups since mine keep disappearing (probably in the kids' rooms...) plan my week clean saddles, organize tack put away laundry read and relax dinner: spicy red curry cauliflower wings, slaw, and almond flour biscuits
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    Totally understood. Nothing kills my desire to read like promising to read.
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    I appear to have 6 Thomas Hardy books available on Overdrive to listen to but none with Alan Rickman as narrator! Several with Simon Vance who I have been happy with in the past. One of the Hardy choices is Under a Greenwood Tree which (blush) is unfamiliar........ I am willing to listen to any of them but give me a few days to get organized. Btw, I am reading the last of the Day of the Triffids as I type. I have really enjoyed it and have read most of it today in between birthday festivities.
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    Oh my gosh, you look so young! I know you have older kids, but you look like you're about 26, if that. I'm tempted to ask what you use on your skin, down there in the dry country!
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    A relaxing day here. Minimal tackling. Done: Sunday school and worship Make chx pot pie for dinner Read and hang out at home To do: Eat chx pot pie Watch tv? Read more? Play a board game?
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    I breakfasted. I churched. I napped. That's all I have accomplished so far. I am getting ready to lunch (at 4:00). When we got home from church I was too tired to eat.
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    Thanks for the tip on the dress!! It looks modest and comfy but also cute. I would wear with silver Birkenstocks. I wear my silver Gizehs with just about everything casual in the summer and agree with PP that the silver just dresses things up.
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    I hate all bird chatter until I’ve had my first cup of coffee. Nothing lovely about it. LOL
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    Live and learn. Glad I only bought one sheet. I think I'll save the line drawings and let the boys color them in with watercolor pencils if they'd like.
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    The only way that we can afford for me to eat in a way that works the best for my health involves buying lots of sweet potatoes, potatoes, eggplants and other inexpensive fillers. If he were not eating those we would not be able to afford Whole30 and I would feel like this all of the time. Also, with my chronic nausea he has to make all of the meals and he does not want to make two dinners every night.
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    George Takei just shared this on Facebook. Is he a closet lurker on WTM? ; - )
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    I wish for chicken dinner. If anyone needs me, I'm eating over at Angi's tonight. #nodinnersolution #somebodyelsecookplease
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    I am not paralyzed by decision making. It's the second-guessing that gets me. However, I pulled the trigger on a developmental editor. The editor who didn't feel she was a good fit strongly recommended the other editor I consulted. So we have a winner.
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    A transcript only contains a course title, not a description of materials. You can simply call it "General Science". If a description is needed, write something like: "This course provided a broad overview over different fields of science, with a focus on current developments and their societal context. The student learned to extract information from articles in popular scientific journals. " I cannot imagine anybody cares about labs in 7th grade. Most of what passes for "labs" at that age are nothing but glorified demonstrations.
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    I have two suggestions. One, is it possible for his class load to lighten in any way? I have a son who is in middle school, and he is able to decline some electives in order to have more study halls, and he has 3 study halls right now as a 7th grader. That is over two days because they have some kind of block schedule, but that also means they are long breaks! I did not like it at first because he is not taking music (except he did take a general music class for one grading period earlier this year...... it was fine but he would rather have study hall than another music elective). Anyway, it is really good for him. He has long times in the day where he can sit and read a book, and it takes a lot of homework pressure off of him. Dependig on his future goals there might be some very easy online classes he might be able to take in the summer for things like a state history credit, that some students will do to free up room for another AP class — but it might make room for a study hall for him if it would be helpful for him. Two, I would not quit with the social worker he sees, having someone a 15-year-old will see is really good! But my cousin has HFA and we have had to learn the hard way that co-morbidity for anxiety, ADHD, and/or bipolar disorder are all very high as far as percentages. I have seen numbers like 1/3 for bipolar disorder, 1/2 for ADHD, and 4/5 for anxiety. It’s hard to know how accurate numbers like that are but those are the kinds of numbers people say. My cousin is diagnosed with bipolar disorder and I was skeptical for a long time, it didn’t look the way I thought it was supposed to look. Well partly I wasn’t seeing his range of behavior, and partly it wasn’t the way I thought. But I think that whole area can be looked into, see if you can get a referral. You can ask at the doctor and/or a school counselor might have names or suggestions. But it is not an either/or thing where you would stop with the counselor he is already seeing, while that is going well. It is really nice he will go and is open to it, and it sounds like has a positive relationship with her. That is not so easy to find sometimes! Also sometimes I don’t think people can find a “one stop shop” for counseling and medication, only a few people may be allowed to prescribe medication and so they may book up their practice with prescribing and medication management, and then counseling may happen with a separate counselor. That was unexpected to me, I thought the two things would happen more with the same person, and the medication lady does ask questions and talk but it seems more just in a “are the medications working out way” and there is not time for more. But there is a shortage of people who can prescribe medicine in my hometown and then fortunately more options for counselors.
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    DD (will be 11)-posted on 6th grade board too ? Jacobs Algebra Latin Prep BYL 6 for lit and US History Mix of MCT Voyage, going to try GFTWTM, Vocabulary from Classical Roots Life Science at co-op along with stem/robotics and drawing/painting We did WWS1 through WTMA this year, I’ve got WWS2 ready to go...something is telling me to try something else for next year. She tolerated, but didn’t love WWS. I’m thinking maybe try W&R? Maybe start with 7? Wish I could find something awesome and secular for logic 15+ hours a week of competitive dance, piano at home with mom.
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    May I humbly recommend this book? You may end up moving or not; but I do think any place can be home. I’ve been at home in the very disparate places I’ve lived and I think it’s very much attitude and emotional attachment than the actual places. That said, a neighborhood with a view near the city is kind of my sweet spot for a physical home. That’s been tough in the Midwest but we found a hill and bought it up ?
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    I think the CO system is a real strength of BSA. All too often, a GSUSA troop disappears when the mom and her dd lose interest. It's pretty cool to see 100+ yo BSA troops! Another strength is that troops are not generally closed when they're "full". Many CO encourage new troops to split off, but it's rare (very rare) that a boy is told there's no room. GSUSA doesn't have that system. I've heard way too many tales of woe when a girl WANTS to join a troop, but can't because they're full.
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    Do you have your hat and mint julep, Lynn?
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    Sketch one of the boys for the Mother's Day paintings is done. I need to repeat the drawing (I drew it so I can trace it) and then mix up skin-tone mix for faces, decide on the blue color in the background, and then pick shirt colors, hair colors and eye colors.
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    I agree completely. Hope I didn't imply otherwise! I remember for a while seeing a flurry of suggestions that we, as home schoolers, should not feel obligated to put grades on courses. I think perhaps there was a certain hubris involved in that thinking... We home school; we don't need to follow the same rules/processes as everyone else. I recently saw that at least one very vocal proponent of that approach on another board now feels it was probably a mistake to have not included grades on his student's transcript. There is no objective standard for "Honors" in the US-- not across public school districts, not across private schools, not among home schoolers,.... let alone across the country. However, it's something college admissions folks are used to seeing and used to looking for. As silly as it might seem to bother labeling courses as "Honors" or whatever, it _may_ make a difference to the colleges to which your student ultimately applies. Look at what public schools, private schools, and other home schoolers use to determine "honors." Figure out what your own criteria are going to be and explain in the School Profile and/or in the Course Descriptions. It's the best you can do.
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    Trying it out to see how it works from my laptop. I uploaded the tree photo (our front yard) to try to figure out why I got all the phone status stuff on the first photo, if it was something I did wrong in the upload. But It think it's because DS22 sent it to me as a screen shot. Or something. Can you tell I don't know a lot about photos???
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    Now HERE'S a winsome picture of me... complete with the "mom" t-shirt and the "crocs and socks" -- and yes, I went to the post office looking like this... Lol
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    Wow, people sure don't know how to encourage one another, do they? OP, this sounds like a fun project for you. When we went to the Philippines we certainly did bring bug spray. As well as anti-malarial tablets. My travel tip - for young children crush the anti-malaria tablets and add to something like mashed banana. The tablets are very bitter and the sweetness of the banana helps to hide that. Have you done a lot of traveling?
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    Your doctor should give you a list of foods to avoid. I can't remember if raspberries were on the list, but they don't have the same seed problem as strawberries as strawberries have all of those little tiny seeds on the outside and raspberries don't. But raspberries may be limited just for fiber content--can't remember if it was no fruits or veggies or just no to many of them.
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    Writing a LOR is a big time commitment and a huge favor the writers do the student. Please make sure that your student knows in advance that she will actually be using the LOR before wasting a professor's time.
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    I’m so sorry. Your poor daughter. I hope I am wrong, but it is my understanding that if you want accommodations on the SAT or ACT, you need to have those in place before you take it for the first time. If that is the case, you might want to switch to the ACT and get the accommodations in place before she takes it. It takes awhile to get approved, so the sooner the better. I hope it all works out for her.
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    Some good chocolate and a nap.
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    I like the cheese grater containers. Also, for lunch I always get the gravlax.
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    The food issues I could ignore perhaps (but would repeat the house rules) but not trying to tempt your ds to do something both knew was not allowed as well as talking bad about you. Do you know what she said about you? I'd be tempted to confront the little miss gently but firmly. I don't think it's a friendship I would encourage. I don't like deviousness. I can deal with boisterous boys, climbing trees and doing all kinds of stuff but I do not like kids or adults talking about me behind my back. How much do you know about her family background? Is your home the only place she goes to or does she have other friends? I suppose it would be hard to know if she behaves there in a similar fashion. Have you talked to your ds about this kind of behavior and what he thinks?
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    I wear long tanks under t shirts. It's slimming and fixes that issue.
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    Mine is Hedwig's Theme (Harry Potter). I love it -- makes me smile. I think it was 99¢.
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    That and not driving under the influence. Those are huge accident risks. We can set our kids in rear facing 5 point harnesss and put helmets on them and everything, but if we log into Facebook or take a video while driving, or we get into a car after taking even a legally prescribed med that carries the warnings, we have negated every precaution we just took
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    What’s up? Oh me, just attempting virtual reality basketball. Spoiler - I was terrible
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    It just depends on how many people are in line in front of you! There was no wait for us at the "Cave of the Winds", but we had to wait a while to get our turn on the Maid of the Mist. I can't remember exactly how long we were there, but half a day feels about right!!
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    First, I read the thread title as “What do you think of the book “The Great Brain” and I was all set to expound on the unreliable narrator. Then, I realized what you actually wrote. Having not read the book I am, in general, suspicious of ideas which claim one correct and true for all way to health, wealth, happiness, etc. I am doubly suspicious if the author or originator of said idea makes any money from the one true way of life.
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    I have known quite a few middle school teachers that were not happy with the schools themselves. They believe in public education, but they're not a fan of the current expectations or lack of autonomy of the classroom. The most common complaint I've heard is that 6th and 7th graders still need more nurturing than what they can give within the school guidelines. The expectations are set up for them to spend time failing as they try to meet them and navigate puberty at the same time.
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    I am going to be teaching physics at my co-op next year, and I haven't had it since college. I'm having to teach it as a conceptual course because of the age range, but I hope to be able to offer challenges to my oldest, best math students. I really enjoyed this video, Walter Lewin's last lecture. Bloomfield's labs are here He has videos here. This teacher has a lot of resources under each course. This is a teacher resource site.
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    I have a few comments on the TPS Pre-AP Chem class. First, I agree with everything Joyful said. But I wanted to mention a few other things. My son does not like this class. He dreads the lab reports and thinks Mrs. Selby expects too much. He thinks Chemistry is boring, so he is not thrilled with the text or the lectures. He doesn't like all the weekly resource videos and refuses to watch them because he's contrary. He complains about how much work it is. He moans about how much he has to think and study and plan ahead. The due dates for assignments are not staggered, so every few Mondays he has homework AND a test AND a lab report due. His current average is 95.64% (TPS is very precise!) because he actually does the work and is learning, even though he complains a LOT. I do believe that he will be well prepared for college chemistry, especially since he is interested in engineering (because he loves math and physics). I asked him if he would recommend this class to a friend and he said yes. "It's a fine class on the whole. I don't like parts of it but I've certainly learned a lot, even if I didn't want to." The formal lab reports are always a nightmare - for me! - with the last minute drama because he puts them off till the last minute, but he said this "If you say things properly and put some effort into it, you'll be fine." IOW - we recommend this class! ETA: One thing he does like is the math. He wishes there was more!
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