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    And not to leave out his twin brother, whose graduation I couldn't attend (because I obviously can't be in two places at once). But my dh was there, and I watched it on live streaming.
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    Here is a good pic to test with... I asked ds (6) to unload what he could from the dishwasher for the first time and instead of leaving what he couldn't reach IN the dishwasher, he stacked them neatly in the middle of the kitchen floor! I was not expecting that when I came speeding around the corner into the kitchen 20 minutes later! ?
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    Karen you look beautiful. Quill, I love the dress and shoes. Garga for some reason I'm not seeing your photos. Here's what a Falcon 9 launch looks like from my front yard, when we're too lazy to drive a couple of miles for a closer view.
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    I've never posted pictures before, so I'll give this a try. This is my youngest and me yesterday morning just before marching in the parade. eta: It worked! Edited again. Wow! It's a huge picture on the computer! Learned something new. I wrote the reason for the edit/removal of the picture in the "reason for edit" box, but it didn't show up in my post. I wonder what the purpose of the box is. Anyway, I removed the picture because I thought I'd removed location identifying info, but it was still visible.
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    My oldest yesterday. Her nickname is Monkey. For obvious reasons!
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    My kid, telling his 1991 car goodbye. We got it when he was a baby, he learned to drive in it and had it through college, and just sold it yesterday to a 17 year old who looked super happy to have wheels.
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    What a fun thread! Here’s me sneaking a selfie while out shopping for furniture with dh.
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    Here are my two pets! I love the one where my cat is stretched across the window sill, sound asleep!
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    Ds22 be graduated! (Well, he will officially graduate when his transcript is complete and they send his diploma.)
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    One more. Our grandsons. The 3 year old (4 in July) is on the left and the 6 year old on the right. These are the little guys we want to move to be closer to.
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    ((Hugs)) My middle dd (homeschooled) also had panic attacks during her SAT and ACT tests. She managed to 'complete' them but her scores were extremely low-- like below college minimum. This dd is extremely intelligent-- at the time of the tests she had completed 28 hours of DE at the local CC with most classes at the 2nd year level-- and she maintained a 4.0 average! When she applied to college-- she would only consider ONE place (Texas A&M)-- she was, of course not accepted due to her low test scores, however one admin. person called us and asked us to consider re-applying. DD was writing a novel so she sent in the first chapter. Less than 2 weeks later she was accepted AND the head of the English department called asking her to consider majoring in English... (at that time she was Pre-Med/Business). DD laughed-- but 4 years later she graduated from college (she transferred to Texas State) with an English degree and high honors! Anyways-- colleges understand that test scores are not the end-all for college admittance.... unfortunately they are still linked to the majority of financial aide.
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    That's what they claim, but really, how could they possibly really know that? Even dogs are adapted to eat more grains than wolves. I am thinking maybe of writing a book saying that we should absorb all our food through our skin, like our cellular ancestors.
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    Second sketch done. I'm doing the same photo for both grandmothers. I have a special photo I want to do just for myself. My art teacher encouraged me to get a little impressionistic with it, and I'm looking forward to the experiment. But for the grandmas, a close up portrait is perfect.
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    My word you ladies can line up a reading list. Now I’m having to look into all things Hardy and see what I’ve been missing!
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    It worked! Now I can post pics from my hair cuts when I come on here to vent that they cut it too short! ?
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    I don't take selfies so I don't have any on my phone, but we went on a field trip yesterday to a windmill farm near our house and this is the view from the bottom of the 260 ft windmill
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    Cool! You are all so photogenic! I am NOT! Lol. I will try sharing my most recent sea glass picture to see if I can actually figure this out... ETA: I did it! I am amazed!
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    Happy Sunday and Welcome to week nineteen in our Open Roads Reading Adventure. Greetings to all our readers and everyone following our progress. Mister Linky is available weekly on 52 Books in 52 Weeks to share a link to your book reviews. One of our 52 Books Bingo categories is read a book by or about a Nobel Prize Winner. We have a few authors from the Scandinavian Peninsula who won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Finland Frans Eemil Sillanpää - 1939 Norway Sigrid Undset - 1928 Knut Hamsun - 1920 Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson - 1903 Sweden Tomas Tranströmer - 2011 Eyvind Johnson - 1974 Harry Martinson - 1974 Nelly Sachs - 1966 Pär Lagerkvist - 1951 Erik Axel Karlfeldt - 1931 (posthumously) Carl Gustaf Verner von Heidenstam -1916 Selma Lagerlöf - 1909 We don't need to limit our reading choices to Nobel Prize Winners to literature. There are a number of people who won the Nobel Prize for Peace as well as Sciences from the Scandinavian Peninsula. The complete list broken down by country is available here or on Wikipedia. 10 Things you should know about Finnish Nobel Prize Winner Bengt Holmström The Nobel Prize: History and Trivia Culture Trip's Norway's Nobel Laureates ******* For our Brit Trippers currently on Ichnield Way on the way to Dorset: Famed as one of the most beautiful locations of England, Dorset is located on the English Channel and was the birthplace of the novelist Thomas Hardy and poet William Barnes. Rabbit trails: Sherborne Abbey, History with the Black Plague What are you reading this week? Link to Week 18
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    I'm loving all these pictures of you all, your kiddos, and your pets. I'm going to try and add more. I don't take selfies and don't have many of me. I'm not sure how many it will let me put in one post so I apologize in advance if I spam the thread. Here's my young man, who will turn 21 in September. Next is Cookie who we think is probably getting close to 2 years old. Third is my best girl, Crookshanks. She'll be 10 in June. We brought her home from the shelter when she was 4 months old. Ds named her and was later sorry. Princess or Her Royal Highness would be a better fit. She loves to help me crochet. Her other hobbies include sleeping on laps and changing the font size on my Kindle.
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    Your church book group sounds like fun! Loesje, Hugs to your dd and you. I hope she feels better soon! I finished Day of the Triffids last night and really enjoyed it. Of the half dozen dystopian books I have read this one is very mild and I am reading pretty mild ones in general. I am saying that in case anyone is looking for a book for Dorset. Much of Triffids actually occurs in Dorset. I am still working on both The Virgin Widow and How the Heather Looks. They seem to have become unintentional sip reads! The Virgin Widow is interesting but fortunately is set during Richard 3 lifetime which I have not been concentrating on recently so it is easy to keep separate in my mind. I am hoping to finish it this week and have both a V for Aven and a Bingo square completed! I still need an E for Aven........ My C S Harris re-read continues. I haven't been able to read much lately unfortunately. I am listening to Nesbo's The Bat. I really like it! It's definitely has a bit of a holiday feel to it for me with the Australian setting.
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    Lots of book still to go on my Hampshire read, Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur, so time to pick up the pace. Arthurian tales of adventure from 1485, set in Camelot (Winchester). This isn't the Tales of King Arthur we read to our kids: The past really is a foreign country. Middle Girl selected another book for me the via the True Randomness Generator: this time one of dh's books, Monday Starts on Saturday, by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. While I've reserved to myself veto power over any of dh's books that get selected, I decided to give this one a try, as I liked Roadside Picnic; and we have the nucleus of an unofficial book group started at church (we read books not by saints or G. K. Chesterton ... shhhhh ...), in which the Strugatsky brothers are popular, I thought it would be companionable to join in.
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    I finished Black Water, Music and Emotion, Clerkwater Tales. I particularly liked Music and Emotion. Liking or loving music is one thing, but to write about it, and to express what one experiences is another...
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    Watercolor setbacks call for a bowl of buttery popcorn and a cup of black tea. I feel better already.
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    And yet you begrudge my daughter having that same opportunity. Because she is a girl. Even though, as people have said over and over, Troops will be single sex. Your boys will not have girls in their troop. There will be a separate troop with girls, who now will have the same opportunities you are so happy your boys had. Don't begrudge them that.
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    I need to finish a report I've been procrastinating on for a week. Its due tomorrow. ETA: Finally done - nothing like a looming deadline to get me going!!
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    Judging from your youthful skin, which clearly everyone agrees with, I would say you attended your brother’s commencement! Congratulations, Kinsa boys!
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    Oooo! I know!! the Gone With the Wind parody- Went With the Wind
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    I keep a running list of Things I’d Like To Have, But We’re Too Cheap To Buy Them, So I’ll Ask For Them As Presents. Dh and I have lived our almost 26 years of marriage by being kinda skinflints. We’re not the sort to see a little something we like and buy it. We will walk away from most things we’d want to have and do without. I will stand in a store and fret over buying a $4.99 something-or-other, and then usually walk away from it. So, “holidays” that require gifts are a big deal around here. It’s the few times a year when I can get those little pleasures that make life fun. Because we will save up and only get ourselves little things a few times a year, I do keep a list of ideas of what I’d like to give to Dh and the boys as ideas. I’ve been wanting a new bed set for about 8 years now, but never wanted to put out the money for it and wanted other things more when gift-giving occasions came around. But in February, I found a set at Big Lots that was super cheap and I really liked it. A lot. As usual, I was fretting about buying it. DH finally said, “Let’s go ahead and get it, and you can save it for Mother’s Day.” So, that’s what we did. It’s been sitting in its packaging in the corner of my room for months, and next Sunday, I’ll open it and put it on the bed. After 26 years of doing it this way, I’m getting a bit tired of it. So many hivers have said that they don’t have big holidays where they give gifts, because they will get the things they want throughout the year. On the holidays, they don’t bother to exchange gifts or maybe they exchange something small like a box of chocolates or something. I’m thinking of moving to that way of doing things. So, if I had bought that bed set in Feb and would have used it right away, and if there was nothing I needed now, I’d just want a dinner out with the family-doesn’t even have to be expensive. Just dinner out. Time together, without me having to cook or clean. Or fuss at someone else to cook and clean. There’s nothing wrong with wanting presents, especially if you live like me and do without for much of the year. And there’s nothing wrong with disliking getting presents and wanting to ignore the made up holiday. : )
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    Here's our kitty pic. She's a stray that comes by for breakfast every morning and cuddles every afternoon.
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    Just trying a test photo. This is a large cherry blossom mural I made with my preschool class.
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    Mostly I'm not reading much as life is busy, but I did finish Major Pettigrew's Last Stand which I enjoyed. I have Ta-Nehisi Coates' Black Panther comic book from the library to dive into next, and then possibly back to Middlemarch where I'm close to half way through.
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    I made a separate thread on the chat board for those who don't read BaW but wanted to post it here too. West Cork, a true crime podcast is free on Audible until May 9th. If you don't have an Audible account you can create one for free. You don't need a paid subscription to have an account. I think this is free even for non-paid members but I make no guarantees. I also can't guarantee it's free outside the U.S.
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    My new Bookshelves fit. That is all.
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    Our pastor's sermon was particularly amazing this morning - preaching on the awkward passage at the end of Genesis 9 (Noah drunk and naked). Dh is picking up fried chicken for lunch and then we will all head out in different directions. I'm hoping tonight we can find some dry wood to start a fire in the fire pit and roast marshmallows.
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    Every time I see "coop" in a discussion of educational options I read it as "coop". Every time I see "coop" in discussions of chickens I read it as "co-op". My brain can't seem to insert the invisible hyphen at the correct times....
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    Good morning! My parents are coming over today to celebrate my Dad's birthday (yesterday) and DS17's birthdat (last week). -coffee -clean up house -laundry DONE: 4 -grocery store for a birthday cake and a few random things for today -enjoy some time with my parents -dinner (shrimp and pasta, salad, birthday cake)
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    The Mama skit where Tim Conway acts like an elephant
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    Mayor of Casterbridge looks really good, too. And meeting up on the windswept moor to compare notes sounds great! But I'm such a pokey reader at the moment, I hate to commit to anything!
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    We watched four minutes of the Kentucky Derby. The important four minutes. We did not wear hats. We did not drink mint juleps. We did not win $200.
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    Doesn’t she? I want to accuse her of using a filter or photoshopping herself, but clearly that’s just a gorgeous, natural close up.
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