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    😦 I can’t imagine not flushing.
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    Please forgive any typos I am doing this on my iPad. I think it went really really well. I felt like I touched on everything I wanted to get across. My Stbx sat there furiously scribbling notes the whole time in preparation of my cross examination but you know what they ended up doing? His attorney went over VENMO payments I had made to my daughters while they were in college. Literally one transaction at a time. “So, on May 1st you Venmo’d $30 dollars and wrote ‘because I love you’ ..... what was that for?” Ummmm I sent her $30 because she is my daughter and I love her? this went on for about 10 minutes until the judge told her it was just badgering. But the best, absolutely BEST moment was this: part of my stbx argument is that he never agreed to me having $2000 a month to pay my sister for rent. Just because he lived in our 5000 square foot home a year longer than he was supposed to and now lives in a $4000 a month condo in the city, I am not supposed to get consideration for my rent. So he asks the judge if he can re- testify on a point. He then gets up there and starts with his double talk ....”when she moved out all conversations of her rent were of a conceptual basis blah blah blah, things were still fluid blah blah” But then he gets really angry and starts to say “but there was NEVER any conversation...” and that is when the judge STOOD UP! Actually stood up and very angrily said “What are you saying?? That she is supposed to live with her sister rent free while you lived in the big house and now in a $4000 a month condo in the city?? You can get down now from the stand!” ladies, I have been waiting for that for 4 years and it was amazing. I really think the judge now understands all the players in this game. Before when only he testified I am sure she thought I would be just as greedy and arrogant as him. How else does a simple case bog down for 4 years? Now I think she gets it is him, he is the narcissist, the bully, the unreasonable one. she also kept looking at my sister in the audience and smiling at her which I am taking as a good sign. so now the attorneys have 3 weeks to file their final paperwork and then the judge will rule. But I am feeling really good about it
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    I've been trying to pull myself together to plan for our upcoming school year. If I do come up with some plans anytime soon can I post them here for you guys to look at? I get tired of all the talking to myself inside my head about stuff and I have too many kids to want to post on all the separate grade level planning threads...
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    We're off to the airport! Happy Dance!
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    WARNING: EDPO! I have decided to torture my kids with summer math. Primarily the older two, but the younger two will also have some. MwuaaaHaHaaaaaaa!
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    Unless I lived in an area where water was being rationed due to drought and where this was common practice (in which case I would ask first), I would never. ever. ever. not flush. 😳
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    Yes! Homeschool planning is our speciality! 😁
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    I'm home from my escape room. My very last Tech Tuesday. As soon as they pay my last invoice, I'm letting them know. It's such a relief to be done.
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    I am going to be selfish here and say that I hope that Ds and College Buddy have fixed his car. They had to jump it a minute ago.
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    We had dinner at my parents’ house. My mom made apricot pie and homemade vanilla ice cream. It was sooooo good,
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    I'm home! After working all day, I met ddil back at our house, where she dropped off five of the grandkids. Dh kept them and our two while ddil and I drove 1 1/2 hours each way to take oldest granddaughter to camp. Ddil and I stopped for Mexican food on the way home. 😍
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    We finished Greek Myths today! All the drill questions have been filled. I am so proud of us for seeing something through! By the end of July, we will finish MP States and Capitals, AAS bk 2, our current lit selection, Son 4's 4th Tiner science book, and DD's MP Mammals {Finally!}. I'm with maize in that I'm planning, sort of, what to do next or if we should do anything next. We won't finish math, grammar, or writing until the end of 2019. I don't want to waste time, either. Anyway, I can't wait to see your plans, maize! And I am sorry about your BiL. That is so hard. Praying for the family. Son 4, DD, Captain, and I started digging up the buried rock border in the front yard in preparation for the new mulch going in on Friday. They are all buried under layers of old mulch and mud. I probably should have worn shoes and work gloves. Like Slache, I go barefoot all day unless I'm going out somewhere. For me, it is my hip joints that hurt like mad. That didn't start until after I had Captain. It's raining again. I wish I could send it to Europe to cool them off.
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    Oh, and math at my house is All Saxon. That seems to be really scary to a lot of homeschoolers, too. I have everything from 5/4 up to Advanced Mathematics. Something For Everyone!!
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    I was able to pick up the rodeo shirts. Um, if you want someone to bling up shirts for you (for free, and I bought the fringe) perhaps you should not have them DIRTY! They're in the wash now. Picked up paint for the bathroom. Went back for primer when dh asked me to, after he told me he had some. grocery run meatloaf and taters are cooking. I'll do the broccoli in a few minutes. write kids only got 6 miles of walking in as a thunderstorm rolled in. talked to the conservation lady and they are working on our tax credits! Yay! talked to a Scouter friend for just a minute. I need him on an EBoR, but he just witnessed an accident. At least it wasn't HIS car this time! Printed the religious letter for a candidate--he's ready for his Board!
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    If they complain, you can threaten to send them to Aunt Junie's house for Year Round School.
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    I'm pretty sure that your mortgage company's failure to fix the escrow issue constitutes fraud. About 7 years ago a judge in Denver warned that an executive of Wells Fargo Mortgage would be going to jail indefinitely for contempt of court if they pulled this crap again. As far as I know, no one ever went to jail. I'm not sure what jurisdiction oversees this sort of thing, perhaps someone can comment who knows. But I might start by filing a complaint with your state attorney general. There's probably a form to do so on the .gov website.
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    Can I have the Time Turner so I can make it bedtime? Also, we celebrated dd's birthday with my parents tonight. She turns 16 tomorrow.
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    I’m afraid that I don’t like Saxon. Or really anything too textbooky for kids under fifth grade. I like Singapore math even though it didn’t work for dd (though I think that it could have if she hadn’t set her mind against it). I did a lot of my own stuff with her. As well as actually teaching using Kahn Academy.
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    We won't. 😁🤭🤭😄😅😂🤣
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    Oh, well, I sort of skipped all of those parts. I didn't even buy the teacher's manual. Just the workbooks k-3 (x6). I used it because I was familiar with it (I taught in a Christian school before kids) and I liked that it was more colorful than a lot of other options. When I started I was clueless that there were different "approaches" to math.
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    Don't talk about our founder that way!
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    Primary Intellectual So much love. Seriously. It's beautiful. According to the product description primary is for first and second and intellectual is for third and fourth but we did Primary in kindergarten and intellectual in first grade. Both are oral and we switched to Strayer Upton after that. I think my first grader had a better understanding of math than most 3rd graders. Math is not his specialty! Things are just laid out very simply and clearly and he got them. He was applying fractions to our hikes and could do mental math that would make a middle schooler blush. Now I'm having a hard time finding a program that suits him well because he struggles, but those early concepts that you need as a foundation he has an incredibly firm grasp on because of that program.
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    I can accessed oncologist visit notes on my online health account. I could also access all my test records as well. It’s so helpful when we ask my oncologist lots of questions and can check back the visit notes for his answers. More than twenty of my middle school classmates are doctors so sometimes I ask them to clarify.
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    I keep giggling about the claro. I'm simple. Funniest post ever: Me: "There are like 8 children in my house and they're all dirty!" Lynn: "You did something wrong." I don't know why, that one just stuck with me.
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    I loved the Bear and the Nightingale and haven't read the next two yet BUT I hear they are good! Hope you feel better soon. 🙂
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    I totally respect people who let it mellow. I often let it mellow overnight because the flush is loud and the bathroom is between my kids' rooms. So I don't find it inherently gross to do that. But... um... NEVER in someone's home, especially someone I didn't know super well.
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    Apparently JoJosMom is not a fan of Saxon... ETA: Mathy Booyah!
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    I’ve been relistening to louise Penny: A Great Reckoning someone Horowitz: Why Can’t I Get Better : Lyme ... PJ O’Rourke: All the Trouble in the World... circling around them depending on my mood and attention available
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    Oh, I didn't know Junie was going to save dinner! We had waffles from the freezer because I didn't make the cauliflower thing. DO NOT let my DS know there's a Stealth Copter.
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    I've seen those and don't care. I like the simplicity of the original series. No. Do it.
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    This question is what led me to Ray's arithmetic which is a multitude of fabulousness.
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    My mom had glioblastoma. Zero hope of recovery. We were told twelve months without treatment or 18 months with surgery/radiation/chemo. Easy call for our family. Why go through all that for six months? It was so difficult to choose not to treat. They kept scheduling physical therapy, biopsies, etc etc: We had to keep explaining that we were not pursuing treatment. My mom was already so compromised mentally. We weren’t putting her through physical therapy let alone brain surgery and radiation and chemo. We had a difficult time getting hospice because we had to have the surgeon sign off that she would not recover and he wouldn’t return our calls. It was unbelievable how difficult it was to not treat an aggressive brain tumor that had already taken many mental faculties and for which there was zero chance of recovery. She was gone a month from the first time we noticed something was “off”. It was bad. I know this is not the same as the OP situation but it was an eye opening experience. It shouldn’t have been so hard to just get her palliative and/or hospice.
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    Ok, with the additional info about the lost weight, forget the special food for now. it honestly won't make THAT big a difference. Just get the cat eating - that WILL make a difference. Whatever he likes. Period.
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    Call your state’s attorney general and file a complaint. Wells Fargo is known for this and quite a good amount of lawsuits over it. Honestly, the more complaints they get hopefully it makes someone do something. Also, keep a notebook with times you called, who you spoke too, etc. The more paper evidence you have the better with them.
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    Okay, just checked my big plant book and it says to cut all the dead branches and don't worry about it. You can scratch them to see if there's any green, and if there isn't, they're dead at that height. Go a little lower, scratch again until you get to some green or just lop them all off at the base. Crape myrtle will regrow from very little.
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    Peeling bark on a living branch of crape myrtle is normal and nothing to worry about.
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    I don’t flush pee in my in-laws toilet during the night. It is crazy loud to refill the tank. The seal leaks so you have to wait forever and wiggle the handle or sometimes take the lid off and move the float. Totally not worth dealing with in the semi dark when half asleep.
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    I hope you'll soon feel better, Jenn. ** Last night I finished Fluency (Confluence Book 1) by Jennifer Foehner Wells. It was a pleasant read but not a book I expect to reread. I don't intend to continue with the series at this time. The book has been recommended by Nalini Singh: "Just read FLUENCY by Jennifer Foehner Wells and loved it. Wonderful space opera. Looking forward to the next book." Interestingly, I see there is also an all ages version available here. "NASA discovered the alien ship lurking in the asteroid belt in the 1960s. They kept the Target under intense surveillance for decades, letting the public believe they were exploring the solar system, while they worked feverishly to refine the technology needed to reach it.The ship itself remained silent, drifting.Dr. Jane Holloway is content documenting nearly-extinct languages and had never contemplated becoming an astronaut. But when NASA recruits her to join a team of military scientists for an expedition to the Target, it’s an adventure she can’t refuse.The ship isn’t vacant, as they presumed.A disembodied voice rumbles inside Jane’s head, "You are home." Jane fights the growing doubts of her colleagues as she attempts to decipher what the alien wants from her. As the derelict ship devolves into chaos and the crew gets cut off from their escape route, Jane must decide if she can trust the alien’s help to survive." Regards, Kareni
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    It wouldn't even occur to me not to.
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    I was told that if they cauterize the ends of the tubes when they cut them, it's less likely to undo itself or have an accidental pregnancy. If they just snip, accidents are more likely. I had mine cut, clamped and burned. Very unlikely to have an oops.
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    I get the copter. You can have the Magic Time Out Chair.
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    Well I admit that I actually did call the lawyer and temporarily lose it at a rather elevated level because a month after she received this info she still hadn't got back to us to let us know what she was doing about it. I hate making phone calls, hate confrontation and so incredibly rarely ever lose my temper that it was a big deal but it was also unprofessional and probably not terribly helpful although we did hear back from her soon thereafter.
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    Whew. Home from picking up the neighbors. Poor things had a crazy fiasco involving cancelled international flights, getting rerouted, home 24+ hrs later than planned, etc. and just a whole fiasco, so when she said they were, on top of all of that, going to try and figure out Uber to get home, I said I'd pick them up. She was super grateful, and the Starbucks made it worth it, so it was good. Tiring, but I'm glad I did it. Niece is now playing with the Slime Kit that DH bought her, I've eaten a late lunch (although it is nearly dinner time.....), and I'm going to see if there's more coffee, and then see if boy shirts need washed (probably) and if DH thought to start that yet (probably not), and then blissfully veg out until time to cook dinner. Very glad I got all the laundry put away yesterday and now this week has no plans except for just VBS in the mornings. Whew.
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    I can't believe the mortgage holder didn't notice this and increase your escrow payment. I think somebody made a mistake by not doing that and is trying to save himself from the fall out.
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    This is very important I think and wish it was better explained in general. A person's individual genetics can be a deal breaker on who responds to which treatment or medication even within a similar tumor type. In some cases the standard protocols only make the situation worse, which is why there has been such a push towards individualized medicine. As genomic sequencing has dropped in price- going from well over a million just over a decade+ ago to bargain basement now (which is why you can have 23andme etc.)- and it has shown some spectacular errors in what was assumed previously as gold standard of treatments. That's going to continue to change, but they still haven't cracked the codes. It's not that simple. A second thing I wanted to mention on things brought up on several posts, is you have to remember that Cancer Treatment Centers- all of them- are businesses that need to sell their services. They aren't charities, although the people working at them are seriously invested in their causes. But it's the same as any hospital- even if they are "non-profit" they still have to answer to the books at the end of the day or they're going to close down. And that impacts how people are counseled on treatment- maybe not an an individual doctor level as far as the level of care they provide- but on a certain culture throughout each organization. Cancer researchers also tend to be highly ambitious people who are looking to advance their careers and they don't do that through not taking risks. They need to publish to get grants, and they need to get grants to ascend the ladder- and to get published you need to stand out from the pack. I am not saying that they are dishonest or crooked (in the majority of cases), but every one of those centers cares deeply about the image they project, and there may be some massaging of the statistics in how things are presented- especially to the public. Not to mention that statistics on this type of thing aren't straight forwards and the average patient and patient family isn't going to have an expert level grasp of statistics, or medical jargon, as presented in medical journals. You're talking small sample sizes with these different diseases, and they more they refine the typology, the smaller the sample size gets. Throw in an experimental protocol on top of that with no long term data and even the world's most esteemed cancer researcher isn't going to be able to make any guarantees, which makes it all the more confusing to navigate, tbh.
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