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    On his kindle google search I did find “can u win Nobel if xplled frum skol” and “Nobel winners homskol” so at least he’s got a plan. 😂
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    Part of me would say to you, as I would to any parent, don’t do for them anything that they can do for themselves. But the other part of me thinks, just baby them. Brush their hair. Let them feel their mama’s hands against their scalp and her voice behind their ear. They will adapt as needed. They’ve already shown you that. So don’t worry about that part.
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    Navy boy comes home Friday for the first time since he left for boot camp Oct 1. He'll be home 2 weeks!!
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    Thank you for prayers. So far it seems like a best case scenario. Basically an overgrown cyst. She told my husband no signs of cancer. Left an ovary. Hopefully trauma doesn’t turn it off. I’ve walked 3-4 laps of the hospital block but still feel wonky and dizzy, probably from anesthesia. Pain is under control so far but may get worse as spinal wears off. Interestingly, surgery team was all women. Have to fart and/ or poop to go home. No bowel sounds yet. Prayers and thoughts still appreciated. Still very sad about loss of uterus. I know that is silly but it is what it is.
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    This looks like a job I'd enjoy with good pay and benefits. I've had two previous interviews with them, reference checks, criminal/credit checks, and did the required psychological testing (Calipers). Some of you know that I've been looking for full-time work for 18 months. We've been scraping by on my three part-time jobs, what my college kids have been able to contribute in various ways, and the kindness of friends. There's a lot of back story, but I'll leave it there. I volunteer with a local ministry and last night another leader commented that some people's lives are just a continuous uphill battle. That's me. If I get this job, so many things will fall into place. So positive thoughts and prayers are appreciated. Update: It was a decent interview, but it could go either way. The responsibilities listed and job requirements listed didn't connect in some ways, so I asked about that and found out that there was quite a bit that wasn't stated in the job responsibilities that I'd be doing. One person dominated the questions and one said almost nothing. The other said a few things but was mostly quiet. They listed job requirements that I'm especially qualified for but didn't seem to want to talk about those areas. So I don't know. I certainly could do the job and enjoy it, but I've had better interviews. At the end I tried to get them back to the areas I'm strong in by talking about their future goals. But they didn't quite know how to get there, so I pointed out that I know how to do that. So I think I ended well. I was turned down yesterday on a job I had a second interview for several weeks ago. That one I thought would be an immediate turn-down because one of the interviewers didn't seem to like my answers, but apparently they did try to find a place for me and just didn't have an opening. It was through an employee referral. So that was a small positive. They said they would keep my resume on file.
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    When I was ages 7-11, my mom used to take us kids to Friendlys for ice cream. We rarely got food, just ice cream. When I was 11 we moved to Indiana and there are no Friendlys in Indiana. And all of my siblings and I were unimpressed lol. As we all grew older and became adults and parenting our own kids, and vacationing with them......eating at a Friendlys while on vacation was a thing. When planning a vacation, or any sort of trip really, we would research if there was a Friendlys in the area. Sometimes book the hotel's that much a part of my childhood. When DH and I were preparing to move, one of my FAVORITE things I was looking forward to was being near one. AND THEY CLOSED THEM ALL. Less than 6 months before we moved. All of the Friendlys in the state of Ohio. ( They can of course still be found along the east coast.) Today is DH's birthday. We do celebrate adult birthdays in our family but especially random adult birthdays (this is his 49th) tend to be really low key. We take the kids to buy gifts, special dinner (that he usually grills per his choice) and that's about it. I asked him weeks ago what he wanted to do for dinner, he chose to grill. I asked him for a list of gift ideas, he sent me two specific things exactly to walk into Cabelas with and tell them, "I need THIS." Ok, fine. In an effort to make it special and to have the kids more involved, I decided on a whim today to get him an ice cream cake. And I got some Happy Birthday candles to go with it, and had the kids help me set it all up to sing happy birthday to him and stuff, which I knew he would enjoy. So when I went looking for the ice cream cake I found the perfect one, a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup cake...Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are his favorite candy. Excellent. I put it in the cart. That's when I realized it was Friendlys brand. OMG. I actually took pictures of it to send to my mom lol. So anyway, we eat dinner, sing happy birthday, give DH his fishing pole, he's happy as a clam, the kids are so happy they made DH happy. And then there's me. Have you seen Ratatouille and the scene where the food critic eats the Ratatouille and it flashed back to when he was a kid. That was me sitting there eating my DH's birthday cake lol. I considered sneaking off in a corner and eating the rest of it all by myself. I felt 9yrs old again. It was absolutely awesome. It tasted EXACTLY the same as the sunday did some 30+ years ago. Yeah, probably simple things for simple minds lol. But I still had to share. lol
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    I think they need to make a choice. If they want to transition from M to F and that is the most important thing for their happiness, fine. But then they are no longer eligible to compete athletically. It is not fair to let a small group of biological males completely dominate all women’s sports and I can’t believe it’s being allowed at all. I have listened to stories about men who have transitioned to women and how broken their hearts would be if they couldn’t continue to compete athletically, but that is basically what they are stealing from biological women — the ability to compete fairly. Obviously that is why men and women’s sports were split to begin with. Frankly, I don’t know how they are able to delude themselves into thinking they won in a fair competition. I would think it would be humiliating to know that you have such a great advantage and then use it to “win”.
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    I asked y'all's advice about scholarships a while back, and I just want to share a very nice update. Because our status has changed with the Episcopal church, from "clergy" to "missionary," dd qualified for help from the National church. She just got a $10,000 scholarship for next year! We told her that is more than what we require for her to contribute to her education (we ask for about a fourth of total cost), so she can keep everything she makes this summer (projected to be about 4.3K) and use it for her expenses next year (we continue to pay towards some food, medical and rent, and she pays car insurance, phone, and other things). Anyway...10K! Hurray!
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    I was hoping to have it all done in one day, but unfortunately we have to go two days. So the next scheduled date is June 21st. The first day was all his testimony and June 21st will be all my testimony. He looks a lot better. Before he was super skinny and grey looking before. I guess he had some health problems for a while. I think you can't hold that much hate and resentment inside and not have it come out on you in some way. He wouldn't acknowledge me in any way. At one point he was walking into the courtroom in front of me and wouldn't hold open the door, he just let it swing in my face. Petty, childish stuff like that. According to my lawyer, his new lawyer (his 4th) hates him. He will not provide her with any paperwork, etc., and just made it really hard for her to put together a case and I think it showed. His testimony was just dry, boring stuff about his expenses, etc. Some highlights: My attorney: "So, are you planning on buying another car?" Him: "yes" My Attorney: "Another BMW?" Him: "Or better" ---> yet he has no money ..... ummmmmmmmmmmm........... Or this one: My attorney : "Where are you living now" Him: "An apartment right near a homeless shelter. I have to push my way through crowds of homeless people to get to work, and someone was beaten on the front stoop of my building." My attorney: "Do you know that the apartment you are renting is valued at $1.5 million?" Him: ...... crickets ..... Some other things that came out is that he borrowed money from his father to meet expenses, but also took a ski trip in March. When questioned if he used any of his $98,000 bonus on paying off any of his obligations, including sending me any money, his answer was no. The judge actually scowled at that one. The only time he really showed any emotion is when the subject of his bonuses came up. He became really animated and said that the bonuses should be "his and his alone" because of all the work he does to get them. I don't think that went over well. I am actually looking forward to testifying, and I think it will be good that is a whole new day, and only I will be testifying. I have all the juicy stuff like details about his affairs, his spending thousands on his girlfriends from our shared checking account, his complete lack of any support for me or our daughters, etc. I am betting that his new lawyer is not even aware of his affairs ... when they come up I think she will be shocked. All in all though it was a very hard day. I spent 3 years building a new life that is protected from him and then he invaded it for a day. All his nasty comments, his bad attitude, his complete disdain for me ...... it brought me back to when I was under his thumb and felt helpless. I took me a whole day to recover. When I got home I did not feel safe. I don't worry about my physical safety, but it brought up all the anxiety I had when he literally pulled the rug out from under me. I had to get back into the mindset that he cannot touch me where I live and that even if I receive nothing from him, I will still be okay.
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    Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. I have been learning the Wahls Protocol for the past couple months and have been working really hard to fit in 7-9 cups of vegetables. My neuro is out for June so I went to my GP. I’ve lost 19 pounds. That’s a lot for me. I’m barely in normal ranges for iron, despite taking three different high quality supplements. My MCV level is above normal range - indicating very low B12. (It was normal last fall.) He didn’t test B12, but this is more telling anyway. The labs were run on Friday. Friday AM, DH had to have an MRI, a steroid shot in his back, and DS went almost an hour away to bale hay and pick up rocks. We had a grad party in the evening, so when DH got done we were in a hurry to pick up DS so we ran through Taco Bell. Nothing was compliant and I gave in and ate an enormous thing full of protein - dairy, refined beans, black beans (all banned on Wahl Level 3) and steak. On Saturday I felt pretty decent for the first time in a few weeks. DH blamed the diet. Test results came back. He went and bought sardines, lol. (Essentially, you can have iron available and low B12 can dampen your ability to utilize it.) So - instead of just focusing on the veg., I’m tracking protein too and I’m fitting in at least one high B12 food each day. It’s only Tuesday. I feel shockingly better. I don’t know why my B12 is so readily depleted... Regardless, I thought I’d share. I really can’t believe the impact. Thank you all for the prayers. This has been one amazing week for us.
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    Am I the only one who remembers being a teen and lying to my parents, and it not being because I was on the fast track to Hell? I was a really good kid, good grades, no drugs, tried alcohol once in high school, etc etc, and I still lied to my parents. Heck, even on Leave it to Beaver, with the "perfect family", the kids lied and deceived their parents. And I'm pretty sure ALL kids break house rules at some point. So not freak out worthy to me. Just a normal teen parenting issue. I also wouldn't sit around waiting for her to come to me, that feels like playing games, not like direct, healthy communication that I want to model.
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    I didn't read the other replies because these discussions usually give me a headache because they are SO complex... but it is, indeed a conundrum. I have a daughter who is a college athlete. While she was still in high school, she had quite an awakening: She was one of the best girls on her team. She worked out tirelessly and gave her sport her ALL, putting true blood, sweat, and tears into it. She lived, breathed, ate, drank, and slept her sport. Over winter break, she and a male friend worked out together. He was one of the worst on her male-counterpart team. He has a perfect athletic body, but never really bothered to "do" much to improve his skill or his strength... he just "coasted on pretty," and as a result, the coaches were constantly frustrated with him. He was full of potential, but did not work hard for anything. He was only on the team because of gifts of nature that his body was perfectly suited for the sport and that he was "naturally" athletic. So, they went to work out together and he kicked her butt in EVERYTHING. She was flabbergasted and had thought, surely, she would have bested him in... something! But, no. In every event they practiced together, he was far superior. (and this was when she was around 15-16 and he was 15... he grew another foot and a half shortly after that and gained tons of muscle. Still while doing basically "nothing" to encourage such development. Meanwhile, dd is counting calories, working out constantly, and grinding her way through every practice and every event.) It was an awakening. The more these discussions come up, the more it hurts my head and my heart for everyone involved. I can "see" all sides, but seeing results firsthand of an outstanding high school female athlete vs. an average-but-lazy male athlete... if transgender women are allowed in my dd's sport... there are many hardworking young women who will lose a spot on the team. And I just can't find a way to be okay with that. Not to mention the girls who are involved in contact sports! Women are JUST NOW getting their shot in many college sports! It's been a very recent change for women to be able to BE scholarship athletes! This opportunity is funding my daughter's entire undergraduate education!!! And she's worked her backside off to HAVE that opportunity. To know that, if her friend (or any other boy on the boy's team) happened to be transgender and made his transition before or partway through high school that he would have wound up taking some girl like my daughter's spot on a college team... I just can't be complacent about that. (Although, in a case like that of Caster Semenya, I'd let the girl run against other females. IMHO, if they'd never run the tests she wouldn't have known. It wasn't intentional and it wasn't deceitful and I'm always sad to see her name plastered everywhere with her private business made public in such a way at such a young age. I don't see her "athletic" situation as the same as that of someone who lived early life as a male and then transitioned to female.)
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    Yes, I think that "open" or some other alternative should be available. I have a daughter who runs. She has a chance of winning against girls if she really works hard. She has zero chance of winning against biological boys who are serious competitors. So what is the point of being active if you're never going to have a chance? It would be a huge backward step for women's sports and the philosophy underlying their promotion. To be blunt, I don't care if this means some people don't get to do everything they want. Nobody gets to do everything they want.
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    When I bought this house I saw the list on Zillow for an open house. I had always said I would not live in a subdivision in this township but a friend and I stopped because we had time between looking at other houses. We pulled up and there was a garage sale but no for sale or open house sign in the yard so we tentatively walked up to ask. It was the right house so we went around with the kind elderly owner that had built the house himself. A few days later I asked for another showing (it was a for sale by owner) and came with a friend and my brother. As we were looking around the owner offered it to me for $5,000 less than the already very low asking price. Third showing I came with my realtors (parents of my good friend) and my daughter. They invited us in, my daughter sat and watched TV with them while we looked around. Made a written offer right then (as realtor said it was worth $30,000+ more than asking) and the owner started throwing in lawn mowers, trimmers, Christmas tree, etc. Before I even asked for anything. Super nice elderly couple that wanted me and my kids to have their home.
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    I adopted this girl today! We don't have her yet, we will pick her up after our vacation. We will be at the beach with my parents/sister/neices from the 5th to the 8th, so will pick her up after that. Plus, I still have a foster dog here, sigh. I've talked with weimaraner rescue and they understand I HAVE to get this girl somewhere else by the 9th. I'm driving her 4 hours round trip tomorrow to meet her potential new doggy brother. Which will eat up most of my day, but oh well. I'm in Florida, the Orlando area, the adopters who want her and another dog are in Ohio, the other dog is in the St. Petersburg area. So I'm going to be driving to St. Pete area tomorrow so they dogs can meet each other. If they get along the adopters will get the green light to make plans to drive down and get them. No one is sure when that would happen though, so looks like the weim will stay here with my petsitter and my dogs while we are gone. Then I may be driving her somewhere after that, not sure? Then picking up Blue. (no one knows how a blonde/golden girl got named Blue) So total chaos for the next week, basically. But she got on really well with my Tracker, who has been in a funk since Arya left. They played and played, really nicely. She has excellent doggy manners, and is silly, which he likes. She looks like a Fraggle, and is a bit over eager to give you kisses but otherwise is a very good girl. I think she's going to fit into our household really well.
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    The doctor called today. Dd and I leave on June 9th for the entire summer in Ireland so she knew we were very anxious about the results. They were looking for a pituitary tumor. Dd has not had a period in almost two years and did not have one even when the endocrinologist tried three times to stimulate one plus her ACTH was high on her most recent labs six weeks ago. The MRIs of her brain were tumor. The bloodwork that has come back so far (most will take a week because it was sent out) is good. She does not need any medication right now for her cortisol levels. Still no ideas as to why she has no periods but so very thankful the answer is not a tumor. Thank you all for the prayers. It has been a very scary few weeks having that possibility floating around in my brain.
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    UPDATE: Apparently she DOES have time for us after all 🤣 DH and I have told her 3 times yesterday that we are DONE and perhaps we should just let the buyers walk away and take if off the market and stay here until our son graduates high school in 3 years. We are now some sort of priority. Fancy that. I have special powers. BAHAHAHAHA!
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    Yes. They countered for a bit more and we accepted. It is DONE. We have the sale. Whew! I was so shocked they got back to us so soon. I just figured they would take a few days and keep us stressed.
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    What I would do is let all of them see Toy Story 4 with the July budget for the Lion King and then I'd go see the Lion King by myself. If you aren't excited to see Toy Story 4 then just send your dh to see it with the kids. This plan leaves no additional money spent and everyone pretty happy.
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    She is in a very vulnerable place right now and you reached out to her and listened. So, I don't find it odd at all that she has read more into the relationship than you have. Edited:grammar fix
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    It’s really not as clear cut as you think. The differences between 2nd wave and 3rd wave feminism come to mind. Most of us believe women should be valued as equal human beings to men, and not the same inherently but their own equally valuable sex. But there is a whole lot of baggage with feminist ideology in its various iterations and expressions that actually denigrates women and men for the sake of egalitarianism in a much more destructive way. Being looked down upon for being ‘just’ a SAHM comes to mind. Anyway, it’s actually a fairly nuanced discussion, no made up realities necessary.
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    BABY!!! I'm an auntie! Woot! (I have two nieces and a nephew on my husband's side, but this is the first child of my only sibling. I'm excited!!!)
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    We could stop taking sports seriously. But as this is an issue that doesn’t really affect male athletes, this statement means that female athletes will just have to be second class citizens. And not complain that something they love and work hard for is just not important enough to talk about. I don’t care about scholarships or money as much as I care that women have a level playing field in sport and are respected enough to have a serious conversation about what that means.
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    Before these boards, I didn't know that intellectual disdain for the Comic Sans font was a thing. But last night I had a weird dream where I got a sleeve tattoo of these barbed wire/spider web looking things and some sort of cool mystical spiritual quote and the tattoo artist used the Comic Sans font and in the dream I was looking at my arm thinking, "What will the WTM boardies think?!?" 🤣🤣🤣
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    No. Hiding a phone in one's room as a young teen is nowhere near as bad as it gets. There are teens shooting up drugs, selling their bodies, driving drunk, attacking their parents physically, dropping out of school, etc etc. It can get much much worse than a teen hiding a phone.
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    Yes, well, it can also mean that the kid is binge watching old MacGyver episodes in bed every night. Ask me how I know...
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    My main thought is, “Good for her!” That’s great that she has the courage to share her opinion, especially in a space where she knows it will not be popular.
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    Good news 🙂 Original lump was > 5cm “malignant mass which demonstrates significant interval decrease in size now measuring 2.0 cm AP x 1.2 cm RL x 1.8 cm SI.” I’m using public WiFi as kids are in summer classes so I am intermittently surfing the boards. (ETA: I meant my WiFi connection is unstable as I am walking around and using public WiFi)
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    And you know, just because I don't have enough going on, I got a call today for a job I didn't even apply for. They found my resume in their district application system and thought they would like to interview me. They called me and said they wanted to interview me either this week or next and I explained that I am going to the West Coast from Wed-Wed. They immediately said, "Well, what about tomorrow?" 😮 I just hope this isn't a, "We know who we want but we have to fill our quota of interviewing at least 3 people first" type of thing. High School, larger district, pays better, better hours, closer to home. So, here is hoping.....
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    In this case, Garga, I think that saying over and over again that they wanted their kids to move out, couldn't wait for them to leave is the symptom of the dysfunction, not the cause. It's not so much that they said it, it's that they meant it. Even if they hadn't said it, the kids would've known
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    Chiming in here to say. Thinking that teens literally are not able to make good decisions is a very sad view of teens. Of course teens can make good decisions and make them all the time. And of course they make bad decisions. My middle-aged self still makes bad decisions from time to time. Do teens have the capacity to always see the big picture of things? No. That's why they still need parents. But I think that parenting teens needs to become less top-down authoritarian and more side-by-side mentoring. I would not freak out. I would talk to the teen. Maybe over some froyo (our go-to for talks that are not confrontational). I would ask questions. A lot of them. Without judgment. Some of those questions would be related to why the teen wanted the phone and if some restrictions need to be relaxed a bit. My reaction to whether they wanted the phone for the opportunity to communicate (innocently) with friends would be a lot different than if they wanted the phone for clandestine meet-ups with someone they met on Tinder. Once I had all the information then I would ask the teen for suggestions on how to handle the situation. As in I would listen to their solutions and their negotiations while still reserving the right to make decisions because as a parent hopefully I am looking at the big picture and not the small picture of "Oh My Gosh - my kids are going to be sexting and get up to no good!" I mean that as a default reaction, not as a part of an informed picture of some of the pitfalls of unlimited cell phone access. My young adults have needed some freedom to learn how to make good decisions.
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    I believe (and hope) we have the same judge. And I do worry he will have a complete tantrum. This is the guy who showed up at my attorney's office and wouldn't leave until they threatened to call 911. I live with my sister and two very strong, very tall and military trained nephews, so he can come there at his own peril haha. Dang it woman, you made me cry! 🙂 To all of you that have supported me through this, I cannot thank you enough. You have saved me a lot of my mental sanity, kept me grounded when my STBX was trying to tell me black was white, and probably saved me thousands on therapists! Sometimes I will be spinning around and around in my head, and someone will respond with something insightful, or calm, or just plain good old advice and I breath easier. I wish I could invite you all to the huge divorce party blowout that I am planning!
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    He seems a classic narcissistic p. d. Time for some CBT for you. Repeat after me: "I am safe. I have built a successful new life that I am enjoying. He cannot hurt me any longer." Wishing you well for your day in court.
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    My dd2 is the one I've always said could "rule the world" if she wanted to. She's charismatic, smart as a whip, sharp as a tack, and the kindest person I know (which is why she never will actually rule the world... but that's a whole other post...) Kids 1 and 3 are natural-born test-takers. DD2 struggles mightily because she can "make an argument" for pretty much anything on the test paper. She's spent over a year working to re-train her brain to be decisive and has taken the ACT twice so far. First time was a Very Respectable score and we were all VERY pleased with her improvement from earlier practice tests. Second time was a Very, Very Good Score by anyone's standards and we danced around the house in celebration at how far she'd come. Third time (in June), she is hoping will conquer that last top-tier and we can all faint with happiness. While updating her college spreadsheet, however, I have noticed that at the universities she is looking at (the ones that aren't strictly conservatories), she has qualified for some hefty automatic scholarships at those universities with her CURRENT ACT score! Full tuition at some and others have competitive scholarships and amazing programs that she qualifies to apply for!!!! (and with her Very Impressive Resume and excellent interviewee skills, she sure has a strong shot at them! I'd just always assumed that her ACT score would hold her back & hadn't spent much time investigating, but when her ACT Score rose on up there, I didn't look into how that changed things until now!!!) I was already super proud of her and super happy of her progress and hard work. But, when she learns that she's qualified for some hefty automatic scholarships, she is going to be over the moon!!!! At least two of the schools WILL STACK academic and music scholarships too, which makes them VERY intriguing & I think they will move right up on dd's list!!! (The music schools themselves aren't super-prestigious, but the professors there for her instrument ARE well-known and have connections out the wazoo... so could be a good fit) It is the BEST life experience to see a kid who has worked SO HARD at certain things overcome those hurdles and receive rewards for conquering those VERY challenges!!!
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    HSLDA has always maintained that it only gets involved in homeschool situations where there are no taxpayer dollars involved. They aren't throwing anyone under a bus, they simply disagree with you and so do I. They're maintaining a philosophically consistent position of complete autonomy from the public system, which includes public funds. Do I agree with everything they do? No, I wish they only dealt with homeschooling laws and nothing else. Do I agree that it would be a terrible idea to give taxpayer funds to homeschoolers? Yes. It blurs the lines which has the potential to create all sorts of legal precedents and legal definitions that in the long run have a worse effect on homeschooling as a whole. And I do fully support tax credits for homeschoolers? Yes, because they aren't taking tax money out of the government coffers, they're crediting taxpayers for the relief they're provided the system (on average $10,000 per kid per year.) I have used the public system for homeschoolers at Eagleride in Mesa, AZ. I knew I was enrolling my kid for extra curricular public school classes. I have no problem with the legal distinction. I made the distinction when people asked where my kid goes to school. (Public enrichment school for extra curriculars 2 days a week, homeschooling for core subjects 3 days a week.) Whether or not that made me a real homeschooler in someone else's eyes doesn't matter me. It' a bad mental habit to get upset about other people's classifications. You can tell people how you classify yourself, and then they'll agree or not. Whatever. I only care about legal issues because that can really cause people serious problems down the road. Those were public school classes open to only legally registered homeschoolers. They set the schedule, content, rules, testing requirements, vaccination requirements, etc. I'm in or I'm out, but I have no say over what they do and HSLDA doesn't either.
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    MRI and CT scan tomorrow. Would appreciate prayers and positive thoughts. Had my 6th round of THCP chemo on Tuesday. I opt not to have a port so all 6 was through IV. Next up is MRI, CT scan, Ultrasound mammogram, pre-surgery appointment, surgery then tentatively a year of Herceptin. ETA: Both the recent echocardiogram and the first echocardiogram three months were okay. Next echocardiogram in three months time.
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    Gently, you must put your needs above theirs. I understand fully this is easier said than done, but this is the long haul. From the sounds of it, you’re going to be caring for them the rest of your life unless/until they go into residential care. You are not going to be able to do this unless you find a way to take care of yourself and get help with their needs. With that level of adaptive functioning, they may qualify for overnight/weekend respite at a group home. What about case coordinator, nursing home waivers, a family advocate? Services are a struggle to get(going on almost two years of fighting to get services here and no end in sight), but they are out there. Simply, you can’t do this until you’re 85, and you won’t be able to care for them long term at all unless you start caring for your own needs.
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    First update stems from my post about DD23 and her BF. Not only did he tell his parents, but apparently they surprised him and were very happy, plus, they invited her to dinner tomorrow night. DD23 is over the moon thrilled. For Disney fans, you know that line from Frozen..."Don't know if I'm elated or gassy...but I'm somewhere in that zone!" Yep, that's where DD is right now. She plans to call me tomorrow as soon as the dinner is over. She is also thinking that maybe....he really was just way more freaked out than was potentially warranted. I will keep folks here updated. I also want to say....even presuming this goes well....that doesn't really mean rings or dates will be coming soon. All it really means is that discussions will still proceed. Even so, I hope it goes really well tomorrow. Second update, unrelated, but kind of a funny. Earlier this week I talked about DH and his "issues" with how the house is kept and his terrible timing. Well, discussions, very mild ones were had... Today is Saturday. Most Saturdays go down like this: I wake up between 6:30 and 7:30am, naturally. I finish the grocery list, get dressed, etc. There could be some dishes or laundry done, or perhaps some kid management if they wake up early. I am usually leaving between 8:30 and 9am. Most of the time, kids are just waking up either just before or within the timeframe that I head out. Depending on the shopping trip, I am usually home sometime between noon and 2. And during that time I am gone, the person I live with usually watches fishing shows on YouTube, gets the 6yr old out of his Goodnight and into some clothes, and usually makes some nuggets for the kids to eat...pours some milk, etc. Once I get home, he hollars from his seat for the kids to get their shoes or clothes to get the groceries unloaded, then asks what's for lunch. Today I had a scout thing with DD10. I went shopping after. When I got home, everyone was dressed. And....had eaten. AND........he told the kids to unload AS HE WAS PUTTING ON HIS SHOES. Then...............after they were unloaded, I went potty and...........................................he started putting them away?!?!?!?!?!? Without being asked. And he asked where things went if he didn't know (instead of doing something like putting refrigerated stuff in the pantry.) Oh...oh...............AND......he asked about the trash pick up schedule for the holiday weekend!?!?!?!?!?!? Trash pick up day is the fact that he thought to ask about the holiday schedule made me do a double take. Sometimes............boys are dumb. And sometimes, they can be taught lol
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    May is ALS Awareness month. Doing my part. 😉
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    We are having new flooring installed so it is a good opportunity to sort through stuff as it all has to be moved and then put back anyway. I had decided that there was no reason to hold onto all the yarn and knitting/crocheting accessories since it had been about 15 years since anyone in the household had tried this hobby. I had not yet mentioned this to the family and I had not pulled it out to discard it. A few days ago, both DDs started knitting/crocheting projects out of the blue! Argh. I'm doomed to live with clutter.
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    Thank you. I needed that reassurance today that it’s ok to feel this way. i have to remind myself that this is my problem...DS is perfectly happy. He’s talked to his therapist about being locked in the bathroom, and she doesn’t feel there’s any residual trauma. He’s just as happy being homeschooled as anything. He’s happy just being himself. He’s aware of autism(his aunt, cousin and grandfather are autistic as well on varying places on the spectrum) and aware that he shares it with his family members . DS9 wouldn’t change himself, and if truth be known, I wouldn’t either. some days I just wish life could be a little easier for all of us.
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    I never call myself a feminist. It's bad enough that people assume I feel and vote a certain way because I am female. Of course I believe in equal respect etc., but the modern feminist movement still considers me a disgrace because of what I don't believe in. As for the "women in literature" comment, I think she's saying that the constant and intense focus on our differences just drives deeper wedges between groups. I do think it can be a fascinating study, but why doesn't anyone have the same interest in men in literature? As a lifelong reader, I can think of interesting observations on both sides. But only women are sold these courses, at a cost of thousands of dollars, which goes to enrich someone for discriminating and not being particularly scholarly IMO. In short, I think your sister asks a fair question.
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    I'm not a feminist. If we parsed it out to its essence maybe I am, but the standard definition with all of its modern connotations? Nope. She had balls* to say that to her Women's lit class. I just keep my mouth shut in my classes. I have to disagree with her on the white men comment, but I understand the sentiment. *yes, I know...
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    I have a big chicken coop, a small one and one that I refer to as the Duplex. Tonight while trying to round up some chicks I inserted myself into a doorway that no sane person would ever even think about entering. No one was home, I didn't have my phone (wouldn't have been able to reach my pocket anyway) and I did not react calmly. Finally I realized that if I got in I should be able to get out. Tomorrow the chicks move to a coop with a bigger door. Door on the right.
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    Ok, they are floored. They have no idea what happened. There is plenty of money in that account. They will get it taken care of Mon. It must have been a bank error.
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    I’d say you are absolutely depressed. Not mental illness depressed that is caused by a chemical imbalance, but sad and appropriately grieving depressed. You are still able to carry out the functions that need to be carried out, but you are also carrying a heavy load of grief as you go about your day. It hasn’t even been a year. I do think it’s normal. To call yourself lazy makes me cringe. You are not lazy. You are actively grieving and that saps a lot of energy. Please, please do not call yourself lazy. You are not lazy. I do not think that you can get motivated and “fix this”. I don’t think you’re broken and need fixing. I think you’re going through a difficult time and it will naturally pass/change as time goes on. I don’t think trying to force a motivation is necessary at this point. And I also think it’s quite a shame that your IRL people are acting like it’s taboo to talk about this. It need not be taboo. It’s actually part of the healing process for you to be able to talk about your mom and your feelings for a good two years or more after the fact without feeling like you have to keep silent due to a taboo. Is there any friend that you have that is a gentle soul who will listen to you talk without acting like it’s taboo? Are you sure it’s a taboo? Are you sure you can’t just start talking about her? People might be uncomfortable because they’ll immediately think, “Uh oh! I have to come up with something clever and comforting to say!” And they worry that they’ll fail you. But if you let them know, “You don’t have to try to comfort me. It’s a comfort simply being able to talk to you about this. Don’t worry about having to say anything back,” then they might be just fine listening to you talk. Would you like to tell us some stories about your mom? We will listen! You are normal. You are not lazy. You are not unmotivated. You are grieving. Your mama must have been a wonderful person for you to miss her so very much. She must have been very precious to you. I am so sorry that she is gone. Even though her last day was so upsetting, that’s all over now. It was one bad day in a lifetime filled with many good days. That one bad day doesn’t negate all the joy she must have felt when she was raising her little girl and when she was being cared by you during her last year here.
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    I have been most surprised by the effect age has had on time! It just flies by at an unacceptable rate. I remember as a teen feeling like time went so slowly- I was one who couldn't wait to grow up and have a spouse, a house, a kid, etc. It seemed to go by at a normal pace after that, but now it goes so fast I wish I could rein it back in. I feel like my Grandmother, here at the end of June thinking "next thing we know it'll be Thanksgiving and then Christmas!"
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    Oh gosh. In our family that would be totally normal. I’d push back on the ice cream as well, but that doesn’t change that laughing at a fart or eating dessert first (which I sometimes do, too!) are harmless fun. It’s not like 99% of the child’s life experience is meal ruining and poor manners 🙂
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    Or there is a higher moral issue at stake (like maintaining a good relationship, traditional notions of hospitality, etc). Or there are other factors involved that limit their ability to offer the most nutritious food (like there not even being a consensus on what is nutritious these days anyway). So, someone comes over to my house and I offer soup beans and corn bread (made with GMO cornmeal and white flour no less!) because that's all we can afford but it's lovingly prepared and served are they really going to assume that I'm making a decision to harm them just because they're on a low-carb diet and I'm not serving a sous vide prepared streak and cauliflower? For that matter, if I serve steak instead and the cauliflower has a buttery sauce and the guest is convinced that fat is evil I'm somehow morally at fault? And if my Aspie cousin who only eats frozen pizza comes over and that's what I serve him because I want him to feel at ease and welcome I'm just rationalizing? Or for that matter, when I have my baby I know there are certain people who will send me a casserole made with canned cream of whatever soups. I can't imagine being anything but grateful and think well of the thoughtful hands that prepared it and I will definitely serve it to my family! Come on, seriously? Excuses?
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