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    I start nursing school on February 1st. My first pair of scrubs arrived today. Size medium! And they weren't even tight!
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    Well, I've finally reached veteran homeschooler status. I just bought a set of curricula that was already on my shelf. 😩
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    HSBC has a Father's Day freebie (pick from the list). Go get something! 🙂
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    Eid Mubarak! Happy Eid!
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    You know it's a good trip when, mid-water slide, your 8yo screams, "I love spending time with yooouu!" 😂
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    The community center officially opened registration for my Fall semester piano lessons today :)! It’s getting real...
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    Please keep DD’s cheer team in your thoughts this weekend. They are going into their last competition of the season, and one of their primary bases broke her arm yesterday, so they have to completely rework much of the routine. They’ll be working tonight, and then most of the team will be immediately leaving to drive to Destin.
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    Hey! Would you delete your quote from my post? I'm going to address this situation in my usual way and don't want it to get any nastier than possible.
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    Woo I love this site. Much better and lots more information than the facebook groups I've joined. 🙂
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    Good luck with the start of nursing school SC! I would say knock'em dead except it turns out we nurses are supposed to knock'em healthy 😄
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