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    Thank you all. My surgery went perfectly and I just got wheeled out of recovery. My baby girl, no name yet, was not breathing well when she was born and has been on oxygen since. The amount of oxygen dependance has decreased gradually since she was born and Dr aren't too concerned. They did a chest x-ray and blood work but I haven't heard what the results were. Thankfully, on the way out of recovery they wheeled me into the nursery and I was able to cuddle her for 45 minutes. And they'll wheel me to her whenever I want. But they don't expect she'll be in there for too long. Last I heard from sil was around 1 and baby had passed 2 tests and she was waiting to hear from the Dr. Haven't heard what Dr decided was the best course of action. With being over due, sil having gestational diabetes and some other issues they are being very thorough.
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    I was probably never going on a cruise, but now I'm really really never going on a cruise.
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    I found out today that my dd10 thought the word "several" referred to seven. So if you bought several bags of chips, you bought 7 bags.
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    Be kind to retail, food service, and janitorial workers. Be mean to everyone else. jk. but seriously, when you are ordering food and the waiter/ff worker comes to you with a delay/problem, it goes A LONG WAY to give them a smile and a “no worries!”. Stuff like that.
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    Gosh, I just want to say to all of you with such difficult relatives that I hear you, and I believe you had it very hard, and I appreciate as a human how you have come to terms with your realities, and have so courageously stayed good people. It sounds odd, but I am grateful for that.
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    You are not a whiner. You've had major unavoidable expenses as well as a major loss in the last few months. Complaining/venting is absolutely okay and understandable. It's HARD! And none of these expenses are anything you ever would've wished for. IF it had at least been a vacation or too expensive car you would've had SOMETHING fun with that money. As it is, the bills are kinda a slap in the face when you're already beaten down.
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    Buy less crap. Seriously. Consumerism is so destructive in so many ways, both physically to the environment and to relationships. Feed someone. Anyone. Anything. Even if it’s just a cup of coffee. Even if they aren’t hungry, there’s something spiritual about sharing any kind of sustenance with another that uplifts souls. I wouldn’t go so far as to say “food is love,” but it is something indelible when shared in genuine kindness. Go for a walk. Alone or with someone. No earbuds to tune out the world. Suddenly we notice things we drive past every day without really seeing. Make the most important things in your life reflected in where you put your money and your time. So many people live with regrets that they misspent money or time. So many people think “someday” how they spend their money and their time will actually reflect their life goals and values. For many someday never comes.
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    🤣 Less than a month away from 5 years, ladies!
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    Serive, you won;'t see this until tomorrow morning, but I posted on your K-8 thread a nice long list of things for you to look up. You're welcome. I really should go to sleep. Did I tell you guys I found a 6 bedroom/3 bath house in Scotland with a great layout near where Scotsman's work will be at a price we could actually afford to rent it? Now all we need is for the company to get the contract, hire him, and move us before someone else snatches it up! Not gonna happen, but I can dream. You know, they have seasons there? I haven't lived somewhere with actual seasons in more than 20 years. My kids never have. All those "do this acitivity in x season" could actually be done!
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    The DMV was shockingly fast. 🤯 Only two people ahead of me! I came home and made cookies and lesson planned. Oh, and I did order that dress and it came today and it fits!💃 Also today came adorable ballet look baby socks. 😍
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    Call his primary care doctor and work out a plan. Swallowing a pencil is not something you wait out. We have done things in the past like get X-rays at the primary doctor or at an orthopedist’s to avoid the ER.
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    EdPos (and DentalPos, and VomitPos, and Fill-in-the-BlankPos) all just started as a fun, tongue-in-cheek warning for a topic that those lounging on the shores of the ITT island might prefer to ignore. Because of course we specialize in ignoring. They don't bother me in the least. Y'all truly have the best advice around. (And, hey! the occasional EdPo helps to validate the space we take up here on the Gen Ed Board, of all places. 😁) Just be forewarned: EdPos out in K-8 will be taken seriously.... but here at ITT? Well..... ....pretty much the only thing we take seriously is friendship. And spelling. #h
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    One thing about this article that bothers me is the regular denigration of those who (usually stay-at-home mothers) choose to make the home and children their work choice. The author repeatedly refers to being "stuck at home", "relegated to the kitchen", etc... But never mentions being "caught in the trap of breadwinner" or "tied to a paycheck". He's part of the problem when he devalues building a community of people to take care of kids and the elderly.
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    My eyes keep seeing Lord of the FiLes and all I can think is, I could use some help organizing my home office... #sleepdeprivedbrain
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    Finished Nora Robert’s Year One. It wasn’t bad - ease of reading helped it go fast - but it did not feel very original. Felt like I was reading The Stand, 2020 Edition. I personally feel like the author mashed together too many tropes - a fantasy with dark/light, witchcraft, but also woodland elves and fairies. Prophecy that blends up the author’s fantasy realm and the Bible (which seems irreverent to me). The book threw me back to the days when my kids would create epic playscapes with their LEGO peoples and the playmobil peoples and all the stuffies at the same time. The second book of the trilogy is on hold for me at the library, but I’m not sure I’m going to read it. Because if I do, I’ll feel obligated to finish out the saga by reading the third book. (Or maybe not, she thinks, remembering the third novel in the Divergent series that got flung aside about halfway through...) Next up is Little Fires Everywhere, and another short story collection, this time Daniel Woodrell’s Outlaw Album. And, coast. I enjoy a mountain vacation every few years, but thrive on being near water.
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    I know an actual victim who is much older than me. He says it happened to pretty much all the boys in his troop. Not sure these are spurious claims.
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    In the future with medical I'd put those off rather than on credit card. Usually you can get a payment plan with zero interest from the medical provider, and even if you are late they take a while to put it on your credit vs a credit card company.
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    You are so sweet. Thank you. Balto's story is a lovely one. It would make us cry almost every time. Junie, no, never! I never thought you were scolding or anything. Love you dear friend. Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous! You are truly blessed.
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    Would you be less mortified if she asked a bank for the loan? Or are you just mortified, mortified! that she’s not as savvy as you. And it was you who said you can haul a lot of stuff in a small hatchback “ if you’re motivated to do so”. Because you did it. That’s not really called for, is it? Just because I can cram 24 bags of pellet fuel in my SUV doesn’t mean I should, lol. There’s a payload limit on vehicles, correct? I’d ruin my car if I did that. The place I buy it from does not deliver. I can’t get the $19.95/day rental on a UHaul because I live 45 minutes outside of the town. It cost us over $100 to rent one for a 100 mike trip. Scarlett said they’ll be living on SS. I trust she’ll survive. I’m sure you’re aware of the percentage of Americans who have no/were screwed out of their pensions, and never made enough to invest in retirement. Try as some do, we’re not a country full of lazy, thieving moochers. Some families are actually pretty tight and believe in helping each other in a myriad of ways. There are so many more dire happenings to be mortified about.
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    Raising children with great critical thinking skills, a love of learning and embodiment of the fruit of the Spirit. That stretches me about as far as I can go right now.
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    I haven't read that since college. Next time I see it at the bookstore I should get it. It fell out of favor for a couple of decades because the Catholic Church that Merton converted to was so different from the post-Vatican II Church, and Merton himself got a bit weird (defied the rules of his Order, got oddly syncretistic with Zen Buddhism); but I feel like Seven Storey Mountain has been coming back into favor a bit. Thanks for the review from an 'outside' perspective!
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    I’m more concerned about what makes you think that you haven’t forgiven. Forgiveness is simply giving up the right to exact punishment for wrongs done. It doesn’t disregard that wrong was done and not have emotions about that. It also doesn’t mean continuing to let the person wrong you. If that’s going on, then you have the right to distance yourself if you are unable to say to yourself “That’s not true about me or my situation.” And let it go. It’s ok to put mom in a care home or hire help and visit for as long as you can stand it. That’s what my dad did. Is she returning to behaviors that are harmful to you and your siblings? Or is just being around her bringing stuff back to the surface? Those are two different situations. End of life does bring stuff to the surface for those in decline and their loved ones. If she hasn’t worked out her issues, this will be a difficult time for her. She is likely experiencing a lot of fear, and when we’re scared, we’re not always our best selves. We tend to revert to survival mode and what got us through our hard times. You are such a lovely person and I have a hard time believing you are an unforgiving person. Big hugs to you as you work through all this.
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    Oats! Oatmeal for breakfast every morning and oat milk instead of dairy milk. I also swapped out my cheese for 'protein cheese', which is dairy but very low fat. I pretty much cut out butter, and I eat meat in moderation at about four meals a week (Husband likes to cook meat). I also do pretty much all the other healthy things you mention (walking, home-cooked food, etc). At my last doctor's appointment, I had gone from 'should be on statins' to excellent cholesterol ratios and only a 4 percent chance of a cardiac event in the next ten years.
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    Nope. Never sneaked out, never hid anything (also never have done drugs), HOWEVER, I have, on more than one occasion while my dc were still at home, gone to Mickey D's and gotten fries which I ate while my dc were at a drop off activity. Amazingly, I used tactics that drinkers and smokers use to get rid of all evidence - including the smell of those fries from my car and my breath - before picking up said children. I am proud to say that I was 100% successful. 👏👏👏 Angie takes a bow.
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    Just stay away from my man, Krissi. 😉 For the record, I’ve never actually beat someone up! Booyah!
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    It probably should. I need to read more about George HW Bush. I’m at the part where he meets Barbara. It’s a Booya/h. In honor of President Bush.
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    National Library Service for people with disabilities making print reading hard. The book. Is. The. Mae. December. Dog. Cozy. Mystery. Series. By mother. daughter. Team “Lia Farrell.” and. I am. starting. to talk. that way, . but what’s really. funny. is . my mother .declared . me easier . to understand . with my new. strange . pause . at . Nearly .every .word .speech.
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    We all kind of nodded and smiled but we couldn’t really keep to it...I mean, we’re moms. If one of our kids is having trouble learning to read or won’t do their math, of course we anguish over it and want to be able to talk it over with our friends and ask for help.
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    You are now the ponies' favorite person!
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    I'm still up, as I've started the lambing check in the middle of the night. Only dh didn't shut the ewes in! I checked everyone I could find, but I had 2 horses, and 2 rams (who considered taking me) with the ewes out in the pasture. Hope no one lambs tonight down by dd's house because they're spread out over MANY acres. This is not going to work!
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    Hard to believe DD graduates at the end of next year. She will be age eligible to do DE at a wider range of schools next Spring, and we won’t know for sure what DE classes will be offered at her current school for fall until later this semester. She'll be entering full time college with about 70 DE credits. I suspect she'll add to this for any classes that are particularly interesting to her. Science-Herpetology upper division/graduate field course (summer), probably some interesting DE class (one of the colleges has a good Invertebrate zoology class, another has a seismology that looks interesting) Math-finish the calculus sequence for bio majors (DE) English-some interesting lit class (DE) Spanish-Continue with HSA to keep conversational Skills up (has college credits completed) Social Studies/History-we’ll see what is offered. She has a huge number of credits, so doesn’t need anything, but there are several possible classes of interest Possibly an Educstion class or two since she is considering adding a teaching license to her degrees and likes teaching. Piano/Theory Teach Herpetology and a new class at Athena’s, run local homeschool science club. Teen music ensemble Driver's Ed/practice (eligible for license in November, so I want her to get as much practice as she can before going away the following fall) And, of course, college applications, etc.
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    Happy noon! Ds has a job shadowing gig today with our county manager, so I hope he enjoys it! Done: breakfast and lunch dropped ds off at county offices tutored 1 student talked to my big sister To Do: tidy house start dinner later afternoon(homemade chicken noodle soup) look over school and tutoring for rest of week make a list of supplies needed for co-op classes get a gift for a friend
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    Lol, you can guess I’m not a car person. So...we actually bought two cars and traded in our van thatwas on its last legs. We saw a Chrysler that was what we were looking for (used enough to be affordable, but still looked reliable) for a couple thousand less than we had budgeted for. And we saw a camry that was a little more than wehad planned on, butsince the van was a little lessit balanced out. The weird thing for me to get used to is that the van is too new to have a CD player. I may have to figure out current technology. FirstIguess Ihave to find out what that would be.
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    I just made my first batch of elderberry syrup. I may have to freeze some because I went a little crazy and ended up making an entire gallon. This was super easy and way cheaper than the store bought stuff. I sure hope it tastes good when I let the children try it in the morning. Oldest wanted to try it before bedtime because he said it smells good. At the time, it was still boiling hot and I hadn't added the honey yet. 😂
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    Yes, definitely. DS had several Top 20 options, and at his first choice school he was awarded the maximum scholarships, despite just barely meeting the minimum score requirement (ACT 33) and having no APs and only 2 DEs, while other students with higher stats, more APs, etc., did not get the same scholarships. He was also able to jump straight into 300 & 400 level courses in his major, because of having studied extensively on his own, and several of his profs have been impressed enough to ask if they could use his work as examples in future classes. The head of the department for his minor just rearranged their fall course schedule specifically so DS can take the courses he needs for the minor, which are normally scheduled at times that conflict with his varsity practice. Both his major and minor subjects are areas he studied extensively on his own before college, and people have definitely been impressed by that. ETA: @8FillTheHeart also has kids who earned large scholarships based on unique transcripts that demonstrated self-direction and the pursuit of passions at a high level.
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    If you have to go to the ER, then have the primary dr call ahead and put you in queue. We have often waited in a vehicle with our medically fragile kids and gone straight into triage or been admitted straight up to floor. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having close contact with the primary care doctor. Like, should be on your BFF list forever.
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    Today only, free for Kindle readers ~ From the Earth to the Moon and Round the Moon by Jules Verne "A team of nineteenth-century American engineers builds a rocket to the moon in this visionary novel from the author of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and Around the World in Eighty DaysDuring the Civil War, the members of the Baltimore Gun Club delighted themselves by designing artillery the likes of which the world had never seen. But when the South eventually surrenders, the gun club languishes, until its president, Impey Barbicane, conceives of a project so preposterous it must be attempted: to build a gun large enough to fire a rocket to the moon. From raising the money to casting the cannon to readying it to fire, the gun club overcomes one seemingly insurmountable obstacle after another. But when a rival engineer and an intrepid French adventurer join Barbicane on the spaceship’s inaugural voyage, the three men soon discover that getting to the moon is only half the battle: Making it home will be their toughest challenge yet. From the Earth to the Moon and its sequel, Round the Moon, were published nearly a century before the Apollo missions. Suspenseful, humorous, and prophetic, these captivating adventure stories sparked mankind’s enduring fascination with space travel. " Regards Kareni
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    I think my sister is planning a trip to Key West for us all next Jan for my dad’s 70th. Hey, if someone else is paying, I’m game! They picked Key West because we can drive. (Peanut allergies prevent DS from flying.)🥰
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    Good Morning🌺 Coffee and yogurt Go for walk Take apart my electric fireplace and see if I can get a new heating element Do a couple of errands Oldest daughter is coming over to pick up a few things, maybe do coffee Workout at gym with DH Make dinner Relax
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    My dad loved organs the way many men love motorcycles. And Hammonds were his Harleys. :) He would play other organs, but there was nothing like a Hammond.
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    Ok, why do you have to have a catered reception? A church fellowship hall with cake and punch or if not religious, some type of community place. I just do not understand the trend for expensive venues and such. Save the money for a downpayment on a house. But that is me. Since you already threw a more elaborate wedding for an older child, that might not be a possiblity. I just want to point out that you do not HAVE to do that. You are CHOOSING to do that. Congratulations. An exciting time! Enjoy the fun. Also, are you and your daughter planning it? My mom only helped me get my dress. Other than that, my husband and I planned the whole thing with a shoestring budget.
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    I have to get off my b*tt and start doing some serious decluttering. I've been avoiding it because it's not fun and it is way more fun to be outside playing in the snow. Time to put on my big-girl panties and get to work. To do: - declutter boxes in basement cold room, storage room and landing area. DONE! 😀 - declutter boxes in master bedroom. DONE! 😀 - leave the house during dd's piano teaching and drop off boxes at charity and get in a hike. DONE! 😀 - feel good for having done all the above. YAY!!! 😀 I must do this. No excuses!
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    Charlotte Mason couldn’t predict my little boy who was fascinated by all vehicles and electronics because she didn’t know of those things. The first cars were towards the end of her life and of course she could have never predicted computers! But he explored those concepts and the principles of physics and electricity etc. He’s almost done with his Computer Science/Cyber Security degree so he obviously learned those lessons. (He built his first computer at age 10.) Charlotte Mason was also a single woman who never had any children of her own. She taught many children and many teachers how to teach children. But I do think that she had a slightly idealized view of children. I say this as someone who has been greatly influenced by her ideas.
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    Even if you don't get moved right away, 6 bedrooms aren't on most people's list of criteria when looking for a house. I have a rather large house (old and in need of constant repair, but large) and it doesn't have that many bedrooms. 😂 Thank you for the list. I haven't looked yet because I wanted to check ITT first, this morning. Good morning all! Please pray I have a better school day with Oldest today. I don't know what is going on with him, these days. Can a boy hit pre puberty at 9? He sure has the attitude of a teenager.
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    Ponies taken care of. No PoopAerobics™. It's frozen. 😑 (And, honestly, it's not THAT cold out there. It's actually been a very mild winter, which has turned me into a baby. 😋)
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    Mooooooommmmm!! Slache is hogging all the oomph!
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    Load #1 in the washing machine Washed, dried and put away dishes, knives and pans. Wiped down counters, stove and microwave. Just remembered what I was forgetting to add to the list last night - watering my Dad's death plant. Going to do that right now.
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    Btw, y'all know it's Monday? But also a holiday. And several things are "off" this week. Woo-hoo! Also, I made coffee and drank it. Sorry I didn't share. 😜
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    George HW Bush was a very distant relative of mine (thanks to being related to the same Mayflower passenger). On the day that he passed, some of my girls and I wore crazy socks in his memory. Which book are you reading?
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