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    Good Morning! Happy Sunday!
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    Or maybe just a little WD-40?
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    Rocco! Grab the superglue and fix Spuds before she falls apart!
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    Fiiiiiive o’clock and aaaaalllll is weeeeeeeeeeellllll.
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    This thread gives me anxiety. I'm feeling a big disconnect between the ho-hum nothing to see here attitude of people IRL, and my own observations that I have never seen countries taking measures like this to fight a virus in my lifetime.
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    Good Morning🌺 Coffee and yogurt Church Shopping Pick up dog from boarding Pack up and head out of town until Thursday
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    This is how warm it was yesterday in Salzburg!
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    I agree that observing Lent helps me to anticipate and enjoy Pascha so much more. I'm another one who did not grow up observing Lent and didn't start until about 15yrs ago. We don't observe Lent as strictly as our church prescribes it but we do our best. It was an adjustment and hasn't always been easy because it doesn't come naturally to me. In fact, right now I'm grumbling in my mind about it coming up. But I'm so glad we do it. Pascha is such a happy happy celebration. Blessed Lent to all who are observing.
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    What occurred to me regarding the high death rate in Iran is there could be many, many undetected cases, with the only ones reported nearing critical condition, driving up the death rate significantly.
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    Got DH to help me clean the ceiling fans/light fixtures. And I ordered some long shirts for DS online. #tallness Now dinner's almost ready. Roasted pineapple is a wonderful thing.
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    I also think that using the label of 2e is also a shortcut for "this is an incredibly difficult educational situation that will require lots of adjustments from a typical program of study." From that point of view, I personally include gifted kids who have learning disabilities, mental illness, physical illness, and physical disabilities. That might not be the official legal classification for getting accommodations at school, but from the point of view of homeschooling, the tribe of parents of 2e kids can learn so much from each other regardless of the type of disability or illness whether mental or physical.
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    This is why I am wanting to give up (mostly) the internet. I cheaply offer my time up to the god of the internet, the god who promises so much and leaves my soul feeling smaller. The god who demands so little of me.
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    This is a huge vent. I miss textbooks. I miss tests and homework in any other form but multiple-choice! My son is taking a dual enrollment statistics class. It’s a mess. The professor ignores the text and uses a grab-bag of worksheets in class in lieu of a lecture. All homework and quizzes are online multiple-choice questions. They are not hard, but very tricky from what I can tell. I tutor kids in our local (very top ranked) high school , and they seem to be in the same boat with their classes. It’s just a big, disorganized mess—like my post here! My son is plowing on with this class, and will do fine. I just am so frustrated with the lack of organized, methodical teaching in our schools. I’m so glad I finished grad school before this crazy trend began. I would not have made it through!
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    Well it's been a busy day finishing off a busy week. This morning, after dropping Kid2 off for horse riding, I spent the whole morning up to about 12:30pm clearing out my kids' rooms so the fixit guy could stretch the carpets. I knew they had a lot of crap, but I didn't realize just how much. My youngest in particular - her books and toys and craft supplies filled up my entire bedroom. The other kid's stuff filled up the remaining nooks and crannies. I took Kid1 to her cheer gig. When we got home, Mr. Fixit was done and it was time to move the stuff back out of my room. I spent the remainder of the day sorting stuff (garbage, hand-me-down to nieces, donate to church rummage sale, donate to animal shelter, or keep), and putting the rooms back together. Kid1's room is back together and much neater than before. Kid2's stuff is partly put away, partly in bins and piles, but at least it's out of my room. After all that, I did 1 load of laundry so Kid1 will have a clean cheer uniform for tomorrow. And I cleaned the kitchen. I did my basic exercise routine and some reading. Pretty sure I got enough exercise today, but I wish I had done more stretching. Now to get some sleep before Sunday School.
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    Since I know it will take me awhile to finish the other two books I am reading, I needed a quick read so Run Away by Harlan Coben was just right. I will say, after spending decades reading mysteries, I pretty much can figure things out half way through, so that's a bit un-fun
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    Alright, I think that’s enough chores. I’m going to get Lego Lass to scrub the tub and Snugglebunny to mop the dining room and call it a day until time to cook dinner.
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    Dr John’s morning update— less than 12 minutes if you have the time, I think he does a good job.
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    New word for me: “distantiated” from worldometer: "People must be distantiated right now, because this is a virus that is transmitted very effectively at close range" said the director of the infectious diseases department of the Higher Institute of Health, Gianni Rezza. I wonder if new greeting rituals for the west like a small bow or hello wave (or bringing back old ones like tipping hat) would be a good idea in place of hand shaking, and social hugs and kisses
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    Teach Your Monster To Read is free until Friday. I have not used this app, but a family member is saying it's been really good for her kiddo (she has dyslexia, so I'm assuming he has some traits). When I looked at reviews, it says that it's phonics based, and that sight words are true sight words that break regular phonics rules.
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    Morning. I spent most of yesterday in bed after work. I think I got glutened Friday night. Just wiped out, nauseated, and uncomfortable. But it will be 48 hours this evening, and normally I'm better by then. Took my Benedryl and that tends to help me a little bit. I wanted Vit C, but I was out, so drank orange juice instead, and that probably helped too. More revisions today, but I'm also working on the boys' schedules for the week this morning. I should start revisions around ten, I guess. Grocery list is done, and DH is out to get the shopping done for the week.
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    It's looking like mild weather for this last week of Feb. I'll definitely be trying to get in as much skiing, snowshoeing and hiking outside as I can. I'll have the time and opportunity to do this for the next month, and then the snow will melt. We've cleared the next big hurdle for our move to Colorado, so things are getting more 'real' and urgent for selling our home. I've been chasing up quotes for flooring, carpeting, and other necessary home renos. I'll also be doing a lot of painting come April. That will keep my muscles working and sore! 🤪
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    My two girls and I spent just a few days in NYC a couple years ago. We decided to go last minute and stayed at The Belvedere Hotel. It was close to Broadway and Times Square. I don’t know enough about NY to know what is central and where you want to stay, but everyone seemed to walk everywhere and the subway was just right there. We were total tourists and even did the double decker bus! I felt safe walking back late after a show. Our room was small, but the price was good, and we were barely in our room. We loved seeing the city and I only wish we had more time.
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    I think the issue was there was no antibodies to the virus indicates he hadnt been infected? However China has mentioned possible reinfection. Maybe that means some people don’t develop antibodies for some reason? I’m not sure.
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    Been busy today and come back to see things seem to be escalating even more. Although still slowing down in China supposedly.
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    No. I never knew that was a thing.
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    I’d find a sturdy, color coordinated vase and fill it with peacock feathers to set in the middle under your photos, along with the lamp. I think you can buy them at craft stores; this I just found googling.
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    Maybe they just cleaned up to take the picture and the sheets are in the wash! My kids hate flat sheets and I've given up on putting those on the bed most of the time. It bothers me. I was taught that the sheet is supposed to protect the blanket from wear.
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    I think other places need to be more like that for some time — rather than that Singapore needs to loosen up. While per capita Singapore still seems to have higher infection rate than South Korea, what it is doing seems to be working really well to have just creeping numbers of cases, not almost daily doubling. The death rate in Iran appears to be ~33% — that may mean a mutation, or may mean what happens with less capable health care and less stringent oversight. A rapid spread virus that has a high death rate would be devastating. Too many places are being way too lax about it IMO.
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    I taught myself statistics using the text book. I realized after a couple of lectures that they weren't just useless, they were actively confusing me. So, I skipped them. I did every problem in the book instead. I got 100s on every exam because they were open book and based on the problems from the text. At the end of the second semester, I needed to see the TA to pick up my final exam. She commented on how well I had done and how I had never attended her recitation. Since I was graduating and had a job lined up, I explained my study method to her. Instead of being annoyed, she just laughed and said that she was glad that I found the best way to learn the material.
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    Oh one clarification: I am celiac level gluten free. My daughter has celiac disease and while I have been gluten free for years, going the extra bit to avoid all traces and cross contamination has actually helped me a lot.
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    Friend, so sorry you are dealing with this. At the least, it must be a concussion. I hope you can eat well (lots of veggies, good fats, proteins), get enough rest, get some gentle movement, get outside a bit when you can. Try to take good care of yourself for us 🙂 though it is never easy: hugs! and I'm glad you are advocating for good medical care for yourself. Not sure what will fit your son and what won't, but here's a few ideas: Math Beast Academy online: get a trial subscription, or maybe a month worth, and have him start near the beginning and do what's fun. At least some of it may engage him, there are even sections (If he can find them) with no arithmetic. The puzzles can get very challenging, even at level / grade 2, so it may not suit him if he has a low tolerance for frustration. Here Come the 1-2-3s! by They Might Be Giants, that's the youtube playlist you can put it to autoplay. Simple but I really like it 🙂 These other videos are at a much higher level. My older one likes them but the younger often doesn't care so much. BBC "Mathematics" BBC "Secret Rules of Modern Living: Algorithms" The Story of Maths – This is actually a series that was created in Britain. Over four episodes, it teaches about the history of mathematical thought and how its developments affects the world today. It’s available both on Netflix and through clips on Youtube. BBC: The Code – The Code is yet another BBC created series about math and its interaction with the world. This time it explores the interaction between math and life. The Story of 1 – Monty Python’s Terry Jones puts a humorous twist on mathematical theory, focusing on the development of arithmetic in Sumeria, the Pythagorean theory, and the development of zero. Between the Folds – This documentary looks at one of the most forward-thinking aspects of modern mathematics – folding. Its focus on a concrete outcome can connect with and inspire students. PBS: The Great Math Mystery – This is a PBS documentary that explores whether math is a man-made invention or a natural part of the universe. NOVA: Fractals – Hunting the Hidden Dimension – This NOVA episode explores fractals and how they appear in nature. NOVA: The Proof – This is another NOVA documentary, this time with a focus on Fermat’s last theorem and the people who have tried to solve it. The Colors of Infinity – This is an older documentary on fractals, but its visually stunning illustration of the concept is sure to keep students engaged. Shakespeare: have you seen the BBC Animated Shakespeare? Here at Amazon: all of them, but spendy. Maybe your library system has some? Some of them are in this Youtube play list. Science Youtube playlist for Here Comes Science by They Might Be Giants. Just fun, not too complex, has some cool ideas. Making Stuff (this is great) + Making Stuff 2 (also great) This is a list of videos I have for our current terms. Haven't watched them all, and the URLs won't paste: sorry. Mythbusters Season 5: (Walking on Water; Newton/Birds in Truck; Pirates 2; Pirates double episode; Confederate Cannon; [Wild] Western Myths; Hindenburg; Grenades & Guts) Absolute Zero (Nova) Percy Julian: Forgotten Genius (Nova) — 5 stars Mystery of Easter Island 30” (Nova) (scientists & volunteers test theories RE stones) Kaboom! The Sizzling Story of Explosions (Nova) David Pogue: Hunting the Elements (Nova, 2 hours) Uranium: Twisting the Dragon’s Tail (Nova) Mystery of Matter: Search for the Elements (Nova) (We’ve watched this before) How the States Got Their Shapes: Season 1 How the States Got Their Shapes: Season 2 Cracking the Maya Code - NOVA Art I think there's no finer intro to art than Ed Emberley's Fingerprint Drawing book. To make it open and go: If you can spare a baking sheet, then set one aside. On it, store the book, some fingerprint art pads, paper, pencils or fine markers/ballpoint pen to add detail, a sponge & a cloth to make it easy to clean fingers. Just wet the sponge at art time and let the child at it. I'm stuck for good art history videos for kids. Don't like the ones I've seen. 😞 ETA: some of the very best artists work in picture books, and since the child will do picture books, this might be a great option to get a ton of exposure to good composition, line, color, and so on. Plus you can almost always get these at your library. David Wiesner has several completely wordless books with great plots; I still love his "Tuesday". Here's his Amazon page. Aaron Becker does, too, including his wordless trilogy Journey/Quest/Return. His Amazon page. Jerry Pinkney is the one of the best artists living. Here's his wordless Lion & the Mouse; his Amazon page. If your child doesn't think it is too babyish, you could expose to a variety of styles by checking classic alphabet books out of the library. This site lists a few for older boys -- incl. Allsburg's awesome "The Z was Zapped" -- and I like Mary Azarian's Farmer's and Gardener's alphabets. Hope something is of use. Hang in there!
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    List of tasks for today Drink water- achieved! Build a dollhouse- delegating on this one Sort out a fallen tree- halted until Monday Plan a church fair, masquerade ball and disco for this summer- started Adopt a cat officially- in progress Choose new furniture- ongoing Shower- done already Buy some photo frames- accomplished
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    Ha. Just got his new levels back last night and our little liquid supplementation just got him up from 18 to 48.8 in his vitamin d test in about four months. Pretty good stuff and they’re just cheap OTC drops from behind the pharmacy.
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    Just stay away from my man, Krissi. 😉 For the record, I’ve never actually beat someone up! Booyah!
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    I can’t quote as I’m on my phone and I’m a klutz. How do I know some claims are bogus? Because I know of some personally that are. We had a boy try accusing a SM of things but it was impossible. The SM wasn’t on the trip when the the incident supposedly happened. And then the kid admitted to another kid what he’d done. “I bagged me one SM before and I just bagged me another”. So the next time someone makes up a claim it hurts the boys that WERE abused. It’s sad. I guess I’m not explaining it very well.
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    East side in the 50s and 60s is nice - walking distance to GCT and a quiet, safe, walkable neighborhood with reasonably -priced (for Manhatten) hotels. We stay at the San Carlos Hotel when we go to NYC. I think the Marriott in Times Square is nice for holidays, but otherwise, a cheaper hotel is more desirable imo. Whatever you do, be sure and hop the train to Little Italy for dinner!
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    My eyes keep seeing Lord of the FiLes and all I can think is, I could use some help organizing my home office... #sleepdeprivedbrain
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    National Library Service for people with disabilities making print reading hard. The book. Is. The. Mae. December. Dog. Cozy. Mystery. Series. By mother. daughter. Team “Lia Farrell.” and. I am. starting. to talk. that way, . but what’s really. funny. is . my mother .declared . me easier . to understand . with my new. strange . pause . at . Nearly .every .word .speech.
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    I haven't read that since college. Next time I see it at the bookstore I should get it. It fell out of favor for a couple of decades because the Catholic Church that Merton converted to was so different from the post-Vatican II Church, and Merton himself got a bit weird (defied the rules of his Order, got oddly syncretistic with Zen Buddhism); but I feel like Seven Storey Mountain has been coming back into favor a bit. Thanks for the review from an 'outside' perspective!
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    Finished Nora Robert’s Year One. It wasn’t bad - ease of reading helped it go fast - but it did not feel very original. Felt like I was reading The Stand, 2020 Edition. I personally feel like the author mashed together too many tropes - a fantasy with dark/light, witchcraft, but also woodland elves and fairies. Prophecy that blends up the author’s fantasy realm and the Bible (which seems irreverent to me). The book threw me back to the days when my kids would create epic playscapes with their LEGO peoples and the playmobil peoples and all the stuffies at the same time. The second book of the trilogy is on hold for me at the library, but I’m not sure I’m going to read it. Because if I do, I’ll feel obligated to finish out the saga by reading the third book. (Or maybe not, she thinks, remembering the third novel in the Divergent series that got flung aside about halfway through...) Next up is Little Fires Everywhere, and another short story collection, this time Daniel Woodrell’s Outlaw Album. And, coast. I enjoy a mountain vacation every few years, but thrive on being near water.
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    You are so sweet. Thank you. Balto's story is a lovely one. It would make us cry almost every time. Junie, no, never! I never thought you were scolding or anything. Love you dear friend. Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous! You are truly blessed.
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    Today only, free for Kindle readers ~ From the Earth to the Moon and Round the Moon by Jules Verne "A team of nineteenth-century American engineers builds a rocket to the moon in this visionary novel from the author of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and Around the World in Eighty DaysDuring the Civil War, the members of the Baltimore Gun Club delighted themselves by designing artillery the likes of which the world had never seen. But when the South eventually surrenders, the gun club languishes, until its president, Impey Barbicane, conceives of a project so preposterous it must be attempted: to build a gun large enough to fire a rocket to the moon. From raising the money to casting the cannon to readying it to fire, the gun club overcomes one seemingly insurmountable obstacle after another. But when a rival engineer and an intrepid French adventurer join Barbicane on the spaceship’s inaugural voyage, the three men soon discover that getting to the moon is only half the battle: Making it home will be their toughest challenge yet. From the Earth to the Moon and its sequel, Round the Moon, were published nearly a century before the Apollo missions. Suspenseful, humorous, and prophetic, these captivating adventure stories sparked mankind’s enduring fascination with space travel. " Regards Kareni
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    The ABC understands that doctors and nurses in Wuhan have all signed confidentiality agreements with health officials, which are designed to prevent them from speaking out about local working conditions. The repercussion of breaching these obligations risks a jail term.
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    Iran has 43 cases 8 deaths. 12 new cases in Japan today.
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    I'm pretty chill with my kids over everything that isn't cruelty to others so it's not like I'm in there battling him over it all the time, but every once in awhile, I wade into the mess that's his room and lose it a little bit, I admit.
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