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    Hello, all of you dear wonderful people whom I have missed so much! Since it has been so very long, I wanted to check and let you know that I am still around, and doing exceptionally well considering my circumstances. For those who are new and don't know what I'm talking about, or don't remember the details, in August of 2018 I got a most unexpected diagnosis: lung cancer, stage 4, terminal. It was a complete shock because I was in pretty good health except for a mild but persistent cough. I'd never smoked a cigarette, been around second-hand smoke, or worked around volatile chemicals; and our home tested negative for radon. But by the time I experienced that first symptom, the cancer had already spread to my bones (vertebrae, hip, shoulder) and brain - multiple lesions in every part of my brain, so many they didn't bother to count. Over the course of just a few days, I went from planning vacations and home improvements and retirement to planning my funeral and writing goodbye letters to all my loved ones. My oncologist said that the average life expectancy after a diagnosis like mine was 12 months, but it could be anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. Now here we are, about 19 months later, and I'm doing better than we could have hoped. My first course of treatment was radiation to my brain, and then I started chemotherapy and immune therapy. The first four months or so I had to be on a fairly unpleasant chemo drug, but now I am on a milder one. I receive it and an immune therapy drug every three weeks, indefinitely. And the treatment is working! My last brain scan showed only one lesion left! Just one! And my last body scan showed that the tumors in my bones are all either stable or shrinking, and the big nasty one in my lung that started it all is shrinking. None of that is to say that I'm on my way to remission. Unfortunately, that is not something I can expect. My care is palliative, not curative, but it is giving me more time, and my quality of life is very good because I have had few complications or side-effects. And the complications and side-effects that I've had have been very tolerable, though I admit I can get grumpy and frustrated at times. When that happens, I try very hard to remind myself that at least I don't have to have a pleural catheter anymore - I hope that none of you even know what that means, just trust me, it isn't pretty! 😂 Truly, I have been so incredibly blessed and fortunate, in my life in general, and through this illness as well. My husband and I are closer than ever. My daughter is living at home, for which I am so glad, and attending her second year of university. My mother came and cared for me during the worst times, in the way that only a mother can. So many friends and family members have reached out to me in kindness and generosity. And Christ has been my rock and my comfort. My sanity, in fact. Though I have certainly done nothing to deserve any of this, I am blessed beyond measure. I know I am not the only board member here who is suffering with cancer or other illness, so I feel awkward that I've made this all about me. But I wanted to give you all and update, and I'm going to browse the boards and look for updates on all of you. I sincerely hope that those who are sick are finding healing and comfort, and that all of you are staying as protected and safe as possible in the midst of this pandemic. With much love, Greta
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    DS got home 3 hours ago! ❤️❤️
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    Just thought I would share that I will be going to my first appointment to participate in the NIH clinical trial of the potential CV-19 vaccine. It's an mRNA vaccine, meaning not an attenuated or live virus. The idea is that my body will code a protein that triggers an antibody response that's effective against the virus. I'll receive two doses of the vaccine, have several blood draws, and be monitored over several months. I have several friends who work in genetic research and they've done some side research for me. The worst adverse reactions in previous mRNA studies were site reactions and anaphylaxis. I have never had an adverse vaccine reaction, so I think even the risk of that to me is pretty low. I've always been a really big fan of John and Abigail Adams, and I feel like I'm doing a (much lower risk) version of what she bravely did - inoculate herself and her children against smallpox. I'll keep you updated! ETA - Question was asked on previous thread. I'm in the US (Seattle). This study is funded by the NIH.
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    That's not a blanket right. If my religion required human sacrifice, I can't practice it. If my religion required sexual assault, I can't practice it. Freedom of religion isn't a blanket right to do anything and everything with regard to other laws or the possible harms to other people. We certainly can't say that religiously motivated terrorist attacks are protected religious practice, right? -------------------------------------------------------------- I'm a deeply religious Orthodox Jew. Our faith requires men to pray three times a day with a minyan (10 guys bar mitzvah age or older), there are some prayers we can't say without a minyan. Those mourning the death of a close relative have an obligation to say Kaddish for them at these daily prayers - and Kaddish can only been said with a minyan. The Torah readings done on Shabbos from the Torah scroll can only be done with a minyan. ...and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Communal gathering is intrinsic to our faith. In every generation over multiple countries we've experienced government laws & policies criminalizing the practice of our faith & have have had to struggle to keep our people & our practice alive in times of great persecution and difficulty. The current shut down orders have non-trivially impacted our communities & the practice of our faith... but the shut down is **NOT** analogous to the religious persecutions we've experienced - and it's upsetting to see attempts to pretend it is. There are real harms happening right now, real persecutions of fellow humans, though not through government policy, rather from human actions and bigotry. My first amendment rights aren't being violated. No one is singling out my faith, or faith in general, and establishing policies aimed at preventing my free choice of faith and observance. There are public health rules for everyone that impact some areas of my observance, but that isn't the same thing, legally, morally, or practically.
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    Thought I'd post a pic of my dd, getting ready to spend another day in a coronavirus triage tent!
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    Update: My dh started his new job this week. He’s joined a private law firm and is learning the ropes to do property law and estate planning. I swear he looks five years younger.
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    It’s “negative” to talk about deaths, equipment shortages, leaders who have fumbled the ball on this and who urge us instead to talk about “all the recoveries”. That seems like so much Polyanna nonsense to me. And for any of us in an area still on the upwards side of the curve, recoveries are not very meaningful because the bulk of the cases are still in the active phase. Maybe I’m unusual but I would rather deal with the facts, however crappy they may be. I think minimizing the potential of CV19 was one of the biggest mistakes, right from the top, in the US. You can’t be prepared for battle if you just whistle a happy tune and say it’s gonna be fine.
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    What is getting me, locally news wise, is they are acting like PS kids being home for 4 weeks and doing a math sheet IS homeschooling. It's not homeschooling. They're making it sound simple and trite. That's what I can pinpoint personally. Cancelling school and having teacher directed worksheets at home for a month is NOT the same thing as taking charge of your child's education and intentionally directing it, and being involved within it, which is what constitutes homeschooling in my book. (ETA- generally speaking).
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    Hello, all! Some of you MAY remember me from when I homeschooled my older son, who is now a SENIOR in high school! Our “surprise” turned 9 this past Saturday, and has been thriving in a b&w school. Thanks to COVID-19, we’re homeschooling. I forgot how much work this is!
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    It's a conspiracy by husbands to make wives clean out their fabric stashes! 😁 48 went out today. Another 61 cut out and partially sewn.
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    I would like to see who found that. Our data in our department show the opposite. We have just finished an ed research study about it. We find show that students in the online sections underperform, on average, compared to students in live sections. I have data for several years and several thousand students that show this discrepancy in the exam averages on every single test (identical exams between in seat and online) and in the final grades. The difference in average final grade is up to half a letter grade. Students self report that the find it much harder to remain focused while working on their computer and find it easier to be captive audience in a classroom. the major distraction are the other things you can do online. Taking online classes requires much more discipline.
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    You know how all of the water recedes rapidly off the coast before the tsunami? Yeah...that's what's happening. Hospitals have been ordered to stop elective surgeries to prepare for the coming surge if they aren't in the midst of it already. Hospitals are bleeding money because elective surgeries are their bread and butter so they are giving their staff some time off to rest and prepare for the surge. They are ensuring they have enough prepared and empty spaces to be able to accept anyone that comes in. Nobody is going to the ER unless they absolutely have to. People aren't on the streets as much, so less car accidents. Gov Cuomo has talked about this as well. This "citizen reporter" is just someone who doesn't understand what they are seeing.
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    On a lighter note, DD7 has wanted to be a virus for Purim since, like, December! Since before there was an outbreak... We made her costume. But man... there was no way to wear it this year without seeming like an insensitive jerk making fun of a sensitive topic. And it turned out so well...
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    You all are about to be WTM Great Aunties! I know I took a bit of a board break when a particularly difficult time in my life coincided with a particularly contentious time on the boards, but I have practically raised my kids here and I am still homeschooling the last two. So I thought I’d announce.......... My oldest dd is due in July! And it is twin girls! So excited and a little bit scared for them. She lives in another state and the “shelter in place” is making me craaaaaazy. Anyway....feel free to be excited with me 🤪🥳 Amber in SJ
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    Can I share a small bit of good news and do a victory lap? Our area was one of the first with community spread, just behind Seattle. We had a super spreader in one of the jr highs, and another in an elementary school. The health department wouldn't test people without travel because they were short on tests and because of some political infighting about what the role of the public health department is versus private providers. (It is so epically stupid.) In the meantime, Facebook is blowing up because moms are reporting sick kids. The school district is trying to keep a lid on things, but parents start pulling their kids from these schools in mass protest. I had already disenrolled my elementary aged kids, but I was fighting to keep my jr high student enrolled because he has an IEP and because he needs a long document trail for some services he can start receiving in two years. I applied for an in-district transfer for him to the district's online academy. I was told no. I appealed to his IEP coordinator and our jr high principal who each asked on my behalf. I was told no again. The online academy principal called me. I was told no again, with some longer explanation involving her boss saying no. All of this came to a standstill when the governor shut the schools for a two week period. In the meantime, I emailed the school board. I sent a public comment to the online school board meeting which the superintendent (the online academy principal's boss) had to respond to. I generally became a buzzing fly annoying everyone and raising good questions in the hopes that I would be a problem easily dealt with by granting my request. (I hate being that person, but advocates gotta advocate, iykwim.) The governor extended the school shutdown, and all fell silent. I thought it odd that I hadn't heard from his brick and mortar tech survey, no notes, nothing. This morning we received notification of his acceptance into the online academy. 😁 ------- There are a lot of things that have not gone well this week. A drug I take and need has gone into shortage. I am not getting medical care I really need. Like, lots of yucky. This is one thing that has gone right! It's so nice to have something to celebrate!
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    Silly response to serious question. But really, this sums up my thoughts on the topic better than I can write them out.
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    So I was getting the kids ready for bed. DS7 is the last one to get teeth brushed and jammies on and while he's waiting for one last potty trip, he was sitting with me on the couch. We were talking about "did you have a good day" and "was riding your bike fun" And the, it was time for bed. I said "ok, Good Night my big boy!" And he responded with "Good Night My largest mommy ever!" Thankfully, I understand that he presumed that "big boy" must translate to 'bigger is better' so obviously "largest mommy ever" must mean best mommy ever lol.
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    I can read between the lines here. Back off! He's MINE. I called dibs.
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    A little humor from (I think) SC:
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    On March 2nd, The Wife set 2 pieces of vacuum sealed frozen mahi-mahi in a refrigerator to thaw in time for a meatless meal on March 4th. On March 10th, The Husband invited the The Wife to enjoy a delectible spicy roasted mahi-mahi dish. Wife is delighted because she had been avoiding the dinner meal due to the rest of the clan eating 5 layer nachos and tacos for dinner, of which she sadly should not partake. Just as The Wife is about to bite she vaguely remembers putting some fish in the frig to thaw at some point a very long time ago to raw fish. The Wife smiles and politely inquires if this fish was recently from the frig or freezer. The Husband knows that tone and aghast at the expense and his culinary efforts potentially being thrown away - he says with certainty and affront, "From the freezer of course." Follwing up sweetly with, "Was there any other?" The Wife was briefly relieved with the first sentence and knew he was completely full of crap with the second sentence and got up to verify for herself. There was no mahi-mahi in the refrigerator. The Wife exclaims in horror that he is trying to kill her. What if she got botulism?! What a miserable death he would inflict on her! What did she ever do to deserve this?! The Husband callously laughs at her and claims she is being ridiculous, that there's no way it has botulism. Why it has been vacuum sealed in the refrigerator and should not only still be fine after being properly cooked, it should still be fine for at least another 3-5 days. But The Wife is sure that mahi-mahi was poisoned and leaves the nacho-scent filled room to contemplate the cold comfort of cashew-milk ice cream. Would this kind jury of peers judge whether the wife was right to evade possible death or whether she was simply wasteful of her husband's good cooking? ETA: Upon crossing the room to obtain her fake ice cream, The Wife hears a sweet planative child beg for some of the mahi going uneaten. To which The Husband says, "Suuur- *Looks up in time to see the glower of The Wife signaling she will rip his head off and serve THAT.* Uh. *sigh* No? No. Mom says this batch isn't safe to eat." So mostly safe in the world again, The Wife turns away for that fake pint of love and when she turns back around, the cat is eating mahi off the plate on the floor. Ugh. Oh well. She didn't really like that cat anyways.
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    Don’t feel bad. It’s not just the toilet paper. It’s the strain we’ve all been under. Hugs!!
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    Bingo! To all of these! And the others I didn’t quote, because I’d already quoted so many. I started reading this thread when it started back in January and I know EVERYTHING about this stinkin’ virus now. My poor Dh. For the past 2.5 weeks, he’s been learning new things and every time he tells me something”’new” I’m like, “Oh yeah, I already know that!” I didn’t realize I was doing it until after about a week in and thought I must have sounded like such a jerk. No matter what he told me, I already knew it. When I realized I was sounding like a know-it-all (even though I DO know it all!), I would just reply, “Oh yeah...” when he told me something “new”. We talked over two months ago on this thread about the numbers in China and how they were wrong and why people thought so. And now there are articles saying, “Gee...we think China might have been lying about the numbers! Gosh, if only we’d have known, we might have reacted better!” Rolling my eyes really hard. Anyone in a position of authority had to have known. Pretending they didn’t is disingenuous and it irritates me, mostly because people will believe that no one knew. Hogwash! If a bunch of moms on the internet knew, then the people in authority knew. I wish I had told a few more friends to prepare, though. I told one friend back in mid-February that I’d stocked up on about 2 or 3 weeks’ worth of food, TP, tissues, soap, hand lotion, vitamin D, etc, and she burst out laughing at me for being so “silly.” And then I didn’t bother to tell anyone else, but I kinda wish I had told some of my more thoughtful friends so they could have been ready. Honestly, back then, I was preparing in case they shut down my little town and the odds of that happening were small (so I thought), but I still figured it didn’t hurt to prepare. I did NOT see it coming that entire states would shut down—cities, yes, entire states? No. So, I guess I didn’t know everything. I have a nurse practitioner friend who is working in the tents around our local hospital taking care of non-Covid patients. I was talking to her about everything and it turns out I know more than she does. It’s a little awkward. I tell her things, but I can tell she doesn’t believe me, because I’m just a mom getting my information from a bunch of homeschoolers and she’s a medical practitioner. Whatever. I’ve told her. She’ll know that she heard it from me first when my information is confirmed to her. At minimum, I read this thread every morning over breakfast to get the overnight updates, read a bit at lunch, and then catch up on it before I go to bed to see what happened that day. It’s been my ritual for over 2 months. Some days I wonder if I should let it all rest for a day and think about other things, but I can’t seem to let it rest. I’m not anxious or scared, but I also feel like I can’t look away. A boardie on this thread or maybe another thread said that reading about Covid is like being a cat watching a laser pointer—just can’t look away! So, a big thank you to everyone who posts so we can all be informed.
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    People have to do what has to be done in a crisis. This was true in WWI and II (and every other war) and the Great Depression and in famines and plagues. We don’t have the luxury of saying “I’m tired of this so let’s stop now”.
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    What I cannot get past is we have disaster response teams and supposed homeland security task forces at both the state and federal levels who had months warning that this virus existed. Why all the scrambling now? Why were medical supplies/gear not ordered/sanctioned when numbers in Wuhan went from 42 to over 1000 in a couple of days? (I ordered powdered milk and eggs at that pt bc I suspected it would be heading our way and I wanted emergency style rations.) Goodness, if I thought to do that for my family, what the heck were professionslly trained emergency-focused task forces doing to prepare? We are a country that is teasing at a shutdown with some complying, some not. We were caught with obviously zero forethought toward equipping our medical personnel for what was coming. The lack of competent leadership abounds at all levels across the entire country at every level.
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    I'm feel very grateful to the people in charge who are making the hard calls. It's SO tough to be the one to make a call. All I had to call off was a tiny homeschool Shakespeare production and I AGONIZED over it and put it off and almost let it go tomorrow and then I just couldn't. I kept thinking, someone make this call for me. Surely the county will cancel and make it so we can't use the space. Surely. Surely. And then I finally did it... and the governor canceled everything just after. But it SUCKED. So I just say... this is why everything needs to be canceled from the top. Cancel it all. Don't let us feel guilty or second guess. People in charge just need to do the dirty work because the rest of us can't be trusted. And hold them in the light, all these county executives, mayors, governors, bishops, and heads of large organizations that they'll have the courage to do the right thing.
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    Just letting people know, as I promised, that it looks like I *will* be participating in the clinical trial of the vaccine. First appointment tomorrow. I think I'll start another thread in case folks are interested.
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    I had a bunch of face masks to hand off to a friend who lives 20 miles away. We met midway between us at a park, parked our cars nose to nose, she called me and we talked to each other on the phone for an hour through our windshields. For the handoff, I got out of my car, put the bag of masks on her car's hood and got back in my car; she got out of her car, and put the bag in the back of her car and will let them sit there for a day or two. It was SO nice to see a friend's face, watch the hand motions, and be somewhere NOT HERE.
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    Regardless of how the virus started, it is here now and the entire world needs to deal with it. I don't think that blame really helps us at this point. I also don't think that blaming Asians in general or Chinese in particular is helpful to our society. We have a very large Chinese population here and I knew back when the reports were first coming from Wuhan that we would get it eventually. It's just the nature of a global economy etc. that wasn't shut down by any government until way too late. I don't have a problem calling it COVID19. I see absolutely no benefit from calling it the Wuhan Virus or Chinese Virus. It doesn't make people safer. It doesn't make people better. And it has led to some discrimination and violence. (Some of Asian descent have been targets in places and there were social media rumors not to go to Chinese markets here early on with absolutely no proof that anyone was actually ill. Now of course, we all have to have social distancing etc. regardless of our race or ethnicity.) What matters is working together. What matters is education. What matters is helping others - giving blood, offering practical assistance, observing the social distancing rules and just simply being kind.
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    I have officially been accepted in the PhD program at my school. I also have been awarded a graduate teaching assistantship (will be 3rd year), which comes with a stipend and tuition remission. Now, I'm just waiting for official financial information before I make the final decision as the stipend is decent but not quite enough to live on without other aid. I would have co-disciplines of history and humanities (mostly digital humanities and medieval studies courses probably).
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    I cannot let such a dangerous and ignorant statement pass. They did not "send us" a virus. This is how pandemics work. They start at a specific place. Often it is Asia not because of some conspiracy but because of the open markets etc. Then because global trade and travel is what it is in a world of fast air travel, it gets spread around the world. China has had huge losses of their own. They are greatly impacted. Yes, we are and will continue to be impacted. So is the entire world so the US doesn't have any reason to go on some "poor us, we've been targeted" b.s.
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    I just have to brag about my husband and kids and how they're helping me though my recent crappy month. My husband and I are building a food forest from the ground up. It will be my new career when I retire from homeschooling in another year and a half or so. We've been fencing, sheet mulching, and building hugelkultures out of the trees we cut down the last year and a half since we moved in. We ordered $500 worth of fruit trees and blueberry bushes through our local extension office in the fall. Just before they arrived on Feb. 14th, I finally got to speak personally to the extension agent and BAM! he told me what none of the books or videos did-that the soil testing and prep needed to go a foot deeper than we had been advised. OK, don't panic, we can deal with it. So we picked up our plants on Valentine's Day and rented a back hoe to prep the soil deeper. Then Bam! We hit the water table in several places we didn't expect to find it:under a few of the planting beds for the fruit trees. (I'm from AZ, it was mind blowing to hit a water table at 18 in. under the topsoil.) OK, don't panic, it just means bringing in tons of garden soil for raised beds. The BAM! The company that does that can't mix or deliver it until it dries out from all the rain. OK, don't panic just put the bare root trees in the better beds temporarily while we wait for a longer break in the rain. Finally, last week they could deliver it on Friday. Then BAM! On Thursday night last week I woke up with excruciating neck and right arm pain with numbness in my fingers. Two visits to urgent care, then the local hospital, then a university hospital, and we find out I have osteo arthritis all over my neck, a ruptured disc, and bone spurs poised to go into my spinal cord within a few months. I'm 46. I was shocked. I had surgery a day and a half later on Leap Year Day. I'm still recovering and very limited in what I can do. I now have a titanium cage and plates in the bottom of my neck and in the future will probably need them in the top of my neck. I never had any symptoms before that Thursday. This weekend husband insisted on doing the work himself starting on Friday, putting his back on the verge of spasming, which could have him out of commission for a week, so I called in the cavalry. My husband, my kids, and their spouses have been here in shifts all weekend digging up my precious trees, the scores daffodils I planted as nitrogen fixers in the beds, on the rented machinery moving the literally tons of garden soil into beds and the tons of wood chips through that go all around the planting beds, and replanting everything. What would've been a month of weekend projects for the two of us at our peak, they're going to have done in a weekend. And they seem happy genuinely happy to do it. I am so blessed and thankful! My 14 year old is meal planning, cooking, and planting. Oldest was unemployed but going to interviews and has been doing most of the driving and errands. Her new job starts on Tuesday. My husband was able to do the machinery work to get his back some relief and all the trees are oging into their raised beds as I type this. So we're not going to lose any plants or time. We're still on schedule. God is good! The doctor mentioned several times that crankiness was a side effect of this medical condition and now I really get it. I sit here felling wobbly from the meds and useless from all the physical limitations which is absolutely maddening for my task oriented, INTJ personality, but I'm so proud of and blessed by my family. I'm so glad my adult kids all eventually decided to move near us when we crossed the country. This afternoon we'll play our weekly board games as usual because it will all be done. The foundation of my food forest will be in place in a few hours even though everything had to be redone I can't do anything to help. I'm a weird combination of delighted and frustrated.
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    I'm still catching up on the thread, but I can answer questions about modelling. My PhD is in mathematical/statistical modelling of population dynamics.. 🙂 Time series models make notoriously poor forecasts. Because the infections today are based on the infections yesterday which are based on the infections the day before, it is like the butterfly effect. They are *very* sensitive to initial conditions. Basically, they compound the error in the model for every day out you try to predict. So if you are building your model out of daily data (rather than hourly or monthly), you can make a decent prediction with large error bars ONE day out. By 2 days out, all the errors compound. In addition, the models can be built from both a data-fitting approach or from a biology-driven approach. The data fitting approach is only as good as the data we have, which is obviously poor given the lack of testing, and poor given the uncertainty of the compliance with the lockdown. The biology-driven approach is only as good as the knowledge about the virus, and that is poor. They are not clear as to death rate or infection rate or spread conditions. So neither approach will be great, so I'm sure they are trying both, and interweaving them. The assumptions required to be made for these types of models are just huge, and each modeller is trying different things. I'm sure that they are also holding back current data, to then test the robustness of their model, and then if the forecasts are good, they will use those parameters with the full data set. But clearly, they also have a problem with the variability in the data. If all things were known, the growth of the virus would be completely smooth, but even the data coming out of NZ which has good testing, is quite ragged. So their models might only explain 70% of the variability in past data, and all their forecasts beyond one day, predict based on the forecasts from the previous day, etc. So compounding the uncertainty to make predictions useless. There is also a massive problem with the spatial component. Every region in the US has a different type of lockdown and different compliance. It is really fractal, with an equal amount of variability at each spatial scale measured. This is Huge, and close to impossible to deal with. Each model really needs to be for a very small physical area, and even then there would be variability in both the data for the dependent and independent variables. That is a crazy large number of models for a place as big as the US. Each of the models we see being published are clearly using a subset of the data in a constantly moving landscape. I think the models were more consistent in the beginning because there was really only one approach for the independent variables and that was 'do nothing.' So a pure spread. Now that there are all sorts of lockdown rules, that are being followed or not, that really shakes up the models and makes them even less accurate because the data over the time scale you are working on has the independent variables changing at different points along the x axis. This makes for a messy situation, because when you add in more and more variables to explain everything, you can actually make your model less and less accurate because you have overfitted it. Finally, I spent 4 years of my life trying to make a reasonable model. Sure I was a newbie to modelling and the biology of my animal, but doing these models in just weeks is a BIG ask. The understanding of the biology keeps changing -- so the time based relationship between the data in the dependent variable. And the independent variables keep changing -- lock down, masks for the public, etc. You can say that there are just a crazy number of modellers out there all working together, but 9 women cannot make a baby in a month. Point being. The models are no good, and I have been ignoring them.
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    This is my daughters birthday cake. She turned 15 today. It’s a Neapolitan cake, with a chocolate strawberry and vanilla layer. Chocolate filling inside.
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    This isn't a news post so I hope you'll forgive me, but I feel a real sense of community with the posters on this thread. I went in to get fit tested for a respirator mask today and I just wanted to ask anyone so inclined to pray for my colleagues at work. There was so much anxiety and stress on their faces this morning. Our hospital is trying really hard to get masks and equipment but it's so difficult to get. It would be one thing facing this with all the right protection, but it's frightening to face it not knowing what you will have to protect yourself. The mask I tested for is an excellent one but in high demand. We have some now, and are supposed to get more in 3-4 weeks, but it is concerning that they will actually come and that it will be in time.
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    They've given us 2 days to prepare. Complete lock down in NZ in 48 hours with road closures and NO domestic travel allowed. They are freezing rents, conserving fuel, closing all shops including carry out, stopping all non-urgent health care, closing parliament, and preparing to re-purpose private companies for the public good. The Police and Defense Force will enforce. The lock down will be in force for at least 4 weeks. We currently have 100 cases linked directly to international air travel, and 2 cases of community spread. They are testing widely and contact tracing still. The lock down, however, came faster than expected. I think they decided, why wait?
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    I want to feel like a dummy. I want all this to blow over and people not get sick and to feel like we overreacted. I'll be absolutely thrilled if that happens.
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    Damn if you do, damn if you don't. People complain about the switch to online classes and yes, it sucks - but imagine the uproar if there were a corona outbreak on a college campus and students actually die. I don't envy the college presidents who have to make the call. FWIW, instructors are scrambling to switch to online courses and are doing the best they can on such short notice. Will it be ideal and on par with an online course that has been thoughtfully designed over the course of several months? Of course not. But it WILL be an aid to students to learn that is way more than just reading the textbook, and students WILL get to finish their courses this semester and not be a semester behind. That's what counts right now. Expecting normalcy and perfection in the face of an unprecedented emergency is unrealistic. ETA: I teach a class that has 450 students. I had sleepless nights over how to make online exams work. We are doing the best we can to prepare.
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    It's not a funny meme but I thought it was lovely.
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    I will outline what we are doing. If someone reading along is thinking of criticizing me, don’t. I’m doing the best I can with an imperfect situation. 1. Dd has sort of a “suite” with a bedroom, bathroom and room I used to use for homeschooling. She stays in these three rooms about 95% of the time. When she comes out, she sanitizes her hands and wears a mask. She doesn’t come out except for dinner and sometimes lunch (discussed below). 2. She texts me in the morning and I bring her coffee and breakfast on a tray, masked and gloved. I mostly am using disposable dining ware, but I don’t have every single item disposable, so some items are not. (Coffee cup, for example.) When she finishes eating, I retrieve her items, gloved and masked, and immediately thoroughly wash the tray and non-disposable ware. I throw away the disposables. 3. For dinner and sometimes lunch, we eat on the patio if the weather is agreeable. This way, we can sort of eat “together,” though there is six or more feet between family members. We have a little firepit thingy, which dh built a fire in last Friday, which was very nice. 4. A few nights, the patio hasn’t worked bc of rain and too cold. In this case, she eats her dinner at the farthest end of the kitchen table, I stood about ten feet away at the kitchen counter, and dh and ds ate in the dining room. This is close enough to sort of still be eating “together” while reducing interaction. 5. I’m “funniest” about fear of contaminating food. I don’t let her investigate the food or serve herself or get things out of the fridge or pantry herself. I handle salt shakers or whatever condiments myself. When she eats in the kitchen, I immediately wipe down the table and area with wipes. 6. When she arrived home from France, we left her suitcases in the garage for a couple of days. She used wipes for things like her phone, laptop, etc. I had a thread on here about containment of her Europe things; I’ll try to link that in a bit. There was good advice in there. 7. Weather permitting, I urge her to go outside daily. She pets the kitty or walks around. She also has a yoga mat and weights to use in the former homeschool room. She takes her temperature in the morning and night. 8. I did her Europe laundry gloved and masked and used color-safe bleach and an extra rinse in the load. She wears easy-wash clothes while quarantined; nothing like a fragile sweater or something. I will do her laundry gloved and masked until she is finished quarantine. 9. That’s about it. If I go in her room, it is gloved and masked. Ds sometimes stands and talks to her at her doorway unmasked and w/o gloves, which isn’t exactly what I prefer. I absorb some criticism because I take it more seriously than anyone else, though thankfully, I don’t get pushback from dd herself. She hasn’t, for example, said anything dumb like she just has to see her bf or bff or something. She uses FT and plays digital games with bf or friends, so I guess she accepts that for now. I did put a small table up in her room because she wanted to do a puzzle. I don’t assume I will sterilize the puzzle pieces but I won’t be doing that puzzle myself until the virus could have died off! PS. I recognize my privilege in having a big house with spacious rooms and plenty of places for people to be. I hope you have a workable situation as well!
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    Spelling matters, people...
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    Did you know that Fauci is 79 years old??? I was stunned, I would have thought he was in his early 60s. The fact that despite being in the highest possible risk group, he is continuing to work 18-20 hour days and travel and be exposed to so many people makes him an even bigger superhero in my mind. That guy should get every medal the president and congress can bestow on a citizen.
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    No. I have four kids ages 7 and under. Our concept of social distancing is to wipe your nose on a tissue, not me.
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    Me this evening. Dh needs to go right back to the attic room he was working in all day.😒
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    Final acceptances in last week. So thankful to all who helped from this forum. My senior is accepted at University of Alabama Tuscaloosa Purdue University University of Georgia Stanford University Georgia Tech MIT
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