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    We have a new little DD! Labor was fast and my blood pressure spiked but then dropped which made for some kinda hairy moments but we are both doing well and I'm so happy to not be pregnant anymore! Woo hoo! @RootAnn my age made it harder for me to push as effectively I think but that's all 😉
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    If you remember I started the thread saying I was considering doing childcare to bring in extra money. Well, I wound up responding to a Craigslist ad about an 88 year-old man that needs help with cleaning and food prep 3 days a week and I got the job. This is a much better situation for my family and I am very happy with it. Thank you for your ideas, encouragement and prayers.
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    Back in 2017, I asked for help naming our boy Max. Unfortunately, we lost him suddenly this February to acute hemolytic anemia. I was devastated...he was my shadow. A couple weeks ago, I mentioned to dh that I was finally to a point where it didn’t hurt to think of losing Max, and occasionally I would glance at the shelter sites. Wednesday I saw this guy, and I fell in love. I showed dh, and it was the same. We brought him home Wednesday evening, and he’s made things interesting since. 😆 Meet Jukka...pronounced “you kuh”. Dh wanted a name that meant gift from God, and something about that name stood out. He’s a 9 week old Australian Shepherd.
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    funny story. DS17 took the ACT and got a great score. You can tell he is different from me because 17 yo me would have said 'woo-hoo I'm done w/ standardized testing for college entrance forever'. DS though ''s good, but what if some college likes the SAT better so I should ALSO take the SAT.' Wishing to avoid hearing him be all stressed out for the next month while he preps for this exam I don't think he needs, I suggested he call the admissions board of a few colleges he's interested in and just ask them. So he did. Discission w/ CMU's admission person went something like: DS17: Hello. I'm very interested in attending CMU. I'll be applying this fall. I just took the ACT and got a 35, but I was wondering if you have a preference for SAT over ACT so maybe I should take that too. CMU Admissions: that's a very good score. congratulations. No, then don't care. Wait....what department are you interested in? DS17: Econ CMU Admissions: nope, they don't care. DS17: and Musical Theater. CMU Admissions: <pause> oh honey. They SO DON'T care. <snicker> He was honestly pretty insulted. 😛
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    Hi, Folks, I have been absent from this board so long that I had a notice on a post 3 years old! 😂 Today, however, I decided to pop back in and say thanks to my people who got me through the early years and on the right track. Next week we graduate our youngest. Homeschooling, despite its successes and stomach-pitting vertical drops, has been good to us. I won't go into the full story here, but with the youngest fully dual enrolled and now about to ship off to college, the dc have made the transition well. DS has a 4.0 and loves university, which is an amazing miracle to those who know our story. DD is headed to her dream school, a top ranked, small Christian college in the Midwest, fully funded for the first two years, with a hope to pursue a calling to use data analytics to help rescue victims of human trafficking. She is an overcomer. All those years spent in patient, sometimes frustrated, slogging away—accommodating learning "differences" and whatever else was going on—they all paid off. DD wound up with multiple scholarships and awards, and worked diligently, steadily, and determinedly for each and every one. 🎉🎉 (What happened to the party emoji?) I want to thank you all for my best homeschooling finds. It began by focusing on the true, the beautiful and the good and making liberal use of nature study and narration of all types in the younger years, thanks to Charlotte Mason and Classical Education. After good old Charlotte, you all introduced me to Don and Jenny Killgallon and Michael Clay Thompson (who collectively got my kids 35s or 36s on the English portion of the ACT), as well as Singapore Math, and Singapore Science, which landed me my career after active teaching wrapped up. I never would have been in a position to take the leap if not for you. I just got paid for writing the Math in Focus 2020 Edition teachers manual (grade 4). Rejoice with me! Thanks for being a community I could come to and find answers to questions I didn't even know I had. For those of you exhausted today from working with a seven-year-old you know is incredibly bright, but who has trouble holding a pencil and melts down occasionally from sensory overload, the successful end to all this is a lot closer than it feels. If sometimes a tear slips down your cheek from being overwhelmed, or the resistance you face is fierce and you're not sure you can make it, let me reassure you that you can, and the rewards that follow are that much sweeter. I've been a member here since before the board euphemisms teA and bOOks came into being, way back when Ree wasn't the Pioneer Woman and she would give stuff away from her junk drawer. It's been a long time, but not long at all. Thanks, SWB for making it all possible, and for hosting this community so we can set our kids up for success. I am so grateful for the space, and for all of you who spent the time making research and execution a bit easier for the rest of us. 💜
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    I've known for a while that my ability to read what I type is going really downhill - IOW, my brain will still read a sentence how I meant it to come out even if what I actually typed is completely wrong, especially if I read it again while the information is still fresh in my brain. Anyways, I went back and re-read a final report I wrote for a class (because I'm stalking the website for my final grade). For context, this document is going to be shared with every professor in the department because it's dictating my projects from now until I graduate. I meant to say Large Hadron Collider (the particle accelerator)....but what I wrote was Large Hardon...
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    After a lot of discussion and prayer, we decided to take our dog’s breeder up on her offer. DS8 has had an extremely difficult week with struggling at a new school(including being suspended on day 3) and losing his beloved emotional support dog unexpectedly. So meet Snoopy, the newest member of our zoo. As soon as DS8 said, “This is my Snoopy,” his whole body relaxed and he just held his puppy.
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    I think you should send him away for psychological evaluation and treatment. He is a threat to others. I would get rid of anything in the house of value. Turn off his cellphones, get rid of the computers, so there is no longer an outlet for such things from him under your roof. Give to friends to store for safe keeping. He will steal it for money or to feed his violence. Call your insurance and see what and how health will be covered to treat mental illness. He needs intensive in-patient evaluation. Your Dh needs to come home and as a united front, you need to do this. I wouldn't inform your son of this. I wouldn't negotiate what he can do to get what he wants back. When the police show up, tell them you don't know what to do about his violence. Ask them what they can do to assure he doesn't hurt anyone bc you cannot manage it. And let them do it. NONE of doing that means you don't love your son, tho he will claim it does. It means he has crossed into an area where you can't go. But you can refuse to let him drag others into it. You can set a boundary of love that if he can get his head straight he can return to as a safe haven. But you have one month to do it. Once he is 18 you can't make him do a damn thing with regard to seeking mental help and in many states he will be able to buy real guns. And if he isn't on a path to help, you need to kick him out. Make sure you have a plan to do so safely and a plan to handle if he tries to come back angry. Do not give him any resources that he can profit from or twist to violent ends and don't put your other kids at risk. I don't know if this is the right thing to do. But I know it will be near impossible to get help at 18 and statistically your family is at high risk of violence that his not being there could reduce. My momma heart breaks for you. I pray your family finds peace and healing.
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    For another perspective, I would be so proud of my kid for sticking to the budget she set for herself and not going over just cause she wants it. That's a great thing for young 20-somethings to be able to do.
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    I started homeschooling 12 years ago, very much against my husband’s (and ex’s) wishes. Dh wound up getting on board and eventually became a true believer, lol. My young adult son still maintains that homeschooling (only 5th-7th for him) was mostly bad, but he’s let on about some of the things he loved about it in the past couple of years. My stb 17yo has lengthy lists of complaints about homeschooling, but she peppers her rants with “I’m not saying I want to go to public school” and “Please don’t put me in school.” They’re not exactly the biggest hs fans, but they’ve survived. I do not homeschool with the idea that my kids should necessarily love it or be grateful for it, anymore than I would expect them to show me appreciation for putting them in school if I had done that. (Not that it isn’t important to appreciate getting an education, but kids!) But it has been frustrating to listen to a lot of complaints over the years. The other night, my stb 16yo actually told me, verbatim, “I’m glad I was homeschooled.” 😮 And this was after we had just gone over what she’s going to need to do over the next two years to graduate on time, so I expected her to be negative. On top of that, my stb 12yo just inquired about getting his own laptop... so he can work on his schoolwork better! This is the kid who initiated my pivot to much (much, much) more relaxed schooling because he was so resistant to anything that looked like school. For years, I’ve been worried that my “experiment” was going to bomb, but he’s been asking for more formal-ish lessons here and there over the past few months, wanting to improve different skills. We have been in a bit of a rut with schooling lately, and there’s been a lot of difficult life stuff and hectic schedules going on, so I’m pretty ecstatic to be getting a little validation right now. I’ve been wondering how I’m going to make it through 9 more years of homeschooling. A little pep in my step was much needed!!!
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    Please please. I apologize if what I'm about to say comes out wrong. Stop everyhing else you're doing. Treat this like you would treat any other EMERGENCY... this is not a time for contemplation. This is not a time for thinking about his long term future. This is a time to seek assistance, to make changes. Before you CANNOT. Imagine your son had been in a car accident and was hospitalized- what would you do? You'd call your DH and tell him come home right now. You'd reach out to your community- family, friends, temple for help with your other kids. Do that now. You wouldn't spend your time worrying about the impact on the school year, or his future career. You'd focus on getting him the care he needs RIGHT NOW. That's the urgency he needs from you. Even if he doesn't know it. Even if it looks like more of the same, it has come to a moment for action. Seek help and do it immediately, before he's 18 and you cannot help him. If it takes a couple of weeks to get help, you've got to get that ball moving. He's not going to do it. You said yourself, he thought the problem with making threats was that his friends ratted him out - not that making threats was the problem. Hes not capable of making good decisions right now. He doesn't see the seriousness of this, so you have to.
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    My 18 year old is involved in a television/radio production certification program at the CC. He just landed a paid summer internship working for the local Minor League Baseball team (doing graphics, running the board and filming games, etc.) This is such a cool opportunity for him and it's so amazing to see him really moving forward on this path. He's the kid we knew would not be a traditional student but weren't sure where he *would* go. It's amazing to see him having some direction, and excited about it!
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    Ok, so the potential buyers came back today, with their realtor, during the open house. They stayed for 45 min. past the open house, a total of over 1.5 hours. THey asked a lot of questions, told the realtor exactly how they would use each space, said the house was perfect for their needs, and just want clarification about a bunch of stuff first. She said they seemed very interested. They told their realtor this is the first house they have looked at that checks most of their boxes in their price range. So......keep praying and thinking positive thoughts. An offer may be coming in the next day or so.
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    Ok, they did a pap, a bunch of labs and I am going for a U/S tomorrow. They are going to check for bleeding issues plus blood counts. Hopefully I will know something soon.
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    I'd be fine with the extended family plans if Sunday wasn't the only day we can finally go see Endgame together. I was actually planning on making a very inconvenient time work until dh told me I was being ridiculous, lol. For context, my parents are nearby and we see them all the time. And will actually still see them on Mother's Day, we just won't be at the family lunch, which is somewhat grounds for treason. Watching the Marvel movies together has been a family tradition, and of course it's much harder when you have two kids at different colleges. And Endgame is, well, kind of the end game, it's a big deal to us. The idea that watching a superhero movie together is important to us really does not compute with everyone else, but they really don't have to understand it, just accept it. Endgame. End game. All the feels, people.
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    Snoopy came home today! Our older dog seems to love him, and DS8 said, who has really struggled since losing our oldest dog, said his heart feels like it might heal(he’s on the spectrum and prone to dramatics, but he’s been devastated). The house feels whole again. We love Zoe, our remaining dog, but we are just a two dog household.
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    I’m not sure why some posters seem to be attacking the the OP for saying she hates her son. Does she actually hate him? Clearly not. Are we not capable of recognizing hyperbole and words born of fear, stress and anger? Parents should be able to discuss their feelings, even the less than perfect ones, while dealing with a child in crisis without being rebuked. Caregiving is hard, caregivers aren’t perfect and caregivers get to say what they are feeling when venting about the situation even if it’s not the best word choice or literally true. ETA: I don’t hate my sons. Did I feel hatred when my older autistic son almost seriously injured my younger autistic son? You bet your boots I did. I hated the situation, I hated my older son for losing his temper like that, I hated myself for not stopping it fast enough, I hated my state because the support options we need don’t exist here. It was fleeting and not my actual core belief about either my son or myself or having autistic children, but the hate I felt was real.
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    I work with testosterone filled young male firefighters who think they are God’s gift to the world. I hear a whole lot about their amazing TEA lives. Since I can still remember being in my 20s, I believe about none of it.
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    The people who were here for 1.5 hours on Tue want to come back tomorrow for a 2nd showing. Their realtor told our realtor that our house checked most of their boxes and they are seriously considering an offer but want to check a couple of things first. Not sure what they want to check, but I do know that after I look at a house I don't remember some stuff about it and want to go back or get clarification if I am interested. So......keep the prayers and thoughts comin' They are thinking they would like to make an offer this weekend, so maybe????
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    Lots of hugs. I am so so sorry. Based on what you've said and what I've seen in family I would call a lawyer and have her on stand-by. I'd also have an emergency psych eval. A good kid who has taken such a drastic turn has something going on. Also, try to get some money together for bail, if he gets arrested. If he does get arrested, if I could, I'd take him from holding to a psych ER as soon as I bailed him out. Adding this: keep your cell phone on you at all times, as well as a house phone if you have one. put a cell phone inside a bedroom that locks and instruct the younger kids to run in there and lock the door if Brother starts anything... screaming (at you, at them, anything that scares them.) Tell them they have permission to call 911 if they are afraid and they wouldn't get in trouble, you won't be mad, etc. I keep thinking of things: If you have a pet that might try to be protective in a scuffle or get hurt in a scuffle (hurt by getting underfoot), or that you think might be a target of an outburst, consider boarding it or having it stay with a friend
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    starting at 7:30am Eastern time! Lord willing, I'm going to have a baby tomorrow!!!!! 🤞 Soooooooo excited not to be pregnant anymore and to find out who this little person is! Anybody out there who is the praying type, I will take them gladly 🙂
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    I've been planning our trip to Nashville to celebrate dd's 20th birthday since January. I called the BB café to find out the process. Even though it's listed on their website I wanted to talk to a live person. We'll among hundreds and possibly low thousands we were selected (randomly chosen). We "upped" our chances by using 3 computers: DD's computer, my computer and my tablet. My computer won out. Anyway, she gets to go to BB café tonight - her 20th birthday! We'll enjoy it! And, last night we went to GOO (Grand Ole Opry). Liked many, many of the performers including Brett Young, Devin Dawson and others! I had no idea it was a live broadcast of the show. They still do this! We've discovered we REALLY like Nashville! Went to Green Hills Grille Friday night. It was fantastic. I ordered the lemon artichoke chicken with mashed potatoes and broccoli. One of the best meals out I've enjoyed!
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    If sin and pot turned teenagers into violent sociopaths, we never would have survived the nineties. Tough love is going to do exactly jack shit if this boy has a mental illness or personality disorder. In all probability he needs inpatient treatment, meds, and specialized therapy.
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    I truly think military service needs to be far down the list of options, if it even makes the list at all. There are too many red flags out for me to believe that military service is a good option in the near future. This young man needs psychiatric assessment and help and basic training is not an appropriate place for such a person. I know people think that a life in the military has the potential to “turn a life around,” and I’m sure there are situations where that is true. However, keep in mind that military training & service is emotionally and physically taxing for the healthiest of people. It very well could cause someone a lot of problems if they do not go into it from a position of physical and mental health & stability. Additionally, the purpose of the military is to protect our nation, not to act as a therapeutic environment for troubled youth. They simply are not equipped to do that.
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    I don't know... I don't think I'd be steering this kid towards ANYTHING that puts a gun (or any other weapon) into his hands. Just saying ......
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    So he spent a year in bed after getting expelled from school, and multiple therapists told you he isn't depressed because he has high self-esteem??? You need to get new therapists, ASAP. A person's level of self-esteem has nothing to do with being depressed. I don't mean this in a snarky way, but were these religious counselors who have only had training through a religious program? If so you need to find an actual psychiatrist. And in the meantime, I'd try to get him admitted to an in-patient treatment program if at all humanly possible.
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    I hope this works 🙂 We did it last night :). I think we did really well for a bunch of folks mostly over age 40 who had about 6 hours of total practice time :). I’m the short one with glasses. I made all the bows :). 2214421B-D5C5-473B-97E9-1836F1B95CCC.MP4
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    Update for anyone still following this seemingly never ending saga: Their realtor told my realtor today that they are getting everything together and will need a couple of days and then plan to make an offer. They are a multi-generational family, so they may be pooling funds or getting 96 year old grandma's bank bonds or something! Stay tuned.
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    You just learn not to talk politics and get good at smiling and nodding. People are generally nice and normal across the political spectrum and there is much to commend many places, even if you don’t fly a rainbow flag in your yard or march with the local crisis pregnancy center. Bringing political views into daily discussions tends to polarize unnecessarily, where everyone would act pretty civilly and find a lot to enjoy about one another with that factored out. Honestly, at this point in life I don’t air my opinions even in company I’m pretty sure agrees with me. Because you never know who is listening in, and it’s just unnecessary to pontificate on polarizing topics in 95% of situations. Button up your lips and smile while changing the subject - it’s never a foolish choice.
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    Please, please do not encourage him to try to enlist. Basic training is psychologically difficult for a stable person, never mind someone with the symptoms your DS is exhibiting. The military can teach a lazy person how to have more self-discipline, but it CANNOT cure or treat mental illness. I don't know why so many people think it can do that. When I was in basic training, one of the guys I was training with snapped and attacked a drill sergeant. Thank god it happened in the first phase and not when we were doing rifle training. During AIT they had a special mattress near the main stairwell where they could keep an eye on the soldiers who were suicidal. There was at least one every day. Your son needs to work with mental health professionals. Drill sergeants are not mental health professionals. ETA: I should clarify that I'm bringing up the mattress thing not to tell you that they have a lot of experience dealing with mental illness, but to say LOOK HOW WELL THEY DON'T HANDLE IT. Suicidal? Spend the night on the special suicide mattress where a couple of exhausted teenagers on fire watch can make sure you don't kill yourself when they aren't mopping. It's horrifying.
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    seems it doesn't matter how many shootings there are in USA - people there still seem to think that guns are not the problem. doesn't matter that they don't really happen in the rest of the world
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    Thank you all for talking us through this. She decided on the flagship 😊. Many of your comments helped us. She said that when she imagined making the decision, she couldn’t wait to tell the professors at the flagship. We both think it’s the right decision, and yes, I think not being able to attend another school she was accepted to made it harder. I really appreciate you all sharing your thoughts. It was a time when we really needed to hear that it was going to be ok, so thank you!
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    This is the theater's problem in having both options available at the same time. Of course a person who preselected a seat is going to expect to sit in the seat that they selected. This does not make them obnoxious.
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    But why did you hold in your tears all night? Why didn’t you let your dh know how you felt? I’m very sorry that you had such a lousy day. I just feel like nothing will ever change for you if you hold your feelings inside instead of being honest with your dh so he can understand your disappointment and expectations.
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    So...I started a thread on Sunday about taking care of my elderly dad and not having anything left to give -- LOL. I need to get back to that thread and respond (we ended up over there all day Tuesday and my boys finished testing today), but a quick update. Dad's house went live this morning. There are over 15 showings today and one offer already coming in. I called to let him know and he says, "OK." I'm like aren't you excited? And he says, "What is there to be excited about?" LOL! I have been KILLING myself and that is his response?!?!? LOL! He then added that he will have more money to spend. I told him I'm excited to be getting my LIFE BACK -- LOL. So...he is an Eeyore type and I am not. I obviously got my enthusiasm from my mom. So I am sharing with you! Anyone who has been through this knows how very excited I am at the moment!! Praying this part goes smoothly!
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    I've been a community college professor for 21 years. I've taught scads of students from all walks of life and all types of education. I've taught students 15-75 years old. I've taught students who lived in their car, and students who were wealthy. I've taught dual enrollment students and hardened vets who have saw the ugly side of war. You name it, and I've taught a student like that. And the homeschooled kids are pretty much no different than the rest of my students. Really. Just as many of them fail, aren't focused, are rude to me, come to class drunk, etc. etc. as any other type of student. In my experience, they really don't stand out. And that's the consensus among the faculty where I've worked. I realize that there are all kinds of homeschoolers out there, and that community college is a different population. But it's a myth that homeschooled kids universally do well in college. Not at the two community colleges where I've taught. There I said it.
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    I am told they plan to, but I am not holding my breath until they make the offer. Then we will need to figure out how to see some houses this week PRONTO. Now DH and I are fighting over the cheap furniture. I am thrilled to just get RID of it, he is like, "We can't afford to replace it! Do we hate it? I didn't know we hated that!" 🤣 I am assuring him we do hate it. 😂
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    They sent us a list of 7 questions last night. Kind of interesting, DH has had his office in the basement for years. For staging, we were told to bring it back up to the designated office space, so we did. Well, this new guy wants to put his office in the basement and wants to be sure the basement would work! 😂 There were questions about moisture in the basement (we have never had any) and why there were not more A/C vents down there, only baseboard heaters (it is mostly underground and stays between 60-68 year round.) . They also wanted to know the age of our pool, size of HVAC system, and if they could have a goat on our property. 🤔 Oh, and the mom asked if we would leave some of our crappy, yeah! Take all of it! Then I don't have to move it! Hoping we get an offer today .
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    What a crock... In my little hometown within a 2 mile radius and same zip code there were immigrants right off the boat living multiple families in one rental unit....there were average middle class workers ....and less than 1/2 mile away multi-million dollar homes of mostly business owners who owned large multi-generational businesses. At my PRIVATE high school my mom who was a legal immigrant from Brazil who came here at 14, dropped out of high school, but worked hard and got her GED, had the misfortune of realizing she married a total lunatic, got herself together and earned an associates in accounting, worked her way up numerous payroll and accounting jobs while trying to keep three kids and a crazy ex husband all situated (hint: it was not a good scene)... How would I be ranked? Privileged? because my zip code is in the same zip as the multi million dollar homes? Or privileged because I went to a private high school? (because my mom made every sacrifice and I earned a 75% scholarship by winning the diocese catholic scholarship exam?) My mom and I together earned that spot in that school, and I was not and she was not privileged. This is so ridiculous.... I . Can't. even. Students have to be judged based on their record as STUDENTS and if they want to tell about their hardships add an extra hardship essay, not another false societal judgement that is not based on facts.
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    For heavens sake, how is this still an argument? For ANY species of animal, ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL, the best method of feeding will be milk from their own species. IDEALLY dogs drink dog milk, cows drink cow milk, cheetahs drink cheetah milk, bunnies drink bunny milk, and humans drink human milk. HOWEVER, life is complicated, all things are NOT equal, and therefore often something other than milk from the mother will be required, often that will mean a prepared formula made from the milk of another species. This includes a WIDE range of situations from physical complications to past history of abuse to scheduling issues. In other words, breast is best if there are no other issues....but there are often other issues. Which means often in many real life situations breast is NOT best. I don't get why people insist on only one part of that sentence. Breastfeeding advocates (that are not idiots) don't mean breast is best even if the baby is starving. And I don't think those using formula mean that formula is scientifically superior to breastmilk. We all are actually in pretty close agreement on this, and I have no idea why it gets so crazy - on both "sides". Not that there should be sides.
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    ] There are no breastfeeding 'nazis' out there, because being an advocate of b/feeding is not remotely the same as being a fascist. There are, however, rude and unhelpful b/feeders, just as there are rude and unhelpful bottle feeders. I'm sorry you ran across a rude and unhelpful person. I'm also sorry you were unable to breastfeed and glad you had options. I'm also glad I was able to persevere and had the support I needed to breastfeed. And I am very glad I spent several years helping other women to achieve their breastfeeding goals. I think what people fail to take into account in these discussions is that it's a David and Goliath thing. You think formula makers don't spend gazilions promoting their products ? You reckon grass roots b/feeding associations can match that ? Formula feeding in the West has, for a long time, been the NORM. It's backed by big money. Shareholders in companies that make formula get more $ the fewer women breastfeed and the more women formula feed. Anyone would think it's in fact, the other way around. Breast-feeding friendly policies and hospitals were introduced to fix a huge disparity between breastfeeding and formula feeding - formula companies had been so successful in undermining breastfeeding, that breastfeeding had to be actively promoted just to regain parity.
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    I have one homeschool graduate who will be 23 in a month. What led you to homeschool? When this particular son was in first grade it became apparent that he was vastly behind the other children, and we found out much later that he has dyslexia. By chance, I had read David Guterson's Family Matters the year before and decided that perhaps homeschooling would allow my son to catch up. It worked, but in the meantime, I realized all of the other benefits of homeschooling, so we continued. How was your child homeschooled in the high school years? My son started high school level work prior to 9th grade, and all of it appeared on the transcript. For mental health/social reasons, we ended up putting him in a tiny private high school for the last half of tenth grade and the first half of eleventh (not recommended for the faint of heart when it comes to college admissions!). After that he was officially homeschooled, but he was really dual enrolled at the CC full time. I would call our homeschooling style rigorous academic eclectic. What did your child do after graduating? What is your child doing now? He took a gap year and then went to a fairly selective engineering college. He graduates this coming Saturday and then starts his dream job a week later. I am so proud of him that I am constantly in danger of bursting!
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    DD got into: Calvin College (Merit scholarship) University of Minnesota (Merit Scholarship) University of Oklahoma (Merit Scholarship) *She has decided to attend U of Oklahoma on a full 4-year Air Force ROTC scholarship to study Physics. Her Merit aid will cover room & board 🙂 University of Michigan (Merit Scholarship) Missouri Science & Technology (Merit Scholarship)
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    I'll always put any updates I have into this thread. I write to Greta (paper mail), usually bi-weekly, but it has been a little while between my travel and then bronchitis. I will drop her a line tonight if I can. I'll ask if there is an update, as others have asked about her. Thank you!
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    I'm so sorry Yael. I have nothing but prayers to offer you. I hope you find help soon for your DS. I just wanted to comment on the suggestions to have troubled, potentially violent children enlist in the military. (Perhaps I'm misunderstanding, and that's not what's being suggested. I hope so.) I agree strict structure can be helpful for many kids, but really, do we honestly want psychologically troubled people who are already exhibiting worrisome behavior being given weapons training and then, perhaps, deployed? The military should NOT be used in place of appropriate mental health care. There are already enough issues within that organization.
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    The idea that millions of people — people who are working 40-60 hours a week, not lying around doing nothing — should be forced to live in abject poverty, go hungry, and forgo needed medications and medical care, so that businesses don't have to cut their profit margin, is a concept I have a hard time wrapping my head around. If the only way a business owner can earn a comfortable living is by exploiting the labor of people living in poverty, then maybe that businessman is the one who needs to "find a better job," not the poor guy who's working for $7.25/hr and depending a food pantry to feed his kids.
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    Honestly, reading through that, I don't think your problem is Mother's Day. Your problem is that one day a year you expected him to pull his fair share and he couldn't even do it a single day. Don't go into Mother's Day next year with no expectations. You should go into every day with the expectation that he'll pull more of the weight. And I'm in total agreement with those saying that you really need to tell him. Read him what you wrote here. And ask for him to do more. Point out all the work you do that he is obviously not seeing. Make him do all of it sometimes while you take a walk with the dog or go to the gym or go read a book or whatever you want.
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    I have one homeschool graduate. -- What led you to homeschool? We began homeschooling our daughter in 7th grade due to (of all things) transportation issues. Our daughter attended a charter school in 6th grade that necessitated a two-bus commute that added two hours to each school day. She asked to be homeschooled the following year. We left the choice of continuing homeschooling up to my daughter. Each year we presented options to her (i.e., informing her when a new arts focused high school opened in our area or the choice to take classes at the local high school), and each year she elected to continue homeschooling. -- How was your child homeschooled in the high school years? (Did you use WTM as a guide? Did your child take out of the home, online classes, or college classes?) We homeschooled in a WTM inspired fashion rather than strictly by the book. In addition to our at-home studies, we were fortunate to have a publicly funded homeschooling center nearby where my daughter took a variety of classes both fun (fencing and chess) and academic (AP US History, AP Latin, and Ancient Greek). She also took classes, at our expense, at the local community college in 11th and 12th grades as well as an online AP class through Pennsylvania Homeschoolers. -- What did your child do after graduating? What is your child doing now? She graduated from our homeschool and went on to a fairly selective liberal arts college where she majored in Latin and minored in Geology and from which she graduated magna cum laude.  With her Latin degree in hand, my daughter did the obvious thing: She taught English for a year to kindergarteners and early elementary students in South Korea. She has since moved on to teaching English conversation to adults. She has now been living in South Korea for almost six years. Her long term goal is to obtain a Master’s in Library and Information Science and become a librarian. Regards, Kareni
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    UPDATE: 1. Drug test was negative 2. Parents have clamped down, told him he can keep his phone if he keeps the Life 360 APP on at all times and isn't allowed to go anywhere but school and home without permission. 3. Paycheck auto deposit and controlled by parents for now, until grades come up 4. He made up a lot of work over break 5. If he doesn't pass, he loses all privileges of car and phone until he takes summer school 6. Best news is that his friends have started telling him his parents are right and he needs to finish high school and get it together......peer pressure can be awesome!
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