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  2. There are some metronome activities that can boost it. Ask on learning challenges.
  3. Here is where I sheepishly admit that sometimes I use breastfeeding as an excuse to leave a room. Like when the ILs are visiting and my introverted self can't take it anymore.... I go and nurse the baby in our bedroom. 😄
  4. I think sometimes we create these worries on our own. MIT not only has Calculus level 1 on offer for freshman year, it also has a 'stretch' calculus class that lasts over both term 1 and the January term. The stretch Calculus class is for kids that just feel they need to learn calculus level 1 at a slower pace. This is at MIT. Just saying.
  5. I’m not minimizing the mental health stuff at all. It’s just more straightforward and to some degree out of my control in terms of timeline. She has an appointment with her therapist for Monday afternoon. I will take paperwork to a place that does psychiatric evaluations on Monday morning. I’m not sure how long it will take to get an appointment. I don’t really want to take her to the hospital because I know from experience it’s a pretty superficial evaluation and it can be very frightening. But it’s an option on the table. Getting a psychiatric evaluation is the biggest priority. Another priority is getting a CAPD evaluation. I need to call Able Kids in Colorado. I could get an evaluation locally, but not sure it makes sense to do it twice. I need to find out what the ballpark numbers are for how much that would cost. If she’s at home, my husband would have to change his work to work at home or I would have to quit my job to be with her. We would have to have a schedule that involved exercise and some kind of getting out of the house. A job or volunteer work or something. And she’d need to keep up with math and Spanish, at least. I wish she’d consider going to school on A days, when she has choir, chemistry (hard to do at home), and a friend to eat lunch with and do home bound for B days. I think mentally it would be better for her to have some down days and days at school. But she doesn’t think she can do it and my husband doesn’t want to push her at all. I wish we could raise the possibility with the therapist and guidance counselor. My husband will come to the meeting with the guidance counselor. But I will do the talking. Because while I have a lot of weaknesses, I am damned good at dealing with school administration and getting good IEPs and such. I can’t change the whole structure of the school. But if we can figure out what she needs, I can darn well get the school to agree to it. The problem is I think we need to experiment to figure out what she needs. And my husband and daughter won’t buy into experimenting. I think we need to experiment not for academic purposes but because it could be better for her mentally. She definitely needs exercise. More sleep could be good but she does get reasonable amounts and quality of sleep. She needs to not be isolated...but both the auditory sensitivity and the depression makes that hard. Better nutrition would be ideal, and if she’s at home she will eat lunch.
  6. I just hate the fact that I have enormous books and can’t breastfeed in public without feeling self conscious because it can’t really be discrete. Takes two hands the whole time and a propped up baby. And I wouldn’t even care, but it’s OTHER people caring and me wanting to not be a jerk that creates the anxiety. I just want to tell them to jump off a cliff but I’m too nice 😒 Conversations like this just solidify the anxiety - I can’t nurse at a bible study or coffee shop or whatever without it being an issue, because I don’t have nicely cooperating books and babies. Why should it matter that yards of flesh are showing? Why should I be inconvenienced and penalized because I’m not a c cup? GAH.
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  8. Same here. I always wore a button down the front top or dress.
  9. I loved reading this thread. There are so many interesting opinions and some excellent ideas. We've got ASD, anxiety, and ADHD in the mix, but the things your boys do sound a lot like what we see over here with my 7.5yo, newly-turned 10yo, and 11.5yo. I caught my 10yo cheating just this morning, in fact. He is in public school and does math as an independent study because he's accelerated, but he doesn't actually seem capable of self-studying for more than 15 minutes in a stretch. He hasn't been getting his work done at school and always seems to end up doing it sitting next to me in the evening. This week I didn't get a chance to do that for several days and I told him he had to have his work done today before he went to a friend's birthday party. His solution? He had his younger brother tell him the answers to all his math questions early this morning. It was impressive teamwork and probably 7yo DS was trying to be kind, but I was so MAD at my 10yo! Thinking about it objectively now that I've cooled off, he was probably really stressed and just trying to make it to his friend's party, so in a way, my own choices brought out the worst in him, and I really could have predicted his response. A few months ago I started having my bigger boys pay for their own school supplies. (They can earn money doing extra chores around the house/yard and get $20 every time they get a dental check-up with no cavities.) It worked! Well, sort of. They take better care of their stuff. There is still some collateral damage, and one kid just cannot resist taking apart his pens to use the parts in non-standard ways, but it's going better than before. I also made a snack cabinet full of healthy snacks they are allowed to access any time. That has helped with the one that used to sneak food. Anyway, you're not alone. Kids do these things. More supervision, altered expectations, and more self-care for you seem like things that may help your situation.
  10. My dd12 has very low processing speed. The neuropsych evaluator told me that there is very, little you can do to speed it up. Pretty much just teach strategies to compensate. ie Teach them to use a highlighter when they read, so they don't have to reread whole passages for information. ie If they are reading and answering questions based on the reading, make sure to read the questions first to avoid rereading for information. ie Learn addition/subtraction/multiplication facts to 15 or higher, so they have less time figuring out simple math computations. Use memory instead of processing skills for fact based knowledge. etc.
  11. My massage therapist used a crock pot. LOL A heating pad seems milder, but maybe put it in a box and wrap them so they are a consistant temp. They were a bit hot to me, but I am a bit sensitive to hot things (I hate hot tubs etc). I didn't like the sensation of hot spots on my back. I love, love, love hot air! Just not something hot physically touching my skin.
  12. Nobody is trying to make anyone uncomfortable. If a person feels uncomfortable with a breastfeeding mother in the room, that says more about them than it does about the mother. Nursing mothers are not trying to make a point. Their baby just wants to eat. If *I* feel uncomfortable, because my clothing isn't nursing friendly or whatever, I will leave the room. But I don't have to leave because it makes someone else uncomfortable to be reminded that babies eat from breasts.
  13. That's one of my concerns. I have some issues with church but I don't want my DD to hate it. I told DD that she needed to give it a few more chances. It might improve as the year goes on. Everything is still somewhat new.
  14. If you keep a squirt gun by your bed and just continue to shoot them every time they try to come in then eventually they will stop.
  15. I didn't have noticeable chicken pox when I was a child, so I got a blood draw in my twenties and was told that I am immune. No shingles shot yet.
  16. Not trying to win anyone over with that video, rest assured. 🙂 As I stated it's obviously snark (sarcasm with a pointed message to people who may not agree). The larger point being, if people feel their day is ruined by seeing a nursing mom because of books, then, yeah, it's kind of funny to me the same way that video is funny. After five kids, I can only laugh about it or I'd make myself crazy trying to isolate myself from real life sho I can breastfeed. Then it follows, ther other point is that none of us nursing moms are doing so to make others uncomfortable, we're just living our lives. Not trying to ruin anyone's day. And anyone whose day is ruined by it is, in fact, unreasonable.
  17. The seller won't ship it, even if you sweeten the pot? I grew up about 30 min away, but unfortunately don't live nearby anymore.
  18. I think it's more frustrating that you (or anyone) think a nursing mother would be trying to make a point by nursing in a public space other than (maybe) not wanting to be socially isolated. I'm just trying to feed my baby. Everyone gets to sit in the food court and eat and chat except for me because my baby is eating? I do think others should put the welfare of hungry babies ahead of their own discomfort or personal bugaboos and pet peeves, so I gather you think it should be the opposite and the women and children should be the ones deferring? I guess I can't come around on that. But I guess I don't encounter a lot of women who show any more than a brief second of nudity while nursing, if that. If I was living in an area where women routinely took off their shirts to nurse in public in order to make some kind of point (???) maybe I would share your sentiments more readily? I also reject the idea than anyone here has been vehement about any of this. Again, I'm just feeding my baby. I take that back: I guess I am vehemently pro-feeding babies, even in public, if they are hungry. The mechanics of it are incidental. I'm not vehement or overly emotional about this in any sense.
  19. I had chicken pox twice, the first time as a toddler- it was mild, I'm told and then again when I was 9. I do not plan on getting the vaccine, and I have been around 2 people who had shingles, but I haven't caught it. My oldest dd had the vaccine as a baby, the others did not.
  20. I had to do this tonight, too. Captain had an accident while on our bed. Blech! my kids do not understand that bedtime means sleep, not come into my room every 15 mins until midnight!
  21. I need a face of fear for that one, Blessings. I’m in the camp of security should have approached them.
  22. I had CP as a kid no shingles yet. I am nowhere near the age they suggest the vax. I will probably get it when it’s offered. My mother had less pain with her knee replacement than her mild shingles.
  23. I had chicken pox as a child (no vax). I haven't had shingles. I'll turn 50 in a little less than two years and plan to get the shingles vax then. Dh also had cp but no shingles. He'll get shingles vax in a couple of months All of my kids had the chicken pox vax. None have gotten chicken pox. But my son got shingles when he was 9. It was awful. I just remember I was so mad at the pediatrician because he just acted like it was great because he got to see this case as he had been hearing of chicken pox vaxed kids getting shingles but had not seen it yet. Here was my son in terrible pain and he was acting all giddy. But anyway, this was about 8 years ago. Ds was always healthy before shingles and has been healthy ever since, but that was an awful 3 weeks.
  24. I keep waiting to lose my AOL e mail address. 😉 I know I am in a few Yahoogroups though I no longer keep up with them. A lot of AOL message boards moved there back in the day.
  25. I had the chicken pox as a baby, but only on my feet! So, my doctor was a little worried when I was 8 months pregnant with #5 and my 4 other children all came down with it. (No, the vaccine hadn't been offered to kids yet when my kids were very young, at least in our area!) I didn't get it, thank goodness. I do plan to get the shingles vaccine, although our insurance won't cover it until I'm 60. One of my dd's who had the CP got the shingles when she was around 23. The CP vaccine was offered to child #5, so she had the vaccine, but three years later she came down with the chicken pox anyway. (A fairly light case.) I'd probably get the CP vaccine if I were you. I would think that the risks and problems associated with getting the chicken pox with no vaccine outweigh the risks of getting shingles with the CP vaccine. (Although I really have no scientific knowledge regarding that!)
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