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  2. I think you need a trip to the island - no dh and no jury duty! 😂
  3. my understanding is barn cats are the best catching mice - and they generally aren't too friendly.
  4. all you need is something wide enough for the roller - and a ramp. the habitrail (yes I'm old - that's what they were called when they came on the market in the 70s) hamster cages have plastic 'ramps'/tubes that would also work. I've seen some with a regular plastic trash can with the swing lid. just have them go into a hold (thin plastic can be cut with a box cutter) below it. it would not be as obvious what it is, but it would still catch mice.
  5. Yeah, for sure. We've had 3-4 mice caught in 1 bucket in the same night before; they're always dead in the morning. There are definitely other ways, but - you asked for cheap / easy / non-toxic / multiple. Heh. I have a nearly annual war with the little buggers getting into my old house in the fall; we do plug the holes if we can find them, but sometimes they still find their way in.
  6. Believe me, that did come up in conversation!
  7. I would have to see if the cleaning staff is ok with that. They come in before and after school, picking up my trash at the end of the day and refilling the liner, etc....
  8. DS will be doing high school latin that uses the oxford book at CLRC this coming fall and he will be in 7th grade. He started latin this past year (6th grade) with MP First Form. I talked with Anne and she said that there will be a lot of overlap and redundancy because of MP, but because it's a high school course it will go faster so he'll get into new material quicker. Prior to this, he had zero latin exposure (although he did have several other languages under his belt).
  9. Yeah, sorry, mostly I just want them gone, whatever I can do to get them gone, but prob dead works best!
  10. Put 4-5" of water in the bucket, and the mouse drowns. You could even use a regular office trashcan, overnight, if you wanted to (and then convert it back to a regular trash can in the morning by just dumping out the water).
  11. A counselor cat would provide dual benefits. Of course, with summer coming, you'd have to take the cat for a few months.
  12. We do use PB at home. I guess I was thinking snap trap or is there anything else to use?
  13. Then your domestic animals will continue to kill native songbirds.
  14. Fate of what? I just want to kill the ones in my office. That is all. I can't be responsible for the entire building and/or school district. 😜
  15. I haven't seen those before. No room really for a 5 gallon bucket and it might be distracting for the students, but maybe for the garage at home???? One prob is, if you don't kill them, they come right back in if you take them outside
  16. Then, Dawn, you must resign yourself to your fate.
  17. MissLemon


    I don't hate anyone. I basically like everyone, or at least, really want to like everyone. There are a few people I have recently realized that despite really wanting to like them? I kind of don't. They aren't necessarily terrible people. They have good qualities. I just...really do not enjoy their company and try to avoid spending any sort of one-on-one time with them. They are exhausting to talk to and require a higher difficulty setting than I prefer. That's been my theme for 2019: It's ok to select a lower difficult setting for relationships.
  18. We had one of those, but it only works for a few zaps and then needs new batteries. Then it stopped working, even with batteries after a few of them. I thought of getting another, but prob not before the end of this school year, maybe for next.
  19. This is a very, very serious and inspirational video that really resonated with my kids. They related to so much in this. Enjoy!
  20. my grandmother was abusive. (she was given way too much access to us.) I am currently in therapy for cptsd (and a few other things) from the damage she caused. my therapist - who has heard things I've never even told my husband - has been amazed that I turned out "relatively normal", knowing how completely self-destructive most women are with my background. my grandmother destroyed peoples lives. I consider her a contributing factor in my father's suicide when I was 12. I developed my working definition of evil from her example - she did things to control, and destroy, peoples spirits. I have sought, for many years and decades, to forgive her - because I do not wish to eat the poison of hatred. she could hold a grudge so long, she didn't know why she was angry, she just was. I certainly don't want to be anything like her, and if I held onto my hurt and anger at her - it would destroy me. she's been dead for 25 years - but the damage was done. forgiveness is not necessarily reconciliation*,* Forgiveness brings peace to the heart. love can flourish in a peaceful heart because there is room for it to grow and spread out and fill to the farthest reaches. it's not competing for space. the more peace I achieve, the more love I can feel - including for my husband and children. I strongly believe there is a life after this one - I used to wonder how I would respond if she came to me and begged (and I *mean* begged) forgiveness. I realized, it wouldn't matter. the damage was done and I still had to fix it. so, I was adamant I wanted to never see her again. I fulfilled my responsibilities towards her, I was done and washed my hands. I didn't have to ever see her again. I also recognized - such feelings indicated I still hadn't achieved forgiveness; and my anger at her, still ruled me to a degree. there was still part of my heart that felt anger and hurt, despite the amount of progress I had made. despite being able to feel sorry for her - sometimes. despite understanding there were some pretty bad things in her childhood. those feelings, were holding *me* back from the peace I sought. because if I was truly "at peace", my feelings would be indifference and even compassion. with therapy - I'm finally reaching where I could face her, and feel nothing but sorrow for the waste, and compassion for what she brought upon herself. (and shake my head in sadness.) I can mourn for the person she could have been had she made other choices. she wanted to be loved, but everything she did ensured she wouldn't be loved (but would be feared instead) by those closest to her. I feel sadness for her. **I wish people would realize that. sometimes reconciliation with a living person is downright dangerous - and that's where boundaries come in).
  21. We used Route 66 this year. Yes, you need the TM to teach the information and help fill out some of the blanks in the student workbook. Think of it as little mini lectures along with scripture study. The TM also has extra information, tests and quizzes. After Route 66, the other Bible studies for MS and HS are less teacher intensive. The students are expected to work imdependently for 4 days and the 5th day is a discussion. Route 66 is well worth the time and effort, and while the TM is big and bulky, it really adds to the study.
  22. HAHAHAHA! I have no control over ANY of that! I am just asking about my little office and the other counselors' offices.
  23. MissLemon


    I think this is why people say that forgiveness isn't for the abuser; it's really for oneself, so you do not allow the abuser to occupy your mind.
  24. In a similar vein, the plank works quite well, too - non-toxic, can catch multiple in one "setting", reusable, and easy clean-up (we just dump the whole thing in the woods and refill).
  25. My husband and I lived there 26 years ago too! How funny! (Although I didn't work in accounting; I did the marketing for a mental health care hospital chain.)
  26. I am trying to pick courses for my rising sophomore daughter for next year. I am having such difficulty. She has a mixed expressive/receptive language disorder from a private psychologist. Is it true that she should be exempt from the foreign language graduation requirement? The psychologist stated she would write a statement as such. I will receive more feedback from assessments done at Kennedy Krieger in a couple of weeks - although I am a little hesitant and wondering if I will need to get a second opinion based on the initial conversation/appointment. I am deeply interested in if I should pursue exemption from foreign language and what that will mean for her future. She doesn't know her path yet; we are thinking a start at the community college (dual enroll by senior year)- and perhaps becoming a certified bookkeeper. She is an introvert and very good at math. However, she also expressed interest in sports therapy or athletic training/injury prevention. She dances 8 + hours a week and loves to create work out lists for friends and family, etc. She is my fourth high schooler- and I always plan high school with the end in mind. I am struggling! -Rebecca
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