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  2. So smart! Grocery shopping today 236 Lots of extra stuff this week, dog food, bleach, detergent, toilet paper, a huge thing of acne meds Note to self, buy more sushi next week so we have a stockpile in the freezer for easy to go meals.
  3. Google “Rousseau and feminism” and you’ll find a ton of stuff.
  4. Unfortunately, in the US, there is wide variation in approach not just from state to state, but even within a state in different school districts. My state just released school report cards, and there are schools where fewer than 10% of kids are reading at grade level (third grade is the earliest this would be officially tested and reported). The frustrating thing is that schools are regularly changing approaches and curriculum, but rarely basing those choices on research backed best practices. Which means that whole groups of kids are left behind during all of the experimentation.
  5. Totally agree! I'm not sure that vulnerability and hypersexuality really go hand in hand - more that vulnerability and tenderness do. At least in my experience with DH in the context of marriage. Likely there's a different dynamic in sexual relationships outside of marriage, in which case that's a whole different conversation🙂
  6. My least favorite thing about this year with my caboose baby has been how many people assume I want privacy to nurse. I find it so isolating. I am careful when I nurse though subtle and discreet aren’t words would I use when your books are L’s everyone knows you’re nursing.
  7. We've had up to 4 cats. Honestly, having 2 kittens together is the BEST! It's actually better for the older cats. They play with each other and bother the older cats much less most of the times. I will ALWAYS get kittens in pair from here on in!
  8. I thought we had the perfect situation, but wow, puppy and chocolate, that's a whole new level of perfect.
  9. I don't remember what AFSA means, either. Since the oven was on already, I made a roast chicken, then decided mashed potatoes were necessary. And the family spent two hours outside putting the garden to bed. Now I'm tired.
  10. I am very curious about the rehab your daughter did because we definitely have the same dynamic, probably to a more extreme degree though. Would you be willing to tell me more?
  11. I think they both look lovely. I hope your daughter and her husband will be very happy and that you'll have a wonderful time at the wedding. Regards, Kareni
  12. I heard on a podcast (I think it was Literary Life by Angelina Stanford and Condy Rollins) that a lot of the mentalities feminists are fighting against nowadays were actually heavily endorsed and disseminated by Rousseau! I am over-simplifying what I heard because it was just in passing, but does anybody know of any books or resources on this topic?
  13. Yep. Definitely won't remember that. I was envisioning something along the lines of Air Force Super Attraction or something to do with the Air Force for some reason.
  14. @mumto2 Thank you for the Faye Kellerman recommendation. I will check into it on my Overdrive. Thank you so much for sharing your favorite titles. Right now I am so snowed with work and commuting that I really appreciate not having to research new material!!! Reading: I am still finishing "Wild Lupines" by Link. It is such a deep book on many levels. I hope I can get the book by Kellerman since I will be done with Wild Lupines in a few days. Since I have a few other recommendations, I can come back to those, like "The Tamarack Murders" and the "Miss Julia" series. Audiobook: Since Overdrive had not a single title I was looking for last week, I resorted to a much beloved stand-by, the Peabody series. I got "The Mummy Case" on Audio and while I like it and the narrator is pretty good she is not as good as Barbara Rosenblat who narrated the later titles in the series. Next Audio will be either "The Golden One" by Peters or Faye Kellerman's "Sacred and Profane" depending on if it's available as book or audio.
  15. We used one of those when he first came home, but he’s really good at rating it verbally, so we’ve dropped it, Now we just ask him 4 times a day to list everything that hurts or feels “off”. He definitely has the skill, but sometimes chooses to actively deny something. I would not label it as a lie to him, but that’s how he labels it, and he’s not wrong. He is actively deciding to say something untrue.
  16. As someone who has photographed weddings for clients....yes, a large percentage of those photos on that list were intentional. There's no way that a photographer is unable to focus on the couple in some of those situations. And when a photo is taken, during the ceremony, of guests only, the purpose of the shot is to show the guests. In fact, to go a step further, for a time, it was actually a common shot to include where you capture the image on the guest's phone or ipad, vs capturing the shot. I would be willing to bet that whoever wrote the blog post combed a bunch of photographers facebook pages and just right clicked a bunch of shots (which is IMO worse than what's actually contained in the shots. ) Yes, a lot of those were on purpose. Also, as the wedding photographer, I never ever had any problem going to anyone and gently saying "Um, excuse me, you are in my way" and waving my camera at them if necessary. Most often, it's not even necessary. Most often, a simple "excuse me" is good enough to make people sheepisly shrink back into their seats, realizing they are in the way and their niece/nephew/aunt/whoever is going to be irked if they totally ruin a shot. ETA: don't get me wrong, there are totally times where a guest jumps in at JUST the wrong moment, or all the phones are distracting the bride/groom/ring bearer/maid of honor/whoever and you end up with shots that have everyone's eyeballs all over or someone is *just* in the way of the shot of slipping the ring on the bride's finger or whatever. But most of those shots in that link aren't really like that.
  17. I like your Rocco better. I always had a moral problem with mine. I would never let him serve me. I was really missing out! I can never remember this. A fiery surface of antifreeze. I think.
  18. Books by Sara Zarr: Story of A Girl, Sweethearts, Gem & Dixie, Once Was Lost, How to Save A Life...
  19. You've gotten some and it looks like you've settled on a great idea, but since Christmas is coming... I'd say any of those kinds of little things you need when you are starting out, but you need so many of the little things you are tempted to go with the cheap version of each of them. So, a couple of good sharp knives, solidly built can-opener, well made and balanced pot, etc. Or a basic, but well-made, tool set. Sewing kit with nice scissors. I'd include a note that said "you don't have to pretend to be excited about this now. Just save it for a few years and be mildly thankful again and again once it comes in handy.
  20. Haven't read through the thread. For the wedding ceremony itself ? Sure! I mean, how hard is it to put your phone away while you watch two people getting married ? Gen Z can manage it - it'll be good for 'em! Outside of the ceremony, not so much...but I understand the impulse.
  21. AFSA=Walmart. Got it. Probably won't remember it though unless your tell me what the initials stand for.
  22. DD definitely downplayed it for months, and a big part of it was not wanting to cause problems for other people or admit vulnerability. So, she wouldn't admit to hurting at cheer practice because it would affect her teammates, and, she was sure, would lead to them disliking her. Part of rehab has involved learning language to explain how she actually feels. And that's without the kind of emotional load your DS carries.
  23. Today
  24. I haven't read it, but I wonder if Book Girl by Sarah Clarkson might have ideas. Check her blog, too. I've heard her speak and she talks a lot about how stories help us deal with our emotions and circumstances.
  25. When my kids were preschoolers/kindergarten age and there was actual fever involved, we'd keep both home. After that often one would get sick and the other would not, so we didn't hold back any more. I think as parents we also got better at handwashing/germ routines over the years. It also might depend on where we were going and how close range we were going to be. I think you know your kids best and the set up of your church best. If they were just sitting for an hour with mindful parents, I don't see a huge issue. If the 3 year old were in Sunday school passing snacks, etc, maybe not so great.
  26. also I am SO HAPPY your dd got a nice proctor and great situation!! yay!!
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