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  2. For 2nd grade, we tag team read. I let the student read a page or 2 and then I read a page and so one for about 30 mins. We just talk about the story as we go in a natural and fun way. I act shocked or excited about different things that happen and ask what they thought or what they think will happen next and that is about it.
  3. I haven’t seen a college ask for an “other” recommender in place of a teacher. I think you are right to follow up with them and see how they would like you to handle this. Two of my dd’s teacher recommenders were from online classes, but these were small classes where they got to know her well. One of the teachers taught her for 4 years and the other was for a writing-intensive discussion based class where the teacher to get to know her just because there was so much interaction.
  4. I've always had cats and up until these current two, they've all been declawed. My last declawed cat came declawed as a kitten in 1999. DH and I decided not to declaw our current two since it's cruel to the cats, but after having these two for a year, I've decided that I hate cat claws. My couch's corners looks horrid; my walls are scratched, and we are scratched regularly. We keep their claws trimmed - fairly easily as they sleep hard with all 4 feet up in the air. We have a cat tree with 2 rope-wrapped posts and three cardboard ones around - they use them, and still use my couch. I know it's very controversial to declaw, but I much prefer it. At this point, my couch is toast, so we'll tough it out with the claws. I can honestly say though, I may not get another cat after this mainly due to the clawing issue, and that is a huge statement from me. With all of our cats growing up and the ones I had as an adult, I never had any behavior changes after declawing.
  5. Morning. No school today--we are on a planned break. Naturally, I'm starting out that break with a cold. I had plans to put everyone to work today cleaning and cooking. Instead, I feel like I'm running a low-grade fever, and am actually contemplating not going out to dinner with DH for his birthday tonight. I really don't feel well. But yesterday was nice, even when I wasn't feeling so good, and maybe this will be good too. See how I feel after resting this morning. Other than rest, I need to get some writing done, complete the laundry, keep up with dishes, and I have an important phone call at noon. I hope I'm not too hoarse to talk.
  6. My son is 7 going on 8 and is in 2nd grade this year. I know my son is old for his grade (where his birthday falls with the state) but your son is also young for 3rd grade. I would keep that in mind and slow down on the literature guides. My son is a reluctant reader and writer. Really, he is a reluctant sitter. I have him read aloud so I can check pronunciation and be sure he doesn't guess at what is coming next. I use the Bookshark (sonlight) readers from when my daughter used bookshark, but you can get his level books at the library, have him read a section, then ask a question or 2 or have him give a narration. I'm also trying Pathway readers with him again soon though he wasn't keen on them last year.
  7. Well what do you think he needs? More visual, more analysis? You might look into SWR or WRTR for him. Since he's already done a lot of copying and visual, it seems like what you're wanting is the analysis. SWR or WRTR (either would work) would do that quickly and easily. Your library might have WRTR. Writing Road to Reading 6th Rev Ed.: The Spalding Method for Teaching Speech, Spelling, Writing, and Reading
  8. And you may find the type/stage of narrative fits with the language level of the book. So if you're targeting earlier stages, you can drop back the lexile and more easily find them.
  9. Happy nirthday to Angi; happy coffee and happy autumn to all for whom the offer applies. 🙂 germpo: DS is still sick (day 6). I walked out of CVS empty-handed last night after finding zero medicine that I thought would be effective & taste acceptable to him that The Google could identify as Definitely Not Poisonous to my sweet baby huggabunch. We are back at Vick's and Sinex (and he did decide to use a cough drop during the night even though they don't taste good). I guess it's working somewhat, as he is going to eat. /germpo
  10. I relate to this on a lot of levels. We have a medically fragile kiddo and it effects my kids in similar ways. I love that your kids have such a strong community around them. One thing that you might consider is whether both parents need to go on every emergency run. For our family, unless the situation is really dire, and it almost never is, dh drops ds and I off at the ER and goes home with the rest of the kids. We decided that not a lot was gained by having both of us there and I am better with the medical stuff. The rest of the family needs to experience some level of normalcy and home is less than 10 min away if I need dh to come back. For a family with typical kids, I think this might sound crazy but for our family, with multiple Er visits a year, sometimes you have to look at the long game.
  11. ((Krissi)) I get it. I really, really get it. I have an only. My only was the same way. At about the same age, my only and I were up here, and Daddy was still working in California. For 18 months, I was it. So, yeah, I really, really get it. It's exhausting, but it does get better. ((Krissi)) And, it really is awesome to hear their stories and their thoughts and to be so very important. Because then they get to be 17 and you realize that they're going to leave you and you will neverever be that central to them again. It's nice to have the memories... 😞
  12. Happy birthday, Angi! I'm making a second coffee, but it's decaf because Cheeto. Does decaf still count as coffee? Do I care anymore that excessive caffeine might result in Cheeto being born with horns or something? Considering how tired I am today, maybe not. Our local homeschool support group is having a field trip at the local apple orchard this afternoon. I love that they often plan their field trips for afternoons, allowing us to at least get Bible, math, and reading done before we go. I had lots of contractions this weekend. It averaged four an hour, and my doc's criteria for calling is six an hour. I spent most of the weekend reading a mindless book on the couch while Dave did All The Things. I'm thankful for a healthy baby, but I'll be happy to not be pregnant anymore when Cheeto comes. I suck at pregnancy. My protein-in-the-urine test is Thursday.
  13. Good morning! dh is on a backpacking trip, so pretty relaxed today. dd2 left early for the gym- she is hoping to change up her practices this week, seeing if her recovery time between practices has shortened. coffee/paper school with ds3 chores: kitchen, bathroom, recycling more school with ds3 grocery store when dd2 gets home ds3 to practice dd2 to practice ds3 home dd2 to math study session at school late dinner for everyone Have a great day!
  14. Good Morning, Daddy is doing overtime today. School done so far is Bible time and she is working on phonics. Need to do penmanship, math and her reading to me. We have chores today and audiobooks will be done during that time. She wants to watch Popular Mechanics for Kids today and maybe Magic School Bus.
  15. A quirky option is to loft her bed and put a hammock underneath. Both my kids had this option under their home lofts for years.
  16. Good Morning!!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Monday!!😩😩😩 Autumnal Equinox!!👍👍🍁🍁🍂🍂🍁🍂 School today!
  17. Thanks, all , for your suggestions and encouragement. I am considering each post, and trying to map a plan forward. I do appreciate the time each of you took to offer advice.
  18. Also, CAP now has a partnership with a Catholic School (St. Raphael School). However, their courses (on the CAP site) are not cheap.
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