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  2. I could swear I read mid June for tickets to go on sale.
  3. This is tough situation, but I would be kind of reluctant to be the open house for any length of time, even though I would very much want to be, because that would put a lot of pressure on her and your son’s relationship to ‘work’. If they are engaged, and I’ve forgotten that, not so much. But I also think that if the relationship does work out, you have a much better chance of getting along with your eventual in-laws if you don’t become the competition at this time. And it does sound like that, despite your good intentions, to have someone move in with her boyfriend’s parents the first time she moves out of her parents’ house. My inclination would be to help her to make a list of what it takes to become an independent adult, and start working on all of those things.
  4. We have a movie room but it is set up to be a bit multipurpose. 10ft screen projector it is used for video games and movies. It has a mix of couches and recliners and is quite often used for silent reading since its comfy. The sofas are hide a beds and it gets used for guests and sleepovers. It got more used more when we first moved in but still gets pretty regular use.
  5. I’m not clear on whether or not the details about plotting to possibly kill or maim the teacher were shared with the evaluators, though, as well as the information about the illegal knives and the online photo with the real-looking gun. Maybe Yael said they knew about those things and I missed it, though.
  6. Finally. On now.
  7. How do you clean the interior, especially the carpets and upholstery? We have a 1999 Suburban that came home from the shop smelling like smoke a couple of years ago. I'd love to get the whole interior like new again because it's still in great shape except for the smell.
  8. One thing to keep in mind is that once she becomes independent and doesn’t need his help any more, she may decide to move on from her relationship with your son. I hope that doesn’t happen, but it could.
  9. I am currently in a state of despair. I really, really, really want a GF donut. I have no GF donut. I am very, very sad.
  10. I love the pre-select thing for big movies we do it at home scan the app at the ticket taker. We still do $5 Tuesdays and that is a regular theater with general admission but we usually go during the day and its empty usually.
  11. DH gets motion sick VERY easily -- he MUST either drive the car or be in the front passenger seat to have enough view to prevent getting queasy. He got a motion sickness patch from the doctor (and a second one to replace it halfway through the trip), and never felt the least bit queasy. The inside passage is very very smooth water. The only time we felt like we were on the water was when crossing a little bit of open sea on the last day to get to Seward, and we felt a bit of choppiness. And one night, about 2am, when the ship was turning to back in to the narrow inlet port at one of our stops -- I actually got very queasy, as we had an "inside" cabin with no windows. I very nearly grabbed my coat to go up on deck for fresh air and a VIEW to prevent puking, but then the boat docked and the motion stopped, and my head and stomach settled. That's coming up like, NOW, so you might be able to find a super "last minute" deal where either a land package or a cruise is trying to fill space. Whatever you decide, hope you all have a fantastic trip! Warmest regards, Lori D.
  12. I have traveled a bit. Currently in LA (it is thunderstorming and 58 degrees - so much for the surfing vacation the kids wanted)... And our trip to Alaska is one of my favorites of all times. (another side note--- you know when you have to have a painful procedure done so you try really hard to think of something nice - I think of the wildflowers in Alaska) We rented the RV and drove around. GO to DENALI. So amazing! We flew in and out of Anchorage. I made every meal but two in the RV so it saved a lot of time and money. Just enjoy the journey. It is a spectacular state; I loved every minute.
  13. I'd spend $250 once a year, but not more than that. :0) But I don't have a kid in the car anymore, either. Haha.
  14. I LIKE the idea of the train. Would we still need to rent a car if we're traveling a this place to train, that place maybe by boat? I doubt we'll take a commuter plane. When you suggest take train from AK to Fair and then back, you are suggesting to spend the night? It's 6+ hours one way between the 2 cities. Would you recommend a charter boat?
  15. I'll join others in strongly disagreeing with this coach. Accelerated kids should take tougher versions of courses, competitions are secondary, and in any case, AoPS's problem solving approach is good for both learning material and preparing for contests.
  16. I'm a 3/4 time professor retooling for better job prospects, so I took three employer-paid classes in the semester that just finished. I logged into my student email account to get a Google Doc link, and there it was. An invitation to the college honor society. Now that would be awkward. Am a student or a professor? I had the same thing when I went to get an ID so I could sell back my books. I told him my situation, and we had to discuss what to do. We finally decided that I should have a staff ID. Life is confusing...
  17. Hey Lori! Thanks! Yes, it would seem logical to take a cruise. I've never taken one before but have a feeling I might feel queasy on one. Tonight I'll be looking at these links. The Smarter Travel website looks great and that's exactly what I'd like to learn - main attractions by regions. I'm looking at hotels and Airbnbs. Will need to consider staying longer - you're right, 7=8 days is not nearly enough for the investment of time/distance. The Northern Lights I'm confused about. I thought I read that the "lights" are visible year round but depends on location. After learning Prudhoe Bay is 20 hours by car to Anchorage, I doubt we'll do that. We could fly but as you and/or someone has pointed out there is MUCH to see in this huge state and we won't be able to see it all. So, we need to look at the link above and decide by region where we want to "vacation". No, I'd like to go to P Bay b/c it's on the northern edge. I doubt we will even though it seems incredibly interesting. Separate to P Bay is the opportunity to see the "lights". I think that would be an incredible event to see in person. Again, I thought I read (not sure what I read now) that the lights are available at various times depending on location. My reasoning was to stay in the vicinity where we would see them or drive a short distance to see them. Will need to rethink this. I am eyeballing the last 10 - 12 days in May. That will stretch our tourism dollar our a little more but we won't see the lights. Oh well. There's more to see! LOL!
  18. That's really weird that the kiosk reservation system is different. They need to make the reservation process the same! I don't mind reservations though.
  19. We had just 24 hours in Philly, and really enjoyed: morning = history focus These are all close together, within about 3-4 blocks. We went in October, during off-tourist season, and got through most of these in a half day (3-ish hours), as there is walking between sites. For this day, we parked at some meters about 1/2 mile away and fed them enough coins for 4 hours, and then walked, with a lunch bag, and ate in the park area around Independence Hall. We did NOT do the Betsy Ross house -- it is NOT free -- AND you need to get TIMED ADVANCE tickets. - Liberty Bell -- FREE - Independence Hall -- FREE - Arch Street Meeting House -- FREE -- we just spent 10-15 minutes walking around it while waiting for the rest of the family to do the Mint - Ben Franklin's grave (NOT free) -- we just spent 5 minutes walking to it and looked at his grave through the fence and tossed a penny on it - Philadelphia Mint (where they make our money!) -- FREE NOTE: NO bags or cameras allowed in the Philadelphia Mint, so half your group goes through with one parent, while the other parent hangs onto everyone's stufff and takes the rest of the group through sites nearby, and then after 45-60 minutes, meet out front and switch. afternoon = science focus Franklin Institute -- plan to have at least 4 hours here if you enjoy science museums; this is a good one When we went (back about 10 years ago), they accepted my homeschool group card and gave me 1/2 off as an educator! So you might check and see if you can get a discount, as well as student discounts for your kids, as a homeschool field trip. (:D You might also check and see if you have a membership to some other museum local to you, the Franklin Institute might offer free or reciprocal discount entrance fees, as many museums do that courtesy swap with one another. dinner authentic Philly Cheesesteak
  20. I’ve made a conscious effort to say out loud “oh shoot I messed up, well, it’s ok, it happens, I’ll fix it/do better next time” to try to model it for my kid who struggles with perfectionism. I’ve kind of realized that my Dad instinctively did something similar for me as a kid. He’d always give me a big grin and a hug and say “ good enough for a government job” and clown around until I realized that it wasn’t the end of the world. I remember one day we made a sheet cake together and he cut a weird shaped piece right out of the middle. I was shocked! But then it was a lot of fun and I did it too. God knew I needed a dad who would help me loosen up, I guess. 🙂
  21. I lo-o-ove being able to preselect my seat and would not be willing to give up my selected seat. One of the bonuses of preselected seats is I don't need to be early. I can just go to my seat right when the movie is going to start. If I found someone in my seat, I'd ask them to move. (I preselect from home, before deciding to go to the theater! and I have movie theater membership so I don't pay extra fees for online purchase) But that mixed system sounds like a mess!
  22. I have no illusions that I can bring about any particular outcome. Honestly, my own daughter struggles with anxiety and depression and, while she is doing well for the moment, I have had to come to terms with the truth that I was not able to "fix" things for her. And I never take it for granted that a period of relative stability and positivity will last. Perhaps I should have said that I hope to give this young woman the best possible chance to grow into the strongest and most capable adult she can be.
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