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  2. I've looked at a lot of vitamins over the years. I really like emerald laboratories high potency. full dose is four capsules - I only take two (different times of day). because they're a capsule, you can break it open and sprinkle it on what you're eating. a trick I do for swallowing.... I have a chaser of a prune and a glass of water. the prune is really sticky and will stick to anything in your esophagus., and the water pushes it all the way down.
  3. those that can extrapolate (from limited data), and those that can't.
  4. Milk duds. Locked bathroom door. IPad. Netflix. All at the same time.
  5. I wish somebody would finally finish that and tell me what the second group is supposed to be. I've heard that so many times but I don't know the end!
  6. My oldest 2 are 7th and 8th graders and I am just dipping my toes into this parenting teens thing and I'm terrified. The other day when I picked up Dd from school I asked how her day was, and with a wicked snarl she shot back, "it was just a school day." I had never heard that tone of voice before from this child. For reals though, can I get some book recs? I need some solid advice about finding the balance between allowing teens to express their emotions because I am their "safe space" and not being steamrolled by selfish, rude little buggers. Minutes after acting like I was ruining her life by asking how her day was, she was asking for me to take her shopping. I think I got whiplash.
  7. Yeah I think that some of those are helpful. So funny the list brought up raw pumpkin seeds. I just bought some today! There was a grand opening of a health store in our mall. Is he suggesting he can eliminate autism or just help people with it? I saw the video.
  8. And I've just downloaded yet another sample! Thanks for sharing your recommendation, LMD. Does the movie count?! I fear there are few readers local to me with Yorkshire accents. Thanks for sharing, Rosie. Regards, Kareni
  9. I believe @Omma's son is a sophomore at Cedarville this year so she won't be able to help with career outcomes (although I think her son is super involved in the town/community as a first responder) but she can talk about other aspects. I, too, immediately thought of the news lately when you mentioned Liberty. I remember seeing references to good merit packages but my kids have shown no interest in attending a religious college at this point so it was never on the radar.
  10. Reading while under stress would likely have me remembering little, too. I hope that you'll enjoy an eventual Linesman reread. That sounds like a lot of fun, so I've downloaded a sample. I recently read the first book in that series; it was actually my book group suggestion. Did you know that the author has a new book out featuring Lady Trent 's granddaughter? Regards, Kareni
  11. My dd just said "I bet $5000 it won't be better." I agree.
  12. I came home last night to find my teen watching it. We all love this movie, and it doesn't need to be redone! Where's that stamping foot emoji when you need it?
  13. Nope. So many movies that would make good remakes because they will benefit the new technology/graphics. This one should not be touched!!!
  14. New Chapter Tiny Tabs... not as tiny, but also not horse size, Thorne multivitamins
  15. New Chapter has a food-based multivitmin in a mini form.
  16. I understand entirely, and I generally do the same thing...except, rather obviously, in this thread! I've known of this book, but you certainly have convinced me that I should read it, Farrar. I'm adding it to my ever-growing wishlist. Regards, Kareni
  17. NOPE. I enjoy a good remake but this one is just fine as is. My kids have watched it and it's pretty timeless.
  18. I remember reading and enjoying this years ago. Thanks for sharing, MercyA. It's wonderful that you have three generations of your family enjoying the same book. In my family, the book that my mother, my daughter, and I all share/d is The Complete Little World of Don Camillo by Giovanni Guareschi Regards, Kareni
  19. The UltraMind Solution: The Simple Way to Defeat Depression, Overcome Anxiety, and Sharpen Your Mind
  20. I can relate! on the gp and diagnosing things like add, mine doesn’t... i think you’d need to ask about what a doctor can / is willing to do prior to setting up an appointment maybe a few strategies would be helpful?
  21. Yeah, I'm not saying it's been easy to manage the phones with my own kids, but this other kid's grandma (who's raising the girl) must be really reeling. She was holding off on buying the girl a phone, but decided to get one for her birthday, to the extreme delight of the kid. The drama started immediately and has been non-stop, even on the days when Grandma has taken the phone away. I feel badly for both of them. One of my kids is good friends with this girl. She has been trying to get the other kids (also her good friends / sister) to stop the talking behind her back. (I have also warned my other daughter various times and took her phone away at least twice for her part in this.) The kids try to rationalize why nothing is their fault bla bla bla. This is putting everyone in a bitchy mood and spilling over into how they interact at home. This in turn affects homework, sleep, etc. I will try harder to get us all physically busy. Today would have been a good day to go for a run or bike ride, but instead we had a big fuss that ruined the whole evening. 😕
  22. I read an excerpt from the book. Whoa, he certainly faced some serious challenges. I hear you, Æthelthryth! I have a similar fear when recommending a restaurant. What if the food or service is bad the night my friends go.... I've heard excellent things about this book. Maybe one day.... Ooh, I've read this one! Thanks for sharing, moonflower. Regards, Kareni
  23. Oh my word!! I am so sorry. I thought you were saying the first picture was you with your shorter bangs now!! I couldn't even tell you had bangs in that pic besides some wispies. I hadn't realized you lost your hair. I was rather impressed by what i thought was your now pic if that was your chemo hair loss! Please forgive my major gaffe.
  24. Both are mine 😂 One is taken in Feb, and current one was a few minutes ago at the library. My hair is black, grayish white and with red streaks. ETA: My husband’s fringe reach to his eyebrows. Our kids have longer fringe.
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