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  2. Fundafundaacademy was great for my kids. It isn't completely synchronous, though. The price is hard to beat for an online class.
  3. It may help you to consider reading lessons as a separate thing than reading for pleasure. There is room for both! Both are important. During reading lessons, you can cover pictures. During pleasure reading, let him read what he wants while he enjoys the pictures. DD14 is dyslexic but fabulous at guessing words by the context of the pictures. It was imperative that I removed the context clues from pictures and focused on phonics with her during her reading lessons. But we still enjoyed picture books together during non-school times.
  4. I'm a Braves fan who spent the past week as a Nats fan. Does that count? 😉 I really do like Soto, Rendon, and Suzuki though.
  5. While people wait for the monolith photo, here is a photo of Chip the lawn goose in his Halloween costume. Just to keep people in good spirits as they wait. After all Chip came about because of the original monolith thread 🙂
  6. This is the case all around the world. Climate and tradition/culture plays a major role in the participating levels. However, the US is probably in the very best circumstance to have participants in a huge number of different sports because of that climate variation, large population, and culture (private and public sector) that supports sport participation.
  7. Our house can get musty and bleach is a must, even though we have septic. I'm pretty naturally minded, make my own cleaners, etc. but I bleach whites and diapers at least monthly, rags and un-paper towels get bleached weekly. When I take kids clothes out of storage I add a bit of bleach to remove the mustiness too even though they're colored. But faded play clothes don't bother me. I've not noticed my whites lasting less than colored laundry, but I almost exclusively line dry so elastics last longer as a general rule. A whole bottle of peroxide in a warm water soak works as well as bleach for all things (even better on grass stains and blood), but it is way more expensive to use very often.
  8. Those might be hard on teeth if he's had a lot of dental work though.
  9. My kids love That Youtube Family and such, and have tried to venture into some others that I rejected as the attitudes, etc were NOT okay. I've been just limiting youtube in general due to attitudes, etc but I realized today as my kids watched a "large family routines" youtube video and the kids were mesmerized that maybe I can use this force for good, lol. Anyone know of a nice, wholesome, friendly, family friendly youtube channels my kids might enjoy? Bonus for Christianity thrown in 🙂
  10. Powers back. I'm waiting 15 minutes in case they are still working and it goes off again, then I'm in the shower. Looking at my previous posts, I'm really bad posting from my phone. Good thing I don't do that very often.
  11. Katy

    Funny memes

    I just saw one that said, "I used to be cool. Now I'm a tiny person's snack #*tch." Yep, felt that last week when one of the toddlers was in a growth spurt and would not stop asking for food.
  12. We tore out the moldy carpet in our living room and replaced them with this. We live out in the country and are very hard on our floors, it looks great four years later. People come in to our home and think it is wood. Neither one of us is handy and we installed it ourselves. I wish we could have it all over the house, but we have original wood floors everywhere else and they honestly don't look as nice as this does, plus I can't wash them.
  13. Just hoping some of you who have used the CTC math would be willing to share with me what you thought of it?
  14. DD20 was hard to feed in high school. She was diagnosed later with a health condition that helped to make sense of it all. At the time, I was just desperate to get healthy calories in her. What worked for us, was small portions. Often. I offered food by showing up with it. Told her she could eat some or all but it was there if she wanted it. There were times it got tossed and times when she ate every bite. Both were ok, but at least she knew it was there and was easy for her. Sometimes it was tucked in a plastic sandwhich bag and got taken to school. Breakfast. 2 pieces of toast, cut in quarters with the crust off. She had the choice of butter and or jam. We like grain breads like Killer Dave's Bread. I put the two pieces of bread together like a sandwhich and cut them, so she could separate the layers or leave them together like a sandwhich. It may seem like over kill to quarter a high schoolers sandwhich, but it was less intimidating when it was basically bite size. Breakfast. Smoothie. Various blends of fruit, OJ for liquid and coconut milk (from a it still has the fat in it) for calories. Smoothie straws make it go down quick and easy! When I drove her to school, she would drink it on the way or take it to her first period class. I bought disposable plastic cups to make it easy to toss. Breakfast. A single piece of breakfast sausage. Sometimes it would have a single piece of toast cut it quarters too if she thought she would be able to eat it. I cut it up into bite size pieces and put it in a small cute bowl. Breakfast. A single pack of instant oatmeal. Small bowl, small spoon. A glass of chocolate milk was usually served along side. But for your dd, maybe a juice box or glass of chocolate milk make with almond/oat/coconut/soy milk. Quite often, I gave dd a Capri Sun 100% juice. She could drink it or not, but it was there and was not intimidating. Lunch. All lunches were just small, high quality containers, that were water tight, which just hung out in her back pack. No lunch box needed. SINGLE containers were less intimidating than a whole lunch box. There were times she would skip lunch but then eat it as a snack later in class. Since it was small, it worked easy on a desk. We have small divided containers. I would make 1/2 sandwhich. No sauce. PBJ, PBbanana or PBhoney. We common since they didn't have to stay cold. No crust, cut in half. Wrapped in wax paper to keep it fresh!! I also made cheese and pepper turkey sandwhiches for days when she had early lunch. I didn't worry about an ice pack but instead gave her a cold Capri Sun to put with it. In the other half of the conatiner, I put a mandarin (peeled), apple slices, or other small fruit. She also got a pack of fruit gummies :0). Lunch was sometimes cheese, summer sausage and crackers. We have one lunch container that holds a sandwhich which has an ice pack lid. It was great for these types of snacks. Put cheese in a saran wrap or wax paper to keep it from drying out. Apple slices in the little bags go good with this one. Lunch. We have a hyroflask for hot food. We put a can of chili in it! She likes Amys chili. So it was decent quality. If you think this may work for you, I can try to think of other ideas. Just let me know!
  15. I don't sync. Maybe I should try it too? I am just a little too much of a control freak I suppose. Typing it myself feels more like I am control 🤣
  16. Worldly Pupil? Comes highly recommended on some private lists I'm on.
  17. Oh yeah and 8m eastern so it's already 830. Power will be back just in time for bed.
  18. Do earlier it appeared our skylight was leaking in the rain. Y'know the brand new roof? Yup leaking. Went in our bedroom to get clothes to take a shower and floor is soaked. Not just the skylight. Right over two shelves of books. Soaked. Dh called the guy who did it and he came over and checked the roof. In the dark and the rain. I think they are putting g a tarp up there now to hold it until they can see. So I'm still gonna take a shower cause I need one and I turn on the shower, take off my shirt and the power goes out. Estimated restore is just an hour so not too bad but still. I'm just glad I finished planning tomorrows classes before the power went out.
  19. For the most part, syncing works for us. The banks have been tightening up and every once in a while we have to re-enter our credentials. I'm actually glad, even though it's a pain. Other than that syncing is helpful. My dh and I try for a weekly budget meeting and it doesn't always happen. The more we do it, the better the finances are.
  20. Total used to have a corn flake version as well. Cereals here are iron fortified for the most part, but when I was younger, I briefly had a minor deficiency that I remember that only Total really had significantly more than the others, though there might be other options now... that was awhile back. Also useful to know for that experiment where you suck all the iron out of a box of Total with a giant magnet and look at the tiny shavings.
  21.! I am super excited about the YNAB. The heart of YNAB being taking your income and assigning it right away to your bills/savings/rainy day funds. Spending just 'what we had' each pay was how we miraculously made our part of college payments (student paid tuition, we paid room & board, but anyway...) - I am happy to see it work that different than any other budgeting app we have looked at. Makes our variable income completely workable and makes the timing actually irrelevant. They offer free webinar workshops that are super short, and you can ask questions. Worth the money for the free trial so far=) And, @Jentrovert, I am wondering about the syncing as well. Is your problem that it only partially downloads transactions? The webinar was so easy to attend (I have never done a webinar in my life!) and easy to type my personal questions as I went, maybe that could help you get going better with it. Hopefully others with experience will let us know how their syncing goes...
  22. Grape Nuts. The original Grape Nuts, not the flakes.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Great, I'll think more along these lines! I guess I was thinking if he's ASKING to read a book, then it's not a great idea to hold him to boring 'ole text and cause his interest to wane, but I think I'm worrying more than I need to about that.
  25. Just for the record, you can never get refunds on anything that is a download. And it is not uncommon for someone to start a program and then not like it. I never would purchase seven years worth of anything in advance. You are far better off just purchasing one year worth and make sure it works well for you all. I know money can be tight, but you will only feel worse if after a bit, you do not wish to continue with this program.
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