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  2. Page 10 & 11 of 14 “Sample Question Set Questions 9 and 10 refer to the following information: An international bank issues its Traveler credit cards worldwide. When a customer makes a purchase using a Traveler card in a currency different from the customer’s home currency, the bank converts the purchase price at the daily foreign exchange rate and then charges a 4% fee on the converted cost. Sara lives in the United States and is on vacation in India. She used her Traveler card for a purchase that cost 602 rupees (Indian currency). The bank posted a charge of $9.88 to her account that included a 4% fee. 9 What foreign exchange rate, in Indian rupees per one U.S. dollar, did the bank use for Sara’s charge? Round your answer to the nearest whole number.”
  3. We have it but we're only at the beginning so I won't be much help to you. My 7yo uses the bells along with the videos. He loves the videos and usually does 3 at a time. My 9yo started then we switched her over to piano lessons. We have the boomwhackers too but the kids have only used them to boomwhack each other. Younger kids would probably use them as musical instruments.
  4. Well, Sacha was super young (we started Latin in K), so we spread everything out. I've come around to the POV that waiting on Latin is the best idea. But, you know, first child. I couldn't have just listened to all the veterans on the board. I had to learn the hard way. Right? (I'm still doing this, BTW. Just now with other subjects.) I digress... I haven't seen GSWL2, but GSWL is so thorough that you would have no issue going into Oxford after that. I don't recall the precise sequence, but a good deal of the first book will be review.
  5. If landlords are required to allow cats and dogs, there are fewer available rentals for people with allergies (unless all flooring is replaced, walls repainted, etc.); and more work has to be done after a tenant with pets leaves (even if the pet fee in the lease pays for that work) before it can be rented to someone else. Not a fan. If renting a property out, I'd say trained service animals only, and a small, refundable deposit for damage. Exceptions for fish in a tank up to 5 gallons, and up to 2 non-venomous snakes. (Along with no smoking, and other typical restrictions.)
  6. Quiero hablar en espanol. (I just tried to make a fancy n with a swirl on it, but apparently I am a failure at typing Spanish characters.)
  7. I never fertilize herbs. Not beyond what's in compost. Rosemary takes awhile to mature here. It was a common sage that grew into a big bush very quickly. Bill
  8. I like this, we can tie the science course into physical/mental preparation for esports. He's already signed up for Intro to Psych at school next year, but I can work the the anatomy and physiology and cell bio and maybe some brain studies (optimizing mental performance) in there as well. The professional players have sports psychologists, nutritionists, wellness coaches, and fitness trainers to prepare them for competitive matches, so it definitely ties in. Thank you for the great ideas!
  9. My semester started off with a bang - or a whimper, I guess? I failed a small quiz 😕. Only worth 2.5% but still, I was choked. 5 questions, including 3 that were multiple select. No part marks. Passing grade is 65% so you can only get 1 question out of 5 wrong. Last semester we had a similar set up in one of the classes but the quizzes were 10 questions and they were easy - meant to just test basically if you'd done the readings; these were tough questions, more like what you'd see on a midterm or final. Sheesh. The instructor is new to the course so we're all scrambling to figure her out. I got 100's on two other quizzes in other classes the following week so I redeemed myself a bit but man, this program is fast and intense. First midterm on June 6 & 2 more right after...
  10. Our experience this year-- We LOVE it. I was very hesitant at first. My non math lover now really likes math and understands it. His explanations are wonderful. She has been incredibly independent for the most part and emails Mr. D when she has a problem. I have only helped her a handful of times all year. A friend just listened to Mr D speak at a convention today and he was so engaging she is signing her son up for the live classes. I found the interface to be incredible easy to use, and easy to check up on dd's work. It is working here.
  11. Hi Amanda, congratulations on your acceptance to the program and starting your courses!
  12. Our eat-in kitchen table is also our school table. One wall has windows. The other wall is a cabinet/hutch full of school supplies. That's all.
  13. Stucco is great for certain climates, terrible for others. In the NW, unless it is properly installed, rain gets behind it and it never dries so you get mold IN your walls. We have kept count of the stucco'd condos in the area that had to be completely emptied, wrapped, haz-mat cleaned up, and re-sided, and it's pretty much ... all of them. Nasty stuff, and expensive---residents have to move out for however long it takes--usually months. I read something in an architecture magazine a number of years ago that it is generally a good idea to build the house with the most "native" materials. They are there for a reason. I grew up in Colorado and that meant rock or brick, not wood (it's dry there and you end up painting alllll the time). So we moved to the NW and I thought "gotta get a brick house" but it turns out that brick is not so great here, as in the little tremblers, it gets actually pay more for your insurance for a brick house, here. But in the SW, I would totally do a *real* stucco house or adobe...but not here in the NW.
  14. That's everywhere though. Even here, there is a town called Madrid, pronounced with a short /a/ and accent on the first syllable. 😁
  15. Prarie warned me about this. I didn't think it would be this bad. Earlier I mentioned Las Villas (las viyas) and Spanish speakers didn't know what I was talking about. After explaining it they were like "You mean the villas (vilas)?" and I was like .
  16. Would a position at your local community college pay enough? I know ours are always looking for lecturers - and science and math ones seems to be the hardest to find.
  17. Many social work and case management jobs here list education as one of the degrees they’ll consider. I don’t necessarily mean a CPS/DFS caseworker, but many programs that provide care management and services to children and adults with disabilities are looking for those kind of skills. The pay isn’t always great, but I suspect you’re not making a lot really either.
  18. Ok. I think I want both. Messaging you. I assume the tribe, but locally. The Spanish here is wrong. Conversationally correct, proper nouns are wrong. Pronounced h, ll is /l/, no thrilled Rs. But only some words. Then there are some places where say a town and a street have the same name, but one is pronounced correctly and one is pronounced the way a gringo would. Matt says Helotes Hey-lo-tees/Hey-lo-tez, depending on who you ask.
  19. A few things you should look before buying a "used" house, How many viewings has it had, Also search online the house with more reviews? How many offers has it had(Not in every house case I think)? How long has it been on the market(if it's been a month ago negotiate on your terms they'll probably accept your offer)? Check the electrical and gas installation, Have there been any neighbor disputes? I would prefer to look up for these questions.
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