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  2. I’ve tended toward “independent” — and thus to be hated by all if politics are raised in recent divisive years. I tend to keep quiet about my views. But just quiet is not what people want. They seem to want to hear the side they are against bashed. Lately.
  3. Are you going to be around tomorrow? Because the Parthenon and the frist are fun too. and you’re just 30 minutes from me! 😉
  4. Need cheap or free curriculum ideas for 9 year old.
  5. This is for someone else that is interested in homeschooling her 9 year old son. He is very mild on the autism spectrum and somewhat behind on writing skills etc.. He will be home alone some and online programs will work well for him as he loves technology. I wanted to give her some ideas of super cheap curriculum. She is a working mom over 50 hours per week and on a fixed income. Thanks for any input or suggestions you might offer.
  6. I’m wondering the same thing. My insurance absolutely won’t let me refill until a couple days before my one prescription expires. I always refill ASAP in case I’m traveling at some point in the future so I make sure I’ll have enough to get through.
  7. I'm pretty sure she just can't get her thoughts in line. She speaks fine and in mostly complete sentences. But for some reason she can't seem to organize 6 light classical pieces to play all in a row for a half hour. And this is with a binder in front of her that has 20 light classics all in a row. We can literally start at the first one, turn the page, play, turn the page, and play until the time is up. It would be like Gymnast planning to play all of her Twinkles in a recital and doing the first 2 and then suddenly deciding that she needs to stop and play Song of the Wind, and then maybe Minuet, but no how about Long, Long Ago or maybe Go Tell Aunt Rhody is better. Do we have Bouree? No that's in a different book. Maybe she'll get back to the Twinkles, maybe not. Well, now she can't because she got all her music mixed up in a pile on the floor. Where's my diet Coke? Executive function. That's what I'm thinking of. It's like she's lost a good bit of that. And she's been doing this kind of work a lot longer than I have, so it's not as though she doesn't know how.
  8. Still there for me as of a moment ago. I hope not deleted because there are a bunch of good links there... even if people aren’t in Boston area
  9. Yesterday
  10. I'm a bit disappointed in the offerings. Two years ago, I found SO much that looked useful to us that I had a hard time scaling it down. Last year and this year, I have found the offerings lacking. Don't know why. Maybe I have all i need already? Which, if I was being honest with myself, is the truth. But I do like to peruse! On that note: has anyone figured out what's in the Mystery Bundle yet?
  11. I’ve been homeschooling 14 years and I found the Bravelearner wonderfully inspiring and restorative.
  12. that was my thought - so I even loaded a different thread, and it loaded fine.
  13. I get that error when the site is under maintenance, like every night at about midnight. Maybe there was some glitch or a maintenance thing going on when you tried before.
  14. The practice of sitting shiva/formally mourning a child who leaves the faith or intermarried isn't really done and hasn't for probably about 100 years. In some communities it may still be done but it's very rare and you're unlikely to run into those folks on the internet.
  15. Could it be an insurance issue? Our insurance company won't allow us to refill sooner than a few days before the previous prescription is due to be used up. So, if I have a 30 day prescription, and I try to refill it on the 25th day, they'll tell me I can't. Or, is it possible that someone else in your family has already renewed the prescription? I agree you should take the bottle in and ask them to explain the problem.
  16. weird. I tried three times before posting. now - to go get the links...
  17. And as I responded earlier, I don't think he's in his right mind and he needs psychiatric help.
  18. Try again. I just looked at the OP, and everything is working fine.
  19. I'm getting a 504 error. I'm assuming the thread was deleted. did anyone have the links? I saved some, but i have a (not as serious) of an issue with my own son. thanks
  20. Thank you all for your input. I would like to do it for at least one year with the family. I think it would be a great learning experience and get us OUTsidE more. I think by the time we can do it, ds will be ready for US History so we'll make our destinations fit the education. B-)
  21. just as there are different denominations/sects in christiandom - there are different sects in Judaism. some practice shunning (Hasidic comes to mind), other's do not. I do not know which branch to which yael belongs. then even within those branches, some families practice shunning (or not), even if their religious teachings do (or not).
  22. The norm practices in the US are really environmentally unfriendly. I was joking to DH the best use for my remains is for my chickens to roll around in the ash thereof. There is a local, environmentally friendly place where you just get put in a shroud or basket or some such.
  23. I like watching cooking shows. So I watch a lot of them. And yeah, I like Chopped, and binge watch it often. This afternoon I hear my kids in the dining room... "5...4...3...2...1...Time's Up!...Please Step Back!"' Yeah, maybe I ned some new shows lol.
  24. I remember when I was given a prescription narcotic, even the lowest dose prescribed had me feeble-brained. I literally had a brain-to-mouth disconnect. I'm pretty sure my thoughts were okay, but I could not make it come out of my mouth the way I wanted, or at all. I resorted to sitting silently in frustration, fuming. It was...hydrocodone for my migraines. I had to start taking just half and dealing with a level 5 (of 10) headache. I never drank anti-freeze, or any car fluids, however.
  25. here, under "refills" it is how many refills are left. so, if there are no refills - it says 0 refills. maybe it varies by state.
  26. I always call in to renew. the pharmacy should be able to call the drs office to renew a regular prescription. one-offs will not be renewed. I had one dr that required me to come in every three months to renew a regular scrip... (that's viewing the patient as a cash cow.) I found a new dr. (it's one that normally only requires blood work once a year once stable.)
  27. I think she has a link to it in her signature....
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