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  2. If it’s being used as an addition to another course, presumably with other materials and text of its own, IMO, the videos alone should be helpful. I don’t think he can ignore his own course’s materials, however. If he were using KhanAcademy exclusively as a whole physics class, I think he would need the whole thing.
  3. Happy Sunday! I think I am finally starting to get over this crud. Maybe I'll actually feel decent by tomorrow.
  4. Ok, so I have a really bad attitude about sickness. If I am sick and in duress (like something MUST be bought), I will go to say the grocery and get it. It's a very large place, there are wipes, and people just have an expectation that being in a huge store with thousands of people there will be germs. But I'm not going to go to church and cough on Granny, kwim? For that, I'm going to be as considerate as if it were my granny and not go share my germs. Church involves people sitting close and shaking hands, hugging, touching, sometimes kissing, contact with babies, so no you have to have a much higher standard there. The reason *you* should rest is because you will regress and be sick again if you jump too early. You do this and my dd did it. Like every single time. With my ds, I sorta strap him down, haha. Not really, but it feels like I need to. When you're this close, if you will tell yourself to rest ONE MORE DAY, you will feel better for it and come to the other side. How are your girls doing? Are they fighting it too? If they aren't able to do the dishes and laundry for you, that might be your next project when you get well.
  5. Yesterday was apple picking and saucing (2 bushel’s worth) with extended family day. Loved it but it took every drop of energy out of me. And since I couldn’t get going fast enough for is now a planning and prep day for me. Which is much-needed as I haven’t had a lengthy chunk of time to myself since early August. Step one... pay bills!
  6. Would you feel the same way about the person with Irish ancestry starring in a film set in Russia? What about someone of Senegalese descent playing the role of a person from Rwanda (genetically and culturally further removed than Arab and Gujarati)? In fact genetically speaking the various peoples of Africa have way more diversity among themselves than exists between any two groups of Eurasians. And yet we white folks tend to clump all of sub Saharan Africa together as "black" and doubtless interchangeable for casting purposes... Acting is all about representing someone other than oneself, I just don't see getting huffy over the specific ethnic background of an actor matching that of the character. Sometimes it will sometimes it won't. I'm also a bit disturbed by the apparent assumption that all Arabs would have darker skin--skin tone among Arabs varries widely. I wouldn't pick a blond, blue eyed actor for the role, but dark brown hair and eyes and olive skin tone fit in just fine.
  7. Well, the sun was kind of below the horizon when we were out, so... 🙄😂 #felpful
  8. My good habits: Having a set list of staples - food (ketchup, chicken broth, tomato sauce, etc), toiletries (shampoo, tooothpaste, glasses wipes, deodorant, etc), paper goods (paper towels, toilet paper, kleenex, etc), cleaning (dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, windex, etc), household (batteries, air freshener, furnace filters, water softener salt, etc). I check it every week before making my grocery list. It means we never are completely out of toilet paper or toothpaste. Having water bottles filled and in the fridge to grab and go. Cutting up fruits and veggies. Putting snacks in single serve sizes. I do this every Sunday and I have a box in the fridge that people can grab for lunches or snacks. Doing at least one load of laundry daily. When the kids were little, everything worn today would be washed tomorrow - I never had a backup. Now with 4 adult sized people and 1 tween, I have too much for 1 load. But it never gets too backed up if I keep up 1 load every day. Balancing the checkbook daily. Just a quick check means that I never have to spend over 5 minutes doing it. I added checking the health insurance website this year because they constantly make mistakes on how they charge us. I clean the bathroom every morning while I'm in there. I wipe down one wall of the shower while I take my shower. I wipe the sink/faucets while I brush my teeth. I do the toilet and floor weekly when I clean the other bathroom.
  9. It's always 100% reversed so it's a dead giveaway. The sun is fairly easy to spot.
  10. Welcome! Take a deep breath. Expect to make mistakes, but it’s going to be okay! For the gifted, not dyscalculia side, I suggest reading on Michael Clay Thompson website if you scroll down you’ll come to: Gifted Education Books on Giftedness for Parents and Teachers Books for Young Gifted Children on Reading, Writing, and Thinking Resources for Parents Homeschooling Gifted Children Is Everyone Gifted? What It’s Like to Be a Parent of a Gifted Child Gifted Women and Girls Novels about Gifted and Talented Children Special Needs Books about Twice-Exceptionality
  11. I didn’t have that problem, but I’ll watch out for it. DS’ astronomy co-op teacher was there and had his own telescope and green laser. He was really good at pointing out constellations to anyone who asked.
  12. Can you get the main room teacher to reward them for better participation? Not like trinkets but something cool and motivating? Like they get 10 minutes of (highly desirable time, like computer time, maybe something awesome they're missing by coming to you, canoe time, I don't know), and every instance of arguing they lose a minute. Then you'd just make data for each dc and they'd go back with their post-it slip and number. Our ps has inflatable canoes for reading and sensory, so that would be canoe time. Is there a reward or motivator or reason why they would want to work with you? I mean, they get pulled out. What are they missing? Where would they rather be? If they work, then they go back and work AGAIN, right? I mean, life sucks when you have a disability. People expect you to work more than everyone else and miss out on fun stuff and be too tired. So maybe there's a way to make their lives BETTER by complying? Nintendo time. Something. Kwim?
  13. So this is BRILLIANT!! If you're getting math intervention and to them it's a reward, then you're the bomb!! Hahahahah!!!! So you do it PRE-EMPTIVELY. Zones Checkins, mindfulness, bodyscans, positive thinking, these are pre-emptive, things you do BEFORE. Are you on Autism Discussion Page on FB? FB is a terrible slurper of time, but his page is sometimes very on point. He had a post about doing multi-sensory, multi-faceted reinforcement. So not just words but tactile and nonverbal and responsive. So a high 5 is ALL that in one. And you can think about all the senses for reinforcement. Nonverbals, like glances, cute eyebrow motions, that kind of thing, can be reinforcers. My ds is more connected, more responsive when we work on nonverbals. If I need to get my ds to shape up fast, my super tools are -drop verbal and go to nonverbal (Simon Says, just stop talking and use nonverbals, go big on the nonverbals, play charades, etc.) -things that use joint attention, like read alternating cells in Dog Man And if I want the NEXT day to go better, I do positive mindfulness with talking about happy things, visualizing happy things, doing body scans, etc. If you have two copies of Dog Man, could you divide into pairs but still take turns with cells? You'd have shared and group and reading and... all at once. Dog Man is crazy. Yes, see we're so helpful. We're telling you to gamble with the kids and read comics, bhwhahahahah! But it works.
  14. The line for what constitutes a fever is kinda vague. I definitely did feel feverish at 99.8 and usually do at anything over 99.3 or so, but I read lots of places where 100 is the guideline. I agree I probably am not well, given the headache and throat, but I feel so much better than I did and if I hadn’t been sick would probably assume it was allergies or something. I definitely don’t want to spread this to anyone, but I’m wondering how much longer I need to stay confined.
  15. Good morning! dh and the dog left for a backpacking trip. So the house is pretty quiet. Ds3 is watching the Laver Cup on his rest day and football for me later. There is not much I have to do today- so I going to enjoy that. coffee/paper/tennis few internet chores clean kitchen and clear off kitchen table to cut out some patterns to try read and relax figure out dinner- maybe have ds3 make it for us Have a great day!
  16. Sometimes ours is reversed and we need to move our phones around a bit.
  17. I had to laugh at this, because dh’s old truck used to serve the same purpose. His weedwhacker was in it for a while too, along with all the other carp that wouldn’t fit anywhere else. When we finally got rid of the truck, he got my old civic, and I got a new (used) minivan. Guess where the weedwhacker and other assorted carp went then.
  18. Coughs last awhile for me, but it's the other stuff I'd be more concerned about. Like PP, I've always heard 24-hours fever free without meds that reduce it. I'm sorry you've been sick. Sitting outside in the fresh air can be helpful for the antsies, and it won't tire you out like going to an activity would.
  19. I found I had to redo the location finder when we got there because it was far enough away (45 min) that things were off. Once I aligned it with our new location, though, we were good to go.
  20. Your oncology nurse or your GP's nurse can point you to resources in your community to help you process the stress. Its helpful.
  21. In most cases, no fever for 24 hrs. (or being on antibiotics for a full 24 hrs.) is a baseline for being around others and not infecting them.
  22. That's the one we use. It's mostly accurate. The paid ones are only mostly accurate though, so we stick with it.
  23. Oh, oh, I forgot!!! That is so problematic. You were excited to have the hour but now the students are trying to waste it in behaviors? Oh dear. The evidence on group intervention of higher tier kids is poor. I was reading about narrative language intervention, and group was hard to customize. So are these all kids who need tier 3, custom, high intensity intervention? What if you said I need 30, 30, 30 and then bring them together slowly with overlap? What if you did A 30, brng in B for 15 of overlap, return A, and so on? With my ds, I think his nonverbals are too weak to follow in a multi-person dynamic and interact appropriately. It's too much to monitor. He had some therapists try to do a co-treat (2 students, 2 therapists), and it literally FELL APART. He was so, so stressed, couldn't accomplish anything. And I'm like you know, I think he needed to build those skills from 1:1 to 1:2 or whatever slowly. Or even 2:1, like 2 workers with 1 kid. For him, I think even that would BLOW HIS MIND and his social thinking. Like how do you know who to listen to, who to look at, who is in charge... And you would think being in school those kids have all that, but who knows. I'm just thinking divide and conquer. Can you get an aide for that hour just to get it up and running? Or whittle it down and work up? Yeah, 1:3 is really a different tier of intervention from 1:1. So the school wants to save money, but maybe they need 1:1. If they did what you wanted, would it actually be their proper intervention? Or should these kids really be getting 1:1 and the school is cheaping out?
  24. At minimum, wait for 24 hours after the fever breaks plus whatever time needed until you feel you have your energy back. A local walking trail is a good idea, you can stay back from any others you converse with or wear a mask.
  25. Star Chart I just picked a random free one before we left. I don’t have an opinion of it compared to others.
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