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  2. Can anyone recommend a one semester asynchronous upper level (roughly equal to AP or above) high school literature option? I initially was considering Lukeion, but I really don't want to deal with multiple spring break weeks. We had to reschedule our fall travel plans to spring. I own a lot of stuff already, but I'd like dd to have a teacher that's not me for this one. We've never outsourced English before (or much else, actually).
  3. Coffee is ready! Headache is better! It's Friday-eve!
  4. I was in my fifties when I grew my bangs out. The growing out part drove me mad, but now that it's over, I don't think I'd ever go back to bangs. For me, they were just too much work. I could get by with combing the rest of my hair and tucking it behind my ears when I didn't want to fuss with it. The bangs? They just didn't always behave. Without bangs, I can go six months between haircuts if I want to. The bangs needed more maintenance.
  5. Quill


    I have done it before and not cared one iota. I was so sick I could barely face leaving my house so I decided the doctor would just have to accept my clothing choice. I hope you get better soon.
  6. When I was at the theatre, I was amazed to see Stallone is doing another Rambo movie. Are you freakin kidding me? What is this, Rambo Sneaks Out of the Nursing Home? Leave a success alone, man!
  7. Terabith


    Have an appointment for tomorrow because of coughing up mostly green stuff and my chest hurts. I suppose it is not socially acceptable to go to the doctor in your pajamas?
  8. Most of the 9th graders I know who are doing calc.... are PG, lol. That doesn't mean AoPS is the right math for every gifted kid, though.
  9. Well, 3/4 people in our family have been taking it with SSRIs, one including Zoloft, for almost ten years. The person taking buspar and Zoloft is a kid who started Zoloft at five and buspar at eight.
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  11. They need to be careful about taking another medication with Zoloft. Here's a link to a page, which notes which medications interact with Zoloft:
  12. Dh travels a bit with the Archbishop. They will be in NY C in early October and I already know what I want dh to bring me from there. But now he's going to London and Coventry, later in November. I like throws and food! lol What should he bring me from England? I am not a knick-knack person.
  13. DS20 was going to a job fair on his college campus yesterday and wasn't sure his tie was tied good enough. So . . . FaceTime. In many ways this is truly a wonderful time to be alive.
  14. I'm about halfway through it right now and I really like it. I can't wait to find out what happens.
  15. Can she get a refund if she withdraws now? It seems a waste of time and money.
  16. I agree with @Chris in VA -- It could simply be that kitten finds the bed a desirable surface. But you also want to make sure you have plenty of boxes. The general ideal rule is one for each cat plus one more. So ideally with two cats you have three litter boxes. And preferably in at least a couple of different locations, not clustered together. You could also try feeding her on the bed (the theory being that cats don't eliminate where they eat). Also, you can't assume it's not a UTI. I don't know of any vets who do a urinalysis as part of a regular check up. And even if one was done, if it was more than a few days ago she could have developed one. You may have to do a bit of retraining by isolating her in a small room with a litter box. I'd do it for at least a week.
  17. I cannot have them as I have a great big cowlick and my hair would stick up awfully . My hair is all waist length. Almost half of it is grey. I am mid 40s
  18. If you or someone you know were on meds, what would they mix with an SSRI? I am having trouble finding information on dual diagnoses and meds used. My loved one is on Zoloft and talk was about just upping dosage but the desire is to add a med and thereby keep side effects low (like, two meds at a low dosage would have less potential side effects than just a higher dose of the SSRI). Any experience would be helpful. This is not something I am personally involved in, I am just managing my own anxiety by researching🙄😁.
  19. I think Ponygirl would kind of freak about gaining 3 inches! One more would put her in the range of "normal" based upon her growth patterns as a child, still shorter, but massively so. Her older brother is a bit jealous (he's still 3 inches off where he was expected to be, at 20. He started growing late, too, but stopped around age 18. Maybe if he kicks something into high gear his spine will grow, too! PokeMan started growing earlier, we're still waiting for his legs to catch up with his back...but he just turned 16, so we'll see!! She was on the earlier side for my family (1 week shy of her 13th birthday). Blondie will probably register on the underweight BMI due to her body type, growth, and swimming when she sees the doctor this fall -- and will be on the late side (although we've been prepared for awhile).
  20. She is, but her average level of training was significantly less prior to the growth spurt (She's gone from averaging 18 hours of practice per week to 25...)
  21. Whew -- well, so while not the norm, at least she is in good company! What makes this particularly funny is her 13yo sister is currently growing really fast (she's gone from 4'11 to 5'1 this summer. Before we left Italy, we had chatted about how Blondie might be taller than her by now... but now PonyGirl is growing, too 🤣
  22. Sometimes very soft surfaces can stimulate kittens to pee. I would discourage her from being on the bed.
  23. I just missed the deadline for a stock simulation competition thing but we need a team anyway AND I am overseas now but I am going to convince DH to put a team together next year for sure. I think we just need 4 for a team. DS is really into this and I'd rather he learn valuation with fake money 🙂 I would love if you could share the fun books and videos. DS keeps asking and I don't know what"s "fun" there. We found Black Swan at the American Library so he's reading that one now. To the main thread, it's too early but DS is loving Jetta's physics class. Procuring lab supplies while in an apartment in a foreign country has required a sense of humor but he has done all that work independently. Great Books IV at CLRC is great as usual but the reading feels like it gets harder, not easier. Maybe we are getting dumber 😉 Having a lot of fun with my home-cooked Euro history and Art History. Not sure what's sticking, but it's fun anyway. The rest of his classes are too early to tell What's not working is language immersion for DD. She is teaching everyone English instead. We need to supplement math bc so far it's been just as bad as our public school.
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