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  2. school camp business laundry finish cleaning the other half of the bathroom yard work
  3. The barn washer seems to be working--I washed a dog bed, so if it messed up, no harm done. Scouts went well, but we added ANOTHER thing on Memorial weekend!
  4. J-rap


    Well it gives me hope that wallpaper might be coming back into style... We're about to list our very old Victorian-style home which has wallpaper in every room except the kitchen and bathrooms!
  5. grocery shopped tried to make dinner but the recipe was way way way off on how long it said that things were to be cooked. I finally turned off the stove and we went out to a local diner to eat. I will stick it in the crockpot tomorrow and let it take its time. laundry put in the dryer cleaned half of the bathroom. finished typing up the camp newsletter and sent it off to the person in charge of distribution. Also sent some new addresses to her for recipients.
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  7. I didn’t even know such a thing existed back in the 80s, and I’m sure my parents didn’t either. But it’s good to know there are people out there who are willing to take in hurt or orphaned animals and know how to care for them.
  8. Ausmumof3


    Yeah maybe it’s a semantics thing. Although the be honest I wouldn’t speak to them if I passed them in the street if that counts as a negative action. I’m not talking vigilante justice or anything. i feel like some christians are quite good at telling everyone else to forgive their enemies. That’s a thing we need to do ourselves of ourselves not pressure from the church.
  9. It looks like this topic is already solved, but I had to add my 2 cents. English is confusing, difficult, and one of those things that not even people who use it as a first language want to deal with. That being said, when I'm trying to explain this stuff to my kiddos, I usually default to something I picked up back when I was in high school. If you can figure out the thing doing the action (subject), the action itself (verb), and the thing on the receiving end of the action (object), you'll be able to figure out everything else, ... as long as you understand some other confusing English rules. LIke it's been said before, you need to know what the entire sentence says before you can really begin to figure out what's going on. Otherwise, you'll start jumping to conclusions and missing the point, or getting things wrong, before you even get started. Once you read the sentence, then you can get into the really good, juicy stuff - the stuff that makes my kids roll their eyes, and the stuff that makes me want to do backflips (I'm an author and editor ... so English actually makes me giddy.) Here's what I tell my kids about adjectives: find a noun and then find the part of the sentence that is describing that noun, or making it more interesting. It doesn't matter what kind of word is making that noun more interesting - it could be a verb, a descriptive term, or even a dependent clause - it just needs to give more flavor to the noun. Here's an example of each possible scenario I listed, and I'll use flower as the noun: Verb: The swaying flower Descriptive term: the green flower Dependent clause: the smart, strong, and never-missing a chance to turn down a fight, even when the odds are against him, flower. You can get crazy with these things - just remember, as long as you look at the whole sentence, you'll be much better off trying to figure out what the heck is going on.
  10. I did something like this when I was in college. I was sitting near a pine tree and heard a plop--a tiny little bird had fallen right in front of me! It didn't have real feathers yet and was definitely not at an age to be out of the nest--and I couldn't see a nest. I took it back to my apartment and made it a little best in a cardboard box. I found someone to drive me to a pet store and bought baby bird formula that I fed it with an eye dropper. As it got bigger and started hopping around and pecking for insects I took it to a little enclosed courtyard in one of the buildings on campus to explore and practice flying. A little later I took it back to the place where I found it and left it there in the tree; I used to walk by hoping to see it but never did.
  11. Liz CA

    wallpaper? It screams "old" to me. No way. There are nice patterns you can achieve with different painting techniques.
  12. these are the people who I deeply despise. to me the word HATE conveys some sort of negative action on my part
  13. I crashed with a crazy headache last night and apparently none of the other four people in my house thought stacking the dishwasher or wiping the bench was important.
  14. For me I feel the opposite. I’ve wanted to write but God has placed me in a position where I don’t have the spare time or energy available. So most likely that’s not my vocation or not at this point. This homeschooling thing is pretty all encompassing.
  15. For many species, young birds are safer out of the nest. If it has feathers and is mobile, even it if can't fly, it's probably fine. If that's not the case, then you can return the bird safely to the nest if you can find it, or place it in a safe place - Mom will find it later. If you really think it is in danger, contact your local wildlife rehabilitator and ask their advice. Firstly, they are legally allowed to handraise baby birds - you aren't. Secondly, they know what they're doing. They know what to feed the bird and how, so the animal is not at risk of either malnourishment or aspiration. They know how to handle the bird minimally so it will return to the wild as a wild animal instead of a half-tame pet.
  16. nobody I hate. Hate is a too strong emotion for me to hold onto for a long time some people I dislike and some I deeply despise
  17. I thought I could never hate someone...but then someone hurt my children and you bet I hate them. I hated my son-in-law. There was a time when I would have physically attacked him and, had he died, I would not have cried, I hated him that much. Given the situation he put us/our daughter in (they were dating), he was fully deserving of that hatred. My children being seriously hurt or endangered by someone's conscious decision/action makes me feel hate.
  18. Ausmumof3


    I understand. For me the people are not people that have hurt me personally but have done evil to other people. It’s not mine to forgive them really.
  19. I can look at the experiences I've had growing up. life would have been so much easier to have never had them. for a long time, I wished I had never had them, and would fantasize about some alternate reality and what my life *could* have been like. as I started working through everything, I realized I learned a great deal from those experiences that was of value. Things I doubt I would have learned as clearly, or thoroughly, in a less intense manner. I believe what I have learned has made me a better person. I am more aware, I have more patience, human nature, any number of things. The goodness and mercy of God that comes when we're walking in darkness and have no other light. and one day I realized... I would not choose the easier path of no hurt or trauma, if it meant I had to give up the things I learned by going through them. darn it...
  20. I’m guessing because the 2020 prices aren’t out yet. You can call 499 days in advance to get a reservation but will pay the difference in cost when the prices come out. I also don’t believe you can get 2020 tickets yet but may be wrong about that The 2020 prices will be out soon though. Maybe mid June I heard? If staying on property is work with a travel agent. They are free for you and can help so much!
  21. Hugs no experience as a parent but when I was 3 my Oldest Sister was 17 and going through similiar things. It was hard my parents tried alot eventually they kind of let her go to keep the rest us of safe. She did wind up in jail but she also graduated college with honors. It was years of 1 step forward 2 steps back to get the right diagnose and then the right treatment. It was traumatic for all. You seem to have a good plan and I will be praying for you.
  22. we can love them as human beings. we are to hate the sin, not the sinner. why should they repent if we make clear we utterly hate them? why should they come to us for help if they want to change, but dont' know how if they fear rejection? if we hate them, what is to motivate us to follow the commandment to go into the wilderness after that lost sheep? My mother was in an adulterous relationship for years when I was a teen (and practically rubbed my face in it) - as an adult, she knew I loved her, she knew I disapproved of the behavior. she also had more faith in my love for her than my sexually promiscuous siblings. (who also disapproved of the adultery, mostly cause they thought the guy was a creep.) My grandmother was abusive - as I prayed about what to do in that relationship, I learned about boundaries (something abusers do not allow, so I had no clue what they were.) I believe it was God that taught them to me, even though I didn't know what they were called. Not allowing her to abuse my children - or me! - was a kindness to her as it prevented her from committing more sin. (as well as protecting my children.) I struggled with the parable of the prodigal son for years - it hit way too close to home. I understood the faithful son's hurt at the perceived favoritism towards his wayward brother all too well. well, we've all committed sin, and we all have need of repentance and forgiveness.
  23. A group of cats is called a clowder, apparently.
  24. Ktgrok


    My condolences. I can say that 10 years later I still have a visceral response to the IDEA of wallpaper. It didn't help that we were having our wedding reception at that house, so were on a deadline to get it off and repaint. hence the wee hours of the morning steaming/ripping/cursing.
  25. The ingestion issue is a point of controversy in the aromatherapy community. There are some qualified aromatherapists who do it, but I am in the camp who disagree with the practice. Essential oils are not water soluble. Putting them in your stomach means that they cannot be dissolved and that they won’t be distributed evenly in your body. It also makes you more prone to stomach upset. (Some medical researchers are looking at nano-emulsions to minimize gastric upset, fwiw on this particular point.). Even if your mucosa lining wasn’t upset by the oils, I am still concerned about the potency of the oils when we are talking about a therapeutic oral dose. I haven’t worked out the math personally, but I have heard that 1 drop of Roman Chamomile is equivalent to over 35 cups of tea. Given what I know about how many pounds of rinds go into lemon essential oil or that about 3 lbs of lavender make 15mL (3 teaspoons) of lavender oil.... that’s a lot for a body to handle, even if the “dose” is just a few drops. I am deeply concerned to read of people recommending 3 drops of lime oil in a glass of water. No one eats 9 (making this number up—I think it’s more but I can’t find it with a quick google) pounds of lime rind, right?!! Juice of half a lime, sure. But lime oil is not the same as lime juice. The doses make no sense especially compared to what we see in “safe” topical dilution ratios. I just don’t think ingestion should be in the realm of the casual hobbyist.
  26. I love The Dinner Daily. I set it to "low carb" so that it is Weight Watchers friendly for me and you can choose what meats/vegetarian you want. I think you can probably go dairy-free. You tell it where you shop and it gives you a weekly menu that incorporates sales from that store. It is only dinner, but that is all I need help with. Sometimes I shop by the list but don't use the actual recipes. Still, I end up with a fridge full of food that can actually make meals, though I might arrange them differently. Every recipe we've tried has been a winner. They are generally easy, and some recipes have had me cock and eyebrow. Those have generally been the favorites (one was a vegetarian quinoa salad that incorporated blueberries - everyone LOVED it!). Emily
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