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  2. As an introvert, and someone who does not love shopping, I can relate. I do think, however, it would be nice to accept the invitation. Dress shopping sounds special to her, and it is nice that she has included you in as someone to be there to share that special time with her. If I had any concern that there were going to be many more invitations to share in her special times and it was turning into an intolerable self-centered bride-to-be focus, I would much rather politely decline some of those later invitations. (I have known mothers-of-the-groom to be invited on bridesmaid bonding trips, etc.) This seems like an activity, while not enjoyable, can be participated in somewhat quietly.
  3. He is risen indeed! 2 Corinthians 5:21 He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him. So grateful that we serve such a holy God who gave His greatest gift, Jesus, who paid the ultimate sacrifice to purchase our salvation and to restore fellowship with Himself. What wondrous love is this, O my soul! He is alive!
  4. There are behavior plans where that happens too. But no, actual physical restraint is pretty common in schools, and I'm surprised they aren't doing it in your country. Maybe they are and it's just a different classroom from what you've been told about? My ds has an IEP with the ps, and he would be placed in an ED classroom where both ways are the norm (restraint and having everyone else leave). There are a lot of issues with it, so I'm not saying I like that. There was an autism school that we otherwise liked that we totally turned down because they were so pro-restraint. It's a pretty hot-button thing in the disability community here I guess. Maybe that's why people are responding so strongly to that word? Yes, I would have had to sign papers agreeing to restraint to enroll my ds in school. I can't think of ANY school prepared to handle his level of disability that would not use restraint. They all would here. It's a reason people pull their kids out, because the dc start to see out the fights of the restraint to get the sensory input. Totally perverse, sigh.
  5. Are you on ranitidine or another H2 blocker? (Ranitidine is available OTC as Prilosec). It blocks a different type of histamine, and along with a regular antihistamine, like Zyrtec, is more effective against hives than just an H1 blocker. Prescription hydroxine stops itching pretty well, but really can only be taken at night because will knock most people out (it is used for pre-operative anxiety for that reason).
  6. she knew enough they didn't always live in the same house because the one the children were in was so filthy. the baby was actually treated well. she knew the difference. and they were taking the chains off the three kids who were chained up when they realized Jordan had escaped. (they'd gotten the chains off of two when the cops arrived.) there are rumors of s3xual abuse of some of the girls in my grandmothers family. while I can feel sorry for her experiences as a child - she was an *adult* when she did what she did to the next generation. that doesn't excuse the damage she did to her daughter or grandchildren, she CHOSE to treat us this way.
  7. If you're looking for a whole color scheme: SW Sea Salt semi gloss enamel on doors BM White Opulence OC-69 (white) or BM Cotton Tail 2155-70 (ivory) for trim BM Revere Pewter for walls. In a very dark room perhaps BM light pewter.
  8. Like Stacia, we bought white bowls at Crate & Barrel to accompany our china (in our case one of the Dansk Bistro patterns). We've had our bowls for twenty plus years and have lost only one of twelve due to dropping. Regards, Kareni
  9. Ha, we used to have that too, I remember that name! Also known as 'chipped beef', but I wonder to this day what kind of meat it really was, or if it was real at all. My mom would make it out of 2 small packages and slice it up. City chicken anyone? Again, what kind of meat was that? It was on a popsicle stick! And pickle and bologna sandwiches, no thank you! Gosh, what our parents did to make the food bill stretch. I must admit, idk how they did it with such a large family. However, I do love a good pot of simmering pinto beans!
  10. Oh I added pencils with crosses (plenty came in the package), too and noticed one of the bigger kids took home a pencil and notebook when I told her she could get something. I mainly had her in mind when I got the notepads. Dd didn’t care about eating out and only wanted to rush home to paint so we painted as soon as we got home from lunch lol
  11. (((hugs))) I'm not even religious and didn't enjoy the day. I didn't go home as I have a ton of school work, so I went to IKEA thinking it would lift my mood - and I wanted meatballs. I live in an area of fancy restaurants and shops (not that I can afford them, but...) and families were waiting to eat, women in their pretty dresses. Then at IKEA couples were shopping together and I felt really alone. I miss being a couple with someone.
  12. I didn't bring extra candy/snacks for the box after all. I decided whatever we have leftover come Tuesday (when Dh returns to work) can just go to his work. The college kids/staff can eat it. My kids went to a birthday party Saturday and they did an egg hunt there. The other families couldn’t remember if they had offered to bring eggs or not and ds’ Sunday school teacher brought some with money. I think it worked out practically perfectly because the kids got a variety, no one got an overkill number of eggs and they could just share with cousins or siblings if they had too much (the smaller kids hunted and bigger kids hid. Three families were related and all going to eat at a family members’ home after church. The big kids were going to get to hunt at a family egg hunt and ds got to hunt at the birthday party). I put Starburst Duos in a few eggs. Those were a good fit. My kiddo didn’t seem to get an egg with the word prize but the other kids didn’t claim all the prizes and I offered the items but they didn’t take them all so dd got something she really wanted. It was a sun catcher paint set but the darn paint was like play doh consistency so we couldn’t use it. Luckily I have a stash of nearly every acrylic paint color here so we were fine. Hope the little boy that got a paint set had better paint!
  13. Contributing? Yes, but the definition of contributing can definitely vary. Healthy and happy? There will probably be a mix. Some will be upstanding citizens but perhaps with poor coping mechanisms. Others will be addicts to avoid the issues. Others will likely have kids taken into foster care themselves. Some will find something disciplined, possibly a religion that's very structured and discourages free thinking, that will make them feel more stable and safe. A rare few will go through a few tough years of adjustment and then go on to be remarkably amazing adults. It's sort of like how the happiest people I've ever met were refugees from African genocide. I guess once you live through hell on earth everything else is the small stuff.
  14. How neat! My view of accurate probably isn’t very accurate or realistic but I do enjoy Amish mysteries. A couple of years after we moved to England there was a reality show where several Amish teens came to live in England which was followed by British teens living with Amish families in the US. It was extremely popular and I spent hours fielding questions because I was American and I had read all sorts of fictional books. My mom and I had a good time trying to figure out the answers! So here’s some favorites: Kate Burkholder These are NOT cozies, definitely adult content and should be read in order because of an ongoing storyline. @JennW in SoCal discovered these years ago and I love them. The main character left her Amish family under grim circumstances and returns the area as the chief of police. Marta Perry’s I think I have read these. While my kids were little I subscribed to the Love Inspired Suspense series which frequently had books featuring Amish characters and I remember Marta Perry as being a favorite author from that time but have no records. I just checked my Overdrive for Love Inspired suspense and discovered quite a few are available so I checked one out to try, Plain Secrets by Kat Wilkinson It’s been awhile! This is one of my favorites that I have kept. Karen Harper I believe Karen Harper has some other similar series I haven’t liked them as well. If you try any of these please let me know what you think.
  15. I'm what I assume is combination type...I was classified as inattentive because the obvious issues related to not being able to focus, not being able to sustain focus, motivation issues, etc. I was the kid in class who never had a pencil or paper or textbook. Maybe I'd remember one of those, but never all three. Even if I went to my locker. Even if I finally remembered to tell my parents to buy me more paper. It would sit in my backpack/locker/desk at home/whatever. I'd do the homework, but lose it or forget to turn it in. Or have the due date wrong. Lost my purse so many times it was ridiculous. My DH, when we were dating, carried a copy of my license because I would constantly lose or forget to bring it when we went out. More than once I've shown up at a store or restaurant and realized as I got out of the car that I was not wearing shoes. I couldn't focus on a conversation long enough to notice someone's name. As in, they would introduce themselves and as they were saying their name my mind had already wandered. And at that point you can't ask them to say it again, they JUST said it a few minutes ago! This was almost EVERY time I met someone. It had a huge impact on my social life, anxiety, etc. After all, why bother to try to make friends if you won't remember them anyway? A few days after starting medication I went to a company function with DH. I always dread these, and hate them. I didn't realize how much of that was due to social anxiety over this problem until an hour into the event when I realized I remembered all 7 people I'd met!!! I remembered their names!!! I seriously starting texting friends, bragging about this, and listing off all the names. So yeah, inattentive for sure, lol. The meds let me focus on the conversation long enough to hear the name,. But certainly don't make it so I HAVE to focus on things. I just CAN focus on things. Later, we realized I'm also impulsive, just not physicaly so. But I do things like adopt hound dog puppies while 7 months pregnant, lol. In school I got in trouble for chatting in class, A LOT. Every day. And I really really really tried to be quiet while the teacher was talking, but couldn't control myself, couldn't wait and just share whatever I wanted to say later. And later, as an adult, I would yell, lose my temper (not violent, just easily frustrated) and the meds let me control that, they give me MUCH more patience. Not sedated, just more able to see the big picture, not be overwhelmed by the immediacy of the emotion. Which all seems to be in the impulsive category. So I guess that makes me combined, my son is very similar. I have friends that are inattentive mostly, and others that are both. None mention anything like what you are describing...I wouldn't accept that either!
  16. Honestly (and please excuse the groan-worthy pun, given that the vacation is a cruise) -- unless a miracle occurs and I go to the meeting tomorrow and find out I've been reading the situation all wrong and that this job will be a good fit, after all -- I think the ship has already sailed on me being unable to enjoy the vacation. Either I head off on the cruise feeling worried and stressed because I have this new job that is making me worried and stressed or I sail off knowing that I have to kick into job-hunting mode as soon as I get back. I have four days left in my current job, unless I somehow retract my resignation. Now that they know I am seriously looking around, though, I can't imagine my current employers would be super thrilled with that idea. At this point, I am leaning towards going to the meeting tomorrow with as open a mind as I can manage and going through the motions of proceeding with onboarding for the few days I have before vacation, then deciding how I feel and how to proceed when I get back. Just knowing that I am giving myself permission to quit if it turns out to be a disaster seems to have lowered my anxiety level to something more or less manageable.
  17. I absolutely would retract your offer. You can tell it was based upon information not disclosed to you when agreeing to take the job, like lying about your experience to clients. As to whether to ask to keep your job, it depends. But yes, I would not take the new job.
  18. You and your dh know the situation best. I would follow his advice.
  19. So sorry, yes it is hard to get used to. My kids were away too for the first time. My dh and I went to a sunrise service, which was beautiful with the sun shining on us! I think that was a good choice. It wasn't our congregation, and we weren't feeling like everyone else had their families with them but us (too early for children!). It was one of our first really nice days, so I spent the rest of the day working in my garden and yard, which I enjoy. I know, it wasn't supposed to be a work day, but I also consider it exercise! Hope you are feeling better soon. Hope you can get a good soak in a hot bathtub...
  20. Pre cut fruit salad from the grocery store.
  21. Mine as well. All the stuff she used that I don't are -- Minute Rice (!!!), instant mashed potatoes, hot dogs, every canned vegetable under the sun -- fall into the category of new and/or convenient foods. But what lured me into this thread is... Oh my word lima beans. No child of mine has ever seen a lima bean.
  22. I missed this post, this is all good stuff. I agree it wouldn’t be worth it to pay someone for Barton, when I could do it myself. I’m starting to lean that way I think because A. She’s not a severe case and B. Her comprehension is very good, so that wouldn’t be a worry. My only concern is the SLP mentioned finding someone who could do the spelling and the written expression together, but perhaps an OT could help us as well.
  23. This thread reminded me of this hilarious YouTube video. DH has called her "The Jello Lady" ever since.
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