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  2. So here's my quandary. I've gone back over some of their papers and they have been doing these things 1.5 -2 years. I don't know if I see a decent amount of growth between about 2 years ago and now. Is there some standardized "test" or "assessment" I can give them specifically to measure their writing skills?
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  4. I tidy the living areas of the house before I leave to go places. So depressing to come home to a mess.
  5. Good Morning! Happy Saturday! We had a mini sleepover last night. Two sisters slept over. I might go back to bed as soon as they leave.
  6. I am seeing: LA / Bible - 1 hr Reading - 1 hr Math - 1 hr Science (2-3 days) / SS (2-3 days?) - 1 hr Music (1 day) - 1 hr? These times seem really high to me. For example, my kids usually do a CLE math lesson in about 25-35 min, but I estimated high to account for interruptions and dawdling. This still only adds up to 4-5 hrs, not the 6.5 you have allotted for school. So I think you have the time, you just need to manage it differently. Unfortunately, without hanging out with you for the day I'm not sure the best way to do that. 🙂 You might want to look at how long each of these subjects is actually taking to see where the time is going. Also, you could look to see if you are doing things in the most efficient way - i.e. you could plan for him to be doing independent work while you make lunch or lay the toddler down or start a load of laundry. Just some thoughts to help you brainstorm.
  7. Ok several weeks ago we got the issue addressed. There were tree roots causing problems again. They worked on it during emergency status and it began to get dark outside. They broke a pipe and said they would need to replace it. They also broke the door leading to the crawl space but whatever. And used my hoses that were outside so I threw them away (probably full of sewage). Now I don’t know why they haven’t returned. I told Dh to contact them to see if they ever got the new pipe (thought they had to order it) or if they did replace something already and just forgot to close the hole?? Maintenance is swamped and it’s hard to get much done.
  8. I will say that, since I discussed it on here a few weeks ago, I have maintained my emails at least twice a day (but actually more than that) in order to have zero unread emails. IOW, I am forcing myself to make decisions on every email when I first read it and I clear them all out often enough that it pretty much never gets above 20 unreads. If it is something I can’t literally act upon at that moment when I look at it, I star it. If it is anything else I might need or might want to look at later, I direct it to the appropriate folder. (For example, daily newsletters from my son’s school; I glance through it if I don’t have time to read it thoroughly, then direct it to the appropriate subfile.) My new habit is basically not to leave things sitting unread for some nebulous “later” or for action “later.” If I’m going to act on it, I do it now; if not, delete or subfile.
  9. I have been listening to a Great Courses on the history of food and cultures of food. It is a subject I find fascinating. Many times, when I’m cooking or eating something, I muse about its origins - how did someone decide to cook a crab? How did they decide which parts were good for eating and others, not so much? Who figured out you need this ratio of flour to hydration in order to make this bread? Etc. Etc. Etc. This Course talks extensively about, you could call it, food appropriation, both of the actual food choices and the manner of eating certain things; i.e., eating with your hands, eating with utensils, sipping from a bowl vs. spooning liquids to the mouth, communally sharing food from the center of the table vs. individual servings to each person. In some cases, the “appropriation” of food culture does go directly from an oppressed people group to the power group, such as the adoption of Okra and gumbo by white people from African slaves. In a given week, the food I make may have originally been Dutch, Native American, Irish, French, South American, Asian, or practically anywhere. I drink coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon. I have sugar and cream or sometimes coconut milk. I didn’t invent any of these things. And the adoption of a food or technique into the dominant culture was probably more often than not crassly appropriated. I mean, in a way, none of us should ever let a teaspoon of sugar pass our lips because of the extremely abusive and exploitive way sugar came into wide use. Morally, it should be such an outrage we can’t even *think* of using sugar. Or tea! I don’t know...I find this subject awfully nebulous. I can see where there are some stark examples that would make me very uncomfortable, but a white girl having some beaded braids put in her hair in Jamaica is not one of them. I think what is *better* for tolerance is noting superior goods/ideas/foods and sharing those things, not saying, “No! You can’t make that kind of bread because that’s Slavic and you’re not!” I just don’t get that.
  10. I cannot compare CC to Apologia. However, I want to echo the others in saying that Jetta is a fantastic teacher. Unlike some of the kiddos on here my dd did not walk away loving physics. She is much more interested in life sciences. But she learned a ton and she absolutely loved Mrs. Jetta. It was a really wonderful experience. Like you noted, CC may use a conceptual text, but the class is not considered conceptual. It is a very challenging class with a lot of math/problem solving - I would be fairly confident that it is more challenging than Apologia. I know that doesn't necessarily help; I'm just confirming that doing both would be pointless. My dd has taken 2 online classes - she enjoyed both classes and she liked both teachers (Roy Speed was the other), but she hates online classes. She just doesn't like that format. So at the end of the day, I'd probably lay out the pros and cons for your son then let him decide.
  11. Today
  12. Good morning! Get Dd started on her day. AHG service project Buy a gift card Dd to/from dance Dd to/from a birthday party Church prep Tag clothes for consignment during any free time!
  13. Another busy, “everyone eating at different times” night meal I like to do is fajitas or tacos. I take the oval 6qt (or bigger) crock pot and divide it into two parts with aluminum foil, adding a little water under the foil to keep things from drying out. Make fajitas or taco meat and put on one side, black or refried beans and fill the other. Warm tortillas, then wrap those in foil and place them on top of the foil “pans” before putting the lid on. Salad in the fridge, rice in the Instant Pot if needed. I actually bought one of those double mini crock pots at Aldi, but prefer the big-pot-and-foil method because the food stays moist and the beans don’t scorch in the foil. We used to do this a lot when DS10 was playing hockey, because it’s one of the few meals he’ll fill up on when he’s hungry. Otherwise he just wants fruit and popcorn, lol.
  14. I think this is the main thing that is bothering me both about this subject and about blackface and brown face. It’s people reveling in their woke-ness and acting incredulous that everyone hasn’t been thinking the same thing since the sixties. I, too, never heard the term “brownface” until the JT news article, though I can certainly extrapolate the meaning, having heard of blackface. But even with that - I thought “blackface” was entirely about mockery, not mere costuming.
  15. I taught for Princeton Review. Not recommended. Too pricey, and more about gaming the test than preparing academically (it is useful but that was the sole emphasis). IDK if they do individual prep now anyway as it used to be group lessons.
  16. Taking Hobbes back to uni this weekend. Lots of driving. Hoping for a Yorkshire walk tomorrow morning.
  17. I do think your expectations are a tad high. What kind of childhood did you have? I would sit down and honestly compare that to what I'm offering my kid and use my own outcome as a guidance. FWIW, all of the issues you describe you will be meeting often in the next few years. At organized children's events, they will be talking about whatever is popular among them. For my kid's crew it's Pokemon, Minecraft, Beyblades, Nerf, and a couple of other things like Big Nate. Whole park days will have them talking about these things and nothing else. It's a way to relate to each other. I think you are very idealistic, but I also think that your own language is judgy and dismissive of those around you, and I'd be very careful about what you, as the adult, are bringing to the table. It's not a friendly feeling. You are allowed to set boundaries and expect others. My kid has a group of friends in the neighborhood that are not allowed to play video games when they go out to play. We have a rule of no video games on week days, and a moderate amount on the weekends. Absolutely we, the parents, share that information with each other so we can help guide the kids toward other activities. Don't expect kids to acknowledge you. You're a stranger and different. You will take time to warm up to. You can still give them the house rules and be firm in protecting your own. "These rooms are off limits" as you shut the door. Or "No playing on the stairs here. That's an outside game" as you show them down with an extension of your arm.
  18. These are the sorts of things that make people roll their eyes when they hear "cultural appropriation." How ridiculous is that that someone would think a person could not use a hair product because they are not the right ethnicity for it. And presumably the person who said it saw your daughter and thus saw her hair. Your daughter is not taking anything from anyone; the product is there for anyone to purchase and I'd be quite surprised if the people making money from that product care who is buying it or what their hair is like. I put this in the category of people making things harder for themselves/their group by focusing on petty things at the expense of bigger things. 'Cause when people whine and complain about petty things like hair products, the people they are whining to/about shut down and the big things get lost.
  19. I know I shouldn’t go to the Y while I’m ill, but I really wish I could go soak in their hot tub.
  20. Ten is much older than 7. Maybe not by numbers, but by experience. With that in mind, I'd have no problem saying they only play outside (within sight) or at your house. If manners concern you, lay down a few rules but mainly have talks with your own child (i.e. I know Johnny does it this way, but our family does this.) Make your house the welcoming, fun home that all the kids want to hang at. You'll be glad of it when they're older.
  21. Edinburgh. Stirling Castle is good too. The A9 North is picturesque or the drive up the glen to Braemar. St Andrews is pretty too . I'd avoid the far north on a short trip. Definitely layers and wet weather gear.
  22. I think you are fine just having your son play outside and inviting his friend in. Video gaming can happen outside, too, with a portable device, so stay aware. I would encourage you to make some friends with like values; if it isn't going to be neighborhood kids, it should be somebody. And get used to the idea that you will never be able to control every interaction between your kids and others, no matter how carefully you vet friends or put rules into place.
  23. Good morning! We're going to the city today to pick up dd's car. Hoping I can snooze on the way because I had a restless night and now a headache is starting up. get morning chores done pick up ds20 at college (he's my car nut - anytime there is a car involved, he wants to go 🙂) lunch at our favorite Belgian restaurant pick up dd's car drive back and drop off ds at college home - get evening chores done dinner: ?? hopefully, have a relaxing evening - take a sauna, read, maybe watch a movie
  24. Oooh, the chicken adobo might work! Thanks, guys! I think I can tweak the beef and broccoli one (broccoli's the one vegetable none of us will touch. I know. LOL) The food has to do three things: -feed a starving 9yo who just burned way too many calories ice skating. Carbs, protein, and fibrous veggies are a must. -feed a hungry young adult who'll come home after his evening/night shift. He works in a movie theatre and there's only so much cheese and popcorn you can smell before it doesn't smell like food anymore. -be good to take as leftovers for dh who'll be working a 12 hour shift the next day. This week's menu: Sunday - beef stew with fresh bread boules Monday - the same, but with leftover bread. 😄 Tuesday - Meatball subs & salad. Wednesday - pasta & meatballs, extra spinach and zucchini added to the sauce. Thursday - adobo chicken chili over rice. Friday - leftovers of the week, or breakfast for dinner Saturday - curried chicken & onions in a pita with tzadiki sauce (homemade), tomatoes, and a small greek salad.
  25. So you do you want something that offers guidance/support to a teacher or something aimed at the student? You seem to be leaning towards older resources. Any reason why you haven't looked at something more modern/readily available? What made you interested in these particular materials? The SRA Reading Power set is probably a good set to have around, but it gets tough quick, It starts at 1st grade level and hits highschool passages by the end and it's only 100 booklets, but it does include little exercises for each one that make it easy to pull a few for 10-20 minutes of reading practice. Just an FYI: The 1989 version of Open Court--Open Court Reading and Writing-don't have ANY exercises or student questions in them. It's only the TOC, the articles/stories/poems and an a glossary. The 1989 OC series requires the workbooks and teachers guides to be a complete program. The TGs and WBs are expensive and hard to find. The workbooks can be very hard to find. The 1970s version of the Open Court student readers have exercises in them but I've never found the TGs for them. The 1960s edition of Open Court are expensive when they are available. All that to say, I'm not sure that I would choose the older, meaty versions of Open Court. SRA Reading Mastery is an intensive program, though I've read a lot of good things about it. You need the student textbook, workbook and teacher presentation books to do the program correctly. All of those are essential to using the program.
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