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  2. I haven’t found the evidence compelling for GFCF diets for *all kids on the spectrum* and I have a child who was not in a position to lose any weight. After consulting with a range of doctors, including multiple naturopaths we opted to not go this way for our autistic sons. My older son started expanding his tastes when he turned 12 or thereabouts. He’s still on the thin side of thin but that’s ok, so was my (not autistic) husband. If there are GI issues, I would have tried it but that wasn’t the case for my kids.
  3. This was EXACTLY why we changed courses for our son!! He, and we, were sitting here thinking, does he really want to be working full time in Silicon Valley (his goal) at age 20 with college done and completely behind him? Those jobs are exciting and rewarding but they're also very stressful, requiring a lot of people-skills that take time to learn, and maturity- when to hold your tongue, how to speak to designers with respect when they're asking you to make pigs fly, how to handle long nights and weekends and manage down-time so you don't burn out. These are things that just take plain old TIME to learn. And, not only that, but what about the time during college that you'd have for could end up with two or even three internships during college, but if you speed through college and go straight into the workworld with only one, or no, internships, you're just jumping in at a very young age. AND I want my son to also just experience the college life of whatever the college life is. Obviously I hope an dpray that the stupidity that sometimes encompasses college life will never be part of it, but I also don't want to take away the opportunities to be part of the young Libertarian club, or the hiking club or the robotic club or whatever it is that strikes his interest.... I am so thankful we got a clue.
  4. I am starting year round schooling this summer. My focus is on having kids up early so we are always done by noon and can enjoy summer afternoons, especially because dad is home at 3. I would try to get a schedule to be done early. It is motivational to my kids. I get up before 6, eat, workout, shower, then get them up, and try for around 7. They do have play breaks within their work time and sometimes go outside for a bit. I am also super open to tweaking schedule or taking field trips because we are getting extra days in over summer. Good luck! My daughter is the same age. 10 at end of summer and going into 5th.
  5. I still have two homeschoolers, but I'm clearing out much of the elementary stuff. *Sniff, sniff* here too. I'm going to a curriculum sale and I have no idea how to price the Sonlight/Tapestry books. Most are in new condition. Do people expect to get them at dirt cheap garage sale prices or can a put a couple of bucks on them?
  6. I use Rubbermaid freezer safe containers when we buy a bigger tub of ice-cream since I use those Rubbermaid containers for freezing fruits sometimes. I use mainly the 5 cup size but they have bigger capacities ones. I am the one that breaks glassware. I also reuse the containers from store bought gelato ice-cream as those are in plastic oval containers.
  7. I didn’t realize it was at Costco - that might make it an easier sell to hubby. It’s tough because the Oreck is a nice vacuum and it works, so replacing it is a tough choice in our current situation. But it keeps breaking and makes me hate vacuuming 😑
  8. Oh I definitely do, or a seam ripper, but it gets around the ends of the beater bar/brush bar and that area is impossible to access without unscrewing the faceplate. We have a mix of carpet and hard surfaces and it’s the couches/bedrooms that seem to have the most issue. Our roomba gets a lot of it, but not all, especially in the bedrooms on the carpet.
  9. Good morning from Stone Door campground! We discovered that the ranger station bathrooms are open 24/7, so we don’t have to use the outhouse if we’re willing to walk an extra 1/4 mile. 🏆 There was a scorpion in the bathroom but I trapped it under a small trash can. (Tennessee scorpions aren’t deadly.) We’re planning to hike to a couple waterfalls today. Coffee!
  10. Additionally, words that are normally considered nouns are often used as adjectives in English, such as the word "hospital" in this example: The patient is sleeping in a hospital bed. Consider the terms "horse race" and "race horse." In the first case, horse is an adjective, and race is a noun. In the second case, race is an adjective, and horse is a noun.
  11. I've had to remove wallpaper from a plaster wall and it was NOT fun. That said, it has made a comeback and some of it can be really beautiful. If I owned my house I would wallpaper the guest bathroom - you know, the tiny one with just a toilet and sink? Something like this -
  12. On Saturday storms were coming through. Superchicken, my favorite, was on the front porch making a scared noise. So I ran out to protect her. She went into a deep squat. Turns out, she had just wanted some loving. I picked her up and cuddled her. Sorry, I am not going to stop that. My chickens are extremely healthy. BTW, the chickens get their name from the charms on the ankle bracelets that they wear. Superchicken has the Superman symbol. She used to be good friends with BatHen (batman) and Robin, but a cat got those.
  13. Where is my post?? It has been quoted twice and yet it's gone... edited to add. maybe I'm crazy because I went to the little bell at the top, clicked from there to the Likes and then suddenly it reappeared. Strange.....
  14. Reverse Polish Notation But now I'm going to retract that statement because apparently MC competitors these days prefer TI 84 or TI Nspire because you can automatically plug into formulas like quadratic. I like my old HP because I'm used to RPN, but I may spend some time this summer learning one of the more popular calculators to see what the fuss is about.
  15. OK, now that it's the last day, I'm going to get some things - all the History Cards, A Child's Geography, Biblioplan Medieval Timeline, and the state research project/lapbook.
  16. Oh, I don't know about that. If it were only "written assignments" being done electronically, I don't think that we'd have the same issue. No, here I blame smart phones and social media. Text-speak is ubiquitous, and far too many young people really don't know that it's illiterate. Which is why I told my child when she got her phone: "I will search it. The first time I see you using text abbreviations instead of proper English will be when you say goodbye to your phone." I suspect that my child is the only teenager in the universe who uses proper grammar in her text communications. On a totally unrelated note: I wonder why people think she's a bit odd? 😐 Baby ballet dancers are the BEST ballet dancers. ❤️
  17. I have the cuisinart and I like it and use it fairly often. Haven't in awhile but have been thinking about it. Maybe for Memorial Day I will! I have an extra freezer bowl. I made awesome coconut ice cream. I used a can of "Cream of coconut " which is on the drink mixes aisle, and I think I just added a pint of whipping cream and maybe milk. No eggs, sugar or cooking needed on this one and it was super creamy. I added chocolate shavings and chopped almonds. It was perfect, but it is super high fat.
  18. Most states probably are like that unfortunately 😞 Part time enrollment is specifically permitted in our education code in this state, all district schools have to allow it and lots of homeschool families enroll their kids for just a class or two--even in elementary, some enroll just for PE; charter schools (virtual or brick and mortar) seem to have a choice, some are very flexible with part time (our K12 seems to be one of the flexible ones) others require at least 80% enrollment. I don't know if anyone has ever tried to challenge that legally or not.
  19. I have an old tupperware canister set that I use. One container holds 1 batch of ice cream perfectly. Similar to this:
  20. Can you used scissors to cut hair off roller bar? Do you have carpet or hard floors? I like my miele but it is fairly expensive.
  21. That's how I found out a student could take a DE course at the high school without paying...the provider, the CC, refused to enroll underage/undergrade(is that a word?) students (they've changed the policy since then). With no internet available at the high school, the math chair made the practical decision and put the 14s and 15s that were 9th or 10th or 11th in class for no college credit. Here in NY, K cutoff is Dec 31 and 8th grade Alg is the norm as state law requires each district to offer 8th graders some high school credit plenty of students will not be 16 until mid Jr year and grade skippers not until mid Sr year......and the cutoff at the CC was both age/grade. That policy means students with no math for 10th and 11th, and some for fall of 12th if they are at a high school that refuses to serve all demographics assigned. We ended up having to do internet classes anyway, as the school wouldn't offer independent study on their dime to anyone that was not compelled.
  22. We're mid-move, sitting in an empty house and I couldn't take the dirty floors anymore, so I bought the Shark Duoclean Lift Away from Costco last night. I'm very impressed. I have another Shark on the moving truck that I do like quite a lot, but oh my word I have to cut gobs of hair out of it every time I use it. (It's shocking how much hair I shed as I go about my day.) The self-cleaning brush in the Duoclean really appears to work -- there was NO hair in it when I finished vacuuming. It does lack the self propel function of my old one but I think I'll appreciate clean rollers more. It did great on the hardwood floors too. And Shark's tools are easy to use/change out.
  23. And apparently I can’t count. Even my husband has long hair, so the three girls, me, and him are murdering vacuums. The boys are the only short haired members of the fam. The Shark looks awesome, but ouch on the price! Maybe it’s just been too long since I’ve looked at vacuums to know what is and isn’t reasonable 😬
  24. Don’t tell that to my five year old! He’s always hugging and snuggling our chickens. That kids loves his ladies. 😂
  25. It ends up everywhere even though the hair brushing is in the bathroom. My bedroom is a horrible offender too! I have no problem cleaning out the roomba, it’s the Oreck that causes me heartburn with having to actually get our a screwdriver and seam ripper to deal with the brush bar halfway through any vacuuming, or risk a belt snap.
  26. What about wallpaper over wallpaper over UNPRIMED walls? In our first home when we steamed and tried to remove the layers, the drywall came off in chunks because it was unprimed. Lord have mercy. We were so poor after the down payment, it wasn't an option to pay someone to rip out the drywall and put up new stuff.
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