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  2. My 9th grader is taking college calc 1 , with very little difficulty. The kid is strong in math, likes it, and kills standard tests. But, I have avoided AOPS because he is no Einstein. Since we are using a standard calculus text, we are about to use a group tutor (10 students) for $13/hr. From what I understand about AOPS calculus, it is about college level, but has it is its own process and way of thinking. I suspect you are going to need someone who has gone through AOPS calculus. Otherwise, a good part of your money is going to be wasted on that person working the problem out the AOPS way as well. Does AOPS have a message board? Maybe, you could find someone there.
  3. Back when I was Catholic, I knew a priest who would say things about Catholics being poor. I remembered thinking he was deluded. The Anglo Catholic Church is pretty upper middle class now; at least when you consider people who attend Mass regularly. I remember a debate on an Orthodox forum about charging for Sunday school. The former Evangelicals were shocked that a church would charge for Sunday school. I was shocked that a church WOULDN'T charge for Sunday school. But someone made a point I hadn't considered - apparently CCD (or whatever they call it today - Faith Formation?) fees are a sore point for some Catholics because it can add up, especially if the family is one of the few that follows the birth control rules. This person contended that fees for things like CCD make non middle class Catholics feel unwelcome in their church. My daughter attended Catholic school for 3 years and it was clear that her classmates were exposed to a lot of right wing news. She was at this school during the 2016 election. She told me that Hillary Clinton was going to kill a disabled student at the school. She said that Clinton was going to kill all of the babies. She didn't understand that one and wanted to know what that meant. She was in 1st grade at the time. These are things she heard from other kids. She was told by these kids that voting for Clinton meant you wanted to kill babies. The school principal and other parents shared on their FB feed a sermon where a priest said that you shouldn't go to communion if you vote for HRC. That's Catholic America today, at least in my observation. Extremely partisan and hostile to anyone with a different opinion. Orthodoxy is a lot less partisan than Catholicism. I've never heard an Orthodox priest preach about who you should vote for. Orthodox laypeople are a different matter. In my observation, they fall into a few different groups. There are the ethnic Orthodox and they tend to vote Democratic. The ex-Evangelical Orthodox vote GOP. The hipster Orthodox range. If they're young, they're likely to be on the fringes politically. Sometimes libertarian or even communist.
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  5. AM exercise (walk/run) School drop off counseling for younger son then school drop off One audit prep, one tax form, two reconciliations and a partridge in a pear tree One new client proposal school pick ups (early release day) handwriting and math practice for younger son dinner 30 minutes cleaning some laundry
  6. I wish every damn thing for my boys was sized like men’s pants and dress shirts... waist x inseam with various fits from skinny to relaxed neck and arm measurement with various fits from slim to husky or whatever term people want to use. Chest measurement range for casual shirts. Much easier than trying to figure out the actual sizes of something marked XXL or 10-12 or 12-14 or 16 whatever. Now that I am out of the woods with the 16 year old, we get to start all over again with the 10 year old. And just for funsies, despite having near identical faces and both being tall, they have very different builds so what worked for the older is not just ready to replicate for the 10 year old. My older son is all arms and legs and super skinny. My younger son has a more average build. Maybe that will be easier?
  7. Terabith


    Yeah, no asthma or underlying condition. Nothing to be concerned about. I just feel awful. Tired, achy, sore throat, headache, queasy, lethargic. I feel like staying in bed but I don’t really feel like reading or watching tv or catching up on anything. I just hurt. My skin hurts. My eyes hurt. I feel badly enough that I’m not sure I can safely drive my kids around the city to places they need to go.
  8. Nice post. At 22, I was also married for a year and had a baby on the way who arrived just shy of my 23rd birthday. My high school aged brother lived with me and not with our parents from the time I was not yet 19-22ish. I’d worked steadily for 10 years and been out on my own while also providing financial support for my parents at times. I was simultaneously still growing up. I was closer to a child in so many ways. I had some needlessly terse interactions with my MIL. I was so direct and matter of fact that at times I had made multiple college students who asked me for help and at least one assistant at my office cry. I still wince when I think of that. I was hopelessly flawed (and remain so in different ways). I was also hard working, a diligent student and very generous with both my time and money. I was much loved by my husband and friends. Good and bad traits exist simultaneously in the same people.
  9. Coffee as usual trash out--trash day laundry as usual walk, and walk some more. Didn't quite get 13 miles in on Tuesday, but I did have a nice walk with a new Scout mom call ds back--he called but I couldn't talk as I was walking with the new Scout mom make decision about going over to Denver for Camporee--need to ask niece if I can stay Saturday night too text dd--she's having a rough time with the cadet who was killed talk to sil is he's back from Colombia about this weekend and have a veerrryyy long discussion with district chair. I've been asked to take over as the district advancement chair for BOTH districts as we're merging. It means I'll have a bunch of people to help me, but it's a bunch of people to keep track of and all the other stuff that will pop up...
  10. Hello, Earthmerlin. I don't know those programs to learn French. I used Yabisí Español Santillana for two years because I was able to buy them online and receive them in the US by mail. We used them slowly, skipping a few sections in every chapter. Unfortunately, I discovered them too late; because of that, my son's interest level didn't match its lessons, so I decided to stop using the program. We sometimes used the Mexican books published by the Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP), which are available online for free and include "Español", "Lecturas", Math, History, Science, P.E., and Art for every grade, The vocabulary in "Lecturas" was too advanced for my son, so I read some parts aloud, and he read the shorter and easier sections aloud. We used Singapur Math until 5th. grade, then Beast Academy, and now AoPS. We read the text and numbers in English and always discuss in Spanish how to solve the exercises, so my son's Math Vocabulary is still richer in Spanish than in English. He even memorized the multiplication tables in Spanish. I didn't find a way to teach him spelling in Spanish, and thought that studying Latin would cover grammar, vocabulary, and spelling in two languages (and several more). I read aloud fiction and non-fiction almost every day, and ask him to read aloud simpler texts. He reads very well in Spanish but is faster in English, so he prefers reading novels in English. I will keep trying. If you find a good way to teach spelling, please let me know. Some copy work and dictation may be enough, plus reading aloud to your child and asking him/her to read aloud and write with some frequency.
  11. @Farrar, @Corraleno and @happysmileylady I want to say that I agree with all of you to a large degree, even though it’s conflicting opinions. 1. We all get venting. 2. We all also presumably get that language matters and flipping the script can help change the feelings or even help one self regulate their reactions and emotions in a more healthy way. These things are not unable to co-exist.
  12. Random information: I’ve noticed a sharp drop off in weekend banking for both in person and live phone banking hours. Mobile deposits have all but wiped out bank tellers here. My clients use 10 different banks, a mix of national and regional names and a smattering of CUs. Most do not have tellers. Weekend hours were a selling point for banks when people needed cash for the weekend. Even after ATMs, banks could add value but staying open on weekends for initiating loans but now so much of that is handled online. Saturday hours aren’t unheard of, but they don’t seem to be the big thing anymore.
  13. More than your bank, it depends on your account and factors like average daily balance and history with the bank. My brother and I use the exact same credit union. For various reasons, primarily average daily balance and longevity of the account, a larger portion of my mobile check deposits are made immediately available to me than they are to him + I have daily max on my check card that is 10x his. I would hazard to guess that the middle aged middle class moms on this board have higher limits than the average 22 year old.
  14. Odds are good that the *22 year old* who has been working at a bank for what I assume is less than a year (don’t know of any banks that offer non-c suite peeps 6 weeks of vacation) has a $300-500 daily max on their debit or ATM card. My bank isn’t open Saturday but then my bank doesn’t even have tellers. Obviously, the solution is to use an electronic option like Zelle, Venmo, PayPal or an ACH payment of some type. That he didn’t do that makes me speculate that he didn’t really have the funds or didn’t want to go on the trip with both sisters for some reason. The 22 year old messed up big time and I agree with you that the mom has the right to feel the way she feels and certainly isn’t obligated to be all sunshine and roses about this or anything else. Mothers aren’t saints. We get to be pissed. We get to have less than charitable thoughts. But I also think there’s something to Correleno’s take on how this played out. I cannot fathom endorsing this level of spending and I think everyone made some mistakes along the way. The 22 year old might not have been able to say no to adding the 14 year old. He might have overcommitted and not had the skills to come clean in a timely fashion. He might have been crippled by embarrassment. To me he deserves some benefit of the doubt, just like the OP deserves the benefit of the doubt that she is speaking in anger while venting here.
  15. school dd - dentist package stuff and send it off to ds
  16. I worry we don't go deep enough in things. I don't know how to do rabbit trails or socratic discussions. Although I think I had a glimpse of something today. We do a family poetry night every week. DD and I had been discussing Constance Contraire's bad poetry (The Mysterious Benedict Society) and I suggested talking about them during our next poetry night. We did it tonight and DD got a big kick of it. We came up with a long list of insulting rhymes. But was it "educational?" It feels like it was.
  17. LOL!!!! Oh, my. I needed that laugh. The little girl is trying to obey, but she looks a bit perplexed. I mean, it's a perfectly good dead squirrel. Why should she put it outside??
  18. I have seen fliers in my local library from a few experienced tutors with PhD in math for $55-$65/hr. None of them mentioned AOPS, but if a person were to have a PhD in math, it could be fairy easy for them to use AOPS's approach (if they had access to the textbooks, of course). Since I live in a high COL area and this rate is considered acceptable by many here, I guess that this could be on the higher end in a rural area.
  19. We kept records for possible high school classes starting in 7th grade just in case we wanted to graduate our child early. So far he insists he doesn't want to graduate early which is fine with us. He started his first college class the day he turned 14. I just keep track of everything and follow his lead. We have never grade skipped him but he is younger for his grade already. If he wants to graduate early and has a clear plan he can. He also play sports at the local high school which is other reason not to accelerate him officially even though he is way above "grade level" academically. When he was younger I would advocate to get him in appropriate level classes in coops and I had no trouble doing so. I always told the teacher that if after the first day of classes they did not feel he was a good fit I would pull him out no questions asked. They, after the first classes and getting to know him, loved having him in class. I also created a math club and a robotics team so he could pursue his interests. So far it is working. You sometimes have to find your "people".
  20. He started a month ago so it feels kind of late. He wanted to talk to a couple Departments about testing out of a couple more required classes and is looking into tutoring also. I'm sure he'll find something. At least he is looking.
  21. Screaming in solidarity! (ok well it’s a virtual scream so I don’t wake dh) Hope your frustration is soon resolved.
  22. Does not exist (sorry, I hate alarm clocks)
  23. I think I had a similar experience with my mom which I related, although it was comparatively mild. It was one in which I was angry at her for a time for not agreeing with a moral stance I sort of discovered/grew into as a young adult, and how we both handled it badly in some ways (I was persistent to the point of unkindness where it was pointless, she called me a fanatic and lied to my daughter to subvert the moral boundary). We have healed the rift somewhat by both backing off some; we're not as close as we were but we're not fighting or anything like that; we don't talk about it and that seems to work.
  24. Fricassee! Truly, I knew a gal once who gave that name to her pet rabbit.
  25. It was nothing to worry about! It wasn't even as bad as what I had thought was the best case scenario. (20+ solid hours of googling and freaking out later)
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