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  2. Well, I was married and divorced in my 20s, so there's that I would change. But it was in my 30s I really went wrong, I think. I finished my degree (English) while working full time, and that was fine, but one of my professors who really liked my writing encouraged me to apply to a specific writing program for grad school. I didn't see how I could work that out, so I never did it. It was really my timidity and fear that kept me working at jobs that were fine rather than take that leap to do something completely different. But I agree with Pawz, it is too easy to assume that things would have been better if certain things had or had not happened, so I don't think about it too much. My life has had a lot of ups and downs; too easy to look at the downs and say "see, if I hadn't done, X, things would have been better!" Of course that's not necessarily true.
  3. We have had a second case in Aus now where someone became ill apparently around 80 days after exposure. There may be some underlying missed transmission but it’s concerning. I won’t worry too much unless there are further studies showing the same thing but 😬
  4. Making bacon and coffee now. Yard work - need to be outside Chx into marinade Laundry? Tutoring prep for today and for next week. New curriculum to learn. Tutor one student Walk? Dinner is chx fajitas
  5. That’s kind of where my thoughts go. I got married and pregnant really fast, and couldn’t keep up with school and that. I wish I’d just sucked it up and finished so I didn’t have that hanging over my head later on. But I absolutely hate school and conforming to professorial deadlines, even though I love learning.
  6. Look like someone was shot during the riots. 😢. This whole story is so tragic.
  7. This is, IMO, extremely important, so I am quoting mainly to bring it back to people’s attention who might have missed it above. The article is much easier to read than the study—but the study is, IMO, so far (I’m less than 1/4 way through) more worrisome than the article paints it. I am very slowly working my way through the original study. If it hasn’t been already it should probably be cross-posted on the scientific developments thread for people who aren’t following this long thread. IMO it is extremely important, and will affect testing, vaccines, and treatments. And it is very concerning as things are opening up. And as people think they are “done” and acting like it is pretty much all over. Or pretty much like they are going to get it and it will be no big deal. Even though many cases are Asymptomatic in an obvious immediate way (no cough, fever etc) it looks like there might could be a destructive immune system effect that could emerge and be more debilitating later on in life. I wonder if people would pay more attention if it were called something more similar to AIDS-like SARS-CoV-2 and AIDS-20? [I suspect this may also have to do with part of why China is trying to identify every single last case in Wuhan.] [ also seems to fit with what Luc Montagnier said... and it also may be of relevance in re the HCQ issue ...]
  8. From my 20s, exactly the same. From my teens? Nope. I never would have finished high school. I spent 2 years sleeping at the train tracks to do so because I thought graduation was important, but haven't used my diploma once. Never would have joined the military. I have seizures (surprise!) so they sent me home, but I spent about 8 months in a coma I would not have if I had never gone.
  9. One big thing I wish I would have known/done differently was to INVEST starting with my first part time job at 16. Even small amounts 30+ years ago would have really added up. I did great at the Dave Ramsey stay out of debt and have an emergency fund (and those things made going through the arrest of my then husband, divorce, moving, etc all so much easier) BUT no one really told me about investing.
  10. I am happy where my life is right now but if I could change anything back in my 20's, I would go back and have more fun. I have been "responsible" my entire life and always chose the "safe" option. I had my first baby at 25 and DH and I worked alternating times (I only worked two days a week) so one of us was always at home with our kids. That leaves five years prior to having kids where DH and I could have done more. I feel like we were always preparing for something...finishing my degree, getting married, buying a house, having kids. Vacations, except our honeymoon, were always visits to family. If I could go back I would spend more time with friends, see more of the world (though I am doing that now), dance more, etc...
  11. Maybe. I’ve always wanted a power washer. This may be the excuse I need to finally get one.
  12. Which makes logical sense. Most of the early models seemed to assume a symmetrical curve which did not seem reasonable. If you have an R0 on the upside of 2 you will have to lower R0 to .5 on the downside; if R0 on the upside is 3, you will have to lower R0 all the way down to .33 to have a symmetrical curve. .
  13. The changes I would have liked to make in my 20’s would have required changes to happen long before that, with some people making different choices in *their* 20’s starting, oh, about nine months before my birthday, IYKWIM. 😉
  14. I think she said her mom plans to get some part time work. DH and I will be in this situation too,. We will have our home paid for before retirement age, but taxes and insurance alone are $300 a month. We have an apartment on our property we plan to renovate and rent out eventually. That will help. If I become widowed I probably could not afford to live here on my ss alone. But I could get a room mate.....or rent the house out and live in the apartment. I am not too worried about it.....and I hope those of you who are younger don’t worry either. Just do your best and know that things can change in an instant for the better or the worse.
  15. I sometimes wish that I had been more flexible in my thinking about ways to keep my hand in the working world. I was an engineer at an aerospace company. On the other hand, because I didn't, we've had a lot of opportunities as a family that wouldn't have worked out if I'd done that. When I was in my 20s, we were at a church that was very conservative in some ways (but super racially diverse - it was pretty cool!) and I don't think I knew women who worked good jobs. Any woman who worked, did so because otherwise they didn't eat, and they tended to work mundane jobs. Now, we're at a church where many women work career jobs by choice. I wish I'd had that sort of role model so that I could have made a more informed choice. OTOH, I really like my kids and I like being home with them. There were two women I really envied because they seemed to have it all, and now I've known them long enough to know that their actual lives aren't what the world sees and that there is no way I envy them in the slightest. So, I think I would have liked to have been more thoughtful about my choices, but I don't think I would have changed things. ETA: Growing up, my mom worked at a day care until I was 8. She had studied early childhood ed in college and worked at a variety of day cares and preschools over the years, some pretty high end. She thought day care was positively awful and absolutely the worst and was always telling me that. So that was a very strong influence on me!
  16. Anyone post this yet? Looks like 6 feet may, in fact, not be enough, and may be based on outdated science. If viral load does accumulate in the air, that would be a problem :-/. I wonder what that would mean for nursing homes, which have been hit so hard...
  17. A bit random, and won't apply to everyone, but I have felt much more rested since I started using a mouth guard at night. I grind my teeth so hard that my husband can feel the vibrations from it in bed, and it was affecting my teeth. An otc guard didn't help, but a custom one from the dentist did. My sleep, jaw and neck pain, and headaches have improved.
  18. Continue deep cleaning kitchen clean floors dust bathroom buy paint dinner ? exercise move Drive stuff to usb port devotions read
  19. I suppose I scaled the steepness by the amount at the peak. I just meant something qualitative like visual steepness, which does that automatically. Anyway, we'll see data on masks in a bit, I'm sure.
  20. Having a car in the rurals not a ‘lifestyle’. Good grief. And your last sentence, I can’t even. There is nothing in what the OP has posted that indicates her mom is asking for a handout.
  21. Yes, a stricter quarantine should lead to a quicker decrease in cases. The steepness on the way down can't really be compared across countries, because it must be at least somewhat correlated to the steepness on the way up--especially if you are looking at the absolute number of cases. If in theory, you could decrease new cases to zero with a 14-day complete lockdown, a curve of new cases in a country that had 5000 cases on Day 1 of the lockdown and 0 cases on Day 14 would look a lot steeper than a country that had only 100 cases on Day 1 of the lockdown and 0 cases on Day 14. Looking by country is problematic because the amount of lockdown can vary in different areas of the country. In Italy, more extreme lockdown measures occurred sooner in Northern Italy. In Austria, some towns were under isolation, some were under quarantine, and others were under looser stay-at-home orders.
  22. I don't know. I think the tendency (at least it is for me) is to assume that if one had chosen a different path things would be better now, even if you're already at least relatively happy with how things are. But of course that's a very risky assumption.
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