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  2. I’m concerned you seem to be minimizing some serious mental health issues. I also wonder if you will be able to keep her awake in the day. If she is sleeping in the day everything except online school I think will be extremely difficult. Things you have said are not just from the institution of school.
  3. My husband and I couldn’t get it last year when there was a shortage. This year we had no trouble getting it when we wanted to. I did have my first ever vaccine reaction to the second shingles shot, but I would still do it again. Shingles sound horrendous. Edited to add we both had chicken pox as children.
  4. You could also have some aspects of option 1 and some of option 2... for example an option 4 could be: work on her health (mental and physical) plus a job and/or significant volunteer activity plus try to keep up Spanish / math — and let the rest go.
  5. Thank you so much. I'm an only child and my father is deceased so I have no family other than DH and my kids. I'm ok, though. It's actually a relief to me that she's gone because she was a constant threat. Not that I ever wished anything bad for her - I just didn't want her to go after me or my family. It's good to know that there's not anything she can do now other than maybe some petty things that she would have planned ahead of time.
  6. I caught it during the Great Chicken Pox Epidemic of 6th grade, along with most of my classmates. 🙂 Dh says he had it when he was about nine years old. Both of us are planning to get the shingles vaccine, but it's been in short supply in our area for quite awhile.
  7. I'm sorry. I was not estranged from my mom, but we were never close. We had a lot of difficult years. Hugs to you. You will mourn, but it won't be the same as those who were close to their moms. Also, I think you will need to talk to just let out all the crap and misery your mom caused. Try to find someone who is willing to listen. Or a sibling perhaps? My husband listened to my dump. My younger sister and I also had some time together and did that. She also had a similar relationship. It helped to re-affirm that we weren't terrible people for not mourning her death like other adult children do, and to realize that we weren't crazy and saw the same things. It was like a deep sigh- emotional purge. It was a helpful part of the process. I don't know if she can hurt you after death.. I'm sure it is possible but I wouldn't know how to prepare for it. I hope it doesn't happen to you. Hugs.
  8. If there is anyone from Chino, CA who would be willing to pick up a small FB item and ship it to me (for pay), let me know, please. Yes, I'm serious. It's my dc's dream toy: Lego meets Swiss Family Robinson. I'm almost tempted to make the drive, only it's easily 10 hours from me.
  9. more btdt that to say this is true.. People act weirded out every time it’s just me with the 3 yr old and any of my 18+yr old kids. And that’s without me even mentioning I have 9 other kids. LOL
  10. I have one that has a full bipolar diagnosis and one with a mood disorder nos diagnosis. Irritability, mood swings, quick anger, mood swings, felt like walking on eggshells, hyper active behavior, etc.
  11. I was curious about the Wahls diet due to your post and found a strong overlap between its elimination foods and those of the MS Recovery diet. Bill
  12. Uh, yes you will. The chicken pox vaccine is a live vaccine, and you can get shingles from it. They claim it's less likely you'll get shingles if you're vaccinated, but considering that most people get shingles at 50+, and zero vaccinated kids have reached that age, that claim is just guesswork. Some kids have already gotten shingles after the vaccination, but like most people with shingles, they are almost always immunocompromised in some way. Being exposed to someone with cpox or shingles also gives a natural booster, which will no longer be around - everyone will likely have to get lifelong vax boosters, probably starting younger as the natural boosters won't be around. Unless they create an effective killed cpox vaccine, and then people don't have the live virus floating in their systems anymore. The newest shingles vaccine is killed. But not sure if it's strong enough to prevent chicken pox, or why is the cpox vax live in the first place? Shingles vax is basically a booster.
  13. I had c-pox as a very young child, fairly mild. don't remember. three kids had it - at different times (before the vax was available.) 2dd had shingles at 7. fortunately, it was mild. 1ds was covered. oatmeal baths, hydrocortisone, etc. poor guy. he couldn't have been three. the other two have had the vaccine.
  14. you will only get shingles if the chicken-pox virus is floating in your system. if it isn't - it's a moot point. if you have the c-vax, you won't have the virus floating in your system.
  15. I'd encourage your willpower, but sugary goodness in the form of chocolate when I'm sleep deprived by my youngest (who's cutting 2 teeth) doesn't stand a chance. The only thing better than chocolate right now is coffee. 😍
  16. I have a friend whose son was diagnosed adhd/pdd-nos- and it became schizophrenia. He stopped going places, (he'd come here), because he doesn't know if something is real or a delusion. so, if he's in his own place - he knows if something moved, it's because he moved it.
  17. I agree with it not necessarily being fun at first. My son was raised in a very language rich environment and always loved books, words, basically anything verbal. He had an extremely advanced vocabulary. But he didn’t like learning to read at first. So we did only short lessons each day, and he still was read to for hours every day and he also listened to lots of audio books, plus lots of conversation with adults. And once he caught on and became a fluent reader, there was no stopping him. He was constantly reading everything. I feel pretty strongly that many public schools in the US are failing kids because they are not using research proven best practices for teaching reading or almost anything else. And it’s the kids who don’t have extra help or support at home or parents who can afford outside intervention that suffer the most. It’s possible to get kids very excited about books and reading, but also teach them using best practices, even if the results are a bit slower and less fun at first.
  18. That group proved very valuable to me. (I think my homeschool profile is in the files there.) Time marches on.... Regards, Kareni
  19. My oldest is 10 1/2, so yeah my children have to go. I would find out why she doesn't want to go and straighten that out. Or u may have already said that in your op and I missed it. There is another child the same age as my son and he doesn't attend anymore. He doesn't want to. That hasn't effected my children. It may depend on how old your child is. Since my oldest is only 10 1/2 please take my advice with a grain of salt. I see it as in no different then teaching them reading, math and writing or making them eat healthy foods. It is essential that they believe. In fact probably the most important thing that we can teach them. I feel if I let my child decide that he or she can't go, then my child may feel that I don't think learning God's word is essential. Hth. Good luck.
  20. She's a self supporting adult. She shouldn't have to defend herself to her father-in-law. He only gets a say if he's paying any of their bills.
  21. The guidance counselors are more or less completely incompetent. Pretty much every interaction I have had with them has involved them saying, "But you can't do that," and me pointing out the pages in the handbook or the state law that say that you can. And it's stupid stuff, like substituting dance class for pe or geography for history. Anna's teachers are actually all really good this year, but the administration is not super competent.
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