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  2. I love the science supplement package from Memoria Press. It is just science books but my kids love, love, love them, and I love reading them to them.
  3. Freak out every time I realize I am leaving tomorrow. Freak out at everything that I'm trying to finish up for my husband before I leave tomorrow. Freak out when trying to fit everything I need into one 50# bag (and help the girls pack), while also trying to make sure that we don't go overweight on our express shipment. Crying because I have to say goodbye. A list, I'm guaranteed to succeed with 😂
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  5. continue to clean the house because guests are coming in the afternoon collapse once they are gone
  6. Went to Nordstrom Rack 50% off red tag boot sale, 25% off red tag. Didn’t see Dansko sandals but did see Chaco sandals. Now I am well stocked on track shoes (Geox, Ahnu, Nike, New Balance). I’ll check out Walking Company at Valley Fair and Hillsdale for a change since I usually go to REI Saratoga and Charleston.
  7. If you can get boiling water to the location, I think that’s probably safe to not cause allergic smoke or ash. I haven’t tried it, but saw a demo of steam to kill other types of weeds
  8. Is it correct to think that the online class could be more helpful with more advanced classes (e.g. intermediate classes and beyond)? My son has taken following online classes: prealgebra b, intro to algebra a & b, intro to cp, and currently intro to geometry. However, for financial reasons, I am asking him to study the intermediate algebra and other intermediate classes/books on his own in the future. While I like to think that he can successfully study these classes/books on his own (since he has been pretty good at being an independent learner thus far), I cannot help but feel that online classes could make the learning easier and more fun. What do you think? Would my son be missing out a lot by not taking online intermediate classes and instead studying them on his own? For example, my son told me that there is no book for intermediate number theory class. Also, I suppose there is no book that one can study in place of "WOOT." What might be pros and cons of online class vs. self-study at intermediate level and beyond? Thx. much in advance for your response.
  9. My daughter decided to sell cookie dough one year for cheer leading. I always opted the kids out of fundraising and just contributed what ever money was needed. She insisted on doing it as a team comaraderie (I say team-peer pressure) situation. I have a medium size chest freezer and it was full to to the top with the minimal amount of dough she sold. At the fundraising rah-rah event, I don't think they explained that the family would have to store it frozen until it was delivered. Not everyone was home the first time we drove it to the houses, so we had to hold it for a few days until we could meet up. I have to wonder how many people get thawed out dough from other girls, since not everyone has a chest freezer to store the dough in. Or....for those who sold 150 boxes....unless they had a commercial freezer, where did they keep it? I would never, ever buy frozen dough from a student!
  10. We didn't smash. I can't remember if we talked about not doing it ahead of time--probably? My husband and I aren't the smash cake kind of personalities. But I was maid of honor in a wedding that had smashing. They are coming up on 23 years and are among the most compatible married couples I know. They are both smash cake kind of personalities I guess!
  11. I haven't used it myself. I know people who have used it. There is a self-paced version. I would wait until there is a sale. There are two courses for each of the first three levels. You can view sample lessons here:
  12. I'm very sorry. I understand the sadness.
  13. My charter just did the same thing. Bookshark? Lots of great books there and it counts as core curriculum. For a first grader, I would think there would be plenty of fun kits that would count as science. RSO science is fun. Or I just discovered crafty school crates, and I'm getting the history crates for my 9&6yo. It wouldn't hurt to point out that you are reusing AAR 2. I discussed this with my ES because I won't be spending that much on my younger kids. Between reusing books from my older kids and finding bookshark sets at our school resource center, I only need a few workbooks. But I am using $500 worth of core curriculum, so she said it's not an issue. The point is they don't want people spending all their money on extracurriculars and not putting much effort into schooling (unfortunately it DOES happen. Tho I'm not sure that it's at an extent that requires these measures) and having those kids test scores drag down the school average.
  14. Hits: Logic of English Foundations A for my youngest. He loves this. So fun and yet includes so much review and practice that he needs. Right Start Math, also for my youngest. He's very social, wiggly, and hands on. Singapore math 2. In the middle of the year I switched my 2nd grader to RS so that he could play with all the manipulatives and games that his younger brother was doing. But after a couple weeks he asked to go back. Bookshark, mostly. K science and history and LA2 were pretty good. The read alouds were a huge hit with both my 8&5yo boys. Science 3 was a hit, but history 3 was a miss for my daughter. Science 6 was not a hit as far as my son is concerned, but I consider it a hit. Lol. It got done and my son learned how to dig for information to answer questions. We will be using Bookshark again next year. It gets done, is mostly what I want, and I don't have to plan it. I'm tired of planning. CLE math was a hit for my daughter for the second year in a row. AAS- my daughter hates it, but I see her spelling improving. Girls of American History- unit studies using American Girl doll books. My daughter LOVES this. English From the Roots Up with notebook. My son liked this, probably cause he got to draw pictures. Lol Misses: Bookshark history 3, my daughter couldn't keep up with all the reading on her own and I couldn't read to her as it's intended. Write@Home online classes. I felt like this was just assignments with no teaching. Winning with Writing. I don't know, this just didn't work. I guess cause I expected it to be independent and it just wasn't. Growing with Grammar. IDK it just didn't get done.
  15. I carry two. One thin, one thicker. I never know what my teacher will include and if it’s going to be a lot of time on my knees, I need the cush. But the cush is too unstable for balance work, so normally I use the thinner one.
  16. This was helpful. It helped crystalize my thoughts. 🙂 My oldest is using EIW6 and after a few other writing program failures, I'm loving it and felt like finally it's teaching HOW to write but without being super restrictive, which my son hates. It's so easy to use too. I've considered having my daughter start using it too, but hesitated and couldn't quite out my finger on why. But she hates coming up with her own thing to write, and now that you mention it, it probably isn't enough direction on how to improve her writing. I have been putting off trying IEW, but I think I just have to bite the bullet. Lol
  17. Wow, no! What a sad waste! I mean, if I made dough and left it out until it was just cool, but it was only out for a few hours, I'd eat it. But there's no way to know how long this was at room temperature! You could all get so, so sick!
  18. Remember the Christian singer Chris Rice? This reminds me of a line from one of his songs... “smell the color nine.”
  19. Thank you. I feel better already. But I still want to see numbers and shapes in color. Even if for only a day.
  20. @itsheresomewhere Could you please share your recipe? I have English Ivy everywhere in one side of my yard and no chemical will kill it! What is the ratio of vinegar/orange oil/water do you use? TIA!
  21. Just read another article. They ranked the top ten and bottom ten districts for the recent 3rd grade reading gate test. Our district wasn’t listed so I guess we’re not in the bottom ten. @MissLemon thank you for sharing. Sorry you didn’t have a great experience for so long. Getting involved with the town is hard for me as I don’t know if there’s anything *to* get involved with. The librarian knew I tried to take a sewing class at another library and said maybe we could get one here. But it didn’t sound like she actually wanted to set that up. She expected me to teach it and I was like umm I was trying to take a class so I can *learn* to sew. Stay-at-home moms don’t really go to the story hour. Just the local daycare and Head Start. So I was always the odd man out when we attended. A family moved here this past year that has family at my church. Her brother’s family that sometimes attends and her mom. Now our kids attend Sunday school together, when they meet (totally hit and miss). But I don’t think the mom really wants to be pals (I tried inviting her out). I’m just an acquaintance. She’s really busy, so it may not be personal. When the kids are in SS she leaves and has her mom take them home. She’s the only regular attending adult close to my age. Her kids attend the private school. I enjoy talking to them at the potlucks. They are both a little older than ds, but ds is more serious/reserved than them. I set up an egg hunt this year at the church since more kids were around (the woman’s sister and her kids came from out of the area as well as the children of her brother). I went to a homeschool mom’s night last week but almost everyone at the table had kids younger than ds. I’m in another group and trying to set up a tour of dh’s library’s MakerSpace this summer. I just hope they actually come. It’s so hard to get people here.
  22. Fortunately, we were already crashing with family and they were okay with a few more weeks.
  23. I have used this product from Bonide in the past and it has worked on weeds:
  24. I’m missing out, too. Come sit by me. We’ll have cupcakes to make ourselves feel better. 🙂
  25. OF COURSE we care! I keep checking this thread for updates 🤣 That’s such wonderful news, was it for a solid and fair price?
  26. Sometimes I wonder about things like this and whether they're holdovers from the part of childhood before I have conscious memory..
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