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  2. But... if there isn’t, I’ve heard there some doggy underground railroad like thing to get dogs 🐕 to a home 🏡 😃.
  3. My husband hated easter grass, He would curse it for months after. I switched to grabbing whatever pretty fabric was handy and putting it in the bottom.
  4. A blog article that caught my attention:
  5. As promised. DS14 took three exams and used up 8 stickers out of 18. Maybe one each for MCQ and FRQ, and maybe two for the student information portion (or he spoilt one while sticking).
  6. We have universal PreK4. There is a seat for every 4 yo in the district. There are fewer PreK3 seats, but still a lot. Getting in via lottery to the school you want is another matter though. The bureaucratic elements of getting in are fairly light on the front end. Once you get in, you have to prove eligibility in person.
  7. Not for my kids. They started evaluations only in 2012.
  8. Time Left: 29 days and 23 hours

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    All from smoke-free, pet-free home. MediaMail shipment. IEW U.S. History-Based Writing Lessons, Vol. 1 Teacher's Manual, Explorers to the Gold Rush. Second ed. 2008 $5 This does not match the student book in the picture. IEW U.S. History-Based Writing Lessons In Structure and Style, Vol. 1, Explorers to the Gold Rush, Student Book, new, never used. This does not match the above teacher's manual. This is 3rd ed. 2014 $10 The Giggly Guide to Grammar: Serious Grammar with a Sense of Humor, like new, $8


    , Arizona

  9. Time Left: 29 days and 23 hours

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    From smoke-free, pet-free home. MediaMail shipment. 4 book set World of Science: Come Learn with Me series. Includes: Animals Without Backbones: Invertebrates, Like new How Bodies Work: Animal Physiology, Like new What Fossils Tell Us: The History of Life, Like new These are all hardback with dust covers. No tears or writing. All for $12 ppd


    , Arizona

  10. Did the child need to be present to enroll? I’m wondering if a lot of parents haven’t enrolled theirs yet because kids have to come (for the eval). Today they had extended hours til 7pm so I imagine some went tonight.
  11. If I keep going on Balzac I'll get to Père Goriot, of which I remember nothing; but my French hasn't been up to sustained novel-reading level for a long time, so in English.
  12. That's in a way maybe good news about the dairy/egg/peanut allergy, just because it's something you can do. I know it will be a huge pain to change the way you eat (we gave up dairy and eggs several years ago and it was a major adjustment at first for sure) but wow, something concrete you can use to improve her life! (and hopefully yours too, by proxy)
  13. Butting in to ask for some Austenesque romance that’s well written. I’m deep deep into this avoidance phase bc I have to read some dystopia for DS purposes and that is really not my thing. I’m reading all her books now over, and I’ve already read Death comes to Pemberly. No shades of gray here but only bc I can’t abide the writing. After I become a big girl and read Parable of the Sower and Book of Job for DS, we have Wuthering Heights and The Waste Land to do together and then he leaves me for 8 weeks. Send Jane Austenish romance ASAP, I say! @Violet Crown I read your post above and noted The Dud Avocado to add to my Paris pile in case I move there this fall as I hope to. Have to get through summer first. See above...for dual language I’m currently prepping Pere Goriot, it’s more of a perennial project really...
  14. I bet lots of parents will be scrambling to update shots but I’m the first that they’ve seen??
  15. My district had 40 vacancies, 2 classrooms. I don’t know what’s the student teacher ratio. My DS14 didn’t get a seat when we applied and they have waitlist for Kindergarten even with 120 slots at our assigned elementary school. My district is overcrowded from K to 12th.
  16. They refused my registration without up-to-date shots. I was standing in front of them and the check box on the form did not say, “complete for K4-6th.” to make matters worse they couldn’t get a proper photo copy of the birth certificate because of the special paper. Instead of a “void” watermark it wasn’t showing anything coherent. I begged the vital records office to allow me an additional copy for the copy rate rather than the price I paid yesterday (because I couldn’t locate her original) and after speaking to 4 people they agreed. But I asked if a scanner would work and she said I could try. I scanned it at home and it came out beautifully so I hope the office takes that copy! This has all been a hassle.
  17. Time Left: 29 days and 23 hours

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    From smoke-free, pet-free home. MediaMail shipment. Spiral bound, paperback Times Tables the Fun Way. Like new condition. $8 ppd


    , Arizona

  18. I don't know about that, but it's such a cool thing to do, it seems you might want to feature it more by including with extracurriculars.
  19. that's what I'm planning. They are going to do fresh X-rays, etc.
  20. Here they don't need the shots to enroll, just before the first day of school. Might want to check on that.
  21. I abandoned anything but the paper kind years ago, and this years experiment is the edible grass. We'll see how that goes, but so far I haven't found any outside of the bin I put candy in this year. (We do a different usable container each year.)
  22. I have seen a presentation about the program they used for a lot of kids with autism and anxiety, but I don’t have any firsthand experience with it. For kids that did it they would have a laminated anxiety scale and check it as part of a schedule, with varying amounts of independence. My son who has autism does not have anxiety, knock on wood. But I know there are some kids where that is the main thing they have as an intervention/support because otherwise they are doing well.
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