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  2. Yes, or having a late menarche - and the two can go hand in hand, of course.
  3. Though a late-teens growth spurt is more common when you don't menstruate, it does still occasionally happen to those of us who do. My mother suddenly shot up her last three inches at the age of 16, after snoozing her way through an entire summer. Like you, her mother was utterly blindsided by this. You just don't expect your daughter to get a growth spurt that late! But it's only unusual, not freakish or (usually) concerning. (Also not unheard of: gaining up to an inch or so of height during your first pregnancy, especially if you're in your late teens or early twenties. That happened to my foster sister.)
  4. Yeah, that could be all it is. Idk. It's kinda weird that I'm only just noticing it, but that could just be me. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't bring any young adult issues I had here though! Even though there are some very wise and helpful ladies here, with much experience, it's a bit brutal. IMO.
  5. I just think message boards are so different than in person that the dynamics are automatically not going going to be the same. iRL, most people are likely going to let someone vent for awhile and commiserate with them and then probably gently start offering advice or perspective. And this could all take quite a bit of time. While on a message board, often different people are taking these roles and joining the conversation at various times, so I guess I don’t find it surprising that it seems very different and sped up. Plus, the OPs often act very differently. Some are an active participant and continuing responding. Others fade in and out. Others participate only in the beginning, etc, etc. I don’t think this is usually happening IRL. Plus, I think most people likely find it easier to say what they really think on a message board, especially if it’s critical or questioning. There’s at least some anonymity compared to real life. And people have more time to ponder and reflect and come back and post later. And I doubt anyone here has a thousand or so in person close friends from all over the world and all different backgrounds whom they are looking to for advice and commiseration all at the same time. I certainly don’t.
  6. Cold Comfort Farm is pretty funny, tho' humor is such an idiosyncratic thing. Annie Dillard's The Writing Life, and Teaching a Stone to Talk. Anything by Barbara Pym.
  7. You don't need bangs. Grow them out. If you regret it, cut them again. I do NOT look good with bangs... with the exception of the swoop bang, which was okay on me.
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  9. I feel like we have similar book tastes and I would be interested in any other authors/books you love.
  10. OMG yes her website got me through many a rough day
  11. I don't disagree with any of this. My (adult) kids have definitely made decisions I don't agree with, and I don't personally view that as a provacation. I suppose I'm just interested in how the dynamic of advice giving plays out here vs IRL, because they are quite different for me. It might be cultural - I'd be pretty taken aback if a homeschool acquaintance, at say, park day - a real life 'forum' - told me my language was appalling, I needed to change my thinking and then started arguing with other people about what I did or didn't say when I left the room!
  12. Every American child of the 80s was in this class. And every school library had that dark orange carpet. The class was a K-1 split, which is why some of the kids are like me and barely 5 and some are veritable giants at closer to 7. This was kindergarten for me, I can tell by the dress. I went to that school for K and part of 1st grade and my 1st grade school dress had a blue sweater top so this must be K. That was a good year. My teacher was named Tom and he later was a finalist for the national teacher of the year award. My mom always put me in a church dress for school pictures.
  13. Is he suggesting he can eliminate autism or just help people with it? I saw the video. I listened to audiobook version, and it might have been abridged. I don’t recall anything about autism at all other than statistics about increasing numbers. It had very practical suggestions like starting day with high quality protein. Much older than this there was a book on nutrition by someone who worked with prison inmates and found that a lot of horrible behavior could be improved by improving nutrition.
  14. Hoping that I slept ok. . . Dd will do school on her own and then go directly to a volunteer thing due to how the schedule works out. I will try to get caught up on the kitchen, laundry and start work again on ds' room and my desk.
  15. No advice, just wanted to say that you are absolutely beautiful, you have amazing skin and hair, and you do not remotely look 48!
  16. Chocolate chip cookies. 8th and 9th grade were the pit of despair for all 3 of my girls. Things got so much better from there. For all of us. Later high school what a delightful skip through the tulips compared to 8th/9th. I can’t imagine going through it with 2 at once. My mantra was “if she’s not crying, you’re not trying”. Just kidding! But it did feel like I was the bad guy a lot, and there were lots of tears. Lots of emotions..... It’s like the “I do it myself” toddler stage only so much worse. Don’t engage! Find a way to cultivate your connection away from home. (Hiking, movies, ice cream, breakfast out, ceramics, anything that gets you out of the war zone and spending time not focused on the issues) I hope tomorrow is a better day.
  17. Double shot espresso Ice-cream (preferably green tea or red/adzuki beans flavor) Dark chocolate or Ferrero Rocher Rearranging furniture Rock music My mom’s “remedy” was to go back to work as a hospital RN. Hospital drama was always more drama than teen drama from me or my brother.
  18. Am I remembering right that she is a serious athlete? That can delay growth in some.
  19. No! The movie sucked! Or the one I've seen sucked anyway. Butchered accents are a dreadful thing. You lot would have throttled me had you heard my poor attempts at Aunt Polly when I was reading 'Pollyanna' to dd, back in the day. Shameful stuff, but it can't be read in an Australian accent.
  20. Thank you very much, Farrar, Chiquirre. Your replies were very helpful. I basically will tell AP coordinator that the schools are able to offer exams for the subjects they don't teach. I don't know if they have syllables for these classes, I think I might offer to write a syllables for them myself. I do hope it will be sorted out with CB. As for the deadlines, I know another school ( I am dealing with two) said they will be ordering exams early November. But that is the school's choice. It is definitely wise to have a seat confirmed before October 4th.
  21. Fwiw, though the cursive program we used slanted (Smithhand), my dds naturally didn't slant and I didn't make a thing of it (cursive was hard enough) and it wasn't a problem - they ended up with a nice-looking, legible and practical cursive hand. I mean, if you otherwise like the program and it is otherwise going well - your dc's non-slanted cursive looks legible enough and they aren't having difficulties with learning a non-slanted cursive from slanted teaching - I'd think you could just ignore the slant but otherwise go on with the program you have.
  22. Think it'll work? It would take a miracle.
  23. I agree. I was able to "see" my eldest DD when she was overseas this summer & can "see" her now through a communication app. I feel so much better about her being far away because I can see her smile vs trying to hear it. And, this summer I was able to "show" her how to open a stubborn zipper on my old luggage because of the video capabilities. And she was able to let me know by sending a picture as soon as she found her passport - hours before her flight home. We can't teleport yet & I can't physically feel her hugs, but I'm glad for the video chat technology we do have.
  24. Thanks for the candor. The no-refund policy is one of the reasons we don't do WHA anymore... that and the significant cost increases. 😉
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