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  3. I'm so sorry. I've only been to LA once for a day. We enjoyed the Warner Brothers studio tour.
  4. When other people are pregnant, it always goes so fast...:) Prayers for an easy and uneventful delivery.
  5. Thanks for the reply. She is in a fair bit of pain. She took a naproxen and a tylenol and was still hurting tonight. I gave her another of each and hour later and she seems to be doing better. (These are doses that the doctors order for her intermittent stomach pains). It happened at school so while the doctor offered a note, all I have to do is let the school know and they will let dd guide how active she is. (She is in a therapeutic day school not traditional school). Doctor said to wake her every 2 hours to watch for head trauma signs. Going to be a long night for both of us. The inside is pretty swollen according to the doctor, so I am not sure if she is breathing out of it tonight or not. She sounded stuffy this afternoon :0(. Poor kiddo has has so many things happen this winter, I am just glad nothing has been too serious so far.
  6. Sometimes I let them skip to the end of topic quiz, the deal is if they get it all correct then we'll move on. I had one child who was literally bored to tears at that age, moving ahead helped a lot.
  7. DO NOT FORGET - put dinner in the crockpot first thing! school dd - dog walking dd - extra volunteer time getting ready for a big event this weekend me - weed whacking and possibly some fence demolition
  8. Can you suggest which literature guides for individual books are good?
  9. Letters written; off to check cows for what I hope is the last time tonight. #15 was passing her placenta an hour and half ago. The dogs are going nuts about something. Hope it's not the bear again.
  10. DS has been doing some of the testing. The first version was a bit ho-hum but I really like the second version and would pay for it.
  11. One thing I like about British television shows is that the actors look like real people in all shapes and sizes. They also show real houses that don’t look like they belong in a spread of House Beautiful.
  12. This is an interesting read. In NZ basic vaccinations are free (our schedule doesn't include chicken pox though) and entirely optional. Flu is free to high risk groups and some workplaces fund it but I would say less than 50 percent get it. Hepatic and meningitis are sometimes available depending on outbreaks - my kids 2years apart had differences with the meningitis vaccine. We don't get a high enough rate and though they are trying desperately up north to do a measles vaccine catch up the holidays and a campaign by anti-vaxers and the vaxed movie stuffed things up.
  13. Worked on the weed whacker. Weed whacked a bit. I have two batteries for the trimmer and one of them will not charge so that limits how much I can do at one time. One load of laundry done. Dishwasher rebooted
  14. I am looking for a test that I can use to evaluate my son on algebra mastery. He worked through aops Introduction to Algebra book and some alcumus but not all the topics online. He seemed to do well in the exercises and review/challenges but seems to have forgotten a few topics as we moved through the book. He has moved on to other aops books, but I would like to asses him on algebra now to see which topics need further review. Basically, I would like him to take the SAT subject test (math 1) next year and want to ensure that there are no gaps in his algebra foundation before getting into test prep territory. Short of writing my own tests, is there another option? How did you assess your child before they moved on to further levels of math? Any links to available tests would be appreciated. Thanks!
  15. There's not a specific number requested in the Common App. They are categorized, though I'm having difficulty remembering the specific categories at the moment. Each school will specify the number and categories they require/allow. You can have multiple recs in the same category and choose different recommenders for different schools, if you wish to customize. We found that some people were flaky about putting in their rec or legitimately struggled with the Common App system, so it was a good thing to ask several people. IN the end, my daughter had what she needed. My daughter did use her teacher from her PA Homeschoolers AP English Lit class, as well as the teacher from AP Bio, so online teachers will work if you feel like they are good ones. Your son could always ask the teachers in question and see what they say.
  16. I would wait for the swelling to go down a bit. A couple years back my nose collided with the hard nose of a very excited dog. Doctor told me that nose is mostly soft cartilage and there isn’t much they can do while it is swollen. If she can breath okay, wait a while for the swelling to go down and see how she is doing. The cartilage may move back into alignment or close to it. Doctor said it takes about six months before they can even consider doing surgery. It will probably hurt for a few days. Hope she is doing okay and the doctor at least gave her a note to sit out pe for a while.
  17. kiwik


    I have been telling my kids that stop means stop and no means no all their lives. Unfortunately since sometimes I have changed my mind they may think it is not final. I think a lot of boys get the message (girls too really) that if someone says no you should nag and pester until they say yes. And girls see their mum give in to keep the peace. So I will have to have a number of more serious conversations regarding who can be nagged and pestered and who can't. Though when I change my mind it isn't as a result of pestering it is because they put a good case.
  18. I don't see where I contradicted you on that... but it certainly adds to the complexity of the situation and is a huge part of why she is so confused and conflicted and berating herself right now! If all sexual assaults were committed by an evil, creepy guy, it would sure be a lot easier for women everywhere. Parents educating their sons is the first step to stopping this particular type of assault!
  19. For my school district the AP coordinator is listed on the school’s webpage under AP exams registration instructions and also listed on Total Registration’s webpages for the respective high school. ETA: The AP course ledger website is so slow for me right now that I can’t check.
  20. PeterPan


    My concern is it's unclear whether there's something legally actionable here. Doesn't matter if he had fun and thought it was ok.
  21. DD12 had a volleyball bounce up off the floor and hit her nose at school today. It didn't bleed and she didn't lose consciousness or fall down. When the nurse called to tell me, I wasn't that concerned. When I picked her up, I noticed her face was a bit swollen. I ended up taking her to urgent care. She is autistic so sometimes things present weird when you ask her questions about how she feels (pain, memory of events etc). Doctor said that it may be broken but she can't tell for certain. The only way to know would be a CT scan and dd has to have that done with sedation so we can't just walk in and do it in the ER. Dr said that if it is broken, they won't do the scan until it is less swollen and there isn't really anything they can do right now anyways. She also said they won't treat it unless there is severe damage (which doesn't seem to be the case from the exam). She suggested just waiting and only seeking the CT scan if it is mishaped after the swelling goes down. WWYD at this point? Just wait and see if it looks crooked or get her into the ENT to get it evaluated. I have a new job so going to the ENT will require a few hours off work to take her in, so while she absolutely comes first, I would rather not go this route unless needed. I had a broken nose but didn't realize it for a week or two, didn't seek treatment, then after a few years it finally healed itself. (Saw ENT for different reason and he said it was an odd break and that is why it took so long).
  22. PeterPan


    I think it's a danger point to let non-professionals decide whether there was legally actionable assault here. That's the kind of thing women don't look back on well, when they realize they weren't taken seriously and that someone swept it under the rug. She is hurt, she should get medical care, and the system can then decide if something was legally actionable. Then she can decide with her parents what she wants to do about that. But talking all that would only scare her. So you start with medical care.
  23. I lean toward this. I'm fairly certain that he went home feeling like both parties were pleased with the evening's events... *sigh* Parents of Boys!!! EDUCATE YOUR SONS!!!!!
  24. Your son already said exactly what I’d have advised, and yeah, encourage her to talk to her mom or a counselor. She needs someone to discuss this with who is a safe person and an adult. And at some point someone needs to take the boy aside and educate him too, because hopefully this was just enthusiastic and youthful ignorance and something he’d be horrified over knowing how it made her feel. That would be a better outcome than being an unrepentant rapey jerk. This could be optimistic of me, though 😒
  25. She's presenting as dyslexic. Is she currently homeschooled? Nothing you're using is intervention level. Watching videos from another tutor is not the same as providing multisensory instruction. You suspect learning disabilities and have evidence that they are affecting her ability to access her education. You can make a written request to your ps and they will be required by federal law to eval or you can eval privately. Or you can do a combo (private and ps evals) to fight for an IEP if your state offers disability funding. You're definitely seeing something, and I would get thorough, baseline testing. She's going to benefit from multi-sensory instruction, something like OG, Wilson, Barton, etc. She may also have an effect on her math, writing, attention, etc. That reading comprehension despite high vocabulary is concerning, so I would make sure they run narrative language testing as well. They can do that with the TNL (test of narrative language) or a dynamic assessment. You need complete evals to get a complete picture, but many reading tutors could do the *reading* portion of the assessment you need. They may have the CTOPP and a reading achievement test to get you an affordable baseline. However that still doesn't get you the full picture, address whether there are other issues comorbid, tell you about language issues or processing speed. You really want full evals either privately or through the ps. But if you just want a quick baseline to get you started, look for a reading tutor. That would also be another way to gather evidence to compel the ps to eval. On the plus side, her vocabulary is strong and she sounds like she's very bright. She should respond well to intervention when you finally get the right materials. So take heart, you're going the right direction gathering information to make a change! Btw, have you done the Barton tutor and student screenings? It's entirely possible she won't pass the screening, which would give you data on where to begin your intervention.
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