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  2. The discrepancy in writing mentioned by Peter Pan is that there is a 20 point difference between her verbal score and her writing score. That is statistically significant, even though the writing score technically falls within the average range of the bell curve (which means the school does not have to intervene on it).
  3. Have made the huge error of doing a Pinterest search of "baseball banquet ideas" THE DAY OF the actual banquet.......🤣
  4. Nashville is a beautiful city. In the summer there’s Shakespeare In the park and some free concerts. And the country music awards are great too! Not far outside the city there are some great state parks for hiking and fishing and other outdoors stuff. And the schermerhorn has great music too. Nashville is not just country music!
  5. Did he interview for the job? Why bother if he’s not interested? I get your frustration, especially about the wasting of everyone’s time (but DH has been trying to hire for a job and the nonsense I hear is beyond anything).
  6. Okay, keeping in mind that I know nothing about your daughter or situation, I'm going to offer my opinion anyway. DS15's tics are mild. Most people would not notice them. We did not even seek help for them, although the tics were a factor as we figured out what ADHD medication he could take (some meds increased tics). Before he started the ADHD meds at age 9, we had not noticed tics ourselves, although in hindsight, I can see that some things were tics, but we didn't realize. We only got the Tourettes diagnosis because the pediatrician noticed and sent us to the neurologist. So that's the background for my opinion. There is therapy that might help with the breath holding issue, and it seems like that would be worth pursuing, because the breath holding seems like a big deal, in that it affects her communication. There are meds -- clonidine and guanfacine -- that help with controlling tics AND ADHD and so could make a large difference. They are low in cost (DS15's clonidine costs about $2 per month) and are not stimulants or controlled substances. They started as blood pressure medications, and they don't come with the concerns that scare people off of taking ADHD meds. And they help tremendously with sleep. These are low risk and easy things to try. If the tics are bothersome enough to have sought a diagnosis, I wonder why they aren't worth treating. I don't know if that is the neurologist's opinion, or yours. I would not necessarily accept that opinion, if it is coming from the doctors. If there are ways to help, why not try them?
  7. government agency technical error found and fixed. Someone working in the NDIS had put twin 1s birth date as 1900. Which had caused huge trouble with their computer processing system. as I don't get to see any paperwork until the very finish of the process I was unaware of this silly error. This has only taken 2 weeks and about a dozen phone calls to work out
  8. My dh, me and my 17 yo dd would absolutely turn that down. We love being home. We’d hate being gone and the whole thing would be totally draining. It wouldn’t be an adventure for us. my other 3 kids would probably love it. And the rest of us would probably enjoy the break. God thought it was a great joke to give 3 very extroverted kids to 2 very introverted parents. Ha ha. Seriously it’s just a personality difference.
  9. Good morning! I slept in because my sinuses are bothering me. I'm supposed to go to a co-op mom's house to help her start planning a class for next year because she's never taught outside the home. I don't feel the most awesome, but I hate to put it off. meals (ds going to a friend's house today, so only breakfast for him) drop ds off with friend to help paint the shed at our local pool and then go home to play video games and such meet with friend to plan class stop at church to finalize awards for tonight in Awana tutor 1 student church
  10. I read the specs. As I recall, that configuration has an HD display. I would *strongly* suggest paying more and getting an FHD Display. Also, I believe it has 4 GB of RAM. I would suggest paying more and getting 8 GB of RAM.
  11. Yeah me too. I’m like a 3-4. This drives my dh crazy (he’s like a 9-10 on the emotional intensity scale). This conversation is very interesting to me because of the way I process feelings. I can’t really think of someone that I hate.
  12. Congrats to him for receiving the offers. Is his resume on a job board somewhere? If so, possibly he should indicate in his listing that he is only interested in something local to where you live.
  13. I remember looking at it when mine was younger (1st? 2nd?) and thinking it would NOT be a good fit for my reluctant writer. It asked too much of him in the way of creativity and would have had him shut down. What has worked for him was doing ELTL and modifying the copywork, and then this past year doing Treasured Conversations which was very incremental and perfect while waiting for his abilities to grow just a little more. It was kind of like getting more skills with the same level of ELTL. My oldest did Writing Tales at the same age. WWE wasn't out yet, but Writing Tales brought in games and hands on work to the progym and it was just right for him, too. If the youngest had been at a different point we would have done WT again, but he didn't need quite as much grammar work.
  14. If you are in the USA, I think that would be cause for calling the local Police Department or Sheriffs Department and reporting the suspicious activity. They might or might not come out to check the people out. Hopefully they could send someone to check. Here in our large rural subdivision, our HOA has installed a network of video cameras and people who come here are (I believe) aware of that. The cameras are visible in the streets. I suspect that reduces the possibility of someone committing a crime here. I am glad that you and your DD are OK.
  15. I don't think I hate anyone, but I think my emotions are not very intense in general. I suspect that if the range of possible human emotion intensity is 1-10, I probably run at around 5 or 6.
  16. Let’s finish yesterday’s list: swish/swipe bathrooms put all travel things away birds/vacuum their area Then I am off to the big city to visit an art museum and have a fancy lunch out with a friend. ETA - Oh yeah, the dog, why do I always forget the high-maintenance dog??
  17. We are probably doing Getting Nerdy With Mel And Gerdy interactive notebook pages this year. Lapbooks, but for older kids.
  18. Good morning! I'm responsible for providing snack/light lunch for DS18's homeroom today and we have our baseball banquet tonight. It was already hot and humid when I let the dog out this morning. Yuck. -coffee -DS18 off to school -workout (upper body pyramid) -pick up Chick Fil A catering order and deliver to DS18's homeroom at 10:30 -stop by store to pick up baseballs on way home -school with DS14 (he is down to 2 lessons and a final in math, and 1 paper) -pick up cupcakes from bakery and ice from grocery store at 3 -cut magnolia blooms for tables per mom in charge (not sure how this is going to work, may just pick up flowers from florist) -leave for banquet around 5 to help set up (not forgetting centerpieces, cupcakes, and cooler full of ice....) -read
  19. Yes, I absolutely think that there is a genetic thing at play here - I have one with ASD, one with ADHD, one with tourettes and whatever else we find. You go up to the grandparents and we have OCD, go to the great-grandparents and we have more mental health issues. So when my MIL last night was bemoaning why we ended up with 3 who have special needs, my husband told her it's all genetically related. And that these were the kids we were supposed to have, and that our job is to care for them and support them to adulthood as best we can, and that having the diagnosis are helpful in giving us directions to go for that. I have to decide if I'm willing to open the can of worms that genetics would be. Some stuff I might just rather not know.
  20. In our state you can do part time k-12; you can also do stuff like enroll part time at regular public schools. I wish all states were as flexible.
  21. Today
  22. I’d probably start with a vinegar and baking soda paste, let it sit for a while, then go at it with a toothbrush or other scrubber. Following up with a Magic Eraser if needed. If that’s not enough, I might consider using a toilet cleaner! I’m not entirely sure how that would act in a washer, so maybe I’d just squirt a small spot first. Otherwise, there are lots of heavy duty descalers in both grocery and hardware stores. I have pretty metallic water, and Magic Eraser really does do wonders when I don’t keep up with it. But I get green/blue from copper, not brown/rust from iron.
  23. Our district does DE for all of their upper level classes, as well. The classes that are at the school for juniors and seniors are mostly remedial. There are 3-4 "dual credit" classes at the school and everything else is online through one of the virtual school providers (Edmentum?) or the CC. Very little transfers as specific credits because many colleges in our region don't want to take the credits from online courses or those taught at the high school unless it was specifically their course. The larger neighboring district does have enough advanced courses to keep kids busy until they are Seniors, but they play gate keeper, too. They state right in their course descriptions that Precalculus is only open to Juniors and Seniors.
  24. Can I use the original DVDs with the current edition books (for teaching DVDs and SWI)? Has video content changed or is it just repackaged?
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