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    So sad

    Oh no, I'm so sorry! 😢
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    So sad

    Our cat got killed last night. She was only 10 months old and I already miss her so much. The kids are distraught and I keep crying. She was more my cat -she used to sit on my feet or beside the keyboard while I worked and on my knee the rest of the time. Luckily the neighbour found her. Unluckily they though she was their cat and cried over her all day and buried her while we looked for her. They realised when their cat turned up. I wish I had never listened to the people who said it was cruel to keep her inside (in NZ cats are not kept inside).
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  5. We got our boxer girls from a rescue. She was about 1.5 years old when she came to us. Boxers are fun and trainable with a little time investment.
  6. Yes, it is a boxer. The breeds are often mistaken. But once you lived with a boxer, you would know...😊
  7. Both my mixed race kids have gotten flack at different times for looking more one race or another. Their look has changed as their age has changed and with the season and even with the light quality. Ds (who has natural black hair on top and a natural red beard) has gotten flack for the different hair colors even though both hair colors accurately reflect his ancestry and haven't even been dyed. My daughter has been told that she could "pass" (as white). I have been asked "what" they are. (My reply : human). They are not their skin tone. Their culture is reflected by more than just their ethnic makeup. And their culture is mixed just as their race is mixed. It's nobody's business to try and pigeonhole them or to try to chain them to their standard of what they should be or not be.
  8. I either fold or hang my clothes as I take them out of the dryer, and immediately put them away. The only exception to this is our socks/underwear, which dh folds. I clear my email inbox regularly. I try to only keep things out that need my attention. The rest either goes in the trash, or gets filed away. I make my bed everyday. Things I wish I did better: Paperwork needs to be filed or dealt with. (I'm much better with e-mail than real paper) Crafts are everywhere. I'm not as good about getting the dishes done every night as I used to be. I try to do too much before I need to leave to go somewhere. I'm always trying to do "just one more thing", which sometimes makes me late.
  9. Monday is the Autumnal Equinox . Do you think that they are celebrating the start of fall a bit early? Wouldn't you "shoot off" a bat signal for Batman Day? Or is Batman Day a day off for him?
  10. Stargazing is fun with phone apps. I remember looking at stars with my uncle at the cranberry bogs and wondering what he was talking about??? I saw a spot of light. Never was good at constellations. Now I can have my phone tell me what stars I’m looking at
  11. I saw Andromeda tonight. And M13. Saturn. Jupiter and 4 moons. #stargazing #amazing
  12. That is a very good question. Perhaps they need to take a good look at their entire policy. It makes no sense, from a safety standpoint, to ban all refrigerators. At my daughter's school, they had to be fairly new, of a certain size and energy rating. That makes sense. But to ban them for safety, while allowing coffee makers? I agree, that makes no sense.
  13. Chargeable dorm fridge? Lol. The dorm fridge cracked me up. Why ban that but allow a coffee pot in the dorm room. The coffee pot is a bigger fire risk. I would assume they had a power issue due to old buildings for the fridge ban. But way allow the coffee pot? Maybe allowing a those single cup ones but they had full size coffee pots.
  14. Tell me to go to bed... Captain will be awake at 7 am and no Scotsman here to keep him from poking me in the eye.
  15. I totally understand everything you are saying. Yes, we live in a warning-label-crazy society. The labels on ladders (for instance) are ridiculous, but that doesn't mean we should ignore the warning and climb up and stand on one foot on the top of a step ladder. We need to use common sense and use the ladder the way it was designed and intended to be used. The ladder makers are covering their butts with labels because people have shown that they will act stupid, get hurt, and then blame the ladder maker. The same is true with the cherry pit packagers. Apparently, people acted stupid and ate cherries in an unsafe manner, choked on them, then turned around and blamed the cherry people. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't teach our kids the safe way to eat a cherry. Electric blankets are designed to be used flat. They do, indeed, get extremely hot when folded or bunched. They carry warning labels to that effect, most likely because someone caught their bed on fire and sued the manufacturer. But the presence of the label that doesn't change the fact that the blanket gets hot when bunched up or folded. It doesn't mean that we should use the blanket in an unsafe manner. Electric blankets get hot when bunched or folded. I have experienced this in my own bed, accidentally, on numerous occasions. Fortunately, nothing bad has happened. If I had started a fire, it would have been my fault (I probably wouldn't win a lawsuit), but that doesn't mean I should purposely bunch up my blanket or fold it over on itself. I am an adult, and I need to act like one. If I'm going to give an electric blanket to my kid, I need to teach them how to use it, and monitor them to make sure they are using it properly. It would be irresponsible for me to give my kid an electric blanket, and then encourage them to use it in an unsafe way that could catch their bed on fire. We need to be careful with all electric devices. But we need to be all the more careful with heat producing devices. We need to use due diligence when operating them, and we need to use them they way they were designed to be used. For instance, toasters are meant to toast dry bread. Using a toaster as a clothes dryer might be effective, but that doesn't mean it's a smart thing to do. No, not all dorms ban heat producing devices, but many do, for a reason: they get hot. If used improperly, they catch things on fire. Even when they're not malfunctioning, they can easily catch things on fire. We're not talking about a cell phone charger that is malfunctioning. We're talking about heat producing devices that are, in fact, functioning properly, but are being used improperly. I'd love to hear more about chargeable dorm fridges.
  16. I can hear “Sweet Caroline” From over the neighbor’s fence. Who blasts Neil Diamond??🤣🤣
  17. Hmmmm, I just heard a bunch of firecrackers going off. They must be celebrating Batman Day, too.
  18. Wow, so early for this post! Well, so far... Misses: Beast Academy. We nearly finished levels 2A and 4A and though I really like the way some topics are presented and the puzzles, it requires too much time from me. I also am uncomfortable with the lack of review. Hits: IEW SWI A - I was just about to make a new post saying how glad I am we are using this! My daughter is only through lesson 2 (which is about 5-6 keyword outlines and paragraphs) but she is doing really well. I've already seen improvement and I'm excited about the methods. I also love the TWSS talks. I still am only on the first DVD but I love learning things like why kids get up constantly to sharpen their pencils and why we shouldn't mix spelling with writing. I also love what he says about public speaking. I hope I continue to love IEW. I know it's still new but I feel so happy and grateful finally tried it. WWE 1 - my son is on week 14 and doing great. Perfect for my reluctant writer. MCT Island - wow, we are about 70 pages into Grammar Island, and I'm so glad I tried it. I was assuming we didn't have time for it, so was going to set it aside. Both my kids seem to like it. It's good review for my 10 yr old and easy so not everything is so taxing for her. My 7 yr old is enjoying it too. GSWL is still great. We are at about lesson 90, finishing from last year. In a couple months I'll have the hard choice of using KGWL or LFC-A, which I already purchased. SOTW 3 - great as always, slow going because we are fleshing out the North American history. Mystery Science - fun and easy! ETA: LOF! We are only on the 2nd book and just supplemental reading but everyone loves it! Ehs: SWS - we are using levels 2 and 5. It is a better match at level 2. Level 5 seems very easy but it's mostly independent and I don't feel I have time for more. We are at about lesson 18 in level 5 so hope to push through to level 6 before too long. I may switch to something else. Maybe spelling power would be a better fit this year though we did not like it last year.
  19. Clearly this is a story we need to know. So we can confirm worst side trip ever,
  20. There's an old NY Times article from 1994 on the topic: Mr. Quin said they were making the change so students would have a better sense of what their scores mean. When the current scoring system was established in 1941, 500 was the average score for each test, the math and verbal. Those scores have been declining for nearly four decades. The average verbal score today is 424; the average math score, 478. So the College Board officials have decided to "recenter" the scale, changing it so the average student will once again get scores of 500 on the verbal and math tests. That means by answering the same number of questions correctly, typical students will get about 80 extra points on the verbal test and 20 on the math. For over half a century, a raw score of 35 on the verbal test of 78 questions has translated into a 430 score; now a raw score of 35 will mean a score of 510. For the raw score, students get one point for each correct answer; they lose a quarter-point for each wrong answer. "This way a student will know if he gets a 510, he's a little above average. A 490's a little below average," Mr. Quin said. ... In 1941, when the current norms were established for scoring the S.A.T., the world was a very different place. A small group of middle- and upper-class Americans attended college. Just 10,000 students took the S.A.T. in that year and 40 percent of them attended private high schools. Today, 1.2 million take the test, 82 percent of them from public schools. In 1941, fewer than 1 percent of the test takers were members of minorities and 40 percent were women; today, those numbers are 30 percent and 52 percent. As colleges diversified in the 1960's, opening their doors to more poor and first-generation Americans, S.A.T. scores began a steady drop. By 1969, the average verbal score was 462; today, it is 424.
  21. See, that's how I feel. I think the anxiety is about becoming separated from us by death, either his or ours, and unfortunately, that's not an easy worry to address. So, I worry that giving in on this might somehow reinforce that underlying anxiety.
  22. I think it's a great thing if it helps her feel connected. It's not that a Catholic church can't broadcast it, it just doesn't satisfy the obligation. It sounds like your neighbor is like my DS2 and is exempted from the obligation. So, if watching an online Mass satisfies other needs, then it seems like a great option.
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