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  2. There's a lot that didn't get done yesterday. 😄 Things will be carried over to today. On the upside, I got the lawn mower working and did that, and oldest ds grilled for us while I mowed/cleaned up the kitchen after. Have I mentioned what a good young adult he has become?
  3. If I have reason to, sure.
  4. We have drama with mentally unstable relatives who have made threats so, when a complete stranger showed up to my secluded home, I was nervous and annoyed. But it wasn’t that. I got served papers listing me as a defendant on a matter involving my son’s father... who I haven’t been with in nearly 20 years! On a matter that’s only happened in the last year and a half. That I have had zero involvement with. And they listed my connection as being due to child support cases from 15 and 17 years ago. Why am I sharing this? 1., I spent half my day yesterday freaking out. 2., Because the vague, outdated connection they made was going to cost me $175 to file a response and who knows how much for a lawyer to make sure it was done right. Through absolutely no fault of my own!!! Fortunately, it was an issue that had technically been resolved just days before, but I guess the paperwork hadn’t caught up. And my ex’s lawyer is handling the dismissal stuff. But bleepy bleeping bleep!!! I’ve never had a stranger serve me papers before, and thinking I was going to have to lay out a bunch of money for something that had nothing to do with me was absolutely crazy! Here’s to an uneventful Tuesday!
  5. Good morning! It's Camping Day! Not sure what kind of cell service we'll have down there. The goal is to leave at 8:00. I'm putting my bets on 9, which isn't too bad. Have to go water the garden. Coffee!
  6. Quill


    It’s interesting; it becomes a bit of a semantic argument sometimes. I think some people, through upbringing and/or religious teachings, cannot bring themselves to objectively consider they hate someone. So they will euphamize it, but it means pretty much the same thing, yet we can’t quantify a person’s emotions, so we can’t really argue with someone who claims not to hate, only “strongly dislike.” It’s a lot like that time we were talking about what is a lie. Some people simply cannot see themselves as having lied. Sure, they have fibbed, told a white lie, been less than perfectly truthful. But lie? Never!
  7. My dd8 who has dyslexia was diagnosed yesterday with tourettes. The neurologist specifically requested that we get a private neuropsych eval rather than a psychoeducational evaluation through the school district because she wants more info and feels that we need more info than the schools can give. So I'm on 2 wait lists- one is 6-9 months long and the other is 12 months long. 😞 Ironically, she also told me that she's glad we homeschool - we can make all the accommodations and address her needs in a much more targeted way that the public school system. In the meantime I'm realizing that answers aren't like neon sign posts. Once we get the testing it's not like I'll have a piece of paper that says "do this curriculum and she's start to progress!" and for that matter, I can't wait 6-12 months before I figure out what to do next for reading instruction. She's progressing fine in math between the Ronit Bird foundation I gave her over the past 2 years and now working her way through Math U See. She's listening to me read books for history, participating in science. She's happy, getting ready to start a new dance class, has friends. But I feel this tension, this desperation almost, to figure out the bite-sized pieces necessary to work on reading. I am someone who needs to see the progress, the steps to check off as we go. With my DS6 with ASD I keep a binder with goals that I update monthly. It keeps me focused on the little things and helps me see progress when it feels like we are moving backward. (Like yesterday's win was an easy transition for something that has been a huge challenge the previous several times). But I can't feel that progress or see those small goals for reading. It's like I have this end goal in my head where she can pick up something and just read it, but I don't know how to get the small in-between steps. We've taken a couple weeks off of all reading instruction now and yesterday when I was reading her a level 1 reader book in the waiting room, she couldn't sound out the word /get/. She kept starting with /t/ until I finally told her the word. Sorry for venting, this mama is just feeling a bit lost and down today.
  8. You might check out these books, each of which you can find used for under $5. They have a lot of fun ideas for young writers: Games for Writing The Write Start Playful Learning Don't Forget to Write (written for use with groups of writers, but has a lot of ideas to use at home too) Even though both of my kids were capable much earlier, I don't teach formal writing until late elementary. They have spent their early years producing lots of text in various forms and developing their own voices as writers without much formal instruction (though we do spend time with handwriting, conventions, and grammar). My goal has been for them to become fluent in getting words out of their heads and onto paper and arranging them in ways that make sense before we turn to the highly structured academic forms.
  9. I think the bundles seem to somewhat loosely follow the history cycles (they have ordered mystery of history in that order and wayfarers for the last two but not this in that order also remember the days). So this year would be early modern (aligning with story of the world 3). Which is when almost all the curriculums seem to switch to a more American focus unfortunately.
  10. Dozing since about 1:30. Awake since 4:30. Up for real and making coffee now at 5:30. Breakfast meeting at church. Dd to doctor to check on her wet, persistent cough. Math! Call Firehouse Subs to see if I can change my order. Fold laundry! Make ds clean his room. Braid dd's hair. I am terrible at this! Pick up sandwiches. Dd to/from rehearsal. Drop off snacks. Swim store with ds? He needs some new goggles for the summer and another suit. Get CSA box AHG stuff.
  11. I tend to agree with this. I couldn’t find any specific bundle this year that seemed like good value but by picking my own stuff I found enough to make it worth it I think. Whether I use it all is another thing. I have a pretty large collection of unused curriculum at this point.
  12. There is a brave writer literature guide for Johnny Tremain. I have been wanting to try them out so this is a good chance for me.
  13. Anne Van Fossen is an excellent teacher and Dd enjoyed her class!
  14. This early morning post is brought to you by a single cat starving to death because of empty food bowl. 🙄
  15. Today
  16. What did you use for Algebra 1 and what are you using for Algebra 2? You could work back through the Algebra tests and review what he missed. Some standard Algebra 2 textbooks also have 3-4 chapters of Algebra 1 review at the beginning of the book that the Algebra 2 class just skims. Also, Mr D has "6 week summer review" courses and 11 week full courses:
  17. This has become such an interesting conversation and has brought up other questions. I look at hate as being a very, very intense emotion. So, my question to all you haters 🙂 is do you feel other emotions with equal intensity?
  18. No, that is fine, but that is when I rescue them. We have managed to save a few birds. So that was my point. I will continue to rescue them. There are some exceptions. To me though, it is a circle of life kind of thing. They are doing what animals do. Birds will die.
  19. I ended up getting some stuff I got the enrichment studies. we are currently getting the soundbites - which I think run out in month or so so the women composers will be able to be started right when the other one finishes - the twins really enjoy soundbites . I do use their monthly freebees as well 🙂 I also got the mammoth math - all the history cards the volcano animal classification game some of the real world learners math stuff writing through history copywork for next year and the word family bundle I was a bit disappointed with the bonus vouchers as they were mostly American focused stuff that I am not interested in.
  20. I've kept records from sixth grade through high school with work samples, book lists, and such. I still have some of the books, but have given a lot away too. I've kept all the math and science books which have come in handy for tutoring and co-op. It's hard, but there is only so much space. I don't do big purges, just wait until someone I know needs something that I have. We are overseas and its hard for people to get good resources.
  21. Enrichment studies normally runs free pages every month or two if you sign up to their email newsletter. i did end up getting a bit of stuff as it works out so cheaply even if I use a quarter of it it I will be ahead. if you don’t have math mammoth already that might not be too bad. I bought the whole seven years a while ago. I also bought the knowledge quest medieval geography. I haven’t opened it yet but I like their other stuff I’ve used. But I agree it seems to be more and more that the really good curriculum providers aren’t participating.
  22. The Kershaw Taskmaster shears are great, but cost nearly $100. You can get the Zwilling shears about $50. As best as I can tell, they are identical to the Kershaw ones, except for the logo. If you don't need a bone notch, the Kitchenaid Classic Shears are decent and can be bought for cheap . Compare the kitchen shears through reviews.
  23. kiwik


    Hate requires more energy than I have. There are a few people whose death I would not regret - but if I were there I would still try and save them. I dislike the principal of my son's school for a number of reasons but I don't wish him to be harmed. I would like him to learn more compassion but I don't really hope one of his kids develops major problems. Not often anyway. One day I will be indifferent but there is no point forgiving him as he thinks he has done nothing wrong.
  24. What about the grandparents with cancer who perhaps could use help? Perhaps need real help and perhaps for the boy that would be more important than a paid wilderness experience?
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