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  2. It’s more like having a human finger removed to the knuckle closest to the nail. OP, some cats never heal properly after declawing. Please keep that in mind. To others: some of us are suggesting rehoming, not sending the cat to a shelter.
  3. I get overwhelmed with large groups of people. I agree about spreading out visits if possible. And limiting the length of the visit. I’m used to it now but we spend all day at my in-laws on Christmas Day with sister-in-law’s family and a couple others that come over. I retreat to a bedroom at some point. As a child he may not have a place/way to retreat and even as an adult that’s not always possible. So please set a time to leave. I’d bake the cookies a couple days ahead. Christmas Eve will have enough going on. If cookie stiff needs to overlap Christmas Eve then I’d frost them that day. Let him eat something else if he’s not into the holiday food. Agree, ask in advance. Maybe have him pick out food at the grocery store with you.
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  5. I don’t think all the examples have a white mouth, and yes, offensive. I’m not even sure I understand the question. Are people drawing a white mouth or leaving their white face untouched on their lips? Either way, it’s the darkening/lighting of the skin to depict a race that’s offensive. If someone was depicting Albert Einstein they would rely on clothing and a wig. No makeup necessary imo. I remember some people argued if kids that aren’t black could dress as Black Panther last year. My personal thought was sure, wearing the BP mask. As long as there was no blackface it seems fine to me. Not all Thor fans are white. Not all Captain America fans are white. I’m not from the Amazon and I love Wonder Woman.
  6. I've never heard of that either. Our dd went to college in another country for several years, so we cancelled her car insurance during that time. If she was home for part of the summer, we'd start it up again during that time. She was always able to maintain her driver's license. Out of curiosity, I just researched the Oregon laws about auto insurance, and all I can find is that you're required to have insurance if you drive. I can't find anything that says that your drivers license would be suspended if you don't have insurance but also never drive. I wonder where that quote came from?
  7. I grew up in the 60's-70's. I remember going to musicals in our community where one year they did a tribute to minstrel shows in complete blackface. Being as I was little, I don't remember every scene, I think there were other cultures depicted. It wasn't poking fun, but showing history through the music (which was really great) which taught us what slaves did to make it through the difficulty of their days. If someone saw pictures of that now, they would think they were being offensive. But at the time, it wasn't meant to be. BTW, probably because of that show, I have always known of vaudeville and minstrel shows and I've known the name Al Jolson. It's part of American history, just like jazz, isn't it? (And I came from a very white community in the Midwest.) But knowing blackface now is offensive, no, in this era, wearing blackface is not acceptable. But it's true, that to get in to character to teach something of history without wearing some make-up, that is difficult to truly depict a race. If someone is wearing brown to show skin color without the white mouth, would that be acceptable? Just curious.
  8. Mine is coming up and I was slightly disappointed we have to celebrate a few days ahead because the thing I want to do is not offered at the business on my actual birthday. But the cool thing is my birthday overlaps dh’s fall break so it won’t be hard for us to go out during the day.
  9. Lots of great suggestions! I think I will switch over to simpler reading for him and shelve the lit guides for a later date. The composition curriculum ties into the books used with the lit guides. I suppose I will shelve that too. If I have my son do a narration for what he has read, do you think this will be enough for writing for his age?
  10. Hi! DD just finished this course last school year, so I'll take a stab at answering your questions. 1) DD took DO Phys concurrently with DO Algebra 2. But the webpage says that one just needs to have completed Algebra 1 DO Physics. DD didn't think that the math was a stretch for her. 2) I think so. The online course syllabus is spread out over 32 weeks. But it's self-paced, so you can go through it as fast as you'd like. 3) Yes, the course involves labs. Most materials are household items. He will sell you materials for the circuit lab if you need them. I also needed to buy some prisms. 4) Yes - chapter tests and two semester exams. All work, including homework, tests, exams are graded by a real person. Scan the work, email it to them, and someone grades and emails you back the paperwork with grade and corrections. 😊 Awesome, right? Allow a few days for turn around though. I seem to think that the tests can be retaken, but don't quote me on that... it'll be best to ask them directly. They are very quick and friendly with replies. 5) Pros: self-pace (pay only for the months you use the course), quality clear video instruction, work is graded with feedback by someone other than me, Mr. Owens is available to answer questions about the content by email, no need to buy a textbook, see above. Cons: the video lecture speed is a bit slow for DD (but that maybe just her), need to print the workbook and homework/tests/exams, need to use a scanner or camera scan app to submit work for grading, watching video lectures can sometimes be straining to the eyes, and other cons typical to online courses - definitely no real person-to-person interactions. 6) See above #5 7) Some are several minutes, some longer. If you email them, they will tell you the average time and longest as well. (I did that before starting the course.) DD spent about an hour a day, sometimes more. And an added 1-1.5 hr during weeks with labs. But she is a slow worker... So other kids may not need as much time. HTH
  11. Yes, homeschooling has been on the rise... Ok, I'll play. 1. Better education. 2. They see the benefits and that they have expanded opportunities. 3. ?? Extended family? They think my children are amazingly skilled and well educated. 4. "Pull them"? From brick and mortar school? My children have never attended brick and mortar school.
  12. my lists are really boring right now: school laundry kitchen hopefully I will have some time to work in ds' room.
  13. Yes, I did put a confused emoji, because I've never heard of this. I've lived in New Mexico, California, Texas, and Colorado. When we add our kids to our policy, we tell the ins. company which car they will be primarily be driving, but that doesn't mean they can't drive the other cars as well. But if we didn't have a car for them to drive, or we didn't want them driving for some reason (poor grades, or behavior), we could cancel their insurance. It is illegal to drive a car that isn't insured, but it's certainly not illegal to have a driver's license. We have "Uninsured Motorist" coverage on our auto insurance, to cover those who drive cars without insurance. I've never heard of being forced to buy insurance when you don't even own a car, or if you don't drive. So, in Oregon, if you don't want to buy auto insurance, you must forfeit your driver's license? That seems outrageous to me.
  14. Oh, bless her heart. ♥ I know this is financially a scary situation, but so glad that it sounds like you were calm about it and reassuring to her. That will mean the world to her in the future. ♥ FWIW, many of my kids' friends have been in many, many accidents (and yet, my kids still get into cars with them?? *sigh*) - and none of them have had their insurance rates skyrocket like all of us parents assumed would happen. Many of them had to do a defensive driving class or something of the sort and there was a slight increase in rates - more for the boys than the girls (but, incidentally, the boys' accidents were all more serious than the girls' we know of). So - there's hope! What I would do is go in an talk to my insurance guy in person. Explain what happened and which policy to file the claim under.
  15. Ah, I was assuming student who needs answers for some kind of survey.
  16. So- what magazine do you work for? 1. I decided to homeschool because it was the best individualized educational choice for my children. 2. I homeschooled both my kids K - 12. (Second child is still finishing grade 12.). They have both seen how homeschooling was the best thing for them. 3. My extended family is not responsible for my children’s education but as they have seen them thriving in all stages of schooling including college for my oldest, they have seen it as good thing. 4. I never pulled my children. But when my kids were in elementary school they did not have the maturity or the perspective to choose the best schooling method. They did have input at the start of middle school and high school and chose to homeschool.
  17. Thank you, Roadrunner! I have not heard of CLRC and will look into them. 🙂
  18. Poking around HWT site, I saw this. Anyone seen them IRL? What do y'all think? They have certainly branched out since I first used them for my older boys!
  19. She finally went to sleep! Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation did it.
  20. I have two sons on the spectrum so we've always spread out Christmas festivities so that they only get one gift and one activity at a time. We do St. Nicholas on the morning of Dec. 6 with gold chocolate coins, candy canes, clementines and one present. (We also do Krampusz leaving switches but I would leave this out in your circumstances.) We do a breakfast on St. Lucia's day on Dec. 13 with a special breakfast and dd dressing up when she was little. We do a family dinner with traditional Venezuelan dishes on the 24th and one present from el Niño Jesus. Maybe your sons would like to go to Midnight Mass since they're older? Then Christmas morning is just a nice breakfast and one present. We finish out the season on Jan. 6 with the Three Kings bringing a present and a king cake. We go to Zoo Lights, a massive light display at the Houston Zoo, on a weekday sometime during the holiday season when there won't be massive crowds. I wouldn't just spring this on your DS1 and DS3, but they might like some of the ideas. Maybe you could present it as a menu of options? Even my neurotypical dd liked spacing out her gifts and having lots of smaller celebrations. It means there's less of a build up and let down. By the time Jan. 6 rolls around, there's Valentine's Day coming up.
  21. What highways aren't covered in cameras these days? With adequate police work finding the loon shouldn't be difficult. The key is to get political pressure from a local office holder who controls the purse-strings who will demand action from the top of the of the police administration. Bill
  22. My first thoughts are this: ...Spread out the preparation type things across Advent ...spread out "Christmas" over the 12 days of Christmas *especially* the visiting Growing up, my family did all the extended relatives on 12/24 and 25. At some point most of it moved to the Sunday in between Christmas and New Years. It was such a relief and became a new cherished tradition that spread out the festivities.
  23. After she finishes MM 7, dd will go on to Foerster’s Algebra 1. Should I purchase the old 1999 edition or the newer one? What’s the difference between them? Also, if you’ve used Foerster’s, how many problems did you assign in each chapter? All the odds or evens? Thanks in advance 😊
  24. I’m taking DS to the DMV tomorrow to get his permit. But, we do have an appointment, so hopefully it won’t be too bad.
  25. Hi! Would anyone who uses these or has used them give me a better idea of what they are like for elementary and middle school? How they any different from Memoria Press?
  26. It seems there are quite a bit of you from what I'm reading on the posts! First, congrats on making a great decision! You are in for quite a ride that will not be without challenges, but also will have the richest rewards too. Just a few questions-can I ask.... 1. What was the main deciding factor that led you to make this decision? 2. Are your kids on board? Anybody have kids who are not excited about the idea? 3. How is your family reacting? 4. If your kids are not on board, will you pull them anyway?
  27. How about a light art history course focused on something specific? There are some Great Courses possibilities. Or, not coding but in the computer arena... how about an Adobe Photoshop class? Or how about The Animation Course?
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