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  2. Exactly my thoughts.
  3. Ausmumof3


    I don’t know how people can even want to love certain classes of people to be honest. I don’t think it’s necessarily a Christian attribute either. We are meant to love our enemies but also to hate evildoers etc. I think that’s where child abusers etc come in. We don’t hold onto personal vendettas or seek revenge but we are generally meant to hate those who are engaging in those behaviours. Maybe if they truly truly repent we might be able to change hate to pity.
  4. 6 months? Look for the pattern for when things open. Have you been before? You might talk with a travel agent. If you're actually going to stay on property (which I'm not saying I recommend, just saying if you are), you want to be taking advantage of fastpasses, dining reservations, etc. When you make that ressie you're also able to book all your dining reservations. So if there's something you really want, like Be Our Guest or whatever, you can do it. Costs nothing to make a reservation and cancel. The window on most is midnight the night before, so anything you think you would want you should snag. Have you looked at the festivals? Check the dates, but there's festival of the arts (really fun with photobooths) and the garden which is also amazing. TouringPlans will have your crowd level predictions and the things listed that will be going on. That way you don't end up on marathon weekend or something, lol. 2/4-2/12 looks really good on TouringPlans. After that the levels shoot up to 7-10 and stay that high. 3/1-3/8 is mostly 6s, which to me feel high but you can make it work. Late January, early February are much better for crowds. Of course those are just estimates. The new Star Wars stuff may rearrange all that. Nobody knows. Anyways, Touring Plans has a terrific app, terrific site, well worth the nominal fee for the help it will give you.
  5. Thanks so much. I am homeschooling. It is required in my state for graduation from state approved/accredited programs i.e. private school, public school, diploma programs; my three older sons were/are in a diploma program- so it was definitely required for them. DD is not going to be in that same program. So, I have to fully investigate if it is required. Geometry is also a graduation requirement as is Biology. I thought it was required for college, etc. Like I wrote above, the psychologist immediately offered to write a statement/ letter to exempt her from the requirement. Good points about independent living skills. Such good points. Thank you so much. Rebecca
  6. It's one of the colleges profiled in "Colleges That Change Lives" by Loren Pope (at least the 2013-2014 edition I have checked out from the library). I haven't read the section on that college yet, and even if I had, you'd probably be better off reading it yourself. A book like that might appeal to your son anyway, as it lists some other quirky small colleges.
  7. I only read it occasionally because we have our own private neighborhood email group. The first time I saw such extreme posts I was shocked, especially because people use their real names and neighborhoods. Recently there were lots of hateful posts after our legislature unanimously passed a bill to study how to better deal with missing and murdered Native American women.
  8. Oh so you live in my house? Ugh. The multiple layers of wallpaper plus multiple layers of paint have taken us hours and hours per room, even with a steamer.
  9. I think that I might go crazy this summer trying to juggle transportation to the dc's part time jobs. My children should be thankful that I like to drive.
  10. For us, we simply keep learning apps /tech as extra "dessert" fun. I prefer reading and math skills to be done physically with physical manipualtives or books. I don't marry the two and don't really have any desire to do so for $100 when all these things can be done for far less. WeDo and Ozobot are 8+ for independent use. Both absolutely can be used much younger with parental support.
  11. Hi I was on Google looking at articles on women who paper thin uterus and came across this page and saw you commented that you were told this and were expecting a baby ( I know the post is old from 2012 lol) but I am curious as to how your birth and all went ? I had my youngest 3yrs ago and while on the table cut open my doctor pulled my bf to her and showed him my insides! lol told us while showing him you see this her uterus is paper thin I would strongly advice y'all not to have any more babies. If I did it would come down to a life and death situation choosing between me or baby ... My bf would LOVE to have 1 more since together we only 1 child but i have 3 from a previous ( 6yr old boy & 5yr old twin girl's) I am good with my 4 but i would like to give him 1 more baby. .. (Sorry for all the extra unnecessary info)

    1. BRITT22


      I joined this page specifically to ask this lol 😀

  12. We had one, but it barely got used. I think DD was 5 when we bought it, and 8 when I sold it. It wasn’t glitchy; it simply wasn’t very fun. The Newton and Masterpiece apps were good for a short while, and she liked the tangrams app even though it was really finicky, but the other apps held no real interest for her. We definitely didn’t get $100 worth of benefit out of it.
  13. I just bought 200 ft of wallpaper for a living room, kitchen, and computer room. I am seriously in love with Spoonflower.
  14. DD and DS made a stop motion adaptation of Animal Farm. The back cover of our copy has this quote: "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." They saw that, then started bickering over who would get to read it first. The stop - motion thing was entirely their own idea and they saw a complex project through from start to finish. We were so proud of the fact that they worked together to bring a complex idea to fruition!
  15. I had one once through the magazine Real Simple. I think it came free with the magazine subscription, although possibly you could get it anytime? I only used it occasionally, but it seemed like the recipes were generally pretty simple and fresh.
  16. Junie


    When I read your post I immediately thought of the DC sniper. I remember feeling relief when he was executed.
  17. sassenach


    It's for sure coming back but I don't feel that brave. I live in a pretty chi chi area and have a friend who hangs wallpaper for a living.
  18. When I was a kid, we lived on a property that had very tall cypress trees. Baby birds would fall out of those trees every spring. Sometimes they wouldn’t make it and we held funerals for them. Sometimes they were older and ended up surviving on their own ( we just watched them in the yard). A few times, they were very young and tiny and no nest was in sight (probably up too high in the tree to see). I’ll admit, as kids we “rescued” these tiny birds (most were sparrows). If they are that tiny and you can’t find the best, what should you do? We ground up bird seeds and bread and mixed it with water into a paste and fed them with dull-tipped tweezers and they drank water from a syringe. When they were old enough we put them in a bird playground that was hung in a tree. They lived there for a week and eventually flew a way. I have such fond memories of these little birds even though I’m sure we did everything wrong.
  19. Wow! I can't even bring myself to read all of this honestly. First off, she's not single. Her and her spouse work varied schedules so there would be short amounts of time her son would be alone 2 days per week.. A sitter is there the other 3 days but is not being paid to homeschool a child. She's there mainly for the two younger girls. They have limited time so I didn't want to recommend anything that's too hands on and intensive. I was in a hurry when I posted and didn't have time to go into a ton of detail about their personal situation. I just wanted inexpensive or free recommendations to get them started to see if it's something that may work for their family. Thank you anyway!
  20. I survived another concert, this time without a migraine! Yay me!
  21. Junie


    I think Joanna Gaines has a line of wallpaper. Maybe she's the one who's trying to bring it back. Sigh.
  22. Junie


    Our first house we were able to get at a good price, most likely in part because of all.the.wallpaper. Almost every room had wallpaper. All of it was ugly. Pink flowers/horizontal stripes in various forms throughout the house. The wallpaper in the room that became our master bedroom was a bright blue with white swirls. Dh was able to remove it (unlike some of the wallpaper in the house which we eventually paid a professional to remove). One corner of the room was stubborn. Dh then realized that it wasn't wallpaper. Whoever put up the wallpaper needed about a foot more to finish the room, so they painted the last corner to match!! And underneath all of the wallpaper someone had written over and over -- in pen, in marker -- I Love Hot Rod.
  23. Six o'clock Scramble is the most expensive but the most customizable by recipe, as in each recipe might have gf or vegetarian instructions, a slow cooker option, etc. I currently use emeals which is much cheaper and has a lot of different menu plans to choose from (and you can switch between them).
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