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  2. That's everywhere though. Even here, there is a town called Madrid, pronounced with a short /a/ and accent on the first syllable. 😁
  3. Prarie warned me about this. I didn't think it would be this bad. Earlier I mentioned Las Villas (las viyas) and Spanish speakers didn't know what I was talking about. After explaining it they were like "You mean the villas (vilas)?" and I was like .
  4. Would a position at your local community college pay enough? I know ours are always looking for lecturers - and science and math ones seems to be the hardest to find.
  5. Many social work and case management jobs here list education as one of the degrees they’ll consider. I don’t necessarily mean a CPS/DFS caseworker, but many programs that provide care management and services to children and adults with disabilities are looking for those kind of skills. The pay isn’t always great, but I suspect you’re not making a lot really either.
  6. Ok. I think I want both. Messaging you. I assume the tribe, but locally. The Spanish here is wrong. Conversationally correct, proper nouns are wrong. Pronounced h, ll is /l/, no thrilled Rs. But only some words. Then there are some places where say a town and a street have the same name, but one is pronounced correctly and one is pronounced the way a gringo would. Matt says Helotes Hey-lo-tees/Hey-lo-tez, depending on who you ask.
  7. A few things you should look before buying a "used" house, How many viewings has it had, Also search online the house with more reviews? How many offers has it had(Not in every house case I think)? How long has it been on the market(if it's been a month ago negotiate on your terms they'll probably accept your offer)? Check the electrical and gas installation, Have there been any neighbor disputes? I would prefer to look up for these questions.
  8. It's at First Pres. Facebook page for BLEMF, under video, live.
  9. Actually it's more complicated than this, and I even teach some nuances in my classes. H alone is often silent ("hola" is pronounced "ola). In words that come from English, many times they retain the English sound even if it starts with H (Hawaii). With certain vowels, it changes it sound: hua is often pronounced "wa," (if you say oo ah really fast, that's what it sounds like); hie is pronounced "ye" (ee eh said quickly sounds like ye). And so on, and forth.
  10. If that question appear, my kids would have just make a guess. Quarters are easy as it is quarter of a dollar. Dime is 1/10th of a dollar. Nickel would be the one they have to guess. Kids scored 750 and 790 for math section so they are happy.
  11. We can switch, to whatever is more appropriate.
  12. Okay, so that's the Gallagher book for Ikslo; Gardner, Zinsser and Van de Walle for Bookie. Please message me your postal addresses. @Renai, since Ikslo claimed the Gallagher first, would you want the Pickert, or no?
  13. No idea, but many fortune-500 companies use the same corporate relocation company. Maybe they found it's expensive to repair or it transfers too much moisture and can lead to interior mold or something. Adding no fake stone siding has put a big damper in our ability to buy a newer home in the midwest, and the package is structured in a way that you're forced to buy a newer home.
  14. I think PBH is too young for your family. I'll send you PBL, which is IMO suited to middle school and early high school.
  15. Nope, life is not fair. But as landlords, we try to be. The family with the litter of puppies now have a vicious dog. Their chickens have killed the yard. The people who left the cat punched holes through every one of the doors. They also left ALL their wedding presents in the crawl space, all neatly labeled as to the giver and if thank you notes had been written. We stored them and then sold them. They left THREE 3-horse trailer loads of trash that we had to haul off and pay the dump fee on. The people who left the dying dog walked out on the house, leaving all their possessions, turning the heat off. It was -35 that night! We had to store their possessions for 30 days, paying for an ad in the newspaper, and then haul them all to the dump. We had to replace every pipe in the house, along with the entire house's floors. We had to replace the faucets, and the fridge and the washer. I don't let dh pick tenants any more... 😉
  16. H in Spanish is silent. There is no contradictory thought, except from your husband. Double LL in Spanish is pronounced /y/. You know these things. Stop listening to your husband! Or are you talking about the way that tribe pronounces it? You're driving me crazy! If still available.
  17. Bible Math Logic Phonics Spelling Reading Writing Grammar Rhetoric History Science Art Music History Other I categorized my kids' education (hs'ed K-12) into the above. It helped me keep track of everything for 5 kids. Also, we used WTM so I got the bulk of my booklists from there. I added and took away as I thought it would help my kids (average, no LD's). I couldn't use grade levels with my kids. They were all over the place. So we just kept plugging away at the lists, each child going at their own rates. Under each category, I listed everything applicable - curriculum, literature, textbooks, etc. I also kept an open mind about textbooks. If the available stuff looked too 'fluffy' for me, I would often find other books/curr. Which sometimes meant a solid high school text for middle school. Or a good college text for high school. That kind of thing. We also did year-round hs'ing, one book after another. If you go to, there are tons of helpful articles about all aspects of hs'ing.
  18. I would be interested in any of these, if no one else wants them. Thank you, that's very generous.
  19. Mash is the mashed 'taters, for those who came over from England. Or it's what the menfolk are using as an ingredient in the beverage they are makin' up in the woods, and its definitely not potato based.
  20. A workshop for DH A gym would be awesome! Maybe with padded floors! A pantry A utility closet A mudroom. Our entryway setup is terrible. We're actually in the process of turning an unused room into a mudroom/foyer/extra pantry storage/etc., and it will be lovely when it actually is done. (We have a schoolroom, and I do have a craft room. It is tiny, but it is all mine, and DH built me custom built-in shelves and tables. The only thing it is really lacking is a little more storage space.)
  21. This is the sort of problem I was wondering about: If Jane has 36 coins totaling $3.00, and the coins are all nickels and quarters, how many of each coin does she have?
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