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  2. I've dealt with this with more than one child. Take it seriously, please (sounds like you are). Our psychiatrist was great for meds, but we found a different therapist to work with. She also guided me regarding what things to look at if they got worse.... Our children's hospital has an excellent partial-hospitalization program (Basically they're in-patient during the day and come home at night) We have a family history of depression and suicide, and I fear this will be a life long struggle for some of my kids.
  3. Has the one that tested positive been retested? Had an endoscopy? Either way, have this one checked over by a pediatric gastroenterologist, please. That's who you need to see.
  4. It is sometimes used as a diagnosis of last resort. Also, people who are survivors of child sexual abuse can be diagnosed with it, when a more accurate diagnosis is C-PTSD.
  5. I turn it on when I need it. I have asthma and so the open windows and breeze just won't work. It's 72 during the day and 67 at night.
  6. I think I’ve looked and briefly used about 70% of the options on your original post, lol. I would almost recommend DO for both unless you have an extraneous reason the boys shouldn’t use the same provider. We are using DO for algebra 2 completely a la carte currently to round off an in person class I’m not thrilled with but stuck into. I will say Aleks has no teaching at all from what I can tell. It’s mostly a diagnostic and review tool, but maybe I missed something?
  7. I keep them for 7 years, which is how long the IRS can go back for major under-reporting. Now, they can go back for eternity for fraud, but since I'm not perpetrating fraud, I shred after 7 years. In fact, in my files rather than Taxes 1996, my files are Last year's taxes, 2 year old taxes, etc, and I move them every year and shred the one that was in the 7 year old tax folder.
  8. To fill out FAFSAs? Neither DH nor DD23 needed more than the current year's taxes to fill out the FAFSA? Is there a particular requirement that needs more than that when you are above or below a certain income level? We have always been really middle class during the years DH and then DD were in college (between the two of them 2003 to 2018 with only about a year or two between) so maybe there are special requirements above or below that I am not aware of. I will say, I don't have a clue how far back we needed to go when we bought our house. We closed in 2003, but we had gotten married in 2002, so we had like a single return as married filing jointly and at the jobs/positions we were in when we bought the house. But when we did our HELOC, I don't recall that they asked for returns at all. I suppose each bank and lender is probably in their own little world in terms of what they will require.
  9. Sounds like it could be RAD. I'm very familiar with it. Ugh.
  10. Same here. NC has wildly fluctuating spring temps -- we've had the heat on overnight and the AC on the very next day. 😛 Just a few weeks ago, we had some very warm days where the heat was off, followed by a cold snap. I didn't check the forecast, so we woke up with inside temps of around 55 degrees. Sitting around, eating breakfast, I was like "is anyone else really chilly?!?!" 😄
  11. It's past 1:30am and I'm waiting for 5pm CT so I can go to bed!! It was a pretty good day. I did have to do some urgent work both before and after we did our fun stuff. I have some audits and tax returns due April 30 so I have to get last minute stuff to/from the auditors / tax preparers. Plus of course address other people's emergencies. I still have a few documents to review tomorrow morning. We spent several hours at the hotel's water park, beach, and pool. I stayed dry and took pictures - I just don't want to deal with skin problems from too much chlorine and sun - it ruins my vacation every time. Unlike the last couple days, the weather today was / is gorgeous. Plus, we have our actual clothes and toiletries, yay! Tomorrow is our check-out day. I am hoping that in the a.m. we can do a couple things we missed here at the hotel - it has a big aquarium for example. We paid extra to include stuff, so we might as well use it. After noon, we have a big taxi to drive us to Abu Dhabi for the second part of our trip.
  12. I am heartbroken for your family. We just had to make that decision last week (as I posted here) and it has been the hardest saddest week of my life. I miss my furry friend so very much. You and your family are in my hearts and prayers as you go through this difficult and incredibly sad time.
  13. I am so sorry you are going through this. I have had two children with suicidal thoughts, one of them actually attempted. It is a very hard and confusing time. One of my children was just feeling like he didn't want to live, with no plans or ideations. I called his doctor and she got him in right away (well it took a week) to a psychiatrist. His was more situational and passing. He is now doing much better now. My other child is another story. We did have to take her to the ER after an attempt and it was not a positive experience. We were told we could have her admitted to a hospital several hours away with very limited visiting hours or take her home. We took her home and made an appointment for two days later with a Kaiser doctor. They got her an emergency appointment and then were doing weekly followup phone appointments until she could get into a regular therapist. The biggest thing for her was getting her off her anti-depressant and another medication that were contributing to her anxiety. I hope that your son will change his mind about cooperating. My youngest is extremely stubborn and refuses to ever go to a therapist again after too many bad experiences. At his age in our state I can't make him go and he knows this. Sorry I can't offer any great advice but I do offer prayers and hugs.
  14. When DD23 was going on tours, we just wore basic casual stuff. Jeans, T-shirt or sweatshirt etc. Most tours were in the winter and therefore were mostly wearing coats anyway. Having said that, DD23 was limited to only 3 schools by her scholarship. None of them was super selective, though one was a smaller private liberal arts school, the other two were state public schools. Also, after the first set of tours we already were pretty sure where she was going (which is where she went) and were only going the second set of tours to solidify her decision. ALSO.................I was driving her because she didn't have her license and we had no choice but to bring her younger siblings. And, well, pushing a stroller full of toddlers is a bit more conspicuous than whatever the student wears, unless the student is in like too small leggings with 16 piercings on her face or something. Basically, the school selection available to us was totally average, and our attire was totally average as well.
  15. Yeah...well I have needed mine numerous times over the years, usually for opening or refinancing a HELOC, which we have used to buy lots or rental properties. And I needed them to fill out FAFSAs. But of course, in any case, I only need three years back at most. It doesn’t seem likely I will ever need to scrounge up my 2001 returns. After I posted this, I found another file box that have returns from 1996-2000. So I apparently do have almost all returns for as long as we’ve been married. It is hard to see why I would ever need those, though.
  16. I'm having trouble planning history for next year because I don't have a plan for the next few years. My rising 8th grader does history on her own. I'm planning on having her do interest-led history next year (she can choose a topic or major historical figure and we'll find a book or two on it, narrate, repeat). I'm tentatively planning on using Truthquest for her for high school. She may do one year of ancients and then the three Age of Revolution guides for early to modern American & world history, with some government and economics thrown in there somewhere. My younger school-age kids do history together. They will be in 1st, 3rd, & 5th next year. The last three years we've done 2/3 of CHOW and then a year of state history. I'd like to finish CHOW this year but I don't know what to do after that. I could do a couple more years of early to modern American/world history with them, maybe using a couple of the younger-aged Truthquest guides, but then what for the oldest for 8th grade? I just don't know what to plan. Any suggestions? I do not like the SOTW books and I don't care whether we follow a 4 year cycle...I just need a plan of some sort! Ideally I'd keep all of them on the same topic(s) each year but it seems like that might be too complicated with a large age range.
  17. I think the difference in behavior with parents and without parents is often unusually pronounced in children with RAD. Also, in RAD, it is NOT because the parents are safer but because they actually feel less safe. They have some level if attachment to parents, which means the parents could hurt them emotionally more than a stranger could.
  18. This is what I was thinking, too. My daughter is already gluten free but I recently discovered that applesauce (unsweetened and organic) makes her really belligerent! Even if bethben's daughter is eating "healthy" foods, she could be sensitive to something like salicylates (Feingold diet would explain this) or something else like gluten. My daughter has chronic digestive issues and has seen a GI doctor who recommended a low FODMAP diet. I agree that feeling bad after eating is something to look into, especially since it sounds like she eats pretty much the same thing for breakfast each day.
  19. I sent the report to school and we have a meeting on Monday. Any tips for getting services for dysgraphia? I highly doubt they’ll give her OG instruction.
  20. I would wait until PT releases you go to to the gym. When I've done PT, it has always been with the goal of allowing me to be self-sustaining at the gym afterwards. I came out of PT the last go-around with a long list of exercises that I should never, ever do again in this lifetime because they are counterproductive to the life-long issues that I have.....that I can hand to any trainer I may work with in the future. I also have a long list of things that I should do daily and some specific things that I can do to step up as I increase in fitness level. I would, absolutely, keep up with PT and then transition over once you have "graduated". FWIW, I found it help to have about a month of gym time and then one final followup with PT to make sure that all of my techniques had continued on correctly. You might want to do a 6 month PT followup as well just to see how remediation went.
  21. I would have your student dress in a way that they will be confident in their appearance. What if you show up wearing shorts and t-shirts, but the school representatives are dressed business casual? Would that make your student feel self-conscious? Could you find something that is comfortable, lightweight for the heat, but still looks a bit more professional? For my DS, that usually involves khaki pants, a short sleeved button down shirt, and shoes that are a bit nicer than sneakers but still comfortable for walking. When we've taken just general campus tours, we wear whatever's comfortable and heat-appropriate (we live in FL). But when we are meeting with someone specifically, or it's a more specialized visit, we dress a little nicer.
  22. As soon as we are the slightest bit uncomfortable we put on the heat or the a/c. Sometimes the heat goes off one day and the a/c is on the next. We are really sensitive to temperature.
  23. I LOVE Wayne Brady on Lets Make A Deal, but Drew Carey on Price is Right bugs me. Not enough to make me quit watching it, but Drew just has this attitude like I dunno....he thinks he's the best thing to happen to the show. Or, maybe it's just that no one will ever be better than Bob. In terms of actors....Johnny Depp bugs the STUFF outta me. He just plays the same character every single time. OH, and...Jim Carrey. Seriously. His kind of comedy is very NOT funny to me, (sorry, making your butt talk doesn't make me laugh) and now he seems to think he's the greatest political cartoonist of our generation or something. Please Jim...go away. Jenny McCarthy. I actually only ever see her on NYE....but she always looks totally wasted when I do see her. And even when she seems to be sober, she just comes across as an airhead to me. I am actually a fan of Donnie Wahlberg, and I just wonder how he could marry her. On a flip side... I LOVE Phil Keoghan on Amazing Race. He seems to really enjoy what he does and seems to really want what he does to not be....shallow I guess is the word I want. I like Rachel Ray too. She comes across as genuine and fun to me. There's a local news anchor who does a lot of the fun on location segments and although she doesn't do a great job presenting, once she gets to actually DOING whatever (like riding a roller coaster, or cooking something) she comes across as real and having fun.
  24. Your question is, "Is there anything I can do?" No, I don't think there is. I could write a book on some experiences we've had on this, but the cliff notes advice I would give would be to accept and support where everyone is at with regards to their feelings towards one another.
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