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  2. As for contractors ... I don't recall ever having someone not show up for a job, unless you count the wildlife lady (raccoons in our basement) who "usually" showed up but sometimes forgot .... But I agree, many of those jobs pay quite well. I do think that the well-paying ones have barriers to entry. Like if you know someone, you probably have a better chance. You can also probably get your training at a lower cost.
  3. They are good kids, and I have to remember that, thank you. They just have some disabilities that are hindering them right now. And he did check when things were due and he did turn it in, but what he didn't do was check his stuff to make sure that there wasn't a follow up like "I can't open the file you uploaded so please resend a different way!" And I just got off the phone with older son. He is depressed. I have called his school's counseling services and asked that they check in on him. I don't know what to do. I even offered to drive down and spend some time with him. Finals are next week. I asked if he thought he would get a B and he said, "that is the least of my concerns right now." Scares the you know what out of me when he talks like that.
  4. (((Junie))) Glad you got some relief! Bookie! Great to see you! Congratulations on the new little one. ❤️ So good to read your update. Whitehawk knows how to do Monday right - brownies in the oven!!
  5. Re lawyers, I agree it is somewhat of a racket, or at least it was when I was getting licensed. The year I took the bar exam in my state, only like half of the candidates passed. Besides that, the fancy lawyer jobs were pretty much reserved for the top 10 or 20% of law graduates. I was content working in industry (in-house lawyer), but it was very hard to pay off my large student loans, because law school tuition is the same whether you're at the top or bottom of your class. 😛 (It did teach me how to live frugally though.) So for a while I wondered if I should regret my education. But in the long run, it was a good investment, when coupled with business experience. Like anything else we do, success is mostly sticking it out through the tough times.
  6. Bookie! ❤️ This week and next should be easy around here. I think we'll even be able to do a field trip to an aquarium on the coast. I have brownies in the oven right now. [edpo] I finally found a biology text at the right level for next year; I'd bought Campbell's (used) to look at & love the way it uses evolution as a unifying thread, but it's too technical for DS right now. We'll use Holt's Modern Biology instead. [/edpo]
  7. As someone who grew up with a LOT of fighting and a husband who grew up with the silent treatment, we had a lot to overcome -- and he did use the silent treatment for many years until we both figured out how better to address our problems. I don't know how to describe the pain - and maybe those who started out with higher self-esteem wouldn't be affected the same way -- but it is an all-body, gut-wrenching painful experience. It is overwhelming and debilitating. One of my friendships ended because of this. She was unable to express what she was feeling and so retreated and didn't speak to me. It sent me into a complete panic and emotional spiral. Our friendship couldn't survive it.
  8. Back when my brother was married to a pretty dysfunctional person, we moved our vacation so we weren’t going the same place at the same time as they were. I love my brother but this was back when we could only afford one camping trip per year and I wasn’t going to deal with listening to his husband drink too much and treat everyone badly on our trip again. He would harass us about stupid shit he didn’t understand.
  9. Do you speak any Spanish? I like to start the elementary years with more of an immersion approach. Once a week we watch a Salsa episode from Georgia Public Broadcasting, one a week we read a board book from the library, one day we pore over a page from a picture dictionary, one day is a Spanish-language video, etc. We do this for a few years, gradually getting more grammar-based. By the time they start a curriculum it is "easy". Once I start a curriculum (and GSWS would be my recommendation for the first year), I want to keep moving forward with challenging curriculum of increasing difficulty. This can be tricky in foreign language study because there aren't many intermediate level programs for elementary students.
  10. No advice, just commiseration. That sounds very frustrating! I always think your boys sound like such good kids, I hope the class will work out for your older son, and your younger son will realize he needs to check in on his classes when grades are due.
  11. So, I was going back in my planner, and realized that....I miscounted. We don't have as much of school left as I thought! Yay! I think we are going to finish out the books we are in or get to a good stopping place and then just call it good. Besides, we aren't doing any moving this summer, there's no planned renovations on this house, and so far, most of our planned summer stuff is on the weekends so I can get some summer schooling in this summer. Which the kids won't like, but I will try to do more fun stuff. We have GOT to get some memorization in.
  12. Oh my goodness. And here I thought my MIL was annoying for sending me clippings about circumcision we we decided not to circumcise our sons. Your mom is worse. I thought nothing could be worst than The Fifth Child while pregnant with a fifth child but The Glass Castle because you were poor may be worse. I’m sorry about your mom. That’s not a great way to be treated.
  13. Do you have access to an online health account? I could see my prescriptions online and I could see what are the instructions for each prescription. I can also click on the “request renewal” button on my account to request for refills.
  14. SKL, I hate when teachers do that. I go into finals thinking "oh my kid has a (whatever) average" only to find out that it was really 10+points lower once all grades were entered (never higher, LOL).
  15. My friend who likes strong tea buys Tetley British Blend - and she uses 2 tea bags per cup.
  16. For me, it would depend partly on whether I had more means than they had. I don't think you would be wrong to let the neighbor pay. After all, you are giving up your tree. That would be a hard thing for me to do if there was nothing wrong with the tree.
  17. Thank for the Trader Joe’s Irish Breakfast tea idea. We will be living close to a TJ and I have never tried their tea. I have never seen a water boiler like the zojurushi so I had fun googling. Many community gathering places have huge instant hot water supplies for tea making. My huge boxes of P&G arrived thanks to the great deal on Amazon Peter Pan found so my immediate crisis is averted.
  18. Good morning! I've missed you so, so much. I wanted to update you about what's been happening here. I'm sorry I've been absent from all things for so long. It's been difficult to manage the daily life stuff, much less keeping in contact like I should. Anyway, the update. DH and I are still together, and still trying to work our way to a healthy marriage. There's still a lot of issues, and there are still really hard times, but he had started seeing a therapist again and has at least acknowledged what he has been doing. I'm running a continuous risk assessment, and I'm much better educated about the resources available to me, but at this point I've decided it's better for my kids to be here, with me able to run interference, than to leave and risk custody being settled by the court that's friend to no one. We're expecting our fifth child. This baby was unplanned and quite a surprise, but already very loved. I'm due in December. Our surprise puts my schooling off a year, but I have found a stable work from home job, ghostwriting romance novels. It's the paint by numbers of the writing world, but it helps my goals of getting out of debt and a savings built. As always, I'm hoping for the best but planning for the worst. We've switched to My Father's World for school. The kids love it. I love not having to spend so much time planning/coordinating. I miss some of the creativity/flexibility if putting it together myself, but I recognize the good in just ticking down the boxes, and we still get to read lots of excellent books together. I think that's it. How are you doing? I've missed so much!
  19. Happy Monday! I read some fb memes reminding me that we need to be happy we woke up alive, so therefore I am happy. Also the weather is really nice right now. I am pretty stressed out with my work situation. That is nothing new. I didn't want to get up at all, but that wasn't an option, so I am coffeeing up. So this is the last week of graded school work, I think. They have tests most days this week and are not super prepared, but at this point, it is what it is. I'm annoyed at several teachers who won't update grades so we can see whether we are on track or not. Then if you ask about it they get testy. Done: Wee hours: continue laundry until the last load was in the dryer. Clean the crud that collects and stinks in the washer. Major design flaw IMO. Set about 12 alarms for morning & went to sleep. Kid 1 up early to study for her LAST 7th grade science test. Tried to do some work, but realized I need more info, so I went back to bed. Kid 2 up. Break my record for # of snooze buttons hit. (May also be a world record.) Review science homework & supervise corrections. Feed the kids and shoo them off to the school bus. Eat the kids' leftovers. Fold / hang the last load of laundry from the dryer. Put some away. Coffee. Clean kitchen, bathrooms, and some clutter. Catch up on social media, news, emails. Help friend with an allergy situation. 1 call re client work so far. To do: More coffee. Lots and lots of client work, some promised today and some overdue etc. Put away the rest of the laundry. A little reading, yoga.... Sign kids and their friend up for a zoo overnight. Kids have test study and homework tonight. Some sort of dinner. Kid 1 has a gymnastics class tonight. Driver is off so I will drive. Hopefully walk during kid's gym class. Whatever else gets done.
  20. I read on here somewhere that in order to call it a complete Alg. 2 class, the first 5 chapters of TT Pre-Calc needs to be completed. I believe it was a recommendation from someone's cover school.
  21. A friend wanted a tree in his front yard cut down as neighborhood kids climb the tree as and when they want to and won’t go home and he is scared they might hurt themselves. He was quoted a minimum of $4k. “Fees Tree removal fees include permit application review, electronic exemption, public noticing, and General Plan update fees. Additional fees may apply based on number of public notices sent out. The City may adjust fees at anytime. For more details see the Planning Fee Schedule. Fees for Unsuitable or Dead Tree Removal Permits $226 for one tree plus $32 for each additional tree to be removed. Fees for Live Tree Removal Permits $2,095 - Single family and duplex properties $2,419 - All other types of properties”
  22. Good morning! Car is loaded, keys turned in, eaten a great breakfast and dd1 is saying goodbye to a last friend. Then we are headed to the Columbus airport 🙂
  23. I’m a semi-conservative living in an 80%+ liberal county. You can only imagine after the last election... Most people assume that I am liberal so if politics comes up, which it doesn’t really that often, I either have to out myself or let it go. Stay off of NextDoor.
  24. Morning! Boys are arguing before school. One of them prefers to start early, the other starts around nine. Most of the time they don't butt heads too much, but it's evidently a morning where growling is going to be on the agenda. I've got the usual list to take care of, but added something new to it today--a one hour mandatory rest period in the afternoon for me. Other than that, mostly the same things this week as last week: Writing, revising, painting, keeping up with cooking and some housekeeping.
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